Monday, January 19, 2009

Damn Obvious Assault

Sadly, I can't sum up Marvel's Secret Invasion series properly myself, so I leave it to better hands:

The Invincible Super-Blog's "Secret Invasion in 30 seconds"

The Last Angry Geek has a different name for the event than "Secret Invasion"


Rhys said...

Captain Britain? I heard of it but thought it was a one off little joke special. I mean it included Supreme Leader Gordon Brown for crying out loud!

Overall if just a couple of heroes out of a cross over that includes dozens, turned out to be Skrull infiltrators then the whole "red under the bed" style invasion seems pointless. They might aswell have came at us from the mothership.
BTW, hows the sales figures for Revolution of the Mask?

Premier Blah said...

Hmmm, if you're one for rectal humor - the only Secret Invasion I found while reading it was being secretly invaded up the rear by the 'event's' creators. You're welcome.

anthony said...

What's your thoughts on Final Crisis #6 with Batman holding a gu ni front of Darkseid? I think it's cool Bats has a gun!

Lewis Lovhaug said...

My thoughts on the issue were made a few posts down.