Saturday, June 5, 2010

Which Episodes Should I Re-convert?

So now that I have a new FLV method that people seem to like using, are there any particular episodes that people would like me to reupload because they weren't able to watch them before? I'd honestly love to do all of them, but it's like the youtube thing - a lot of time and effort and, well, in this case in particular bandwidth. So, what are the most popular choices that people would like to see? I can think of a few myself, buuuut...

EDIT: For the record, this is pretty much for the widescreen episodes. There shouldn't be any problems for anything before the Maximum Clonage review. ‎


OverwhelmingRage said...

The video I would most like you to re-upload are probably the Warrior #2 & #3 review if Spoon-Dog (love saying that) is okay with it.

Infinitehope said...

In responce to one other way people could do a work-around-
will let you download from any webpage (just about) and convert it.
I'm not sure if this is something you want to share with the public - but it is one way to work around file issues.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lewis. I personally have had no issue with any of your videos and love each one. But if you would like a vote, I say your Amazons Attack series and your "Miller Time" videos.

Also if space lets you, I also vote for your Mechakara fight.

Those to me seem like logical choices and certainly would be concidered some of your greatest hits.

libraryguy said...

I'd say go with what you want. I'm sure you have an idea of which episodes most people have been clamoring for, and you can always convert more if there is a demand and if you have the time/bandwidth.

Cool cameo is Nostalgia Chick's vid, by the by.

Jeffrey Morales said...

The videos always worked fine for me, but probably all of your "event" episodes. The crossovers with Spoony, the Mechakara appearances, the Warrior reviews. It could actually be a nice little post newcomers could use to get caught up in the lore.

Like that time you punched reality and turned Insano into a woman.

Or that time you went into space, punched out Chuck Norris and fell back to earth in the safety of a 1960s fridge.

Wait, that last one might have been a TV Tropes induced hallucination.

Jeffrey Morales said...

Oh, wait, I should have said, "That time you were baked into a giant pizza!"

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Or that time you went into space, punched out Chuck Norris and fell back to earth in the safety of a 1960s fridge.

Wait, that last one might have been a TV Tropes induced hallucination. "

Nah, that actually happened. I'm surprised that people don't talk about it more.

Some Gamer Dude said...

Please, find another one. The Q&A was 300MB to DL, Power Rangers are around the 100MB mark. Cut into my Bandwidth limit(6GB per Month) badly, and I'd hate to miss your show.

Maybe lower the frame rate? Because of the type of show it is, it doesn't need a high one.

CJ47 said...

The ones I wanna see redone are:

Mechakara 2 parter
Warrior #2 & 3
DKSA 1 & 2
Doom #1
Countdown (All 4 parts)

Mags said...

I used to have problems with watching your videos, but after simply updating my flash player, all was well again. Funny thing is I thought my flash player was up to date at the time. *Shrugs*

I really don't think you need to re-upload anything. It's not that hard for people to fix their viewing problems anyway. Besides, you need the file space for future videos. XD

*Giggles at Jeffrey Morals' pizza comment* Linkara pizza. Now comes with several toppings of awesome. I'd eat that. Totally.

frappermac said...

whatever you decide to re-release will be welcome!

maybe the miller time ones, or i always thought the "let's plays" of voyager you did were awesome!

Truce Weston said...

Whatever episodes you want!

Batman Fortunate Son was a favorite. All the Frank Miller ones, and any time you do one I have never seen or heard of before, like Silver Age comics. It's all good for us! We look foward to when any reuploaded ones arrive!

So until the amazing and famous purple stuffed worm, invades from flap jaw space, with a tuning fork, and does a raw blink, on hari kari rock with 61 scissors, MAKE MINE LINKARA!

Dodger Of Zion said...

The entire Mechakara saga.

This little netbook can't watch your videos in-browser, so I've found workarounds to make sure you still get your bank while I still get my weekly dose of AT4W.

But I'd LOVE to see the Mechakara saga re-mastered.

I'm also intrigued by this punching of Chuck Norris.

Pokeprof said...

Honestly, I'd like to see you do some of your more famous or Big reviews to be re-converted, in particular things like Superman at Earth's End (The start of 'I AM A MAN!'), The Amazons Attack series, the Silent Hill series, and The Linkara Vs. Mechakara episode.

R said...

Countdown and the the Mechakara saga. And of course, Superman at Earth's End (I am a man! *punch*)

Frankie Addiego said...

It'd be nice if you could convert all of them; but on a personal level, Youngblood #2 and James Bond Jr #3.

Other than that, probably the other Miller Times that you've done so far as well as the Ninja Turtles meet Archie.

Jessica said...

I've honestly not had a problem with your videos before or after the new upload technique so it's whatever you and your other fans decide I'm all good with *thumbs up*

EcchiOtaku said...

Well, whichever you decide I'd like all the same, but I'd like to see the following:
Superman at Earth's End
Amazons Attack
Everything else that comprised the Mechakara arc
That episode where reading the Twilight comic brought out your twisted killer second personality that went on a rampage slashing the lines of death and stabbing the dots of existence of several comics and books of the Twilight series with the Dragon Dagg- whoops, wrong bespectacled knife wielding vampire killer

Doc Holidae said...

i never was able to watch your 2009 Christmas special because the video chugged really badly. i dont know if that was before or after your new mysterious super-special-awesome-chocolatey-fudged-coated-super-technique. but if it was, i'd love to be able to finally watch that one. i hear you cockblocked a Christmas Carol parody.

Anonymous said...

Warrior #1
Every Countdown episode
Every Amazon's Attack episode
The Mechakara 2-parter
The Intro of Dr. Linksano

You know, the big events.

Anonymous said...

Defiantly the Mechakara arc, or even just the just the fight.

Vinny1138 said...

There are so many, it'd be very hard to pick.

I can think of one that I'd love to see in clear quality, Kool-Aid Man.

I still laugh at that one every time.

Frankie Addiego said...

Oh! Ultimates 3. It's sad the way the Ultimate Universe went downhill.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've got to agree. Definitely Warrior #2 and #3.

Jeyl said...

The Amazon's Attack series. Everything about it just feels so right. Plus seeing you animated at the end fighting besides Wonder Woman couldn't possibly have been a better ending to a video review.

Anonymous said...

Batman: Fortunate Son
Amazon Attack
Silent Hill: Dying Inside
Bimbos in Time #1
Ultimates 3
Act of God

Telyra said...

I personally have no problems with watching the old vids either, but if I had to choose some to convert the Uncanny X-Men Two-Parter would be on the list.
I mean, come on, Nightcrawler as the pope - best plot EVER! XD

And Batman: Fortunate son, too. After all, the world must be told about the evil that is rock music!