Thursday, September 17, 2009

Espanol Interview Part 2!

And here I switch out of the Linkara character and talk as myself a bit more:

And you can read all about it here!

Enjoy! ‎


MedGeek said...

Just wanted to thank you once more dude U rule.

Hossrex said...

Pure awesome man.

I'd be totally creeped out if one of my top four internet personalities (in no particular order... Nostalgia Critic, The Nerd, Spoony, and Linkara) was working in a Barnes and Noble I just popped into. I'm not an obsessed fan, or anything disturbing... but it'd totally force me to lose any train of thought for any book I was there to look for.

Also loved the part about Spoony. I don't think you can do the videos that Spoony does without actually LIVING the persona. That's what makes him so great.

MFlorian said...

I'm really glad you're giving shout-outs to the Technis Imperative. That's really one of my favorite graphic novels of all time.

It helped to highlight the major themes of the Teen Titans - kind of a family unit like the Fantastic Four.

Especially at the part where...


...the Titans are standing up to the JLA about what should happen to Cyborg. And I swear that line from Superman about "he's not a human anymore. I can kill him." just pisses me off.


While we're on the subject of DC Graphic Novels, do you have The Great Darkness Saga?

Jeremy said...

A comment on the Spoony and Linkara persona; I think I have finally figured out why I watch spoony and your stuff like a friggin fan boy; the personas are more real to me. Don't get me wrong AVGN is great and I see a lot of myself in getting pissed off at bad games but you can tell its taken to the extreme; the same for Doug he does a great job but they are bits. Spoony seems to be well Noah with just a name tacked on the same goes for you.

Anonymous said...

Quote Lewis:
"However, the earliest comic I remember reading is Amazing Spider-Man #351, where Spidey and Nova team up to fight the Tri-Sentinel."

Holy Crap! Now I feel SO old :-(

I can't recall the exact number, but the earliest comic I can remember is an issue of the fantastic four, drawn by Jack Kirby, no less (I think they were fighting some kind of funky totem monster)

De-Ji said...

It's really great reading and watching interviews of yours. It's exciting to get to learn what the man under the hat is like. ^u^