Thursday, September 8, 2011

That's All I'm Saying 9-8-11

This week, Linkara looks at Action Comics #1, Detective Comics #1, Men at War #1, Hawk and Dove #1, Green Arrow #1, Batwing #1, Justice League International #1, Animal Man #1, Swamp Thing #1, Stormwatch #1, Static Shock #1, OMAC #1, and Batgirl #1. ‎


wyokid said...

Detective Comics #1, Hawk and Dove #1, Batwing #1, Animal Man #1, Swamp Thing #1, Static Shock #1, and Batgirl #1 are the only ones this week that i plan on following at least until the end of the first arc. I am exactly with you on on Detective and Action Comics!

Aaron "The Mad Whitaker" Bourque said...

Re: JLI #1

No, sorry, that's NOT how you do it. "Prove them wrong" reeks of smugness.

Anonymous said...

Action Comics - Can't disagree more. It is supposed to be a reflection of the Golden Age (as you pointed out) and I think will show the evolution of the character as time goes on, how he went from who he was, to who he is in the main Superman title. I really enjoyed it with that in mind.

Detective Comics - I was underwhelmed. It felt like any other Batman/Joker story. Nice catch on the Black Lantern symbol. Hmmm...

Men of War - Agree, it isn't my thing but it suffers from what all genre comics suffer from. If it isn't our thing, it's not your thing.

Hawk and Dove was a mess, outside of the art that is Liefeldian. The action was lackluster and story was more backstory than anything.

JLI was disappointing but I was really offended at the not so subtle shot at internet comic fans that were against the relaunch but maybe I was a bit harsh on it with my initial reaction. I'll re-read it because I was really looking forward to it.

LOVED Animal Man, it was absolutely fantastic and the dream sequence/end was beautifully surreal.

Stormwatch I went into cold and while I liked it, it was really intimidating going in and I couldn't recommend it for complete DCU Novices. I love Cornell's work in general though (Reign of Doomsday aside).

I went in wondering why OMAC was a series and I left the same way. I just didn't really care and I don't think new readers really will either. I'm one and done with that.

Totally agree with Batgirl 100% My major problem over it though her recovering the use of her legs through... why not? Of course there's really no good way to make her walk again and always can be explained later. In Gail I Trust.

Well, outside of Action Comics pretty much agree, Surprisingly I am enjoying the relaunch more than previously thought. Looking forward to comparing notes next week.

Until then,

Trust me, I'm a relaunch Doctor.

(PS love these vlogs)

Noj776 said...

I have to say I LOVED Action Comics. I will openly admit that Im not the biggest fan of Superman there is, but I adored All Star Superman, and really respect the character and what he stands for. That being said, I really appreciate Morrison tying in his Golden Age roots. If he plays it like Im suspecting we will see an evolution of Supermans character into something closer to what we have today, and honestly this book is the most interesting Superman has been in pretty much the past decade.

Detective Comics was surprisingly really good to me. Tony Daniels past writing has been mediocre but I left impressed, and I dont think you should knock it for its violence.
Anyways I could go on and on but I will just say I really enjoyed this new show and I appreciate what you are doing for your fans, and to an extent DC. Hopefully some of your fans who haven't been reading comics will finally take the leap.

p.s. I do hope you give Action Comics a fair chance though. Morrison is best at longer stories that take their time to pay off.

August M. said...

Action Comics #1: Superman being Dirty Harry? Funny that at some point Clint Eastwood was considered to be Superman in Superman The Movie.

Detective Comics #1: Oh yeah, violent indeed, but doesn't feel misplace.

Men at War #1: Rather watch any given good war movie instead. Patton comes to mind.

Hawk and Dove #1: Rob Liefeld. The art ruin the book for me. Agree on getting rid of him.

Green Arrow #1: Enjoyed it but he needs his goatee, he's naked without it.

Batwing #1: I have no problems with continuity(Unless it's LOST. good God I had to watch it from the beginning to understand it) so I was able to enjoy this book.

JLI #1: Better than JL #1, this should have been released along side JL #1 to prevent new readers from entering the DCnU.

Animal Man #1: Was surprised by this book. Not knowing much of this character, I wasn't really interested. Luckily, the book had a great story and I will subscribe to it ASAP.

Swamp Thing #1: Was okay but I need to Read Alan Moore's run too.

Stormwatch #1: was okay. Not interested though.

Static Shock #1: Love the show and enjoyed this comic.

OMAC #1: Didn't enjoy it.

Batgirl #1: Easily my favorite of this weeks New 52, along with JLI #1. Glad I wasn't disappointed. Funny that some people are saying that Babs frozen in fear of the Mirror pointing the gun at her is similar to Samus confronting Ridley in Other M and is out of character but it doesn't bother me. Looking forward to the book.

Overall, much better than last week and hope that next week is great too.

PS: Who knew that James Gordon had red hair at a younger age?

Arnoldoaad said...

A great review but i didnt knew you havent read Swamp Thing


if you havent read anything
just start with Saga of the Swamp Thing#21 by Alan Moore, AKA Anatomy Lesson
you can also get it online, dont read anything else if you dont want to but that issue is perfect.
absolute perfection of a comic book
is the best thing that Alan Moore have written and that was only his second issue on the book
its above Watchmen

i have read almost everything ST related and ST#1 by Snyder was like going home
that tone of moore, is in this book, yeah i can understand that as a new reader you might not feel it but its going into a great direction

but Animal Man is doing better, Best comic this week

i read AC and i love it but i knew this was gonna be your reaction before i play the review

btw im impress on how fast you made this
keep going ^^

Anonymous said...

The end of Batgirl #1 did make me scratch my head a little, but there was also the reaction and accusation that cop made to Batgirl. Also, I kept thinking that said cop might have been Renee Montoya, but I am guessing that I am sorely mistaken.

S said...

action #1 rocks

clockstomper said...

I didn't like Batgirl as much as you did. On the plus side I liked the characterization and dialogue, except maybe some of the not-so-subtle attempts to make Babs hip and young for the high school set (poor babies?) I am somewhat annoyed they did not address whether Cassie or Steph still held the mantle in the DCnU (even a passing reference to other people wearing the mask could have helped.) And hopefully we get an explanation for why Steph stepped down, if her time as Batgirl happened. Oh and we MUST get a better explanation than "a miracle happened" for Barbara's walking. And the mirror's a bit cliche and relied on coincidences to not get caught. Simone gets the character moments right but nothing in it really justifies Barbara being back. Would have been as enjoyable with Steph.

I'm with you on most everything else except for Action Comics...I think we might not have gotten a "5 years ago" thing because we'll be jumping around in time a bit. Morrison is big on the "everything is cannon" approach so this 1930s style Superman may be around for just an issue or two. And I think the point might be that Clark is going to learn a tough lesson that might does not equal right, paving the way for the Superman we know and love to come about.

iam3dhomer said...

Action Comics #1 take place over 5 years ago, since he's already developed into the Modern Superman by Justice League #1.

Also I think Superman's attitude works here because his powers still haven't fully developed. He is a very powerful young man, but he can't fly and he isn't invulnerable. He's not really Superman yet but he will become the Superman we know over time. And it's not like DC isn't going to put out a regular Superman book where that's already the case.

Anonymous said...

Stormwatch #1 struck a bad cord with me the way the Monarchy or the Establishment did. Warren Ellis created something special with his run on stormwatch and the Authority, and those that followed him seldom captured that same vibe. Read Stormwatch " Change or Die " or the first 12 issues of the Authority to see what I mean.

Normal people are more important then we are. - Jenny Sparks

Sparky said...

Linkara: First off I love your work, Atop the Fourth Wall is a large part of why I decided to start reading comics regularly.
That being said I fear sometimes that you are growing a bit narrow minded when it comes to some characters (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Babs being the main examples). There are multiple ways to view or write the characters but you seem to only accept one as some externally controlled truth. Still, you rock.

To the best of my knowledge Men of War does take place in the main DCU, everything is in the same universe now.

I love that in the JLI portion you had a shot of the purple woman panel. (You know about her right?)

I picked up Animal Man and Swamp Thing, enjoyed both, never read either before. Swamp Thing was setup but I've seen worse introductions in fiction.

Stormwatch: I had a friend massively into the Authority for a while and they left a poor taste in my mouth. Then again Midnighter always struck me as some odd wish fulfillment Mary Sue (I beat AIDS in six weeks/the battle planning speech).

Batgirl has an interesting note: if you like the artwork the guy seems to have started with the comic adaptations/expansions of the Dresden Files books. Wonderful work really IMHO.

libraryguy said...

I picked up Batwing, Detective, GA, JLI, Static, and Stormwatch in book form. I was too late to get Action and Batgirl, so I got them online.

For those reading this: the same day digital release goes for the cover price. I am not making that up. Older comics appear to be $1 cheaper at $1.99.

I think that a lot of the positive response to Superbully comes from the fact that he's actually happy, and enjoys using his powers. I quite liked that aspect of the character. It's certainly refreshing. Otherwise, I hope that his current behaviour doesn't last. Also, I appreciated the fact that the comic had the ordinary people of Metropolis step up when it was needed. Twice, even!

What else... I agree with what you said about the comics I read. There is just one thing I noticed about the last page of GA #1. The woman with her arms folded looks suspiciously... let's say... wonderful (and remember that Diana is accounted for).

noirshadow said...

Thank you for this! Its a really great little series so far! It does exactly what I hoped it would do which is give brief rundowns and recommendations for what is actually good.

I only read six of the books for this week my favorites being Animal Man and JLI. The twist at the end of Animal Man hooked me. It was an impulse buy. I'm glad I got it.

Buddy is a character I've never read before and the Q&A on the first page worked as a great intro and I liked that it fit into the narrative.

I agree with you that JLI was just pure fun! It was my favorite read for the week. I was pleased that we got every character introduced in a relatively easy manner and that each character got a little page time. The personal dynamics look like they are going to be so much fun to see develop.

I was also really pleased that Booster was giving really good suggestions about how they should work as a team and that Batman is supporting him as a leader. Great book.

My thoughts on Detective matched yours almost entirely. It was a good setup but I didn't expect as much violence and gore as there was.

The rest of the reads for this week included Hawk and Dove, Stormwatch, and Green Arrow.

I LOVED all of Ollie's new toys. The one bad thing I had to say about Green Arrow was that it felt like the first 'Iron Man' movie. I full expect Queen Industries CEO Emerson to be Obediah Stane from the movie and try to out Ollie from his company.

There was one thing that really bothered me. In Stormwatch there is a * reference to the Superman book which doesn't come out until September 28! What was up with that?

Anonymous said...

Genuinely cares about the number on a book. didn't like action comics.
confirmed for no taste

Frobman said...

Good talk there. Only bought Action Comics, JLI, Stormwatch, OMAC, Animal Man and Swamp Thing this week, and plan to get Detective Comics and Batgirl later whenever I can (and maybe pick up Static Shock and Green Arrow).

I did enjoy Action Comics myself, and did like the nods to the Golden Age Superman, but you can say that since this is the early days of Superman, he might change a bit after a while. Who knows? Also liked Stormwatch (I do like Paul Cornell's work, for one), Swamp Thing and JLI. Could continue OMAC and Animal Man for a bit. Would've picked up other books like Men of War or Batwing to check them out, but at the same time, I'm not somebody who should spend all of his money every month in the state I am in. And I do get like 20 books a month.

Also another thing I have barely noticed and only knew about it more so when it was pointed out. Look into the background of all the new comics. You'll find that glowing figure from the end of Flashpoint making an appearance in each series, my guess hinting to something.

Anonymous said...

Why Grant, Why?

You wrote All Star Superman not only one of the greatest Superman comics but one of the greatest comics of the new millennium because you showed Superman as the Righteous hero that will not allow his moral compass to sway but performs awesome feats to protect everyone even his enemies.

He better get his act together.

Why is Superman acting like a dick?

Why is the Superman I grew up being systematically destroyed?

Is this all to cater for the general public that don't care for Superman so they are instead changing him instead of trying to convince the public.

Looking at some of the other stuff Linkara talked about why the excessive violence?

I'm gonna make a bold statement now.

Screw Dark and Gritty.

I hate Dark and gritty. It's wrongly preserved as this magical device that will make things better and brilliant but it isn't. It's getting in the way of everything now and I'm bloody sick of it.

Mario Di Giacomo said...

Action #1 was the best Spider-Man comic I've read in years!

Anonymous said...

To the Anon who started his post with "Why Grant Why".

Maybe you've forgotten that in the original Action Comics #1, Superman had no problem with acting like a dick back then too. I'm pretty sure Linkara actually reviewed that too.

If we're just gonna talk about his entire character being destroyed, then you might want to actually know his entire character. He's done this stuff before.

It's only Grant Morrison to have his stories influenced Golden or Silver Ages. We know that. Does anyone actually think that Superman's going to be acting like this forever now? It's a lot more likely he's trying to capture and condense the seventy years of character development Supes has had.

Derangel said...

I have a few thoughts on Action Comics 1, but let's get this out of the way first. I have never been a fan of Superman as he is shown in the comics. The old movies, the TV shows, and his excellent cartoon I liked, but I could never get into reading his monthly issues. I don't believe in terms of absolute good and absolute evil so a character like Superman has always been boring for me. I loved All-Star Superman though and that is what makes me want to read Morrison's run. I'm willing to admit my issues with Superman comics may be due to bad writing since he sees like a character that is hard to right. I'll accept that as long as people are willing to direct me towards really good arcs that can convince me otherwise.

Now I haven't read AC1 yet so I can't comment on exactly what happens in the book, but I think we need to see this side of Superman. He's young and still growing into his powers and who he is. I simply can not buy that he was always the "boyscout" and always perfect. It rubs me the wrong way and a series like this is exactly what is needed for me to get into the character. If he is more of the "boyscout" in Superman 1 I will be interested in seeing what events in his young life caused it and in seeing how he grows as a character.

Anonymous said...

Wait. Why that villain girl from Green Arrow looks like Sephiroth?

Fanboyimus Prime said...

I enjoyed Swamp Thing more then you did. And all I've really read of the character was the first trade of Alan Moore's work on the character. But to each their own.

Stormwatch you might want to keep reading. In an interview the writer stated that the attitude of being better then super heroes is going to bite the team in the butt. Hard.

I look forward to seeing that happen to Stormwatch.

techsmash said...

Do you think that the purple time lady will be the first event in the nu52

Also love the show

Headshot Bunny said...

I actually picked up Batgirl and thoroughly enjoyed it. My only problem is how much it feels like they de-aged the character. They tried to make the costume look new, but for me Barbara Gordon as Batgirl and that costume always felt more at home with a younger Batman storyline. I get that that is the main point of the reboot, but having her already go through the Oracle stage in her life seems off.

Nitz the Bloody said...

Loved Action Comics #1. The Golden Age Superman doesn't get revisited nearly enough, and the treatment is nuanced enough that we get the impression Clark IS a bit rough and naive in his approach at this point.

Kyle Voltti said...

of the ones I read.

JLI was tight enough and I didn't pick up on the burn on internet fans.

I agree with you on Hawk and dove writing good, art was meh. Not the worst Leifeld art and it looks like his inker has been given more power over him.

Stormwatch was off putting it wasn't Stormwatch it was the Authority. and did it seem like they removed Apollo and Midnighter being lovers?

With green Arrow I couldn't get over the fact that they're drawing GA like he was Arsenal. It was good but in the new continuity how was Arsenal ever GA's teen sidekick?

and Batgirl.... guhhh she just "got better"? the thing is that it all goes to my biggest problem with this revamp. it's beginning to look like you'll need a degree in advanced calculus to figure out how all the parts fit together in this new condensed time line.

Anonymous said...

"Is this all to cater for the general public that don't care for Superman so they are instead changing him instead of trying to convince the public."

Well, just look at that screen shot from "Man of Steel". Superman's gotta be dark!

Thanks, Linkara. I'll probably still pick up Action Comics, though they better return it to the original numbering as well as Detective Comics. They've both just been around so long.

The whole "OMG! We need to release 52 books! Get it? 52!" thing is dumb.

I have no further opinion until I get back from the comic book shop today.

P.S. How does a Vertigo title like Fables fit into the DCU?

KKDW said...

Yeah I agree with you about Action Comics Superman seeming more Batmanesque, in fact with his opening lines I was kinda reminded of the scene in Batman Year One where Bat's bursts in on a load of gangsters having dinner to tell them that they're seriously f***ed!

Only ones I didn't get this week were' OMAC, Static, Detective Comics and Men of War. Everything I did get I thought was very good, in fact not really sure which one was my favourite.

And I have almost no interest in Wildstorm either, so conveniently the Wildstorm stuff in the new DC Universe seems to be a complete reboot unlike the rest of DC continuity, and the one Wildstorm character I was kinda interested in is in Stormwatch conveniently.

And I really need to read Alan Moore's Swamp Thing as well!

Timzor said...

Once again, thanks for doing this. There are just too many comics in this relaunch to choose from, so I'm glad I can hear someone's opinion on the books I passed up. I'll try to find other reviews on all four, but from what it's sounding like, I'm not missing much on Hawk & Dove or Omac, but I might run out sometime this week to give Static Shock and Stormwatch a try.

The Shut-In said...

I agree with you on just about everything save for the two big releases, namely Action Comics and Detective Comics.

AC was fantastic in my opinion and I'm enjoying the younger, brasher Superman. Morrison has said that the character will mature across his run and it's likely that after two or three story arcs Supes will grow into the hero he is now, shedding his youthful anger and truly becoming the greatest hero of them all. I have faith in Morrison and I look forward to seeing the character grow.

As for 'Tec, I hated it. I've never been a fan of Daniel's Batman work and this was no exception. I thought the gore and violence was very poorly done and came across as a very juvenile attempt to be 'edgy' with the last page in particular being unbelievably stupid.

Anonymous said...

I feel like I'm going crazy! Am I the only one who thought the new Batgirl was terrible?!
I think Gail Simmone is intentionally sabotaging the book, but everyone is too busy praising her to see it!

Cferra said...

If one compares this video to last week's, you can definitely see the difference like you said. I admit, I too am not sold on how this Superman is acting in Action Comics #1. Yes, it harkens back to the Golden Age. But, I don't know. He seems more Superman-like in Swamp Thing. The Supes I grew up with always seemed more like a beacon of light and hope. Not a vigilante. He seems like the kind of guy Big Blue would smack around for being too tough on criminals.

This gives me the impression that a LOT of time has passed since Action Comics and Swampy's book. If that's true, wouldn't that confuse people?

I also noticed something in Green Arrow's mag. That costume and look he has is the exact look from Smallville's take on the archer. This has me thinking. Could Smallville's universe be influencing how the reboot is? If so, then why is the Man of Steel so brutal?

In any case, I'm slowly thinking of which comics to check out now that I've been watching these vids. They're very informative and I thank you for posting these.

Ninjazilla said...

*Clark Kent, Your angry neighborhood Super-boy! Interesting but in an elsewordls What if Super-boy was a marvel character kind of way.
*Batgirl could have been worse. But I am very disappointed that people are giving Gail Simone a pass on Batgirl's recovery. One word explanation? That's a copout and an insult to the fans.
*Agreed Animal Man was amazing. Though if you read sweet tooth written by the same writer for Vertigo, you know he is an excellent writer.
*Thought you would like Detective comics less. Seemed like a mediocre story, with a little 90's esque gore thrown in to "shock". I found the Animal man shock ending and even swamp thing more suprising.
*OK, so stormwatch references a comic that hasnt even come out yet?THats new reader freindly.
*Hawk&Dove you are right on the money, It felt like a secret origins of Hawk&dove issue, wouldve been better with a recap page.
*Batwing and Men of war were gritty and better than I expected.

sputnix said...

Just felt like bringing something up before I posted my opinions [I still have a couple more comics to read] but why not in detective comics have batman say "I HAVE TO take it, BECAUSE I'm Batman" this way Batman doesn't come off as an arognant prick who thinks he can do anything, and if that is the characterization their going for this comic is probably going too suck
Anywho I'm going too read the comics I haven't finished and post my opinions after watching your review

Lord Harlock said...

On Grant Morrison's Action Comics#1, I've been reading his book, SuperGods, lately, and there he refers to the Superman from basically the original Action Comics#1 to about the time when he becomes the Superman of World War II as the Socialist Utopian. In a lot of ways, I think that colors his desire in this new Action Comics#1.

In many ways, we are creatures of our upbringings, and Grant Morrison grew up in a socialist home. As much as he loves the Superman that he gave a love letter to in All-Star Superman, there is some odd desire to try and return to the Socialist Utopian Superman of Action Comics#1 to 1941.

It doesn't make sense to me in all honesty since that Superman hasn't existed for seventy years. The original Golden Age Superman that Grant is invoking isn't the Superman that anyone really remembers or honestly likes. When Superman should be like Booster Gold in JLI#1, the protector of all, instead he is throwing jerks off buildings.

In many ways, it gives me a bit of fear for the new Superman movie that might be an attempt to go back to that original Superman who is as much a jerk as the jerks he flings off buildings. That Superman gives Lex Luther ammo to his beliefs because Superman is no longer moral as the jerk but a ubermensch. And it honestly takes one like Lex to know another, and that is a sad metaphor.

Steve said...

I disagree with your opinion on Action Comics #1 immensely. I find it GOOD that Superman is acting cocky, and like a jerk. HE SHOULD BE at a young age. One thing Superman comics have always lacked was showing how he got into his nobility.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work sir!

Also did you notice that the woman in purple from flashpoint (didn't read it so don't know what her name is) is in the background of all the new books so far?

Herx said...

Wow, glad to know that out of the 5 issues that i had in standing order for this week you liked (Batgirl, Batwing, Detective Comics, JLI and Static Shock). I also agree that DC should have started the new 52 with these and not just Justice League on it's own. As far as the Action Comics#1 is concerened I don't really know what to say as i'm not really that interested (not saying that i dont like the character) in his seires. But I think it probably could have gone down better if they'd released Superman#1 along side Action Comics #1.Or at least switched the 2 around so that we got the more modern, present time interpretation of superman first, and then the first appearance of superman 5 (or is it 7?) years prior. It might have made things more, i duno, understandable as far as the character goes instead of showing mdern Superman in Animal man.

Oh, and i'm calling easter egg for the hooded flashpoint #5 lady in the JLI caption of Booster in front of the crowd that you posted up. She's apparantly making comeos in all of the new 52 #1s. So that might be fun.... or not :P

Well cant wait till next week.

Pat said...

I agree with you on basically everything, but I wanted to argue a little bit with you on Action Comics #1.

While I think the pacing was way off in the latter half, I personally like this interesting take on early Superman.

As others have pointed out, this is Superman when he is just starting out. Something that the comic hasn't mentioned yet is that in this universe, the Kents have already passed away. The new JLA comic takes place 5 years prior to main continuity, but Action Comics takes place years before even that.

And what I would like to point out is that actions speak louder than words in defining character. I don't see that opening scene with Superman beating up a corrupt white collar criminal as being out of character because even with "Boy Scout" Superman, you could tell that he WANTED to. You think Superman WANTED to let Lex Luthor continue with business as usual every time he or his lawyers convinced the world that he was "really" turning over a new leaf this time? Hell no, but he knew that acting on that wouldn't do any good.

The difference with this early Superman in this comic is that he hasn't learned that lesson yet. He sees this white collar criminals going unpunished and he thinks that through intimidation and coercion he can bring them to justice, but eventually he's going to learn that that's not the case and that it actually does more harm than good. It's hubris, plain and simple.

And besides that, we also see Superman as a guy who saves a group of homeless people and prevents a bullet train from killing a ton of innocent people (and his friends). That stuff sounds like Superman to me. Even subtle things like telling that one cop that he had an ulcer he should get checked out. Yes, it was a throwaway line, but it shows that Superman thinks he's there to help.

This Superman's heart is in the same place as the old Superman, he's just green. He will learn, and knowing Grant Morrison, he will learn the HARD way.

And I also think Grant is trying to capture what Superman would be like in today's society, particularly without the guidance of Ma and Pa Kent. If everyday Americans today had the power of Superman, what would they want to use it for? By addressing that, it makes Superman relatable, much like he was in the Golden Age. A Superman that stops plane crashes and catches bank robbers doesn't seem truly heroic in today's world. But a Superman that is disgusted with the growing class system in America and wants to do something about it? Not only does that make sense and hit home with a lot of Americans, but it also puts him squarely at odds with someone like Lex Luthor, who basically embodies that sense of inequality.

I really think Grant is raising interesting questions about the nature of Superman. He's not trying to make an "edgier" Superman to attract the "new, hip" audience. He's trying to make Superman relevant again. He's taking the character into new territory. He's making a new audience understand why Superman has to exercise self-control other than "that's what his parents taught him to do".

I firmly believe that once Action Comics and JLA are caught up with the present timeline, we'll see a very familiar Superman (as evidenced by Swamp Thing), but the journey he took to get there will not only be new, it will probably be remarkable.

I might be wrong, but I'm interested enough to see Grant Morrison try.

FilmConnoisseur86 said...

I agree, Action comics #1 made me do a spit take the moment Superman opened his mouth. Morrison has moments where I thought it was going to pick up, but then I'd get another WTF moment. I was fairly miffed.

On Swamp Thing I'd recommend picking up the trade Dark Genesis and reading a little of that BEFORE you read Moore's run. It has the first nine or so issues written by Len Wein and drawn by Bernie Wrightson and is filled with classic moments, basically being nine issues of monsters fighting each other (WIN!) and it introduces a lot of characters that are important to Moore's run, like Abby Arcane, but that don't really get formal introductions during it. Yeah it's cheesy and the dialogue is odd in that Silver Age kind of way, but I find it enjoyable and it's one of the books that got me interested in comics.

Anonymous said...

I can see why you are joke on /co/, you know nothing about comics.

Matt said...

I'm actually happy with Action comics, prolly because I'm assuming that Morrison is going to show how Superman evolves. I'm guessing we're going to see more of GOlden Age, then Silver Age, Bronze Age and Modern Age Superman before he's finished with his run.
The other title I got this week was JLI and I agree, it's definetly the much better of the Justice League books. I'm a big JLI fan and I've been waiting for this book since JLGL ended - this first issue has exceeded what I expected, and I hope the quality continues. A lot of people I saw talking about the book before september were complaining that Giffen and DeMatteis weren't on the book, and that Jurgens would suck. I'm glad that so far he's proved them wrong, and maybe the book will pick up some of the nay-sayers.
I love Jim Lee and Geoff Johns, but if JLI does better than their book I'll be a very happy man. And maybe it'll send the message to DC that they need to undo the Max Lord/Ted Kord mess. It'd be poetic justice if Johns got tapped to do it, since it's the one big black mark on his career.
Other than that, the rest of the relaunch books I'm getting are shipping later in the month. I wish I couldpick up more titles, but Marvel's X-Men and spidey books are giving DC some stiff competition over the contents of my wallet. As a comic fan, this has been a pretty good year for me.

Matt said...

Also, I agree with you on Booster's comment Linkara; the UN representative was supposed to be the old Dc of the past decade, where if you didn't like something, well that's you're problem and get over it. We, as the heads of DC, know what's good for you and if you don't like what we're giving you, it's because you don't know what a good comic is. Plus, the only people who complain are just jaded 44 yr olds living in their mom's basement, which means their opinion doesn't matter because we think they're pathetic.
What Booster's comment meant, at least to me, was that they were actually going to try to listen to the fans from now on, get a general feel for what we want and give it to us. they'll win us over with good stories, and if they aren't telling good stories, they won't lash out at us for pointing that out to them (like by doing another Superboy-Prime parody of us). Our opinions matter to them because we are their fans, you don't bite the hand that feeds you, you treat them with respect.
Booster was basically Dan's mouthpiece for him to say, "Look, we respect you know. You keep us going, and we'll try to make you happy and proud of our work." He basically said the same thing in his pre-launch interview about the book. He's actually one of the writers more considerate of the fans.

Code_Blue said...

You know this is actually striking a chord with me. Going back to the picture from the last Flashpoint comic, the face in the center. That same person has been seen in some of the new relaunch comics. Also the black lantern symbol in the Jokers eyes, and lastly the villain from Batgirl killing people claiming that they were supposed to already been dead?

Is it just me or is there something going on that could be foreshadowing something more? Is the DC Universe we left behind already trying to make a comeback? This has got me thinking that maybe the relaunch has more in store than just starting comics from number one. Hmm...

Alex Stritar said...

Unfortenetly, since my comic book shop has a preorder thing, I was only able to get one of the books I was hoping to get, Justice League International #1. Also, you were right about it, it was very good. Also, I didn't catch the parallagram between the subplot in JLI and the fan reaction to the disicion, but that was pritty subtle, the exact oposite of Superboy-Prime. (You know, I wonder what Superboy-Prime has to say about the relaunch)

Anyway,when the new shipments come in, I'm going to pick up Batgirl (I was a fan of the Stephine Brown version, but I might as well give this one a chance, and Gail Simon has had a pritty spotless track record) and Static Shock (was a fan of the cartoon). I was origonally going to also get Action Comics #1 just so I could say I had Action Comics #1, but after that I'll probably switch it out for Animal Man or Green Arrow.

Well, I hope I have better luck next week. I really want to see that Green Lantern book staring Sinestro. (I also kinda find that funny considering how confused the new readers will be XD)

Thelder said...

Linkara, for God's sake, you should read Planetary. After I heard your comment about the Wildstorm universe, I thought... well, I like Authority, but I agree that this series have some trouble (like the lack of any kind of repercution because of the main character's actions... for me, that's the problem of most of Mark Millar's comics, and since he wrote great part of the best issues of Authority...)...

But, belive me, you really, REALLY should read Planetary. Yeah, I know, I think I already told you how I'm a big fan of Warren Eliis works, but Planetary is probably his best. It's a great homenage not only to the superhero comics, but to a lot of pop culture medias. You have homenages to Vertigo universe, to giant monster movies, to sciencie fiction movies of the 60's, to pulp fiction heroes, to hong kong action movies... I don't know if you're gonna like it, but really, maybe you should give it a try.

Alex Stritar said...

"I can see why you are joke on /co/, you know nothing about comics. "

Care to elaborate? Explain how he knows nothing about comics? Maybe tell us how that is a fact rather than an opinion?

No, ok.

Thoom said...

"We should've had this type of quality before the relaunch so we wouldn't have to have a relaunch."

WHAT? I thought you were against this relaunch BECAUSE the DC universe was great as it was and didn't need to be fixed. Now you are admitting that (so far) it's getting off to a great start and you still wanna poo poo it?

Frankly, I think if DC didn't relaunch the line, the sales numbers would've stayed the same (low) and WB would've shut down the comics publishing line of DC due low sales.Action Comics wouldn't have made it to "1000" without this relaunch (and it is still debatable DC comics will be around long enough make it to "100").

Speaking of Action, what better way to start off young superman than by going back to his roots and being a bit immature? And given Supes' power, I think that guy w/ the broken bones could've ended up a lot worse off.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"WHAT? I thought you were against this relaunch BECAUSE the DC universe was great as it was and didn't need to be fixed. Now you are admitting that (so far) it's getting off to a great start and you still wanna poo poo it?"

What I mean is that the continuity was not as impenentrable as people thought it was. The reboot is giving creative teams a chance to put on their A-game and really present something they think is damn good and they're taking advantage of it. I'm still against the reboot, but I am not so stupid as to pretend there aren't advantages or good things to come out of it, great books being part of that.

RJHammer said...

Thank you linkara for saying what I been saying Action Comics #1. Golden Age stuff doesn't work for modern day. What next Batman with purple gloves and a gun? Aquaman riding a seahorse? Oh wait Wonder Woman being tied up on the cover ever issue. My worry is that when Superman #1 comes out he is even more jerk because there is no moral compass to reign him in. Parents are gone and way I have seen lois written at times doesn't give me courage she could do much.
I didn't buy Action Comics but what I read and hear of it makes me not want to more and more. This isn't Superman I grew up with that became one of my favorite super heroes. I can go into the social justice crap but won't. The attitude doesn't work for superman. I'm glad he is happy to be superman but he is always that way if he doesn't show. Superman should have doubt about being superman at times. If something bad happens he can't stop it's natural for any hero to feel that. Then there is costumes. God they are dumb. Don't get me started with the marriage stuff either. UGH!!!!
What I did get Hawk and Dove, Detetctive Comics, Animal Man (god I hate his new costume), Static Shock, Batgirl (I miss Stephanie but Gail/Barbara are team that works), JLI.
I do not want read Authority being stuck being Stormwatch again and forcing Martian Manhunter in like he is Wolverine in Avengers.
I didn't read swamp thing but I wished they put some Vertigo Swampy stuff in the book but they never happen.
Man Of War, Batwing, OMAC three titles I want nothing to do with. Waste of time that will be canceled. The space could have been other characters that deserve a chance at series more then these characters. Waste of paper.

Anonymous said...

I too think Superman should stand around and do nothing when a man he knows is guilty of a crime walks away free just because his crime was non violent despite it hurting more people than the average thug. Seriously? I mean this is young Supes with the power to fix things he see's as wrong. Yes, it's not the boyscout we're use to, but the comic doesn't support him in his actions. He's not starting out fully formed as this is his origin story, how he became the Supes we all know. For my money it's a great take on Superman and should make for some interesting story telling.

Also can I have the copy of Batgirl you read? Behold, Batgirl's first real villain, his evil agenda? Put her back in the chair! Thanks Gail, real subtle. While the issue of her being out of the chair has to be addressed this is just stupid. Also her roommate better make herself scarce, who graffiti Fight the Power on their own wall inside of the house? Who are you telling to Fight the Power? Is it your daily reminder?

Hibryd said...

Movie Bob (in his Big Picture show) over at the Escapist made a good point: people pick up TV shows, book series, and other forms of entertainment mid-continuity all the time, so why are comic books the only medium where continuity is considered an impenetrable barrier?

Also, I think I'm the only person on the planet who didn't like All-Star Superman. It was just... silly. Too many goofy, Silver Age kind of moments. And I'm not a fan of Frank Quitely's stiff and puffy artwork, either.

Nathanael Hood said...

Alright, Lewis...I've read all of the comments already posted...

There are two things that I want to say...


Golden Age Superman. Yes, yes, plenty of people have pointed out that Morrison is emulating Golden Age Superman (or GAS for short) in Action Comics #1. As someone who has purchased a few collections of the original Action Comics, I have to say that Morrison did a great job depicting a tribute to that character. Originally, as I'm sure you know, GAS was basically just a really powerful human-like character from another planet. He couldn't fly or use any Silver Age bullshit powers until they were invented for the Fleischer cartoons from the 1940s because they couldn't find a good way to animate Superman jumping from place to place. So, originally Superman fought corrupt businessmen, arms dealers, and politicians. The first reoccurring villain in comic history was the Ultra-Humanite who was played as merely being the head of organized crime in Metropolis who also periodically had his brain switched to different bodies. The idea of Superman fighting other caped villains, monsters, or aliens was a revolutionary idea that came out YEARS after Superman became popular. So Superman threatening businessmen is true to his Golden Age origin.

Of course, I completely understand if you don't like that version of Superman and prefer his more recent incarnations. But don't say that Morrison's interpretation is bad or inaccurate.

By the way...did you get the irony of Luthor defeating Superman by hitting him with a BULLET TRAIN into a TALL BUILDING? I love that kind of stuff.

Second, I loved OMAC. The entire concept of the series is that it is a tribute to Jack Kirby. OMAC was originally an 8 issue mini series written and drawn by Kirby during his time at DC. And I know that I may get mocked for this, but I firmly believe that his OMAC is his greatest work. Lewis, if you haven't read his original run on OMAC I will LITERALLY buy it for you and send it to you to read. It's THAT good.

As a tribute to OMAC and Jack Kirby in general, I thought it was sensational. Giffen really captured the energy and heart of Kirby's art, particularly in the use of panel layouts, action poses, and Kirby dots. And I was blown away by Didio's writing. I never thought that he could write something that well. It had just the kind of authoritative bend to it that made the original OMAC so incredible. Not to mention that the idea of a race of minions call the "Gobblers" is something that Jack Kirby would have LOVED. I understand that it's not your cup of tea. But this is a book that you're supposed to enjoy for nostalgic reasons. It's supposed to be fun, entertaining, and out there...just like Jack Kirby's work.

I'll shut up now because I've been rambling for a while. I love your reviews, Lewis. I really do. I hope that you can give Action Comics a chance, especially considering that Morrison will only be invoking the Golden Age for the first 6 or so issues. I also hope that you can appreciate OMAC for what it is: a fun popcorn comic.

Anonymous said...

I personally loved Action Comics #1, I love how Gran Morrison actually tries to incorporate those early stories into Superman's history.
It does make sense to me as these are his early days, he's less experienced and may very well have a much more narrow world-view.
Experience forms the man.

I fully share you'r views on Animal Man and Swamp Thing

As a fan of the Authority, I must say that this is probably the best incarnation of the team I saw ever since the runs of Warren Ellis and Mark Millar
The series largely suffered after it was taken from Image and given to DC (maybe except for the Grant Morrison miniseries I didn't read), but now they seem to be returning to form (albeit under their old name)

I kinda skipped the other titles, but I may give the other ones a second look
Detective Comics #1 and Men at War #1 seem like something up my alley

And another note, do you know Tiger and Bunny?
It's most likely the best anime to come out this year, and it may be something up your alley.
The whole anime is one big love-letter to American comics from the Golden Age, Silver Age, the 90s , as well as Japanese Tokusatsu shows
It's full of small homages to DC, Marvel, and Image, but mostly very well written characters.
It both deconstructs and celebrates the concept of superheroes.
On one hand, superheroes are sponsored by giant corporations who basically use them as advertising mascots, but underneath all the corporate logos, there are genuinely heroic individuals who wish to help people.
It also handles the 90s anti-hero archetype with surprisingly allot of respect - sometimes unnecessarily cruel and violent, but ultimately well intending, and actually more idealistic than the mainstream heroes (they reject the corporate charade as betraying the true purposes of heroism)
The show deconstructs allot of superhero tropes and cliches, but also celebrates them

Even tho you say you dislike deconstructions, I believe you'd really enjoy this one (also, the main character is a single father)

Sukid said...

Yeah, I agree with the others in that I think it's way too cynical to think Superman is going to act this way forever. It'll be good to see him grow from his golden age recklessness to the paragon we know.

Sol Gill said...

I'll have to check out the JLI. I agree with you on Animal Man, Storm Watch, and Batgirl(I agree the the scene where she freezes up made me wince).

I do however disagree with you about Action Comics(I do agree with your issue with the numbering though). I understand what Grant Morrison is trying to do and I kind of like the idea of a book dealing with Superman starting out.

Also I admit I probably won't be buying any of the Batman books outside of the other family members. My main reason is I kind of can't go back to Bruce Wayne being Batman since I actually prefered Dick Grayson as Batman. I guess it is due to me liking the idea of legacy characters, but with Scott Snyder as head writer on the main Batman sotry I'll probably give it a read. Also if I want to read on Dick I could read the new Nightwing series, which I hope is good.

Knightmanx said...

I can't wait to dig in to Action #1. I picked up an anthology of the old 39-41 newspaper strips at a half-price bookstore recently and find it all hilarious. If this hearkens back to Superman's rough and tough early days, if only temporarily it'll be a fun little trip. I do hope that he eventually grows into the “Big Blue Boyscout” I know and love but it'll be fun to see the character starting out and finding his principles. Also you convinced me to pick up JLI now so thank you! As always, you ROCK Linkara!

Jyger85 said...

I think that the Joker has finally made that last step to go from comic book villain to horror movie monster. Thank God we don't see him having it done to him. That image would haunt my nightmares forever, causing me to wake up screaming every night until I died. Seriously, what the Funk & Wagnall is up with the gore levels, eh??? O_O

So, who all is hoping that with the relaunch and the changes to history that Lian has been brought back somehow?

Zidko said...

I read the Green Arrow, but I didn't really find it all that entertaining. I just don't think I'm a big fan of J.T. Krul, unfortunately. I really like Action but I won't go into why since its already been stated numerous times above me.

I seem to like OMAC more than a lot of people, but maybe that's because I really like Jack Kirby related things and I can get into it from that angle. I do find it an odd title to start the new universe with for new readers though, because I doubt anyone who hasn't been into comics beforehand will purchase this one.

I thought the worst two out of the lot were Hawk & Dove(nuff said about that above) and Detective Comics, I don't like Tony Daniel's Batman at all, the way he is written in Justice League International (which I thought was the best out of them all, too) is perfect.

That's one of the main reasons I think, the a lot of people were discouraged by that preview of Justice League #1 in the 52 preview guide and the actual comic itself, is because Geoff Johns for whatever reason, can never write a very good Batman. He always, ALWAYS, goes to the "Batman is just a dick" well. While in Justice League International you can see that he's a lot more nuanced than that.

Frankie Addiego said...

I think I'll check out Detective and Green Arrow.

The Superman-as-bad@$$ thing wouldn't bother me if it didn't come at a time when people were bitching about everything about the character being "old hat" and calling for the film reboot to be "not your father's Superman" with "this isn't [insert year, usually 1938 here] crap tossed around. Still, I found it enjoyable. I've kind-of moved past worrying about creators "understanding" or not "understanding" characters because, well, it's open to interpretation.

Because of the timing, I am a bit peeved that he's QUITE so tough, but as this is a modernized version of his early days, I can accept it. I also always hated the Sam Lane as Thunderbolt Ross, but I'm it fits here better than in Secret Origin.

Batgirl was disappointing. I thought the art was terrific, and most of it's typical Gail Simone stuff: decent plotting with overly cutesy dialogue. What dragged it down for me was that ending. Not only does it seem like BS that Barbara would be afraid of the gunman, but it just left me with a bad feeling and the lady who called her a "murderer" because she let him get away is ridiculous. Incompetent? Sure. Responsible? DMML.

Hawk & Dove was fine. I also felt that Rob's art (under Adelso's uncredited inks) is some of his best stuff. Of course, people love to hate Rob so I know I won't get any support; but I've been won over in recent years.

JLI was great, except I didn't get that Godiva character. I didn't recognize her from something else, and she didn't do anything for me.

I didn't read the rest.

Saidi of the 90's said...

Since we're talking a lot about the new reboot after flashpointless. My really few opinions

Batgirl 1 : who really thought sidelining Cassie & Steph , & giving Babs the cowl back was a good idea? Honestly?

Detective comics 1; & the Joker says " can't these idiots stop passing my wholesome character around like a bong! I'm the CLOWN PRINCE OF CRIME, my use must be carefully planned for pete sake!"

Action Comics: Supes wears blue jeans &... since it's Morrison I half expect Toyman to be a flesh eating action figure & Krypto to be bandit from We3

as for the upcoming ones

Batman Inc; up until now Morrison has heavily disappointed me & this is still horribly dumb...

Green Lantern: ah Hal, you used to be far better & more relatable as Parallax or even as the specter. I really hope they won't kill Kyle, but it seems to go that way nowadays...

Anything Flash Related: see these guys & the way they used to be developped ? well Didiot really screwed that didn't he

Another thing about Morrison, i find it quite ironic that most people who hate everything 90's say that his work on Batman & X-men is that great. His Batman is apparently a drug addled lunatic who says nothing when the spawn of his loins DECAPITATES someone, his Joker a DISGRACE to the clown prince of crime & his was one of the most mean-spirited, non-sensical, wretched & highly undeservedly overrated comics series ever, when your heroes spout jokes about freshly dead people & advocate adultery I say that heroism is flushed down the toilet, the "heroes" were a soft version of the boys...
One day maybe a Morrison time or Claremont time should replace Miller time once Frank's bad stuff reserve goes dry...

Cameron said...

I haven't picked up my new 52 pull list yet, as I was waiting for your review to see if I made a grave error or not and my local is offering a free return on these first 52 if you truly don't like them. I'm glad to see I seem to have chosen wisely on what I'm interested in so far and can't wait to see what else comes of this. I'm with you on still being against the reboot, but at the same time still being excited about some of the quality books coming out. I'm just trying not to think too much about the lost continuity and when in doubt, I can always turn to my trades (and the announcement of a new JSA title has finally lifted my spirits).

I like this new review series and hope you'll be keeping it going for a while. I was starting to get bogged down in some of your longer episodes recently and it's just nice to be able to play some of your stuff in the background while I work and don't have the time to watch a full review.

I kind of felt Earth-One Superman did a better job of exploring the brooding outsider version of Supes over what Action Comics is doing right now, but I could be proven wrong I suppose.

clockstomper said...

I couldn't stand Static. It was NOT for new readers. I only could sort of follow it because I watched the cartoon. That said, I had no idea who his mentor was or what the whole "I lied to people about you" thing was about. And why does Static have an extra sister now? It didn't feel like a number one at all.

The art was only passable and the writing was awful (those jokes were far more insufferable than you let on, Linkara.) It does not even have the excuse of being a kid's book as it commits the ultimate sin of being boring. Static deserved better and this book feels stale compared to the rest of the new 52.

Anonymous said...

Man oh man, I can't wait to see Linkara's reaction to Suicide Squad next week.
I'm betting it's going to be the lines of "THIS IS DISGUSTING!" and "WHAT DID THEY DO TO HARLEY QUINN!"

ChrisPV said...

My favorite part of Action Comics #1 was the opening scene where the cops are wandering through the industrialist's home. There's a goon face down in a piano obviously wrecked by his body. In short, Superman straight up murdered a dude.


Frankly, I think Morrison's just using Superman as his own personal power fantasy. He'd love to dangle corrupt industrialists out of windows. Heck, I would too. But Superman not stupid. This guy will be back on the street before dinner because it's very hard to get a conviction off of something earned under obvious duress in full view of a hundred cops. The reason Superman didn't do this kind of crap before isn't that he's a boy scout. It's that he's not a damned idiot.

Mark said...

Damn, Linkara. Your false moralism is getting WAY into your head in your reviews. It's getting way harder to see your videos without facepalming about something irrelevant that you think it goes against your morals. Serious, drop that.

Drunken Lemur said...

So what's the situation with Blue Beetle? Has there been any word of him being on a team?

Anonymous said...


Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Damn, Linkara. Your false moralism is getting WAY into your head in your reviews. It's getting way harder to see your videos without facepalming about something irrelevant that you think it goes against your morals. Serious, drop that."

I'm confused - you're saying I need to stop expressing my opinion on something because - dare I say it - I have morals? And what in particular has gotten you upset?

Frankie Addiego said...

One reason I'm not upset about Batgirl is that I'm honestly sick of DC having sooo many legacy characters. Superheroes who AREN'T identifiable as one secret identity like Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker or Tony Stark should be the EXCEPTION not the rule!

For these characters to stand for something, they need to be someone. If a "mantle" can be passed on--especially among characters with no super powers--then it just makes it seem like a name that means so little.

Frankie Addiego said...

Okay, here's my final thought on the Action Comics thing. So many people have this (frankly false) image of Superman as being "perfect" and "lacking moral ambiguity" blah blah blah. I don't see it that way, but I guess they've been doing that enough over the past several years. Now, they go to this other extreme, which I don't mind, except for the timing.

I think the problem is that writers have forgotten how to make him just another superhero with a strong moral code but prone to making rash decisions.

Every writer, however, feels that they need to make their work on the character "special" and make some big (phoney) statement about him. I really wish someone would just come on the book and say, "today, Superman defuses a bomb, beats up some robots, kisses Lois, and calls it a day.

Brian said...

Hi Linkara. Posting this to let you know that you're actually one of my two go-to people for which of the new 52 I should be getting.

I'm also posting to recommend Planetary to you; best Wildstorm book they've published, with a plot simultaneously highly derivative and unique. I know someone else has posted recommending this to you, but I'd like to emphasize how good it is. It's my favorite maxi-series. And that includes 52.

Anonymous said...

"I couldn't stand Static. It was NOT for new readers. I only could sort of follow it because I watched the cartoon. That said, I had no idea who his mentor was or what the whole "I lied to people about you" thing was about. And why does Static have an extra sister now? It didn't feel like a number one at all.

The art was only passable and the writing was awful (those jokes were far more insufferable than you let on, Linkara.) It does not even have the excuse of being a kid's book as it commits the ultimate sin of being boring. Static deserved better and this book feels stale compared to the rest of the new 52."

Hate to burst your bubble, but I was able to follow the book just fine, and this was one of my first DC purchases. Sure, technobabel here and there, but it's nice to have a #1 in the thick of things compared to JL #1 horrendously slow start.
Static was fun. I would call it the DC Spider-Man book, cause it gave me that feeling older Spider-Man books gave me, and I loved it.

Anonymous said...

"Ya gotta listen to me Kid the entity is-"

That's Harvey! It must be!

JLH said...

I don't think anyone else has said so (nobody here has), but Action 1 takes place like 6 to 7 years ago. Yeah, it's not in the book, but Morrison has said it. Which explains why "5 years ago" in JL, he's in costume. Not that it matters, since they've compressed the past like a damn zip file.

The one black cloud over JLI, to me, is the way they're treating this as the first JLI ever. Guy and Booster and the rest clearly have a history with one another, yet they were never part of the same team? Or they were but it wasn't ever a United Nations-backed group? How does that work?

Since the book hasn't told us yet, anyone wanna place bets on how Babs got her ability to walk back? Maybe her spine got a Black Lantern ring. Or she merged with another Barbara Gordon during the last Crisis and got to keep her spine. There's a million of them!

Anonymous said...

hey i just realized if they restarting everything does that mean the question is alive again? or ted kord? the reason i ask this is because the question is my favorite dc hero since the justice league unlimited and i always wanted to see ted kord with him again.

batman55555 said...

I have to disagree about JLI. The Giffen/Dematteis League era was my favorite Justice League ever, and JLI?JL Europe were two of my favorite series ever. This JLI...wasn't great. I read it while trying not to compare it to the old JLI, and it just didn't stick out as well to me. I really didn't like Booster and Vixen's costumes, they aren't the worst new costumes but they are not good. as for the story, it wasn't horrible, and it had some good moments, but overall I was dissappointed.

As for Stormwatch, I really enjoyed it. I liked the story, and it set up the team well.

Animal Man was one of my favorites. It was a very good story, and pretty creepy.

I've always been a fan of Hawk and Dove, so I can look past Liefeld's art and just enjoy the story. While it wasn't amazing, it was good and I'll definately be following it.

I agree with you about Barbara not needing to be Batgirl (I liked Stephanie Brown and cassandra Cain is one of my favorite superheroes) but Gail Simone is an amazing writer and she did a good job with this issue.

BooRat said...

Wow lot of these do sound interesting!

All I know on some of these characters efore hand are thier old movies like Swamp Thing and their tv shows again swamp Thing and Static Shock!

I can't wait to hear the review of the Green Lantern comics!

Stormwatch I've been curious on because I recently kind of got interested in that universe and since now it and the mainstream universe have been murged and rebooted I can I guess get into them now, but it makes less since. Because from what little I've learned from reading old Wildstorm comics is super powered people have been around and in the public eye for centries! there are these characters called Centry Babies, children born on midnight of new years every new cenry(granted that makes little since as the idea of a new years is a fully human invented ideal, to protect Earth from outside forces such as aliens and ulternate universes!

I'm sorry if I said or repeated something you've heard before!

bojak90 said...

I only picked up three this week (and I still need to read Static)

JLI- This was a decent set up, got all the conflicts set up, and seeing Booster grow even more as a hero was nice. The whole basement dweller thing though...kinda lame. If you want to prove the haters wrong DC...prove them/us wrong, don't make a metaphor. Also, the hall of Justice gets blown up? the hell?

Batgirl: *Sigh* I really hate to say this, cause I also like Gail's work but I find myself more in line with Chris Sims' review. The bit with the caption boxes becoming the dialogue boxes make no sense and the Mirror is just weird (why was he going after the murderer...shouldn't he have been killing the family that Batgirl saved?). Also, while I understand why people would hate babs freezing up, I was more offended by the "MURDERER!" line at the end...I'm sorry, that is fail on the writing, art, editing, etc. God that was terrible. Not to mention, a lot of scenes were just generic. Oh my, her Roomate's a generic the 90's? Even the scene with her father (and those scenes are usually always good, even in bad books) was rather meh. The thing is, I'm sure this will become a good/great book but it feels like when Simone got the assignment, she knew how she wanted to structure the overall plot (Barbara readjusting to getting her legs back and overcoming her fear) but didn't know what the issue's plot should be. I'm sure in time, things will get fleshed out, the roomate will become an intersting character but right's kind of just idling

I'm am glad you're doing this btw, with 52 titles, I'm glad to get the lowdown in a format I can listen to while doing homework.

SpiderByte said...

This is a really good series. I like it a lot!

Yuoaman said...

(Okay, this is going to have to be in two posts because I'm an idiot and couldn't stop writing.)

I'm just going to comment on each title as you go through them and go through it before posting to make sure I'm not repeating anything, because I can tell where you're coming from. (Okay, there were so many comments that I may have missed some things, hope none of what I say is a repeat.)

Also, for some of the other commenters: calm down, it's just his opinion - different strokes for different folks and all.

Action Comics: I believe that this issue may in fact take place a year or two before JL #1, as Superman still doesn't have his distinctive costume - but for all I know that happens next issue. I also didn't have as much of a problem with Superman's depiction as you did - while I felt he may have gone overboard I think that's just him lashing out against something he's wholly unfamiliar with. Seeing the corruption in Metropolis for the first time may have made this Superman somewhat jaded, and it could take some time for him to readjust and come into his own.

Detective Comics: I agree that some of the gore may have been excessive, but I still very much enjoyed the story it told - it was disturbing, shocking, and intriguing; all of which make for a good Joker story.

Men of War: Thank god, I thought I was the only one who couldn't tell the difference between the characters. It would be nice if they had given the characters more of a visual identity, maybe one guy paints a symbol on his helmet, maybe another wears an armband to remind him of something in his past - anything would be better than just the plain military uniforms. I'll probably read the rest of this first story arc just because of the questions raised with the appearance of a superhuman - but I don't know if I'll continue reading past that point.

Hawk and Dove: I was actually incredibly surprised to find that Liefeld was doing the art for this issue - I hadn't paid much attention to this one in pre-release materials and I just glanced over the names on the opening page. It wasn't until I was about three pages in until I realized why the art was familiar to me. I was also annoyed that they were referring to past events, but not enough so that it ruined the issue for me. Though I'm not sure I agree on the subject of feet, they still seem not quite... right.

Green Arrow: I found the concept more interesting than the villains themselves, but I think that can be solved with a little character development in future issues. The one thing I really didn't like was Green Arrow's new costume - I know I'll probably get used to it but it just doesn't feel quite right to me.

Batwing: This was probably one of my top issues of the relaunch, it was fresh and interesting and the art was very well done.

Justice League International: At the moment I'm reading through as much of the DC universe as I can get a hold of in chronological order, and I recently finished the first couple of volumes of JLI and Booster Gold's first series. Because of how much I enjoyed both of those series I was really looking forward to JLI getting in the spotlight once again, and like you, I was not disappointed. I think that Booster Gold's characterization was spot-on and I'm excited to see what the series gives us in the other characters.

Animal Man: This was one of my surprises of the lineup, I had never read Animal Man before, and this was a damn fine story. I have mixed feelings about the artwork, but the actual plot and the themes touched on were great and I'm very excited for issue 2.

Swamp Thing: I just finished Moore's run on Swamp Thing a few weeks ago and it definitely is one of those things you need to read, Linkara. I agree this wasn't a bad book, but it posed some interesting questions that I want to see answered.

Yuoaman said...

(Alright, here's the second half, sorry for all the text.)

Stormwatch: I too have never read anything done by Wildstorm, but this was also one of my favorites. They were able to introduce several different plots concerning interesting characters that made me excited to see how they intersect.

Static Shock: I also really enjoyed this issue, it's nice to see a more intelligent hero work his way through a problem with his brain rather than his brawn, and I'm very interested in seeing how they continue after the final page. I agree that the art wasn't the greatest, but I thought it did a decent job conveying what needed to be conveyed.

O.M.A.C.: It only took a few pages before I was incredibly confused by this comic - I understand starting off with a bang, but when you don't meet your actual protagonist until the end of the issue there's something wrong there. With good writing I can see some interesting plots come up, but I'm still not sure about this series, as well.

Batgirl: Because I only started reading comics a few months ago, and I'm ridiculously far behind, I've only ever read Barbara Gordon as Batgirl, so I had never actually read anything concerning the later Batgirls (though I'm working on it). I've never actually read The Killing Joke (but I know the general plot, thanks to TV Tropes), but I'm glad that it still affects the characters involved. Gail Simone did a great job with this first issue, though, and I think she's doing a fine job with the characters, though I agree that the PTSD she displayed at the end was probably a little severe, all things considered.

Razorgeist said...

I still have to pick up JL Generation Lost but JLI sounds like it'll be good so I have a new book to pick up awesome.

Unknown said...

I got through Static just now and HIGHLY disagree on your final word linkara, I though it was for all intents and purposes overly complicated at some points and mind numbingly stupid at others. the thing is Static deals with a lot of scientific talk that'd be difficult for the average person to understand,(The process of Double Layering so he can siphon the plasma suit's energy, the process of changing the E.M. field so he can restrain the suit) let alone a child. Static is being positioned as a Spider-man of the new 52 from what I can tell as he's one of the cheerier more all ages book (and of course, he's a high school science wizz who got bullied all the time, who got his powers from accidental exposure to a radioactive substance) but it tries to be a little too science savy for the average reader.

Then comes the dumb,First it explains in exposition what happened at star labs, and as you always say "Show don't say". He then twice shows disregard for people ,once when he pushes them all out of the way with the postive charge(that's strong enough to knock a VAN out out of the way the white VAN to the left on the panel he says "one big push"). After he does this some people complain of injury but he just swoops away cracking the joke they should be more positive.

While you can say "Any injury they may have obtained was minor and non life threatening" you forget there were possibly women who weren't far along with their pregnancy or worse off didn't know they were pregnant who possibly miscarried due to his brash actions and forcefulness. On top of all that People who possibly landed wrong and have broken or dislocated things.

The second time he shows a disregard for people is when he defeats the bad guy on the bridge, the way he does it puts mutliple people at risk, as what he does is able to short out every car, cellphone and laptop on the bridge ,there's easily a chance someone with a pace maker or other vital artificial device could have been there. a Bluetooth could have shorted out IN SOMEONES EAR and there's always the posibility of someone getting electrocuted due to improper insulation of their car. Basically for a genius(who knows more then the average college student, at the age of 16) who obviously though most things out, he pulled some pretty stupid moves.

Then there's the ultimate dumb section of the book which started on the final panel of the 9th(actual) page which has the line "I recorded the whole thing." Which, If I'm to believe means she recorded the start of rampage to the bridge. Where this becomes dumb is that, the same night they review the footage they already have ID that it's static from Dakota. If you don't see the hole there let me point it out, when the rampage started Virgil Hawkins saw "Hotspot" there. He then changed and chased Hotspot, Jann recorded the whole rampage. Jann, would be easily be able to notice a guy who's of the same height, hair style( which as someone who had dreads twice in his life I can tell you it's easy to tell from how thick, long and well kept they look) and defining facial features (Nose, mouth, eye shape/color, even hairline and forehead size) as static then track him. However this might not be the case as Jann might not have recorded the whole thing as she said but since we don't see it we don't know.

BBally said...

I'm going to have to agree with what a huge number of posters are saying and say I really disagree with your views on Action Comics and I'm saying this as a long time Superman fan and I don't think it was really fair to compare Superman's personality in Action 1 to Batman's in Detective 1, because correct me if I'm wrong while Action Comics is set in Superman's early years basically DCNu's past, isn't Detective 1 set in present day of the DCNu? Because, for all we know, Sups might the nicest guy on the planet during the events of Detective 1.

Just saying....

R said...

Re-reading Batgirl again, it comes off much worse than before. I think the big question everyone had was "how will she walk again?" and Simone failed to answer this. You can be accessible and still address the concerns of older fans (see Animal Man.) Instead we get recycled Peter Parker scenes and an unoriginal mystery villain, who only kills with success because of the incompetence of others. That last panel is laughable, with the cop holding the gun on Babs instead of using it to stop a murder.

Maybe this issue would have been pretty good for any other heroine book but it failed to justify the loss of Oracle. Just because it wasn't schlock does not mean it did the character justice. I hope as the reality sets in that we've lost Oracle for good, people will stop cutting Simone slack and call out the book for what it is: unnecessary and uninspired. "She's the best person for the book" does not hold...this issue could easily have been rewritten to be a story about Stephanie Brown, Huntress or some other female hero. Thanks for taking a kick ass character and making her a whimpering coward, Gail.

twoshoeeddie said...

I'm digging the new series. It has made me return to the comic store and I have been picking up the new 52 as they come out.

What is your predictions for the glowing red hooded figure that has been in every issue?

And not to beat a dead horse but the Authority and Planetary are Amaze-balls. I would like to send you some tpb if you haven't already read them.

Keep up the good work.

Yuoaman said...

Unknown: The reason he seems to show disregard when he knocks all those people back is because he was probably scared - I see Static as being a lot like Spider-Man. As in, Spider-Man makes all the wisecracks to keep his mind off of how insane and deadly the situation is - Static was trying to stop his enemy quickly and when it backfired a little on him he made a joke rather than face the issue. He is sixteen, remember.

And I think when she said she 'recorded the whole thing' she meant everything that happened outside of STAR labs.

Some Gamer Dude said...

I couldn't even get through the preview for Batgirl, let alone the whole book. I like Gail, I met her when she was at Sydney Armageddon, but damn, she was not wrong on CBR saying if you want something like Bryan Q Miller's awesome Batgirl, look elsewhere. I choose to. I look to Static and Blue Beetle. Hopefully they are more what I'm looking for.

I've only read H&D and JL so far, not planning on reading much else from the past two weeks aside from Green Arrow and maybe Red Lanterns.

JL was just... average. So average it doesn't stand out and begs the question why they started with it. It's not bad, just not the greatest.

H&D, I could stand the art. It... after the last BoP run, I do know there is worse, but the plot? Er, what? Zombies will give 3rd parties power? How does that work, exactly? Why the 90's designs for Hank and Dawn? Why aren't there personalities consistent with Brightest Day? The whole thing just reeked. Pitty, I was looking forward to it too. I grew to love these two over BoP and BD.

So people are saying someone takes over Ollie's company, huh? Well that happened before, Krul's last run to be precise. I like Krul's GA, only one I do(Got a letter printed in 13 :) ) and I do like the Golden Era GA's look, but what is quintessentially a repeat? I hope it's not as repeat like as I get the feeling it is.

I can thank the DCNu's disappointing titles for one thing, I went in with 5 pulls from the old DC, seem to be coming out with 5 in the new. GA, GL, Aquaman, Static and Blue Beetle.

Ming said...

I'm actually enjoying your new series, "That's All I'm Saying." It's actually nice to see you give your thoughts on new comics instead of you beating down terrible comics that deserve to be hurt back.

BTW, you might want to take a look at the comments. I think there's some kind of weird SOS message or something . . .

Anonymous said...

The end time is nigh,the great barrier will fall. That which our pathetic three dimensional minds cannot begin comprehend is upon us. The very Id of the universe knowing naught but to consume
Vhu-ehn n’kgnath fha’gnu n’aem’nh
V’naa-glyz-zn’a cylth
I’a ry’gengrho
I’a I'sygneth

firestonex said...

I don't even read comments (though I love your show) but I was maybe thinking about checking out Static Shock. When I was a teenager I loved Static Shock on Kids WB. It might be a good start for me.

Thanks for your new show. Like I said, I don't read comics, but your show has made me want to pick up and check out a few specific ones.

Thank you.

Dustin F.

SuperMse said...

Actually, Linkara, I disagree with you on Barbara Gordon as Oracle. Once she became Oracle, I suppose she served as a fine character, and The Killing Joke is a magnificent book, yes, but as much as I like Alan Moore, the man cannot write women. Though she is important to the storyline, Moore has admitted that he only put Silk Spectre into Watchmen as a token female, and it shows. She's a remarkably unlikable character and is so stereotypical it hurts. Concerning The Killing Joke, though, I'm shocked by the way in which Barbara becomes a paraplegic. She is the daughter of the police commissioner and has been trained by Batman, yet she lets the Joker take her out like a chump? All while prancing around the kitchen joyfully cooking for Daddy dearest? For some inexplicable reason, and I know this is shocking, I can't help but think that one of Batman's closest allies and confidants would be a little more prepared for a cheap shot by the Joker. Seeing her operating as Batgirl again comes across as a great redemptive gesture for something that never should have happened, and I'm glad for it.

Drunken Lemur said...

Leave me alone, Zalgo. I don't have time for you to bother me.

clockstomper said...

Quick word on the "morals" debate. Trust me, linkara is not kidding when it comes to Tony Daniel. He's a mediocre writer who only has shock-value horror imagery going for him. The Joker cleaving his tongue in half for no reason might be a scary image but no other creator is ever going to acknowledge a tongueless Joker. Animal Man on the other hand uses gore in a haunting and evocative way (and in an already good story, the gore isn't propping up a weak story.)

Thanks for starting this series, Linkara. It's fun...and it seems DC will at least initially have success since it's got people trying different titles out. Of course, there WILL be a big drop off. I imagine the titles that were popular before will see a boost but most of the others, barring the exceptionally good ones, will drop back down to pre-reboot levels. This isn't a magic bullet they can fire again, there will be no good will left if they try another reboot in the next 2 to 5 years. So what they really need is to keep putting the best effort into their books.

And what's sad is that's all they had to do, no reboot required. The renumbering, although a bit annoying for some of the older titles, was all they needed. Just #1 everything and make it accessible to new readers. No need to rewrite continuity. Most of the really good books still use it anyway. Justice League and Superman weren't broken concepts, they just needed better creative teams.

I'm interested in knowing Linkara, since I imagine you won't be buying all of the titles from month to month due to the expense, which ones in the "okay" column won't end up on your pull list. I imagine some like Static (random example,) which you found to be enjoyable, might fall to the wayside just because it's not as audacious as some of the other titles. Really what makes the cut for you. I myself will probably go back to buying trades except for the titles I really love and feel need support.

Eyz said...

Good books overall, much better than what I feared.
And no more on-going Booster Gold title.... but at least we still have Jurgens on the character and the JLI at that!

Connelly Boyle said...

I hope that they keep Green Arrow this way for a while, because they can't keep constantly ruining the character and making him brood about with a leather jacket and shit like that.

Locus Ceruleus Media said...

I loathed 'tec. Just awful. Dire forced attempts to shock and be oh-so-gritty. So tiresome, with Batman's dialogue in particular being cringeworthy. "I am the night", "I am Gotham City", etc.

I was really hoping for 'Detective Comics', not Heath Ledger meets Frank Miller fan fiction.

Anonymous said...

Might check out Stormwatch, given that you gave it at least a recommendation, and that Paul Cornell wrote it, who did some pretty good stuff on 'Doctor Who'

Anonymous said...

Linkara: I bought Stormwatch basically on your say-so, and I was not disappointed! What a great surprise: I was expecting another weak, gritty retread of Millar's Authority, and instead got this lovely JLA-Meets Torchwood book about Sci-Fi heroes. Definitely keeping it on my pull list!

Zidko said...

Something about Detective I forgot to mention, that is unintentionally ironic, I think (I can't see the writer being this clever after reading some of his past stories), Batman drives around wondering about a naked Joker and then later thinks that "Maybe only a madman can get inside his (Joker's) head."

Anonymous said...

Linkara, a question - do you have plans to review Batman: Odyssey?

Anonymous said...

Im with Thelder Linkara you need to give Planetary a shot Wildstorm was pretty bad at times but Warren Ellis did some great work their.

Quicksilver said...

Linkara, can you answer a question for me? (Another one after this question, that is.)

Does the JLI take place chronologically AFTER Generation Lost or is it part of the whole new universe... thing?

I'm a big JLI fan and really want to pick it up... but I have to openly admit that alternate universes aren't really my thing. I loved the old JLI stories and GL, but if this is a "do over" without all that history it might not appeal to me, if only because I -can't- divorce myself from all of that.

Really liking this new show, BTW - it's especially helpful for someone like me who doesn't have the funds or time (or really even a good LCS) to work with. Animal Man sounds like something I'll want to get, though, from the way you describe it.

Crayons said...

Despite my apprehension to the reboot, I'm having a lot of fun with it so far. Wish I had the budget to pick up all the titles. The art in Animal Man looks amazing, but I didn't realize that when I was at the shop. I might get it next week if there's a copy left.

Linkara, I read Action Comics despite your review because, let's face it, how could I not? And I'm shocked, SHOCKED! This is actually a really good comic. To focus on points that haven't been beaten to death:

1) Superman in jeans looks so cool! Kind of a everyman, casual super hero if that doesn't sound to cheesy.

2) Foreshadowing. Lex Luthor noticing that space object near Neptune, I think, hints that this Superman will have to learn to battle the silver age super powered alien villains very shortly. Perhaps Morrison will take this run through the various ages of Superman's history.

3) Superman is "punished" for his actions. If I understand correctly, the businessman he terrorized at the beginning (name eludes me) set him up with that whole train thing, which was Luthor's trap. Morrison creates a morally ambiguous work in doing so, even though Superman is sure of his own morals.

By the way, I was PolygonsandSprites. Just got a new blogger account so that's why the new name.

Anonymous said...

You should do this every Wed.
I don't mean just the new number 1's. I mean give us your reviews of the books you bought that day.

the Chapmaniac said...

Action Comics.... Do they have anything to do with Superman in Action comics?

Mail Order Reviewer said...

I only picked up three comics on my own this week (my brother got some so I'll read his). I got Batgirl, Hawk and Dove, and Static Shock.

Batgirl I wanted to get due to the controversy and found myself really liking it. Now I have never really followed her as Oracle so I am not that hurt by the change form paralyzed to running around. I like how we can see that it will effect her though and be a weakness in the hero for a while. Overall it liked it a lot (expect for the very last panel and was my favorite issue I picked up this week

Static Shock I only got cause I liked the cartoon. THis issue was so confusing. I wasn't expecting to have everything be like it was in the show but I am so confused on who he is working for. I really wish there was more of a backstory. I also want to know why he knows so much about electricity. I know it is his power but also he is only a teenager right? Is he a genus or something? Anyways this was my least favorite of the ones I picked up.

Hawk and Dove I just picked at random and I really liked this issue. I have never read any hawk and dove so the back story was interesting and I really want to learn more. I know it references stuff that I dont know yet but I trust they will go over it in the next few issues. The art is ok but I didn't hate it. I feel dumb for saying I liked this since almost everything I read about it says its horrible but oh well I liked it.

I will continue to read all of these ones for at least a few more issues to se how they progress.

Ave said...

I was one of those people who asked what you thought about Liefeld drawing Hawk and Dove, but I honestly wanted your opinion, not jut fishing for you to say it's terrible and awful. Personally, I think Liefeld could surely grow as an artist if he dropped some of his projects and focused on refining his art in the subsequent free time. It's always been his problem--he doesn't seem to take the time to work on his deficienies (though he has at least improved on feet).

And I am also intereted to see your views on the new Harley Quinn. Currently all I have is the visual, as I have not read anything about how they're treating her personality-wise. Obviously, the visual is a radical change and I suspect you were quite taken aback when you first saw it. But time has passed and one of two things could have happened: you could have gotten over it and come to embrace it, or it could have festered and you hate it just as much or more now. In any event, the bigger factor is how she is treated as a character.

Actually, I also wonder about another aspect: I The New 52, they give the descriptions of the issues, and Stormwatch #1 says that it is a direct result of Superman #1. Then why was Stormwatch #1 released first? Superman #1 isn't even coming out next week. I like things to be released in order, or else things can get confusing.

And regarding the hooded lady: am I holding out too much hope that this is one big publicity stunt leading into a big event next summer that restores the old DC universe? Maybe, but one can hope (and get them utterly dashed, but still...).

Noel said...

The end time is nigh,the great barrier will fall. That which our pathetic three dimensional minds cannot begin comprehend is upon us. The very Id of the universe knowing naught but to consume
Vhu-ehn n’kgnath fha’gnu n’aem’nh
V’naa-glyz-zn’a cylth
I’a ry’gengrho
I’a I'sygneth

Oh hi Entity, who is the Id? Are you referring to yourself? just some curiousity, since you can communicate.

Unknown said...

Yuoaman, If you checked the comments again bless you for doing so, this is the same guy from yesterday, I could understand if he was scared or something but he literally doesn't give it two thoughts after he flies away he debriefs and he doesn't mention he's scared nor when he calls his mom. However, if it showed him landing back at the base and breaking down about how scared he was or even mentioning it in captaions like "this is no time to be scared". However all I saw was him cracking jokes even in the captions so I didn't get that feeling he was and thus made me not connect with the character and made me think him as a jerk ass. Especially, with the bridge incident where he leaves without making sure everyone's alright.

As for your second point we don't know because we don't see what happened over in star labs, so again this is why I was stressing the "Show don't say" rule that Linkara has in his AT4W reviews. Because we don't know when she started recording, how the break in at Star Labs exactly went and if she does or doesn't have proof to connect virigl and static. Which is only made worse since you might just get a picture of Virgil from employee records. Since He an intern it would be in the system and again he literally has nothing to show he's different from static in terms of visible appearance that you can't connect with just overlaying their pictures.

Also don't you think it'd be suspect to have a black kid with dreads who works at the place you robbjed, who literally just moved into NY is from the same place a black super hero with dreads who also just popped in NY also?

It's way to easy to connect the dots on Static if anyone tried to, which is sad.

Shad said...

On a whim, I decided to check out Justice League International. I don't have a comic book store near where I live, so the idea of getting the comic in a digital version was very compelling.

I may not know much about comic books, but I did enjoy the story, I like the characters so far, and it's got me interested enough to want to keep reading it.

Thanks for the great recommendation, Linkara.

Yuoaman said...

Unknown: I like seeing what other people think of the relaunch, so yeah I've been checking the comments here periodically.

Even though you do have some good points, I like to think he's acting the way he is mostly due to a combination of stress and inexperience. I don't know for sure, but it seems like Static's only been doing this for a few months so he hasn't quite worked out the kinks yet, and it WAS his first day at a new job, so he's bound to be kind of tightly wound at that time, and not thinking straight.

I don't think the "Show, don't Tell" rule really applies in this situation, all we would have seen is a page or two of Static starting his new job and having Sunspot bust in, slowing down the story. In this case we get thrown right into the action, and a few lines of narration fill us in on the setup. And his identity very well might NOT be in the records at that time, for all we know he had just gone in and filled out the paperwork when all this started or something.

And I think there is the risk of Virgil being found out, but I'm not sure if the writer would want to touch on it in this storyline, but I can see it becoming something they'll look at in the future.

Evan Day...Teen Librarian said...

Also loved Action Comics #1 and think it gives the character room to grow into the more familiar character. More to the point, it was riveting and action packed. Put the ACTION in ACTION COMICS! And the end put Luthor over as a brilliant villain, reminding me of his characterization in Red Son and Alan Moore.

And the line "We used to have laws in this city, like gravity," IS...AWESOME!!!!

BTW, I honestly think a Superman vs Batman with Superman as the rogue idealist with super powers and Batman as the "under the table" government operative hired to bring him down would be AWESOME. Kindof a reversal of the Dark Knight Returns. Of course they'd become friends in the end and work together, but it's been an idea that's stuck in my head for a long time.

Anonymous said...

hey linkara any opinion on this ps: will there be a podcast with this site (because im just wondering)

Frankie Addiego said...

BTW: I don't recall seeing where Superman got the logo in AC#1. Maybe I missed it, but if not, are we to understand that it's just like in the real world where it's popular with people who do extacy and that you can buy one at any ShirTique in any mall?

Yuoaman said...

Frankie Addiego: That's probably something that will be explained in future issues. I seriously doubt he just went out and bought a shirt with that design, since Superman's only existed for a few months at this point.

Spudly said...

It seems like this has been said but not the way I'm about to say it. My take is this is what you get when you take a young idealistic college student with cynicism about big business put in his head from his professors determined to engage in protests and activism, and give him super powers.

Its an unfortunate position for young Superman to be in. He sees a corrupt world that he wants to fix just like any other idealistic college student but he actually has the power to go about it the way he thinks it should be done. Its going to seriously damage his reputation and he will likely be paying for that even after he has grown up.

This leads to your comments about angst and Superman. I also think that angst doesn't go well with Superman but this story could set up the kinds of angst that you and I seem to both think work for his character. It sets up the angst of Superman struggling with how much he should use his powers and when he should stop, and it also sets up the angst of people sometimes being worried about the raw power of earth's physically strongest being.

This in turn makes an excellent case for why Superman needs to be the character that he has traditionally been, very kind hearted and compassionate and very concerned about using his abilities properly and with restraint. Very, very patient too. This kind of backstory highlights why its hard to be Superman, because its so easy to give in to the temptation to become the very sort of "hero" we see in this comic.

I'm assuming this is what Grant Morrison is going for and I'm patient enough to let him explain himself because again, its Grant Morrison and I share your love of All Star Superman.

He's actually building the character and doing it right. It sort of adds something of a Spider man element to his backstory. Where Spiderman wanted to use his powers to benefit himself and those immediately around him, Superman has a limited view of justice. Both characters didn't just get their powers and decide to become exactly the kind of great heroes they each end up being.

It reminds me of Batman Begins too. In that movie we learn that not only did Bruce not immediately set to work trying to become the perfect crimefighter at age 8, he actually went though normal grief and it took him to the dark place of wanting revenge, even wanting to shoot Joe Chill with a gun. It took further developments for Bruce to start to figure out what he should be. Batman Begins added serious depth to his origin story.

Again, I think this is what we're getting with Superman. More explanation of why Superman becomes what he ends up being and we'll gain a whole new respect for the classic hero that emerges.

Razorgeist said...

Picked up JLI on your recommendation. I enjoyed it quite a bit particularly Booster's role. Yeah he did showboat slightly but he took his leader role seriously (I havent read Generation Lost yet). I'll probably pick up up Detective comics next week. It hadn't caught my attention at first but your review and subsequent other reviews have me curious.

Anonymous said...

Saw some forum where people were bitching about this video, decided to actually watch it. Yeah, I hated Batgirl and loved Action Comics, but you weren't being a jerk about your opinion. And you were fair about everything and provided reasons. I can understand people not liking your storyline stuff or wishing you'd do more bad comics starring good characters, or just straight up review good comics, but complaining because somebody voices their opinion in a polite fashion is asinine.

Like a lot of your stuff, hoping to see more Batman stuff, or more secret origins stuff. I can't imagine what you would make of the bizarre sexual politics of Golden Age Wonder Woman

David 2 said...

I don't need to check with previous comments to simply say "You said it well."

ArmedWithaStaringFly said...

A point that I think is fairly interesting about the whole Superman thing is that the "reverting the character back to his grittier roots before he became the picture of innocence" strategy was already used a few years back by Disney when trying to recreate Mickey Mouse. There are definitely parallels; Mickey was quite the jerk in his early years, but as years went on and he became the mascot of Disney his less desirable traits were handed to other characters. Eventually he became the smiling, chipper mouse most of us know. Disney wanted to reinvent the character, so they had Warren Spector of all people develop Epic Mickey, a Wii game where Mickey causes most of the problems through his own mischief and must fix them all to save the citizens of a mirror world of Disneyland. Of course, in Epic Mickey, you can *choose* which version you want him to be. If you want him to be a selfish jerk, you choose that. If you wanted him to be the hero, you choose that instead.

Obviously you can't do that in comic books, which gives DC more limitations than Disney had on what they can do with Superman. However, I'm wondering what is causing companies to look at their happy, innocent mascots and go "Nah, we need them to be back the way they were in the thirties." Is it just the obsession with making everything darker people seem to have these days, or is it just trying to start the character over, or are they afraid that people have lost interest in these characters and are trying to send them back to the time where they got popular?

Because Epic Mickey was decently awesome, I'm not yet convinced that putting Supes back to the Golden Age will be 100% bad. This can work if done very well. Jerk!Mickey was still pretty good-hearted, still saved everyone, and made up with his brother Oswald. He was just Nice!Mickey enough to not alienate people who had grown up with Nice!Mickey, yet brought back enough coolness from the 30s that those who can't stand the "Haha! See ya real soon!" Mickey can appreciate him. That is the balance that DC needs to strive for if they're really sending Supes in this direction.

Inquisitor D. said...

Well, it's been a while since I commented on something here. :)

That said, the digital distribution hype has got me considering getting into comics as an active reader, rather than as a gamer with an interest in the storylines

That said... I'm REALLY not sure what to think so far. I know that several of these are good books, but very few of the ones we've seen yet are of active interest to me, or at least, as they've come on thus far. The two series I have a past history with, Teen Titans and Suicide Squad, are... not looking good in preview, at least based on cover art (Wonder Girl as a thief? Really?)

Detective Comics might have a kinder Bat, but I'm not sure the gore's really going to be my thing. I don't mind gore, but when it gets excessive, it can ruin a book for me. Batwing... I might check it out later, but I've heard mixed reports (Mostly focusing around it being a little bit over-generalized in setting it 'in africa', and not including much stuff specific to the DRC).

That's a gripe, but there are worse things. I'll save my money, and pick up issues 1 & 2. The most promising sounding one is JLI; a book in which I know the stories of almost no one on the team, and seaks to prove the fans wrong.

;) Well, got to start somewhere.

The one that seems to be really divisive though is Batgirl. I appreciate Linkara's thoughts on this, but I've seen people taking the diametric opposite tac in reviewing it; that the book was clunky, the inner dialogue a little weird, characters simplified, the villain lame... and then there's the question of the cop pointing a gun at Babs, calling her a murderer when the real murderer's in the room


I really don't know what to think of this one. I've heard glowing reports of Gail Simone's writing for years, and according to interviews, Barbara's a character she feels passionately about. This should be ideal for me, a good jumping on point. An issue one by one of the industry's best. But...

*sigh* Doubt is a terrible thing. I might have to pick it up, just to see for myself. ;) Still, I'd appreciate anyone else's advice on this one. Who to believe?

Koneko-chan said...

I know this is really rude to ask this, but could we get time codes in the description? With there being more titles than I normally read coming out I'm only able to buy a few of the new ones each week. I know this is suppose to be a quick and dirty video but I just don't know when I will get to watch it because I want to read the issues before hand.

Sorry for the trouble and you are welcome to just ignore me.

SkinnyAy said...

Great list of recommendations. I bought Batwing #1 due to my own curiosity about the character. I hope I'm not asking a question that's already been asked, Linkara, but I was curious if you'd seen any of the Static Shock TV series? Just curious about that. Also, Being the Blue Beetle Fan that you are, Are you excited that Jaime is getting his own book again?

vlademir1 said...

Coming back to actually reading comics for the first time since the mid-'90s I picked up Detective Comics #1 and Batgirl #1. I was feeling trepidation over the idea of the relaunch, but it seemed a good time to come back with my interest fully returning at about the same time as this. I'm not completely sold, but felt about the same on the strengths of both comics as you do.

I was on the fence about getting Green Arrow, especially after seeing your Rise of Arsenal coverage, but think I'll now add it to the books I'm reading from their lineup until December, after which I intend to drop the ones that don't impress me enough to keep going with (I somehow don't expect all 16 to make me want to keep with them).

Kathryn said...

One problem I had with the JLI, no skeets. That made me sad.

Ebon said...

DC had 52 issues, was obviously struggling to fill them (Men of War) and they couldn't relaunch Secret Six?

Jon M. Wilson said...

Re: Batgirl 1. It's easy to assume that everything we know about Babs's time as Oracle has happened, but so far there's no evidence that that's the case. She may have just been in a wheelchair going to school for a while. So perhaps she HASN'T seen the Joker since he shot her, which would lead to her unexpected PTSD issues in this book making more sense

Kyle said...

Hey Linkara, really enjoying your new video series. I do hope you keep this up even after you've reviewed all the new first issues. It's funny, I have pretty close to zero interest in reading comics myself, seeing as how the only ones I ever pick up are mini series or limiteds that tie in to something else I like, like Resident Evil by Wildstorm or 24 by IDW. Also, you and I would probably disagree on a lot of comic book related things (I think The Punisher is the greatest comic book character ever, for example, and I find myself nodding my head in agreement with the 90's kid a whole lot) but you're the only person on TGWTG that I watch faithfully, and now I'm even reading your comic book blog. What's up with that? Anyway's, long story short, I love your stuff, and look forward to hearing more about the alien (to me) world of comics from you.

Dave said...

Would Action Comics still count as a legitimate #1,000 (which they'd almost certainly renumber back to the old system for, a la Wonder Woman and Captain America), given the prolonged period of "Action Comics Weekly" pushing the numbers up artificially?

Anonymous said...

I could be wrong but...Liefeld falling into the Negaverse, was that a Darkwing Duck reference? Which also gives me a thought that maybe Liz didn't fall into a mirrorverse but into the Negaverse. If I'm remembering right you also made a Darkwing Duck reference in a discussion you had with Josh Hadley that you posted on the site. Are you a Darkwing Duck fan Linkara? Because if you are you've just shot way way up on my awesome scale.

Also thank you for making this series, its nice to have a second opinion from somebody you respect on what's worth spending money on.

Zearan said...

I agree with you that JLI was pretty good, but if they decide to keep the Ice origin story from Generation Lost #12 I will seriously burn my copy of JLI. Being from Norway I frankly find it insulting that DC believe a closed society have to be Gypsies just because they are involved in various scams and criminal activity.

If they had kept the idea that she was from a closed society of ancient Norse magi I would be totally fine with the story despite the fact that the clan name Is Bygd is pretty dumb since translated to English it literally means "Ice Village". If DC really wanted to make Ice a part of a Norwegian minority they should have chosen the Sami people since that would have made a lot more sense than Gypsies.

Also the normal Norwegian word for Gypsies is sig√łynere, but romanifolket is correct too even tho it's a very formal word.

Sake Moongoose said...


Welcome to the bottom of the bootle where all sugar gets blur, today with the approval of our dear pop cult hero and spreader of comic book culture Lewis Lovhaug i will start my adventure on the wonderful word of reviewing the comic i read, in particular those Mister Haug already read and reviewed.

Truth must be said and in general i admit i can agree with you say most of the time Lewis but there are those times when you drop the ball. In this TAIS so far i already read it Action Comics, Detective Comics, Man At War, Hawk And Dove, Green Arrow, Batwing, Justice League International and now i start my reading on Animal Man. Your reviews are good and amazingly accured for most of them with exceptions for Hawk and Dove, Green Arrow, Batwing and JLI, you have the right for your own opinion but you let past a few things here and there in those books and the worst case scenario is JLI and i quote : "YOU SHOULD BE BUYING THIS BOOK! IT'S DAMN GOOD!" Really ??? Are you sure you read the same JLI i did ? Because if is that the case lets go and check a few things.

JLI #01 (2011) The book start with Andre Briggs head of United Nation intelligence (played by voice actor Brad Jones thanks to my imagination) trying and succeeding to sale for the U.N. Security Concil the idea of a Super Hero Response Action Team working under the flag of the U.N. representing the greatest nations of Earth, the problems are this :

*everybody in the whole world (according to Briggs) is underfunded and lacking resources and when he talks about every government, law enforcement agency and security forces in the world is hard to believe the United Nations is the only remaining organization able to take money out of their own asses to fund and sponsor their own superhero team;

*his brilliant idea : assemble his own team "UNIQUELY EQUIPPED TO OVER COME THOSE ISSUES", what that means if somebody asks :

- they work pro-bono;
- they bring their own gear or borrow from someone else;
- they pay for their own U.N. bumper stickers;
- no privilegies, if you park in the wrong spot you pay the bill by your self;
- don't tell this to any of them because as we saw coming next :

*The United Nations Security Council will not assume any responsability for their actions if they fail on their missions at any moment, if they win : "OUR HEROES LADIES AND GENTLEMAN!" if they fail : "JUSTICE WHO ??? WE NEVER HEARD ABOUT THEM!" Therefore :

- they are on their own to fight against threats everybody else is ill equipped to handle (like the average friendly neighbor had ilimited resources), so there it is the Official On And Off And On Again And Off Superhero Team who answer to no one except when the U.N. start to ask of course but just if they succeed.

Sake Moongoose said...


And there comes the Rooster :

Booster Gold: team leader, PR expert, poster boy for several consumer products world wide and the bitch every PR pimp is looking for, the perfect puppet;

Ice, Fire and Vixen : because they are popular, not because there was any planning for this;

Red Rocket, August General In Iron and Godiva : because you go no where in the UN without Russia, China and England poster boys giving you support;

Guy Gardner : because he was the only one available, except of course for Kyle Rayner, John Stewart, Sinestro and any other Green Lantern responsible for the Sector 2814, i guess Andre was being racist or he ask the editor for their preferences;

Other were selected and rejected and some rejected even before selection because they were considered "WRONG???" at the time, go figured.

Greeted by his transvesti assistent Emerson Esposito they start assemble the Avengers, i mean, the JLI in the Hall of Justice an abandoned facility borrowed by the U.N. from local New York government who was previously using the place as a shelter for the homeless and some basement dwellers who was using the internet servers and broad band complex for hacking activities and wikileaks support.

Booster Gold arrives and ask about them, Briggs gives a short explanation and tell him to ignore them and he said "No, we can never ignore them, it's our job to prove them wrong!" you praise him Lewis you really did it and what our team leader and public relation expert did it next ?

"HE IGNORE THE PROTESTS! HE JUST GO TOGETHER WITH BRIGGS INSIDE THE BUILDING AND DID EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE HE SAID HE WOULD DO!" Good job Lewis, you praise and idiot and hypocritic and where did come from the best phrase from this issue so far ? From Guy Gardner, apparently the most sane person in the room who say : "ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FREAKING MINDS ?"

I tell you this Lewis when the person asking this is Guy Gardner something must be very very very wrong and i will never forget that every time you recommend something.

It's past page 16 already, Guy Gardner left the building and Booster Gold Assures us he never sponsored or had been sponsored by adult diapers, it's like see FilmBrain defend it self as nominated leader of anything. Meanwhile Godiva in two lines show to us why she is going to be the T&A main character, probable Booster Gold love interest and useless character with useless powers.

I admit is a Damn book and that's as far i can go, am i the only rational mind who thinks this boat will sank before even reach the proverbial iceberg ? Dan Jurgens is funny but he is not Keith Giffen, this team is trying to emulate the original Stormwatch mixing elements of the original JLI and failing misearbly at least for me, it's a guilty pleasure but deserves a rant, anything about deserving a RECOMMENDATION it's a little bit of a stretch, Lewis you drop the ball one yard behind the end zone and now you must start all over again back from your own end zone.

Sake Moongoose said...


Continuing, Batman for no other reason than punishing himself try to argue with Gardner but he leaves, Briggs present for the team a jet borrow or more probably stolen from Green Arrow and without nobody noticing Batman does the favor nobody ask for it and drives or heroes into their first mission : rescue a UN research team missing in Peru - South America, thanks to FAA restrictions the plane made a flight from New York to Peru in at least 12 hours because they leave USA airspace at 10pm but arrive in Peru at 10 am flying around the world in the process, thanks the goddammn Batman. That or american writers and readers are national geographically impaired, they don't teach you anything about time zones in the school anymore ?

Anyway still there is a few eastern eggs for you in this issue Lewis, i can open them all alone can i ?

The Basement Dwellers explode the Hall of Justice with explosives stolen from a Blackhawks Storage Facility (did i mention the Blackhawks are the blackops TNG away team for the U.N.), so the place was borrowed from the city, security was non-existent and the building was actually made it with paper-mache because one bomb was enough for a raging inferno, meanwhile the team is attacked on site, Godiva shows how useless she can be and WHAT A HELL IS THAT SENTINEL DOING THERE ???? I knew DC Comics was going all Marvel with the New 52's but that's ridiculous.

Post Bottle Followed Down : Annoying character goes to you Lewis Lovhaug for be so smart and in some rare occasions like this so dumb that made a fool of your self and still remains fun. JLI #01 like i said is a guilty pleasure but not one worth to buy it.

Final Score for TAIS 9-8-11 so far is 7 out of 10, i didn't finish reading all 13 books on the list but is enough to say your only major mistake was JLI followed by a few minor threats that compromissed my faith in you a little bit.

Atop the Fourth Wall is probably the main reason why i restarted to read comic books again and has been a lot more fun since crap editors like those from DC Comics can't fooled me again, i wonder how they fooled you ?

End Credits

Post Credits Scene

[Dr Antwiller wanders around an underground base]

Sake: [greeting him] Dr Antwiller.

Dr Antwiller: So, you're the man behind all this? It's quite a labyrinth. I was thinking that you had taken me down here to kill me.

Sake: I've been hearing about the New Mexico situation. Your work has impressed a lot of people who are much smarter than I am.

Dr Antwiller: I had a lot to work with: the Foster theory, a gateway to another dimension... it's unprecedented...

[Sake doesn't respond]

Dr Antwiller: ...isn't it?

Sake: Legend tells us one thing; history, another. But, every now and then, we find something that belongs to both.

[Sake opens a suitcase, which contains a small cube]

Dr Antwiller: What is it?

Sake: Power, Doctor. If we figure out how to tap it, maybe unlimited power.

[Insano is seen in a reflection, smiling]

Insano: [whispers to Spoony] Well, I guess that's worth a look.

Dr Antwiller: Well, I guess that's worth a look.

Sake Moongoose said...


Hawk And Dove #01

Liefeld is a minor problem on that book, Sterling Gates is the one who will mess things around on this book.

Why Dove can fly but Hawk don't ? Why everytime Hawk open his mouth i think about Hobo Steve talking ?
And Who had the briliant idea of give for Dove a boyfriend like Deadman ?

Selected by the Gods of War and Peace ? Was not originally two renegade Lords of Chaos and Order ?

I guess Sterling Gates never watch Superman trying to rescue a Boeing 747 on Superman Returns using the same way Dove use on the comic book and fails miserably, that plane should never be able to land safely.

And on Page 11 a lazy aftermath with a cop repeating everything we already knew it from the start.

And if Hawk a.k.a. New Hobo Steve was not enough the Avatar of Peace crash lands over a car and destroy it for no reason on page 14. Why ? She can or she can not fly ? And why her white dove symbol looks more like some kind of spider trying to bone her belly button ?

And if one Hobo Steve was not enough at the last page we meet Brownie Hawk, probably Hobo Steve's cousin.

The action is poor, the story looks like a dramedia, something better suit for a cartoon than a comic book, Sterling Gates is not Geof Johns and this comic will not last long this way.

Post Bottom Followed Up: Annoying Character goes to Hawk the New Hobo Steve who can drag all action of this comic into his existential personal black hole of "WHY,WHY MY BROTHER HAS TO DIE?"

Hawk and Dove so far is not worth reading or expending money, trying to re-sale and avoid it in the near future.

Sake Moongoose said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sake Moongoose said...

Clearly All We Say or CLAWS #01:

Action Comics #1 /Accurate Reviewed, the book looks Idiotic;

Detective Comics #1 /Accurate Reviewed, it's Worth Reading but eewww;

Men at War #1 / Weird Book, Accurate Review and the crew barely understand what was going on there and we are the guy who love this kind of story, can't agree in what to say about that yet;

Hawk and Dove #1 / Weird Review, Ranting about Liefeld is redundant, Not Flawless TAIS, the book is Idiotic and Deserve the Rant;

Green Arrow #1 / Accurate Review and Awesome book, the kind of thing the Smallville's Green Arrow could be;

Batwing #1 / Accurate Review and Awesome book, was a delightful surprise;

Justice League International #1 / the one to be always remembered as "THAT BOOK.." (dramatic pause) Not Accurate, we respectfully disagree with Mr.Lovhaug and will give the Deserved Rant for this elsewhere despite the fact we already did it here in the past present of our past future (try to see this through J.J.Abrahms kind of logical thinking) in order to avoid a future past war that never happen in this non-mirror current reality;

Animal Man #1 / Weird Book, Accurate Review, Really Creepy and we stay with that;

Next Swamp Thing #01, Stormwatch #01, Static Shock #01, OMAC #01, and Batgirl #01, the crew once again thanks Mr. Lovhaug for his kindness and patience and hope we can do it better in the present future of the current past (someone please cut Lost from Hold's diet please).


Directed, Edited and Reviewed Review by Ricardo Augusto

Music by Michael Giacchino

Atop The Fourth Wall is owned by Lewis Lovhaug, the multitransdimensional Hub is probably owned by someone else, there is a dead guy there but is nobody we known.

FourthWallSomeness Rocks !!!

Sake Moongoose said...

The Long T.A.I.L. comment for 9-8-11.

"That's All I Love #0"

quoting : "What I mean is that the continuity was not as impenentrable as people thought it was".

Some teams are playing this wishy-washy reboot better than others and some really doesn't look to care about. There are books for fine tastes and there are books for the raw mob as well those weird books with slow setting.

quoting :"I'm still against the reboot, but I am not so stupid as to pretend there aren't advantages or good things to come out of it".

That's something yet to be seen if DC of course don't running away from foretold dropping sales that will come before they pulled the next p.r. gimmick card out of their pockets.

quoting "Still, I found it enjoyable. I've kind-of moved past worrying about creators "understanding" or not "understanding" characters because, well, it's open to interpretation .

Nothing can't be rated better than this.

"If DC really wanted to make Ice a part of a Norwegian minority they should have chosen"

How many times i listen to that kind of phrase at work ? Several, most of bad companies belong to the Realm of Should Have.

That commented i liked Green Arrow #1 and Batwing #1, just liked, Justice League International #1 made me laugh my ass off as you can see on Deserve a Rant but there are nothing on that TAIS list that i really love despite my eagerness to play my side show. Swamp Thing was weird reading, Stormwatch sucks, i don't care about Static Shock and Batgirl keep give the feeling for Why? For the love of God Why? with a mixed twist. Eventually i will read Omac but that's all i have to add to discussion that may be or not worthy it to say.

Lido said...

I'm just gonna point this out about JLI #1 and why I hate it: in JLI it's explicitly shown that none of the Justice League International characters know each other or have met before, that means that in a single stroke the book erased every past JLI story from existence along with the entire run of Generation Lost, in this continuity every one of those stories is now gone which also means the close friendship between Booster Gold and Ted Kord? Gone as well, that's why I hate JLI #1

William Ngo said...

"Re: JLI #1

No, sorry, that's NOT how you do it. "Prove them wrong" reeks of smugness."

Late-ass response.

I don't think so. He's acknowledging the opinion of others and is trying to prove them wrong in a heroic way by doing good. What's smug about that? Booster looks sincere when he says it. Smugness is defined as "an often unjustified feeling of being pleased with oneself or with one's situation or achievements"... so pretty much being a prideful douchebag. I guess, if you're LOOKING for it, you could find SOME smugness in Booster's statement, but you'd have to be pretty cynical. I don't recall him expressing much pride. Maybe in that he thought he was going to join the Justice League, but as the JLI didn't exist before this, that's the only Justice League he knows of.