Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Podcast with GCF-Talk

I sadly haven't been able to figure out how to emped something that's just an MP3 on Blip to here, so instead I'll just link you to it. I recently did a podcast with GCF-Talk, so enjoy as they ask me questions and I give answers!

Listen to it here! Do it now!


Anonymous said...

you know, out of you and my girlfriend, i'm really not sure which one of the two is the best to listen to. xD

seriously though, great podcast. i liked hearing your thoughts on aspects of gaming in particular, for some reason.

Anonymous said...

i found this using google. It might help you with your embed problems.

The Mad Scientist said...

Lewis, you just made my day mentioning Jeffrey Combs! He is seriously my favorite supporting actor on DS9 and one of my top 3 favorites on the entire show. I met him once and he was incredibly nice! He actually took my Senior Seminar paper on DS9 to read! (Yes, for my senior seminar in college, I wrote a 20 page paper on race, ethnicity, and gender as empowerment tools in DS9. I was held back by the page limit - I could have written ten more pages easily.)

Great podcast altogether!

SynjoDeonecros said...

Nice little interview there. Not much to say about it, except I can't wait for what's to come in the show, from what you've talked about with it.

One thing, though: the show about the dogs that you and the podcast's hosts couldn't come up with the name for is called "Road Rovers", and yes, it was a pretty awesome show.

Anonymous said...

Just a tip on getting this stuff onto blip:

You might just try loading your MP3 into some video editing program, and just toss out a title card or a still image, so it counts as a video, rather than an audio file.

Armaina said...

I am disappointed that no one rebutted the Owl comment with the 'I'm a Fowl' statement Virgil always used to make. That being said, you are not alone in the Might Max fan realms. It's one of my guilty pleasures of Cartoons of the 90's. It was shocking how good of a show it was for a Merchandise Driven show, for something that essentially the male Polly Pocket.

Much nerd joy was had with this podcast, but I'm too much of a cartoon junkie I'm afraid.

Oracle said...

Ah good times. Hush was the first Batman I bought. At the video store, not even a comic shop. The addiction grew quickly from there. :)

Chris Evans is better than you'd think, but I'm still shaky on this Captain America thing.

GCF-Talk said...

We can't thank you enough for doing this Linkara, we had a blast and are really grateful cause it shot our view count WAY UP!

Oufer Godsake said...

Is there only one Q&A Vlog?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

At the moment, yes, there is only one Q&A Vlog, but I did record more and I'll be getting to them when I have more free time.

Tyr Germanic said...

i agree about nightmare on elm street-so much wasted potential.

theres one weird fuck-up nobody notices about nightmare 2010:
in Freddy's backstory,he knew the kids because he was the GROUNDSKEEPER at their school.
THATS NOT from any old nightmare movies..
yeah,remember that halloween special PARODYING THE NIGHTMARE MOVIES?
in that groundskeeper willie was basically yeah,because of pure idiocy and laziness SIMPSONS TREEHOUSE OF HORROR CANON IS PART OF THE REAL MOVIES NOW.

thats really bad,i dont think ive ever seen a writing fuck-up like that before.

also when freddy said,"did you know after the body dies the brain stays alive for ten minutes.."etc. was weird,did he read about it in a dream library or nightmare wiki?
did some kid he killed bring in a fucking encyclopedia?
or did he look it up before he died,should he ever be burnt to death and become a dream demon?

CAN YOU AND PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE do some event to unload on their asses for that travesty?
nobody cashes in on the turtles on my watch.

ps: so i noticed you follow modern day superhero rules-you call noah antiller(?) Spoony-his alter ego- to the public,but by his normal name in private?
or is it silver age style and you always call each other by your monikers?

Turkish Proverb said...

Heh. Agree with you on Jeffery Combs ("That...will take some time" was a beautifully expressed line that showed utter loyalty and a tinge of shock in the same breath), great choice. The fact that he already played the part is secondary. I also tend to agree with you on nightmare on elm street.

Your comment on not liking the idea of Mechacara teaming up bugged me a little though. I can understand not wanting to glorify a villain and mass murderer, and as such think if you're worried about that it's probably best not to include him, but at the same time can easily se why he would. He saw himself as a freedom fighter and hero to the machines, and could easily believe him teaming up with Linkara in an attempt to stop Vice if he thought it would help the machines. Of course, I'd guess he'd probably end up trying to backstab you or escape when things got touch.

Then again, I do tend to think and over think some villain motives.

Tyr Germanic said...

if you are serious about this idea.(im telling you eventually tgwtg and the internets most popular videos wont be reviews one day,they will be plot based shit and your arcs and kickassia will be the pre-cursor.i foretell it!nah,i dont know but still)
so make the best damn plotlines you can think up.fuck it if its this medium.

also,a quality's sake advice from a random commenter on the internet:
use more actors besides yourself.
and to use harvey finevoice,90s kid,mechakara,etc.'s full potential get an editing program so you can do the parent trap thing.(or use a green screen)you really need it.

Kari said...

Yey, podcasts. They make me do more art. (I seriously just need to hire someone to talk at me while I paint, who won't expect me to respond.)

@GCF-Talk- nice show, guys. Mad props to the lady, who had many good points- who wants to golfshoe a certain writer in the face. I laughed really hard at that. Few people have been more abusive towards their original vision AND their fans than she.

And somebody anywhere near Hollywood wants to make a Gen13 movie?! I know it would suck but I'd be there opening day. Me and the crickets.

@ Turkish Proverb- I can see your point about Mechakara being a hero to his people. BUT. The inevitable atrocities of war should NEVER include using your mad Ed Gein sewing skills on a friend. (or anybody, really.) That in itself renders the character unforgivable (and creepy) to me; but going to another universe to kill them over again, pretty much just for kicks, makes it worse. He could have just stolen the coat at any time and dealt with it later, but no; that would be less satisfying. I will also argue that there are certain levels of bad blood that can exist between people that utterly prevent them dealing with one another in any but an adversarial capacity.