Thursday, October 29, 2009

Some Youmacon Info

Hey, people! Just need to give a heads up to the people who will be attending Youmacon and seeing me, Angry Joe, and Douglas Walker - I sadly will not be there on Thursday, but I WILL be there from Friday to Sunday selling autographed copies of comics and maybe a few t-shirts. ^_~

There will also be a panel on Sunday where you can ask questions of us.

I should note that on Friday while I will be there, I may not be operating at 100% since I will have been flown in very, VERY early in the morning. ‎


Lotus Prince said...

Gah, I wish I lived near Youmacon! Please tell me that you guys will come to the East Coast at some point; preferably New York or New Jersey.

Have a ton of fun, and blow your fans' minds!

AmaterasuWolf said...

awww now I'm kicking myself for not going. It would've been worth it to miss Halloween for seeing you guys.