Saturday, October 4, 2008

FallCon Report Prologue: My First Time

So, while I did attend FallCon in Minnesota today, I sadly forgot my camera. But that's fine, since it's a two-day Con and I'll be happy to show myself hob-knobbing (or, as it happens, just standing there next to a creator and asking someone nearby to take a picture) with some stars of the comic industry as well as giving some thoughts on a few indy creations that I acquired there, since I need to promote other Indy creators just as much as I need to promote THAT BOOK THAT'S NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD AT A PALTRY $0.72 called Revolution of the Mask.

However, while I was scouring the back-issue boxes for some new fodder for the blog (yeah, I know, I've been lax in my reviews as of late), I happened upon a couple of things. The first was the start of the Spider-Man Clone Saga (which I have subsequently decided to collect in its entirety), and this happy comic:

Spider-Man #351 was the very first comic I ever remember reading as a little kid. It features Spider-Man and Nova fighting against a robot that was mystically created by the Norse Trickster God and has three heads and six arms and Spider-Man originally defeated it when he had cosmic powers.

And only in comics can I write a sentence like that. ‎

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M. Nicholas Almand said...

(Yes, I know I emailed you, but I have no idea which of these you actually check, so I sent it to both)

Hello Lewis,

I'm a big fan of your videos and your text reviews, and I first became aware of your work through the Agony Booth with your recap of the Bat-Baby issue. You do great work all-around. I just recently decided to take a stroll through your old blog posts when I saw that you had attended FallCon back in October. I was there myself with a table at Artist's Alley, selling copies of my own comic, Razor Kid (obligatory links: and ).

Curious, do you live in Minnesota or thereabouts? I'm in Plymouth, myself (about 15 minutes from Minneapolis). It was surreal looking through your pictures, because I'm fairly good friends with Melissa Kaercher and Chris Jones (sadly, they broke up on the 13th...), and I spent half of Sunday with Dwayne McDuffie and Charlotte Fullerton. I'm surprised I managed to miss you there.

Are you planning to attend any conventions this year? Any friend of Melissa's has got to be cool. =)

Talk to you later,