Sunday, February 27, 2011

Podcasts and the New Ship

Heyo! I have two recent podcasts that I did up for you first.

And interview with Caboos15:

And then watch a muuuuch longer interview (plus some quirky characters answering questions) in this one with Attack of the Awesome:

And finally, you may have noticed that on the side of the blog, I've added a poll for the new ship name. I should point out that it's still possible I'll end up liking some other name or add it to the poll, but for the moment these are the ones that I really liked.

This one seems to be a major contender for most people who suggest names... that and "Valiant," but the thing is that I'm trying to AVOID references to other shows, and Valiant has already been taken by Doctor Who.

Here's my only exception to that, because Titanus just denoted hugely big and badass, so I'm making an exception in this case.

Giga Ship
I would LOVE to name my ship the Mega Ship, but that's already taken by Power Rangers and the Titanus one is already stretching things. So what's bigger than Mega? GIGA.

I admit I didn't really want it referencing anything comic or Atop the Fourth Wall-related directly since it just seems silly naming a warship after the funny parts of the show, but "Comicron" just sounds awesome.

Virtue Emerald
A little more surreal, admittedly, but it's unique, it reflects both the V-theme as well as the green aspects of the ship, so I kind of like it.

It has the awesome "Giga" part of the name, plus a play on words. I couldn't resist.

I'm Not Liking Any of These Names
If the overwhelming majority says that these names all suck, then feel free to suggest some more. I want something badass but not negative (no DESTROYER OF WORLDS or the like), something that isn't a reference to a TV show, comic, movie, video game, etc., and overall just something awesome. ‎


Dodger Of Zion said...

I'm really feeling the Vigilant, but Virtue Emerald is indeed unique and apropos.

I throw my equal support behind both of those names, but I'm cool with whatever you decide.

ShadowWing Tronix said...

Part of me wanted to go with "Comicron" but something about "GigaVenger" works for me.

By the way, did you ever get my e-mail about the BSG comic donation?

Anonymous said...

i voted virtue emerald because that name is just kickass awesome - fitting for at4w in a sense.

lol said...

Awesome, questions about your characters! I'll enjoy some insight from you.

Of the ones you listed, I like Vigilant better, but I think there's something missing with that one. Have you considered using a Latin word? 'Vinci' (As in 'Vini, vidi, vinci') would be great and it'd fit with how Linkara-the-character got the ship.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I'm all for naming a ship after a lady. And the most important lady around you is Liz, and the ship is green, so I say it should be "The Emerald Liz"!

Or the GigaVenger. Whichever words.

Poki#3 said...

I like Comicron. Titanus is a close runner up.

mephilesthedark said...

I vote GigaVenger. It just sounds AWESOME. :D

Thoom said...

Please consider doing a guest shot on my comic book-centric podcast, THOOM! ( My offer to pay still stands. Thanks for your consideration.


MagMarcy said...

My vote is:
1. Giga Ship
2. Comicron

But any will be awesome. I mean, it's a spaceship. You can't mess that up.

Anonymous said...

I'd go with either Vigilant or Virtue Emerald.

M.H. Smith said...

I like Comicron!

Drunken Lemur said...

I like Virtue Emerald. I hope it wins.

Anonymous said...

Nothing really jumps out at me screaming how perfect it is but I do like Virtue Emerald because it is a 'V' which I think the ship definitely needs to be named with (unless we pretend it's ^ and just call it Caret) and like you said, it's a bit surreal and unique which earns points from me.

Andrew said...

I'd go with either the Giga Ship or the GigaVenger, since they both seem to have Power Rangers/Super Sentai sounding names.

Alex said...

Okay, ship name ideas

Triumph of hope
Breaking Dawn
Victory Ascendant

Andrew Ronzino said...

I like "Virtue Emerald" best of all.

Bosh Depanzer said...

I'll be honest, I'm liking Virtue Emerald.

Insanekaosx said...

Why not The Champion?

Miff said...

What about just the Virtue, has that been taken yet?

Ridley Litton said...

The ship itself Kind of reminds me of Toonami ship the Absolution. Naming it in the same vein as that, a name like Benediction or Windfall would be cool.

Mystik Tomato said...

Casting my vote(s) for Comicron and GigaVenger.

Anonymous said...

I don't like most of these. Titanus sounds ok, but it sounds incomplete, so I can't recommend it. Basically, sorry, back to the drawing board I guess.

Robert Willing said...

Here's a suggestion. Centari (NOT Alpha Centari, jsut Centari).

Anonymous said...

my sugestion would be the dimensional

charizardag said...

Hmm, that does seem hard to decide.

For something uniqie, I look into the Halo series, their war ships have strange names, they are usually phrases or lines.

some Examples are "Forward Unto Dawn" "two for flinching" and "A mid-summer night."

so, you can think of something like that and make it your ship's name

here's a few names you might like

"In Mint Condition"
"One More Day Sucks"
"Linkara's Zord"
"SS Kickassia"

What do you think?

KamenRiderGumo said...

For the ship's name, why not consider the name Vanguard? Especially since it looks like that ship is going to be the front line of defense against the Entity (which I assume will be revealed shortly and you will be summarily dealing with).

Kimarous said...

Vigilant - Approved; secondary choice.

Titanus - Too evil-sounding. I hear this and envision something along the lines of Serpentera. Denied.

Giga Ship - Approved; tertiary choice.

Comicron - Way too cheesy. Denied.

Virtue Emerald - I like this one, but it doesn't roll off the tongue very well. Maybe "Emerald Virtue"? As "Emerald Virtue", primary choice. As it stands, it's my fourth choice.

GigaVenger - Just... no. Denied.

To summarize my preference:

#1: Emerald Virtue
#2: Vigilant
#3: Giga Ship
#4: Virtue Emerald

YetAnotherGeek said...

Damn...Comicron, Virtue Emerald and Titanus all sound awesome...I can't decide. Hell, I'll go with Comicron.

Maverynthia said...

What's bigger than Giga? Tetra Ship! Or maybe even just Tetra!

tea_redneck said...

My vote is for the "Virtue Emerald". I just like the name. It sounds original and flows well for me. Please don't use any of the Giga names. All I can think of is that Giga Pudding commercial and I now have the song stuck in my head.

Daniel said...

S.S MAN!!! That is the only name i think would be fitting

CMWaters said...

Listening to both these interviews is fun, but some of those answers I already knew from listening to previous podcasts and such.

Just wish I knew about the asking period for that second one for two questions I had:
-Opinion on the fact that they actually decided to make a Youngblood movie (not of the movie, but the fact that they wanted to make one)
-Opinion on Boom Studios' work with Disney franchise (specifically Darkwing Duck)

As for the ship names, they all sound interesting. I did a random draw and got the first one listed, so that's what I voted for. Since if I was naming the ship, it'd be called "The Optimus" but you don't want other show references and such.

...though now I wonder what Vyce named the ship.

BagelJew0707 said...

this name might sound cheesy but i would suggest the "Blazing Victory" or Just "Victory" to go with the V letter theme

deuxhero said...

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Malken said...'ve got a few interesting choices for the ship's name so far, but since you're the designated champion of this universe, I think your ship should have a name that reflects that role! Therefore, I suggest it be christened: The Vanguard.

Tony said...

Need ship names?
I'll bite
Taken from my own various starship names used in past campaigns for various RPG's


Taken for WWI Wargaming (Most of these were real ships of the line in their day)

Aircraft Carriers
HMS Furious
HMS Argus
HMS Hermes
HMS Courageous

HMS Bellerophon
HMS Superb
HMS King George V
HMS Thunderer
HMS Monarch
HMS Marlborough
HMS Ajax
HMS Benbow
HMS Queen Elizabeth
HMS Valiant
HMS Warspite
HMS HMS Barham
HMS Royal Oak
HMS Revenge
HMS Ramillies
HMS Resolution
HMS Hercules
HMS Odysseus

HMS Inflexible
HMS Indomitable
HMS Indefatigable
HMS Lion
HMS Tiger
HMS Repulse
HMS Renown
HMS Resistance
HMS Hood
HMS Anson
HMS Panther
HMS Lynx

Heavy Cruiser
HMS Warrior
HMS Achilles
HMS Shannon
HMS Minotaur
HMS Defence
HMS Hawkins
HMS Raleigh
HMS Durham
HMS Chapel
HMS Youngstown
HMS Barrow
HMS York
HMS Parson
HMS Parkes
HMS Stewart

The first question you should be asking if you don't want to take a random fan suggestion is what kind of ship you have there.

Is it a solid carrier designed to act as home for smaller ships?

Is it battleship meant to tow the line and give as good as it gets?

Is it a nimble battlecruiser trading off the greater armor of a battleship for the nimbleness of a cruiser but still packing the firepower of a battleship?

Is it a heavy cruiser designed to fight anything smaller than it and win but staying far away from the big boys.

Or the ever useful and adapatable light cruiser? Or something smaller, a destroyer or even frigate?

The reason being is twofold, one for story purposes of course.

Second because most countries share the same sort of naming conventions, you can check out the offical lists of the American/British and Russian Navy's easily online and they all adopt a simlar pattern, ships of a certain class get the same kind of name being it naming it after a person, a place or a virtue.

rdfox said...

It's looking like it won't come up, but if "none of the above" wins, might I suggest "Indefatigable"? Not only is it an appropriately awesome-yet-funny name, but it has a proud history amongst the capital ships of the Royal Navy.

mcheif30 said...

Dragon's Death Saber, The Bloody Barnacle of Hades, The Hell-born Raider, The Poison Gold, The Horror of Hades, The Void Grave Robber.

The Mad Scientist said...

Valiant is also referenced in DS9, as I'm sure you're well aware. ;)

I voted for Vigilant, but my personal preference would have been Vigilance. I don't know, it just seems like more of a ship name to me. But that's just me.

El Diablo said...

So here are my suggested names fpr your new ship:






Anonymous said...

Definately either GigaVenger or Comicron. :D

Anonymous said...

U.S.S. I'm Not Liking Any of These Names.

[/completely unhelpful]

Dg said...

I kinda like Gigavenger and Comicron (mostly Gigavenger)

Virtue Emerald scares me.

There's always my capcha: Lotoxis :D

Werezilla said...

Confession time, I voted for Titanus, however I do have another potential name for the ship: Kronos. After all, the time shield should still be operational, why not name it after the Titan of Time. I guess I love alliteration too.

Toby said...

Some guys above users posted "Gunslinger" and "Vanguard", and I think those names are really good.

I myself voted for Vigilant.

WheeledJustice said...

If I were to go with one of the ones in the blog, I'd go with Comicron. However, personally, I'd think that despite Vice's evil ways, you'd still want to respect the fact that it was his ship at one point and call it The Grip. (Vice Grip? Get it?)
It's Punny, it denotes the awesome destructive power of the ship and, well, I just like it and it's 3 in the morning. So what do you think?

WheeledJustice said...

Just as a side note, you could always be sappy and call it The Iron Liz. :P

If you take that the wrong way as a comment that I'm calling her fat or spaceship-like...Sorry, heh. I'm not. Promise.

RestamSalucard said...

I voted Virtue Emerald but I think something like the "Emerald of Virtue" would work better.

Sarah said...

Voted for Vigilant,as it's the one that jumped out at me the most. My suggestion would have been Validus though (latin for strong/powerful).

inkBot said...

Why not name it "The Fourth Wall" (protecting the third planet).
Then you could have an awesome "Aboard the Fourth Wall!" line.

Other thoughts would be "Valor" (for the V shape).
"Marvelous Deep Cruiser" "Defender Carrier" (Marvel + DC comics inspired name(s))
"Vessel Awesome"
"The Lore Hive" (yea yea, hive sounds negative)
"Continuity Corrector"
"Freedom Freighter"

Spades529 said...

The Skyrider Mark V!

Why Skyrider? It was the named to an old spaceship fighter I built out of LEGOs back when I was little and has stuck with me ever since. I decided to add the "Mark V" to keep with the "V" theme. I hope you consider it.

Anonymous said...

As has been mentioned Valiant was in DS9 too, and you most certainly don't want to invoke the imagery of a tiny ship crewed by a bunch of cocky rookies who got themselves killed being stupid.

That said, I like Vigilant the best.

Jesse said...

Of the names on your poll, I liked GigaVenger the best.

I was going to suggest another name, but only two came to mind: Vanessa and Victoria. They both seem like dumb names for a ship of war, but they just might work, too.

Anonymous said...

I think it should be called the S.S. Ship.

LN said...

Another vote for Emerald Virtue (as opposed to Virtue Emerald). :)

Str8edge said...

How about Pulsar or the Conviction

or "borrow" from Family Guy:

the S.S. More Powerful Than Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, and the Incredible Hulk Put Together.

Daniel2112 said...

Might I suggest you name her the Rocinante? After both Don Quixote's faithful steed and the starship in the Rush songs Cygnus X-1 and Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres.

Captain_Elsewhere said...

out of all of them the Comicron is best, though its still wanting, Id like to contibute the Cado Malum which means the fallen evil in latin.

PWBOT said...

If it's bigger you want, why not Zetta Ship, then you would so zetta fast! Sorry, TWEWY rambling. I do like GigaVenger, but it seems more like a name that Pungeon Master Liz would give. So Vigilant or Virtue Emerald/Emerald Virtue (just cause the front of the ship is a big 'V' doesn't mean that the ship's name has to begin with one).

Mountain King said...

Virtue Emerald is a great name, the only problem is it doesn't mean anything. Sort of like the name of a ship from Andromeda.

Vigilant on the other hand (which I was one of the suggesters, sorry for boasting but it explains my perspective) has a bit more to it.

Screech The Mighty said...

I vote for Vigilant or Comicron. Either one works.

MetFanMac said...

May I be so bold as to suggest the USS Fourth Wall? :-P

Anonymous said...

Dear Captain Linkara,

Given your enmity with the antipathic Entity - how about the Auntie Anti-Entity? Or would that be taking it BEYOND... you know. Thunderdome.


A Friend

Bruno said...

whatever it is i definitely think you should have v in their, i just sounds good with anything

Bruno said...

ok how about this, the MultiVerse,
like the parallel dimensions and the verse/horizon/frontier, i maybe wrong, but i think it sounds pretty good

William Berk said...

I like the "GigaVenger" title, myself. It's catchy, it's original and the capital V in the center seems perfect.

animehater said...

You know I heard that the ship TOM rode around in Toonami was called "Absolution" how does that sound for your little baby? I would also like to retract a previous statement comparing your ship to that one, as the pictures i see of it looks nothing like this one your trying to name. Still though "Absolution dos" sounds nice to me.

reservoirdogs said...

la vendetta

Anonymous said...

Comicron is awesome, but I think that "Bob" would be a cool name. There aren't enough spaceships named "Bob" in my opinion. It's your choice, though.

areoborg said...

I kinda like the Virtue Emerald.

You could always go with a Culture-esque name for your ship. They name their ships things like Just Read The Instructions, Frank Exchange Of Views, A Series Of Unlikely Explanations, or Armchair Traveller to name a few.

Anonymous said...

Maybe "Vulture" Picking clean the evil in the universe. Turing something viewed as bad and evil into a force for good and kindness. Just my 2 cents

Signed - jaws900

Sigurd Tao said...

I say name it the Colbert

Viktor Matiesen said...

Okay I got a suggestion for ya:


jacob nameri said...

the grant morrison

phoenixdaughterAM said...

Hmm...Vigilant has a nice ring to it. Very fitting for earth's champion.

WyldCard4 said...

IMO the names all sound kind of masculine. Your ship is a female. A battleship of course. A weapon of war. But ships are female, and those are all very male sounding names to me.

I consider them all to be awesome names, but that is the first thing that jumps out here.

If I may suggest something, Vigilante. Adds in the "v" style you like. It is very similar to vigilant. It sounds more female. And it is a slightly more subtle comic book reference. A superhero being a vigilante after all. It is more dignified than Comicron and references multiple elements of the show.

Given it is the warship of Lord Vyce, Poor Literacy is Kewl. Perhaps Viganti? Makes it more of a double meaning. On one hand it is a feminine version of Vigilant as well as an alternative spelling of Vigilante.

Of course this is all merely a suggestion. I hope this may help.

Anonymous said...

how about uss valaris it sounds cool

Turkish Proverb said...

I'm Not loveing Any of These Names

How about Saraswati? Or Ganesha
Named for Gods of stories, art, and writing etc.

A female name for a ship, and one subtle yet on-topic.

Heimdal if you prefer something more germanic.

That said, GigaVenger is sort've a "so silly it's awesome" name, the kind've thing I could see 90's kid suggesting.

Andrew said...

Hm... what if you named the ship "GigaVenture" instead?

PockyMech said...

I'd go for Virtue Emerald, it feels like a subtle reference to green related super-heros for me.

Green Super-Heros = Awesome

BlondieSheep said...

I like 'Virtue Emerald' though I think 'Emerald Virtue' flows a little better.

James said...

May I suggest calling it "The Titan"

Thomas Kelley said...

How about the Twilight Star or the Sabre Hawk. And no im no6 sayinh twilight meaning THAT twilight......stupid vampire books.

Anonymous said...

If the V theme must stick, then try something with V as the roman numeral 5. Something like "V Breaker" After all this thing did break the dimensional barrier, which would be akin to the "5th" wall.


Anonymous said...

On the Blip comments, I suggested the Fourth Wall as a ship name, and I see that some others here have done the same. I understand, however, that it doesn't really make sense out of context, which is what I think you're going for.

Of the current names, I would drop the "Emerald" part and go with simply Virtue, considering the SYMBOLISMOMGWTFBBQ of it formerly being Vyce's ship. Again though, that requires a bit of context, and it doesn't really mean anything on its own.

A few more (some of which may have been suggested already):

-Theia, Selene, Helios
-Freedom or a synonym thereof

To be honest though, I would just write the storyline without naming the ship, then christen it something relating to its first battle. Again, it requires context to understand, but it will feel more natural, if you know what I mean.

Sharpe said...

I don't like any of the names.

I reccomend Guardian.

Darbicus said...

I like the Vigilant of the names provided.

Though I'd be partial to the Sleipnir, named after the horse that the Norse God Odin rode into battle.

I'm certain 90s Kid would prefer the SS Xtreme or some such thing.

Stevie said...

Can't it just be called the Gunslinger? I mean, that's what the theme song to the show is called and it's a pretty bad ass name for a ship.

These other names, I don't know. Who would actually want to go "This is the Captain of the USS Virtue Emerald"?

Anonymous said...

With the book 'mythology for dummies' in my hands, may I suggest this:

Zeus Eleutherios (Zeus of freedom)

Zeus Nephelegereta (Zeus the cloudcollector)

Talos (Jason and the argonauts anyone?)

Themis, Hermes, Phoenix, Arthur, Ragnarok, Odin, Perseus, Pallas Athena, Cronos and Dante

A lot of names, it's only a suggestion(s). Hope you can do smething with it.

from the Netherlands

Anonymous said...

I suggest these ones:

Talos (Jason and the Argonauts anyone?)

Zeus Eleutherios (Zeus from the Freedom)

Zeus Nephelegereta (Zeus the Cloudcollector)

Odin, Skyschreacher, Pallas Athena,
Cronus and Phoenix of judgement

Not sure if this was posted before, here it is again with a small diference in flavour.

From the Netherlands

Anonymus said...


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure you won't even take this into consideration since you already have such a multitude of awesome names, but personally, I've always referenced to the ship as she "Fourth Wall Ship" (As in Warship).

David page said...


Anonymous said...

Omegaship might be a bit to close to mega ship so how about omegavenger?

Anonymous said...

You could name it "Magnanimous" based on your forgiving nature

Azriel Legnasia said...

Why Don't you try The Wall. It can be used as a reference to your shows name, as well as to your indomitable personality. (If your felling really over the top try something like T.H.E.4-Wall kinda silly I know.) Also I would suggest a "heroic-refit" of the ship as seems a bit too sinister for your character as is.

Arwhin said...

I'm gonna go with Virtue Emerald. That just sounds kickass.

Kth-77 said...

If I were to ask Lewis Lovhaug a question, it would be "While you put your foot down on cameo-ing in other reviewers from outside the site, what about cameo-ing in animated works, as in you are just needed for voice recording?"