Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Young, The Odds, and The Ends

Upcoming Episodes

Yeah, I know I'm a bit late on this one, but after last period where I kept switching around what ones I was going to do, I went back at my planned schedule and wanted to make sure I would be reviewing stuff that'd be as entertaining as possible. However, the list is ready now, so enjoy and start speculating!

7/5 – Ewoks #9
7/12 –Cable #2
7/19 – The California Raisins 3-D #2
7/26 – Hardcore Station #1
8/2 – The Others #1
8/9 –PSA Hell: The Amazing Spider-Man: Skating on Thin Ice #1
8/16 –Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force
8/23 – Action Comics #592
8/30 – Action Comics #593
9/6 – Top 15 Comics I’ll Never Review
9/13 – 100th Episode
9/20 – PSA Hell: Nolan Ryan #1
9/27 – Transformers #4-5

100th Episode
Yeah, the That Guy With The Glasses Wikia was NOT an accurate count of episodes, since it included special videos that aren't official episodes, incuding the Warrior reviews, the Theme Song Contest stuff, Vlogs, the April Fools episode, etc., etc. Chain Gang War #1 was the 89th episode and I DO have plans for the 100th episode, I'm just not telling you what they are. ^_~

Feel free to speculate about what it is I'll be doing as well as anything else on the list! Though of course I still might swap some out if I end up changing my mind, but I'm feeling pretty confident about this list.

Convention Stuff
I can confirm that I will indeed be attending Daisho Con in Wisconsin this November! Check 'em out HERE!

As for other conventions, I have no other news, but I am working on a couple of things, including Youmacon and an August convention.

I am more than likely NOT going to be at San Diego Comic Con. The thing to remember about these conventions is that because of my schedule and for business reasons, I can really only go to conventions if I'm invited as a Guest. It's not an ego thing, it's just it's a big hassle to go out to a convention unless it's worth my time. XD

So if you want me to go to a convention, appeal to them asking to invite me!

Iron Liz's Foundry
If you want to see more of Iron Liz's stuff, check out the Pen and Paper RPG reviews that Liz has done over at Her Website! ‎


sean dillon said...

is the 100th;
A)One More Day
B)Detective Comics issue #241
C)Batman and Robin (film)
D)the Twilight comic
E)top 15 worst moments in the silver age
G)Booster Gold
H)Lex Luthor; Man of Steel/Joker

Anonymous said...

I didn't mind Liz myself, she was actually pretty good for a first timer.

Just wish I could've seen her eyes a little more. >.> But that was more of a problem with the lighting than Liz herself.

I know some TF fans who are psyched about you reviewing Transformers 4-5. ;D Just hope there will be a lot of Pat Lee bashing!

Puddle Jumper said...

Very nice list of reviews you have there. I hope that a certain comic will only be an honorable mention because it's rather predictable :P

Also, though this week's AT4W had its flaws, it was still a pretty enjoyable episode and I wish Liz good luck for next week's episode!

Lili said...

I didn't mind Liz, but I do think you two should have collaborated more on it so her personality and jokes shined through more. Besides, I'd love to see something like the two of you teaming up to take on a bad comic. There has to be something like Countdown or Amazon's Attack that you haven't done yet and you'd need another person to keep you from doing something you'd regret, right? ;)

Oliver said...

What "Transformers"-series will you be reviewing here? Marvel, Dreamwave or IDW?

BTW, having Iron Liz as guest host worked out really well. Congrats to Liz!

Lewis Lovhaug said...

I'll let you guys speculate on which Transformers issues they are. XD

Dodger Of Zion said...

Nolan Ryan? Oh no...that's my fiance's childhood hero. He's already *quite* the fan of yours, and this is only going to bolster that. Yeah, I know you're trashing the artistic details and not the man himself, but still. *grabs napkin to mop up the sarcasm*

Hmmm...gee, I wonder, who could *possibly* be involved with the Voyager review? It's Mecha, isn't it? (j/k)

As far as Liz is concerned, I think she did great this week, and I thoroughly laughed my ass off during Chain Gang War. For some reason, I flashed back to the Critic's video game review when she put on your glasses and immediately threw them off because they hurt her eyes. That was a CMoF for her.

August convention?

*starts praying it's Monster-Mania or something else within considerable driving distance AND timezone*

Susan Page said...

Hey sean! What's wrong with Booster Gold?

James said...

I've got a lot to look forward too. Have fun trying to stay sane, Lewis.

Say, have you ever read the Simpsons/Futurama crossover comics? I think they would make for an interesting review; it's not horrible, but it falls flat considering the source material.

Anonymous said...

Pfft, those trolls just be trollin'- Liz was great. But don't listen to Harvey Finevoice, because the ninja style dancer was a real treat.

CMWaters said...

Ewoks #9: Interesting number to choose there. The only issue I had with them was ctually a crossover with Droids. ...that was pretty sad too.

Cable #2: Will Cable get a Phoenix Down to recover from what Mechakara did!?

The California Raisens 3D #2: ...great, now I'm remembering the Christmas special that company did.

Hardcore Station #1: ...since I don't know the comic...I didn't know Station from "Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey" was Hardcore...

The Others #1: ...no clue, skipping.

Spidey Thin Ice: Join Spider-Man as he teaches you the proper way to do ice balet and enjoy a Circus On Ice!

Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force: Finally, an Ensign Monroe appearance on AT4W

Action Comics #592 & #593: A friend of mine will be happy that you'll be doing a "Previously On AT4W" this time. I'm just worried what way they mangled Superman's character this time. Geez, even Midway got it right with Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe...

Top 15 Comics I'll Never Review: FINALLY a new Top 15! ...but why do I get the feeling one of them will be "Any Sonic Comic"

100th Ep: I'm thinking this will be the Linkara/Lord Vyce fight.

Nolan Ryan #1: Take your bets people! Will this be worse than Micky Mantle #1?

Transformers #4 and #5: ...we talking Marvel age Transformers or more recent stuff?

Should be a fun next couple of months, between AT4W and HOPR (whenever the next one comes out. Take your time. It'll be worth it, I'm sure).

Mae said...

Oh, man. Ewoks (always a source of horror), PSA Hell, and many other bad comics to look forward to? Plus the 100th episode just a couple days after my birthday? AWESOME. :D

Is it confirmed that you're going to Youmacon? (as if I needed more fantastic reasons to go...)

CMWaters said...

Didn't see the "Speculation" post before I sent mine.

Personally? I'm dissapointed it's not #31 of the Marvel era (128 and 129 for you UK viewers) AKA "Buster Witwicky and the Car Wash of Doom!"

Chris Ferraiolo said...

Wow. Those comics look like they're going to hurt. A LOT. Good luck to you. I'll have the emergency Blue Beetle stash on standby coupled with some good old fashioned Lee/Kirby stuff. Good luck, man. You're gonna need it. Looking forward to the next several reviews.

StHubi said...

The Transformers issues sounds interesting. When I was about 12 years old, I found a (German) Transformers comic book on a second hand market. It was not part of the regular continuity of the issues, I normally collected at that time. But as I saw the cover, I immediately had to buy it: There was Spider-Man in his black suit on it! But I do not know, which numbers the translated issues had in the original counting...

For the 100th episode: One More Day! I guess, you will drive to Marvel head quarters and force them to undo that silly story line... Will ya? Please! Do it!!! You are our last hope!!!
In Germany One More Day has been published 2 years ago. So it would be REALLY late and I almost got used to it, although there is always something fishy with the current issues... A reference to Ben Reilly in the current one, really made me think: Leave the past or undo the deal with the devil!!! Oh boy...

Caleb The Time Traveler said...

100th episode eh?
Well, then, lemme guess what that is...?
Oh OH!
Battlefield Earth Comic Book!


It's Blue Beetle ain't it.

Frank R. said...

I honestly didn't like Liz's style at all. Way too dry for my tastes. She kind of reminds me of Cinema Snob with low key deliveries. If I saw her own stuff where she wasn't doing a review in your style it would likely be far better. As is she's trying to hard to be like you and I lost interest in it rapidly. I'd encourage her to keep reviewing though...just not using your format.

Jordan Glazer said...

I liked the Iron Liz review though we still don't really know who she is(friend, sister minisotan?) None the less I liked it. Though if I could offer some constructive critisism, her review sounded alot like just something I could watch you doing it didn't sound like her own writing so I think it could be better if you let her completely write a review. ALthough I don't know how much she wrote or pointed out in the first place, so I could be compleatly wrong.

As for the 100th episode I thinki it will FINALLY e the comic that made me hate spidey and marvel One more day. It's been a long time comming. Either that or The rest of the 1st titans story, Ultimateum, or from your twitter Titans villains for hire or Cry for justice. I don't know but I really can't wait for the next top 15 so I know which to not ask you to do :D

ShadowWing Tronix said...

I don't think Car Wash of Doom was that bad a story. I'm also assuming it would be Marvel #'s 4 and 5 because it had two different writers, has never been a target for ire that I know of, are parts of two different arcs, and isn't close to the worst TF comic stories. (I can list plenty that qualify.)

I'm mostly curious if the Raisins 3-D will come through the screen if I have the glasses on. :)

And I thought Liz did pretty well, considering it's her first time, and I don't know what her opinion on comics in general or that issue specifically are.

Vivi said...

Only problem: Liz delivered your stuff pretty dry. Manage to write it more for her, then it will be better.

And yay to us deep voiced birds. ^_^

Anyway, grand... horrible stuff coming. Especially interested in the 15 Never.

Theo Ad Absurdum said...

Man, screw the trolls. Liz did a great job and I look forward to seeing her again next week.

I find myself wondering if the 100th episode will be Ultimatum, since that's probably one of your most requested comics (and rightly so.)

The Mad Scientist said...

Looking forward to the upcoming reviews, Lewis! I'm sorry to hear that Liz was bashed so badly. I left a comment with my thoughts on that at The Foundry. You and Liz make a great team, though, and I'm really looking forward to next week!

anthony said...

I have to wonder if the the Transformers comic review will be the 80s version or the IDW version.

captian ghost said...

Liz was not too bad. I did not like the review, but im not bashing liz at all.(I just tought you should have picked a better comic to make fun of)

Anonymous said...

I saw the Chain Gang review last night and I thought Liz was great, and this was the first time I had seen her, out side of that small cameo in the... Warrior 2-3 review, IIRC. I look forward to seeing more with her, as the opportunity arises, of course.

Falcon Whitaker said...

I loved the latest episode, and I love Iron Liz :) I look forward to seeing her on the show again: she's fantastic!

Captain Freetime said...

Liz was good. I didn't like this atop the 4th wall though, because...well, how to put this? I know you were going for guest reviewer episode for this one and it worked out fine. It's just.... like trying to imagine Miles hosting a Spoony episode. The man is cool in his own right, but I can't see him hosting a Spoony review. I almost think Liz should have done things more her way, maybe scripted the jokes and the like all by herself. Maybe she did though, I'm not psychic. It just felt like she was reading a script you made. Again, not bad, but it just didn't capture my attention as well.

All in All, Liz = cool, even if I do have some issues with the episode, which could just be my own hangups. And I will fight any troll who says otherwise. I will NOT see another Scarlett incident <.<

Information Geek said...

You got a solid list of upcoming reviews here, but I am a little sad you aren't having Miller Time this time around... or maybe you are and the 100th Episode is the next part of All Star Batman and Robin!

Checking things out, Daisho Con is only 30 minutes away from where I live!!! I am so going and I will be bringing my copy of 54 Vol. 1 for you to sign!

As for Liz, she did fine for a first timer. A little rough at some parts, but she has potential to be a very good member of your show and help fill in if you are unable to work. Heck, it would be interesting to see you two do a review together (Not as the ninja mind you).

Al said...

I'm guessing the Transformers comics are some of the Pat Lee Dreamwave comics. Mostly because David Willis sent Lewis some comics and has ranted about them in the past.

A Tribe Called Helloween said...

$10 says Sonic The Hedgehog is on the 15 comics he'll never review.

I can also understand why, as someone who used to read them. I haven't read any of them in months, but I don't really remember them being bad. I mean some of the ones before issue #25 were goofy in an Adam West Batman show kind of way, but I don't consider any of them worse than say...the Power Rangers comic.

A Tribe Called Helloween said...

As for Liz, meh, I knew it wasn't going to be as good as the 90's kid episode, but it was ok. Though next time I suggest you give her a little more then 10 minutes to go over your script and the episode (her words).

Anonymous said...

Liz, Lewis, I just wanted to let you know...I absolutely LOVED this episode! It was witty, interesting, and Liz is hilarious. I loved the new intro with her donning hat and jacket and making even applying lipstick look badass. This review was the highlight of my day and I really, really hope to see the two of you together in a review again. (And may I say, you make an adorable couple!)

MailOrderClone said...

I hate to be the one to bring this up, but I really do hope that you're able to squeeze the History of the Power Rangers into that schedule. Lightspeed Rescue and Time Force are the two series' I've been most looking forward to seeing your views on, particularly with the little tweets you made while watching them.

KKDW said...

I guess this means that the time when I came on here and found one of these odds and ends posts which said you were reviewing a Doctor Who comic was just a dream then!

Also, fellow commenters, why are some of you guess that the 100th review will be one for One More Day given that in the past Linkara has said that he wouldn't review it (in fact I suspect it'll be number one on the top 15 comics he won't review).

Anyway, I'll look forward to all of this.

Anonymous said...

How much do you want to bet that the same Douchey McNittpicks who complained that somebody other than our Mr. Lovhaug hosted the show this week would complain after a while that Lewis wasn't doing enough to change things up here and there? The Internet is a scary place. But anyway, Liz, if you are reading this, you are lovely and Lewis is lucky to have a girlfriend as awesome as you. Lewis, keep up with the amazing work and pleeeeease say that Liz will be returning to the show often!!!

Anonymous said...

What were people's complaints about this weeks episode? Is it that Liz was too much like Linkara and not herself? Because I thought that was the point. It actually made me laugh uncontrollably the way she managed to mimick his mannerisms and voice so well! I thought this episode was very clever and very well done and has fulfilled my fangirling heart's desire to see Lewis and his girlfriend review together. The only thing I would have changed about this episode is to have Ninja Style Dancer and Iron Liz dance to Caramelldansen at the end. But I realize now that it probably would have seemed a bit out of place. Still, good job and keep it up!

libraryguy said...

@CMWaters-- I know the storyline, and all I'll say is that Superman isn't the character you have to worry about.

Anonymous said...

I quite liked Liz's dry and controlled delivery. There are more than enough reviewers who go swinging on the rafters in their reviews, and do it quite well. It's nice to see a more toned-down piece from time to time.

bojak90 said...

Wait, you're doing the superman/Big Barda Porno that had that short lived new-god that no one remembers?

God save you sir. Maybe this means you'll one day cover the wanderers 11 where Aviax rapes a dinosaur.

Also, I'm going to guess that Tarot is going to be one of the comics you'll never review.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on Lewis, you should end the Lord Vyce storyline at Ewoks #9. I don't want to wait like in the Mechakara arc.

Celey said...

The trolls are most likely just rabid fangirls who can't get over the fact that Linkara has a girlfriend now.

In which case, I think the old adage, beating them off with a stick, sounds like a good idea. Except I think Liz should have the honors.

Yogurt said...

Anytime you bring a loved one before the assembled hordes of the internet, there is always the risk that cruel or insensitive things will be said.

Spoony learned this lesson well when he did that "coronation" video when he won the web awards and his GF, Scarlett, made an appearance.

Fortunately, nothing even close to the trolling on display in the comments for that video happened with the Chain Gang War review.

Linkara, you have been very forgiving and respectful when it comes to people demeaning your political, social, and religious beliefs. But I know from experience it is much more difficult to stay calm when a loved one is the target.

Please, don't lose your head.

...and Liz? If you are reading this, listen to the criticisms, but also listen to the positive things people say. You have great natural gifts at your disposal and much potential rests within your soul. Don't give up. Stay true to you.


Aaron M. said...

Dude, if you come to Youmacon again, I don't care that they moved the Venue an hour away from where I live, I'M FREAKIN' THERE. I missed you guys last go around due to scheduling problems, but I'm deffinitely setting aside some cash and some time to visit Youmacon if any of the Channel Awesome crew ends up going.

Falcovsleon20 said...

Oooh Top 15 Comics you'll never review? I hope it's because they're all good comics. I could use some more summer reading material since I've gotten back into comics. (So far all I've been reading is Deadpool and Gold Digger)

Anonymous said...

Ewoks #9 : Wookiepedia only has a cover image and a single sentence. It's about "The Underwater Kingdom", and the cover features an Ewok (who can apparently breathe underwater) riding an alien sea horse.

Hardcore Station #1: Pulled up the Wikipedia article on this. It was funny. Apparently, the writer/penciler called working on it "a nightmare".

PSA Hell: The Amazing Spider-Man: Skating on Thin Ice #1 : Drugs are bad, eh?

100th Episode - All that he sees, he conquers.

Nolan Ryan #1 - I see why you picked this one up. Oh wow. I'll suffice it to say that this wasn't available in stores; you had to mail away for it.

Dg said...

Awesome, I'm glad Liz'll be coming back next week. You two are an interesting team up and she did just fine (I was just rather busy and didn't get to comment yesterday XP). So glad she'll be doing more stuff with you. Liz seems like a very nice and funny woman, and you two have amusing chemistry (even if I'm upset that Ninja-Style Dancer didn't dance)

Yay for cons, schedules and Lord Vyce! <3

CJ47 said...

Top 15 comics you won't review, hmmm, *cough*onemoreday*cough*

Also, By my count, the 100th episode is actually episode 99 Lewis. Fix it.

Anonymous said...

So uh... You're using your influence to push Liz into internet popularity, she could even get a part on tgwtg.
What happens when you guys break up?

Tree of Truth said...

After reading Liz's blog, it looks like she both knows why her delivery was off and what to do about it.

Further it looks to me, form the review of b5 i read, that she can and does do a good job on her own material.

I have high hopes for next week :-).

Dodger Of Zion said...

Celey, you are very sorely mistaken. The fangirls adore Liz and think she's awesome. Of course, there are brats here and there, but 99.9% of the AT4W Estrogen Brigade are down with the Iron Maiden, because she rocks Lewis' world.

Kavinsky said...

Voyager elite force? any plans on doing the sequel?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

...DAMN IT, you people are right on the numbering. DX

I counted like ten times, how did I miss that?!

Okay, FINE. Which one would people prefer to be an actual episode - the Warrior #2-3 review or the Blackest Night Special?

The Man in Black said...

The best I can tell about Transformers is that it will be an Indie comic- in other words, not Marvel (as someone mentioned). I'm looking forward to seeing it, though.

Taylor said...

Oh man, Action Comics 592 and 593 should be fun.

Celey said...

Dodger of Zion... Note that I said "rabid" fangirls. I, too, am a fangirl and do not count myself in the "rabid" category. Nor do I count any other stable fangirls in the "rabid" category. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh god, you're doing the action comics with sleez in them? Good luck, man. Good luck.

Crazy56U said...

O_O ...I just recently looked up what Action Comics #592 & 593 were about. ...and my BRAIN almost stopped. ...seriously, out ALL the things Superman could do in a bad comic, *spoiler censored* was the LAST thing I'D expect. ...*shudder*.

Kavinsky said...

I'd just like to say I would actually like to see Liz again on the show.

However doing her own thing and writing it herself or a co review with you. which I think would have suited her better this being her first time doing anything like this.

and about the dick tracy thing, it was probably a reference/homage to the warren beatty Dick Tracy film that came out in 1990. hell you could probably do something with that and 90's kid if you ever review a dick tracy comic on the show

CJ47 said...

Make "The Spirit" review with Film Brain an official episode, just because it had "Miller Time" in it

arw1985 said...

Action Comics #593: Also known as "Superman Gone Wild!!"

Yeah, sounds weird, doesn't it?

Wazaraku said...

I KNOW! put both episodes and use the first one (you know which one) as an issue 0

*Imagine Linkara pointing his gun at me*

O____o okay then... i would say the blackest night, lets keep the warrior comics at Spoony's count

also 4 guesses at the 100th episode:
- One More Day (i'll be prooven right if it doesnt appear in your top 15... which it probably would)
- The F-bomb worst comic ever
- the number 16 of the comic you would never review
- a manga

also whatever it is i probably say that that day finally Lord Vyce will actually appear (i think that to keep us in suspense he will appear all Dr. Claw style for now... if he makes any appearances anyway)

now time to wonder the connection of the Ewoks with Linkara's return... Han Solo entrance? xD

Jordan Glazer said...

Make Warrior an Episode, it has more to do with comics then the blackest night one :)

Alex Stritar said...

My vote is for Blackest Night, the unofficial tie-in. xD

Lewis Lovhaug said...

False alarm, everyone! Turns out in my official list I never numbered Freak Force #1, so the Chain Gang War review is actually #89 and the count works. Thanks for being observant, though!

taekarado said...

@ Wazaraku

since the 'f-bomb worst comic ever' will apparently be the subject of his last ever episode (which is still quite a way off), and the hundredth episode has two more episodes right after it, im pretty sure that wont be the hundredth.

Saisinkolimonadin said...

By the way, if you don't mind me asking, when is the next part of the Q&A vlog coming up?

Avian said...

I'd love the 100th episode to be the Rocky Horror Picture Show comic, or a comic linkara actually likes.

Tyr Germanic said...

haha this list has great pontential.

review tmnt vol.3 goddamnit
its image raping someones else's ideas.
with all the cookie cutter,little to no difference variations of image comics reviewed already on at4w,you would think it would have importance over the others.
especially since the turtles are the pimpest childhood memory to so many people.
(and lack of black and white indie comics review)
also thor related reviews would be cool.

thanks for the free movies.hopr is better than tv.and the new arc is great,story driven shit is so cool.

SynjoDeonecros said...

Never say never when it comes to reviews, Linkara; while I'm sure you won't review anything pornographic, due to obvious reasons, the more mundane stuff that you put on that top 15 list will be fair game when you get desperate. Even the Mythbusters have done some myths that THEY said they weren't going to do...

I also hope that "any Sonic comic" isn't on that list; I know you're scared of incurring the wrath of Sonic fanboys, but you've successfully dealt with that kind of rabid fanboyism during your Miller Time segments, and there are a TON of bad Sonic comics out there to review (the Iron Dominion saga, Mobius: X Years Later, Sonic 108...)

I'm actually kind of disappointed that you aren't doing The Beast for your Transformers review. I really wanted to see how you tackled that thing.

Angry Dude said...

I thought Linkara said in one of his first videos that he wouldn't review One More Day (I'm pretty sure that will be 1 on his list of top 15)

I really didn't like Iron Liz. She seemed way too much of a stand in for Linkara. After getting unique guest stars and reviews like 90s Kid's and Harvey Finevoice I had to sit through that video. I would rather watch a Last Angry Geek review.

Anyways, for the longest time that I have watched your show your finally going to review a comic that I have actually read. Action Comics #592 and #593. They should be in vol 2 or 3 of John Bryne's run on Superman.

JeanJacket said...

Ooh... What exactly do you mean by "working on" Youmacon? Have they invited you? That would be awesome.

Congrats on the upcoming 100th episode. :)

Liz did a great job as host, and I'm loving her own stuff already, too.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually looking forward to see the comics that are safe from you!

Edward said...

The Others. Is that the comic Jim Valentino did? If it is, please tell me you won't be doing any furry jokes.

deuxhero said...

Wait, they made a comic book of the elite force game or is that review of something else? *checks Memory Beta* Yup they made one.

Stephen said...

I'm hoping that the episode 100 review is done in the style of the Alan Moore comic/Justice League episode "For The Man Who Has Everything", but with Pollo (or maybe Spoony?) and Liz in roles similar to Batman and Wonder Woman's, Linkara in the same situation that Superman was, and a bad comic book instead of the Black Mercy.

Tyr Germanic said...

have you heard the news about wonder woman,are you going crazy right now?

everyone ive asked agrees its like an elseworlds tale is canon.
supermans new direction has promise,hers is crap from the get-go.

Mike Mould said...

..."The California Raisins 3-D"...?

...the hell?

While I'm here, I'll jump on the bandwagon of support for Liz, I thought she did perfectly well, all things considered - I'm sure if she's willing to appear in future videos, she'll settle into a groove. I've read her post on The Foundry, and like many others, I'd suggest to her to basically shrug off the negative comments. 'Tis the sad nature of the Interwebs, after all.

Apropos of not very much at all, Linkara, I've noticed the Graeme Revell's score to Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie is on sale at the Screen Archives Entertainment website for $4.95. Didn't know if you were interested or cared, but I thought I'd mention it anyways: http://www.screenarchives.com/title_detail.cfm/ID/4762/MIGHTY-MORPHIN-POWER-RANGERS/

Oh, and quick question: Wonder Woman's new look, yay or nay?

Louis said...

I did look over the Action Comics...and I noticed it's John Byrne not just doing Superman (which is obvious) but the New Gods, in particular Big Barda. Considering how this was around the time he actually made huge inroads in developing She-Hulk, I wonder how much of a nightmare this will be for Barda.

And Liz did fine...though somehow I still say Ninja Style Dancer sticks around to prevent any more 90s Kid-like incidents.

LadyTorix said...


Dude please tell you saw this! THEY'RE REDOING WONDER WOMAN! WTH? O__O

LadyTorix said...

Looks two comments above...*facepalm* How'd I miss that?

LördFarkwad said...

(to the link lady torix posted: I barely missed smashing my keyboard on my head, WHY ARE THEY CHANGING HER BACKSTORY, smuggled out as a baby, is that necessary, whats next, Batman's parents fought back and were shot by cops, greedo shooting first and killing, WTH?)

one more day will be in the top 15 comics you will never review or will be episode 100, probably the former, as it would seem redundant to make numerous jokes (and ranting about it in numerous episodes...too many to count) and then review it.

Transformers plus AT4W = gold

Truce Weston said...

Ewoks? oh heck yeah! California Raisins 3-D #2 (wouldn't that make it 6-d?) Two of my least favorite things in one review, this is gonna be a treat!

Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force aka revenge of Monroe! This will be great! I loved the "let's play" you did of that game!

Top 15 Comics You’ll Never Review:

Anything by Gail Simone, anything else Teen Titans related, One More Day, Civil War, a good Rob Liefield comic (wait there are none!), Y The Last Man, Watchmen, Action Comics #1, anything else with Blue Beetle & Booster Gold, and Detective Comics #27 (i know i'm wrong on all of them, but my best guess anyway)

So until whatever disease that Spider-Man's universe got that spread to Wonder Woman's is eliminated and their status quos returned, MAKE MINE LINKARA!

Lord Seth said...

Darn it, I don't think I can make it to the convention you're going to. The most annoying thing is that if it were 30 miles closer I probably could.

Jacob said...

Hello, i've been a fan for a few months now and i'm happy to start commenting on this fine website. Looks like you have some good ones comin up lewis, keep up the good work.

deuxhero said...

I can't find any info about AC 592/593 beyond being a Superman story that has the debut of some character I have never heard of. Does the internet simply not want me to spoil myself for this/want to block out the mental images of it or (more likely) does it just not care about a comic from the 80?

Either way, your previous encounters with bad Superman comics leave me hopeful.

Jessica said...

been playing around in Second Life lately after being away from it for a while and digging through my inventory and found these items, figured Linkara might get a kick out of this


NGT said...

I know what the Transformers comic is.

It's Kiss Players.

Either that, or Kiss Players is on the list of stuff you're never going to review. Either way, it's gonna be ugly.

Xel Unknown said...

This was a good review Hell I don't mind at all that Linkara is gone and missing, we all know that'll come to an end when this awesomeness is done with. I for one hope that Liz helps in saving Linkara from whoever got him or something...

And I can't wait to see the Top 15 Comic's you'll never REview! That'll be fun to watch, this coming from an Non-comic book reader fan of course. I'm sure some more comic book fans might not enjoy it as I can see myself enjoying, but whatever.

mightysamurai said...

Anyone else seen this story yet?


Anonymous said...

So Lord Vice is the entities ass to kick in episode 100? If it's anything like MMPR #1 then awesome!

Sonic2nd said...

I really really hope that the 100th episode features Cry for Justice.

Lord Seth said...

Pfft, those trolls just be trollin'- Liz was great

I wasn't "trolling" when I criticized that episode before...I truly didn't think it was very good. But I tried to make it clear I didn't think it was necessary Liz's fault, and looking over at her blog and her response to the criticism, I definitely don't blame her, and in fact it seems to affirm what my own complaints: That she was basically saying the same things and making the same criticisms/jokes as Linkara would normally make, but due to not having experience in playing Linkara, she ended up not doing that good a job. Being given a script and not having a chance to add her own twists to it, not given much time to prepare, and being expected to play a character as well as someone else with much more experience is a bit tough, especially when there's no kind of "back up" like Lewis being in it as usual (him holding up a few signs doesn't really count). I'm not criticizing her for the fact her performance turned out poor. Still, here's the thing: While, again, I don't blame her for it, the problem is, it still turned out poorly.

I guess the overall point I'm trying to make is that, as I've said before, this would've worked way better as a joint and/or co-written review (like the FernGully review by the Nostalgia Critic and Nostalgia Chick, which was written by both of them). This allows for a few things. First, it would've allowed Liz to be more natural by being able to do her own thing more, while simultaneously sticking to the general kind of writing for the show due to Lewis's influence. I just think the way the review was done (pretty much having her play a character she wasn't used to) was a bit flawed from the start.

I also hope that "any Sonic comic" isn't on that list; I know you're scared of incurring the wrath of Sonic fanboys, but you've successfully dealt with that kind of rabid fanboyism during your Miller Time segments, and there are a TON of bad Sonic comics out there to review (the Iron Dominion saga, Mobius: X Years Later, Sonic 108...)

I didn't read the whole thing but I thought the Iron Dominion saga was okay, and while Moebius: 25 Years Later had some major flaws (honestly, I think the idea wasn't that great from the get-go), it wasn't that bad. But what was so bad about #108? It wasn't amazing, but it wasn't bad either.

If he wanted to review something in Sonic the Hedgehog, an issue in the #150-#159 range would probably be best; that was, after all, that's the stretch of comics that finally got longtime Sonic the Hedgehog comic reviewer Dan Drazen to quit (though he did come back thanks to story improvement when Ken Penders was replaced with Ian Flynn in #160). In particular, #152 might be good, as it really doesn't require knowledge of continuity to recognize a lot of the problems with it.

Anonymous said...

First things first, Liz did a good job, not incredible, but certainly not bad, couple more appearances and she could brilliant.

Onto the post itself:

Ewoks 9: Star Wars without epic conflicts, huge scale dogfights, the force or menacing villains, great AT4W material.

Cable 2: Another second issue, more shoulder pads, impossible muscles, big guns and 90's kid.

The California Raisens 3D 2: There were 2 issues of something called The California Raisens 3D!?!

Skipping to Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force: More Ensign Munroeeeee!... in live action

Skipping to Top 15 Comics I'll Never Review: One More Day, Pornographic stuff, a Sonic comic, the Twilight comic and controversial works like Spider-man: Ezekiel, Morlun and a magic spider totem (not read can't make any judgement)

100 episode: Linkara vs Lord Vyce (I hope) with a review of All-star Batman and Robin, Lightbringer (kidding, no hate mail please) or number on on last episode.

Transformers 4-5: Seen Pat Lees art, its not good.

Thats it.

71 The Roman said...

Just out of curiosity, I looked up the covers of the Action Comics you plan on reviewing, and the second one...um, wow. Good load of Superdickery there.

Slight spoiler(?): Gonna be listening to a lot of Who for a while... ;)

Fanloser said...

Thanks for the heads up. By the way, what do think of Wonder Woman's new costume design?

Tyr Germanic said...

remember that dumbass wonder woman cover from the silver age?
On it she said somethign along the lines of "remember when i turned from old wonder woman to new?" with a cover of the cool version on one side and the karate one on the right.

i always remembered that. only because it was so bad.
i am man punch them all!!

Tyr Germanic said...

also i request a top 15 comic strips review.
an important review.
im talkin calvin and hobbes,family circus,hagar,ripley's,doonesbury,dagwood,peanuts,zits,bc,over the hedge...sally forth barf. etc.
i dont normally think of that shit but it was a big part of growing up.
its should damn well be a TGWTG review and thats your territory...
you know,the fun of reading the funnies.its just enjoyable.you've ignored that branch of comics entirely.
theres so many posibilties you havent thought of reviewing.
it comics!

thanks for the free comedy
its great
keep on not fucking up

SynjoDeonecros said...

"Lord Seth said...

I didn't read the whole thing but I thought the Iron Dominion saga was okay, and while Moebius: 25 Years Later had some major flaws (honestly, I think the idea wasn't that great from the get-go), it wasn't that bad. But what was so bad about #108? It wasn't amazing, but it wasn't bad either.

If he wanted to review something in Sonic the Hedgehog, an issue in the #150-#159 range would probably be best; that was, after all, that's the stretch of comics that finally got longtime Sonic the Hedgehog comic reviewer Dan Drazen to quit (though he did come back thanks to story improvement when Ken Penders was replaced with Ian Flynn in #160). In particular, #152 might be good, as it really doesn't require knowledge of continuity to recognize a lot of the problems with it."

With the Iron Dominion arc: Sally forgets that the Iron Queen can take control of Nicole, until it happened. SALLY, who at one point actually SWAPPED PLACES with Nicole, and is the only character other than Rotor to have the most intimate knowledge about Nicole. Oh, and Bunnie bravely stays behind to fight alongside her husband and friends despite the danger to herself from the Iron Queen, only for her next appearance to be huddling in a bunker complaining about how she's useless BECAUSE of the danger to herself.

With Mobius: X Years Later, just one word: Tikhaos. That is all.

And issue 108 was bad for the main storyline, Robotnik x2 = Trouble. To go through the sheer amount of fail in that story would constitute spamming this blog, so I'll just sum it up by saying it's a Karl Bollers story.

As for the comics you mentioned, you must be talking about the idiotic wrap-up to the "Tails is the Chosen One" storyline, and the Antoine/Patch incident. Yeah, those are pretty bad. But I wouldn't say that Ian's brought any real "quality" to the comic; he did, after all, refuse to postpone a story he wrote of a war over a refinery in the Oil Ocean Zone in light of the spill in the gulf, after all.

Sam said...

"I am more than likely NOT going to be at San Diego Comic Con."


Will Staples said...

Hardcore Station, eh? I'm surprised it's taken this long for Jim Starlin to show up on AtFW.

Andrea Montano said...

can't wait to watch more episodes! 100! woohoo!
Aww, I live not even close to those conventions...! Well, next time :P.

Kavinsky said...

Linkara have you seen this and what is your opinion on wonder womans redesign?


James said...

Can I guess the 100th episode will be Power Rangers related?

Anonymous said...

I'm actually kind of surprised you're not reviewing Rise of the Arsenal.

Rattrap007 said...

hard to say what Transformers comic it will be.

Marvel US #4-5 is the intro to the dinobots and Shockwave. #5 has the iconic Shockwave cover. Story wise it is kinda stupid and has Marvel TF art.

UK TF #4-5 no clue

Dreamwave #4-5 well there are several. usually the stories are decent you just got bad art in Pat Lee's style. Plus Pat Lee Douchebag comments. of course it could be a subline of them like Armada or a GI Joe/Transformers cross over. Armada the more likely of the two..

Will said...

Dudes(or DUUUUUUUUDES, as 90's Kid would say), I think Linkara has enough posts asking him about Wonder Woman.

Anonymous said...

i know i'm probably late to the party, but whats the betting that one of the comics hell never review is 'sonichu'? people have been requesting him to do that thing since forever, even when hes stated clearly that he doesnt do webcomics, so it might be good for his fans if he clarifies it once and for all in video.

SynjoDeonecros said...

Not to change the subject, but if you do list the Sonic comics as part of the comics you'll never review, I have one comic that may make you reconsider: Sonic Super Special #7, a crossover between Sonic, Ken Penders' original comic The Lost Ones, and...Image Comics. I'm not joking, it has Spawn, Savage Dragon, The Maxx, and Shadowhawk in it. If THAT isn't enough to get you to review it, I dunno what is.

Anonymous said...

It would be hilarious if you put One More Day as the #1 comic that youll never review and then review it for youre 100th episode