Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Podcast from Across the World!

Heyo! Just did a podcast with "This One Podcast" and now you can listen to it!


And now, a message from Sean:

“Hey folks that follow Linkara! I’m Sean, The host/co-host of “This One Podcast” (previously known as the Oddcast) where we just BS for about half an hour to an hour about whatever comes to our mind! If you guys look at my old podcasts ( you’ll notice that’s a different voice, well that’s because Nic is the new co-host! Annyway I hope you guys have fun listening and hope you guys listen to future episodes!”



SynjoDeonecros said... haven't checked out the new Pokemon for the fifth generation yet? Oh, dear, I feel really sorry for you when you actually do; garbage bag, ice cream, and floating jelly bean pokemon ahoy! And yes, Victini is labeled as Pokemon #000 in the Isshu pokedex, despite being an event Pokemon like Arceus. Insert your own Missingno. joke here.

deuxhero said...

The turn based combat may pretty repetitive in game, but it works well at higher levels of play (See Shoddybattle).

SynjoDeonecros said...

Plus, no offense, but a more active battle system wouldn't work well with the moves in the game; stuff like Aerial Ace that can't miss or types like Flying that can completely avoid certain moves would have to be severely nerfed in order to work with an active-dodge combat system.

However, that doesn't mean that a dodge feature CAN'T work in this game; it'll just have to fit into the turn-based system the game is built on. Just go with me on this: evasiveness is changed into its own alterable stat, like they did with breaking the Special stat in the first generation into SP. ATK and SP. DEF in the latter games, and that stat dictates a fifth move option specifically built for special evasion moves. You can use it as a normal move, if you wish, or you can use it during battle, after the opponent goes in for an attack but before the attack connects. In that case, though, to be fair, it will override any other move you were to perform that turn, if you haven't performed it, yet - the PP for the other move would be wasted, and the move would be canceled, but you'll be able to evade. If you HAVE performed that other move, though, your evasion move will fail. *shrugs* It's just a thought.

Serj said...

Aw, come on Synjo. You picked some of the most ridiculous Pokémon for that comment. You could do the same for the first Generation, you know?

A mime. A gruesomely misfigured, blonde woman with a giant mouth. Some kind of duck that was made in the late 90's by someone who had just learned how to make polygon objects for video games.

Paladin said...

About the "Power Rangers" name thing-

*Hurricaneger is the name of the series (which we got as Ninja Storm).

*Shurikenger is the name/title of one of the Rangers in that series.

Easy mistake.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed listening to it although alot of your references are a little beyond me but i was glad when you guys started talking doctor who, and was even more pleased to learn you are a McCoy fan whick leads me to ask, was the choice of a brown jacket and fancy hat plus the occasional pocket watch connected in anyway?