Friday, February 11, 2011

Liz and Linkara Play Magic Again PLUS Help My Title Card Artist!

Well, the people demanded that we give it another go, so hopefully we fixed some of our ruling mistakes this time around!

Also: please check the comments to make sure someone else hasn't already commented on the ruling flubs we make. Beyond that, though, enjoy!

First Duel!

Second Duel!

Third Duel!

Also also: Masterthecreater, Atop the Fourth Wall's title card artist, needs your help! Please go to THIS ADDRESS THAT IS ALL IN CAPITAL LETTERS SO YOU CAN MORE EASILY SEE IT and vote for his drawing of a character for the Stan Lee create-a-superhero contest!



Serenade said...

Just a small thing - Unless playing in a multiplayer (3+ people) matches, the first player to go does not draw on their first turn.

goggles said...

For attacking, here's where phases and steps is really important. When you decide to attack, you enter the combat phase. The first step is the "Declare Attackers" step, where you decide how many and which creatures you're going to attack with. The second step is the "Declare Blockers" step, where the defending player chooses which creatures to block and what to block with. And lastly is the "Damage" step, where all the damage is assigned to whatever is getting hit all at once.

Digimon Digital Liveblog said...

Also, permanent = card in play. Lands, Creatures, Enchantments, Artifacts, and Planeswalkers are all Permanents. Sorceries and Instants are not. Instants you can play on your opponent's turn, other cards you cannot. You attack with all creatures that you choose to attack with (tapping as part of the cost of attacking with said creature unless it has Vigilance).

Digimon Digital Liveblog said...

Just looking through the vid, also, you cannot randomly discard cards. With the definition of permanant I gave, she could have replayed the Hypnotic Specter on her next turn, Boomerang is just a temporary stalling tactic.

A card/spell is whatever colors are in its mana cost (including hybrid mana). This means cards with colorless mana only are colorless, as well as cards with no mana (lands and a few rare other ones). Note-if a card has any color, it is not colorless (even if it uses colorless mana-colorless is not a color, it's a state of no color).

Oh, yeah, that question about regeneration - removed from combat basically means that any future steps in combat that deal with creatures in combat no longer deal with it. For example, if a creature regenerated from first strike damage, and it hasn't dealt its damage to the other creature yet, tough. It's no longer in combat, so it no longer deals damage, but it survives. A pocket occurence, but one that helps us to understand what that means.

Also, you should've swarmed with your wolves. As creatures can only block one attacking creature at a time (though multiple creatures can block one attacking creature), math would have told you that you would've had more attacking power than she could handle.

More tips to come!

Stephen said...

Just got done watching the first video. For the creature limit, I am pretty sure there really is no limit unless you want to just have it on how much room you can cram in there.

Brian said...

I -believe- that a Permanent is any Land card or Creature Card that remains on the field and in play. Instants and Sorceries are not Permanents and neither are cards out of play.

When you return a card to the opponents hand, they -can- resummon it, but it is resummoned with summoning sickness as if it was played for the first time.

Digimon Digital Liveblog said...

Whether or not the first turn player actually draws a card is a point of debate. Rules wise, they don't. BUt a lot of people play house rules while drawing a card.

Turn order: Untap, Upkeep, Draw. Lands untap with everything else at the beginning of YOUR turn.

Flying creatures can block non-flyers. Unless they say so on the specific card that it could only block flyers.

That seems about it from here, you're learning!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to vote for the art contest, but the only options are Facebook (patooey!) and... a Norwegian phone number?

Hopefully before the contest ends they'll add one of those other ways to vote they're talking about; maybe it'll be something like email.

I still encourage people who don't mind Facebook's "all your information are belong to us" business model or live in/can afford texting Norway to vote!

Daniel said...

Guys just GET A RULEBOOK! I mean for God's sake.

Stephen Murphy said...

Great as always Linkara and Liz can't wait for more. I've never played this game before but it looks interesting. The only card game I ever played was Yugioh and I still have my deck and have duels with my older brother who still has his deck. I did have the Pokemon and Digimon card games but didn't play them as much as i did with my Yugioh cards and I eventually just gave the Pokemon and Digimon cards away though after seeing your vids on them I may try and track some cards down eventually and play with them again.

Anonymous said...

Have voted in the contest - good luck to Masterthecreator!

Anonymous said...

Tell you what. I'll vote for him, but in return Linkara, I want you to call Brian Michael Bendis a hack like you did with Quesada.

Okay I'm kidding, (kinda, I still want you to call Bendis a hack one day) I'll vote for his character. But he really shouldn't blame you if he loses.

Cubey said...

Can't wait for Power Rangers Samurai in your History of PR. I like the original sentai series the Samurai are based on (Shinkenger), so I am interested what the PR adaptation did with the show.

Ah, this was supposed to be about Magic now?

Anonymous said...

Just a suggestion from a CCG player (I've not played M:TG only L5R but the principle should be the same). Liz, your black deck contains some expensive white creatures, however you lack both the card draw and number of cards to generate white mana. Those expensive (though good) white cards wont see much play as your chances of drawing both them and the white mana producing cards is low and they will then sit in your hand occupying space. If you want to mix white/black you need to increase the number of white lands or look for other ways of playing those cards without compromising the black mana scheme.

My friend lurking over my shoulder suggests putting some powerful creatures from different colours with cool abilities you like in the deck and finding a card called 'Buried Alive' (get several copies). You play Buried Alive to search your deck for those monsters you like, put them in your graveyard. Then you use cards like the black spell 'Zombify' to bring a creature from your graveyard into play. Thus bypassing any mana requirements and getting those favourite creatures into play.

The Blue deck you faced was more cohesive overall which helps.

Mad Mab said...

She called him lewis...she broke the 4th wall....ironic isn't it linkara?

Drowin said...

You guys are really much improved since last time. The one thing I noticed that people don't seem to be commenting on is regeneration. IIRC and I most likely don't, you pay the regeneration cost on your turn and if it dealt damage enough to kill it, it is instead tapped and cannot participate in the rest of the combat. It will then untap at the beginning of your next turn and you can pay the regeneration cost again. I'm not even sure you guys had any regenerating cards but I heard you mention it a lot.

Also but you probably already looked it up, but it's "Welcome to my nightmare! I hope you're gonna like it." One of my favorite "musicals" that one. Vincent Price and Alice Cooper gnawing the scenery all over that set. :D

Anyway, enjoying these games a lot and you're personalities are just great. And Liz, next time he pulls that phaser just pick up the Nerf AR by your feet there. Nothing like a good old Mexican stand off. Hope you're feeling better, too.

Anthony DellaRosa said...

This is completely random, but, um...Justin Bieber had real-life Ninja-Style Dancers at the Grammys. 0_o

Brassherald said...

I know its a bit late, but, Linkara really should be trying out different colored decks to get the hang of each focus. Also, multicolored decks are not extremely hard to make or use, but thats just my preference

Roen said...

An alternative to using pen and paper to calculate your life: role playing dice. I've found that a d20 tends to work great for most of the games I've played. If I go over that, I'll use a pair of d10s.

Anonymous said...

1.)'s called a die. I know this is relatively pointless, but this keeps peeving me no matter who I hear it from: the singular = die, the plural = dice. Sorry I bring it end...

2.) It's not that there are mana cards. There is a card type of lands, the primary source of mana. Mana can be accessed in a variety of other ways, but it is typically through lands. Mana is an abstract energy concept (think MP in video games) that simply "exists" in your mind until you put it to use. If you don't, it fades away, wasted.

3.) Thrulls are Frankensteinian conglomerates of flesh of random creatures, though through melting down flesh and congealing into a shape rather than stitching random parts together.

4.) Love the drama, Lewis. I do that a fair bit in my card games too.

5.) Ah, Drift of the Dead. Love that card.

6.)'re taking the drama a LITTLE far there.

7.) If you think he's bad, you should check out MULTANI, Maro-Sorcerer: cards equal to every player's hand combined, and can't be targeted by anything. Virtually impossible to pin down.

8.) As I mentioned last time, you attack with your creatures all at once. You can do it one at a time if it's your preference, of course.

9.) If you think Overrun's bad...Garruk Wildspeaker is worse. Not only can he unleash Overrun...he's a planeswalker, so chances are good he'll still be around for his other potent effects.

10.) To be honest, I expanded out to MtG from YGO, too.

11.)a.) "Removing from combat" simply means that it is no longer attacking or blocking. The effect won't remove damage. If the creature removed from combat was blocking a creature, the second creature is unblocked if nothing else was blocking. I do apologize if that made no sense.
11.)b.) Regeneration is commonly disliked by a fair number of MtG players due to its complexity, even though current rules have made it pretty clear what it means...even if that then raises more questions.

12.) That's what's known as a mulligan. It exists in Pokemon too.

Anonymous said...

13.) Beware Phyrexia. An ancient evil of magical cyborg zombies, gremlins and demons, and all manner of horrendous monsters (e.g. witch engines), that reap everything alive or mechanical that isn't of their own make, considering it an insult to the "Grand Evolution", and reprocess all that remains into making more of themselves. They were finally destroyed several centuries ago, but a few outcrops still exist scattered across the planes. To make matters worse, a mutant strain of the glistening oil that drives them has infected the heart of a cryptic metallic world. New Phyrexian monsters exist in a wide array of new shapes, primarily grown from corrupting local fauna, but some are still reprocessed into new fiends. The only thing that may save the metal world in the upcoming war is the divisive nature of the new Phyrexians.

14.) Ah, Serra Angel. I miss the days when that was a high-caliber card. Now it's the wake of...BANESLAYER!!! GAH!!! Look it up to see why some time. I hate it. It was such a blatant push of the envelope to make creatures bigger that it's hurt design bad. Really bad.

15.) ...yes, any number of creatures can block an attacker.

16.) There is no maximum of any card that can be in play. The only limits are: one legendary permanent of the same name in play at a time, one planeswalker of the same subtype in play at a time, and one world permanent in play at a time of any name, type or subtype. The consequences are that all cards that have said trait in common are put into the graveyard at once, except in the case of worlds, where the last one to come into play remains in play.

17.) it wrong I...didn't completely like Wayne's World?

18.) The first player in a 2-player game doesn't draw. After that, every player draws during their own turn, after their untap step.

19.) I know, Liz. I dislike counterspells too.

20.) One card you may like, Lewis, is Cloud Seeder. It makes more Cloud Sprites with ease.

Retro7 said...

Oh he in the contest too. Same here.

Doing a lot better then I am =P. Still gave a little vote his way. He in the top 50 anyway, so chances are he'll get a constellation prize at best. Best of luck to him.

Octo7 said...

There was a time when I kind of just tolerated the storylines, they didn't bother me OR excite me. But now they're awesome. I was all excited when all the characters were together facing Vyce, the mobster guy, 90's kid, linksano, linkara, all very different characters with their own vibe, that's impressive acting skills. Liz and Joe were awesome too. I laughed my ass off at Joe's exit " ACKBAR? ON-SCREEN! ACKBAAAAAAAAAAAAR!" It was beautifully random.

Octo7 said...

shit. i totally just posted a comment ont the wrong video :S

Anonymous said...

you guys seem to have gotten much better at the rules. The only big issue is that you have to declare all of your attackers at once (and then your opponent blocks all at once) but you even seemed to be doing this a bit.

About cards like boomerang and unsummon. They are both instants which means you can cast them at any time. Since your opponent can just recast the creature it is best to use them when it would most inconvenience your opponent, like when they are about to attack or block with it.

Liz you needed to be more aggressive, he had a few small small tapped guys with flying and you had two 4/4 Legions of Lim-Dûl's, a 3/2 warchief, and some other guys but you were only attacking with one dude. All his stuff had flying so why not smash away. Also, if you are playing big white angels that deck needs more plains, which means nightmare might not be the best choice.

Oh and about damaging cards. While I care a little bit about card value, I like my stuff to be nice, the bigger issue I have is with cards being marked. Some scratch marks and wear around the edge is fine, but if you can easily tell which card is which just by looking at the back, then that is a little anoying. But as long as you don't completely manhandle the cards shuffling like that shouldn't be too bad.

And about blue and counters. Now, I love counter decks, and they can be great don't get me wrong, but they aren't as good as some people think and get a lot of undeserved hate. Historically wizards did make blue a little too good, although a lot of that was due to good draw, not counters. But, even in casual circles counter decks (or "permission" decks as they are called) have never been as unbeatable as people think. A fast creature rush can often over power them, since they can't react to every creature that is played, especially since counters are more expensive these days.

Anonymous said...

Heeey, I can see Iron Liz' toes, and they're really cute ^^