Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Podcast of the Gods!

Or, rather, podcast of Moonhawk Studios, which welcomes me back for a nice long talk about my projects and other fun stuff relating to the show. ENJOY!

The streaming version you can find: HERE!

Or you can Direct Download: HERE!

Don't we all love options? And hearing my heavenly voice? ‎


Dodger Of Zion said...

This was awesome. Thanks again for taking the time to put up with my shenanigans.

Vyce the crab says "chirp."

Mildra: The RPG Monk said...

Would "Podcast OF DOOM" be more accurate?

Anonymous said...

thank you for posting the link linkara though i think it would be nice for you to post about doing it before the live interview is over.

anyway i look forward on seeing you on the sfdebris interview.

so until grammer majors unite make mine linkara

Anonymous said...

hi linkara i thought that the interview/podcast was awsome and i hope they will have you on again.

also i have a question i heard that you play dnd with spoony over at lordkat i was thinking of watching it, so is there a way of watching it without joining in?