Saturday, January 18, 2014

Linkara Riffs: Family Life

Linkara riffs on a short about how dull meetings with your family solve insignificant, unimportant bits of drama. ‎


LucasChad said...

Nowadays, we spend money like crazy without worrying about the budget. I think our economy has something to do with it.

Unknown said...

I like the end with the Shell families lol.

RICHB said...

Man, I've seen 1950's sitcom families that were more realistic than this family. Funny!

Anonymous said...

This would have been great to show on Mother's Day because it makes you feel about how much we should really respect our moms for all the work they do and not complain about trivial things.

Seriously, FUCK THOSE BRATS at the beginning of the short.

Gabriel Godinho said...

This family is far from being real and convincing, even for PSA standards.

Starman said...


Anonymous said...

Considering that there’s always a family called the Millers or the Martins in a PSA, I wonder if there’s a copyright on names.
Although, Surprised that considering that this was uploaded a day before ASBAR Seven, You didn’t make a Frank Miller Joke.
Like; “Mother? Have you seen my Brother; Frank?”
“He’s upstairs writing his Hobo Steve Comic, it’s pretty much a Batman Rip-Off though.”

Seems disturbing that they admit that we're Eavesdropping on them!

Also, What’s up with these 1950’s PSAs that seem to say we need to live our lives like we’re programmed Robots. For a country priding itself to be against the Conformity of Communism, They made a lot of PSA’s just…asking us to Conform.

Good to see you Riffing again, Linkara.
Looking forward to seeing more from you soon. Considered doing more with Will & Amethyst?

Unknown said...

'Mother why isn't dinner ready yet?'

dude, if my mom ever said that to my grandma as a kid she'd probably get a smack for it or something. What ungrateful brats.

Funny riff though, was hoping we'd get some more.

Metamorphosis said...

I laughed far harder at this than I have at several of your recent videos, thought that might be due to the awful comics in question. Good job! I don't know why but the crack concerning the Defense Budget just made my day.

Doresh said...

So the secret of a happy family life is bureaucracy o_O ?