Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Superman at Earth's End

It's a bird!

It's a plane!

Well, whatever it is, it certainly isn't Superman...


Anonymous said...

Ha, at 13:00 I thought you said "Sewerman", that name is certainly more fitting.

Not to mention his haircut is a disservice to Alan Moore's mane.

Well, roast some chestnuts over that fire and have yourself a merry christmas and happy new year.

Thanks for the laughs.

Charles Fernando aka Phoenix7 said...

Oh Hell! DC always make crap when i was a reader, but i never see a crap like this before!

Pure pain! I fell sorry for you...

The Index Comicorum Prohibitorum must live! Burn them from our memories and make justice for all!

Evan said...

Ah, how ridiculous. Thanks for the great review, Mr. Lovhaug the Magnificent!


NeverAsk said...

In what had to be the stars aligning, an ad for "Burn After Reading" popped up just as you started burning the book. Excellent work as always, man.

anthony said...

"I am a man!" For some reason I found that line cool. Keep it up! The videos are getting better!

Cecil said...

loved it!! your expression while the "comic" (since it shouldn't even be considered comic) is burning is simply priceless!!! XD

I noticed that in one of the panels, when they are going farther down into the bat-cave, that the back of one of the little guys is the exact same color and texture of that of the cave... I wonder if it was a mistake... XD

Thank you for enduring such horrible thing and Merry Holidays!

Totalpranny said...


Lewis, I *LOVED* this review.

Highlights :

- Twin clone Hitlers' ridiculous german accents. Call me culturally insensitive but comically exagerrated accents never seems to fail to make me laugh.
- Calling Superman "bearded idiot". I never was a fan of Superman (yes, I'm one of those who think he's too powerful to be believable) but I never expected him to be so annoying.
- All the jokes about his huge-ass gun. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger wouldn't be seen dead carrying that sucker in his worst movies !
- And of course, the instant classic...I AM A MAN !

Anonymous said...

If it's "too powerful to be believable" you want to talk about, Batman is the worst offender. Ever since DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, we're supposed to believe that he can beat anybody, no matter how powerful, by having "prep time." (Of course, the people he's beating up on are never afforded the same luxury and are always treated as punching bags/idiots.) Add to this his penchant for plotting against his allies out of the idea that they'll go rogue (and his refusal to consider that he could go bad at any time himself), and you've got a character who's far less believable than anybody with superpowers.

As to this comic...Superman-centric Elseworlds stories almost always suck. If it's not having the escape pod from Krypton crashing everywhere but Smallville, it's junk like this. While we have yet to witness Superman's own "One More Day," he does share with Spider-Man a knack for attracting the worst possible writers and the worst conceivable story ideas. Few characters take it in the teeth as much as Supes. does

LV said...

Superman was always one of my favourite superheroes. He was like a big teddy bear that could kill you. He is every girl's dream! Of course, Christopher Reeve helped that quite a bit. Haha.

Back on topic, the fact that people complain that he was too powerful made him unrelatable is complete bull. He has emotions and feelings that made him vunerable, just like the rest of us. On top of that, his prowess made us want to be better, gave us something to look up to.

Most importantly, he gave us hope- hope in humanity, hope in the future, hope that everything will always turn out better. Those who complain are just jealous fools who aren't willing to work for what they want and I say good riddance to them.

On a lighter note, Wonderful Review! As usual, pure comic genius. As a Superman fan, I was really disheartened to see such a horrid turn in the tales of Kal-El. And while I'm against the burning of books in most cases, I clapped as you lit those pages aflame! Such atrocities should be forgotten in the annals of time! Hopefully sooner!

I would also like to point out that only Bearded Idiot could actually be burned alive. And thank the heavens any remains could not be salvaged. Clones of him would be ten time worse than twin clones of Hitler! Or the goddamn Batman!

Truce Weston said...

This is hilarious! I never even heard of this book before, but am glad I missed it!

Great video! Very funny!

Matthew said...

Wow, what a crappy comic. I mean, I was always more of a Marvel kid growing up but Jesus, Superman deserves better than that. Nice Dr. Strangelove reference though. The only post-apocalyptic world worth living in is one with a ratio of 10 women to every man.

theSnark said...

Um...Did i miss something?
I knew Superman was strong and is muscular, but when did he grow beefy Hulk-hands?
He looks like one of those chibi-ish cartoons they keep making, only badly drawn.
Also, you asked where the kids got the razors to style their hair. I'm wondering why Superman didn't ask to use the razor to shave his beard.
Also, just because you make a clone of someone doesn't mean they are going to be exactly like the original. Heck, it doesn't mean they'll even look anything like the original.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

Of course it does! Don't you know anything about science? ^_~

sirkenz17 said...

Let's face it, Linkara--that "I AM A MAN!!" quote is probably on its way to becoming an internet meme.

Aside from that though, there's a lot of missed potential in this (that's what I say about most bad stories, but I digress...). For instance, with better writing, artistry, and actually editing they could have given Superman a feeling of isolation, seeing how all his friends and family are dead, and could have explored it. But that's being to generous, as Tom Veitch has proven (unanimously, I might add) that such skills are beyond his reach.

Wishful thinking, I know...but this thing just sucks so bad you need a new word to describe it, but I'm just gonna hafta settle for: EPIC FAIL

Thank you, and good night.

PontifexPrimus said...

Oh man, I loved that...
This comic is completely ridiculous. Starting with Superman's redesign (Why are his nose-hairs so long and white? Is that supposed to be a really droopy mustache? And what's with the ludicrous muscle-T? Did the sleeves not survive the ages? Gaaah...) and going on to the plot (What are we supposed to learn from this? Guns are bad? Guns are good? Don't clone Hitler? Twice???) there is no redeeming quality to this. And seriously: the Nazis were evil. I know that. But they were not effing responsible for every single bad thing that ever befell mankind! I mean, how desperate do you have to be for a clear villain if you literally resurrect Hitler?

Great review, and a well deserved end to that piece of garbage book.

Saisinkolimonadin said...

VP-Creative director's name is Joe Orlando? Like, from Watchmen? That's cool.

Anonymous said...

"Superman is kind and decent..."

Superman is a dick!!!
Go to www.superdickery.com

I mean what about the time when he refused to save Lois from being married to Titanman? And how about the time when he denied both Jimmy and Aquaman water when they were clearly dying of thirst in the desert? Clearly you gotta think things through!

Canicheenrage said...


You see! You see, linkara! Superman has not been the only one to fall here. You too have come to use the weapons of your ennemy. Even if the nazis seem to be defeated, in the end it's YOU who have fallen.
Come back, etc, etc...

Nice review as always. But, is informing people about the horrors of literature worth the erosion of you mental sanity ?

Engineered said...

I don't understand why Superman being so powerfull is a problem. In the DC Univers are a number of beings more powerfull or as powerfull as he is. Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Martian Manhunter, Darkseid to name a few. And, many, even if they don't surpass his physical prowess cand defeat him by other means(Batman kicked him a few times), or are better fit for some situations.

DBA said...

Nice callback to "The Man Who Had Everything" (dock points if I'm remembering that story name wrong), I had forgotten that they animated it.

Trekkie313 said...

Bearded Idiot! XD LOL You sir made my day, although I would've described Superman as "Super Mega Hobo Santa Claus 2000"

Trekkie313 said...

also since when did Superman apparently need sunlight like Birdman?

Anonymous said...

"Trekkie313 said...

also since when did Superman apparently need sunlight like Birdman?"

Superman is powered by Earth's yellow sun.

Krypton had a red sun.

And the people lived on it were ordinary people rather than a race of supermen.

So if Kryptonians are exposed to a Sun of yellow color, they are ultra powerful!...

DCU's biology... Don't ask me, they do their best to explain stuff. That is, when there not busy killing everybody off in SUPER ULTRA MEGA INFINITY FINAL DESTINATION (This-time-we-really-mean-it) CRISIS! A world shattering comic series with over 9000 issues you must buy because of the EPIC and MAJOR changes that happen in them that will affect the regulars serials you read!

Anonymous said...

...So, would that make this an ashcan copy, then?

...Please don't hurt me.

Bookman230 said...

I sadly used to be one of those stupid anti-Supes fans, but other comic fans and JLU changed my mind.

His world of cardboard speech was one of the Crowning Moments of Awesome for the show.

The Mad Scientist said...

Ah, the origin of my favorite joke in your entire repertoire. I still love this episode even though I've seen it about thirty times. Never gets old.

Ming said...

This is definitely one of your most famous episodes. Some of my favorite scenes from this include:

- I AM A MAN! punch
- Your reaction to Superman taking that huge Expunger gun (I know, the man of Steel actually used guns in the Death and Return of Superman and Superman: Doomsday, but this is still wrong, man)
- Your speech at the end about Superman
- the now classic image of you burning "this mindless aberration, whose only means of expression are wanton violence and destruction"

I speak for everyone when I say that Superman at Earth's End is without a doubt the worst Superman story ever made. Yes, it's an Elseworld, but even Elseworld stories have standards. This episode ranks among the AT4W Top Ten, solely for creating the tag line, "Where Bad Comics BURN!"

Incidentally, have you considered the recent Superman Elseworlds story, Last Family of Krypton?

JaiCSC said...

After watching the Kamandi Review I thought I'd give this one another look.

Wow this comic sounds bad. I remember being recommended this and what few comics I read I'm glad I avoided this one.

Shame I didn't have the good sense to ignore the Act of God recommendation.

grimm said...

This is Angry Video Game Nerd isnt it?

Captain Sake Mangusto said...

Damn, with that the burning count goes up to two comics.

If the 90's kid did that i would understand, after all i am also a 90's kid of some sort, in the nighties hack and slash, crack and "BUUUUUURN" was common place but Linkara is supposed to be the mature version of the same guy, he should know better.

Burn books is not a job for critics, this is a job for CENSORSHIPMAN, for truth, justice and the real american way.

CENSORSHIPMAN, the Champion of Moral and Decency, standing for Decent comics for Decent Readers and making everything else burn and erased from existence.

You are a misguided amateur Linkara, burning books is a job for awesome mildly tanned blue eyes white caucasian blondes like me who makes a thousand push ups every morning and can pull a hundred pounds with his bare arms.

Keep the ethic cleansing for the professionals.

P.S.: let me give you a hint, that guy is sponsored by several Aryan societies and White Power Agencies as well the frakking Ku-Klux-Klan !!! Do you know what kind of guys burn comic books now ?

Please don't. At least not any more.

"You judge yourselves against the pitiful adversaries you've encountered so far - the Romulans, the Klingons, Joe Quesada, Dan Didio. They're nothing compared to what's waiting. Linkara - you are about to move into areas of the galaxy containing wonders more incredible than you can possibly imagine - and terrors to freeze your soul". - Q

Anonymous said...

I'd like to pose this challenge:

Can you do better?

If you don't like this particular comic story, perhaps you ought to write a fanfic that basically is EVERYTHING S:AEE is not.

Please understand.You have every right to your views and I respect them. Please don't take thr=ese words as an insult.

You did a fine review explaining your opinion of the comic in question.

jontohl5 said...

A while ago, I heard about this story. I heard it sucked, but I didn't think it was as bad as everyone said.I didn't think that, but I didn't want to spend money on a story I had heard so much negativity about, so later on I looked at your review and I realized something: It was much worse than everyone said.

NGT said...

Rewatching all these old things, I'm missing some of the older gimmicks like "By Diehard's Crotch!" and "Anti-Life Justifies My Hate!" Maybe you could bring one back for the new era, for old-times sake.

Neither of them even turned up in your running gags portion on Top 15 Jokes.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Rewatching all these old things, I'm missing some of the older gimmicks like "By Diehard's Crotch!" and "Anti-Life Justifies My Hate!" Maybe you could bring one back for the new era, for old-times sake.

Neither of them even turned up in your running gags portion on Top 15 Jokes."

Eh, "By Diehard's Crotch" still pops up here and there. Anti-Life Justifies my Hate only lasted for about two episodes, IIRC.

Though I still use "What new spore of madness is this?"

Mateja Kova─Ź said...


Dude, I've been watching your show from the start and I still have a long way to go, so I have to ask: how do you have the patience to actually read things like this through? I would've just quit after 5 pages of this one. For this comic all credit would be lost, no continues. I bet this had the material to be even longer if you had spread it in two episode :B

Anna said...

Using the song "Boe" at the end hit me more in the feels than it really should have. Good choice though. Murray Gold is fantastic.

Somebody said...

Seriously, you don't like Garth Ennis' work? You should read Preacher or Hitman,those comics are masterpieces