Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Your Moment of Awesome for the Day

...And proof positive that, to the shock of the world, Chuck Austen CAN write a good book:

From Exiles #27 ‎


Hey Stinky said...

Maybe this is flying over my head because I don't know the context of this panel, but I don't see how this proves anything about Austen. The joke is that it's a superhero with a convoluted and ironic name? That's funny?

In any case I don't see how writing one (theoretically) funny line of dialogue equates to being a good writer.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

Well, I was actually referring to his Exiles run (with the exception of the crossover with his other book - Uncanny X-Men [Yeah, Chuck, we don't care about your Mary Sues]) as an example of him writing a decent book, but the moment of awesome shown here comes from Morph, a shapeshifter from a parallel universe and the Exiles decide that, instead of doing the mission commanded to them (kill the Avengers of this universe), they decide to act like heroes and stop the villains. Subsequently, the main villain rolls his eyes at them and asks, "Are you going to make some misguided declaration of heroism?" thus leading to Morph there.

I laughed my ass off for several minutes.

shanealt said...

His Exiles issues actually weren't half-bad (although I don't know if you could call it a run, he just had a few fill-ins, IIRC). But he's the one that wrote a few issues with Magik in the spotlight, right? I did like those.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

Yep, those were the issues that featured Magik as a member of the team. Morph seemed to be taking to her before she got killed betraying the team.