Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Just Some Updates

Hey, everybody! I'd like to give you some updates about where everything is since of course otherwise I get e-mails and comments asking the same things over and over. ^_~

I'm still waiting on one more guest pages, then I'll actually actively encourage people to start reading it again.

Issue 2 is proceeding along. Leo is almost done inking the first half of the pages and as proof of that, here are some preview panels. ^_~

Alrighty, since I like to generate some hype, enjoy the planned selection for the next two months:
4/6 – Top 15 Worst Heroes becoming Villains
4/13 – Daredevil #305
4/20 – Daredevil #306
4/27 – Blue Beetle Retrospective
5/4 – World of Warcraft #2-3
5/11 – Captain Planet and the Planeteers #3
5/18 – Youngblood #1
5/25 – New Guardians #2
6/1 – The Marriage of Hercules and Xena #1

Soooo, remember back when I was mad at Sean McKeever for killing Marvin from the Superfriends and Wendy getting injured, though it looked like she was getting killed? Yeah, actually his latest stuff with the title is getting good and he's leaving it, so I really don't know how to feel other than he's doing so right when it was shaping up. While I had mixed feelings about Static joining the team, he had awesome badassery in the Teen Titans Annual. Sooo, go figure. Though isn't this supposed to be Annual #2? ‎


Triplicate Girl said...

My god. "The Marriage of Hercules and Xena #1"

Sounds amazing. I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

I hope someday we get to hear your hate for that infamous spiderman story in a bit more depth

Alex Stritar said...

Huh? Wasn't aware there was a Captin Planet comic. I have this weird relationship with the series. I liked it as a kid but I hate it now. Of cource, it actualy did get me to become an enviromentalist, still am one today. Well, can't wait for you to rip into it.

CoreyFlanagan said...

Your review of Youngblood #1 will be a welcomed treat after my final exams in May.

I'm also looking really forward to the Blue Beetle retrospective.

Anonymous said...

I peeked at the cover of the Capt. Planet #3, and let's just say, The Heart's on Fire.

Looking forward to the verbal destruction of Youngblood #1, as well as that New Guardians #2 with the cocaine-powered villain.

Anonymous said...

Blue Beetle, really? Ugh, avoiding that one.

Truce Weston said...

Top 15 Worst Heroes becoming Villains?!? I can imagine where Hal Jordan, Sinestro, and Colossus might rank on that list.

So until you adverb your nouns, VERB, Make Mine Linkara!

MetFanMac said...

Can't wait for the Blue Beetle retrospective!

Mela said...

Ooh, Blue Beetle retrospective... Looking forward to that one.

I can't believe there was a Captain Planet comic. If it's about clear-cutting forests, I'll have a giggle fit.

Finally, can I second Good Anonymous (aka the first Anonymous)'s suggestion that you bust out the Jagermeister and tackle "One More Day"?

Anonymous said...

I'm really looking forward to these. They all sound great.

mightysamurai said...

"Top 15 Worst Heroes becoming Villains"

I hope that includes Leslie Thompkins letting Spoiler die on the operating table (possibly the most radical character derailment I have ever seen in a comic book).

Lewis Lovhaug said...

No need to. It's been revealed that not only did she not die, but that Leslie helped fake her death.

Paul S. said...

Hmmmmm... 15 Worst Heroes Becoming Villains. I could think of a few additions to that list.

- Iron Man during Avengers: The Crossing (Obviously)

- Lady Blackhawk becoming Queen Killer Shark.

- Linda Danvers in Reign In Hell

- Evil Raven crashing Nightwing's Wedding and later corrupting Changeling to boot.

- Hangman and Wizard from the Mighty Crusaders.

- Sandman going from being a moderately interesting villain-turned hero, into a 1-dimensional hero-turned villain.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

Paul - one of those is on my list, three I considered for it, and the rest I didn't think of. ^_~

rizzo said...

Looks like a great lineup!

Bubble Yum German said...

Captain Planet? Wow, that's odd. I look back on it, and still think it was cool. It never made me eco-friendly, but I can't see how it would work in comic form. Look foward to this and all of the reviews.

irishNINJA51 said...

Hey here's an idea. I just saw your April Fools Watchmen thing. Why not use that bum guy to vent all your anger about "One More Day"? We'll all be sharing that grrrr! with you if you did. I heard that Made Of Fail podcast you were on and I agreed with you on that.

And maybe you can do one review have it be a mystery. Just pull a random suggestion you can access, and then do it, with maybe minimal clues to build buzz.

And where did you get that snappy hat anyways? I wish I could be snappy

Anonymous said...

15 worst heroes-turned-villains? Well... Hmm... Let me guess.

You've already expressed your disapproval of what happened to Cassandra Cain (Batgirl). She went from being a hero who was so afraid of death that she broke a convicted criminal out of death row to being a brutal, murdering assassin (paraphrased) antagonist in the Robin books.

Hal Jordan becoming Parallax is quite legendary among comics fans for how bad it was, so I'd be surprised if it WASN'T on the list.

Mary Marvel (I'm not sure WHY they wanted to turn her into a villain- her motivations never made much sense. I guess it was all just an excuse to put her in as short a skirt as possible. Because evil chicks are HAWT.)

Is Hawk turning into Monarch on the list? (DC wanted to a twist ending so badly that they threw all the foreshadowing that Monarch was Captain Atom out of the window and came up with... this.)

Reepicheep-chan said...

Man, I wanted a 15 worst villains turned heroes. Boo T.T

Lol, sounds cool. As much as I like full snarks, top 10 lists can be so much fun.

God I love Static. I think he is on my personal top 20 favorite superheroes list.

mightysamurai said...

"No need to. It's been revealed that not only did she not die, but that Leslie helped fake her death."

True, but all the same I still think it deserves an honorable mention or something. I doubt people would stop being furious with Joe Quesada if Marvel ever gets around to retconning One More Day out of existence, so I think I'm entitled to still be pissed off about Leslie Thompkins.

Rhomega said...

World of Warcraft #2? Is that Ashbringer? I just read that a few days ago. It was a bit confusing because I didn't read #1 and didn't really know who the characters were, but after reading the tons of lore in WoW itself, I know where most of everything is.

Looking forward to everything else. Your stuff is gold.

Truce Weston said...

I just read through Revolutions Of The Mask #1, and I eagerly await the release of the next issue! Easily the best 72 cents I have spent in a long time! You got my subscription for the future issues for sure! So until someones figures out, if the alchemy machine (in STSF #1)turns dog poop into gold on default setting, what will it turn Kryptonite into, MAKE MINE LINKARA!

lilmaibe said...

Thanks for the link here (as asked for by me in the other post *points*)...I'm scared by the last comic on the list and a bit confused whether your comic is available for Germany.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

Well, the problem is that while I'm sure you can pay for it from Germany, there isn't a German-language version available since I lettered it personally. ^^; It's all digital, by the by.

lilmaibe said...

Well, my english may not be the best one, but I'm not that bad XD. Just, where can I find payment-information?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

Two places to buy RoTM:

Drive-Thru ComicsLulu

lilmaibe said...

I shall give it a look :3 Thank you :)