Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cybermats and Favorite Jokes

Just two things to get out of the way real quick. A fan made her own cybermat based on the tutorial I provided a bit ago back (Which you can see here if you haven't already) and I frankly thought that was so cool that I had to share it with all of you. In case you're wondering, this is also the fan who was present at the Live Show at Youmacon who had the ocarina and could play my theme song on it.

Quick anecdote about this woman (her name is Ashley, if I recall correctly) - during Little Kuriboh's panel (not the Roast, the panel the next day), I stepped out briefly to get some Burger King since I hadn't eaten all day. She was actually nearby in line and she started playing my theme song again. She then turned around, stunned as she realized I was standing there, to which I simply said, "You summoned me?"

And here's another quick thing. If you look at my schedule, you'll see that in a few weeks I'm going to be doing the "Top 15 Personal Favorite Jokes of Atop the Fourth Wall." It's always my thing at the end of the year just to do a list episode about stuff on the show and this one's no exception.

The reason I'm doing this instead of another mistakes or missed opportunities list is because the end of the year is going to be tough for me, partially because I'm going out of town in a few days (long story), plus special effects stuff for the episodes PLUS writing some scripts for MagFest, and on top of all of that: Christmas the day before the episode is supposed to go out. It's also been suggested that it's a bit lazy for an episode and I can see why that is. As such, I want to include some more people in the process, get your input on what you think are some of my funniest jokes.

As such, while the episode is not going to be just clips (I will explain WHY I like certain jokes or stories behind those jokes), I also unfortunately do not have enough time to look through all 160+ episodes to find all of my favorites. Some I knew already I wanted on this list and some I've rediscovered while rewatching a few. However, I also would like to hear your input on what are some of YOUR favorite jokes on the show.

However, to make this list less predictable, I'm also setting down some ground rules, the same ones I'm applying to myself for it, and I'm passing that on to you:

-No running gags. That means no "I am a Man," no "Bees, My God," no "There is logic in what he says," and no "You magnificent bastard, I read your book!" or similar things.
-For that matter, try not to use jokes that are clips from other shows. As much as I love using Dr. Cox's rants from Scrubs, it's not so much MY joke as someone else's joke that happens to fit perfectly in a given situation, especially when describing how moronic someone is.
-Only one joke per episode. You can suggest multiple from certain episodes, but only expect one to show up from any particular episode.
-I AM allowing anything from Kickassia or Suburban Knights or crossovers included, because I count them all as canon with Atop the Fourth Wall, but try to keep it as close to the main show as possible.

Hope that helps and let's see some suggestions from people! ‎


Tbelle said...

Black Lantern Nineties Kid, hands down

The fact that you stayed perfectly in character, while still being a depraved zombie deserves applause

Anonymous said...

Some of my favourite jokes include your serious hat from Strange Adventures #136, Boffo The Clown, you saying boner a bunch of times in your 15 comics you'll never review, and this line from your Comic Book advertisements review "No...Noooo! The TurboGrafx-16 is taking over my braaaaaaaaaaaain!*head explodes*"

I know there are more, but I feel like my list is already long enough as it is. XD

Mikey said...

While I'm not sure if these count as actual jokes, there are three things I can name as being favorite moments: Brute Force #1: Robo-Bear vs. Cyber-Gorilla! (Especially with the inclusion of Nightwish)
Cry For Justice: My god. A giant intelligent gorilla and an alien are about to fight robots on jetpacks. Why is this story not about them? TALLY HO!
NBC Comics #1: Laser bat!?

Yoshi_King_2 said...

One I always go back to is your reaction to the fact that Granny Goodness's appearance in Amazons Attack is related to Countdown.

There are too many great jokes from over the years. Though running gags not counting is shame, because I love your list of "Stupid Plans for World Domination."

Oh, Oh, The Lady Gaga Dream Sequence from Lady Gaga #1. Your reaction to the crossdressing was so priceless.

Does SuperBoy Prime's voice count as a joke? Always makes me smile.

But in all honesty, some of my favorite "jokes" from your analysis of what is wrong with comics. Like the actual script pages from All Star Batman and Robin about Vickie Vale or the stupidity of the whole JUSTICE cry in Cry for Justice. That's what makes you one of my favorite reviewers on TGWTG.

Aaron "The Mad Whitaker" Bourque said...

The scientist's plan for the enhanced animals from Brute Force #1. IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE.

UnsealedCross said...
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Mikey said...

Argh, it published before I could include this one:
Freak Force #1: Basically the entire episode. I love 90s Kid.

hariman (AKA: Nevix Astari) said...

"Wait, did he just kill a pregnant chick?" From the Countdown Review

"I'm not doing a Christmas Carol, I love Christmas!" From the Extreme Super Christmas Special review.

"Sorry kid, these pipes weren't made for screamin'." From the first Mechakara fight.

Singing "Convoy" for the funeral convoy during the missed opportunities episode.

Those are, honestly, the only individual jokes that jump to the front of my mind.

UnsealedCross said...

From your reviews of ASBAR and Batman Fortunate Son. The whole "I'M THE GOD DAMN BATMAN" line because of how stupid it is, but every time I read it I hear your interpretation of it and the whole "Lady's and Gentlemen we have, an internet meme!!!!!!!!!!" just solidified the joke for me. As for Batman Fortunate Son, which was the first video i watched from your show, "Punk is nothing but death and the rage of a beast!" Again all in the voice and the line being incredibly stupid.

Grendle1853 said...

If you are taking jokes from crossovers then the Matrix bit from Warrior #2 and #3 review (at about 10 minutes and 48 seconds in) should be on the list, your Agent Smith voice is hillarious and everyone slowly moving in was awesome! Also your April Fool's Day Bear review should also be on there somewhere!

Miss Nightmare said...

This is tough,I'm even rewatching the show from the beginning again.

But the few I can name in the top of my head:

Surburban Knights- The scene where you try to get everyone to sing showtunes.

Blackest Night- 90's kid pop up ad joke

The Air Solution- The 8-bit Mickey stare, the Doctor Who theme song/chrome key powers joke

Chain Gang War- Scientology joke

And it's from a recent review but it's the one being tortured by bad music.

John .R. said...

I have to give my vote to the "Grey Lanterns" from Warrior #4. The guardians of not giving a crap! Cracks me up everytime I see it!

Psychotime said...

One of my favorites is the bit in the Twilight Zone episode where you complain about negative clown stereotypes as if they were a downtrodden race and subsequently shoehorn in a "positive" example.

Avangor said...

So much hilarity to choose from...
Have to concur with the 'serious hat' nomination.
90's Kid's version of the theme song from Freak Force #1.
The Blue Screen of Death from Spider Man and The Fantastic Four in Brain Drain
The commandment against underwear from Silent Hill Dying Inside #5
"Doom demands his morning coffee, Miss RICHARDS!" from Doom's IV #2

I'll stop here before I list off half the show.

Writrzblok said...

I think the break down you had when Super Bearded Idiot said The atrocities of WWII never ended was pretty damn funny.

Sage Saria said...

No "I am a man"? Aww, but I really like the one where you pull Liz back.

Oh well, other than that, hmm...Off the top of my head, I think I'll say 90s Kid singing the theme song in Freak Force #1. That whole review was hilarious and I have to applaud you for being able to keep up that voice for a whole episode, and the theme song was just the perfect introduction to the kind of show we were in for. It's just a great example of how different 90s Kid is from Linkara and how much of a train wreck he can be over time, which is what makes him so hilarious and loveable.

Mike said...

I agree with Yoshi_King_2, the Lady Gaga screaming reaction was great. Also, I don't care how immature it is, your "boner" reading with deadpan delivery is really funny.

I have a couple to suggest.

In All-Star Batman #3-4 "I call him Steve." The delivery cracks me up every single time.

In The TRS-80 Whiz Kids The Computers That Saved Metropolis! (that is a long freakin title). The video clip catching people up on the previous 2 reviews is great.

Oh and to everyone complaining about it being a lazy idea. This is a weekly show, that is a LOT of time and effort to get things out on time. This is Lewis' show and his personal life/availability have to be taken into account. Judging by the quality of your videos, even if a few weeks are kind of quick ones, I know the dedication will come right back as soon as they feasibly can.

Ming said...

1. Mental breakdown/Combine Harvester gag after reading the fan letters to Doom's IV, discovering the shocker near the end of Amazons Attack, and being frustrated by the awfulness that is Maximum Clonage

2. You going Adamantium Rage

3. Warrior rapes Santa! Nobody rapes Santa on our watch!

4. Your reaction to the Kool-Aid Man comic

5. Alone in the Dark-style gun battle from Doom

6. Anything involving Linksano (particularly the Sultry Teenage Super Foxes second issue reaction and the end sequence from JLA Act of God)

7. You trying to run away from Dark Knight Strikes Again 3 (a la Nostalgia Critic and Star Wars Christmas Special)

8. 90s Kid version of the theme song and Harvey and Pollo's reaction to 90s Kid's fiasco

9. NextWave gag, your reaction to Sonichu, and the end sequence with the Internet spirit

10. Your tantrum over Groovy in Silent Hill Dead/Alive

11. The April Fool's Day triple featuring (One More Day, the short review on the last Titans book before Villains for Hire run, and you making fun of Irate Gamer)

12. champagne bottle failing to break on Comicron 1

13. 90s Kid ruins Karaoke Night

14. entire review on "Rise" of Arsenal (the intro, previously on segment featuring Oancitizen et al, and zombie Lian ghost)

15. The magic glove gag near the end of NBComics

16. Surprise appearance by "Nigel Ng" in Mightily Murdered Power Ringers

17. Boffo the Clown

18. The end sequence of Warrior 4 (These comics suck and I don't even care anymore; Dr. In-Suede-o; Gray Lanterns and TNA Impact reaction)

19. 90s Kid in a daze singing Care-a-lot and returning back to his radical idiot self; reviewers returning (Spoony, Marzgurl, Phelous, Lupa, JesuOtaku, Suede); the infinite number of Tricorders

20. You and Last Angry Geek beating up geek who just bought One More Day

Catherine said...

One of my all-time favourites is your breakdown in the Dark Knight Strikes Again Part 3 review, leading into that scene of you looking tranquilized and thanking "Beppo, the Invisible Monkey" for helping you cope with bad comics. I think it's the fact that you look so serious when you're asking, "Isn't that right, Beppo?... Beppo says yes."

And a quick gag that nevertheless always makes me laugh is, "This is my CLUESTICK!" from the Amazons Attack review.

Can't wait to see the final selection!

Captain Sake Mangusto said...

Her Cybermat is Bigger and more mobile than yours, very nice.

Brian "Arkle" Webber said...

The Blue Screen of Death gag from the Fantastic Four: Brain Drain review.

Anonymous said...

Any time you do the Mel Blanc inspiried "Derrr" voice. Especially "Dahh, Story Continuity, duh what's that?" or

From Zero Patrol the "I like toast! Okay, maybe you're really unaware of it."

Singing "Convoy" like a Funeral Dirge.

MetFanMac said...

My vote goes to a freakout you had in one of your earlier episodes that included you trying to cut your wrists with the Magic Gun, screaming, "WHY WON'T IT WORK???!"

Crossover choices: the random ending to your "Cool World" review with MarzGurl and you playing the Insano-dog in the Warrior #1 review ("I'm lonely but adorable!").

CaptainCalvinCat said...

Does "I'm Ensign Munrooooo!" coun't as running gag? If not, I would say, that this is one of my favourites.

Or the "I hope, you all remember where we parked" from said elite force video (I think, it was part seven).



G0ATFAC3 said...

My favourite joke is when you said "the comic may have gotten one thousand times better, but one thousand times zero is still zero!"

That's pretty much the first joke that comes to mind when I play favourites... Which is weird because no one else seems to remember it.

And honestly, I can't remember what episode it's from. I like to assume it's from one of the Amazon's Attacks, but I also think it might be from Countdown...

Living in Tokuoka Time said...

My personal favorite joke from AT4W would have to be from the third Warrior episode you did with Spoony. The dialogue between you, Spoony, and Insano was pricelessly hilarious, and easily something you could do with a good friend.

Information Geek said...

My favorite jokes from you? Well...

Justice League: Cry for Justice #1-2: Your epic cry of JUSTICE! What makes it even better is the whiplash from your quiet voice to a loud and booming cry.

Justice League: Cry for Justice #5-7: GINGEVITIS STRIKES WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT!

Those will forever stay with me.

Timothius said...

Like everyone else, I have to agree with the Serious Hat nomination. :D

Two - no, three - more of my favorites from The Dark Knight Strikes Again reviews:

1. And then...Jay Leno. What do you want with me Jay Leno, WHY ARE YOU STARING AT ME?!

2. Did someone capture MissingNo? The comic's starting to glitch out!

3. Oh, how I wish Sailor Moon would appear, spin around fifty times, release a whole bunch of sparkly things and make this END.

Anonymous said...

Your dad. Just your dad as you is hilarious.

marconius666 said...

My favorite joke from Suburban Knights actually came from Linkara.

Near the end, when fighting Malachite, he says (after zapping JewWario) "I love the Power Glove, it's so bad," to which Linkara replies "Good, bad, I'm the one with the magic gun!" and then opens fire.

I know it's a reference to Evil Dead, but I just thought that was a great pair of lines right there.

Natendowii said...

A Few of my favorites.

Lady Gaga #1: The Freakout scene was Classic, but my favorite individual line was "Norman Bates Called, he said you're a bit of a wierdo!"

Captain America Comics #1
"Those Peace Loving Americans-" *Cut to Linkara shooting an AK-47* WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEACE!

NBComics #1: LASER BAT?!

Secret Defenders #10: "I Remind you, her plan simply amounts to 'drop a bomb on them!'"

JLA Act of God part 3: The whole scene with Doug Moench's little Bat-Army in the beginning.

Maximum Clonage: The "Combine Harvester" freakout in that episode is my favorite of the three.

Silent Hill: Dying inside: "What has two heads, one mouth, and no Brain?" OOH, Michael Moore!

Mr. T and the T-Force #1: All of Mr. T's superpowers.

Amazing Fantasy #15: "Peter Parker was hardly the biggest man on campus" That would change when his clinical depression pushed him to Twinkies and Hostess Fruit pies!

Fantastic Four #1: "The Commies? What are you waiting for? Do you want the cosmic rays to kill THEM First?"

Ultimates 3: Oh My God, she ate too much Pudding!

Mightily Murdered Power Ringers: Nat Gertler's cameo.


Adamantium Rage: "ADAMANTIUM RAAAGE!!! *Smack* Ow..."

Top 15 worst heroes becoming villains: The Entire Magneto bit.

That's mine for now

Enigma_2099 said...

Quick anecdote about this woman (her name is Ashley, if I recall correctly) - during Little Kuriboh's panel (not the Roast, the panel the next day), I stepped out briefly to get some Burger King since I hadn't eaten all day. She was actually nearby in line and she started playing my theme song again. She then turned around, stunned as she realized I was standing there, to which I simply said, "You summoned me?"

Too bad this doesn't count. Sometimes the best jokes write themselves...

Anonymous said...

Hoo boy. This show is so damn funny it's hard to choose the best. Even after cropping it down to my absolute favorites, I've still got a bit of a long list(some are paraphrased):

Detective Comics #27 – “If you wanna wear The Hat of Power, you gotta make sure the fashion matches!”

Titans #1- “take a shot, and then spit it out in disgust!”

Top 15 Worst Heroes Becoming Villains – “correcting our own mistakes – EXTREEEEME!”

Warrior #1- “STOP! USING! ELLIPSES!”

(I can’t recall which episode)- “This is my Clue Stick!” *whack whack whack*

James Bond Jr #3- "Russian? French? German? Tommy Wiseau?"


Youngblood #2- "It vasn't outlandish, it vas FAAAAB-U-LOOOUS!!!"

The Dark Knight Strikes Again part 2- “Oh, how I wish Sailor Moon would just walk out, twirl around fifty times and release a whole bunch of sparkly things to make this end.”

Sultry Teenage Super-Foxes #1- “The author’s having flashbacks to their childhood! Take cover!” and “This narrator has issues.”

Warrior #2 and #3- the Matrix “purpose” sequence, and “WRONG, you fedora-wearing FRUIT!”

Action Comics #593- "I remember a goat, salad dressing, and a traffic cone. After that it gets WEEEEIRD."

New Kids on the Block #4- the rhyming

The Goddysey #1- “JÉSUS WINS! THEOLOGY!”


Captain America and the Return of the Asthma Monster- “What the heck is in this inhaler, anyway?”

Mightily Murdered Power Ringers #1- “Lord Zelarackanickanackafivecrackashishkoombah”

Silent Hill Paint it Black- the puzzle bypassing

Pokemon: The Electric Tale of Pikachu #1- the endless tricorders

All-Star Comics #8- the porn music

The Dark Knight Strikes Again part 3- “Isn't that right, Beppo?... Beppo says yes."

Anonymous said...

#1 Joke that always makes me laugh no matter how many times I watch it is in All-Star Batman and Robin #3 when Dick isn't impressed and Linkara acts as crazy Steve:

"My mom thinks it's wait, no she doesn't because my parents are dead just like your parents are dead!!"

That voice and cut to Linkara playing a scared Dick Grayson age 12 always cracks me up.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The return of bearded idiot from Superman Distant Fires
You screaming the Joe Quasada was a hack in the Top 15 Comics You’ll Never Review
Your joke about comics telling you to never love anyone from the Top 15 Worst Heroes Becoming Villains
The infinite Tricorders (no idea if I spelled that right) from Pokemon The Electric Tale of Pikachu #1
You in the Wissaeu universe saying that Spoony was given the slash-ficers more material in the Warrior #2-3 crossover
Not sure if cameos count but The Cinema Snob Cameo from Mightily Murdered Power Ringers
These are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

BooRat said...

1st of Ashley is a cutey! And she built her Cybermats sort of like how I'd would've (using a more beefier toy truck and removing the haul)!
The clay molded head/plate was a little off center but still very good!

As for favorite joke but isn't a running one, or from a clip on a TV show or movie, and isn't from a movie or special you've done!?
How about from the recent Golden Age Green Lantern comic in-which you hear the Lantern speaking in your head and it's crappy music!? I think you said it was Night Cat!
Or, the time-lapsed video of your trying and failing repeatably to burn a copy of Superman at Earth's End!?
I can't really think of anything that isn't attached to a song bite or a reference! So, I might comeback to this and throw stuff out!

Michael said...

It may not have been a joke at the time, but when you said that Frank Miller sounds crazy in his writting, but manages to come across as rather smart on his blog. It's one of those hilarious in hindsight moments.

Miss Nightmare said...

I remember a couple jokes to add to my previous comment.

X-Men #1: Rogue talking to Magneto about why her hips are to the side joke. And Rogue falling to her death bit.

Dark Knight Strikes Again Part 2: Your reaction to finding out there's a Sultry Teenage Super Foxes #2 issue.

JLA: Act of God Part 3: Getting frustrated in trying to burn the comic from your magic gun and matches disappearing,until the gun returns.

Anita Blake The Laughing Corpse: Harvey Finevoice- "Everytime I look at the face" joke.

Care Bears: Are you watching me Care Bears joke.

Bimbos BC: Seeing your characters interact with Brad's characters.

Twilight Zone: Playing as Rod Serling of the giant spiders joke.

Justice League of America Crossover with Nash: The creepy smile you did to force Nash into the review.

And that's it from what I can think of,I can't wait to see the list at the end of the month.

Plus,the girl Ashley did a wonderful job on the cybermat in her video. ^-^

James said...

If you want to keep this private, then you don't have to answer, but are you going out of town to help the other Channel Awesome members speak out against SOPA?

JaiCSC said...

In no particular order some of my favourite jokes. Not sure if a lot of these count though.

The Dark Knight Strikes Again Part 3: What are you trying to say Frank! Leading to a mental break down.

Amazons Attack: The meltdown at the end when you learn that it was a tie into countdown.

Amazons Attack: Crap in heaven how much longer is this.

Maximum Clonage: No you moron it's because he's nuttier than a nut goody. (I think that's what's said can't quite it properly)

JLA Act of God: Wow. This was the episode that properly introduced me to AT4W. I crack up every time with one.(In fairness I hate this comic and any insult thrown it's way I'll lap up)

The intro wherein every one is called an idiot.

A unexplained event removed superpowers from everyone on earth along with their brains.

How is fearless abandon a useful trait?

This comic is quite the argument for Satan's existence.

While the power of heroes may fade it will never die.
Except for you know when Superman became a drunk, Wonder Woman became a catholic, Guy Gardner became a schill, Aquaman became The Hand, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle sold all his tech and Kyle Rayner became an obsessive Freak. You know aside from all those things!

Anonymous said...

In your green lantern secret origin review: When you are flaying the officer talking to him, one of my favorite joke of atop the forth wall.

Aaron "The Mad Whitaker" Bourque said...

Also, I don't know if it counts as a running gag or not, but when you used the growly Batman voice during his secret origin, even when he was a kid.

Anonymous said...

This, in my opinion, is one of your best jokes. "What these comics are trying to tell us is that love ultimately leads to death, destruction, and the devil. In other words, love no-one. Ever."

RW64 said...

Mickey Mantle shattering the fourth wall.

teh crazydude said...


Anonymous said...

Ok, here are my personal favorites:
1. Your rant in Fortunate Son on Izaiak not understanding how the real world works.
2. Star Trek Wrath of Khan 1-your imitation of how Kahn would talk with his face cover still on.
3. From the Bimbos in Time cross over with Snob--your joke about the honking noses sound.

Jhawh said...

Can't lie, both me and my brother got the biggest laugh from the All Star Batman and Robin I think 3-4, where you referenced that in this comic Green Lantern would devour the hearts of young girls after molesting them.

That would be one hell of a reboot.

kanbabrif said...

Wow... that's tough. I'll reiterate some of the jokes already mentioned here:

- Dark Knight Strikes Again: the "what are you trying to say"/Beppo bit is hilarious, count it in.

- The creepy crossdressing from Lady Gaga one is a must-have.

- Robo-Bear vs Cyber-Gorilla is also great. Don't forget the buildup before it.


- "A Man in Paradise Island!"/you with a big grin on your face/cue porno music. Priceless.

And here's my two cents:

- Any time you laugh at something in the comic cracks me up: Batman's ears in Fortunate Son or the "boy band reject" joke from Liz in Chain Gang War.

- Eminem's funeral in Eminem Meets the Punisher. The buildup was just incredible.

- The McCarran Act from Amazons Attack.

- "Wait, are you going to talk about Wolverine's backstory?" (leaves and comes back with a violin) "You may continue" (Ultimates 3 #3-4)

- Bimbos in Time is a goldmine for jokes, but since you asked for only one joke: "It says so in my contract"/wah-wah music/"....oh, I think I just went into coma for a second, was that a really bad joke? okiedokie!"

In my opinion, storyline jokes shouldn't count, since you'd need the context to it and, well, not everyone likes it.

Well, that's all. I'm looking forward to this episode and I think you should do this "audience participation" thing more often. Hell, you could ask us to write jokes for a certain episode, like the Angry Video Game Nerd did in his Deadly Towers review, which, by the way, is one of my favorites, just sayin' :)

.....LASER BAT!?! (you could use it as a last-second stinger, too)

The Blue And The Gold said...

This comes from my fave episode of the show far and just might be my absolute fave:

From Transformers #4-#5 "Faster, Superion!"
"Wee, this is the most fun I've ever had in my life!"

Though another nearly tops it (apologies if I mangle the line on the above and below lines)

The post-credits joke from Batman/Spawn: "Alfred, that stupid wiener-face got my cape dirty!"

Morgan Meryl said...

- The "A MAN IN PARADISE ISLAND?!" porno music joke from
- The 90s kid theme of the "Freak Force" episode.
- is "Because the Kool-Aid man is Red." a running gag? It's personally one of my favourites, especially as I'm pretty sure "The Adventures of the Kool-Aid Man" was the first episode of this show I ever saw...
- The Entity in perfect imiation of 90s kid, firing a lazer, and Iron Liz's deadpan reaction to it, in the "Silent Hill: The Grinning Man" episode.
- The Grey Lanterns: Guardians of Not Giving a Crap!
- The "Boner" bit -- Yeah, yeah, immature and what not, but it amused me :-3
- The Linkara Nostalgia Critic opening from "Superman 4," with the interaction with the actual Nostalgia Critic
- 90s Kid and 80s Dan interacting, and Linkara and The Cinema Snob's reactions
- and "I ran outta Sharpie!" from Suburban Knights

Adam said...

"Mein Fuhrer, I can walk! I can walk away from this crappy comic, and away from this nonsense!"

The pyschological damage/lolcats opening of the final Amazons Attack video.

"And all of that still made more sense than Countdown"

Oh, and Black Lantern 90s Kid.

Jarkes said...

Does History of Power Rangers count? If so, then this one from Lost Galaxy:

"Leo finds Mike adrift in space... unmorphed... and yet he's still alive. ...Power Rangers takes science and beats it with an aluminum bat."

Andrew Frongillo said...

From Warrior #4,

"This plan is stupid!"

"EXTREMELY! Any more questions?"

"Why aren't you wearing any pants?!"

"That's not important right now, now get to work. the fate of the universe depends on you! If you need me, i'll be over here sleeping." -goes the opposite direction-

Also, Black Lantern 90s Kid. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

"Look at the Pretty Bunny! Look at the Pretty Bunny!" from Amazons Attack.

In Silent Hill Dying Inside when you started making funny faces claiming that the comic was slowly killing you.

Hardcore Station "Got your spleen!"

SCI Spy: The cut to dead Sebastain Starchild.

Top 15 Countdown Moments: The "duhhh" face when describing the unfortunate implacations of Mary Marvel holding a magic staff.

Andrew Frongillo said...


Also, from Bimbos BC,

80s Dan meets 90s Kid

Kung Tai Ted meets the Ninja Style Dancer

Harvey Finevoice meets Vic, the big box voice

Ensign Munrooooo and Space-Lancer Steve (This one the most!)

The Mystery Theatre said...

The "Are you high!" joke with Angry Joe from Kickassia, and the mental break down from your "Maximum Clonage" Review.

John C. Kirk said...

Generally, I think that 90s Kid is the funniest character. As a specific example, I remember him doing a full review by himself. At the end, he said "I have learned so much, like, that one guy needed to go to the bathroom." (Paraphrasing from memory.)

Anonymous said...

here are some jokes that I laughed a lot at.

the "we will capture neutro" song from neutro #1

the joke about angalo and father whitnee Xmen 423 and 424

"I shall negotiate with my phaser" and "phaser fail" from gold key star trek #2

all of the snowflame jokes in new guardians

Alan Scott talking to the police about what had just happened in All-American Comics #16

your thoughts on superman grabing another green car on the cover of tandy computer whiz kids

"kid asks wonder woman a deep religious question" joke also from a whiz kid comic

"superman kidnapping a perfectly legal lobbyist" joke at the end of the action comics #1

you talking about how not scary the art is in silent hill dying inside #2

"Khan trying to talk through his cloths to Chekhov" joke from star trek wrath of khan #1

these are just some of the joke that I still laugh at to this day also thank you for letting your fans help you out with this vid.

Anonymous said...

I was on the floor with this one from Ultimates:
"Wait, are we going into a story about Wolverine's past? Hang on just a sec."
*comes back with a violin*

Curiosity Inc. said...

I'd go with the Star Trek #2 review. That whole episode was a wonderful parody of "Mirror Mirror."

Peder said...

The one I just thought of was from Captain America and the Asthma Monster. "Children, you know what to do."
"Right Captain America!" *start shooting Asthma Monster*

Kaibaman41 said...

Damn...hard to pick ones that isn't all ready listed by viewers,

Electric Tale of Pikachu: The entire Speech of telling The Entity what will it achieve speech, one of my all time favorite moments from AT4W.

Adamantium Rage: ADAMANTIUM RAGE!

Lady Gaga #1:The Freakout Scene

Suburban Knights: Linkara wanting to kick Nostalgia Critics Ass about the Magic Comments

Superman At Earth's End: OF COURSE! Don't you know Anything About SCIENCE!



Superman 4: The Very end where you piss the Nostalgia Critic off by saying Bat Credit Card

DivineAll said...

After some self debate, I decided on a mini top 5.

Number 5: A recent one from All-American Comics #16. The Alan Scott police explanation sketch.

Number 4: The shooting segment/Alone In The Dark reenactment from Doom #1, especially MikeJ's part.

Number 3: I'd go with the Mr. T trading card, but since that is sort of a running gag, I have to go with Mr. T=quantum physics joke from Mr. T and the T Force #1.

Number 2: From Warrior #4, the Birdemic parody hands down.

Number 1: Have to go with the first review I ever watched; captain Planet and the Planeteers #3, the Argos Bleak and his group are ruthless terrorist bastards mini-running gag.

Anonymous said...

One in particular I loved is the way that your characters easily became friends with the Cinema Snob's characters.

90's Kid and 80's Dan
Dance Ninja and Kung Tai Ted
Harvey Finevoice and the Big Box Guy.

It was a crossover of interesting interactions!

Anonymous said...

This was actually from one of Spoony's recent v-logs, but I love it when you guys were talking about the latest Twilight movie. Where Drunk! Spoony unintentionally insults your mother and you threaten to kick his ass

megaL3 said...

my favorite joke has got to be beppo the invisible monkey from the the dark knight strikes again part 3.

Tyler said...

I can't choose between the two bits from Ultimates 3 part one:
"Oh my God he ate too much pudding"
and the exchange you made between Quick Silver and Magneto.

The Id said...

Favorite Joke was from Star Trek Elite Force, the joke about how incompetent star fleet security is and the accompanying videos that followed. Those had me in stitches.

henmo24 said...

It's a really tough call. My favorite joke probably is in Spider-Man: On Thin Ice #1- Literal Translation Alcohol Abuse- (to paper bag) "You're short, your neck's to small, and you are an accident!"

Other than that probably in the Blue Beetle tribute discussing legacy heroes and you snapping at the prospect someone else taking the mantle of AT4W- "Happy pills are Happy." said...

"You summoned me?" classic line I will have to remember that one.

Anonymous said...

I love the inciting incidents of all your cast, but especially Ninja-style Dancer. You were just so baffled at the very concept. It still makes me laugh.

Also, when characters become so OOC that you rename them, the best of the category being Crazy Steve.

Typhar said...

I second the Amazons Attack breakdown.

also the cultured zombie bit from The Doom comic

Anonymous said...

Its not really part of ATFW but, your Lets Play of Elite Force, when you start the stealth mission and you pull out your grenade launcher and say, "This is my stealthest weapon." Or again from Lets Play, when you sing Camelot during the Camelot holodeck sim. Very early on when you said, "I read it, and I wish I hadn't," you walk off camera then peak back in and say, "And NO that's not the new ketch phrase!" Those made me laugh!

Anonymous said...

I can't honestly think of just one joke. I'm glad you're excluding "I am a man". That one's good, but it borderline meme status.Like I expect it to show up on know your meme. Perhaps something from your Warrior # 1 review with Spoony where the multiverses collide that one was funny. And from New Guardians whenever Snowflame appeared and your reaction. oh and when Ninja style dancer first appeared in NightCat. Your running gag from Suburban Nights where you wanted people to sing a song.

Ave said...

"It was you all along--BEAR!"

I know I as thinking of another while reading the comments, but this was the only one I remambered.

DMaster said...

I'll post more when I can think of them, this is everything that comes to mind just looking at the episode list:

Doom's IV #2: -(convoluted speech) ...I DARE you to diagram that sentence.

Titans #1: -(introduction of At4W's drinking game) Every time there's a full-page spread in Titans, take a shot!

S.C.I. Spy #1: -"Something more than meets the eye." ...are they doing this deliberately? (Transformers sound byte) Oh and by the way, you don't get make-up quips! You! fail!

Neutro #1: -And the worst part is that Charles Barkley is only 4 years old at this point! Earth's greatest warrior can't come to the rescue either!

Amazons Attack #5 & #6: -(Going Mad from the Revelation of the final plot twist) Granny...Goodness...? Granny Goodness?!? From the frikkin' New Gods?! A character that NOTHING to do with the Amazons OR the Greek Pantheon?? But...what does this have to do with- (Countdown cover) ...Countdown? This ENTIRE event comic...was just a freaking tie-in to COUNTDOWN?! You wasted. FOUR MONTHS worth of comics, DESTROYED Wonder Woman's mythos, all so you could make some stupid tie-in, to ANOTHER horrible comic?!? AAAH! AAAAAHHHH!!!

Top 15 Worst Heroes Becoming Villains: -(explanation of Invisible Woman)
-(explanation of Magneto)

Captain Planet and the Planeteers #3: -...and much to the shock and amazement of the entire group, Ma-Ti comes a chargin'! "And now my furred and feathered friends, CHARGE!"

The Marriage of Hercules and Xena #1: -"Wait 'til he wakes up wearing THIS!"
-"Xena? Where did you get that outfit?! It''s spectacular!" That would look SO good on me!

Secret Defenders #9: -BY DIEHARD'S CROTCH! What the hell is going on with Thunderstrike's spine?! He's curving his body more than a female character drawn by Michael Turner! Somewhere, Rob Liefeld is looking at this image, and crying tears of joy.

Countdown (Part 1): -(noting parallels between plot threads) They should've just called this series "Running around looking for crap!"

Adventures of the Kool-Aid Man #1: -If the thirsties' spaceship has advanced laser weapons on it, why don't they just lay waste to cities?! THAT would ruin peoples' fun!

Silent Hill: Dying Inside #3 & #4: -This revelation comes too freaking late! (list of plot holes)

All-Star Batman and Robin #1 & #2: -"On your feet, soldier. You've just been drafted. Into a war." And you had better not be a fan of rock 'n' roll music!

DMaster said...

James Bond Jr. #3: -And again, here's a photo of Puerto del Menado (sp?). Whooh, what an awful place! Here's another Peru city, Sane Sedro. Geez, what a destitute hellhole Peru is!

Scarlett #1: -Oh, my god! They're going to challenge her to a children's card game!

Future Five #1: -(throwing out the evil plans list given Dr. Know's plan)

Ultimatum #5: -(rapid-fire summary of all the plot holes)

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers #1: -(Internet festival) Spend hours at the TVTropes booth! See the latest in 4chan technology!
-(Lord Zed's monologue about triumphing) ...and then it's back to that delightful "Chocolate Rain" song! Mwahahaha!

X-Men #1: -(ANY bit involving Professor Xavier explaining his bill to the Pell Grant guy (also for The X-Men #1))

JLA - Act of God - Part 3: -(the end bit summarizing everything that sucks in an angry rant)

New Kids on the Block #4: -(the rhyming bit at the end)

Spider-Man & the Fantastic Four in...Brain Drain!: -(just...virtually ANYTHING from this one)

Warrior #4: -(appearance of Black Lantern 90s Kid)

Ultimatum #1 & #2: -I'm going to find an OfficeMax! They've GOT to have something to help save them!

Ultimatum #3 & #4: -(deconstruction of Dr. Doom's plan)

Mightily Murdered Power Ringers #1: -(the ENTIRE bit with Nat Gertler's cameo)

DMaster said...

This one got away from me...

Extreme Super Christmas Special #1: -Including among them, our good old pal Rob Liefeld. Because it wouldn't be Christmas without guns and homicidal tendencies! (The Night Santa Went Crazy)

Captain Sake Mangusto said...

You doing Vicky Vale voice over and asking if "he" fly or not.

Then "I'm have a date with BRUCE WAYNE!" and you say "OH THE IRONY!"

You doing the voice over of a teenage hippie still living in his parents house narrating his live in Miller style only to be knock off by you.

And of course most recently the Khan muffled voice over and your Chekov asking him to repeat himself all over again.

OneThingLove said...

Hello Linkara

I watch your amazon Attack episodes and I am now quite interested in Gail Simone's work. Would you maybe e so kind to maybe send me in a direction. I have never been before a comic reader, if you exclude the Phantom which my dad used to buy when i was smaller.

All and all I am now curious on read some of Gail Simone's work but I am aware that most comics have sometimes side stories which I may never get, and I don't want to jump right into a serie in the middle of the story. Am considering Birds of Pret between 1999-2009.

I hope you have some tips for me and that you make more episodes soon.

DMaster said...

Me again. Slight correction: when I said Ultimatum #5 above, what I MEANT was Ultimates 3 #5. That is all.

Anonymous said...

From JLA Act of God #3: I got news for you Doug Moench, this isn't Richard the Third and you sure as hell are not Shakespeare!

From Enimen and The Punisher: Rap Critic: Who are you and how do you know how I am?

From Star Trek Voyager Elite Force: A quick list of people who have been assimilated by the borg and brought back, (Picture of Tuvok) Yeah, you too Jackass.

From ASBAR #s 3 & 4: A drunken hobo knocked out Batman and stole his costume, I call him Steve.

From Extreme Christmas Special: We are not doing a Christmas Carol parody, I refuse.

From Bimbo's BC: The long awaited meeting of 90's Kid and 80's Dan

From Ewoks: This isn't so much a funny moment, it's just really awesome. Harvey Finevoice firing a machine gun at an alien robot while Ron Wasserman fight music plays in the background. That is badassery incarnate.

From Mightily Murdered Power Ringers: Various mispronunciations of the Lord ZZZZZZ character

From The First Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Review: Doctor Insano kills MechaKara

Falcovsleon20 said...

I'll have to go through your Crowning Moment of Funny section at TVTropes for a refresher but I'll be damned if you getting punched in the face by the Angry Video Game Nerd in your Adamantium Rage review doesn't make it in there somewhere.

Andy said...

Pretty much all of the first Tandy Computer Whiz Kids. But, if I had to pick one it would be when the teacher wouldn't stop saying "computers". Or maybe when the guy at the end kept having ellipses and you kept pointing out the pauses for each one. Its hard to decide, because I love that episode so much.

Anonymous said...

my favourite joke was from kickassia. it was right after angry joe yells "a stupid plan for a stupid man!" you just look at him and say "Are you high!?" that has gotta be the funniest thing you ever said!

The Id said...

Also one more thing.

"ARE YOU HIGH?!" ~ Linkara to Angry Joe during Kickassia

FugueforFrog said...

Not sure if this went through but I'll try it again: my favorite gag is always going to be your "explanation" regarding Magneto from "Top 15 Heroes Becoming Villains", mostly because of how you summed it up with increasing speed and then just deadpan talk about how comic writers keep WANTING people to read their books. (and the whole "turned evil...but then kinda not" at the end) Also want to throw in the random bit with Granny Goodness at the end of the Amazons Attack review...but she's sort of become a running gag so maybe not.

Nic Stiz said...

I went to TV tropes and picked out the ones that I thought were funny, and added a few of my own.

1. ALL of the Irate Gamer parody.
2. The Dark Knight Strikes Again Part 2 - "Who captured Missing Number?! The comic's starting to glitch up!"
3."The Invisible Woman! Proving that sexism will always triumph over evil!...Wait...
4. The Electric Tale of Pikachu - either your rant about the concept of ghosts existing in Pokemon or "OH LOOK! TRICORDER!"
5. New Guardians #2 - "Blasphemers! Snowflame will raise again in three days amongst the marijuana leaves!"
6. Darker Image #1 - 90s Kid realizing Death Blow is a stupid name or the implication that Bludwolf lives in the same world as Cable (Marvel) and Lobo (DC)
7. Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos - Steve Ditko.
8. Countdown - Chester A. Bum: Master Criminal
9. Dying Inside - Beating Pyramid Head with your clue stick
10. Amazons Attack - Cutting your wrist with your gun
11. Warrior 2-3 - The Matrix Reloaded homage
12. The Twilight Zone #9 - Rod Sterling reacting to the Giant Mchanical Spider
13. Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four in... Brain Drain! - "Gaze upon my radiant beauty AND DESPAIR!"
14. Lady Gaga #1 - Wherein you have technical difficulties.
15. Bimbos in Time - "That wasn't even REMOTELY scientific!"
16. Barbi Twins Adventure #1 - "YOU ARE NOT GREEN LANTERNS!"
17. Captain America and the Return of the Asthma Monster - Having the kids pull the gun on the monster
18. X-Men #1 - Magneto: Uh, Rogue, why are you cocking your hip to one side?
Rogue:Oh, that's 'cause I'm like fish. When I'm up in the air flyin', I have to push my hips from side to side in order to move!
Magneto:But… then why are you standing like that?
Rogue: (breaks) "I! DON'T! KNOW!"
19. Care Bears #13 - Care Bears registering for Civil War
20. Ultimatum 1-2 - "HULK HELP SPIDER-MAN!"
21. NBComics #1 - "LASER BAT?!"
22. JLA Act of God #3 - Not part of the actual review perse, but you're realization on twitter that Diana was going to commit suicide while with child was pretty hysterical.

RB said...

The time you tried to slit your wrists with the magic gun was gold. I can't remember when it was, though, but give me a second... okay, the Funny Moments page on TV Tropes says it was during Amazons Attack. Also, there's your April Fools' review of Watchmen. And the first Warrior review's universe where you and Spoony were crappy actors. And the "Previously On" segment for Countdown. And like a million others!! I guess you'll probably check out that page to help you, since you're familiar with TV Tropes and all.

Joshua said...

The Watchmen Bum Review!!!

KatKat said...

Here are some favourites of mine:

Adventures of the Kool-Aid Man #1: "Yes, our plans to temporarily inconvenience some grade-schoolers are going swimmingly!"

Action Comics #592:
Old Woman!Linkara: "It probably goes without saying, but... I had jello today."

Sleez: "His mind turned to the greater workings of the universe." Darkseid!Linkara: "Where does string come from?"

Barda!Linkara: "You made me dance the robot to Queen you bastard!"

Superman at Earth's End
Bearded Idiot: "Okay, you evil despots... I'll say it once! I'm coming in to get Bruce Wayne's mortal remains!"
Supes!Linkara: "Oh and, you know, end World War Two or something. ... Oh and help the kids. But the primary mission objective is Bruce Wayne's desiccated, decaying corpse!"

Amazon's Attack Preview
"*gasp* A society of warrior women who don't need men while promoting feminism peace?! Hide the playboys and man the guns quick!

"Okay. Clearly my... unique physique as a... comic book nerd does not lend itself well to Rocky Balboa training montages."

Plus the Dear Sister not-parody

Amazon's Attack #1 and #2
Hippolyta: "This is the seat of their government. This is where they make their laws. MEN'S laws." Linkara: "Women don't have laws!"

Hippolyta!Linkara: "Yes, the entire reason we started this whole war-thing no longer matters. So allow me to make up a new reason that makes no logical sense."

Batman!Linkara: "Corporate accounts payable, Batman speaking. Just a moment! Corporate accounts payable, Batman speaking. Just a moment!"

22 Brides:
While trying to replicate a kick: *crash* *Linkara falls* "My spine!!"

The series of ever higher-pitched dramatic music stings at the end

KatKat said...

Ooh, I though of another one! From Suburban Knights when you were laying on the forest path after trying to get everyone to sing a song and you're still desperately trying to sing 'Popular'. Makes me giggle every time I watch it.

Anonymous said...

one of my favret was the line "set phasers to boring" from lpef

Anonymous said...

one fav of mine from captain america is your responce to bucky asking steve about why did he let the guy die "shut your pie hole bucky that's a stupid question!"

Catherine said...

Oh, and one more I haven't seen in the comments yet:

Megatron giving Optimus Prime "The Talk" in Transformers #4-5. "When two robots love each other very much..."

Jai137 said...

My top 5 Jokes of AT4W

5. Captain America #1
"WOOOOOOOOO!!!!! PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

4. Dark knight Strikes Again #1
"To spare you from this horrible comic, here's some Ninja-Style Dancing"

3. Top 15 worst heroes becoming villians
"So, when your home city gets blown up by an alien despot, it can really ruin your weekend. To Hal Jordan it was, needless to say, the most traumatic thing that could conceivably happen to him. SO HE GOES ON A KILLING SPREE AND MURDERS EVERYONE IN THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS, COLLECTING THEIR POWER RINGS WHILE LAUGHING MANIACALLY, TO GAIN EVERY BIT OF THEIR POWER! MWA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HAA!!!

2. Superman: distant fires
" I'll be doing the most important job of all: Reviewing a crappy Else Worlds comic."

1. Amazon's Attack #5
The mental breakdown

Tim Spiegler said...

My favorite joke is from your captain america review when you showed what is truly meant by Americans loving peace. WITH MACHINE GUNS!!!!!!!!

biropg said...

My favorite is: except from that one time you all got high on spores and left me alone on the ship. thanks for that by the way. from star trek#1

The Jonin Monkey said...

Off the top of my head, my favorite jokes are:

The breakdown in Amazon's Attack.

'Oh goody, beads. I was hoping for power, wealth, or a title, but yeah, beads will do just fine'
(HOPR: Lost Galaxy)

'An ageless, toneless, voice'
(Secret Origins, Green Lanturn)

'Don't make shoot you! I can you one thinks I'm cool anymore'
(Spiderman Maximum Clonage)

I'll have to go back and rewatch some of the episodes to remember some more.

Alex said...

I recently rewatched the Bimbos in Time review, I lost it when the little Yami came out of the corner of the screen and said "Why is everybody in the comic *adjective* bimbo?!" unless I remembered that wrong and it was just a glorious hallucination of imagination on my part.

Random Internet Critic said...

Good golly, asking me what my favourite joke on your fabulous show is. That's like asking what my favourite film is; I can't single one out.

One has to be when you have a near-fangasm to the musical "Camelot" in your "Power Rangers Zeo" review. Just you giggling with fanboyish squee. Which I can understand when it comes to "Camelot".

And I love your insertion of Batman's war on Rock 'n' Roll in some reviews (Although you could probably count that as a running gag, I guess).

But, I really love that part from the "Doom" comic review were the Doom Guy says "There's nothing wrong with you that I can't fix with my hands" and you imitate with your best homicidal look and clasping hands screaming "I'm a respected neurosurgeon, let's take a look at that spine!" No matter how many times I see it, I always lol.
As well as the "Oh, dear Lord! I lost my monocle" from the same review.

malwave said...

let's see...which jokes made me laugh

Not sure if this counts as a running gag, but your "Adamantium RAAAAAAGE" when you tried to crush the pop can with your head.

otherwise, it's a tie between the sailor Moon joke from your live show; the Spider-Man manga, and when Spoony broke his foot in your ass from the mechakara fight XD.

rocklobster said...

I liked it when 90's kid wanted to bring Kurt Cobain back as a zombie.

Anonymous said...

If you're talking about your hat, can you slip in the clip from SFDerbis where he name drops you and your hat?

DataSnake said...

Countdown review, "Inaudible Profanity, please stand by"

Kingeter Thomas said...

Trying to cut yourself WITH YOUR GUN was amazing. Definitely a favorite.

John Pannozzi said...

The whole bit regarding Sonichu from the "Top 15 Comics I'll Never Review" was golden.

When you and Sage laughed at the Thing in the Roger Corman-produced Fantastic 4 movie (I like that you compared his voice to Patrick Star's).

Your reaction to the name Violator at the end of Spawn #1.

Your questioning of the bad guy from the California Raisins 3-D comic could be just a patty as a child.

Comparing Superman in his first appearance to the Kool-Aid Man (Action Comics Vol. 1 #1).

Anytime the 90's Kid talks about Bloodgun or 90's anti-hero-esque names (like saying Mighty Man is too wussy a name, that Deathblow is actually kind of a stupid name, etc.)

Using a Sean Connery impression for James Bond Jr.'s voice, and guessing how Jr. could be Bond's nephew.

TwilightLink21xx said...

I'm throwing this one in for consideration, it's yet to be mentioned, but it's so true!

Justice League: Cry for Justice #1 & #2

Hal: Justice.. Justice League? Justice for... Of what?

Linkara: Well, technically, of America, because that's the full name.

Thought admittedly, I always think your response was just saying "OF AMERICA" xD

DMaster said...

I collected a few more here. Oh, and I agree with the one who posted that stuff from part 1 of the Amazons Attack review, that stuff was GOLD.

Top 15 WTF Moments in Bad Comics: -#15

NFL Superpro #1: -My god! All of my operations are being threatened by sports superheroes! Next it'll be giant Charles Barkley they send after me!
-Yes, my eeevil criminal library will have lots of information about obscure football-playing superheroes who only just appeared.

Blue Beetle Tribute: -(hypothesis for how ancient Egypt is evil, including the Yugioh bit)

Daredevil #306: -Oh my god, TVTropes used one of my quotes!

Maximum Clonage: -Oh, the Clone Saga is the Eugenics War that Star Trek was talking about! ...huh. Knowing what I know about what happens in the Clone Saga, that's...kind of a big let-down.
-(the mindbreak in the last few minutes)

Spider-Man, Storm and Cage: -Good news, boss! We wasted money supplying high-schoolers with a drug they could've bought themselves if they just had fake IDs! Damn, we're good drug dealers!

Amazing Spider-Man -Skating on Thin Ice #1: -(bit between Electro and henchmen early in review)

Spokavriel (Daniel Thomas Stack) said...

I'm still catching up. As you can probably tell if you get any notification about comments on videos made on blip. But out of everything I have seen up until Suburban Knights commentaries there is only one gag I really see as my favorite that didn't become something repeated. In the first Warrior Review. The reality compression had the stuffed animals as your forms. The whole sequence where its Bear and Insanoki.

Daniel Thomas Stack
Spokavriel @ yahoo. com
You'd be surprised how often having the period touching yahoo defeats spam crawlers that hunt for addresses with spaces added.

DMaster said...

Okay...I COULD come up with more, but I'll stop here. I've probably gone more than far enough.

Sinnamon #11: -I guess the creators thought it would be a good idea to make an entire issue where she spoke telepathically. (smile)
-(Mulder and Scully, with Boris and Natasha)

US-1 #1: -Wait a second. Jefferson Hercules? Ulysses Solomon? Who the heck is naming these kids, Plutarch?

NFL Superpro #1: -Today, the hero known as "Superpro" was fined 20 million dollars for copyright infringement.

Amazons Attack #5 & #6: -"Where is she?!" Where's Gail Simone? I need somebody who actually KNOWS how to write my character!

Ultimates 3 (any): -(the freaking Tony Stark drunk voice. ANY bit with that!)

Ulimates 3 #5 & Ultimatum #5: -Granny Goodness!

Warrior #2 & #3: -(the Tommy Wiseau universe)

Ultimatum #1 & #2: -(drunk voice) Oh my god, that's my liquor distributor down there! NOOOO!!!

Pokemon - The Electric Tale of Pikachu #1: -It's a legend of Pokemon...and apparently in a parallel universe, that glitch spawned into an Outer God that now seeks to consume all reality in every dimension. (Entity laugh) And it's apparently right outside my door.'s been a hell of a day.

JDB15 said...

Hm... Since I have a lot of time to kill recently, I'll rewatch more or less all the episodes of 2011 (stopping at the Wrath of Kahn comics) and pick out my favorites. I'm just gonna go by "Funninest jokes of 2011" instead of all time because that take forever. (Only going through jokes within the review part instead of the storyline parts, with some exceptions; also, placing the ones with multiple parts, i.e. Cry for Justice and Ultimatum into one group each). Also, taking crossovers off this list.
Here's my input. Some jokes are probably been said before, so sorry.

Cry for Justice:
-Back to Gothem.... Bullcrap! (Not really a joke, but it's funny.)
-"I have a confession" "I'm pregnant!" Dun dun dun!
-"Gingivitis strikes when you least expect it!"

The Live Show!:
-"This the Atari Force huh? Well dignity had a good run"
-"This cover tells us nothing besides a multiracial group of smiley people led by a blond haired, blue eyed white guy will be running the triathlon today..."
-"The early reviews of ET for the Atari 2600 came out."
-"The woman suddenly leaps in from... um... green."
-"Lession one in Fuerrilla Warfare... Because if you let it slip..." Blam!Blam!Blam!Blam!Blam!Blam!Blam!Blam!Blam!
-"Wait, wait, wait, she was supposed to be Irish? Crap now I have to start all over. We open to the distant future of 2005!"
-"Bye, everybody! Enjoy the cold vacuum of space! I never liked any of you!"
-"Commander -insert funny name here-"
-"And.. Oh my God, what is with those shorts?... Don't worry, citizens, my hot pants will save you!"
-"Did I do the right thing, resigning from the UN Medical Core?" "No!"
-"Hey, great, I get an office with a window and... Oh My God, I'm Blinded!"

Care Bears:
-"Are you watching me, care bears?"

Youngblood #3:
-Kung tai ted's cameo (espectially when he said "And then when you... Holy crap!" that always cracks me up)

Spiderman & Fantastic Four in Brain Drain:
-Blue screen of death bit

Kiss Comic:
-90s Kids (or Entity's) Rant on propping up Kirk Cobain's body on stage, ending with "There is something seriously wrong with you!"

Superman and Wonder Woman: Tandy Computer Whiz Kids
-"Buy it now or superman dies!"
-"wonder woman getting asked a religious question due to her origin and ignoring it" bit
-"What are you doing, Superman?" "I'm here on a busy means." "So quit bugging me, you little brat."

-*neck grab* "Hey that actually did wonders for my throat. Thanks man!" "Live to serve, citizen."
-"Nooo!" "Bubbles!"
-The woman comforting Spawn part

Hamilton Comics' Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers #1 review

Dream sequence freakout in Lady Gaga #1

(more to come)

JDB15 said...

(part 2)
All-Star Batman and Robin #3 and 4:
-"My mom thinks it's cool. Oh wait..."

Star Trek: The Motion Picture #1-3:
-Bottle breaking fail
-"Why not a fluffernudder?..."
-The trippy special effects reenactment

The Godyssey:
-"...I don't give a crap about my kids. No offense, Apollo." "None taken, Dad."
-"Jesus wins. Theology"

Superman meets the Quik Bunny:
-"Did you helped Superman....?" "If you didn't, then you have doomed many people to die. Good job, kids!"

-"Hulk help Spider-man." "Then Hulk SMASH Spider-man!"
-"How did you get in here?" "...Through the door..."

-"Don't touch my cape..." bit
-the ending bit with batman talking to Alfred about Spawn touching his cape

Game Boy:
-90s kid part

-Rap Critic's cameo
-Ending bit with Eminem stranded on the ice

Rise of Arsenal:
-"Stupid Bow!" bits, both at 25:26 and the ending with "Stupid string"

Comic Book Ads:
-"....""..." "I WILL BURY YOU!!!"
-"You hand over that peach flavored pie or I'm gonna shoot you in the face!" "You can have my Hostess Fruit Pies...."
-The ending with the Little Debbies

Captain America: Return of the Asthma Monster:
-"...Kids, you know what to do." "Right, Captain America!" *gunshots*
-"What the heck is in this inhaler?"

Kamandi at Earth's End #1
-Kamandi whining "I'm gonna go to my room..."

US-1 #2:
-"So you're not a super villian? Oh, ok..."

The Twilight Zone #9:
-*honk* "You said it, Boffo!"
-"Making me ride on carnival rides and having fun. How dare you, Squinty!"
-"...giant spider robot with lazers... What the hell is in this thing, anyway?"
-"Do you like horses?" "Do I ever!" "Good. Grab a shovel..."

Superman and the TRS-80 Whiz Kids: The Computers that Saved Metropolis
-"Sorry, citizens. I just have a compulsion to destroy green cars..."
-"What is the astonishing connection between these two events?" "The kids are the ones causing the plane to crash."
-"I bet he used his X-Ray vision to read Ms. Wilson's seating chart!" "Hahaha, nothing that simple kids.. I'm just watching you all the time!"
-"Look, Superman, we already bought the damn things..."

JDB15 said...

(final part)
Silent Hill: Among the Damned:
-"Here, have an Applebees coupon." ..."So, you don't want the coupon?"
-"First things first: Disneyland"

Silent Hill: The Grinning Man:
-"Poor Jimmy. My little James..."
-"You need to not give a damn about them at all..."

Spider-man: Planet of the Symbiotes:
-"And now, Eddie Brock has a seizure." "Could you tell what kind of emotions I'm trying to convey with this face?"

-"Whats that idiot up to now?" "He's running in fear of the giant freaking bird... Give him a break."
-"...Our first Pokemon capture!" "And all it took were a bunch of permanent scars and massive blood lost!" *Thumbs up*
(Plus: "So we can add the death of his partner onto what it cost to capture the Fearow." "... The Spearows killed Pikachu!")
-"I haven't given you a name yet! Now, what would suit you?" Chuuu." "Pi?" "Pika?" "Darell, it is. Come on, Darrell."

Return of AT4W Live!:
-"..with that great power, must come great responsibility." "... Hey it's Spider-man, I have to say it."
-"Welcome to the land of the dead, kid. Thanks for NOT avenging me."

The Fantastic Four #1:
-"It'll take more than ropes to.. damn it... to keep Mr. Fantastic ou... this is worse than Christmas Tree lights!"
_"What are they, pin-ups?" "Well... Yes. You see, with my new stretching powers, I decided to try out for Playgirl and... Well, feast your eyes on this."

All-American Comics #16:
-"But first, a couple of comming attractions! In a world were..."
-"Thus casting shadows and creating more darkness. ... Oh my God..."
-"He won't be signing in ink, but in blood!" "I'm gonna murder that son of a bitch with my new demonic powers from space!"
-"That's right, Jimmy. I'm going to make you into a pen."

Captain America #1:
-"If you boys have been Nazis, Granny would of busted a cap in your ass."
-"Unless that gun causes Asthma, then it's time to open a can of American whoopass!"
-"Does Captain America need to choke a bitch?"
-"That other Granny may have been fake, but I know Gran-Fu, and I'll make you truely red!"
-"That is a really stupid question, Bucky. Shut your gob."

boooratt said...

"The Twilight Zone #9:
-*honk* "You said it, Boffo!"
-"Making me ride on carnival rides and having fun. How dare you, Squinty!"
-"...giant spider robot with lazers... What the hell is in this thing, anyway?"
-"Do you like horses?" "Do I ever!" "Good. Grab a shovel...""

Forgot the part about "I wish I had that figure!"

Turkish Proverb said...

My favorite unrepeated gag would probably be 90's Kid's "Did you just Vaporize a pregnant chic? Not cool." Moment

Anonymous said...

Black Lantern 90's Kid was Awesome

However, when you did Khan all muffled while doing his speech combined with Checov's line after, my sides were spliting

Shanethefilmmaker said...

My Favorite Joke was the one where you played mindgames with Doctor Insano after incorrectly guessing his true Identity twice during your Adamantium Rage review.

Captain Sake Mangusto said...

if you don't add the lines :

"I am Captain Lnkara of the Federation Starship... -pause and take a look behind himself before delivery a wit response - ...GREEN FUTON!"

as one of your best jokes i will never stop my self from reminding you this :

U.S.S. Green Futon ??? You was the Captain of the Green Futon ?? Did Starfleet used all kickass names already ?

And for those big fans who think i am kidding and trying to be funny take a look at Monday, August 16, 2010 Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force comic book review, before be promoted to Admiral - or maybe was his Grandfather, that's remain unclear - or when his Grandson was a 24th Century Starfleet Captain - yet unclear, maybe that involves time travel - he was the Captain of the Federation Starship "GREEN FUTON" !!!!

If that was not one of your best jokes Lewis i don't know which was and still deserves at least a starlog notice.

Anonymous said...

My favorite joke is your entire response to At Earth's End. "It's Superman fighting twin clones of Hitler! How do you screw that up?"

CENSORSHIPMAN, The Champion of the Moral Righteousness said...

@Anonymous :

quote : My favorite joke is your entire response to At Earth's End:

"It's Superman fighting twin clones of Hitler! How do you screw that up?"

in the same way George Lucas screwed up the origin story about a boy who learns the ways of the Force but at the ends is seduce by promises of absolute power and pledge allegiance to an Ultimate Evil Entity, because the writer was an indecent man with only goal of deceive the youth and making lots of money.

My favorite Joke since i start watching this series is : "You ...add the name of the responsible writer/editor/creator of the comic... is a HACK !

That's so funny and really amuses me.

Anonymous said...

I personally love "Cyclops stop that witty banter you're supposed to be an arsehole." It's one of the few non-reocurring jokes I remember.