Monday, September 10, 2012

Marville #3

The comic that dares to defend the sanctity of microscopic non-life!


Soniman032 said...

Excellent stuff good sir

Turkish Proverb said...

Curiouser and curiouser the plot gets...

though managing to avoid a migraine from that comic's formatting took some work just from those shots of it.

Des Shinta said...

So he's Not God, He's...."Just Jack"?
Didn't expect you to return to Marville so early, but I guess it's like pulling off a bandage, better to get them over with quickly. I feel that this comic is evidence against God's existence. It's insulting to practically every theological and scientific level.
I know his given title is the Gunslinger, but wow, he has a stash of weapons. Wonder what he wants them all for.
Also: Is that Will's Place? It looks nice.
I was on the fence over the midroll divide inserts you've been using the last few eps, but this one sold me to your version of the concept. Doug leading into the break was funny, but I can see that being harder to write in. These you can just plop right in between Paragraphs.

DefectiveType40 said...

Wow. I've never seen someone eat lettuce so angrily before. Totally called that being part of the stinger, too. Wasn't sure how, but it seems obvious that munching on lettuce with such rage will lead to some form of shenanigans/bloopers.

Yeah, as if Marville wasn't bad enough, they had to make even attempting to read it more difficult by eschewing speech bubbles and leaving the text free-floating across the page. And then putting character's actions in the text, too?! Isn't that what, you know, the PICTURES ARE FOR?!

This series really feels like something I would have made in high school if I hated everything and had no one around to let me know what I was writing sucked. So pretty much any comic I drew when I was in high school.

All in all, an excellent episode. I'm really excited to see where this storyline is going.

Arnoldoaad said...

early episode

libraryguy said...

I feel so sorry for you, having to put yourself through this. At least you have your good friend Mr. Cohol to see you through.

That is a very promising Stinger. I hold out little hope that the trio can take out Holokara without Linkara and the Gun, but they should be able to delay him a while (and make a lovely mess for Linkara to find).

The bit with the Gunslinger is more interesting. He seems much less evil than the other villains we've seen thus far, though perhaps that's only because we don't know what he really wants with the guns yet. I look forward to finding out.

mr.massimiliano said...

trying to read that comic hurts my eyes literally. But good review very funny, and respect for the bare naked ladies

Anonymous said...

Marville is awesome.

Yes, I'm actually enjoying the comic and thanks to your review of it, are going out to buy whole mini series.

By the way, while in the microbe argument, what are your views on abortion and the arbitrary argument of where life begins?

Lastly, Dave Sim...Yeah I don't think you want to joke about a guy who is a better writer than yourself who ironically is feminist in that his comic depicts a world where women rule and are seldom seen as the scantily clad whores of your typical comic.

Gareth said...

That outfit does suit you Holokara, but I do think that you should find a blue hat to go with it instead of your usual hat.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Lastly, Dave Sim...Yeah I don't think you want to joke about a guy who is a better writer than yourself who ironically is feminist in that his comic depicts a world where women rule and are seldom seen as the scantily clad whores of your typical comic."

Yeeeaaah, you don't know what feminism is, do you?

Also, considering Dave Sim's proud tradition of calling women "the void that devours male light," he's not really the best representative of equality for the genders.

path of enlightenment said...

Hi Lewis, I've Joined the Tgwtg Forum last week and my name is Eamonn Bermingham aka EnlightenedIrishman. I'm a huge fan and I'm the author of bogger box office and THE ENLIGHTENED PAGE FROM THE EDGE,I'm wondering if you have any pointers for any up and coming reviwers like myself? said...

I am in luck, I just happened to be watching the first and second issues tonight to just for fun and had forgotten that #3 was due today.

Arnoldoaad said...

It just occurred to me, would had it make more sense if instead of a holo-you, it was a clone of yourself, you already cloned Spoony a long time ago
and it would make sense with the whole "you are turning evil" theme going on

it could end up being your own clone saga ^^

PopCultureOtaku said...

I don't think I made it this far into marvillle. Doesn't looked like I missed much. You know I find it timing that Bill Jemas has a new zenescope series coming. He also recently did interviews about it some what mentions his time marvel. Nothing about Marville. Just goes to show you even the writer probably doesn't want anything to do with it anymore. Could be jumping to conclusion but ::shrugs::
Oh god vegetarian stuff. I was thinking about since my nephew became one last year. If it wasn't for animal meat humans wouldn't exist. It's okay to eat what you want but don't be trying to ruin it for everyone else.
Hey the Yu-Gi-Oh GX outfit!
I totally understand putting this out early with bodly free part 7 coming later.

Anonymous said...

"Yeeeaaah, you don't know what feminism is, do you?"

For the purpose of this bit, I'll say no.

"Also, considering Dave Sim's proud tradition of calling women "the void that devours male light," he's not really the best representative of equality for the genders."

I believe that was the ironic part. Though I must admit, that is how sex feels sometimes.

BTW, any chance of you working on lightbringer or ever releasing a comic yourself?
I assume its time constraints but I could be wrong.

Patrick said...

I gotta say sir, you really hit it out of the park on this review. I will admit, I didn't expect the Dave Sim line. I was expecting you to say Garth Ennis. ( I'm actually a big fan of his, but I could understand where someone could come from). This review was Astoundingly funny. You had some real snappy lines. I don't know what to think about the comic itself. Should I be offended by the religious aspect? or the quasi racist vibe I'm kind of getting from the writing? Anyway, fantastic review, Thanks for the viewing experience. ( Don't know why you respond to trolls instead of just deleting them though?)

Breno Ranyere said...

Is there any comic out there with a nice representation of God?

Penny said...

Oh goody, more Marville... Just kidding, it was a great review! I cracked up on your eating lettuce bit because I was right in the middle of eating a salad myself when you made that joke. Nearly choked laughing so hard!

Love your accent as the Gunslinger's computer. And I can't wait to see what he wants with all those magic guns... are they the Pokemon cards of the universe? Gotta catch'em all!

Wanted to ask about the advertisement on the back of this issue, the one that says 'Let the mooching begin'. What the heck is that an advertisement for? I was so curious every time we saw it in your review.

Thanks for another hilarious review of Marville! Can't wait to see you continue the series! With more alcohol, of course!

Unknown said...

I think you were assuming about the "feeling bad" part as Jack(aka God thus the author's thoughts) is the one who says "You don't understand." basically in a way telling us her kind of thinking is misguided in purpose of the grand scheme(which you agree with). While two characters both take up the side Jack doesn't

"A couple" million years has no definition so it could be 100s of millions or could be more, remember since Jack is god time might be a non-factor to him.

Yeah you can call Jack the Magical Negro of the group as he serves that role, to teach the characters lessons about life philosophic meaning(according to the author.

Let me spin this for you a different way: What if the Author was setting up the lead characters as stereotypical "Know it all" idiots (who are usually around the leads ages) from a moderate, Left and right. The thing is the genre shift from two previous issues, the stupid back and forth and to top it all off the lack of detail Jack gives all drag the material down.

If the concept and characters from this issue of the series onward, were given to someone more verse in both evolutionary and religious text. We'd most likely have something meaty that may be truly thought provoking.

I did like Jack, as he didn't come down all old testament and was like "Fine i'll pick this form to deal with these idiots". I also liked that jack worked Miracles on a small scale(shrink and enlarging them Hank Pym style), though I'm wondering if Mickey accepted he was "I AM" after that.Since you paraphrased the rest of the issue, her belief in him wasn't clearly assured or denied.

Joseph said...

I've actually read the next few issues, and Linkara's right in it gets WORSE. I feel sorry for him having to read this... thing (it's not even worth being called a comic).

Also, considering the Dave Simm reference, I wonder if Linkara has any plans of reviewing the later period of Cerberus when Dave Simm went off the deep end?

Anonymous said...

I feel the need to ask, has the writer for Marville written ANYTHING of value that's actually good?I honestly feel the need to ask after seeing how horrible this comic is >.<

David 2 said...

I was waiting for Holo-Linkara's head to explode about halfway through that review. Nice job with the story.

harmonicajay said...

This comic... really? It really wants to be this? No. No, Bill Jemas. You haven't earned that right. This comic had stupid jokes, insulting dialogue, and a character that I would call a self-insert Gary Stu, but that would be an insult to Gary Stu characters all around the world. And the faux-philosophical dialogue. I hate dialogue like this. It's padding and it serves no purpose and accomplishes nothing. I have to applaud you. You have major stones to read this garbage.

The Blue And The Gold said...

...Words fail me on how stupid this thing is.
Also, about what you said about reading a certain way and in regards to thought/speech balloons (or lack there of), did it make it hard for you to read Grant Morrison's "The Clown At Midnight"? I forget which issue of Batman it is, but being part of The Black Glove, I think you know what I'm getting at.

MegaL3 said...

Yay! Marville #3! This is awesome (Your review, not the comic)

arw1985 said...

Dang...that was a stupid comic. I applaud you vigilance. I could not do this every week.

Big_Mad_Draco said...

I really love how the "early" plant life that they encounter is grass. It may be weird to think about, but grass is a strictly Cenozoic life form, it didn't evolve until after the dinosaurs died out.

Zebasiz said...

Wow, This comic is so horrible... but your review is full of so much glorious rage! Very fun to watch.
Also, I loved the Space orb joke.

Mariner said...

20:27 Linkara's rapefaec. I approve.

21:08 Oooh! Me! I have!

25:16 Ooh! Me me!

29:51 "...impervious to harm, but not undefeatable."

"This has been: 'Wait What?'"

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"BTW, any chance of you working on lightbringer or ever releasing a comic yourself?
I assume its time constraints but I could be wrong."

It is time constraints, but actually Revolution of the Mask Issue 3 is almost complete and the rest of the current Lightbringer storyline has been released for the last month or two now. XD

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Is there any comic out there with a nice representation of God?"

Well, the Fantastic Four met God once and he was Jack Kirby.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

""A couple" million years has no definition so it could be 100s of millions or could be more, remember since Jack is god time might be a non-factor to him."

Aaaactually this was a mindset I had when I was younger, but the true definition of "a couple" is actually very well-defined as "two."

Volvagia said...

I'm guessing glamourpuss and either issue #186 or #265 of Cerebus are on your review pile, based on your comment. However, I would hope you'd know to not be TOO mean to the earlier stuff like Church and State.

Anonymous said...

Was this part of Marvel's "'Nuff Said" event by any chance? That was the one where each comic they published had an issue with no text.

PopCultureOtaku said...

"Well, the Fantastic Four met God once and he was Jack Kirby."
One of my favorite moments in comments. Got a bit teary eyed reading that issue.

Mandilo said...

This one must have been hard to do, you managed to get the funny part of touchy subjects and i love it. I find the references to TBF and vice very good.
I don't think you've ever shouted that much in a review,this morning i didn't need coffee to wake up...(and my boyfriend hates your show now)
I wonder if the fac that holokara is turning clearly evil is influencing the review. the story part was really good too... Poor 90's Kid

I have a question that may sound stupid but : what was the reference at the end of the vice segment , the droid/robot/satellite ?

Unknown said...

"Very Well defined as two"
Well in modern slang(one of the few times I believe an author of a truly bad comic has gotten it right) it's not defined as just a "few". While it is bad English, it is modern slang.

Lotus Prince said...

"Shed its mortal coil?" Really? Way to be original, Marville.

Red Spearow said...

Doh! Linkara, you had the perfect setup with the Jehovah thing:

Indiana Jones, Last Crusade: "But in the Latin alphabet, Jehovah begins with an I."

I feel sad you missed such a perfect opportunity.

revolverocelot2501 said...

XD at the hologram getting drunk. I'm guessing it has some kind of inebriation protocol to prevent it from crashing when it sees something so awful.

Taranaich said...

I have to say, I'm not feeling the sheer disgust this time. Perhaps it's because I have a much higher tolerance for philosophical exploration, and I do think there's merit in the idea of life being a cycle of destruction and creation, where the consumption of molecules is *thematically* resonant with the predator/prey relationship. Plus... well, the little plants do look cute. A little.

Also, this has probably been mentioned before, but as soon as Ted Turner karate-chopped a meteor without being blown to smithereens with no explanation for how he could do that, NOTHING in the comic shocked me. Not even the head-smashed-down-into-torso: it just seemed par for the course. I really didn't see much difference between the two.

Finally, not to defend this comic (HAH), but there is a small level of merit in being sad at killing plants, which isn't exactly like being sad you're killing rocks: plants do respond to stimuli, and there have been studies which have yielded surprising complexity in plant development. Obviously not to the extent of animals, of course, and certainly not to the degree of sapience or sentience, but plants do deserve a wee bit more credit.

Then again, since the advocates in this comic are insufferable moribunds, it's only fair to munch on lettuce.

Rob Green said...

I so hope once your done reviewing all the Marville Comics that you make a nice bonfire of them.

For the story line nice to see that we finally cut back to know a little more on who the gunslinger is. And know what the others are going to try to do to take out Halokara.

For your midroll this week was awesome, and now makes me wonder if your going to use your 7th Doctor cosplay as one as 2 of the 3 have been your cosplays.

Now to twiddle my thumbs while I wait for To Boldly Flee part 7.

Anonymous said...

You know, this issue kinda reminds me of what happened with Rychlé Šípy (Quick Arrows), a popular comic series back from socialist Czechoslovakia (even got adapted into two movies, one in the late 70s, the other in the early 90s).
Apparently at some point in the early 70s, the socialist party came to the conclusion that speech bubbles are decadent (I'm not kidding), and banned their use.
The comic's creator therefore ended up using a method very similar to this comic
Only that he at least adapted the art in such a way that the picture always had some empty space for the text to display on

Mad_Scientist said...

Not 100% sure if this has been commented on before, but I don't see it in the comments for this episode at least.

Anyways, I think the reason why Holokara is turning evil so quickly compared to Linkara is because Holokara is an AI, so his brain is faster than Linkara's.

Those who have read Shlock Mercenary will see where I am going with this (I'm sure other sci-fi has addressed this concept, but Shlock was was the first that came to mind as it's addressed this concept a lot). Basically, the idea is that an advanced AI whose "brain" is a super powerful computer is able to "think" so much faster than an organic brain that it perceives time differently. While a couple seconds pass for a human, barely enough time to do anything, an advanced AI can ponder deep questions of life, play 500 games of chess with another AI, and write two full length novels, all with time to spare, because his thoughts are thousands of times faster than a '.

So, my idea is that while Linkara is on the path to evil, it would take maybe a couple of years for him to actually turn evil. But for Holokara, from his perspective, a couple of years have already passed. (I'm just throwing out random numbers here, not sure just how fast Holokara's brain is, just that it's enough faster than Linkara's to make a big difference).

Dan Jordan said...

''I will admit, I didn't expect the Dave Sim line. I was expecting you to say Garth Ennis.''

How in all the realms is Garth Ennis a pseudo-philosopher? In his Punisher Max run he aptly and precisely explains the moralities behind war and victimisation, as well as the inner workings of a militant persona (more psychological for that last part but still)

boooratt said...

1st off what the Holy Hell? You normally don't post these til like 4:00 on the dot I got up today went online and came here on a whim and this video was already up and has been up a little bit!

Ok, back to the review...
What the Holy Hell!?
I think i can answer "How does a hologram get drunk?" I've read enough fiction with artificial character that are programmed or made to fake being a real living being and they have the ability to fake being alive so well they can convince themselves to the point they develop addictions and become sick!
The page lay out is annoying! The only "good" thing I can say about it is the did figure out that white text with a black outline is at least readable on any background!
I'm one of those people that REALLY hates being preached at and this book is really waving a finger at me.
It also kind of angers me that a guy like this can get and write his own comicbook for a major company like MARVEL when people like us never will! And, I like to think we have generally good ideas!
I do have to wonder about that thing most fictions do where God or the Devil shows up and they appear like whatever the protagonist perceives them as. What if they're an Atheous or like me likes to think of pantheons of gods?
Hahaha, shrinkage! Nice Linkara Trollface (TrollKare!?)! I hope some one takes a screen shot of that and makes an icon of it! XP
Wow, I never thought I'd see the day we get a character seriously concerned for microbes killing each other!
Ok, I've read very little on these Marville comics before hand and all else I know about this book is at some point i'm guessing the next issue it's reveal in this screwed up comic that Wolverine is the 1st Human/Mutant/intelligent life form or some BS like that!?

So, their master plan is to shoot HoloKara a lot!? Sounds good enough to me!!
Don't worry 90s Kid, Rob Liefeld is still doing some indie works! I'm entered into a contest on DeviantArt to get one of my OCs published by Argo Comics and he did a cover for them recently! <==={{{ There it is!
Oh, and if all my other Deviant Artist friends out there that read this wouldn't mind doing me a HUGE favor by going here: and VOTE for my OC(PackRat)in that poll, and/or go here: On FaceBook and like or share and/or comment on PackRat for me, please...  PLEASE!!! You might also like the Argo Comics's FaceBook page they're really cool people!

I like the Gunslinger more now his style and layout so far he looks like Ed from Fullmetal Alchemist and acts like a mix of movie and Civil War era Tony Stark/Iron Man! He's even got the JARVIS style AI computer butler!
So, our reality is toxic to him?
I like the Magic Gun collection he's got! I really like what looks to be a repainted Nerf gun that I think fired ping-pong balls!

Anonymous said...

"Wow. I've never seen someone eat lettuce so angrily before. Totally called that being part of the stinger, too. Wasn't sure how, but it seems obvious that munching on lettuce with such rage will lead to some form of shenanigans/bloopers."

You've never lived in a college town with a vegan shop next door to an Arby's.

Canadian Otaku Gamer said...

Wow... So putting aside the fact that I could write a hole book on the theological and scientific mistakes, what the hell did any of this have to do with the last two issues?

It's like Silent Hill: Dying Inside where the first two issues have their own story and then the rest is just a bunch of random insane nonsense that goes nowhere.

ladydiskette said...

Awwww, poor 90s Kid, I mean, I don't like Rob Liefield myself but geeze, I hate to feel good when 90s kid is down in the dumps drinking a flask of whisky.

:( I just want to cuddle him right now.

Mitchell Martinez said...

Every time I see more of this thing, I can't believe you actually had the strength to read through all six(kinda 7) issues of this thing. You have resilience that is just unbelievable. Tell me, what would you say to Billy Jemas if you actually met him?

Rowdy C said...

I'm glad you brought up the "why is Ted Turner still alive," question, because I THINK I now get it. It's supposed to be a parody of how the characters in comic books seemingly live on for years and years while barely aging if at all. I know you've commented on this before about how supposedly this is just the comic universe not flowing in the same timeline as our world or something, but I never thought that was very clear.

Now, does that make the whole Ted Turner in 5002 any better. Definitely NOT. But I think that's at list what they were TRYING for.

Jarkes said...

It's about time the Gunslinger showed up again. ...And we still know next to nothing about him, other than that he was apparently trying to MAKE Linkara become angry (push him further towards evil, perhaps?), he couldn't stay in Linkara's universe for very long, and he has a computer named... Sierra? Is that what he called it?

Speaking of which, who provided the voice for Sierra? Was it you, or Will?

platinum said...

Great review as usual. :D

Though...I think this is the worst yet. The amount of science fail in that one section actually made me yell at my laptop. I yelled so loud that I'm pretty sure that my 'NO! IT DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY!' echoed in my building. Words fail me as to how that conversation was allowed to take place in any context. I mean...IT'S A MOLECULE. A MOLECULE.

Also, the comic calls the molecules parents and children and it said that sentient beings eat CO2. Again, words fail me. That and the whole 'cute' thing. > _____ >

I hesitate to say I can't wait for this to be finished, but damn if it isn't hilarious.

P.S. The Gunslinger has peaked my interests. Your move, good sir. :)

P.P.S. I was seriously waiting for a Bruce Almighty joke when Jake showed up.

Mr Pickles said...

Linkara were you wearing a Obelisk Blue jacket from Yugioh GX after the mid break?

areoborg said...

I hope that these characters catch some horrible, horrible disease and die a slow, lingering death. That way they can go happy in the knowledge that they didn't try and kill any living organisms.

Lizard-Man said...

Did the writer suddenly realise he wasn't gonna win the bet and decided to say "to hell with my satire"? Why else would he just up and abandon it all?

I mean this is such a stark contrast. The first two were painfully unfunny... this is painfully unintelligent.

So you got two more of these huh? Damn, I don't wanna be you right now. And nice little "Take thats" to the comic characters. Friggin hilarious with the clapping part. First time I've seen a reference clip lead into another joke I think.

Anonymous said...

The word is spelled "drivel" for note.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Linkara were you wearing a Obelisk Blue jacket from Yugioh GX after the mid break?"

I was indeed. ^_^

Musashi said...

I liked Marville better when it was a parody comic. This is just boring nonsense.

Did you say this storyline would be finished in time for Longbox of the Damned, or did Linkara just need to be back home in time for it? I hope it's the latter, because it seems like too much to wrap up in two episodes.

E. Wilson said...

"Is there any comic out there with a nice representation of God?"

Spider-Man met God in issue #40 of "Sensational Spider-Man" prior to the OMD...thing. It was appropriately called "The Book of Peter". God was pretty cool, and even showed Peter a representation of all the people he'd ever saved.

I must also agree that Obelisk Blue jackets are boss.

Laughing Hyena said...

Hey! Who are you calling a Osiris Red Dropout?
Yeah, 4Kids' Slifer Slacker works a bit better on the tongue, but I kinda favor the use of the Egyptian Osiris over a TV Executive Producer's last name.

On the comic:
So is Mickey’s middle name “Strawwomen”? Considering how much the comic is going out of it's way to hint that? And by hint, I mean sledgehammering it.

Can’t wait for the next Marville issue, knowing what’s coming. It involves Wolverine, people.

On the Plot:
Gotta collect them all?

Anonymous said...

I can think of many Vegans who would agree that this issue's apparant message of "God is terrible for letting the life cycle exist." is stupid.

I have no idea what Bill Jemas was high on when he was writing Marville, but if this is the byproduct, I have yet another reason to avoid trying drugs.

Jesse said...

The plot at the end made the review bearable.

Bout time we saw that Gun-Slinger again. Been wondering about him. Linksano is pulling his weight again and he'll be a big help against this new dude.

Are you the one voicing the Gun-Slinger's computer Linkara?

TheFlyingPhoton said...

This was probably accidental, but I found it funny when the auto-focus was going haywire in the intro. The hologram was getting blurry when it was drunk.

Master Seijin said...

Lewis! How ya doin'!? Yeaaaah. I'm gonna have to go ahead and ask you not to review Marville anymore. It's getting way to fucking stupid and, well, too heavy for this show in my opinion. So, if you could go ahead and focus on a different mini series every other month, that'd be great. M'kay?

Sijo said...

You know, up until now Marville had a strange kind of appeal, like watching a train wreck does, but now its just become random and pedantic. Too bad. I have a hard time believing Jemas really intended to win the fans' approval over Peter David with THIS series; if anything it was all a big, strange publicity stunt.

Finally, the Holo-Linkara plot becomes interesting! I was wondering what the rest of the 'karas were going to do about it. Plus, we learn more about the Gunslinger!

Anonymous said...

Interesting how sometimes it's the worst comics that make for the best reviews isn't it?

The lettuce eating was definitely a highlight of the episode.

Also, does this mean that God is really one of the Prophets from DS9's wormhole?

Last week I thought Holokara went crazy because of the whole "running for a while + dark side of personality thing" the Doctor I'm thinking that Booze + Marville + possibly leaking temporal energy with the whole "back to the origin of life" bit from the comic = the insanity of Marville infecting Holokara way back when.

You mentioned that your journey was supposed to start when you reviewed Superman #701 in April, so I'm curiously. If you had been able to start back then, when would this part of the storyline happened? And would you done both the storyline part with the Gunslinger and the gang getting together or would this have been stretched out over several more episodes?

Either way, great review.

Falcovsleon20 said...

Greatest. title card. EVER!

Also, you're gonna die from alcohol poisoning by the time you drink your way through the rest of this series I predict.

Joshua Ford said...

I think we should devour ALL the plants to punish this comic!!! We're gonna need lots of ranch for this.

Anonymous said...

Why do people assume that Holokara is evil or that something was sabotaged? Think about it. Holokara exists to review comic books in a weekly show format. That is the sum of its existence.The most important thing to Holokara is to make a good review. If Linkara didn't think to install morality subroutines (or even just a basic 'no causing physical harm to anyone program') then Holokara will do anything to make a good review. Anything. Threaten the life of someone who regularly interferes? Easily within Holokara's activities.

In other words this could easily just be the need to make a review taken to its logical extreme. In fact it's even more likely if a sentient hologram feels great attachment towards its specified purpose.

Anonymous said...

Good god, this comic gave me a headache, I have a red mark on my forehead from slapping it so many times.

On the plus side: storyline, yay! And more on the Gunslinger, very cool. Though it does kind of weaken my personal favorite theory as to the Gunslinger's identity: an alternate universe Linkara who reviews manga. Ah, well, still cool.

With all the shouting done in this review, it made me wonder: Lewis lives in an apartment, right? Has he ever gotten any noise complaints from the yelling?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"With all the shouting done in this review, it made me wonder: Lewis lives in an apartment, right? Has he ever gotten any noise complaints from the yelling?"

Nope! my apartment seems to have really good soundproofing. ^_^ I can only hear the other apartments if they hit the walls for one reason or another.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, where to begin.

Oh how I wish this comic was VGONE (Had to get Scott Pilgrim reference out).

Bill, I like your time at Marvel. I don't like how you gave up. If you thought to have these 'Earth Shattering' thoughts on religion then go write a book like everyone
else and pray to be a guest on a talk show.
Comics rarely cater to this unless you are subtle.

*Deep Breath*

As to Liefeld: I appreciate his enthusiasm, not his artwork or writing.

There was a period in my time where loaded characters up with so many weapons ( one was pulling a Howlitzer behind him) that I felt was really cool.

It wasn't.

Rob I want you to be involved in comics. Just don't go near the artist table or computer.

Become a creative consultant or something where you can help the industry.

Stay away from Grifter too.

Part1 of Stringer: Do Holograms Dream of Electric Sheep?

In this I feel only unease. Things are coming to a head now.

Part2 of Stringer: The Gunslinger reminds me of two characters not based on his looks alone.

He reminds me of Kamen Rider: Diend (pronounced D-End ( oh you Japan). The guy has a very loose sense of Morals which makes him endearing ( a lot more than the main hero ( I personally don't like him since forgets 'the lesson by the next world).

The other is the Number Hunter from Yu-Gi-Oh: Zexal. Purely on the robot/AI.

Both are collectors and if I'm looking at this right, we won't see you back up to full power until January.

I apologize if I'm wrong.

The ep itself: Really good and I'm reminded of SFdebris assessment of Howard the Duck and what you said on twitter, good job sir well done.

It'll be even harder next time eh?

I have suggestions for songs next time Marville rears it's ugly head: Whiskey in the Jar by Metallica, Two piña coladas by Garth Brooks and Friends in Low places by Garth Brooks.

I apologize if this offends you or you used these before.

Anonymous said...

Loved it, Especially where you ate the salad in a bag clapped to kill microbes and yes my hand went up as you were asking who wants to watch Chris Lambert's portrayal of Raiden. You know what. I think I'm going to watch Highlander 2 and Mortal Kombat tonight after just because all of the above are more like a good comic book than this Marville issue.

Gonzo said...

For some reason, in spite of all the rampant and unforgivable stupidity in this comic, I am the most upset that nobody saw God as George Burns. Though I guess I should be more grateful than upset. O_o

Anyway, I loved the review, as always! The lettuce eating bit was especially hilarious. (You might know this already, but there is a religion that says you can't eat any vegetable that kills the entire plant, e.g. lettuce. It's called Jainism. I'm surprised Jemas didn't bring that up, though I probably shouldn't be.)

Jesse J said...

Wow. Usually even really bad comics are made bearable by your performance, but even with your several lines (The lettuce eating cracked up) I feel dumber for watching this.

FugueforFrog said...

Bleh...more Marville...and this one was the worst yet. Honestly I don't have much to say considering I"m laughing at the whole absurdities that they're mourning the death of molecules that assisted in the establishment of basic life on Earth...oh and that they just randomly made God a black guy.

And as for the'd expect 90s Kid to still be out from the Holo-Kara attack but hey it's even worse than that...we need a Liefeld review of something in the near future to get his hopes up. Intriguing stuff on the Gunslinger as well.

Anonymous said...

Lewis, just a few thoughts on the mess that was Marville and the U-Decide fiasco. I was a big fan of Peter David's Captain Marvel series and was not thrilled at the time that it was "on the bubble". I was even less thrilled about the relaunched Captain Marvel series having to outperform two other books to survive. But PAD took to the challenge, having Genis-Vell go mad from his cosmic awareness, and then become a villain.

I personally think that the change in direction in Marville between issue #2 and #3, from a dorky humor comic (without any actual humor) to a rambling philosophical treatise came about because Jemas read issues #1 and #2 of the relaunched Captain Marvel, realized PAD was writing a much better book and decided to change horses in midrace. The result is an utter mess, as we've all seen. :)

PS: I'm really enjoying your acting in "To Boldly Flee!" Great job!

Matt said...

So it appears that the Gunslinger is also a gun collector. I have to wonder whether the Spirit of the Gun would lend her power to him if he did take it from Linkara somehow.

Also, I believe Holo-kara has delusions of taking over for the real Linkara, and he ordered the repositioning of Comicron One to cut Linkara off from it. Be interesting to see what happens there.

Lord Seth said...

The first two issues of Marville may have failed on a comedic level in getting you to laugh with it, but you could at least laugh at it. Everything about it is so nonsensical that it manages to become funny, just not in the way it intended.

But this one...ugh. You can't even laugh at it anymore, you can only stare at it in disbelief. Especially in what a whiplash it is to go from the first two issues to this one.

Was looking forward to this, though. I read another blog's recap of it (search for "The Marville Horror" to find it), but it wasn't quite as in-depth. Looking forward to the remaining issues!

I will disagree with you on one thing, though. I actually didn't really mind the "script" format, at least in concept. The lack of balloons and the lack of an inker in its own weird way fits with the philosophical (well, pseudo-philosophical) nature of the comic. I will agree, however, that the execution is problematic, both in that it covers up things and there's stuff that doesn't fit with the script like when you get three panels of the same expression even though the script indicates it should be different. And the fact that the script itself is awful.

Still, out of curiosity: You've stated several times this is one of the worst comics. Would you consider Marville to be THE worst comic, and if not, what is? I remember a long time ago in an interview you said you had a certain comic in mind as the worst you ever read, but you declined to say what it was at the time. Have you reviewed it and I either didn't see that video and forgot it, or are you still holding onto it?

Nate said...

Wil is awesome, glad to see the gunslinger back

Anonymous said...

For shame, Linkara, you go to the trouble of looking up geological periods but claim plants are only "broadly" life? Certainly plants haven't developed nervous systems and brains like animals, but that doesn't mean they aren't advanced or alive.

Living things react to stimuli, reproduce, and grow or develop. Plants are alive all right. If you wanted something borderline, try viruses.

In a more thoughtful comic, I'd be interested in a character who is aware that they have to kill to survive, even if the things they kill are "only" plants. It'd be interesting to see someone ponder that rather than dismiss it.

lollypopalopicus said...

I can't believe I'm saying this but I actually agree with them on something. I actually agree with them about the whole, value of life thing. I care about plants animals and even microbes. However, I also Acknowledge that the microbes killin each there is a part of life. I realize I am an Omnivore so I eat both without regret. Yes I fell sorry or Animal mistreatment and that even plants by recent studies do feel pain, but I don't feel bd for me simply doing what is natural as a homo sapien

Anonymous said...

Ummm how do holograms get drunk? Ask Arnold Rimmer for the answer, well maybe not.

So anyhow I have a question, did I spy a Yuber cosplay? If so then props, if not then props anyway since I love your storylines, one of the main things that keep me coming back.

Tetsu Deinonychus said...

It was interesting that you mentioned Dave Sim in this episode, because I was just reading some Cerebus comics for the first time today.

I have mixed feelings about Dave Sim, because on one hand he's something of a champion of independent cartoonists and creator's rights, and has done a lot for that. But, on the other hand he's a sexist nutjob, and his views on children and animals leave much to be desired as well. I read an essay he wrote that just flat out disgusted me.

But then, the few comics of his I've read have been very good, but (as you alluded to) I've heard he sometimes just uses his comics to promote his messed-up view-points. I guess I'd say that I respect him as an artist, but not at all as a person.

I wonder what you (or anyone else) thinks of this duality. I doubt I'm the only one here with this kind of mixed feelings.

Anonymous said...

I tried to avoid it but I have to ask this question still. Is Bimbos in Time still worse in your opinion than this? Or do they not compete due to this one failing to really be a comic book rather than a script with illustrations?

Anonymous said...

The Comic: ... Give me that whiskey.

Your Arc: I was starting to wonder if we'd ever hear from the Gunslinger again.

Fiery Little One

The Monocle Man said...


















Ma-Ti as a judge: Order! Order! Monocle Man, for your crimes against Linkara, I sentence you to read the rest of the issues of "Marville"!

The Monocle Man: But I don't want to read the rest of the issues of "Marville"! They are so...boring!

Ma-Ti as a judge: I don't think you understand me...if you refuse to read the rest of the issues of "Marville", you'll have to read THIS!

*the cover of Rex Royd #2 appears on the screen*

The Monocle Man: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!

MacCashman said...

Okay Linkara seriously you have to burn these for us, please make a bonfire out of them all when you're done.

These comics are far worse the Superman at Earth's end.

While that one stomped on two characters we love and did deserve to be burned these ones are just beyond worse, they just wow... I think I've been made more insane from the review nevermind actually reading the thing. Hate to think what would happen to me if I did that.

Please burn these ones, show us the burning we will all feel better for having had this trash burned.

Also to Mad_Scientist, that a good theory, never would have occurred to me. I should read Shlock Mercenary.

I wondr what the sales for this issue were tell me they werebeyond horrible and it was only Jemas' pull that got them published.

Tell me no one paid money for this.

P.S Don't listen to master Seijin I Love these Marville reviews.

Blackcat325 said...

Oh wow, this one must have hurt - I mean, your voice as well as your head! You weren't kidding when you said the first couple of issues were actually the better of the series.

I really don't get what they were trying to do with the text all over the page like that. I mean, sometimes a thing has an idea that really doesn't work, but you can get what they were trying to achieve with it... this, I just don't get at all. Especially the bits explaining the pictures... it's like the written version of reading out the stage directions or something. It's like the writer made a kind of script to tell the artist what to draw, but in the end they just said, what the hell, lets just print the whole, unedited script.

Glad to see more of the Gunslinger - I've been waiting for this. Although now, I'm even more puzzled by him and how he fits in to all this. I loved his first line, just for the understatement, and... well... you literally just appear in a guy's home, demand his weapon, then start yelling threats at him... I don't think that's ever going to end well. Then again, judging by that collection of guns, the Gunslinger has had plenty of experience to gauge these things by. If it's any consolation, Gunslinger, after you left it didn't go so well for Linkara, either...

Also: Awesome title card!

Rhodoferax said...

It may interest you to know that British comic 2000 AD does do proper nudity - nipples pass without comment, while penises and vaginas, though usually done with a careful touch (think how The Simpsons did Michaelangelo's David), do appear on occasion.

Weirdly enough, the women in it generally wear more clothes and keep them on for longer than women in American comics. That probably says something about differences between the two cultures or something.

Also, your piece about walls of text in comics made me think of one that goes in the exact opposite direction. Mister Amerpduke is an indie comic by Irish writer and artist Bob Byrne, which contains absolutely no text at all. There's no speech bubbles, no captions, no thought balloons, nothing; everything the characters say is implied by their gestures and body language. It's also really, really good!

Sotiris Galanos said...

Ooooooooh man....
I already feared what would the third issue of this !#$^&%@%@!!&@*@(Q$^Q^#^@&* would be but oh man....
That hurt a lot! >____<

You know, when I will start reviewing comics, I'll be doing TPBs and HCs reviews on Youtube. And I want to find this (**&%(&)*%^ and try to endure it for review just the damn TPB. Believe me, you should have done a video reviewing the TPB than just single issues each time. You would survive the booze! >.O

Will you do reviews of DC's Tangent comics? It could be kinda cool to see that stinger getting a review by you. :)

HanSK said...

I assume those covers are supposed to be a parody of how the covers often tend to be unrelated to the plot
taken to it's logical extreme

You know, there are actually vegans out there who cry bloody murder at the eating of roots and seeds

Killing Hitler won't do any good, The Guardians of Forever already have an army of back-up clones for a situation like that

Konsolero said...

*Raise Hand* I want to watch Mortal Kombat.

That was a very good episode Linkara i really enjoyed it. But i miss Beppo the invisible monkey where is he? Also is this a Fullmetal Alchemist Wig the Gunslinger was wearing?

Poor 90´s Kid he misses Rob Liefeld so much. Think Harvey should sing some Smells like Teen Spirit for him.

Kaibaman41 said...

You know O_O with how stupid comics like Marville that's no wonder why Linkara would turn evil...or anyone that is exposed to stupid crap like Marville for that matter. I mean O_O WOW DID a So stupid it's kinda good comic turn into.....beyond idiotic that would make Dr.Insano or The Joker look like sane people....WOW DID THIS COMIC GET STUPID IT HURTS.

Phantom Roxas said...

The whole "molecules killing their parents" thing made me think of how Dormammu and Umar slew Sinifer. So if every issue needs to have some sort of parody of Marvel characters, are the molecules supposed to be the Faltine? Then again, this is where it stops being a parody to begin with.

You know, if Marvel does decide to do a new story like Crisis on Infinite Earths, can we have this whole universe destroyed?

I'm actually curious if you review two issues of Marville in sequential weeks, or is this the sort of series that you want to bring out in moderation due to how painful the comic is and how long the episodes would be?

I like how you've managed to get different outfits for the commercial breaks.

As for the story, I'm glad we finally got to see the Gunslinger again, and it's good that the multiple threads are coming closer together. I'm kind of looking forward to more Lord Vyce, since he seems to be firmly established as your archenemy, moreso than Mechakara.

Anonymous said...

Huh. You do realize the one big thing in this comic is that if Al is like ANY comic book character, it'd be Booster Gold? Without the suit, style or skills, but still. Some person from the future who now that he's in modern day he's going to try and be a 'hero'

And the only reason it wasn't brought up was because most mainstream audiences wouldn't know who Booster Gold is?

And really. The one point to remember is that this was SUPPOSED to be part of a contest that would show how much better a context-less comic was to a continuity heavy series like Captain Marvel. When it became obvious that he wouldn't win, the head of Marvel just turned what was for him just a part of a bet into his own personal soapbox. He'd already made it into little more than a gimmick comic anyway.

DaveWire said...

Good point, how does a hologram get drunk? Is this going to happen every time you review Marville?

Also, Linkara, I have to thank you. I was always a Marvel guy and despite One More Day, I still enjoy Amazing Spider-Man. But after watching your praise of Blue Beetle, I went back and ran through a lot of DC from Crisis forward including Ted Kord's Blue Beetle run. I just finished 52 yesterday and have finally gotten to the 3rd Blue Beetle and just as you say, it. Is. AWESOME. So yeah, you've completely changed my opinion of DC and introduced me to a really great series. Thanks.

Jonathan M said...

Calling it now, that rebuttal about the plant life thing was a crowning moment of awesome.

Pan Miluś said...

Yo guys! Check out My LINKARA FAN-FICTION :D

Maciek Kur of Poland

Jonathan M said...

My guess is that his body is not used to Oxygen, being something that, well, is kinda poisonous.

Anonymous said...

It shames me that I've given this any thought in my spare time, but it sounds like some kind of odd take on communion. God being essentially the parent of all would then be consumed by all the various creations, which in turn eat each other, and so God is everywhere.

And I'm going to guess that since evolution came into play as well, that the implication is that something evolves into God, who in turn eats everything, and it all starts again.

Please tell me something much dumber happens.

Jesse said...

I liked the opening to this one. It was clever to have Holokara drunk.

From here on, I hope you can forgive another instance of my using foul language in my comment. I try not to unless I can't think of a better way to express my thoughts.

This whole Marville thing seemed like it was better, more intelligent, somehow, when it was just dumber than a brick of shit, trying to parody other, better comics and failing handily. If the next couple issues are like this one, being all full of preachy bullshit, I'm not sure I want to know why the people behind it thought it was a good idea. Your review of this issue made me think you felt the same way about the comic I would have if I'd read it: very offended, and indeed, even extremely insulted by having some heavy-handed band of assholes at a comic book company trying to tell me what I should think about something by way of one of their own worst books. I'm honestly surprised that this went for at least another two issues after this one. They certainly would have lost my money after this, had I been buying it to begin with.

As for the production values of the thing, well, the art was different, but different isn't always better, as I'm sure has been pointed out several times by now.

And I can see trying an experiment, but at the same time, there are reasons why a lot of the most common things we make are made the way they are: those forms are the easiest for us as creatures to use. In this case, they probably would have done better if they'd just picked one way of doing things instead of trying to force two largely incompatible things together. Putting the whole script over the art just made it look weird, in a bad sort of way. If they'd wanted to give us the script, they should have just given us the script on a page with a picture here and there. Or they should have gone the other way and just made it a properly done comic book with the art showing us what was going on and the proper mechanisms for presenting the text.

I'm with everybody else on your storyline. It's interesting to see where this is going. Can't wait for next week.

I think your style is improving, too. It seems like it's been a long time since a review has actually made me mad about the thing that was being reviewed, and I think it might have been one of yours last time, too. Well done on that. I hope that one day I can be almost this good at it.

GoldenKing said...

I couldn't even make it through this comic. This is a first for me. IT WAS JUST TOO HORRIBLE! Please Linkara save me!

Cryptix said...

I had to go back and re-watch the first and second issue reviews, because you got partway into the catch-up and I was like '...what?'

My brain just did not accept the plot points of Marville #2 into long-term memory.

My subconscious may be smarter than me in that regard.

As for this one... wow. What is there to say that you haven't already said?

Nice progression on the storyline, by the way. I really like how this one is going. As opposed to a good majority of the comics on your show, our protagonist is actually going through a significant, foreshadowed, and well-plotted character arc, plus in the meantime we've got Holokara _and_ the Gunslinger.

Pffft. Apparently there are consequences to angry lettuce-eating.

The Kodu said...

you timing couldn't have been better with making the Red Dwarf reference as very soon its coming back for a brand new series.

JMC for life as better smeg than dead

Rowan LeFey said...

I don't think I've ever laughed so hard at someone eating lettuce. Thank you for that.

... and that is one mighty fine magic gun collection.

Nitz the Bloody said...

"Well, the Fantastic Four met God once and he was Jack Kirby. "

Not particularly comfortable with the idea that Jack is a fictional God within the Marvel Universe who bears responsibility for the existence of Galactus.

MalixDexide said...

I think you should burn the comic, and all Marville comics that follow if they get worse from here on out as you say.

Lays said...

Like in prometheus, everybody seems to forget that, you know plants are life. They've got DNA and stuff. So, stop showing the "beginning of life" with plants aside, it's stupid.

Anonymous said...

I've been under the impression that the black goo was a biological weapon the aliens were producing, while humans started-off as a side-effect, but became a component of a much more advanced version

Ming said...

And now more of Marville, the comic so horrible it drives readers of all ages (INCLUDING KIDS) to become drunk, a comic so horrible that it drives people who overcame drug addiction to drugs and drug-fueled fantasies in their desperate attempt to get far away from this comic.

There are so many ways that I could say: WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU? I mean it's bad enough this is horrible parody comedy, but now you're going into God and creation and evolution? Have you even read science books? You make me sick, writer of Marville. Damn this confusing and nonsensical comic to hell!

P.S.: Glad to see Harvey and Linksano planning to do something about the increasingly insane Holo-kara. Love 90s Kid getting drunk over the hated Liefeld's departure from DC (though I don't get how Diet Coke is supposed to make someone drunk).

I don't think the Gunslinger is behind the whole thing, though Harvey is right about one thing. Given all the magic guns he's gotten so far, it's only a matter of time before he launches another attack on Linkara.

Le Messor said...

The review was great. The 'comic' was not (or was it more of a picture book?).

One thing that I haven't seen pointed out (but my reading of the comments hasn't been thorough): There's a distinction that neither Bill Jemas nor some airlines apparently understand between 'vegetarian' and 'vegan'. I just bought a carton of (barn-laid) eggs and some milk today...

Red Spearow said...
Doh! Linkara, you had the perfect setup with the Jehovah thing: Indiana Jones, Last Crusade: "But in the Latin alphabet, Jehovah begins with an I."

Red: you were right... tell your sister... you were right...

ngrey651 said...

Dave Sim?

OHHH, you mean the writer of CERBERUS, right? The really gritty comic about that weird aardvark thing that started out as a sword and sorcery esque tale and which quickly turned into an author tract by a vaugely mysoginistic paranoid loony?

What kind of author writes a story that screws over his ENTIRE story series at the very end of the tale, and so disrespects his fanbase with no regards to rewarding them for years of loyalty?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"What kind of author writes a story that screws over his ENTIRE story series at the very end of the tale, and so disrespects his fanbase with no regards to rewarding them for years of loyalty?"

Certainly not someone who decides to end his OWN series before it gets stale but DOESN'T use it as a mouthpiece for insultingly offensive opinions about half the human population.

Elderholt said...

How can the ERH get drunk? Very easily, he is a LIGHTweight. (jazz hands)

Oh poor 90's kid. Just remember he is only leaving superhero comics. So now he can breathe new life into forgotten formats. That's right his next opus is "Shaft's Xtreem Girlfriend... Shelly (I totally have a last name and am a fleshed out character)." Where every expression of love is spoken through gritted teeth.

Arianne said...

Nice Cosplay from Yu Gi Oh GX, I think the characters name is Chazz. The Cosplay moments are a good way to go into commercial. As usual when ever a Marville review shows up here it is consistant at being suckage in comic form. I'm all in favor of a three way team up in taking down Holocara. 90's kid will come in handy since Holocara probable wasted energy with getting mad at the kid and 90's kid is good at being a annoying distraction. It's good to see Linksano helping out. Nice Vyce Cameo and storyline moments.

Anonymous said...

I just realized something. All of Linkara's enemies are based around Supervillain archetypes.
Dr. Insano - The Mad Scientist (The Tinkerer)
Mechakara - Robot Duplicate (Cyborg Superman)
Lord Vyce - Galactic Conqueror (Thanos, Darkseid)
The Entity - Near-Omnipotent Entity (Paralax, Galactus)
Holo-kara - Mirror Villain (Professor Zoom, Venom)
Gunslinger (based on what we've seen so far) - Space Criminal (Lobo)

boooratt said...

"Anonymous has left a new comment on the post "Marville #3":

I just realized something. All of Linkara's enemies are based around Supervillain archetypes.
Dr. Insano - The Mad Scientist (The Tinkerer)
Mechakara - Robot Duplicate (Cyborg Superman)
Lord Vyce - Galactic Conqueror (Thanos, Darkseid)
The Entity - Near-Omnipotent Entity (Paralax, Galactus)
Holo-kara - Mirror Villain (Professor Zoom, Venom)
Gunslinger (based on what we've seen so far) - Space Criminal (Lobo)

Lord Vyce I thought of more like the Galactus/Imprex/Anti-Monitor style villain as he is an inter dimensional traveler and conqueror.
And the Entity was more like Eternity

boooratt said...

"The Entity - Near-Omnipotent Entity (Paralax, Galactus)"

Or its more like Dormammu or Krona or Korvac... something that started out as a small weak being than they grew to a power world destroying inter dimensional destroying force!

Anonymous said...

I know this is an old video, but it's the most fitting one considering the religious subject matter

here is a quote I came across recently

"I form the light, and create darkness
I make peace, and create evil.
I, the LORD, do all these things."
Isaiah 45:7

I think my faith may have just been shaken to the core

sorry, just wanted to share it with someone

Lewis Lovhaug said...

""I form the light, and create darkness
I make peace, and create evil.
I, the LORD, do all these things."
Isaiah 45:7"

My bible says he creates CALAMITY and not evil.

It's important to remember that the Bible has been translated and retranslated multiple times over the past few thousand years and the words are open to interpretation, especially when you consider the stuff that contradicts other stuff as well as not everything is meant to be taken literally or followed to the word. In addition, it was written not by God but by men who had their own agendas and later was constructed by other men while leaving out other documents.

I am a Christian and I believe in God, but God gave me a brain to think and reason with and my faith should not be shattered by a single word.

Dragons Dusk said...

Is this where HoloLinkara lost his marbles with the thought of using Comicron 1 to take out the Marvel offices?

Shieru-sensei said...

Since nobody has pointed it out, I will: This kind of reminds me of a particular style of visual novel, the one which contains actual prose instead of just dialogue. Maybe if you took the images as they are and disregard the original script, you could write a story for this thing which is actually good

Cat C said...

Is the Gunslinger's computer like the one you mentioned in Blake 7s? I know he doesn't call the computer Slave but is it based on that?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Is the Gunslinger's computer like the one you mentioned in Blake 7s? I know he doesn't call the computer Slave but is it based on that?"

While not as subservient as Slave, it is partially based on it, yes, much like how Nimue is based on Zen.

Cat C said...

"While not as subservient as Slave, it is partially based on it, yes, much like how Nimue is based on Zen."

Oh! I had no idea, that's really cool. Thank you for answering.

Nazaru said...

Hey, Linkara! Just wanted to say a few things.

1. Happy New Year's Eve

2. Did you get my Emails about recommending Spawn & Batman War Devils (The apparently better Spawn & Batman crossover) and why you didn't mock Animus from Power Rangers Wild Force in the Superboy Prime voice?

3. I've heard that Tommy Wiseau is being casted in the 2014 Godzilla movie, is that true?

Anonymous said...

That "10% of the brain" myth is an irritating one. Don't watch the movie Limitless; its stupid. If you did utilise 100% of the brain at once, it'd just give you a stroke.

Anonymous said...

The term is theodicy where it attempts to reconcile God and the "problem of evil".

Since this is Marville, the term is theo-idiocy.

Anonymous said...

Also another odd-thought for this ...

A lot of Al, Mickey and Lucy's discussions with Jack are somewhat similar to David Hume's _Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion_. It also ponders the notion that the existence of intelligently-designed creation (not an actual term employed) as affirming the existence of God. But God's good nature, omnipotence and omniscience is questioned when there are doubts that this universe is the "best of all possible worlds". One of the refutes is how pain is used as a means of self-perservation amongst animals.

So yes, Mickey and Lucy bitching about the death of microbes and molecules is an update on a point once made by David Hume.

1) In general, I don't like debating alternate realities because it's not as if you can change it into whatever you want to test the hypothesis. Also if you are assuming that God has greater facilities than you, who are you to argue against Someone greater than yourself and expect that somehow you'll win the argument?

2) I know this is giving it *way* too much credit than it already deserved. But given that Bill Dumbass did study philosophy - though as a minor - whilst at Princeton, I can assume that he has had some exposure to David Hume or those topics in general.

There's still not enough alcohol in the universe to deal with this nonsense.

Arcapello said...

I think he's called Jack because he's basically the Jack of all trades, master of none; the Jack of some amount of subjects, master of absolutely nothing he'd like to be.

This is an educated man but I don't even know what to call this.

This is the equivalent to a six issue YouTube comment... actually that sums it up pretty well. If you're going to talk about something that has a lot of interpretations you have to be extremely careful what you say.

It is one thing to feel confident and qualified enough that your interpretation of a sensitive matter is valid enough to state, it is another thing to put such a statement on the internet where it can sometimes be deleted if needed... and it is a whole separate level to feel that your opinion, on an immensely conjectural subject, is so appropriate and profound that it is worth committing to paper, for as long as you'll live, even against the possibility that your OWN opinion will change as more information becomes available or learned and PUBLISHING it.

This is really awful.