Tuesday, June 2, 2009



Well, let's get the stuff out of the way that you want to know. Here's the schedule for upcoming episodes for the next several weeks:

6/8 – Secret Defenders #9
6/15 – Secret Defenders #10
6/22 – Superman vs. the Terminator #1
6/29 – Countdown Prologue
7/6 – Countdown Part 1
7/13 – Countdown Part 2
7/20 – Top 15 Worst Moments of Countdown
7/27 – Xena #1

Revolution of the Mask Update
And that update is... THAT IT'S COMING! When? When it's done. XD Like I've said, I have the first half of the next issue all ready, but Leo of course has other commitments and a personal life that take precedence. As such, all I can guarantee is that it will indeed be coming soon.

Lightbringer Update
Better news on the webcomic front. The good Chad Rocco has completed the last page needed for updates to resume on Lightbringer. Now all I need to do is letter the things and updates will resume! Also I want to wait for Project Overcross to finish so readers won't be confused by an update on wednesday and then on thursday. XD

I just want to give a big shout-out to all the fans who have been sending me donations lately. I really appreciate how you dump this garbage on me instead of dealing with it yourself.

Oh, but I kid, just thanks so much, people! My fans kick ass and take names!

Theme Song Contest
Delayed indefinitely.

KIDDING! The contest is running smoothly and a winner will be announced on June 11th in a special video. Thanks so much to all the talented, awesome people who have entered so far!

Continue the awesomeness, peeps!

OH! I almost forgot! Enjoy my commentary for the Warrior #1 review. ^_~ Please forgive the crappy mic.


Anonymous said...

Wow, finally about to get to Countdown!

Stacy said...

Only 15 worst moments Linkara? That's a smidge conservative don't you think?


Alex M. said...

So it's finally happening.


I'm looking forward to it.

Razorgeist said...

I look forward to your countdown rant but the one that really has my attention is "Superman vs the Terminator" you should also look into those Star Trek X-men crossovers.

Truce Weston said...

Superman VS The Terminator? That sounds awesome! Should make for an awesome review! And i'm dying to see what you have to say about Countdown in greater detail

so until someone retcons Peter Porker, The Spectacular Spider-Ham, back into reality, MAKE MINE LINKARA!

Anonymous said...

July: The Month of Countdown! I can't wait after hearing you talk about it, Linkara! July can't come soon enough!

Paul S. said...

Aaaah Secret Defenders. Interesting idea poor execution. Then they gave up on the book's basic "random team" premise and gave the world Cadaver.

Kimarous said...

Awesome! Xena #1 review on my birthday! It's like your own personal gift to me! :D

But in all seriousness, the coming days sound kick-ass!

Rokee said...

Yeah, Countdown to Final Crisis! Oh, I'm really looking foward to this one. After all the rants in your previous reviews, I expect one hell of a bad comic series.

MetFanMac said...

How will you ever narrow the Countdown list ddown to just 15??

Lew Morgan said...

We "well-renowned warriors" have to stick together, eh? (^_^)

Gidan said...

Ah, Countdown. You broke my heart. After the awesomeness of 52, we all were expecting something similarly epic from DC. What we got was epic, only... bad. Just epically bad.

So courage to you, Mr. Lovhaug, and your terrible journey in July. Rest assured we will watch.

On a related note, there was a podcast that tried to cover Countdown in-depth before breaking. They did it in monthly installments and the results are fantastic, if tragic. If anyone's interested, the episodes (109, 123, 144, 156, 165, and 173)can be found at http://www.earth-2.net/theshow/theshow. Fair warning, each episode is 4-5 hours in length.

Mr. Blank said...

Superman VS. the Terminator? That would be a short fight. Superman's been turning killer robots into scrap since the 1940s.

anthony said...

I'm looking forward to the Top 15 worst moments of countdown!

jer said...

are you going to post this on TGWTG? If you weren't do it anyways.

Sieg-sama said...

'I need scissors! 61!' wasn't random.
It's Spoony's videogame shout-out to Metal Gear Solid 2's world glitch...

Anyway, great commentary, Lewis.

DaftRaider42 said...

I'm still in shock that they're making a Youngblood movie... this might be the nail in the coffin.

I'm off to read The Sinestro Corps War to calm me down.

Razorgeist said...

Very interesting commentary. You should try doing more...or better yet some podcast commentaries.

Anonymous said...

"I'm still in shock that they're making a Youngblood movie..."

Liefeld announced a lot of movie projects since the 90's. When did one actually materialize?

Charly Dunst said...

Very nice ^^ and glad to hear that you have a good time. Take care, pal.

Will Staples said...

Countdown! W00t!

All I can say is that 'Roid Rage Scrappy-Doo better make the "Worst 15 Moments" list.

aaa said...

I expect some good laughs.

Jeremy A. Patterson said...

Here are some fun suggestions:

Any issue of 'Americomics'
The 1980s 'Blue Ribbon Comics' series.
Jason Waltrip's 'Metal Bikini' (Young woman with big breasts. Cheesy double-entendres. Good complement to the STSF episode!)
Ms. Victory Special (An 1985 book about a granny who becomes a heroine by taking pills!)
Ninja High School
The Shade Special (Another AC special!)


Marcel said...

Can't wait for Lightbringer to get back up and running again.

And, considering July is my birth month, looks like I'll get a nice gift in the form of smacking down Countdown. ;)

Got a fun suggestion: Howsabout a Top 15 of the worst covers in comics? There are plenty of bad covers in comics, so it should be a good one.

Anyways, keep up the good work, Lewis. :)

SSJWolverine said...

The countdown to Countdown has begun!

I have another request. Have you heard of the big crossover event from the Ultimate Marvel universe called Ultimatum? If not, I have only one thing to say...

Wasp is dead and the Blob is eating her!

Adam Malone said...

Dear GOD, The Ultimate Warrior is a loony.

...why didn't I notice that back when I watched WWF in the 90's?

Also: YAY Countdown review. I'm still amazed that they followed the win of "52" with the UGH of "Countdown" ...least Jimmy Olsen got some alien tail.

The Trembler said...

Great commentary, I learned a lot. Including the answers to several questions I asked.

As for you're future reviews. Looking forward to Countdown. I've not followed it, so I'm curious to learn details -- especially from you.

And as for Superman Vs. Terminator. . OK, so sure there is a different someone one could link in. Superman could defend humans against Skynet. So they send a terminator back. (I' just guessing here.)

But still, someone wants Superman to fight a a powerful cyborg with a primarily metallic body.

What about Metalo?

Rhythm Bastard said...

Will it be a Countdown...


'Ley said...

As I guy that, I gather, reads Heidegger I am surprised by your confusion of reading mind breaking incomprehensibility. Although I am sure Heidegger was less insane.

Great commentary by the way and looking forward to your lineup.

P.S. I am actually Heideggerian in my own philosophical style just kidding around.

Will Staples said...

I'm still amazed that they followed the win of "52" with the UGH of "Countdown"

I'm just relieved they followed the UGH with more win in Trinity.

lilmaibe said...

I'm intrigued (I guess I spelled that wrong) by the list of upcoming updates and amused and happy with the rest of the update.

Are you still open to suggestions as for what to review?

Anonymous said...

Ah, Countdown. What an awesome mine of uncomfortable jokes (like the oral sex joke involving Wonder Girl and Supergirl at Black Canary's Hen Night) and hilarious unintentional ones (Mary Marvel using Kyle Rayner to bludgen Donna Troy).

I eagerly await your videoes, as alwaus Link. :)

Anonymous said...

Re Countdown
Oh! Just remembered the poop-eating dead baby monster!

...which I think kind of wandered off the set of a Hellblazer comic. So yeah.

servogirl76 said...

I always read about the Warrior comic at Wrestlecrap but had no idea how truly bad it was. Loved the commentary, it was too funny.

David Lev said...

Actually, when I saw all that text when I saw the original text I was like "oh goody, just like Cerebus when it got unreadable." Although the text parts of "Reads" (where I stopped reading) at least made some comprehensible sense, they were just boring, Sim kept on changing what he was wanting to say, and I kept on getting uncomfortable with his anti-feminist ravings.

Anonymous said...

oh sh*t
superman vs the terminator sounds awesome! coutdown also sounds good

Anonymous said...

Oh, Dave Sim and his crazy ranting... I read the entirety of Cerebus, but felt that the comic just went schizo and became Sim's exploration of faith and dead writers. Seriously, Linkara, you need to review Glamourpuss! Please do it!

Amp said...

The announcement of a countdown review has me extremely excited given how good the Amazons Attack review was. However, I do have to agree that it may be near impossible to do a top 15 worst moments, let alone fit all 52 issues of that tripe into a 2 part review since Amazons Attack was 3 parts and only 6 issues.

JimmydelaKopin said...

Here's hoping that a discussion of the original Youngblood appears in an episode further down the proverbial road.
And if you want to "roast" a Waltrip comic, Amazon Gazonga is worthier than Metal Bikini.
(And don't listen to J.A.P.: AC Comics makes great comics about superheroines, and NHS is too funny for words.) ;)

Nick said...

So you're posting the first part of the countdown review on my birthday?

I'm geeking the fuck out!

Marcel said...

You're posting the Top 15 Worst Countdown Moments a day after my birthday. Sweet.

Also, I'd like to thank you, Linkara, for introducing me to many things in comics. From the awesome (Blue Beetle, especially the Jaime Reyes version), to the downright WTF (Superman: At Earth's End). You've really broadened my horizons about comic books, and as a result, made me look beyond my Marvel-tinted shades.

Again, thank you very much. Keep up the good work.

The House of C.R.P said...

There is a song called Countdown.
It was used in the game Ouendan 2

And to actually prepare for your review, I actually tried to read Countdown 51-44. Is it one of those things that goes from bad to horrific? Because what I read was not catastrophically bad. Just stupid.

BatDan said...

There's a good explanation nobody pointed out the plothole in the bad acting universe.
In the Bad Acting Universe, simple things like continuity, plot, and original ideas are thrown out the window. Who needs story structure? In the Bad Acting Universe EVERYONE is famous!

Vfan said...

Speaking of "Half Life Full Life Consequences" You know the ending "Half Life Hero Beggining" and "Half Life Free Man" is on Youtube.

It's almost as poorly written as this comic...almost

Anonymous said...

Oh you mentioned Dave Sim.

You should REALLY do a segment on Cerebus.

Especially later in the series.