Monday, February 27, 2012

Mr. T #2

It's time for Mr. T to be your parent! Wait, that didn't come out right...


harmonicajay said...

Good episode. I honestly want to know what happens next. If you ever find the third issue.

CaptainCalvinCat said...

Great Review again, I laughed hard and - my personal oppinion (although perhaps wayyy to obvious): Crazy Katie is Misses K.

Never the less, I like the Storyline - even the artists get one now, too, and it is great to see some of those art-geniusses, which are doing extremely and extraordinary good work.

By the way, I like your Fanfic approach, Linkara - Mr. T was not knocked out and stuff.

So, again a great comic-review.

The Blue And The Gold said...

It's possible "Crazy Katie" is a play on Crazy Eights, what with the Shaz-8 and all. And if you knew that and was just making a joke at the comic's expense, I'll take my dunce cap and go sit in the corner.

Also, in regards to your DS... my eyes might be playing tricks on me but did I see a blue GBA cartridge? So, you have Pokemon Sapphire in your GBA slot? That's currently in mine, along with SoulSilver in the DS slot.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Also, in regards to your DS... my eyes might be playing tricks on me but did I see a blue GBA cartridge? So, you have Pokemon Sapphire in your GBA slot? That's currently in mine, along with SoulSilver in the DS slot."

Actually it's Gunstar Superheroes. XD

Although I do own Leafgreen. I bought it in the hopes of transferring the starters to Pokemon White, buuut then later learned you can't do that until you've actually beaten the game.

The Blue And The Gold said...

Cos the National Pokedex and such? Yeah, same with Gen 4, though at least for that all you need to do is SEE the Pokemon and not have to beat the Elite Four and such. Allowed me to transfer a Mewtwo from Fire Red and bring'em down (I never claimed to fight fairly in Pokemon battles against the Elite Four!)

Also, good to know, I don't even remember where I am in Black. All I know is I like Lilipup better than Bidoof but Starly is still cooler than Pidove.

Xepscern said...

"Although I do own Leafgreen. I bought it in the hopes of transferring the starters to Pokemon White, buuut then later learned you can't do that until you've actually beaten the game."

Linkara, you also need a Gen IV game to act as a middle man. You import from LG to a Gen IV game (Diamon/Pearl/Platinum/HG/SS), and then transfer to White.

Great review, btw. Now I can't wait fot the possible A-Team comic.

Laughing Hyena said...

I'll like to give a shout out to one of the title artists: Krin!

Hope you get more screen time in the future!

~ Laughing Hyena (We know each other from the Jak and Daxter fandom)

And I hope you find the third issue, Linkara.

Des Shinta said...

I think we have a new sanity slippage moment! Two, in fact.
That was a nice thing to gather a bunch of the Title card artists for a previously on segment. Give them a chance to shine and whatnot outside of their artwork...Though I think Andrew took over Deviantart already.
I really do think the previously on segments are your best works outside of the climaxes to your running storylines. It makes your viewers crave the two-parter episodes, even if they must be a hassle to gather people to perform cameo's.
Oh boy, fodder for later reviews people will now bug you about incessantly. You do it to yourself, dude.
hmm, that's not the same DS you've used in older works. Did the previous one break down, or did you get another one so as to vs battle or trade?

BooRat said...

That opening bit confused me but it was awesomely funny! I like the Trash Humpers joke as I talked to her once on DA about it as I thought it was something to do with Jackass! Also that Doktor Sleepless reference was great I've been wanting to read that comic for years!

Ok back to the Mr.T comic was about the same as before kind of boring and forgettable!
I'm glad to hear I wasn't the only one that saw Morgan Freeman in the doctor character!
And That Linkara agrees the plot's predictable enough that the villain is the same woman that replaced Mr.T while he was in prison!
Captain Britain is good what I hear too but there is a Marvel UK that has a completely independent cannon free of the mainstream universe. So I'm not sure what all that entails! I know that means a lot of the big crossover events don't effect them but I don't know how different the stories actually are since I can't find any anywhere over here for sail that are American written stories set over there!
I've also been curious of Secret Wars and it's sequels... what wrong with part II!?
Mr.T as Batman with powers that'd be an awesome comic in the right hands to me!
If you get a copy of part 3 will you review it in the future!? I'm really interested in finishing this story now!
I still say he looks like Kimbo instead of Mr.T!

Anonymous said...

How the hell did you miss something so obvious as the woman saying organization wrong, saying "organisation"

Because poor so poor you don't even notice it.

Shanethefilmmaker said...

Damn you Insano, was it worth it?!! Wait why are we damning him this time. Did he run for president again?

Freyaday said...

Wheeeee, another AT4W! I enjoyed this quite a bit. Also, why does your couch cam's autofocus lose it whenever you leave the shot?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"How the hell did you miss something so obvious as the woman saying organization wrong, saying "organisation"

Because poor so poor you don't even notice it."

That's because it isn't. Like me harping on the "Synthesiser" thing back in Doctor Who Classics #7, it's UK spelling vs. American spelling and AP Comics was a UK publisher.

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard that many no's since I was in the theatre watching 'The Last Airbender'.

Nice review!


Cryptix said...

Gah why do you not have part 3. I want to see what happens, too. D: I suppose it's an effective cliffhanger in that respect, then.

I suppose I would be disappointed, though, because it wouldn't measure up to your ending.

But, then, it's AT4W. I'm used to being disappointed by the comics. Fortunately, there are other things going on to make up for it. :D

For the record, 'We've even' may be grammatically incorrect, but I've heard it used before, and use it myself on occasion. It's a little archaic, I think, but not exactly wrong.

Katie's spine-break needs to be sent to Eschergirls post-haste. That looks painful.

CaptainCalvinCat said...

By the way, were you actually passing the same wall twice at your first "no, no, no, no, no , no ,no"-bit?

Is that plot-relevant or a necessity, because of the other wall being used as ... I guess storage for lighting-stuff?

By the way - some of the "please prove you're not a robot"-testing-words are extremely hard to read. ^^



The Blue And The Gold said...

"Linkara, you also need a Gen IV game to act as a middle man. You import from LG to a Gen IV game (Diamon/Pearl/Platinum/HG/SS), and then transfer to White."

I know it was directed at Lewis, but I probably wouldn't have known that either, so thanks for the tip!

BooRat said...

It won't let me subscribe to this page! What's up!? There's no box to check!

Ozaline said...

It's actually been established in the comics that Cobra has a pretty good benefits package, they even have a staff dentist... Dr. Mindbender!

Though then he did implant a mind control device when he pulled Destro's wisdom teeth (I'm not even making that up).

Now you know!

Marc said...

Is it wrong that I was laughing so hard at the reaction to Stare Roy "beating" our hero?

DMaster said...


Anonymous said...

Just guessing here and could be totally wrong (or trying to justify something that does not deserve to really be justified due its own stupidity) but is it possible that the christmas card list thing was suppose to be a death threat of some kind? Just spitballing here though and that seems to be the only logical answer i can make of it.

BBally81 said...

Andrew Dickman is trying to take over the world?


Only a dastardly evil doer would hate on a fun show like Phineas and Ferb.

The Mad Scientist said...

I am pausing the episode to write this:

BEST PREVIOUSLY ON SEGMENT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I nearly fell off the futon laughing so hard, and I scared my landlady as she was walking past my door from bursting out laughing at mythic volumes.


Anonymous said...

You used The A-Team theme from the movie which got me curious, What did you think of The A-Team film anyway? I thought it was fun to be honest.

Interesting Fact, the CREATOR of The A-Team TV show has gone on record saying that the movie had more character development for the four then the show ever did.

Jesse said...

You actually remembered the Superpower Count from the first Mr. T comic? Damn!

Not my favorite review, but it still had its entertaining moments. Can't wait for Dr. Doom's comic next week.

popeyedboy said...

You forgot to add 'pseudo-X-ray vision' to Mr. T's list of super powers. From across the street (or further away) at night there is no normal way he could tell if they weren't armed or if they were carrying well concealed weapons.

And the 'no' gag felt like it went on a little long.

Matches_Malone said...

In my view, "We've even a new type..." could be considered proper grammar. In this case, "we've" acts acts as a contraction of "we have," ergo, "we have a new type." While the placement of "even" would be in between "we" and "have" if the words were separate, it IS able to go after the contraction. I believe this is more common in British English than American (and I say "believe" because I'm not British!). Grammar aside, another stellar review; "I love it when a good episode comes together!"

Destinyheroknight said...

I know why Crazy Katie is call that, because she is going against Mr.T. Great Review Linkara

AceofAlmonds said...

Oh gods, the beginning bit. The "Previously On" segments are always a riot. Though I will admit I was waiting for CR to pop on and have a "Not so fast!" moment.

What's with all the internet-famous evil/mad scientists with goggles and white lab coats, anyway?

Dierna said...

Unfortunatly the reason you couldn't find a 3rd issue is cuz there isn't one. The series was cancelled after issue 2....A 3rd issue WAS gonna be out but it never came to light. Supposadly the Mr. T graphic novel finishes up the story but good luck on even finding that.

mephosto said...

great episode! master likes his tea, doctor insano, a hint of a review for sercet wars II AND MR. T FANFICTION! question, just what goes on in that crazy mind of your?

Trekker4747 said...

If I'm not mistaken there is not 3rd comic, the APComics Mr. T only ran for two issues.

Bobcat said...

If I could make one suggestion: the "last time" sketches have felt like they drag on too long, since about the time you put out Act of God.

FugueforFrog said...

Somehow I like your ending to the Mr. T comic than the comic's ending. Just because he looks like some drugged-up version of the Kingpin doesn't mean he's going to beat a guy with all those superpowers as Mr. T...BESIDES, HE HAS EASY READER ON HIS SIDE TOO!!!

Fun review considering it was Mr. T being Mr. T. BTW: I really need to see more movies with Burt Lancaster myself though considering I've only seen one...well I did tape "Seven Days in May" but haven't had the chance to watch it.

One more thing: if you want a good "someone going Kool-Aid Man on a wall" bit for your show, look up the Super Sentai movie "Gekisou Sentai Carranger vs. Ohranger". Yeah I know you refuse to watch Sentai but literally you have a Sentai hero bursting through a wall in a climax, which is hilarious and epicly awesome. (then again biased being a Carranger fan...which was a weird side-effect of your HoPR reviews)

Unknown said...

Oh shoot.... I would have done the Fantomex reference..... this means I'm a bigger nerd then Linkara.... NOOOOOO!

FlawArtist said...

When I first say the guy my first thought was Phantomex, so either you're not as nerdy as you think, or I am more then I thought.

Kyle said...

So, was all the No a nod to the movie Sexy Beast? I'm cool with that because Ben Kingsley was awesome in that movie.

David 2 said...

If you said "no no no no no" a few more times you probably would have summoned Shia LeBeouf from all three of the "Transformers" movies.

jetstream said...

"Good episode. I honestly want to know what happens next. If you ever find the third issue"

Yeah that nice and all but I REALLY wanna know what happens with Insano and the Title Card artists! :D

AmuroNT1 said...

Just to give you an idea of what kind of person I am, the thing I took away from this video is that Lewis owns a copy of G-Saviour, the horrendous live-action, Canadian-made Gundam movie. THAT'S how nerdy I am.

Anonymous said...

This may be a silly thing to be amused by, but I thought it was funny when you threw down the comic due to the way it ending landing. That comic book took the beating you gave it better than the Mr. T in the comic itself did.

Angel Asylum said...

The REAL doctor Insano thank fucking god, Linksanos fun, but not nearly as fun, well written, or funny which I find weird, guess it has to do with Spoony's performance

path of enlightenment said...

Anyone else think Stare Roy looks like Mark LaBette from the British Game show THE CHASE?

Gareth said...

I had a quick look and from what I could tell (though my search wasn't very extensive) issue 3 doesn't actually exist.

Its almost a shame, it was kind of funny how you were getting sucked into the comic enough to read the next issue, be it because of not enough Mr. T or because of a cliffhanger.

marconius666 said...

A quick Google search revealed the interesting fact that veterinarians do -not-, in fact, take the Hippocratic oath, but instead take a different oath, which, of course, pertains to animals. So I guess that part of the comic makes sense!

Gonzo said...

Oh, Rise of Arsenal. May you never cease to provide joke fodder for those of us with good taste.

Clearly, spine-ectomies are all the rage among the comic book set.

Also, with all due respect, the Insano blooper completely stole the show. Puppies trump all, even Mr. T comics and Tom Servo cameos.

Anonymous said...

I fully agree, no-one should be able to take-out Mr. T but Mr. Rogers!

Anonymous said...

I loved the "previously on", "no no no" and "alternative Mr. T ending" segments. Your ending made a lot more sense for Mr. T's character than what that comic tried to do with it's oversimplified symbolism (which apparently ended with an epic failure of their main point). :-)

I have congenital hypogonadism (i.e. born without any ability to make testosterone) and I need to take prescription steroids to function at all in my every day life. Hell, I'm not even a fan of Mr. T, nor an advocator of "doing drugs", and yet this comic has found a way to offend me with it's dumbass ending. The whole issue behind "using steroids" is more complicated than just "Is steroids good or bad?".

Men need testosterone to thrive and live happy and productive lives. Without it, a man will deteriorate over time and won't ever get any better than being generally weak, lethargic, fatigued, depressed, insomniac, anti-social, easily stressed and having a constantly hard time concentrating. It doesn't matter what he does to not have those kinds of problems (ex.: good nutrition and resistance exercise). If a man doesn't have functioning testosterone-making glands, he's just never able to make the testosterone he need no matter what. It doesn't even matter if he always tries to keep the best attitude ever; increasing/normalizing testosterone-levels will not happen!

A man with hypogonadism needs to take testosterone from an external source during his entire lifetime so that his levels are at least within the normal range. Even then however, it might be low because of absorption issues and whether the body converts any of it into estrogens and/or dihydrotestosterone.

I've done about 10 years of research and experimentation on how to maximize testosterone naturally (diet, exercise, herbs, alternative medicine, etc.) and I've also had large periods of time throughout my life (being 32 years old as of this post) of living both with and without any steroids. Bottom line: I can't function without steroids. Without it, even my food can't be digested and used properly so that my body can improve or maintain itself at all.

Steroids, just like any other drugs, offer certain effects. There's pros and cons to taking those drugs and there are ways to using them correctly (whether you have hypogonadism or not). There's various athletes that use it without problems by making sure they dose and cycle it properly throughout their life. The stuff you usually see and hear in the media are stories of the few people abusing steroids and ending-up as elite athletes with various health problems. It gets to be quite a catch-22, actually: Elite athletes become the best, and are both praised and rewarded for being the best, because of hidden steroid-abuse, but then, much later, get scolded and punished from being caught doing steroids.

Steroids should be an issue that's dealt-with intelligently and not made to be a judgmental, oversimplified, emotionally-driven concept of "Drugs are bad, kids. Mkay?". :-P

Ming said...

Wow, this may be the best fake previously on segment ever. Instead of random scenes featuring other characters from Channel Awesome, we have an actual plot where the title card artists (Phil Buni from the Bunny Perspective, Master the Creater, Marobot, et al) are teaming up to fight Andrew Dickman and Dr. Insano. Why isn't Phil Buni part of anyway?

Great review, btw. I refuse to believe that Mr. T could be knocked out that quick, especially by an even more tough guy called Stare-Roy! (Stare-Roy? Really?)

And to add insult to injury, issue 2 ended with a cliffhanger, which will never be resolved especially considering that APComics no longer exists. I would have lobed to see how bad issue 3 would have been.

P.S.: You should take a look at other Mr. T or A-Team comics.

DJ1107 said...

Good review Linkara as usual. Secret wars 2 ending up on AT4W?...God dangit Linakra I was going to read that after the first one! In all seriousness how is Secret wars 2 bad exactly?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Good review Linkara as usual. Secret wars 2 ending up on AT4W?...God dangit Linakra I was going to read that after the first one! In all seriousness how is Secret wars 2 bad exactly?"

I haven't read it myself, just snippets, but basically it's not REALLY a "Secret War" or the like - it's the Beyonder going to earth and screwing around in disco clothes.

The Exiled One said...

Am I the only one who DIDN'T like the "Previously On" segment?

Seriously, it's just pointless cameos for the sake of pointless cameo. They are not even reviewers, they are title card artists, and there's a good reason why none of them have shows.

Between that and the "nononono" bit, it seems that Linkara is imitating the worst parts of Nostalgia Critic, I tell you: if Linkara starts making fun of macrphiliacs like Doug did, I'm out of here.

Also, a meeting of the "forgotten behind-the-scenes" guy and no Kyle Justin? True, he isn't a title card artist, but then against neither is Vincent E.L.

Kyle is the ORIGINAL behind-the-scenes guy. He was there before That Guy With the Glasses even existed, composing both the "Angry Nintendo Nerd" song as well as the "Angry Video Game Nerd" song AND playing pretty much every side-characters on the AVGN show. The fact that Kyle wasn't called at all shows just how half-assed this whole thing was.

By the way: there can be legitimate complaints about "Phineas and Ferb", so not liking the show doesn't make you evil. Like:

-the show had to grind to a halt every ten minutes so they can perform a musical number

-the movie was supposed to raise the stakes, yet alternate Doofenshmirtz is not sadistic or intelligent enough to be a bigger threat (think Doctor Doom or Ra's Al Ghul, that's how he should have been)

-the show tries to pass Candace as a some sort of harpy even though she's a good-natured girl who wants what's best for her brothers

-the "Perry the Platypus" plots are actually more interesting and funnier than the main plots

The Exiled One said...

Also, am I the only one who thought of Doctor McNinja when the guy in the bar showed up?

Maybe because I'm more familiar with Doctor McNinja than with "Fantomex", whoever he is...

ramses said...

Well darn it. I was gonna make a fantomex comment, but apparently I'm too nerdy now.

I'll go construct a few girders, paint a house and punch a member of the hell's angels to make up for this.

Jeremy Aron Patterson. said...

Gone and Forgotten, an internet comic blog that dates back to 1997 reviewed Secret Wars II here:


DJ1107 said...

"I haven't read it myself, just snippets, but basically it's not REALLY a "Secret War" or the like - it's the Beyonder going to earth and screwing around in disco clothes."
Ah I see you make a valid point "story may not be bad just the title is kinda a lie." Still has to be better then Marville & OMD. I also watch the credits and saw your comment on Fantomex. I don't think he's THAT much of a obscure character (then again I'm a Marvel fan) Heck he's in Uncanny X-force as a main character. Which you should read by the way don't let the name fool you This X-force book is one of the best books Marvel is currently publishing. Also people have told you Captain Britain is good check Alan Moore run on the character (which I haven't read).

Arianne said...

This comic just makes me want to see the movie Freaked(93) again because Mr.T has a role as a bearded lady. On topic of the cold opening/previous on section. How does Insano's plan work exactly ?. Also,I like how you don't always have the same plot line for the previous on cold openings. This is the first time I've seen the title card guys in front of the cameras (plus one theme song artist). Great, We finally see Mr. T doing what he does best in this comic and he gets the Worf effect in the end. Your ending to the comic was better.

SpammerD said...

Speaking of Boss Battles.... Linkara, you should play the Mr.T video game. Okay well its not really a Mr.T game but it might as well be. The old arcade game (meaning you will need a MAME emulator) Vendetta is a beat'em set in what feels like the late 80's and early 90's. The best part is that one of the 4 characters is clearly based on Mr.T, and another is obviously Hulk Hogan. A game starring Mr.T and Hulk Hogan beating up street thugs. Good stuff.

The Exiled One said...

By the way:

-Mad Hatter

-Mad Jim Jaspers


-Psycho Pirate

-Psycho Man

-Mad Harriet

-Crazy Quilt

-Doctor Psycho

-Mad Mod

Crazy Katie isn't the first comic book supervillain to call herself crazy, you know.

Vincent E. L. said...

@ The Exiled One

Time to dissect the frog.

My brief appearance was a joke, based specifically around me not being a title card artist and thus being "irrelevant", in spite of my desperation to be seen. To repeat that joke with Kyle Justin would have been redundant. Kyle Justin is great, but he's neither a title card artist nor connected to AT4W or TGWTG (except via the brawl), and he's had plenty of on-screen exposure in AVGN (so he's clearly not a "forgotten behind-the-scenes guy"), so why would he be in this? Don't get me wrong, I think he's great, but I fail to see how he fits into the premise of this joke. Also can't speak for whether or not Lewis is in contact with him. As such, your complaint strikes me as a bit irrational and baseless. Like complaining that Chuck Norris wasn't in the Mr. T comic. It might have been fun and vaguely thematic if he was, but there's no reason to expect him to be there.

Secondly, I do make videos on a regular basis (just not for TGWTG), as do some of the title card artists, so your "none of them have shows" statement is also void.

"Seriously, it's just pointless cameos for the sake of pointless cameo."
No, it's pointless cameos for the sake of a joke, just like every AT4W "previously on" segment ever. Just because you don't get it - given that many others did get it (as you practically admit by saying 'Am I the only one who DIDN'T like the "Previously On" segment?') - doesn't make it pointless. You're free to not like it, and you're free to state as much, but you might want to do some fact checking, as well as consider the possibility that your expectations might be a bit unrealistic and irrational.

I for one am quite thankful that Lewis decided to give some exposure to the title card artists and myself. I see it as a kind gesture, and I like the idea as well as how the skit turned out.

Hugs and kisses.
/Vincent E. L.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Crazy Katie isn't the first comic book supervillain to call herself crazy, you know."

Yes, but how many of them are mobsters and the head of a crime family?

The Exiled One said...

So "it's a joke, therefore it must be funny"? That's your defense?

The movies made by Seltzer and Friedberg are full of jokes. That doesn't make any of them funny.

You argument hinges on the assumptions that there are no such things as bad jokes, and that every joke ever made is funny.

That is wrong. There are such things as unfunny jokes, and this parade of cameos is one of them.

Of course, you wouldn't know it, because you don't watch Nostalgia Critic. I had to endure: the overlong and pointless "I believe in Santa Christ" joke in Kickassia, the tired and pointless "the rest of the reviewers hate the Nostalgia Critic" joke in Surburban Knights, the Mako joke in the TMNT review, the autistic joke in the Ernest Saves Christmas review, all the venom thrown at Wiccans in the Blair Witch 2 review, all the jokes at the expense of Jonathan Brandis' mental health in the Sidekicks review, the "Stephanie" joke in the Independence Day review, the Let's Play of Bart's Nightmare (as in, the entire video), the review of James and the Giant Peach that was a textbook example of "digging yourself deeper" and "putting out a fire with gasoline"...

I'm sorry, but Nostalgia Critic has left incapable of forgiving bad jokes from TGWTG reviews. And that title card artist parade was a really bad joke. Sure, some found them funny, but again: some people also find Selzter-Friedberg funny.

Sijo said...

What's up with all the titlecard artist stuff? I thought you weren't having more stories for a while? Oh well it was funny.

Man, Lewis, your review of Mr. T#2 was almost as fun as the A-Team show was! You need to do an episode on them sometime!

Still it was a bad comic, since T still feels like he's stuck in a bad episode of "CSI". But anyway:

The part where you had T talk down to Arsenal had me in stitches! XD

You know, maybe Kate DID go crazy and that's why she went from City Protector to drug kingpin? Hmm I wonder if T saves her too in the end?

Oh and my version of what happens next: Roy just drops *dead* from the superdrug, saving T the trouble of beating him (and making the Drugs Are Bad message inescapably obvious.)

Oh and RE: Secret Wars II, I read it and, and I thought it had some good ideas, but it was a little too pretentious for a superhero comic, looking at the meaning of life and existence etc. Nobody in Marvel (except Shooter) "got" it, it was obvious from the tie-ins. You've reviewed far crappier comics. Still, your examination of it would be fun to see.

TheOneTrueBaka said...

Well, I just checked on Mile High Comics website, and there is *NO* issue 3!

Vincent E. L. said...

@ The Exiled One

"So 'it's a joke, therefore it must be funny'? That's your defense?"

I never said that. That's not even close to what I said. If you read again, you'll see that what I objected to was not your statement that it wasn't funny - in fact, I specifically said you're free to dislike it and express said opinion (I merely disagreed in an openly subjective manner, and questioned the arrogant rhetoric with which you presented your opinion as if it were objective fact, when clearly it's a subjective matter).
What I objected to was your statement that it was "poitnless cameos for the sake of pointless cameo" (my defense here was that the sake - the intent - of the pointless cameos was not the pointless cameos themselves but to make a joke; whether you find that joke funny or not is completely irrelevant to what the actual intent of it was, and your original statement was about the intent, which is what I was objecting to), your statement that none of the title card artists have shows (which some of them in fact do, whether or not you've seen them), and your complaint about the lack of Kyle Justin (who still doesn't have anything to do with the joke being attempted, or with the show it's on, again, whether you personally think the joke worked or not).

Bringing up Friedberg and Seltzer and the Nostalgia Critic is completely irrelevant to the things I was objecting to. My disagreement with you about whether or not it was funny was merely an example to show that appreciation of a joke can be subjective, which was merely a side point. And yet you've managed to completely misread my entire comment and somehow get the idea that I was trying to say that all jokes are objectively funny solely on the basis of being jokes, which is completely nonsensical and not at all what I actually said, and on top of that you've managed to completely ignore the actual points I was making.

So...nice straw man fallacy there. Now try addressing the actual arguments.

Hugs and kisses.
/Vincent E. L.

Gareth said...

"Crazy Katie isn't the first comic book supervillain to call herself crazy, you know."

Yes, but how many of them are mobsters and the head of a crime family?

Wait a minute, a crazy person in at the top of a crime family? Maybe she's the holiday killer!

The Exiled One said...

Cool story, bro.

Or, if you prefer: too long, won't bother.

I'm sorry, but I don't listen to people who talk like CapitalRadioTwo or legato.

Bottom line: the joke wasn't funny. THAT was my "intent". If you found it funny, more power to you. I just didn't.

The Simulated Scholar said...

First, Dr. Steel is awesome. Everyone should go buy his albums NOW.

Second, (in the bloopers) when Kyle was talking about the consequences of a continuity error and after he mentioned chaos, in my head I heard, "And then Phelous will show up."

Lastly, I just finished rewatching/cathing up on all of ATFW and then many extra vids I missed from last year over the last few weeks. After all this I have but one question for you. (dramatic pause) What did you think of Batman #5 & #6? (If this has been already asked an I missed, I apologize)

Jarkes said...

You know, I always wondered what the title card artists (and Vincent E.L.) looked like and sounded like. Is this the first time they've ever appeared in any TGWTG videos?

Also, was Marobot's accent real? Where is he from?

Le Messor said...

"I haven't heard that many no's since I was in the theatre watching 'The Last Airbender'."
You saw that in the theatres?

Oh, you poor, poor sentient being. Is there some form of help group?

Then came Cryptix...

Gah why do you not have part 3. I want to see what happens, too. D: I suppose it's an effective cliffhanger in that respect, then.

I suppose I would be disappointed, though, because it wouldn't measure up to your ending.
"For the record, 'We've even' may be grammatically incorrect, but I've heard it used before... It's a little archaic"
Yah, that's what I was gonna say.

Also, Jackson Pollock has order? The guy spills paint. yay.

Linkara, don't worry if your British accent sounds Australian. It's not like comics writers know those two things are different.

Ever notice in movies and TV shows how all comics will be by one company? Either Marvel or DC (plus whatever fictional indie comic company they need to make up for the show). Or, they'll only show Marvels, but the characters only talk about DCs.
This comic is like that - every comic is Marvel. Strange.

Is it just me, or did the A-Team theme start to sound like 'Cocaine' by Derek and the Dominoes there? Irony?

RocMegamanX said...

Too bad RichardWesker vanished from the internet forever or else he'd be in the intro too.

"Stare Roy"? Really? "Stare Roy"?! What kind of pun is THAT?

Also, you have Gunstar Super Heroes too? Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Even if the comic didn't entirely suck, your Mr. T voice and clips always make it fun.

Also, is it just me, or does Kitsune2022 look like Teri Hatcher's Lois from "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman"?

Anonymous said...

Hey Linkara, it may interest you that somebody decided to make certain improvements of this comics:

Jeremy Aron Patterson. said...

Marvel published three issues on an 'A-Team' comic circa 1984!


Karfsma778 said...

Fairly obvious loophole, but if you know someone who has beaten the elite four on their black/white game then you can transfer (via gen 4 game) the Pokemon into theirs and then TRADE them, the regular way, onto your copy, thereby allowing you to take down anyone you choose with the charmander, bulbasaur, or squirtle lines, and/or Hoenn starters, if you so choose. So, reeally roundabout, but possible nevertheless.

13th Doctor said...

I really like the cavalcade of artists appearing. They work so damn hard for you reviewers, it is about time they got their moment in the sun. Is the rabbit an artist himself though?

This issue was more entertaining than the first even though Mr. T succumbed to the Worf Effect. I am respecting him a bit more though I think him wearing a generic red t-shirt makes him look less badass and more akin to his out-of-work SNL cartoon counterpart.

P.S. Did you see the A-Team movie? I have no desire to see and I figured since you are such a Mr. T fan and he isn't in it, you probably don't either

farsh-nuke said...

The Previously On segment is hilarious and really nice crossover.

I know people complain about them not being 'reviewers' but I don't really like reviewers as many are under qualified, over opinionated and nitpicky. Artists however are actually talented. It's not just about the cult of personality or riffing on somebody else's ideas. They actually create something wholly new and original.

Plus I only recently discovered the channel awesome webseries and am more used to Doctor Who fan series and podcasts so the apparently low quality or whatever is actually what I'm more familiar with.

BY the way did I mention I'm going to start a review series of the Virgin New Adventures?

Oh and you're awesome by the way, I love your story lines and badass moments plus the simple act of censoring yourself makes you seem so much more professional than the other review series I've seen.

lazer epilasyon said...

thaks my friend. i like your post.