Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So, what's the worst?

I ask YOU, readers of the Blog, what is, by far, the Worst Comic Evar?!

As you know, I'm working on releasing a collection of Atop the Fourth Wall recaps that will include some new ones, some continuations of old ones, and etc. But I'd like to know what the people reading this think is the most god-awful piece of crap so I can see it for myself!

Now, please give a reason for your selection, but don't do stuff like Robin #150 where Cassandra Cain turned evil. Sure, that issue sucked, but it sucked because of different reasons than what we're used to around these parts. ^_~ Just consider, does the book feature people like this:

...Or this:

...Or does it just make you do this:

...Or this:

Tell me what it is and maybe I'll even feature that issue in the book! ‎


Anonymous said...

Ooh! I actually have a fairly recent nomination (you did my main choice, the first issue of Youngblood, already). Marv Wolfman tried to do a miniseries about Raven adjusting to high school life and having strange visions about herself & her classmates. I think.

While there might have been a doable story there, it was completely lost in the art, which was INCOMPREHENSIBLE. I had no idea what was going aside from the vision thing because Raven explicitly said so. Everything was weirdly disjointed, everyone was dressed in neon day-glo outfits for no reason other than to draw more attention to the bad art, and it just seems to take "manga influence" to mean "no narrative flow whatsoever".

I wanted to like this mini - Raven is one of my favorite characters - but I couldn't make a lick of sense of it. It's no Snow-Fire, but once your retinas have been burnt with neon bizarro schoolgirls that are all gangly limps, huge hips, and weird facial expressions, it'll stay with you.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

I actually did indeed buy the miniseries, as well, and I'll certainly agree with you on the art. XD It didn't help that some of those days I hadn't gotten a lot of sleep and my eyes already hurt.

Nate Winchester said...

I nominate JLA #83.

I don't remember the art being great, but I do remember the story being one of the dumbest. The whole thing is a 20 page political cartoon. One which makes no sense in the context of the DC universe. Way to toss verisimilitude out the window Joe Kelly.

And at the end? It was all a dream.