Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Batman #147

The only Batman comic where you'll ever hear Batman say, "I'll soon be able to slip out of the thongs!"

A continuation of my text recap of Bat-Baby!


anthony said...

What where they thinking? Traces of lava, incosistant panel continuety, building sterotypes? Man, the writers must have been on crack. And what's with the eyebrows on Batman?

LV said...

I love this review! It's right on! A shape-shifting alien with amnesia? I don't know- if I was that ugly, I think I'd like to forget it too. :-P

I was surfing and I found this. Thought you would enjoy it. Perhaps this will offer a few suggestions for future reviews?


harmonicajay said...

I love old comics. Ludicrous, strange, slightly homoerotic but a bit awesome. Ah, the silver age and its aliens going to the grocery store. Small question: ever read adam strange?

Mateja Kova─Ź said...

If you ask me, this is what you get when the writers hit some hard-core acid. Traces of lava and stuff - stupid but OK. Alien that came to test his deathplants on Earth - I really have no comment on that, that sentence makes fun of itself.

Robert Woldt said...

Bees. My God.