Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nerd to the 3rd

One of the other interviews (well, not really interview, but rather discussion) I did last week was for the podcast Nerd to the 3rd from TGWTG! I and comic fan Travis discuss mega-crossovers! ‎


Anonymous said...

Yeah it was Contest of Champions

And while Secret Wars was pre Crisis, Crisis was setting things up before SW started where as SW happened when it started

Cenobite829 said...

The only thing I was wondering your opinion on is World War Hulk. I happened to like this event and thought it was very well written and also not only advanced Hulk but also other characters like Hercules. What are your thoughts?

zeekthegeek said...

RE: Deadpool movie: The producers have stated that they are rebooting and completely ignoring everything that happened in Wolverine for it. So it'll be a fresh take, and written by the guys who did Zombieland! And they still have Ryan Reynolds despite rebooting

Perpugilliam said...

This discussion was surprisingly awkward. I've only listened to one other episode of this podcast, so I'm not sure who's at fault for all of the "go ahead" that was going on. Very informative, though.

In any case, I'm glad to hear your opinion on Blackest Night. I'm a Green Lantern fangirl, but I've been a bit wary of recent storylines/short of cash.

A. Conroy said...

Very informative and interesting.

I respect your opinion of Identity Crisis, a subject I always wanted to hear from you more indepth. Yeah, the shock tactics are unnerving, the somewhat sexist tone, and the head-scratching of the murder mystery. If I wanted a great comic mystery, I would just re-read the first arc of Fables.

What I enjoyed about it and what entertained me greatly was everything else besides its main features. It just seems to be one of the few times where you see the true family and friends dynamics in the DC world. The father/son storyline with the Drakes and Mercers really touched me and handled great with its notion to being cinematic. And there's the other factors: C and D list villains hanging out and rising in rankings, the What's in the Box? opening, and the small usage of the Trinity.

Writing this, I didn't want to be another critic of your opinions. I am just glad that you are one of the few people to nicely and easily explain your distaste for it.

Astralman said...

Speaking of cross-overs are you ever going to review Marvelvs.DC?
and if so do you think Spoony would want to review with you?
I apologize if I came off as annoying, I just thought it would be cool idea. Have you read "Prelude to Deadpool Corps"? That was horrible, if you don't have it I might be able to send it to you so you could review it(and hopefully destroy it.)

Lewis Lovhaug said...

Yep, I've read both of them.

And I like both of them.

JdRavnos said...

I didn't care for this interview that much, and not for anything you said Linkara. You came off as relaxed and reasonably well informed about everything you said, but Travis seemed to sputter out half-remembered factoids (I'm pretty sure the Sentry was entirely the invention of Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee and the inclusion of Stan Lee having a "forgotten" hero was entirely invented to tie into the idea that the Sentry was forgotten by everyone in Marvel continuity) and seemed overall awkward. I might not agree with you on certain things like post-One More Day Spider-Man(which I think has been fun) but you state your opinion fairly and you're not terribly obnoxious but even on the stuff I agreed with Travis on I was eager for him to wrap up so that either the host or yourself could talk.

That said I'd love for you to have a more regular medium (podcast, v-logs or just more of your written blog) to voice your opinions on things that aren't necessarily appropriate for Atop the Fourth Wall, so I was pretty pleased overall with getting your take on certain things here.

Keep up the good work.

Astralman said...

I wish I could tell which comment is refering to which. I seriously hope Mr. Lovhaug's comment isn't directed at mine.

Filip said...

Nice discussion, you should do it more often - you made many interesting points and make me think about few things, and for somebody with writing aspirations, that's the best he can get.