Saturday, October 24, 2009

Store and Specials!

Hey, all, some good news!

Not only is That Guy With the Glasses' store now open, but MINE is now open!

For exclusive AT4W paraphenalia, check it out AT THIS LOCATION!

Although it should be noted that the "I AM A MAN!" t-shirt is exlusive to TGWTG.

However, if you've ever wanted to express that punk is death and crime and the rage of a beast, then now you can! Wish to end the suffering of those afflicted with Youngblood's Disease? Get the t-shirt! 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the cause!
WARNING: There may be 100% margain of error on how much of the proceeds goes to the Youngblood's Disease Foundation.

In other news, I have two special videos to promote!

First and foremost, interested in hearing me talk briefly about a good comic? Then check out MarzGurl's Halloween LiveShow! Starting at 7 PM on Halloween (US Central Time), MarzGurl will be hostring a 2-hour Halloween bash with special videos and content made exclusively for the show, including a review of a good comic!

So at 7 PM on Halloween night, go over to THIS SITE to watch!

Also, if you're here earlier in the day, you may spot a very special video as my Halloween Treat to you all.

Otherwise, that's the update and enjoy! ‎


Saisinkolimonadin said...

Are you going to upload your part of the show here separately later? I really don't have the energy to get up in the middle of the night to watch a live stream (I did that with the TGWTG live show, and I'd preferably NOT do it again).

Lewis Lovhaug said...

Yeah, but I don't know when. ^_~

Emily said...

Now I'm going to spend all week trying to guess what the Good Comic is gonna be. It's gonna drive me nuts trying to figure it out.

I've already set my alarm to make sure I watch the live show! It can all only be made of epic win.

Evan said...

I'll definitely be getting the "I AM A MAN" and the punk tee.

hasoon said...

Oo, themed posting. Nice.

Freya said...

...good lord that's a lot of exclamation points.

John Miranda G. said...

congratulation Linkara, the merchandasing is a big and juicy step xD

totally off-topic: this is the first time in your official page, so, as a good n00b, i will say your show AT4W is really funny, one of the best in TGWTG page.

well, keep working

PD: my english suck ass because soy de Chileeee xD

Anonymous said...

*sigh* now if only I had money I know exactly what I'd spend it on! Congrats with the merch anyway!


Anonymous said...

Just ordered the "punk" T-shirt. I just hope it gets here before I leave to go overseas!

Mike said...

I'm totally getting the "I AM A MAN" and "Youngblood's Disease" T-shirts. Great to finally be able to display my love for the show! ^_^


Demon said...

Your "Bees. My god." shirt is so cute it hurts.

Emily said...

P.S. I so badly want the "I AM A MAN!" shirt. Wonder how many funny looks I'd get walkin' down the street here in the South...

*scratches head*

...It'd be worth it. XD

Dave said...

So far only the women's version of the "I Am A Man!" t-shirt is available...

...I'd be a bit worried seeing a woman wearing a shirt reading "I Am A Man!"

Kevin "Jester" McGill said...'s Yankovic not Yankovich...:D

And every time I think of the Clone Saga that is totally the song I hear.