Monday, December 16, 2013

Star Trek: The Next Generation #2

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Reviewing Star Trek totally in rhyme? What a thought! Oh dear lord, what has this comic wrought...

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Anonymous said...

Trek Christmas? From the time Gene Roddenberry was still alive and writing episodes dedicated to his total hatred of all things even remotely theistic? How is that possible? I'm surprised he didn't write about the Mary Sue Federation outgrowing such silly superstitions as holidays?

I like TNG, but the episodes prior to Gene's dismissal are pretty insufferable.

LucasChad said...

You must've had to summon the spirit of Dr. Seuss to write the review. It shouldn't surprise me since any Christmas video involving rhyming does make me think of The Grinch (both the 1957 book, 1966 cartoon, and 2000 Jim Carrey film). I like to see the Snob try that with a bad, obscure Christmas film.

I plan on binge-watching Star Trek: TNG once the New Year comes around. I'm just going into it blindly the same thing with the Original Series. I'll most likely deal with the presence of Wesley Crusher like any famously annoying character I sit through.

Anonymous said...

Just looking at the video preview,
those Starfleet guys are RIPPED. Just... dang, even Picard's got guns.

Julie Paulson said...

I dunno...the episode was funny, but the rhyming did start to get annoying after a while. It's okay for a once-in-a-while episode, but don't do it more than once every few years.

Megan said...

This review could not come at a more appropriate time. It's the second one I've watched that's entirely in rhyme. The first, should be easy to guess in a pinch, it was the NC's review of The Grinch.

I've said it before, so I'm sure you all know, when it comes to Trek, I'm not a huge fan of the show. But all that aside, and focusing in on this thing-it's here that your humor really takes wing.

So Santa just wants to spread Christmas cheer. Somebosy bring me a beer. These 'Grinches' are strange, they drive me to drink, and the Grinch having children I don't like to think. Was there more than there seemed between him and Cindy Lou Who? Let's hope that when it happened, she was much more than two.

The future sounds boring, no Christmas, no fights. What do these people do on the long winter nights? Do they just sit in front of the fire and stare, trying to warm a cold derriere?

I've rhymed long enough, and now I shall stop, I hope I wasn't too over the top.

Adam said...

A few episodes back, I scoffed at the idea of any of these Christmas-themed comics being weirder than anything from the Silver Age.

I stand before you now a humbled viewer.

While this is a major step up from the depressing X-Mas story of the Punisher and the idiotic/racist antics of Solson's Samurai Santa, this issue of Star Trek: The Next Generation #2 was bat guano insane. Who was the writer on this book and, more importantly, was he/she heavily medicated when writing this? Same question can be asked for the artist as well in regards to the gaudy outfits.

Outstanding episode, Lewis, especially doing this entirely in rhyme. Can't wait for the last two episodes of 2013.

Literate Dead said...

...Okay, I just have to...


There was not much for me
in this new comic skewer,
since ST:TNG is foreign to this viewer.
I've never been much
of a Trek fan you see,
Doctor Who was always
the Sci-Fi for me!
So this comic seemed dull,
pointless and inane,
then our 'surprise guests' show up,
and the whole thing goes insane!
I did not see this coming,
such a comic offbeat,
so thank you Linkara
for this deranged holiday treat!

(I can see by the Wall
next week's Doctor Who,
and though the cover looks bad,
can't wait for the review!)

JRizzle8921 said...

Oh my I almost lost when the aliens turn out to be Grinches and here I though the first season couldn't have been worse

Amesang said...

Weird comic.

Glorious review.

Anonymous said...

Entirely in rhyme?? Once again, I must say that I can't wait until I'm caught up with the videos!

Anonymous said...

Wait…Harvey’s okay, So he’s not ded, Jim?
Or…have the Cybermats done something to him?

This was indeed an amusing review. I guess a Rhyming Special was long since due.

Although, it does have so many questions, they should answer under oath.
Like was this Spirit actually Santa or God or Both?
It also makes me question on this Spirit’s Dealings. Digging into Creatures Hearts to alter their feelings.

I did question on how Trek would treat Christmas too. I thought it be Picard who’d have the tight shoe.
Like said; They were snobs about money at the start. Ignoring how much their DVD Costs in your Cart.

Still, This was a good review, I did so adore.
Good Work, Linkara, Looking forward for more! ;3

trent bowie said...

Wow. That was pretty cool with the rhyming! I remember when I first read this comic. The art was bad, the dialogue was cheesy but I really liked how they made Santa into a benevolent space entity. The race of aliens that looked like The Grinch was laughable, but it worked. It wasn't the best Star Trek comic but man was it frakkin' funny with a feel good ending.

You've finally brought on the Christmas cheer this season. Keep that merry momentum going, Linkara!

JFinley91 said...

Just so you know, your comments will be flooded with rhyme.
(Did I see Cybermat go by that one time?)

If this is a repost, I'm sorry for the crime,
My screen got an error message the first time.

Rue Ryuzaki said...

I'm wondering is there a issue with the audio, because sound was coming in low, and & did quite catch what the clip Cdr. Warp was saying.

Besides that yeah that was weird.

Anonymous said...

great episode though iv never seen the grinch just the jim carrey one so the rhyming context is lost on me oh and the tos episode dagger of the mind kirk mentions meeting a character called noel at a Christmas party

Metamorphosis said...

The last 2 minutes. Undying love. Best this year.

Anonymous said...

All you have to know about this comic is provided by just looking at the art. Seriously, just stop and look at it. It is clear that this is not even one of those cheap tie-in works that are created in a rush to meet a deadline and get sold to idiots who don't know better. No, it is clear that this was made by people who honestly were actively trying to make it fail.

John Mourby said...

Sorry to say this but this episode didn't do much for me.

Firstly the rhyming. A week or two back Oancitizen released a video about The Beatles and poetry theory. Which looks in-deph at how poetry works with a lot of technical and musical terms. Not being as smart as he is I can't say which of those terms fits here so forgive me if my critizem seems quite shallow.
I feel like you're using a very simple rhyme-scheme which while fine for a five minutes wares thin after 10. There's no room for a change in emotion and it give all the jokes the exact same timing.
You could say to me "Let's see you do better" and I'll admit I couldn't. But at ten minutes longer than the Angry Video Game Nerd's reproduction of the Grinch (Which had musical interludes between the rhyming) I'm just not convicened that this was a good idea.

Also in your regular reviews you're very good at getting over your own thoughts and feelings without coming across as belitting other people's like and dislikes (Frank Miller notwithstanding) But the Rhyming doesn't leave room for such eloquence. So as someone who likes seasons 1 & 2 of Next Gen (First Star Trek shows I watched, doesn't find Welesly annoying and thinks 20th/21st century humanity isn't wonderful but thoroughly deserving of the bad rep it has in the 24th century I found those points of disagrement more interesting than the rest of the review.

If I could elaborate on that last one.
I had a friend who was a historian. We were talking about the way our culture looks down on times past. He said to me "We are retrospectively critical right now". It's a good term. As a scoity we sneer at all that came before and pat ourselves on the back for "Living in the best time ever". So seeing the 2oth century treated with such distane doesn't make me feel bad. It fills me with hope. Hope that we wont just rest on our laurels and say "Well we have gay marriages and Steam sales. We're a million times better than anyone of came before us. This is as good at gets. Let's not change in any way for the next 400 years".
I like the idea that we wont be seen as pillars of morality for inventing the Satnav. That time will be kinder to us than we are the rest of it.
The Book of Merlin in The Once and Future King has a lot to say about this double standard.
You could say that they are being just as hypocritical. But I look beyond the 24th Century setting and see a warning to us in the present day, what we say now might be said of us in the future, " as I am now so you shall be"

Turkish Proverb said...

A rhyming review
How original of you.


Felix Brunschede said...

This comic is nuttier
than the coconut maroons I had last year.

Anonymous said...

Star Trek meets the Grinch

didn't expect to see that I must admit

also, time for some good old Wessley ownage

Jonathan M said...

You probably took it a bit too far with the rhymes.
Though who am I to judge? I love mimes!

Huh, that didn't quite work.
I'll try harder, while eating with a fork.

It seems that I am not skilled at this.
I'll just stop now, before you all piss.

Anonymous said...

I truly liked this episode Linkara, I don;t know rhyming just is so engaging in some fashion and I know their must have been a tremoundous effort in writing the dialog and l that.

Yeah Star trek can certainy reach some points where their a little too optimistic and a little to prechy, honestly my least favorite episode is that one where Picard is mistaken as a god to primitive aliens and want to fix it not just because letting alien people making religions about you is one of the big reasons why the prime directive was probally made, no a bigger deal was made that religion as a whole makes the people less cilvized and all that. But to be fair that kind of what early sci fi was, people assuming we'd just lose all our "barbism" and be perfect people in a utopian society.

Sebastian Ferguson said...

actually, Data was given an emotion chip, so it is possible for him to feel love and dread.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"actually, Data was given an emotion chip, so it is possible for him to feel love and dread."

Yes, but not during season 1 of TNG.

Anonymous said...

So, with whom and over how much? Because let's face it, it has to have been a considerable amount for you to rhime for 20 minutes.(and no, I'm not buying the Grinch excuse)

Anonymous said...

Funny you should mention Klingon christmas:

Anyway...the Enterprise-D versus a race of Grinches. I...never thought I'd see the day. Anyway, yeah, first few seasons of TNG weren't that great, though I don't really think they were as horrible to the 20th-century people in 'The Neutral Zone' as you imply; as far as I recall, only the shareholder guy got a talking-to, and it was more to the effect that the future is different and he has to adjust than him being horrible.

I still think Gene's basic vision of this future, call it naive or ham-fistedly executed on the screen, is still refreshing next to a lot of contemporary scifi that posits that humanity will still suck in the future or will actually suck even more.

Incidentally, do you ever intend to go back to some of the TOS movie-era comics, like the one you did way back with the Klingon death star or whatever it was? I remember they had a fun Mirror Universe story before DS9 and Enterprise went back there.

Gyre said...

@ John Mourby

You have a good point, but remember that Linkara pointed out what exactly the Star Trek cast showed so much disdain for. A hippy, a housewife and a financial advisor. Not genocide, not totalitarianism, not warlordism, not racism, not sexism. Hippy counterculture, a wife* and a capitalist.

Instead of looking at the serious social problems of the 20th century (as we try to when looking at our past and how much we regret what our ancestors did) they instead settle for blunt, simplistic screeching about how horrible 1980s America was.

And they could have used that episode to point out some of the real problems present in 1980s America (even though I think the problems outside America were much more pressing). They deliberately chose not to.

*And before anyone says that the criticism of the housewife was meant to be feminist, let me ask you this: how do you explain Troi?

Dierna said...

No Christmas or Holidays in Star Trek? Wrong. There were several,

The TOS ep Dagger of the Mind was set around Christmas. Capt Kirk's love interest in that one was a woman named Helen Noel. *lol* I also remember an ep where Capt Kirk was pissed cuz they didn't have any Turkey's on board for Thanksgiving.

Plus there was that Christmas scene in ST Generations.

DS9 and Voy also mentioned Christmas (Voyager even had a tree with decorations in one ep).

Anonymous said...

I'm actually watching TNG on Netflix and it's pretty fun, even through the first two seasons. One thing I've noticed though is that even the bad episodes have some redeeming or even pleasant qualities to them.

Except for Symbiosis. That just plain sucked.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"DS9 and Voy also mentioned Christmas (Voyager even had a tree with decorations in one ep)."

You'll have to be more specific with those two, since I can't recall Christmas mentioned in either series whatsoever.

rdfox said...

...OK, clearly, there were some GOOD drugs going around the DC bullpen back in the late 80s.

I can answer the question of the "six-issue miniseries" thing for you, though--the initial run of the TNG comic was a six-issue one billed as a "miniseries" of done-in-ones that were basically testing the waters for whether there would be a market for a TNG ongoing alongside the movie-era TOS ongoing that DC had. Why'd they call it a mini? Because it wasn't a one-shot or an ongoing. Confusing? Yes. But hey, at least they didn't have Frank Miller write it.

Adam Graham said...

Fantastic actually and a lot more fun than Roddenberry's future.

FugueforFrog said...

Congrats, you did an entire episode in rhyme and brought a Ninja Style Dancer cameo...first time in forever for him.

Yeah....that was weird. Christmas isn't about commercialism as much as we love giving out gifts...but it does seem bizarre we have all these aliens having a celebratory holiday simultaneously. I guess they just don't understand that the universe just doesn't work that way when they wrote that but I guess they're like "lets make a Christmas special with the TNG crew before Riker grows a beard and things get interesting. And yeah...alien grinches...why did I see them like the Jackal in the Clone saga mess?

Anonymous said...

A rhyming review, such a novelty.
Can I match that in a comment, I guess we shall see.

But before this challenge I must pause,
I haven't tried something like this since I wrote a fan-fiction where Kaiba dueled Santa Claus.

A TNG review done entirely in verse?
Truly for this performance you did need to rehearse.

There's an interesting fact I have learned about the Klingons like Worf,
It turns out we stole the idea of Christmas from them, just like Shakespeare and surprisingly Dorf.

And the source of this information I will pass,
It comes from the book A Very Klingon Kristmas.

At this point I must ask are you wearing an orange uniform?
Nevermind, I don't care, the next sight makes my insides feel warm.

The Ninja-Style Dancer, oh how I've missed you!
All silent and deadly like the fabled tengu.

But then a major decision makes me sigh and say 'Oy.'
Why is Picard taking command recommendations from Troi?

And each time this comic goes to someone you'd call Miss,
Makes me think just one thing, "Fanservice!"

I love Harvey Finevoice and the songs that he croons,
Might I ask if his album will be available on iTunes?

Hang on, so the Grinch is an extraterrestrial?
Of mind altering chemicals the writer's body must be full.

As the spirit moves on spreading merriment and glee,
A realization has occurred to me.

Data must have meant something different, he means love of a different kind,
And I bet the answer has already formed in his android mind.

To save Santa's spirit they don't have to go far,
Data just needs to go into the bedroom again for Round 2 and possibly 3 with Tasha Yar.

Or possibly 4 if he wants to prove he's not a wimp,
And secure his title as the Positronic Pimp.

And I'm glad it all worked out, that there was a happy ending,
And the cast of the Next Generation we sorta kinda heard sing.

So ends another glorious episode, and I must say well done.
Your parents must be so proud to call you their son.

But something like this I shall soon hear,
I ordered your DVD and the post office says it is near.

And now I close this by saying Woohoo!
For next week we get to hear another Doctor Who review.

Tantum Ergo 2 said...

Well, this was a strange one; enough to enrage.
Still, not quite as strange as the old Silver Age.
How can I say this? Though its ripoffs are broad,
it's only these ripoffs that make it seem odd.
Take those away, and you've basically got,
aliens and an entity that they want caught.

That, by itself, is strange at its core,
but it's also something that we've all seen before
in the original series; in "Day of the Dove,"
with again, the bad guy beat through kindness and love.
That just leaves the ripoffs, so the next point I'll raise,
is a similar thing seen in Silver Age days.
I'm sure you know this one, which should be maligned.
Doesn't "Ebeneezer Scrounge" bring the same thoughts to mind?

With that out of the way, I just have to say,
that I loved this show much, in a really big way.
As a kid, I sat down and watched it on teevee,
and those first couple seasons made me feel -more- glee.
There just didn't seem much point to watching a show,
where at any point, a "good guy" could sink low.
Those kinds of shows often made me disgusted,
because, in the end, no one could be trusted.

To make this point clearly, three words are my way.
The words are, of course, the reviled "One More Day."
Plus, knowing that all the characters had done
wouldn't be lost 'cause some guy thinks it's fun
to stab them all right in the back was a shock!
Finally! Something's been built on a rock!

These days, Roddenberry and I'd disagree
on what makes "perfection" and what makes men "free,"
but those first couple seasons, I felt, had more soul,
in their focus on what we all need; an end goal.
Also, is it just me, (hope this doesn't touch nerves,)
but poor Wesley seems hated more than he deserves.
Sure, he saved the ship a whole bunch of times,
but the last time I checked, that's on no list of crimes.

I still don't quite get it, but for now, I wish you
a Merry Christmas and a real good review!

Jeff Jacobson said...

That weird 80s fashion proved quite a distraction
You neglected to mention, Data used a contraction.

Rak Nay said...

I loved the rhymes
Now talking about Xmas.
Doctor who special is coming.
where is the day of the doctor review?

Anonymous said...

I remember being exposed to this comic on I-Mockery. Still gives me the involuntary disapproving head shaking.

Shanethefilmmaker said...

Wow Picard's Make It So song reminds me of Shatner's musical albums.....never again.

Fanatic-Templar said...

Woah. Twenty minutes of rhyming?

I am amazed, simply amazed. I mean, obviously not all the rhymes were excellent, but still, this must have taken you an eternity to put together. I'm really impressed.

Allan Olley said...

I like to listen to rhyming rants for a lark

yet about the first seasons you too much did snark

for my taste at least but they were hardly perfect

but problems exceeded not admiting defect.

As you say Data's not supposed to emote

however I would say we should doubt that old rote

Data's motives and actions betray something more

losing games give his actions some bent as if sore.

Now since he never calls this strange manner affect

your critique still stands to do intended effect.

Entities subsisting on human sentiment

something that in Star Trek has some real precedent.

After all there was that murderous guy Redjac,

who from fear excited in others made a quick snack

Okay that was fun but takes a bit too long. Just on the question of references to Christmas just check Memory Alpha you can also look up all celebration mentioned and then find out where references to other holidays (real and fictional) were made, if you are so inclined.

Just on my comments in rhyme, I tend to agree with comments that your critique of the first two seasons is a bit too harsh (and there were problems other than Rodnebury's flawed notions of the human ideal).

Data is supposed to be emotionless, but he does have quirks that would be called emotions if anyone else had them (this is brought actually all over the place and is independent of emotion chips etc. as when we learn his definition of friendship in Time's Arrow Part I) Of course all this is basically beside the point since for consistency's sake he should not have used words like worry. As for the love thing clearly Santas residual jolliness was at work in his positronic brain... ;)

Arianne Wingard said...

It's simply sublime when Linkara speaks in rhyme.
However, It's something that shouldn't be done all the time. Here is where I stop rhyming on a dime.
Now, on the subject of Star Trek Next Gen and Christmas comic.
It's not the greatest, but it's better than the other two comics already reviewed this Christmas season and that's not saying much.

verkku said...

Why won't you stop rhyming. Please!

Ozaline said...

I suppose it's possible the Klingons could celebrate their god's coming even though they later killed them... I mean they'd have to show up in order to be killed.

Perhaps the day they killed their gods corresponds to Good Friday on the Earth calendar and there's just no Easter.

The rhyming thing was cute, it did wear a little thin by the end but enough of the individual jokes were funny that I did not mind.

Tia Wheeler said...

I can't believe that you were actually able to pull off doing a review completely in rhyme (although much more surprising was that you were able to get Harvey and the Ninja-Style Dancer to join in too).

From what you've said, Linkara, I find it pretty strange that Roddenberry would scoff at holidays when Captain Kirk (in the episode Charlie X) actually acknowledged and planned a minor celebration for Thanksgiving Day. But then again, maybe there was something that I missed.

But seriously though, the crew looked almost as buff as Dragon Ball Z characters! But then again, that is tame compared to the works of people like Rob Liefeld. At least the comic remained consistent with the show in regards to Wesley being a bit of an annoying and insufferable know-everything.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Also, is it just me, (hope this doesn't touch nerves,)
but poor Wesley seems hated more than he deserves.
Sure, he saved the ship a whole bunch of times,
but the last time I checked, that's on no list of crimes."

Most of the time, it's not so much Wesley HIMSELF that's the problem, but rather how he's TREATED. Code of Honor comes to mind, where not once but TWICE in the middle of a crisis situation Wesley gets to sit at Ops. And mind you, this is BEFORE the Traveler shows up to say that he's super-duper special. It's reiterated a lot that the Enterprise is for the best and brightest of Starfleet. How would you feel if some 15 year-old kid is said to be able to do better at your job than you, who spent years at the Academy training and working your ass off to get onboard the Federation flagship?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"where is the day of the doctor review?"

What Day of the Doctor review? I never promised one. I did a review of Name of the Doctor mostly because my brother wanted to do it. And while I did ask if he was interested in doing one for Day of the Doctor, he didn't, so we didn't. I have no intention of doing a vlog about it.

Anonymous said...

This is the Aftermath of Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. Santa's Ghost roams the galaxy when he died trying to get back to Earth.

Hey, the Rifftrax crew said so in their recent live show.

Xor said...

I generally enjoy your reviews so I hate to have to say this, but the rhyming in this one was just annoying. It seemed like half the time you ended a rhyme with a non sequitur, and several of the jokes didn't really make sense. It must have been difficult to come up with rhymes for the dialog (you even admit that at one point), but I think it might have been better to just do the review as normal, and maybe have a brief rhyming bit when the aliens turn out to be grinches.

Also, since I've never left feedback before, I want to say that you inspired me to get back into comics (I stopped reading them in high school), and I've really enjoyed catching up with the DCU since Infinite Crisis (which was around where I left off). I also really enjoy your storylines when I usually can't stand that in a review series. Maybe it's just because you clearly put so much work into them, and they're well written and performed.

Xor said...

An addendum, since I hadn't watched the last few minutes of the episode when I wrote that comment:
That ending video made the entire episode worth it. 5 stars.

Rich B said...

Ah yes, I remember it well. I was a huge fan of comics and ST when this came out. It's not so much a mini series as it was a limited test run for a series. It sucked, you could cover all six issues. This was the worst, it made no sense to me as a kid. As for the rhyming, it was ok but it did take a little something away from the review. But it's cool to try new things.

Cat C said...

That took talent. You rhymed 'Generation' without it sounding forced, kudos.

I'm reminded of an episode of the cartoon Danny Phantom where a ghost was making everyone rhyme and they kept offering him an orange, since that doesn't have a natural rhyme in English. This comic reminds me of that too because apparently ghosts have a truce on Christmas Day, so they actually helped Danny out.

That show was weird but damn I loved it.

I actually wasn't fully aware of Gene Roddenberry's views on religion, guess somethings make a little more sense.

I had thought it odd with the episode where Ensign Ro comes on board, her getting in trouble for her earring, since I would think if it's a religious item Starfleet is all accepting and crap, shouldn't she be allowed to where it? Does that mean crewmen who wear other items must remove them or no being in starfleet?

Not to mention, Warf ALWAYS got to where his sash, even before he was head of security, that just felt a bit hypocritical to me.

Mind you it's been forever since I've seen the eps so I will fully admit I could be miss-remembering something.

Oh, one more quick comment on the rhyming, you did awesome at not needing to go outside the narrative often to get the rhyme to work. Did that take awhile?

Noticed Harvey got a new hat, that just a new hat or a plot point?

I loved the short bit with Ninja Style Dancer, nice.

Oh was the new Nimue ornament from the fan up yet? I forgot to go back and look but wasn't sure if you'd been done filming by time it arrived.

Over all, super fun ep.

Oh and I tweeted this suggestion to you but it was the middle of the night so not sure if you got a chance to see it, you were thinking of openings for the last Marville review, I think Linkara should be on the floor, passed out/asleep, holding the whiskey bottle and a cybermat bumping into him trying to wake him up.


Ming said...

Huh, a comic where Picard faces off against an entire race of Grinches. . . That was definitely weird, even by TOS standards.

Loved this rhyming review, reminds me of Dr. Seuss . . . and the Nostalgia Critic's review of the live-action Grinch movie.

purplemagechan said...

And now, let's us all rejoice with the official song of Intergalatic December Holiday:

God, all dignified,if you want to.
What I would really like to know.
Will you light the sky on fire?
Will you light tonight like
you did the night before?
Hey! You could take me higher
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Take me, light in the sky and we'll
vanish without a traceand we'll see God then.
Temples and mirrors interest me.
Though all there really is to know.

Will you light the sky on fire?
Will you light the sky on fire again tonight?
You can take me higher than the diamonds in the sky.
Take me, we'll vanish without a trace
and then we'll all see God then.
On the pyramids of the legend.
The great god Kopa Khan came
from the stars and vanished.
And the legends say he will come
back again someday.

Will you light the sky on fire?
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You can take me higher
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Take me, light in the sky and
we'll vanish without a trace.
And then we'll see god then.
Yes, I would really like to know.
What I've been watching this for.
Yes, I would really like to know

Will you light the sky on fire?
Will you light the sky like
you did the night before?
You could take me higher than
the diamonds in the sky.

Take me, we'llvanish without a trace.
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Vanish without a trace.
Vanish without a trace.

Come on, come on,
come on, come on, come on,
let's vanish without a trace.
Come on, come on, come on,
come on, come on,
we'll vanish without a trace.

Anonymous said...

"h and I tweeted this suggestion to you but it was the middle of the night so not sure if you got a chance to see it, you were thinking of openings for the last Marville review, I think Linkara should be on the floor, passed out/asleep, holding the whiskey bottle and a cybermat bumping into him trying to wake him up."
I love that idea! Have an excellent day, everyone!

Anonymous said...

Nice episode, Linkara. Always love me some Star Trek, even when it's like silly and stupid like this.

While I'm on the subject of science-fiction, have read you any stories featuring some of Marvel's classic "space heroes" like Quasar, Guardians of the Galaxy, or Nova and the Nova Corps, and if you have, what can you recommend?

Doresh said...

Whose bright idea was it to have Tasha Yar greet the guests in THAT?! And why is everyone so muscular o_O ?

I'm also pretty sure Geordi's visor can't display energy that clearly. The thing is more like Predator vision with alternative color schemes.
And if the visor allows him to see Santa, I think tricorders or the ship's internal sensors should have any problem tracking him (which might explain why nobody uses tricorders...)

That being said, the story could've worked better if the christmas theme were a tad bit subtler.

Anyhow, great rhyming :D !

Anonymous said...

I don't remember the Christmas tree on Voyager, either, but I can believe it - but I wonder if it was on Janeway's Victorian holonovel? Which probably doesn't count.
Picard celebrated Christmas in Generations (which was, admittedly, years after Roddenberry's death).

When Geordi ruffles Wesley's hair, I was reminded about how often he was written as if he was eight. I suspect he was supposed to be cast much younger.

Picard struck a few weird poses in this issue that you didn't point out. I also noticed an alien holding a cup with a hoop for a base - meaning that, if he tried to put it down, it'd fall over and spill everywhere. Nice design work there.

You have a wonderful gift for rhyme... some of the time.
But no more rhymes now, I mean it!
(Anybody want a peanut?)

With that rhyme you couldn't work out, I wondered why you didn't use 'stilted'? For the joke, I'm guessing?

~ Mik

Trekker4747 said...

This episode really tried, pushed, strained and eventually broke my patience. I made it to the ad-break waiting for you to dispense with the rhyming and just do a normal review. But it was just far too much, especially when the rhymes became too forced. Shame, too, I actually have this issue and was looking forward to its review.

Frosty said...

Great with the rhyming! Even if late,
this show gives me joy up to this date!