Thursday, September 16, 2010

So who is watching?

So, I suddenly got curious tonight after thinking about having done this show for 100 episodes - who exactly are my viewers? How old are you all? Do I have more men than women watching? Am I fun for the whole family? Am I more popular among comic readers than non-comic readers? How many people in the United States watch the show vs. Europe, Australia, Asia, etc.? Do you watch History of Power Rangers more than Atop the Fourth Wall or vice versa or both?

So, yeah, who are all of you people?

EDIT: Okay, closing comments on this one. XD I read through all 800 comments (yes, I did. @_@) and I frankly don't have the time to devote to reading through another 800 if it should come to that. XD

As such, thanks everybody who responded - I didn't expect quite so many people would be interested in this. XD ‎


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GDJ said...

Yo Linkara, 23 fat man with a beard here, from Sunny México City, and a big pile of imported comic books by my side

Greg said...

My name is Greg, I am from New York City and have lived in Los Angeles. I am twenty-nine years old, and a writer and producer, myself.

My favorite movie is "Casablanca;" my favorite TV show is "Gargoyles;" and my favorite comic book character was Spider-Man (past tense for very obvious reasons).

Long time fan, considering trying my hand at an internet review show myself some time soon.

El despertando said...

Well, I'm a 30-year old history major who works as an online editor at a computer magazine and writes reviews of old Sega Genesis Games and Top-10-lists of YouTube-Videos for a living...

In retrospect, I need to get a life :p

Anonymous said...

K I'll bite. Seems like a good survey. Forgive me if I reformat your original questions just a bit.

How old are you? 26
Are you male or female? Definitely a man...punch
Am I fun for the whole family? Probably as I know my sister watches you as well.
Are you a comic reader or a non-comic readers? Non-comic reader though I do keep up with comic news
Where do you live? Good ol' US of A. Up in Oregon to be precise
Do you watch History of Power Rangers more than Atop the Fourth Wall or vice versa or both? I'm planning on watching your History of Power Rangers when you get done with it. One big marathon run as it were. So I watch more of your Atop the 4th Wall stuff more then your HOPR stuff. Real shame I guess as I've heard a lot of good stuff about your analysis of the show.

Well that's me. Hope you get a good sense of what your audience is like there Linkara.

Ironbite-keep on trucking for another 100 episodes.

Taelor McClurg said...

20. Male California. Do not read comics, with a few exceptions (Empowered, Anything by Gaiman or Moore).

Cynics Corner said...

Well, my name is Micah, and I'm a professional Video Game journalist. I work for, and have been enjoying your show for about a year now. I'm 24 years young.

Oddly enough, Lewis, I think you're one of the few TGWTG contributors I haven't had a conversation with, since I've been on a few times, and have got to meet some interesting folks, for sure.

Rastafari-Man said...

I'm 33. A male, from the United States. If I had a family, I'd make them watch. I'm not a regular Comic Reader, but I still pick up the occasional one here and there, along with playing a comic book themed MMO (City of Heroes). Finally I feel I watch AT4W and HOPR equally.

Sparky29252 said...

22 years old, male, USA. I watch Atop the Fourth Wall but will probably get to watching the history of the power rangers at some point. Not really a comic reader myself, though I have read many of the "greatest stories ever" in trade format. The show does make me want to read more comics though. And thanks to your lovely deconstruction of what makes comics bad I have better taste than I used to.

So who am I? Just a college age nerd who found a wonderfully entertaining weekly show by a rather clever geek.

Henry said...

I'm in my 20s, from SF California, video reviews are just my style of humour, I love that MST3k style of parody humor and so when I first saw AVGN and NC I was hooked, that's how I discovered your videos.

I watch the history of Power Rangers and AT4W equally. I read comics but no where near as much as you do.

Anonymous said...

Age: 25
Sex: Male
Family Friendly: Not Always
Comic Reader: Yes
Nationality: USA
Preferred Show: AT4W

Nice to meet you.

LN said...

My name is Tóth László, my nickname is 3llense'g, or LN for short. I'm a 25 year old male from Hungary, Europe. I read comics very occasionally, 'cause I have to order 'em from San Francisco. Only the first 2 (?) seasons of Power Rangers was dubbed back when I was a kid, so I'm using your videos to show me what I've missed.

I'm this guy:

Deemah said...

I am 20, a duuuuuuuuuuuuuuudddddddddddeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! I do like the fact that you don't you don't curse. Comic reader, if I have money for them. USA persony person and I love all of your shows

Anonymous said...

Well im a 19yr old guy just getting into college and stuff. I started watching when you began History of Power Rangers because I am a huge tokusatsu fan. I then went back and watched a lot of your comic reviews those were awesome. Im originally from Dominican Republic but moved to the USA. If that counts for anything. Also I smoke tons of pot. I sometimes watch your videos while toking up with some friends. So yeah. Bunch of potheads watch your stuff lol

Axel IX said...

I'm an 18 year old US watcher. You're probably the reason I really got into comics (Oddly enough, the gateway was through 52). I watch pretty much anything you post. It's good stuff.

Anonymous said...

I am a 22 year old male who lives in the US. I don't actually read comic books, believe it or not, but I still enjoy watching all of your content and I never seem to get too bored or feel totally confused since you always take the time to explain things. I do enjoy History of Power Rangers. It's, first of all, nostalgic; secondly, it's interesting to see a mature analysis on what is primarily intended to be a childrens' to young adults' show. I'll pretty much watch anything you put out because it's likely to be either informative or entertaining... and a lot of times both. :D

Anonymous said...

Hey Lewis, name's Adam. I'm from Texas; I'm 22. Don't really read comics but that's more a location problem than anything. I've been a fan of TGWTG since August '08 so I've been with you since you first got picked up. While I love comics when I can get ahold of them, I'm more into movies, television and half-shameless plugs ( Keep up the good work and have fun with the next 100.

Mikeydct said...

26 male USA not big comic person. Only have a small box full, mostly spiderman. watch both AT4W and History.

Singingmute said...

22 year old, male from the UK, None comic reader (Well, I've read a couple of Deadpool books but that's it) Been watching every week since US No.1

Frost Endwood said...

Well, I am a 21 year old male college student majoring in computer science and engineering in SoCal. I found the TGWTG website through someone posting a link. I started watching your show there.....I don't even remember why. Might have been the worst superheros turned villains episode, I liked your style and started coming every week even though I don't really read comics at all. I read webcomics, but I know that doesn't count. Got psyched when you started the HoPR, even though I had only seen 2 seasons, but love all your stuff equally.

fernando said...

Hey Lewis! Funny you posted this, I was just about to e-mail you congratulating you on 100 episodes and introducing myself.

See, I've been following your blog since August 2008, but never left a comment as I guess I just didn't have anything to say. I found your comments on comics intriguing and insightful, and when the videos started, they were fun. It was actually only after watching your videos posted here for a few months that I finally checked out TGWTG, and now I love the whole site. You're still my favorite person from TGWTG, though. I especially like that your review show actually has its own storylines.

As for me, I'm a 24 year-old English graduate from California, with some poetry under my belt and trying my hand at sci-fi. I've shot you a Twitter-comment once or twice (@fernandorojas) and if anyone wants to know what I'm about, I have my own blog at (though I don't update like I should).

It's been a fun two-years, and congratulations on 100! I'll keep watching as long as you keep posting.

phreak_711 said...

Hey there, linkara! My name is Jonathan, comic book fanboy and average 'joe Q. geek', and I hail from Saskatoon, SK, Canada (aka 'the land of Tim Horton's'). I figured I'd chime in and let you know I love watching/reading your stuff.

I first became aware of your "History of Power Rangers" vids thru I really enjoyed them and went back and started watching some of your older videos. My favorite 'AT4W' videos are "JLA - Act of God". God, did I laugh! Seriously, how do people write such crap?!

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I love your work. Keep up the great and hilarious work!

James Edward Clark said...

I'm James 24 from Toronto, I'm an artist. Love comics known to draw my own. bit of a indie snob I guess when it comes to comics

Mveculous said...

Mveculous! (Ehm-VECK-yu-lus)

I talked to you a bit back on and saw the first outings into text reviews you did. Im a guy, 21 years old and live in California. Fledgling comic nerd who only seriously started getting into comics back in 2004.

Soap by Thea said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cjhitchcock said...

I'm a 20 year old male, who's an ex-air force brat currently living in Nashville, TN earning a college degree in Digital Film and Video Production. I'm what I like to call a well rounded nerd. I'm into movies, comics, british television, gaming, but most of all anime. In fact, I have a web review series called AMR (Anime Movie Review) which is featured on a website called Anime3000. (Check us out ^_^!)

I've been watching for a while now, can't remember when exactly I started, but your show Atop the Fourth Wall has become a part in my weekly schedule. I love you outlook on comics and your stand on feminism, and also grew up with the power rangers, so your history of the power rangers is icing on the cake.

Josh said...

Just a manly insomniac fan watching from southern MN. I really like comics, but money keeps me from really getting into em, plus other hobbies also. Though I have read Green Lantern Rebirth all the way to Blackest Night, Scott Pilgrim, Watchmen and Kingdom Come. Manga too but that is another industry altogether. I'm really more of a fan of the DC and Marvel animated universe, because the continuity is a lot easier to follow and the voice acting superb. So ah there thats me.

Soap by Thea said...

Female, mid-30's
Former comics reader

I have a few fanfics on and a fellow writer told me about you.

Sakura said...

I'm Sakura Mahal, and I love watching your videos Lewis. You and other people from TGWTG make up most of the entertainment for me and my girlfriend. I'm a girl, 26, am a lesbian, enjoy playing video games and doing web designs and things like that. Been a fan of AT4W for a year or 2 and have a fan page on dedicated to you: .

Soap by Thea said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Deadly Duo said...

Well, since you're asking.. and no one seems to be replying.. I'm a 26 year old female from Belgium (Europe) I'm not really into comics but that's more because there is no real comic culture around here like in America (not to my knowledge anyway, ppl here are more into comic strips.. not sure that's the right word even, I mean like "the adventures of Tintin", that kind of thing). I do enjoy your reviews about comics since I am genuinely interested in them and liked watching some of the animated shows as a kid. I also really like the Power Rangers reviews for the nostalgic factor ^_^

chrisbg99 said...

I'm Chris.

I'm 27.

I'm male.

Well you don't swear much if at all so probably.

I don't read comics much but enjoy your stuff. Actually I tend to be more into the stuff based on the comics. Like games, movies and TV shows.

I'm an American, North Dakotan to be exact.

I watch both but prefer Atop the Fourth Wall.

Not much else to say I suppose.

FalseAesop said...

Welp I'm a 27 year old male comicbook geek. United States, Illinois. Book Binder by trade.

Years ago I used to post on the forums as Nived, though I don't follow that community anymore.

I randomly got linked to your and Spoony's Warrior review, can't remember from where, from who, or why though. Laughed heartily. Then made the connection "Hey is that the same guy from SD?" Not that it really matters, just made a point of swinging by every now and then for the chuckles.

Puddle Jumper said...

Oh Hai, Linkara. Let's do a quick Bio as seen in forum RP's:

Name: Jimmy
Location: Schoten, Antwerp
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Appearance: Ruggedly handsome and ladies magnet (... actually, no :'( )
Bio: Lifelong gamer, occasional comic-book reader and that one guy that's seen way too many movies and TV shows.
Hobby: Reviewing the stuff I play/watch and making blogs that make people laugh.

What do I watch of you? AT4W, HOPR, LP's, Other videos. The ones I've rewatched the most are your HOPR videos. I used to rewatch every episode when you released a new batch of vids.

MailOrderClone said...

Well, since you asked, I'm a 23 year old guy, and aspiring writer and voice actor from Michigan. I came for the comics, but the Power Rangers retrospectives (being that Power Rangers was a surprisingly large part of my formative youth) have swiftly become my favorite pieces of your work. They've not only rekindled my interest in the show, but in their Japanese counterparts as well, even leading me into their cousin series, Kamen Rider, which is every bit as entertaining.

So... thanks for that.

lordciaran said...

Hmm well i am an twenty year old male irish person, who reads comics and is in his second year of Journalism in cork college. I am a fan of marvel, dc image darkhorse, idw,. I watch both your atop the forth the top wall and history of the power rangers equally.

Also i would like to thank you for all your videos and wish you luck in your new home and the future. The fact you were just moving into your new home as well as doing this video was impressive, and shows your comitment to us fans and your character Linkara and for that i say thank you and look forward to more videos.

Dreamer said...

24, female, loves movies, tv shows, and geek culture more then actual comic books, but enjoys funny where I find it.

Also find the bits with Linkara's recurring characters like Dr. Insano and Mechakara more addicting then you'd expect.

Are we ever going to find out what happened on that ship?

Liam said...

Hi Linkara, I'm a 20 year old Australian Male, I'm a bit of a comic book geek but I can't afford to buy them all the time but I read them when I can.
I run my own website
where we make a comedy sketch series, 'The List' and another show, 'The Super War' which was not surprisingly, inspired by the storylines in your show!

I watch all of your videos as soon as they come out, I'm a huge fan!

Kyle said...

Name's Kyle, 31 year old dude chilling in Indiana. Actually haven't read any comics for awhile now but am still trying to keep up to date.
As for what I do, I work at the local library and make some really low budget films in my spare time.
I personally have watched (and enjoyed) everything you have put forth. On a side note, love the Servo you have!

david said...

Hi Lewis

I'm a 36 year old Brit who (theoretically at the moment) works as a graphic designer. I pretty much watch everything you do.

I've had a life long love affair with comics, even if these days I kinda read about them on the internet more than actually buy the darn things. I first found you through the comments section of Karen Healeys old 'Girls read comics(and they're pissed)' blog.

I should also mention that I absolutely hated the Power Rangers back in the day, but I have found your power rangers history hugely entertaining, and eagerly await each installment. Which is ready when it's ready :)

Anonymous said...

Male of 21 living in scotland ^^

Anonymous said...

16 years old from Australia. I watch ATFW and the first few HOPR episodes. Your show is great, keep up the good work.

Dg said...

I'm Dg! :3 I'm a 19 year old college student in the Eastern US, and I'm a girl.

I actually watch Atop the Fourth Wall, History of Power Rangers, your Let's Plays, and Crossovers whenever they're put out, and I generally end up rewatching my favorite episodes a lot, or just rewatching episodes in general because I show them to my elder brother, who is a comic fan, kind of likes power rangers, and thinks you're funny. So technically I do share your stuff with my family :D

Anonymous said...

You may know me from the TGWTG comments page as M.Seijin. I'm a 23 year old male from the New York area who enjoys seeing smart people berate stupid people for their grievous mistakes. I do enjoy comics but not as much as other media. My top 3 heroes are Rorschach, Batman, and Superman.

DVd20 said...

Name: Bryan Clark
Age: 25
Location: USA
Sex: Male
Powers: Bad Temper

Hope you enjoyed that little bit, but I first hear of AT4W via my fiance back in early 2009 and got curious and have been watching your show ever since. I am not much of a comic book person but I gotta say that I love Batman so I enjoy your reviews about Batman and very obscure stuff like the Kool-Aid Man and Mickey Mantle. Are you fun for the whole family? Yes and I believe is that you have been able to maintain an entertain show while rarely swearing, so kudos to you on that. I also watch your history of the power rangers special because I grew up with the rangers like you did. I even mention your special in my review show. (You can check it out here: Ok enough whoring myself out. I love the show and it educates me about comics so keep up the good work Lewis. I hope to see episode 200 someday.

BIGMercenary said...

24 years old from the US. I've watched all your previous episodes, some of them twice just for fun, and the HoPR. And Iron Liz's stuff too.

DoctorV said...

Eh, I've gotten a hundred episodes worth of entertainment from you, the least I can do is answer this. ;)

Twenty-five, male, my spouse and I often watch together (and sometimes show friends), we're both huge comic geeks, and we currently live in Texas. Haven't gotten around to any "History Of Power Rangers" yet, because I stopped watching about the time they got rid of Bulk and Skull (two of my main reasons for watching) and finding out what happened after that hasn't been a big priority. I intend to watch "History Of" eventually, but probably not any time soon. However, I DID quite enjoy your Star Trek Let's Play. :)

Keep up the great work, man!

Robyn said...

Well since you asked...

I'm a 24 year old American female. I'm a casual fan of comics, though I admit that's partially thanks to your show. I found you when Spoony posted on his site about his cameo in your Uncanny Xmen review. The Warrior #1 review is still my favorite video and I often use it to introduce others to you and Spoony. I enjoy HOPR but I'm here for AT4W. Your Let's Play was cool too. Sooo yeah. Hope that helps? xP

Vv said...

I'm 17, I live in France, I watch both your shows and you HOPR vids really made me into the show again.

Anonymous said...

I'm a 21-year-old Aussie female. I don't read comic books (don't even know where I'd be able to get them) but I do enjoy AT4W... I don't watch the Power Rangers reviews, as I was just never a fan of them, as interesting as said reviews may be. :)

SP4Mew said...

My name is David Sauls. I am 19 years old, a male, I live in Tioga, Texas, and I love video games and writing. I'm into Sonic the Hedgehog, and my writing comes from that fandom.

I've been watching both AT4W and History of Power Rangers. I also want to thank you for bringing me back into it after watching each season you put up. It helps me relieve a childhood that I left behind for some reason. And while I'm not exactly into comic books, it's always fun to watch and see what you have to say about them.

As for other things I'm interested in kids cartoons/anime like Sailor Moon, Digimon, more so than adult cartoons, IMO. I love John Wayne movies, James Bond, Thomas the Tank Engine, Yu-Gi-Oh, WWE, Gumby and claymation, and a lot of other good stuff to list down.

In my opinion, I think you're the most unique person I've seen on the internet. You give a detailed analysis on a kids show while pointing out the strengths and weaknesses. Others I've seen just don't have the creativity like you. And to answer one of your questions, I like HOPR more. Everytime I watch PR analysis you give, it brings more childhood memories that I loved as a kid, other than Power Rangers.

Deka Black said...

Well, i'm from Europe (I live in Spain), and i'm 34 years old. And very high in my Top 10 of comics are Xenozoic Tales.

The shows? All great, but as a Super Sentai fan i must say (for nth time), you're the most kind Power Rangers fan, showing a respect for the original japanese shows very uncommon.

BenoitProductions said...

I'm a 25 year old Female out of work artist from California, My husband watches as well. We've been a bit outta the comic world for awhile due to lack of funds (do try to keep up with TWD and empowered) and we love the history of power rangers. Keep up the good work. :D

Eyz said...

You got at least ONE vieweer from Switzerland!
Congrats on being the super-popular-comic-book-reviewer you are! XD

(25 years old, graphic designer, read comics, draws stuff and has a blog~)

Anonymous said...

I am an 18+ year old American white male, with no outstanding features or interests. Why yes, I am that generic!

I like Atop the Fourth Wall, and have been watching it since your TGWTG debut, but the storylines don't interest me at all. Seriously, I like continuity, recurring characters, all that stuff, but whenever the plot gets heavy I just tune it out.

Moving on, History of Power Rangers is great, even though I've never really watched Power Rangers. Also, I hope you eventually do another Let's Play. Perhaps another Star Trek game?

Anonymous said...

I'm a 26 year old guy from northern Sweden. I do read comics, but mostly manga and I love both of your shows.

Deka Black said...

Well, i'm 34, i live in Europe, in the north of Spain, and in my Top 10 of comics is Xenozoic Tales. And i complain everyday for not have a spanish edition of the RIFTS rpg.

Favourite show? Both. And as Super Sentai fan, i must say you're the most kind Power Rangers fan i've ever seen, because the respect showed towards the original Super Sentai shows is very uncommon.

Akimi said...


....wait, what do you mean this isn't an AOL chat from the 90's? I've been tricked!

I am a 21-year-old female from Georgia, however, and while he doesn't care quite enough to post here, my 17-year-old brother likes what he's seen (read: what I made him watch) of your show.

I mainly watch AT4W but I also enjoy HOPR, though I'm hopelessly behind on the latter. I'm only somewhat into comics, and what I have followed is mainly Marvel offerings. I'm a gigantic fan of the DCAU, though.

I also really loved your Let's Play, and if you ever get the time/inclination it'd be awesome to see another one. ^_^

Hope that helped!

imaginescence said...

I'm a 23 year-old Frenchman, I work in a library and I read comics every week, although I've been trying to reduce the number of them. You know, only read comics I really like, instead of following the "major" titles out of obligation for the character.

My family doesn't watch you, probably because they don't speak that much English and because they're not interested in comics.

I don't watch History of Power Rangers at all, sorry to say. I'm not interested in Power Rangers and I just don't have the time. Same reason I didn't watch all of your Let's Play, though what I could watch was funny as hell.

I've been following you ever since you posted your first video on TGWTG.

Congrats on reaching a 100 episodes, and here's to a 100 more !

TheKillerRabbit said...

Hi! I'm a 22-year-old girl from Finland (that's in Europe, in case someone didn't know ;D). I've never read any comics besides Donald Duck :P but I watch AT4W because it's very funny! I like that you make it very accessable to non-comic readers :)

Corak said...

29 / male / germany

Surprisingly, I don't read that many comics (with AT4W more now than before), I'm more into Manga. As a kid I read loads of Donald Duck / Mickey Mouse with very few Marvel / DC stuff mixed in, but then that phase ended, somehow. When Marvel started it's Ultimate-Universe, I tried to get back into that, but lost interest again.

I know you see AT4W as a place where only BAD comics burn, but what I like best is, when you talk about GOOD comics (52, the Infinity stuff) or the history of a specific character (Wonder Woman, Blue Beetle). That's what makes me go to my favorite comic shop (which has a HUGE collection of all the old comics) and look for said good stuff.

AT4W is great. Seeing you suffer through bad comics is fun, your jokes work (most of the time ;), not swearing is f'ing awesome and your super villain story arcs are exciting, but I'd love to see you talk more about the good stuff. Maybe on another show, where you take one specific comic character and talk about his story and his best appearances or something like that. You wouldn't have to force yourself to be funny for that (though jokes will come naturally) just being informative would suffice. Seeing you getting so many good comics to review, I don't think I'd be the only one to watch that. ^_^

Anyways, love the show and hope you'll have another couple of hundredths episodes to celebrate.

(Also: hope to see you in Vienna at Aninite 2011!)

Anonymous said...

23 year old man from Finland. I'm only starting out as a comic reader and as such it has been very interesting and informative, watching your show. I also watch History of the Power Rangers despite never watching the show itself and probably never will but it's nice to get the summarized version narrated by you.

Alex B said...

25 yr old male living in Los Angeles, born and raised in Stillwater, MINNESOTA!!!!! I mostly like graphic novels and indie comics, but I do walk down to my local comic book shop on weds and flip through occasionally. Actor and filmmaker, if you want to check out something I've done I suggest you start here:
Taste Test: Cookie Dough Ice Cream.

I really love your show and think its hilarious. Every Monday I pop onto either tgwtg or atoupthefourthwall and check it out. When I was catching up on back episodes I would have the theme song stuck in my head all the time. Can't wait to see what's next!

Anonymous said...

Hey Linkara. I'm a 19-year-old genderqueer biological-girl from England. I'm mostly a non-comic reader, but I've read "Watchmen" "Hush", "Final Crisis" (I think), and about 3/4 of "52" because Amazon refuses to stock the last book, the bastards.

I mostly watch Atop the Fourth Wall, but I did dabble a little with your History of Power Rangers series. I should try watching them again – the ones I did see were damn interesting.

Anonymous said...

I'm a 22 year old board-gamer man in Finland. I don't read comic books at all anymore.

When I was a child I used to read a few of them, but nothing major. Thus I've yet to see a comic I recognize in the reviews.

I've been watching your show since started to publish them. I haven't missed a single episode and I enjoy all of them. Keep up the good work of keeping us entertained :)


Hound Grey said...

You got a guy from Kuwait (from the middle east) here, 21, never got into comics (mostly because they are not as easy to find here), but I've been always curious about them, so it's fun to learn about comics from watching your reviews!

Same goes for History of Power Rangers I suppose! unfortunately I just caught reruns of Ninja Force and Wild force, so it's been fun to learn about the Original series.

Keep up the awesome work!

Tosanu said...

26 years old here, male, originally from Buffalo, NY, now going to grad school in Florida.

Bio: Gamer, comic fan by way of picking and choosing stories to read, and constant surfing of wikipedia and other information sites to learn more.

I like Atop the Fourth Wall and never missi t, but there's no doubt that I like HoPR more. I sit and wait patiently for each season to come out.

Pie3492 said...

I am: Pie3492, a fan-artist
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Family Friendly?: Only I watch you, my parents aren't interested with review shows, but my friends all adore your humor and critiques.
Reader/Non-Reader: Non-reader. (Well... not completely. I read only the few that come here.) I'm more of a manga reader.
Area: South Korea
What do I watch more: Atop the Fourth Wall, but I do watch History of the Power Rangers because I love that show.

I've been watching your videos since you showed up on one day with US-1 #1.

Philip said...

My name is Phil, 25 year old webcomic artist/writer in Virginia
When i first started watching I was not an American comic book reader, but now im a huge Booster Gold fan XD
I am male.
I think your work is more family safe than family friendly.
I do watch both AT4W and History of Power Rangers and am a fan of them both.

Jeff said...

Alright. My name is Jeff, I'm 20. I've seen all your reviews and History of Power Rangers, and find you very entertaining. I live in Mississippi, just below the border of Tennessee near Memphis. I hadn't read comics in quite some time, but watching you has actually brought me back into the comic scene and I keep up with new issues weekly.

Mikey Blythe said...

Hey Linkara, my name is Michael. I am 19 years young and from Glasgow, Scotland. Been watching since rthe beginning and Loving everything you release man, Especially AT4W. Whenever a new Linkara video apperas on TGWTG, I check it out then and there. Congratulations on your 100 episodes mate. Keep on releasing and ill keep watching.

Anonymous said...

non-comic reader
United States
I watch both, but mostly I like the "History of Power Rangers" show.

TJOmega said...

Hey. TJ from Southwest Florida, 27 year old male, life long casual comic reader and a viewer of History of Power Rangers, though I watch AT4W repeated times. Aspiring video critic, like you I like to entertain people with a video camera and a chip on my shoulder, though from my e-mails you know that. For your videos, AT4W I will usually watch more than once, I find it fun, informative, and I love seeing what they had the balls to publish. I don't read as many comics as I used to, mostly Transformers, some Deadpool, and some Spider-Man when the arc is okay and NOT trying to demonize Mary Jane. For History of Power Rangers I usually watch once and completely enjoy it, as a viewer of the Japanese versions I like remembering the Rangers I grew up with and seeing all the differences.

Lord Nathaniel said...

Nathaniel, 20, Male, Australian, Non-Comic book reader, I watch Both Atop the Fourth Wall and History of the Power Rangers, Occasionally my 17 year old brother or 13 year old sister watch as well.

Congratulations on 100 and here's to a hundred more~

Frikkie said...

Hey! Frikkie from Kimberley in South Africa here. Big comic fan. me and about 4 friends watch your show. 2 of them are girls.
Fav character: deadpool. ( i liked him before everybody else did. lol)

Our town has the biggest man-made hole in the world.....whoopee..... guh! i hate this city. lol

Anonymous said...

Hey dude, 20 year old bearded male here, wearing glasses and a trilby hat. I'm a fellow reviewer, too.

Kulgur said...

21-year old unbearded male with glasses and a trilby hat. From Norway, Europe. Prefers Atop the fourth wall, but watches Power Rangers History as well.

Playah said...

Since you asked.

Im a guy, age 23, born and living in Poland, currently unemployed.
I watch all your shows (maybe except podcasts), but AT4W made me realize that everything, when done right, can be awesome. If few years ago someone told me they can make a video making fun of bad comic books, I wouldnt believe them.
Im a nerd with many interests- manga, anime, comic books, video games, tabletop RPG's, board games, fantasy and stuff. The only thing I dont like is Star Trek (still, loved the Elite Force Lets Play).
Also, big kudos for being dedicated enough to make extensive videos about Power Rangers- if people put so much commitment in their marriages, there wouldnt be any divorces.

Btw, can we expect another Lets Play sometime? They're hilarious and not as time consuming as regular videos (or I think they are).

Moronik said...

Age: 23
Sex: Male
Fun for the whole family: For the most part
Comic reader: I have access to the marvel online comics and read comics from the local library, otherwise i'm not really a collector
Location: Essex, UK
What do I watch: Everything you do!

DarkYota said...

I'm a 32 years old man from Spain. I work as a lawyer, and I mostly study about ISP liability and copyright issues.

Oh, and I love bad movies and bad comics... I must have some kind of masochistic blood somewhere

Anonymous said...

Age: 20
Sex: Male
Comic Reader: No
Nationality: Sweden
Preferred Show: AT4W

Chipelin said...

Hi,my name is Konstantin. I'm from Russia Irkutsk City. 19 years old. Musican,journalist, nerd.))Favorie comic book:Transmetropolitan.
Favorite comcs authors: Warren Ellis(obviously), Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore.
Favorite novel: Jack Kerouac's "Dharma bums"
Favorite music band: The Who

That's me.) Tip my hat to you,Linkara.

DarkEvil said...

Hey there Linkara!
I'm a 23 years old man from Montreal, Quebec. So I'm one of those French Canadians. Don't know how many of your fans are from here, the rest of my family doesn't watch your show as they're not interested in comics and... Well, they don't speak English. But I do have a friend who also watches your stuff from time to time. As for myself, I watch nearly everything you put up, be it comics book or Power Rangers as I like both. (Though I'm not up to date on most major comics as of right now and as a matter of fact I only watched the first few seasons of Power Rangers on TV).

Just thought I'd say too that I'm a premedia specialist in the publishing industry, so not only do I like comics, but I work in the publishing industry (though I'm not currently employed). And I also like writing, as a matter of fact I'm writing something with that friend of mine (same one who watches your stuff) and we're not sure yet which format it'll be: comic, novel, script. And I have a website (in French) with that same friend where we review geek stuff including comic books, graphic novels.

Sofie Liv Pedersen said...

My name is Sofie.

I am a 20 years old Danish female.
Of cause, from the country Denmark in the part of the world that is Scandinavia.

I can't say that I am to much of a comic book reader, however that is more because of chance than choice as I always did fine comic books to be a fascinating medium. however does I did grow up reading was more of the European artistic nature than the American "Marvel" "Dc" nature. booth are good in each their way.

However, I always did love Batman and Superman, I watched all similar shows such as justice league gleefully doing my childhood, and I love the idea of a continuously expanding universe that just never ends but goes on forever, which I believe is what the DC multi verse and Marvel multi verse is all about. And that's how I come into it in the first place and got any idea of who Michael more in and so on. You also give me plenty of information that helps me keeping track of it all which is great.

In the real world I am a Drama student, meaning that I work with theatre as a art form, both in the idea of writing and visualise on a stage, also how to use Drama as a form of education to does who doesn't learn to well by just sitting on a bench and having information shovelled to their faces.

I love all kinds of ways to do story telling, and I fell comic books is a much overlooked medium of story telling, I really love the many ways and many unique ways you actually can tell a good story in a unique way with comments, and it saddens me that so many miss uses the medium as they are brain dead and gives the medium a bad reputation.
However, people are equally guilty when it comes to films and theatre, so whatever.

Thanks for all the lessons Lewis :)

Croctus said...

18 year old Australian male is me.

I started watching your show since the Doom #1 review, and I've been a fan ever since. I've watched the first few episodes of HOPR, but for some reason I haven't really caught up on the later episodes.

I've been a fan of comics for aaaaages, but I've not really been any sort of subscriber, and I only really know what's been happening from second-hand sources.

Citizen Kiryu said...

My name's Dave, and I'm a 30 year old from TN. Only really been into comics seriously for about 3 and a half years now (first new issue I bought of my current collection was Teen Titans #55.

I'm an unabashed DC fanboy. I don't reach much from other companies, aside from Invincible and Incorruptible. My favorite characters are Tim Drake, Blue Beetles Kord and Reyes, Batgirls Brown and Cain, Booster Gold, and Captain Cold. I'm a total sucker for any Tim+Bart+Conner+Cassie story.

I first ran across your videos right as you were made an official member of the TGWTG team. I had only recently discoverd the NC at the time, and started watching stuff from other contributors. Your videos immediately became my favorites to watch. At this point, I will at least try watching anything you put out.....the Let's Play, the HOPR series...whatever it may be.

May I add, in closing (finally, gah!) that I got giddy when I saw the note in the 100th episode that you'd be doing Cry For Justice. Now THAT comic sucked. It was like someone said, "We're going to start here, and go in this direction..." Then that direction proceeded to change 5 times before the series ended. And it was obvious. Just awful. And for what? To murder a child, make Green Arrow a murderer (again), and turn Roy Harper into a 4th rate hero/villain douchebag? No thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hey Linkara! I'm a 23-year-old Coloradoan female.

I do read some comics- not a whole lot, but enough that I was offended when a customer at work told me I probably wouldn't like Kick-Ass because I'm a girl.. Still, I love watching AT4W. I am a fairly new watcher, having marathoned most of your reviews over the course of a few days while I was snowed in a few months ago.

I do watch History of Power Rangers as well. I never really watched the show as a kid, which is a shame, but I also think that's part of the reason why I'm enjoying your analysis so much.

I will also admit to watching your Let's Play whenever I need a good pick-me-up.

So yeah, a pretty avid watcher of pretty much all of your stuff. Us former speech geeks have to stick together, right?

sean said...

Hey Linkara, I'm 23 living in Laveen AZ. Read comics via buying the trade papers. I do the...'art' and do all the web site stuff for a sprite web comic at I also edit videos and assuming Spoony is still looking for one I hope to do that.

Anonymous said...

I'm 20, female and from Sweden. Wouldn't exaclty classify myself as a comic reader, but I do read sometimes. Just don't follow anything specific. Actually I have never watched History of Power Rangers, but been following AT4W since last christmas.

Simo said...

23 years old
Education: Business Information Technology - Bachelor(Computer Science)
Road to Linkara: AVGN->NC->AT4W
First new video: Amazons Attack Prologue, not sure.

On/off comic reader, usually one big saga at the time, like House of M, Planet Hulk etc. Rarely anything else then Marvel + little bit of manga.

Favorite hero: Rogue from X-Men, for same reason her clothes are always ripping in 80's comics.


HOPP:I was fan of PR when i was a kid, and saw episodes up to green ranger saga(only in vhs and cable), so HOPR is "filling the gap" that i never saw as a child.
AT4W: I don't watch episodes of good comics that i will probably read someday(watchmen).

Anton said...

Oh hai Linkara,

Who exactly are my viewers?

I am your viewer.

How old are you all? All of me is 20 years old.

Do I have more men than women watching?

That depends, Link, what do you refer to as "women"?

Am I fun for the whole family?

I doubt it, since you are quite specialized in your own area. Unless you're talking about familis that get their lifeforce from comic books.

Am I more popular among comic readers than non-comic readers?

I like books and comics. I do prefer European comics, most of the time, Lucky Luke, Asterix, Spirou to name a few.

How many people in the United States watch the show vs. Europe, Australia, Asia, etc.?

I am Dutch, and I live in the Netherlands.

Do you watch History of Power Rangers more than Atop the Fourth Wall or vice versa or both?

I liked both, even though I grew up watching power rangers because everyone watched it and I didn't want to stay behind. I was the only one who wanted to be the brown ranger, mainly because everyone else was always someone else. Sob...

Christoph said...

christoph, 22 from germany. I'm watching the show since amazons attack 3+4, and I still love it. Thx to you linkara I've got interessted in comics again and am now reading the new batman series (the one with dick graysen as batman). and you also got me to my new favorite show: justice league/ justice league unlimited.

well, I'm a student at the universaty of greifswald, but right now I'm on holidays. ^^

I do watch HOPR, but not as often as AT4W of course.

well, keep up the great work, Lewis. YOUR THE BEST!!!!

Persona said...

My name is Brian. 30 years old from Vancouver BC, Canada. I'm more of a collector of anime than comic books, though I have been collecting Archie's line of Sonic comics since high school. (They don't all suck as bad as Sonic Live! Seriously, that was painful to read back then.)

While I always look forward to your comic reviews, your History of Power Rangers has really drawn me in. Perhaps its the nostalgia factor or the fact that I've never seen such an in depth review of the history of the series (both in story and real life), but I find an old flame of fandom to have been rekindled since you began your retrospective.

Thank you for all the laughs and incites you've provided, and congratulations on 100 episodes!

Anonymous said...

I'm a 13 year old kid from the UK who sits in the corner of the living room and watches internet videos I only own one comicbook

shooter.andy said...

20, male, Russia (Siberia, Tomsk, to be more exact), almost don't read comics (due to almost total lack of them here), don't really care for HOPR, though still watched it.

Khan FurSainty said...

21 years old Bulgarian. I am a man! *punch* Mostly non-comic reader. In fact, i hate superhero comics. But I love your show because of your voice, and because it helps me learn something new about a genre i mostly find boring and dull. I don't miss any of your shows.

Eyun said...

My name is Ian, I live in Richmond hill Ontario Canada. I'm a 21 year old male.

Are you fun for the whole family?
Well my mom likes that you don't swear a lot O.o, in my family my Brother and I watch your reviews. Though I suspect my dad would like them as he used to be really into comic books.

Though I don't really read comic books at this point I've read a few, and my friend who is a comic nut has gotten me reading more.

I watch ATFW more than Hotpr but I like both.

I'm going back to school to become a veterinary technician. And am also trying to become a writer for TV.

Anonymous said...

im 27 years old, from germany and i work in a call center. i like comics but im not into them. i have a few, i collect the walking dead and that is it. my favourite character would be batman.
i just like your show because im a nerd. :)

thank you for doing it by the way.

Anonymous said...

23-year old massage therapist and game designer, male, pretty hefty. I watch AT4W and HoPR equally, which is to say immediately on release, for both.

I do a ton of pen and paper gaming, and I like a lot of the early 2000's PC RPGs-- Nox, Diablo II, Planescape Torment, etc.

Location is United States, Ohio to be specific.

I like nearly all of your work, but the archive trawl I tried of Lightbringer eventually had one bad Author Tract too many, so I stopped reading it-- I will probably go back and get up to date on it once I forgive your/his "politics". I will comment that Lightbringer is the only webcomic, ever, that I stopped reading before getting up to date... And I have read hundreds.

I also follow Spoony, LordKat and Doug from Channel Awesome, keeping up with all of their stuff.

Ted said...

I'm an 18 year old half-Iranian, half-English man currently residing in the latter half of my ethnicity. I'll be off to study Maths at a good university in October.

I think I started watching AT4W around the time of your Daredevil #305/306 review, although I can't remember exactly, but I've been a regular viewer ever since. Love your HOTPR as well, and it's actually inspired me to watch Power Rangers again (I got to about half way through MMPR season 2 and burnt out a little, so am taking a break now). I showed my (totally geeky as well) uncle some of your videos and he enjoyed them - he's about 40 so you have some appeal across age boundaries in this case.

I am indeed a regular comic book reader and actually write reviews for (under the name Scott Hunter, which is my actual name), which you might have heard of; I've only been into comic books a short while, though - only about 18 months, in fact. Looking back on it, I got into your show as my interest in comic books was really starting to grow, so your show was probably a factor in that!

I've exchanged a couple of tweets with you before, you may (or, indeed, may not) remember me as ScottVAH on Twitter.

I think that's all, anyway. Love the show, keep those bad comics burning!

Peter said...

Hey man, my name is Peter, I'm 20, I live in Poland ^_^
I watch all of your videos and I like the story arcs (like Mechakara or Lord Vyce etc).
I also like your crossovers with Spoony and other people from TGWTG ;)
Keep up the good work dude!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Linkara! I'm Sean. I'm 21, from Merrimack, NH. I started watching Atop the Fourth Wall after discovering it linked on TV Tropes last year some time...I kind of forget when. I trawled the archives, caught up, and have been watching ever since.

I'm not a huge comic book guy. I have mostly stuff in trade format, and the better known graphic novels, but I don't collect issues on a weekly basis or anything. Not for lack of trying, anyways.

I find comics fascinating, though, and I think your insight into the whole shabang is really interesting. You are also, compared to Spoony and others, a lot more 'family friendly', and it doesn't detract from your reviews. I find it kind of refreshing, actually.

Also, I'm a huge, huge, HUGE Power Rangers fanboy, so when you started incorporating Power Rangers, and started HoPR, that was all the better.

Happy 100th episode, and I Hope to keep watching you kick some ass in the future.

Clare C. Greenstreet said...

Hello Linkara!

I'm a 24 year old girl from England. Watched all of HOPR and almost all of AT4W. My first AT4W episode was Zero Patrol and still have a few back episodes to catch up on. Wasn't a huge comic fan until I started watching the show and right now I have about 7 weeks of 52 left to read.

Mad Mab said...

My name is Joshua "Mad Mab" Winter, I live in Puyallup, WA. I am 23 years old and I am living on Social Security Disability.

Among other things I have Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD, PTSD and OCD.

I happen to be quite the Green Lantern series fan. My Favorite movie of all time is Short Circuit.

Love to do a crossover review with you sometime.

Strix said...

The daughter of an old school horror geek and a comic book nerd. So the upbringing was pretty much full of gore and sequential art. Batman is my hobby and when i grow up i'm going to live inside a T-Rex. Former game tester, nowadays an unpaid and unpublished writer. Life is sweet.

Thanks for the show! The next best thing after munchies.

with love, Sini

Zidko said...

Me? I am 23, a man. I live in Portland, OR. I am an avid comic reader, more into comics from the golden age to the bronze than current comics. I watch your comic reviews mainly as opposed to MMPR related things. They just aren't really my thing. I only watched the History up to the Rangers I remember. My brother who is 3 years older than me also enjoys watching you. We've been watching for quite awhile now, I know I found out about Spoony at least a couple years ago (winter 2008, I believe)and from his site I found the other people of TGWTG.

My favorite movie is The Muppet Movie, my favorite tv series is MST3K, my favorite band is They Might Be Giants, my favorite video game is Earthbound, and my favorite comic book series is probably The Defenders.

Daxam said...

Well, I'm Adam, an Irish born 18 year old, living in merry old England. I'm not a big comic reader, but I enjoy watching and listening to reviews.

I admit I haven't watched much of the Power Ranger videos, because they don't really interest me all that much. Nice to say hi!

Paul said...

24, male, chemistry student from Germany.

I'm not that passionate in reading comics (read and loved Watchmen and that's mainly it) but I love your show as I see it as a crash course in comic-o-logy.
I'm glad to get some input on what comics should be read/avoided.
I'm a big movie fan (Tarantino, Fincher, Lynch, Kubrick, ...) and video and PC game and also pen&paper-RPG player.

Anonymous said...

How old are you? 19.
Are you male or female? male.
Am I fun for the whole family? none of my family really like this kinda thing so in my case no.
Are you a comic reader or a non-comic readers? only recently since they cost quite a bit, especially to import them. I did read the UK Sonic the Comic before it got canceled though.
Where do you live? UK, England to be more precise.
Do you watch History of Power Rangers more than Atop the Fourth Wall or vice versa or both? I watch everything you put out pretty much.

The Nemesis said...

Greetings Linkara. Lester here, and I am 21 years of age hailing from the Philippines. I gotta be honest of all the comics you reviewed, I sincerely remember Sonic Live the most since I used to collect my share of them back in my elementary years. They were damn good comics til I think the Ixis Naugus saga, I think

I am surprised how much of a Power Rangers fan you are as well. lol

MichaelDj54 said...

Name's Michael, Age 20, From the US of A, not an AVID Comic Book reader, but willing to get into it. I'm into writing, reading, TV and Movies. Got into you (Around the time I got int NC) Around...August 2009 I think it was, first Comic Book was Batman Arkham Asylum and my current favorite is Green Lantern: The Black Lantern Corp saga.

Anonymous said...

22, male, from southeastern Ontario. Watch both History of Power Rangers and Atop the Fourth Wall, but skip the crossovers. Don't read comic books and have no interest in starting, due both to cost and (it seems from the outside) excessive angst. Watched Power Rangers with my cousin as a child, but never actually paid much attention to it and only really remember it as "the show with people punching cheesy monster suits".

Vivi said...

Oi. I'm Vivi, 29, lass currently residing in Germany, brought up to love nerdy stuff by her parents ever since they released her on the Emerald Isle way back.
Me and my love are watching both AT4W and your Power Rangers stuff each episode, her being a German lass in her 27th year.

So, make that two geeky European lasses. ^_^

Kate Holden said...

Hey, Linkara! I comment sometimes. 25 and a female freelance illustrator and comic artist in the UK here! ...oh geez, it sounds like some kind of dating profile ¬_¬; "likes long walks and conversation" pffahaha!
Quick! Distract 'em with a portfolio website!
Gimme a shout if you ever need an additional artist! ...not that I think you're ever short on help, know, the offer's open.

I've been watching since the very first A4W video reviews appeared on TGWTG, I was immediately hooked by the relaxed presentation, hilariously bad comics and your impressive depth of knowledge of comic books in general.
My fave videos at the moment are the Power Rangers ones. The depth of analysis, clear overview and genuine feeling of affection towards the series gives me the warm fuzzies.
I also watch Iron Liz's stuff.

Sock said...

I was born at the age of zero, I'm currently an English man of 23 years, residing, strangely enough, in England.
I do read comics, less and less at the moment, not sure why.
I watch both ATFW and HOPR, as do my brothers, well no, 1 of my brothers watches ATFW the other watches HOPR.

Been watching since my brother told me you were reviewing Ultimates 3, but I've gone back and watched a good chunk of your backlog.

Sethery said...

Family Friendly: I wouldn't know, may family is insane
Comic Reader: Nope. In fact, your show is where I get most of my comics knowledge, the rest is TV Tropes and the TFWiki.
Nationality: Aussie
Preferred Show: AT4W, don't watch HOPR as I've never seen that show at all, but I'll probably take a look see next time I go on a watching video rampage.

Timmy said...

Age: 20
Sex: Male
Family Friendly: My little brother wath AT4W too.
Comic Reader: I read more Manga but I enjoy your reviews anyways
Nationality: Germany
Preferred Show: AT4W and Hystory of Power Rangers

Sophie said...

Nice Idea for a survey, Linkara ^^

I´m 22, female, from Germany. I´m a Manga-Artist and Illustrator.
Mostly I watch AT4W alone, but when I´m at my Mothers´ I watch it together with my younger brother. He can often laugh about your jokes altough his english is not the best.
I do read comics and thanks to your show, I started to read super-hero-comics as well.
I do watch History of Power Rangers, too, but I watch AT4W-Episodes more often.

You do a great job, keep on going.

Greetz (and sorry for my bad english).

QuetzaDrake said...

Well, uh, let's see...

Name's Adam, go by QuetzaDrake on the internets. 22, male, American (Michigan, actually)... I dunno, I'm a furry and I've made webcomics for pretty much the entirety of the last decade.

I don't think you're fun for the WHOLE family, just a good chunk of it, mostly because comics aren't for everyone and some might not know anything about any comic canons or characters. You're safe and funny enough for all families, at least.

You've probably got more fans with comics than without. I don't actually own any Marvel or DC comics but I know a fair amount about the characters. I do own some Image and Dark Horse stuff, but mostly indie series like Battle Pope and The Goon.

And um... yeah, I really love History of Power Rangers, but considering there's a new comic review weekly and the HOPRs come out pretty sparingly... obviously I watch the reviews more. :B

Oh, and you were the second internet reviewer I went through the entire series of, the first being Spoony (whom I found you from).

Reetin Abdul said...

Well I am Nathan, I am from Oregon USA. I am a 22 year old college student, who is male, I guess you would assume that from the name. Anyway I am a non-comic reader, however I do know a bit about them because my older brother used to collect them and such. I loved your history of power rangers and I like AT4W as well, i don't know which I like more, however I have watched all the power rangers ones because there were fewer of that than the comics. I know this probably isn't the best place to check, but I was curious if you could do a review of a Duck Tales comic?

Izzy said...

I'm a sixteen year-old female from upstate New York! The only comic books I've ever read were Kick-Ass and various mangas, but I still make sure to watch the show either way.In highschool, no job, and I hope to go to college to become a psychologist. I do not watch your History of the Power Rangers show- I think PR was on a little before my time, anyways. I'm also a bit of a writer, and hope to maybe publish a couple books some time in the future.

Gray Lensman said...

Hi Linkara,

Since you asked, I can give you some demographics on myself, sure.

I'm a male US comics fan in my mid-thirties. My name is Steve, which makes for some rather funny double-takes whenever you refer to All-Star Batman. ;)

As I told you in an e-mail IIRC, I've been a fan of AT4W ever since the original Warrior crossover you did with Spoony. I have a lifelong passion for both comics and writing, and I enjoy seeing how the craft works. Or fails utterly, in the case of the vast majority of books you review. Yeah, I'm one of those literary critics that didn't much care for Nextwave. :D

On a whole, I follow most everything, including your Let's Plays and movie/game reviews. I freely admit that I'm not much of a Power Rangers fan, but I follow History of Power Rangers because I find your commentary funny and insightful.

Not sure what else to say, except that I look forward to seeing you throw Cry For Justice into a well-deserved bonfire. I have no idea how that book even got published, let alone nominated for an Eisner. Anyway, congrats on the 100th episode, and looking forward to the coming reviews!

Cochrane said...

From: Estonia

First I started with Nostalgia Critic shows, then I discovered AT4W, Spoony, Phelous, Cinema Snob, Angry Joe and others from TGWTG.

In Estonia we don't have our own comics market, whatever we read, it's in English. There are a few comics from our own artists (e.g. (in Estonian)). And Persepolis is translated into Estonian. But anyway, the reviews are entertaining to watch.

This blog gave me the idea to reinvent my own blog. AT4W contains video reviews about comics. I started to think, I could make movie reviews in comics style (well... more or less, there are no speech bubbles): (also in Estonian). So thank you for the inspiration and keep up the good work.

Alchemistice said...

So your wondering who the hell is this loser who provides you with content such as the Power Rangers comic, Godzilla vs Barkley, and Superman at Earth's End? Well, since ya asked:

Name: Matthew
Age: 26
Where: Silicon Valley
Weapon: Sword, Magic (no, really)
Bio: A self proclaimed "rare game hunter", Matthew is a small businessman who helps contributors with content. Whether it be a game, a comic, a movie, or music, Matthew is always helping those who need something. He aspires to revive a dead store he used to go to as a kid known as Media Play. Hopefully, with the growing reputation, he will eventually do so.

I'm quite partial to Super Sentai rather than Power Rangers since an ex got me into it again for better or worse, I started rewatching it after Dekaranger since Disney took over and screwed it up. With Saban buying it back, I hope to see what they will do with Shinkenger.

Anonymous said...

Hey. I'm 27, male and from England. Used to buy comics from age 9 to about 14 but stopped due to discovering other interests (i.e. girls) but have been gradually drawn back in due to the last decade's comic book movie boom. I love ATFW and have seen some of the HoPR stuff but the subject just doesn't interest me enough to particularly enjoy them.

Pretzel said...

20 year old Seattle-based female here. I admit, I don't actually read that many comics, but I love your show. I like both ATW and History somewhat the same, though I must say, I think your Let's Play of "Star Trek: Elite Force" was pretty awesome as well.

Mario said...

I'm a 40 years old pedant from Rhode Island. Came across you via Doug's site.

Joanna "Worca" Oakley said...

25 years old. Female. :) Joanna is my name.

Im mostly the kind that reads odd comics, like the Bucky O Hare stuff and such from the old days. Im a gamer and i work doing reviews for games as a off-site reviewer as well as i draw art commissions. ^_^

Anonymous said...

20 year old male from Northern Europe, Finland to be exact. I've been watching A Top The Fourth Wall pretty much since the first video was added to thatguywiththeglasses-site. Can't believe it's almost two years already. Time really has flown.

I've greatly enjoyed your comic reviews, and time after time you prove that you don't need to swear to 1. make a point 2. be funny. Here's to the first great 100 episodes, let's keep it up for another 100 episodes!

- W

Grey Weirdo said...

You need to make a poll or something.

34 year old semi-former comic reader. I stopped reading during the 90s and never got back. Michigan, male, married.

Athorist said...

I am 27 years old male comic book artist from Finland,
My wife seems to be disinterested of your show but she doesn't care about comics unless they're manga. To me, your site is the first one I check for updates when I open up the net in the morning :P

a said...

26 year old female from the Pacific Northwest. I used to read comic, but now I just try to keep up with general happenings. It helps that I have a lot of friends who still read and let me know when DC screws over a favorite character (for example). I've watched all of your comics reviews and am slowly working my way through the Power Rangers stuff.

You are most definitely one of my favorite web shows. Keep up the good work and congratulations on the new digs.

Tobbii said...

Torbjörn "Tobbii" Karlsson, a 19 year old "nerd" playing video games, watching series and films and reading comics and books. I live in Sweden and I'm trying to break through with a film review series like so many others.

Anonymous said...

Age: 22
Location: Wisconsin
Race: White
Sex: Male
Preferred Show: History of power Rangers(Favorite Season is in Space)

I know you have reasons, but have you ever thought about doing a season of season break down of Smallville some time down the line?

Keep up the quality videos. :)

Ozon said...

Hello Linkara,
28 year old tech. Introduced to you exploring That Guy With The Glasses. I've been interested into the comics but never collected any. I'm a computer gamer. I grew up with the power rangers and to date my favorite has to be Mystic Force. To answer your other question: I watch nearly everything you put out. Cause you've got a good sense of humor and part of me enjoys seeing others in "pain" over being subjected to horrible forms of 'entertainment'. It's also fun to watch you look deeply into what is really on the surface a shallow subject matter. So I watch both Atop the Fourth Wall & Power Rangers Retrospective.

Athorist said...

I just noticed how many Finns there are on your fan base.
Maybe you should pay visit here some day, We'll treat you like a Hollywood famous person :D

Overkill said...

hey linkara im 26 years old and i do read comics but more manga than comics

i really love your HOPR more than your reviews but thats not to say i dont watch them inf ace in some cases if its 3 am and i have nothing to do is just pre load 4 to 6 videos of yours randomly selced from watch them and enjoy them on my tv

your HOPW videos ive watched a few times and even watching them got so nastalgic i watched the episodes after like when the black ranger used his broken morpher to morph again to save the new black ranger

i really like your work and i hope you are getting bored of it or anything i wish you the best of luck and i hope you keep making videos all the time they are really fun to watch

thanks for reading this linkara and i will continue to watch you in the future i hope the new HOPW videos come out soon as i said before i really do enjoy them

Overkill Out

Basil said...

I'm 20 and male out of Colorado. I read manga and watch anime mostly but when I was little I loved the classic comics. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one in my family who watches you. I started watching you because of your crossover with Nostalgia Critic and stayed because of your storyline. You are also the reason I now watch Spoony and he's the reason I now watch Cinema Snob and he's the reason I watch Obscuras Lupa and so on.

I watch AT4W more than power rangers only because I'm more likely to watch AT4W multiple times.

More about me...I read a lot of actual fiction, I'm actually taking a college course that analyzes comics as literature. The most recent comic I've read is Walking Dead 8 and I don't know if I can force myself to read any more. I do a lot of writing, including novels, short stories, tv shows, comics, etc. If my comic is published I hope it never appears on your show.

Jason said...

Well, my name is Jason, I live in Southern California, I am 14 years old, I am not that much a comic reader although my favorite superhero is Green Lantern, I've watched HOPR more that I have AT4W recently, and I that's really all there is to say on the matter.

Best wishes to you from a too-young fan of yours, I love you man.

catman said...

my name is jake, im 19. im from the south of england and i started out watching TGWTG about a year ago. from there i found out about NC and loved the whole site. i then saw that you did a comic segment, it was then and there i fell in love with your reviews.

i also love the history of the power rangers!

Rob said...

24 year old male from the UK.
Non comic reader.
Started watching after a message board I used link to your HOPR, but then got hooked into watching all of your stuff because it's entertaining

Anonymous said...

18 yr old in Canada Ontario. I'm male, and I don't read comic books.

I'm honestly curious what the results of this will be O.o

KingGramJohnson said...

I'm a 25-year-old male. I never was big into comics when I was younger, but I was really into superheros. My favorite was Superman. Now that I'm older, I'm seeing the missed opportunities that I had when I was a kid, and trying to get more acquainted with comic books.

I live near Grand Rapids, Michigan, and I'm an aspiring author. I'm currently working on a science fiction trilogy that I intend to follow through to publication.

If you're interested, I have a blog, though I don't update often:

That's me in a nut shell.

Andrew (KingGramJohnson)

Erin said...

I'm a 20 year old girl from Australia, I wasn't that into comics before I started watching your show, but I do pick up a couple now, thanks to your recommendations. I watch both AT4W and HOPR and I have to say the latter is intriguing me more than I ever thought it would.

Keep on being awesome! :)

Eric said...

Eric/Korahn here - 29 - Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.

Love to read comics when I can afford them (they've gotten a little expensive). Right now I've limited my purchases to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I absolutely LOVE HOPR vids. I've been trying to do some kind of review of whatever, but have only done a mediocre game review vid thus far. And local food as well.

Gen said...

I'm 26, from Germany.
I don't even read that many comics and i really started it only a couple of years ago (with the whole Infinite Crisis thing and later 52, which kinda hooked me on the Green Lantern Corps and Booster Gold), but i like seeing just how insanely bad comics can be and how outlandish those things were in the 90's.
Also, i like how you didn't jump on the bandwagon with making jokes about furries or gays or women and all that.

SAH said...

How old are you? 16
Are you male or female? I am, no, that's your thing. Erm...I have male genitalia.
Am I fun for the whole family? Maybe. No one else in my family watches your show, so I don't know.
Are you a comic reader or a non-comic readers? In they eyes of most fans I probably barely qualify, but yes, I do read comics.
Where do you live? In New York.
Do you watch History of Power Rangers more than Atop the Fourth Wall or vice versa or both? More AT4W, definitely, but I do enjoy and look forward to your HOPR stuff.

Anonymous said...

24 year old Female in Portland, Oregon, US. I'm here for the Power Rangers.
You won me over with your sincere review style, so I'll probably take a look at your other reviews as well. :)

Geroncio said...

Let me see, Geroncio B. Copiozo or "Geron" for short. I'm from a Filipino-American male from Scottsdale, AZ and basically watch a majority of your material since the your review on WOW comic. I work for a video game controller company (which is much better than my job for AT&T's DSL).

The only two encounters I met with you directly is in an email about politics and friends...and at Youmacon while I was dressed up as Russia from Hetalia (which is ironic for a man who calls himself the Glenn Beck of cosplay to be cosplaying as Russia). I asked you about reading Deadpool and then I think we got distracted by some weird people (which is normal at an anime convention).

Also I did find some Steam Detective DVDs at my FYE.

Jer Alford said...

I watch both. I'd like to see some reviews of animated superhero TV shows.

The Mad Scientist said...

Hi Lewis! I'm Chris. I'm a 23-year-old man, living in New York, born and raised in Rhode Island, went to college in New Jersey. I'm a graduate of Seton Hall University. Studied broadcast radio and journalism while there. I'm currently working for a freight forwarding company (I know, COMPLETELY not in my field of study, but I gotta pay the bills somehow).

I don't really read comics, although I do enjoy comic book characters appearing in other mediums (TV, movies, etc.). I do plan on buying some comics in the future, mostly because of recommendations you've slipped into AT4W episodes.

I LOVE HOPR and think it's one of the best things anyone could ever do. I've been watching the old seasons on YouTube during the past six months, and it's a privilege to hear your analysis on each.

I really hope you are able to come out to a convention on this end of the country at some point, so that I can meet you and we can discuss different points about those things of which we are both fans (Star Trek, Calvin & Hobbes, and BSG, as well as Power Rangers and different comic characters). All the best to you, Lewis! AT4W is amazing!

SeanAnglicised said...

24, male, in Ireland. Not a huge comic book reader, though I've read the odd series over the years (watchmen, Punisher). I really like your show about the history of the Power Rangers. I really liked Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as a kid & am curious to know what happened with the show in the intervening years. I watch AT4W as well, but generally only if it's about a comic book relating to something I'm familiar with like the Chuck Norris or James Bond Jr (one of the big shows when I was young) episodes.

Charles Moreau said...

I'm a french Canadian from Boucherville Qc

I am a quarter of a century old and I used to read a whole damn lot of comic books.

I watch pretty much everything you do because I genuinely think you are funny.
I also love HotPR, I used your dragon dagger tutorial for my green ranger cosplay. I have to admit when you posted that, it was a godsend because I didn't want to spend 500$ on a replica prop!

I made a helmet for about 100$. if you want to know how, gimme a sign!

C.Synthare said...

31 year old male from northeast U.S., geek but non-comic reader. Started watching you through TGWTG, watch pretty much all your projects even though I'm not a power rangers fan or a comic fan, I just find you insightful and funny.

Audrey said...

Hi there,

I'm a 25 year old American female artist.

I don't generally read western comics, but I love the animated series' based on them, in fact, I was just watching BTAS.

I watch most of your AT4W episodes, and I watched the History of Power Rangers up to episode 2, because I hadn't seen more of the actual series than that.

My brothers also watch your show.

I have been working on a comic with my friend, and I try to take your advice to heart on what to do and what not to do in them. (Though I must say, sometimes you're harsher on the art than I am. :))

I think I checked you out after hearing about you from LittleKuriboh.

Rankaratar said...

17 year old Australian male wachin' your reviews. I'll have you know you have a fair few viewers down under mate!

Anyway, I watch pretty much all your stuff. Its interesting because you seem incredibly informed about all the things you talk about. It's informative and hilarious, always a good combination. Hell, I'm not even that into Power Rangers and yet I fricken love your HOTPR videos. Here's hoping you keep up the work for the next hundred videos!

Mineral Rabbit said...

I am Ruth, the young Welsh woman who is currently studying abroad in France, after my first two years studying in England, where everyone thinks my accent is difficult to understand, fantastic or downright hilarious.
I enjoy reading comics, drawing, singing opera,playing Pokemon and coming up with comic ideas of my own.
Thanks to you, my knowledge of comics has expanded and broadened my reading *cough*52*cough* and I've taken an interest in characters I might not have before: I used to be a straight-up Marvel gal; now I love 52, collect Batman and I'm giving Green Lantern and Superman a fair try.
I admit I don't know many other comic readers, but I've shared some of your videos with my feminist friend (I think she loves you) and I've been able to show her that not all comics are full of busty, half-naked women whose bodies don't actually make any sense.

So thanks.


Anonymous said...

Well I'm Ben, 20, all the way across the pond from Scotland. Been watching your show since it started and frankly you've been like this god like hand guiding me towards good comics. Been a comic fan for a long time, the Uk having it's own comics such as Dan Dare, the Beeno and the Dandy, as well as being able to scour my local library for Tin Tin comics when I was young....ahh memories.
Getting ahold of single issue comics is actually pretty hard to do where I live, it always means an expensive trip to a 'specialists' to get an issue, so I always rely on either one off and trade collectors issues. And after your recommendation I am looking into trying to get ahold of a copy of Kingdom Come and 52, (sadly I would have to start trawling through the internet to get good deals on volumes of Blue Beetle.)

I've also had the urge to write my own comic series, being either for the web or for actual print. While I don't see this being a reality any time soon, I do consider your work very insightful into the world of comics. From looking at very good stories, to the very horrible. It provides and nice blend of things to look at and take interest in. So your not just bloody funny, but a lot more interesting than reading wikipedia!

Anyway. Doubt you needed to know ALL of that, but hey...the more you know I suppose...

Anonymous said...

21 M. Romania
Watched all your vids (great stuff)
I really love AT4W, while HoPR is interesting I only saw Mighty Morphing, and some episodes from the other series/seasons. (Mostly Ninja Force)
Over here (to my knowledge) the comic book industry is mostly dead. So I read whatever is available online. Legal or not. My favorite American comic was the early Teen Titans - The New Teen Titans I believed it was called (Thank you piracy), but I am more of a manga reader. The biggest problem I have is when trying to read older materials (80s,90s) sometimes start a story but doesn't end it in the same series (i.e. a superman story that ends in the batman comic)
Anyway keep up the good work...
And more Miller Time.

Heath said...

I'm Heath (24, M) from the Atlanta, Georgia area. My fiance (24, F) and I both watch your shows regularly (she's more a fan of HOPR, though she likes both a lot). I started watching your show not too long after I started reading comics, although I actually stumbled into you (and all of TGWTG) though TVTropes. (Their silver age of comics article, to be precise).

Congratulations on 100, and hopefully we'll be with you for another 1000.

Anonymous said...

David, 32, out of southeast WI. Former comic book reader (got out of it after it got too expensive to keep up with all the series I wanted to read). I watch everything - the Let's Plays, the AT4Ws, the HOPRs, etc. I respect that you keep the language to a 'family-friendly' format, so that anyone can be tuned in without possibly getting offended by something you say. I look at it kind of like Bob Newhart: you don't have to cuss to be funny. And you prove that with each episode you produce. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Name:Mateusz and yes my parents are polish.
Comics:Thanks to you i started reading them through Blue Beetle and 52.
Location:Laval,Canada and i guess im the only one.
Show:I like bought of your shows.

Blues said...

I'm a guy, 24, U.S.A(by way of the caribbean)

I don't think little kids would have an interest and despite how clean you are, you do deal with sexist and gun crazed 90s comics sometimes.

I don't completely follow the comic scene but I read about some of the going ons at the two major studios. I tend to read collections(or 6 issues stories after they did their runs). I'm also willing to read stacks of comics if someone happends to give them or if their being sold for cheap at a flea market or something. I was definitely around during the 90s, but I ended up liking 80s bronze age comics way more.

And I like both you're work with Atop the fourth wall and the power ranger retrospectives, which came as a surprised. You had me embracing a part of my childhood that was previously embarrassing to me.

Jii said...

I'm 29 year old female being from Finland. A comic lover - not really into superheroes but a comic's a comic. Aand music, movies & games are a big part of my life too. Oh yeah, I'm a Star Trek TOS & TNG -fan. Nothing breathtaking though.

I started following your videos somewhere in the beginning of 2009, about. When Spoony had linked to you few times. That's how I got here.

I love your random humour and the way that you think. What else can I say? :D Well, I'm one of those who prefer just the reviews over the epic storyline but I do like to see what you've come up with.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'll go with this:

How old are you? - 27
Are you male or female? - Female.
Am I fun for the whole family? - I've shown your stuff to friends ages between 17 and 48 and they've loved it, so that covers the adult spectrum. And since you so rarely swear, I guess that means kids are safe watching, too.
Are you a comic reader or a non-comic readers? - I used to read more comics than I do now. I was a big Spidey fan for a while (three guesses as to why I'm not now, and the first two don't count). I've actually got friends who work in the comics industry, so I try to keep up with their stuff when I can, though.
Where do you live? - The UK. yorkshire, slightly more precisely.
Do you watch History of Power Rangers more than Atop the Fourth Wall or vice versa or both? - I watch AT4W every Tuesday morning before I go to work. Whenever there's a new HOPR I tend to leave that for the weekend so I can watch it at leisure, since they are longer than your AT4W shows.

BTw, keep up the excellent work! :)

Lauren said...

Name: Lauren
Age: 15
Family Friendly: I think you are
Comic Reader: I like comics but I don't read them very often
Location: The US of A, Tennessee to be precise
Do I watch HOPR or AT4W: I watch both, but I like AT4W more than HOPR because I never really watched Power Rangers as a kid.
Favorite comic: V for Vendetta
Favorite Movie: The Manchurian Candidate

Mela said...

Hey, Linkara, I'm a 29-year-old New Jersey girl (South Jersey, thankyouverymuch). I work in an office but write as a hobby/pipe dream. I found your site thru GirlWonder.Org when it started (before that site became too hipper-than-thou for me with a well-received post on being a douche to WWII vets because they "just fought in some war").

I've been reading comics since I was 12 & got into Fox's X-Men cartoon; it was a soap opera with punching, all I ever needed (this might be why I'm so into the Pretty Cure anime franchise right now). Somewhere along the line, I became more of a DC fan, mostly thanks to the Legion and Waid's run on the Flash. Outside of comics, I have weird taste. My favorite movie is "The Producers" (original version), my favorite shows are "MST3k" & "Fraggle Rock", and my family works with a dog rescue.

I have tried to get my family to watch your videos, but getting them to watch anything more than some tired YouTube clip of a toddler dancing to the Backstreet Boys is like pulling teeth. So it's just me watching. Sorry.

MattV said...

21 year old guy from Croatia. Student in the Computer science division on an Electrothecnics college.
Not really a die hard comic book fan, due to lack of direct accesibility (started gathering .cbr-s recently. thank you internet!). Love the DCAU, big fan of Batman (animated and comics, but particualrely Batman TAS).

I like both segments of the show. I watch AT4W more, for the sole reason that there's more of it.

doggans said...

23 year old male, college grad, aspiring filmmaker/comedy writer, currently living with parents in Connecticut while raising money for a year-long program in Orlando, wanted to be a newspaper cartoonist as a kid but kinda grew out of it and was never really that into comic books (though I own "Watchmen" and an old book on the history of Marvel).

Plenty of other geekish qualities, though. My favorite movie is a tie between "Casablanca" and the entire "Back to the Future" trilogy. I was never allowed to watch Power Rangers as a kid, but I learned all the characters and major plot points from friends talking about it, so the first several HOPR episodes were still nostalgic for me. I haven't seen the last couple yet, though, and several of the last ones I did watch, I just had on as background.

I watch AT4W every week, though, despite my limited knowledge of comic books. I consider it a pop culture education. Plus, it's funny, and rather innovative for incorporating such epic storylines into a review show.

There are many more details of my life I could give you, but then I'd have to kill you. Not on purpose; you'd just be bored to death.

Nikpack said...

Hi Linkara,
I'm a 29 year old American, male, chemistry graduate student living in Sweden. I don't actively read comics now, but I used to from around 1990 until the mid-2000's until I found the hobby became too expensive for me. I love all of your shows for their great writing, in-depth analysis, wit, and nostalgia factor. Keep up the great work!

The House of C.R.P said...

Hey Linkara. I am an Australian viewer named Chris, or C.R.P as I like to call myself on the net. in senior year High School who is of American/Sicilian decent. Here in Sydney I have learnt that the stereotype of the sunny Australia is kinda moot here half the time (It's windy and cloudy outside as I speak). But the people here are really fun and I live in a great neighborhood

I am crazy about games (Nintendo particularly), the internet culture, certain anime and manga (Not that huge a fan to be honest, but I love Fullmetal Alchemist, Death Note, Toriko and Digimon) and western animation especially. I seem to have issues getting into Literature and Live Action Tv. I do love Doctor Who (New Series), and the utterly brilliant and terrifying book, World War Z (Seriously, READ WORLD WAR Z)

My first contact with comics came after I had seen the Watchmen trailer and borrowed a copy from the Library. While I do read some comics now and then, 1. I find it hard to keep up with the action and the large amounts of continuity, and 2. It's REALLY hard to get comics here in Australia.

I have already spoken about the Borders I go to, but even then, I don't really have a selection. However, my trips to the Sydney Supanova Convention and America was a dream come true. I got a great look at what you have over there and I completed my Scott Pilgrim collection!

I gravitate towards idealistic stories and usually hate nihilistic stories, or ones that have really depressing endings that flush away everything the characters tried to do. I prefer happier, more humorous stories, ones that can make me care about the characters, or have really cool action with substance. I tend to be squeemish around gore, so I dislike horror in general. But when it comes to horror, I prefer more psychological stuff. I also don't like romance. In movies I prefer the action and comedy genres. I also have a thing with meta fiction, which is why I love Tv Tropes. Actually, I was trope naming even before I knew about the site. So I think that Tv Tropes didn't ruin my life, it was my calling. I also have a huge love of crossovers, having mentally made so many throughout my life (Do we all do stuff like that I our heads?)

I have been running with your idea of the Wasserman Factor for a while. I love putting different music over scenes of different fictional works.

I am currently working on a blog I never update (I am really a lazy person) and a Fullmetal Alchemist liveblog on Tv Tropes. Also I am doing a Twitter session on Paprika and Ponyo tomorrow As for your videos, I first saw AT4W and I became a fan after your US1 review. History of Power Rangers is brilliant, and I love your style when doing them, so much so that my aforementioned FMA Liveblog was heavily inspired by it. It's made me more interested in a series I have kinda looked down upon.

There is so much I want to share with you but I think I will just leave some links of my stuff:

My Tv Tropes page:

My FMA Liveblog:

My Twitter:

KatKaleen said...

My name is Kathrin, I'm 28 years old and live in Germany.
I used to collect Batman, Batman animated, JLA, Teen Titans, Nightwing and Witchblade.
I don't really know why I stopped collecting, I still like comics. Hm.

Anonymous said...

I'm 23 years old. Male. Mostly read cartoons or comics like doonsbury, dilbert and foxtrot. I'm from Sweden.

Meiriona said...

So, 20 year old gal from upstate New York here. I'm a comic fan, and like you a Titans fan who continues to wonder if the editorial staff at DC wants to make anyone who was ever associated with Titans suffer. I'm a AT4W watcher only, since for me, Power Rangers was pretty much what we played at recess for grades 1-3 and not much else. I pretty much do nothing all day but sit around on the computer, or read tons of books. I'm also not all that interested in Marvel, but no one wants to start that fight up.

Vertigo FTW.

KatKaleen said...

Oops, forgot something: I never watched Power Rangers. You see, in Germany they actually aired one of those Super Sentai series, so when PR came along I was like "Who are these people? That's not the guys I know and want to see!"
Still, HOPR made me appreciate the fact that they had their own story and weren't just a carbon copy.

Prodigs said...

I'm a 19 year old (male) South African born student named Graham, currently residing and studying in the UK (I am a UK citizen if that means anything :P).

I only sporadically watch episodes of AT4W. Whilst I find them enjoyable and I really like your style of humour and critical analysis I'm not very into American comic books, so generally the only episodes I watch are your countdowns, specials or ones with comics relating to my interests (e.g. Power Rangers, Terminator etc.).

However with your History of Power Rangers series, as someone whose life was so impacted by the series I can't express my gratitude enough for making these videos. The burst of Nostalgia and further understanding of a TV show I loved so much in my youth is addictive to watch, and whilst I give you all the time you need for each episode after I watch each one I'm already in huge anticipation for the next.

In trying to introduce you to new viewers, I get mixed responses. My friends have sometimes liked your videos (unsurprisingly the ones that are into comic books mostly) but most of my family members not so much, though your HoPR episodes inspired some nostalgic interest in my younger siblings.

As a personal note I hope in some forseeable future you have the fundings to attend a British convention, I think I and all your limey fans would enjoy the chance to talk with you and show our appreciation as a fanbase.

Wry Kai said...

Kai, 21 years old, good old NYC resident and nerd since I could crayon the walls of my house (don't ever think I did though).

I'm a 2D animation student with aims to open up a competing 2D studio in the US with the hopes of releasing full feature length films.

However, all I have so far is a movie review blog and a few shorts to my name :P

While your compendium of Power Rangers history is impressive, I enjoy your AT4W a lot more, given me love of comics.

Cin Wicked said...

I'm a 25 year old man from Ontario, Canada. I'm attending University for a Double Major in Cultural Studies and English Literature and I have aspirations of writing comics if/when I grow up. I make video reviews as well but I stick to music since I feel on firmer ground when critiquing it. I love HoPR and AT4W equally.

Hatmaster 2.0 said...

14/15 years old genderless person from Sweden. I don't read comics, but I want to, but there really aren't that many in Sweden, I never ever watched Power Rangers, again, it's Sweden's fault, and I might be a little to young for it too, but I watched the first of your HOPR episodes, I do love AT4W though, my favorite amongst all the stuff on TGWTG and whatnot.

Amanda said...

Hey Linkara!

My fiance and I both watch your show and love every episode. We're both 24 and while we're from Texas we are currently living in Japan teaching English. We're both big comic fans (as seen by getting our new comics shipped to us once a month at ridiculous shipping costs).

We watch pretty much everything you post as soon as we realize its up.

Congrats on reaching 100 episodes and good luck with the next 100 and whatever else your future holds!

FunkyM said...

My name is Simon, I live in the UK, and I like your review style. I also hope to get my own show onto TGWTG.

I am a shameless self-promoter, and I made History of Turrican on Youtube, inspired by the History of Power Rangers.

I don't really have a favourite Character, I like 'em all. I like the Matrix Trilogy (Yeah! Still!), Star wars Saga (5 out of 6 ain't bad), And I still have a C64 with a dodgy power converter stashed someplace...

Joseph said...

Im actually turning 17 on Friday. Im a guy and I dont read comic books, but I have seen a few webcomics. Im currently in Florida. And I watch all of the content you put out. The only thing haven't watched are the Power Morphicon videos.

Anonymous said...

Hello from Romania!
22, Female.
I mostly read what I can get in my hands from my friends, but can't say I follow anything in particular.

Keep doing a good job, Linkara!

luxmesa said...

hey. I'm a male and 17 years old. I live in North Carolina and read comics(almost exclusively DC) and manga.

I have a roommate, who has pretty much the exact same stats, but he isn't a comic book fan. We both watch History of Power Rangers, but he's not as into AT4W as I am.

Phirone said...

I'm 17, male and I'm bosnian and live in germany. I'm not really a comic reader but I'm trying to get into comics right now. I watch everything you put out but I'm enjoying the History of Power Rangers a little more than AT4W.

Steven said...

Howdo. I'm SteveJones313 - I'm 23, born and bred in Durham, England (the North East of England). I'm a published author working on various other books including two novels and a second poetry book and I'm a amateur video maker (and perhaps 'amateur' is being a bit kind XD).

Currently scripting my first solo review show.

Love your works.

MrSandMan961 said...

15 year old, non-comic reader.
Chicago Illinois male
trying to start LP's & a sonic comic retrospective kinda inspired by you and another YouTuber.
More of a gaming nerd than anything else. I enjoy your PR stuff a little more but everything you put out is good.

Leigh Ann said...

Why are a lot of these starting to sound like personals ads?

Well, you're fun for everyone in *my* household anyway, which basically includes a couple of married nerds and a cat. I grew up cataloging my dad's X-Men comics on index cards. The husband is less familiar with comics, but enjoys the ranting. The cat doesn't care.

Mika said...

I'am 25 years old male, from Finland.
Kind of a casual comic reader, mostly I collect some specific series.

Started watching AT4W from the beginning, dont remember where I got referred to it from.
Really enjoying your HOPR series too, I used to collect some Power Ranger stickers and stuff when I was like... 10? :P

Keep up the good work Linkara, gz on the 100th Episode!

Aaron M. said...

Name's Aaron. 20 years old, born and raised in Detroit Rock City. I don't get to read comics all that much due to no source of income besides student loans, and spending loan money on comics isn't very smart last I checked (not that it's ever stopped me)! I watch AT4W and HOPR, but I tend to look forward to HOPR a bit more because it's something I grew up with, and I also missed everything Disney did except RPM and a bit of Dino Thunder.

As for a few Miscellaneous things, I'm a big Metalhead with my own podcast ( if you're curious [shameless plug, HOOOOO!! XD ]) that I try and update as often as possible. OF course, the fact that both myself and my cohost are in college and across the atlantic from each other is a big hurdle to overcome. I love to write, especially science fiction/fantasy, which is why I think Green Lantern has always been one of my favorite characters. It's just the whole "Spacey" thing about it.

Patrick said...

How old are you all? 24

Do I have more men than women watching? I'm a man

Am I fun for the whole family? I dunno, my parents don't watch you and I pretty sure my brother doesn't.

Am I more popular among comic readers than non-comic readers? I read a little comics but I'm not into comics.

How many people in the United States watch the show vs. Europe, Australia, Asia, etc.? I'm a US-ian

Do you watch History of Power Rangers more than Atop the Fourth Wall or vice versa or both? I never watched History of Power Rangers

Rafat said...

18 years old. I AM A MAYUN! Not fun for my family. I'm pretty sure they think a computer is a fancy oven. I originally gave up on comics when I was about 12ish but you got me back into them. I'm Canadian eh. I watch both AT4W and HOPR. AT4W was just funny so i didn't really care that it was about comics. I'm still kinda a Power Rangers fan haven't watched anything past Ninja Storm primarily cuz I just didnt care enough to watch anything after that. Power Rangers started a little later in Canada so we weren't at the same weekly release as the US until Lost Galaxy so the fans are a bit younger here.

Jessica Cain said...

Hi Linkara, I'm a 21 year old girl from Michigan. I started watching your stuff early summer and have been hooked ever since. I've since gotten my friends to start watching, and have introduced you to my more comic-savvy brother. Since then, I've watched all of your videos (save for your let's play, but it's on my to-watch list)

I myself am not a comic reader. I'd like to get into some stuff, but trying to figure out back stories and continuity really intimidates me.

Will Ackerman said...

Greetings good sir. I'm a 25 year old English major living in Ohio, male. I've been a life long comic reader so finding your videos was a real delight. My first review was Uncanny X-Men #423. I found it on one of those people who post your reviews on YouTube. I watched a few more before I realized that wasn't your actual account so I tracked it back to That Guy With The Glasses and I've been hooked ever since.

I am a comic book guy at heart and that is part of why you make my favorite videos over on the site. Then you started to do the Power Rangers reviews and you went from this really rocking guy to Dinosaur Jesus. Seriously, I watch both as soon as they come out and they show some very obvious levels of insight and awesome. Congrats on 100 episodes and may the next 100 be just as memorable.

Anonymous said...

Hello Linkara. I'm basically a 24 year old male who basically does sports blogging when he's not working. I'm not a big comic reader, but I am very interested in the lore of comics and want to into it more, just need to balance the money a bit more.

As for HoPRs, I think it is one of my favorite series on the web currently. I like the fact that your taking something a bit more nostalgic and analysing it seriously. I really hope youdo it with a few other older shows when you finish with Power rangers.

Maidenar said...

18 years old, male from Slovenia.
I dont really read that many comics, have just a couple of TPB. I watch HOTPR and AT4W equally.
Also the greatest movie of all time is Southland Tales!!!!

TheOtakuGiant said...

My name is Garret Moore(so boy obviously) i am turning 21 on the 21st of sep. i live in the tourist town of Branson Missouri which is in the Ozark mountains

i found you through the NC and i watch both your comic reviews and HOTP

i also plan on starting my own vid series for TGWTG i will be calling my self the game genie and making vids on how to unlock all the secrets in older games like megamanX for example hopefully i make the cut and end up on the site

oh and one last thing take your time doing HOTPR there is no rush dont listen to the ppl who want you to churn stuff out constantly

Anonymous said...

I'm 20 Years Old, and I'm from Perth (Western Australia). I'm Male and currently studying in Information Technology. I follow a few of the comic reviews and the HOPR series. I enjoy watching your reviews and keep up the good work :)

Logan said...

Hey Linkara. You have at least one 22 year old PhD student who watches your shows from northern Florida. I've never been that big of a comic book reader, though I watch and love every episode of ATFW. But I am a Power Rangers veteran, and think you are doing a terrific job with the history of power rangers. Keep up the good work!

DerKork said...

Well, if you ask, I may answer:
I am a 30 year old german male who seldomly reads comic books.
I own one Star Trek comic, two issues of Captain America and once had an old Spiderman comic - just to show you where I come from comic-wise.
I have a very soft spot for Star Wars AND Star Trek.

You brought me back to the time I watched Power Rangers (Mighty Morphin' - just for the record) and provide me with a good overview of what happened after I kinda quit that series.

In my family your videos are only watched by me, probably because the others aren't that interested in comic books or Power Rangers...

Fintago said...

19 year old college student from the US.
I love Atop the Fourth wall and it is a highlight to my Mondays, but your History of the Power Rangers is a great treat and I would not wish to see either one fall to the wayside (Not that they would)
I love comics, but I can't afford to buy them right now, so I use you as both a substitute for my addiction and your recommendations to help steer the limited funds I have.
I am not a Power Rangers fan nor a Star Trek fan, but the jokes never alienate me or feel like I am somehow not getting everything out of the episode that I could be.
All in all, love your work and I get as many friends as I can to take a look atop the fourth wall :P Puns...

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