Thursday, September 13, 2012

To Boldly Flee, Part 8

An ancient creature seeks to merge different worlds together, and nothing will ever be the same again. ‎


Anonymous said...

So is it really it? is it all coming to an end?

pablo Gerbasi said...

did...did he just pull off and Animal Man Finale?
this was the annyversary that i like the least (but it was awesome) it take itself a little to serious in some parts, and notin other parts,
the tone changed a lot.
the NC parts where the worst, because they where no fun, up until the part where he speaks with Doug, even trough it wasnt funny, it was excelent.
BUT i hate the part with Ma-ti, he was to goofy to be a profound bad guy.
the pointing of plot holes was really funny
James Cameo was great
Mechakara was intimadating as all hell.
the ¨there, and there, and there.¨ is old as dirt, but its always funny.

Brad Jones was my favourite, he stole the show, he had the funniest arc, the funnier plot and all the Cocaine.

overall, really great film, maybe a little unnevem, but with a lot of HEART! and you can see all the dedication.

i really love TGWTG, every time i went trought all the videos of one of the reviewers i find another one. just yesterday i found out i really like the videos of Todd in the shadows. really.

keep on the awesome job guys

Silens Cursor said...


Got to say, it worked pretty well. Favourite part was Part 5, closely followed by 1 and this last part. I honestly think you guys did a great job with this one, even if certain plot twists did feel a little telegraphed (but then again, that was part of the point).

As an author, I really liked the segment where the Nostalgia Critic met with Doug. It actually worked, much to my satisfaction, because it was played straight and with a certain degree of intellect. It reminded me significantly of Stranger Than Fiction, and considering that's one of my favourite movies, I'll definitely say it's a plus.

It'll be interesting to see if Doug actually retires the 'Nostalgia Critic' character, as it seems to be implied here. Frankly, I'm not sure if it's the wisest move, but it'd be nice to see him step outside his box and try something new.

And since it is your blog, Lewis, I figured I'd supply a few comments related to your performance - namely that it was one of the highlights of the entire production. I've always liked the Mechakara character, and I really enjoyed seeing him getting a great turn in the spotlight. He's genuinely intimidating at points, and that's definitely appreciated for a story like this - although I guess this is his grand finale. But then again, characters like him always come back. Overall, your acting performance was very strong, second only to Brad's. Great work.

As it is, the production is flawed in places - middle drags a bit, there's tonal inconsistencies, and I'm not entirely thrilled about the resolution to the 'love triangle' subplot, but I'm looking forward to listening to commentary (hope you can wrangle Spoony into that, considering how lengthy his performance was), and I definitely think it's the strongest of the anniversary specials. Certainly the most dramatic and cerebral, which is most appreciated.

Overall, props. See you on Monday. ;)

Anonymous said...

How is Doug still going to review stuff after this?

Anonymous said...

Has Critic gone beyond his 'character's' coil?

Sorry, I really can't think of a way to describe what happened.

So I guess anything new will be done by the Nostalgia Critic we have to treat it like we do the STIG or just as an avatar of the Plot Hole?

This really was a great one and I can't really think of anything more to say.

pablo Gerbasi said...

man i forgot, the part where you appear, is fucking AWESOME. enter in the battle like a boss

Looking Down The Crionics said...

Moar like "To Coldly Pee" amirite?

Ok, in all seriousness. I actually liked this. I still stand by Kickassia and Suburban Knights being horrible pieces of shit that never should have been made. But this just might be the best of the anniversary specials, even better than the Team Brawl.

Now, that being said, in the grand scheme of things, it's still not that great. I'll probably never watch it again, the whole Cinema Snob/Luke sidequest was really kind of pointless and used waaaaaaaaaaaay too much Star Wars dialogue. That was probably the most disappointing of this, as it seemed to be a relatively original and engaging idea. There's a line between parody & homage and plain ripping off. In Jenna Marbles video "How Boys pack a suitcase," the line "Luke I am not your father, I wrap that shit up!" is parody. Not only is it swift and brief, it twists the original line to great comedic effect. There's a difference between that and repeating the dialogue verbatim. I actually was the least interested in the Death Star scenes (let's just call it what it is folks ok), because there was no tension in the context of the Return of the Jedi references, because we know how that scene ends! It was actually more interesting seeing the main ship fail because we didn't know how that was going to resolve itself.

Not only that, but the government agent subplot ended up being pretty pointless too.

As a personal nitpick, I realize that you people do not see into the future and therefore could in no way realize that Spoony would go off the deep end, and expecting Doug to edit out every piece Noah is in as a result is even more unreasonable. That doesn't change the fact that every scene with him in it is really awkward. Especially the ending.


Whoever came up with Mechakara switching places with Linkara deserves a cookie. I honestly didn't see that coming.

The smartest thing Doug did was bring the Nostalgia Critic to a close and made the film seem like it would be some sort of end to TGWTG (though he really should have told whoever was running blip to zip it on his exclusive partner deal). Even though I knew it was fake, there was that smidgen of doubt that this kind of story needed to keep my interest.

The special effects, well...they could have been better, they could have been worse.

All in all, while I'm happy there won't be another anniversary special (seriously, next year just get everybody drunk and film it for four hours), it is nice to see a good idea to come from this for once. Thumbs up.

Ratin8tor said...

What does God need with a laptop?

Also I do believe that's every Star Trek movie starring Kirk referenced lol

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Also I do believe that's every Star Trek movie starring Kirk referenced lol"

That was something Rob was very proud of while writing it. =3

Arnoldoaad said...

I feel an strong Morrison's Animal Man vibe here

LucasChad said...

I already stated what I felt on Spoony's site, so I don't have anything else to say here.

My question is, I wonder if Doug just retired his character for good and is now taking a different route with his website? If so, I'm very interested in what new stuff he'll do next. At least James Rolfe's cameo with the Critic is more satisfying than the overall very silly feud/brawl!

Master Control Cynic said...

Lewis, you will ANSWER the question. Will there be anymore nc or NOT dammit?! Answer SOON or a similar comment will be posted to more posts!

I'm sorry, I just need an ANSWER.

Rob Green said...


Wow that was a great ending to best anniversary video of the 4 just how it closes made it worth the wait. As Mechakara has been destroyed, but with the unknown powers granted to him by the power coin we don't know if he was truly defeated. Between Snob's and Linkara's performances together stole the show as Snob had the best arc, and Linkara had to be Mechakara for most of time, and I bet it was hard to keep a straight face with some of those heavy techno sentences. Another thing that was really cool is that almost everybody had 2 or more characters, or outfits to use, and the ones who didn't still did really good.

It is sad to think that anniversary videos will never be as big as this one, and maybe not as big as Suburban Knights which sucks as the next year is would be the 5 year, and it would have been cool to have something this big and epic to happen, but we should know it is hard to get a ton of people to take time off to film something like this.

Great Job again Linkara, and can't wait for Monday for Tandy Computer Whiz Kids: To Answer a Riddle.

Firefaerie81 said...


Wow. We went from forty minutes of slapstick, to an episode of the Looney Tunes, to a straightforward parody, to a space opera. That's quite an evolution over four years.

To Boldly Flee was, in a word, AMAZING! I loved every second of this miniseries. Everyone's acting was great and I loved seeing the story unfold. It went back and forth between comedy and drama, but that's fine by me; I loved both sides equally.

I loved how the costumes were worked into the story, rather than just having the characters randomly cosplay.

The meeting of NC and Doug was unexpected and really really cool.

Yes, I DID figure that Gort had to be James Rolfe. It was kind of obvious. Well, either him or Ma-Ti, with the one in the plot hole being a fake. Don't know how I came up with that one.

Mechakara was easily the best villain there. Terl and Zod were hilarious as all-get-out, and I loved them, but they were pretty ineffectual. All the Executor really did was get Snob on his side, and even THAT didn't last. And Ma-Ti, well... to be honest I don't think Ma-Ti would be that spiteful. I was among those who believed the theory that the Ma-Ti in the Plot Hole was a trick set up by the Executor. Mechakara, on the other hand, was threatening, he got things done, and he was legitimately scary.

Also, please tell me I wasn't the only one who thought of Superboy-Prime punching reality when the Critic reached into the Plot Hole.

Just gonna take a stab at your synopsis: JLA/Avengers?

13th Doctor said...

Ok, this is the big one now. I got a lot to say so I will try to be concise.

-WAY too much references in the first half. I know Rob is a fan of direct quoting parodies and maybe that works in cartoons like South Park and Family Guy but it just does not comes off good in live action and it just seems lazy. The "Science" song broke the camel's back
-Lame R. Prick was ultimately a pointless and unfunny character
-Doug does not do a good Zod impression, I am sorry. He sounds more like Marvin the Martian. If he enjoys himself, great, but it isn't funny.
-Same with Spoony's endless mugging as Turrell. Yes, I hate Battlefield Earth, too, but the schtick was a serious one trick pony and the albatross around the special's neck.
-ED,ED,ED,ED. I don't watch Cowboy Bebop and I never will so I don't find it funny.
-The transporter bit when on WAY too long.
-So Spoony's a cross dresser. This is the 21st Century. That is no longer funny.
-What was the point of that machine that JO and CD made? I forgot.
-Ma' Ti's motivation seemed kind of weak to me. I get he is pissed at being the Critic's butt-monkey but I thought he got over that before he, you know, DIED SAVING THE OTHER CRITICS!!! NOW he gets pissed??!!! Is this why he is a part of the plot hole??!!!
-The Magic Coin resurrected Mechakara, I get that. I really wish I could have SEEN THAT. I know his quest for Malacite's hand was on the DVD. But sadly, I don't collect the TGWTG DVDs so I missed that. Feel free to blame me.

-The Executor. Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious is my favorite villain of all time and I loved seeing Rob really get into the part. It also fits him being this archetype of Hollywood hackery. At the same time, I liked how he pointed out that some critics just enjoy bitching at Uwe Boll just for the sake of bitching even though that is just one aspect of it. Like Sidious, he is corrupting Snob by using the truth to convince him of something that isn't.
-Your's and Rob's makeup was AMAZING.
-The special effects were really good and I love how much the production quality really increased. That was what kept me invested through out the sloppy first half.
-The moments where the critics are actually allowed to act like something resembling human beings; it's those rare moments of humanity that keep me invested. Like your storylines, Lewis. This heart is what gives the second half it's strength.
-Tackling what it means to be a critic and an artist. This really lent a lot of gravitas and meaning to the second half of the series and shows what a thinker Doug is despite his occassional storytelling missteps (I.e. I know why you disliked Part 3. I don't get why Doug and other people think rape is funny). That montage with Kyle and Luke was just beautiful and I think Kyle was the only one who could have done that because he is such a sublime talent and has such an un-ironic respect for cinema, it makes me cry.
-Everybody really upped their A-game and nobody phones it in. Every character is given a chance to shine. The balance is really more even in terms of screen time. Standouts are Brad, Luke, Mathew, Julien, Todd, Kyle and Alison.
-Of course, Nella and Elisa are awesome, as usual.
-Critic's ascension into a higher plane of existence. I am not entirely sure what he achieved but I like the ethereal quality it gave and didn't come off as pretentious and hackneyed. And really lead us into some intriguing doors.

So while it wasn't as tightly put together(at least in it's first half) as Suburban Knights, it was not as meandering and joyless as Kickassia.

Again, the first half was bloated and unwieldy but it got it's shit together for a bright finish. Hence, this is the best special not for being the most perfect or flawless. But because of its heart, passion and ambition. Having something have such a great impact in spite of it's flaws is really special. Thank you, Lewis, and everyone at TGWTG.

Missa J said...

You guys should be very proud. This was a joy to watch.

And Mechakara is hands down the best evil robot character ever. :)

PopCultureOtaku said...

So I guess this the end. Man I'm sad. I mean does this mean no more nostalgia critic. Awesome movie man. Luke/Brad stuff was awesome as always. Critic and Doug stuff was surreal. Man I had tears to the end. Wait is luke really related to the guy from Whose Line or was that a joke? Yeah just asking even though it is on wikipedia. Love cameos to get those who couldn't make it in at the end there. Nice to see nash finally apart one of these in some way. I loved the joke about how figured the angry video nerd would be the silver guy. Not kidding still a bit teary eyed as I type this.

Kth-77 said...

It was a fun ride, though I hoped you're cowboy moment would be a little bigger it was still good, and I like how you were the first to start pointing out plot holes.

The new Comicron model is gorgeous, though of course that means I'll have to re-rework it... -sigh- It'll be awesome when it's done though.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"The new Comicron model is gorgeous, though of course that means I'll have to re-rework it... -sigh- It'll be awesome when it's done though."

If it makes you feel better, the physical model of Comicron One that I have is outdated now, too. ^_~

Jonathan M said...

I don't know which line I like the best. "Respect and shit" or "close that fucker." XD
I think Part 8 is my favorite part. I sort of assumed it would be at the start of the series, so yeah.

Tonch said...

You guys did great.

I'll be honest; sometimes the acting is off and I agree with the people saying that there is way too much direct quoting and it often pushes it past "homage"... and having people play multiple characters (i.e. Noah and Doug playing villains they don't particularly resemble) was a bit silly too. I do think the site as a whole sometimes takes itself a bit too seriously as a "business" and it sort of takes away from the real heart of it...

But despite that, what I like about this is that it's everyone getting together, doing things they like to do, and having fun. That's what I think IS the heart of it. And it was a surprisingly heartfelt sendoff that encourages everyone to go and make it doing what they love doing. It's stupid and goofy, but that's part of why it's harmless fun. For every bit of writing in it that makes me groan, there's something that makes me smile as well, often twice over.

The makeup was great, and the special effects were pretty good by the crossovers' standards. It got the job done well.

I think people had better chemistry this time too, and their parts were a little better representative of who they/their characters are than the past anniversaries have been.

I preordered the DVD after watching it mostly because I feel like after all the entertainment all of you guys have given me for the past few years, I should finally buy something from you. And I'm looking forward to the behind-the-scenes stuff, which always particularly interests me when it's people like this with a really low budget.

Well done guys and gals.

Kaibaman41 said...

Holy crap The Blockbuster Buster made a cameo! Anyway with that out of the way sense well...I was surprised by his cameo, I must say the ending although pretty damn good but also sad. I actually thought like alot of us probably thought, The Critic's Journey would come to an end was just for the Trailers but O_O wow...d did that just happen!? the Nostalgia Critic Character dead!?

Though I will say I loved all of Mechakara's scenes in this,in part seven you actually feel bad for him sense he got duped by the bad guys but then him Falcon Punching everyone you go"Oh shit just how powerful is he!?" a very nice shock of how powerful he is.

Anonymous said...

I thought this was the best anniversary by far. Kickassia was horrendous. Suburban Knights learned from Kickassia's mistakes, but was still somewhat mediocre. This one, however, I genuinely loved. My only complaint was Edward. Everything else was spectacular. I honestly couldn't imagine a better finale.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean no more NC ?

rbwhiffet said...

Are you guys all just sitting around laughing at everyone who's "AHHHH IS NC ENDING? PLEASE NOOOOOO!!!" I imagine all of you at your computers drinking beer and constantly refreshing the comments.

Anonymous said...

Yes MechaKara can fight a krytonian even a wussy one is powerful as hell

Anonymous said...

Hate to be the voice of reason here guys, but do you really think Doug'd retire one of his biggest characters? Seriously?

As for this special... I've mulled over trying to get the earlier specials every now and then. I'm thinking on it even more so this time around. I'm even considering a marathon tomorrow to see how it holds up in one sitting. Long haul, I know, but I think it'll be worth it.

I will grant this much I can see why people have said they find the stuff with Spoony uncomfortable now. (I did a little snooping around when I heard this part was up, part of why I opened this comment up the way I did.)

Either way, I look forward to whatever happens in the future.

Fiery Little One.

shadowth2b said...

Loved this whole thing, the story was amazing, the jokes were hilarious. Everyone involved was great acting wise and comedic wise. I have seen a lot of naysayers diss this over on TGWTG, and I say forget'em, this was awesome, as much as I am sad to see NC go.

I love your acting as Mechakara, Linkara. You do really good playing him, and he is such a bad ass villain. I have to ask, is this the last we will see Mechakara, or do you have something up your sleeve?

boooratt said...

Nice Crisis on Infinite Earth plotline joke!
Ok... That was odd...
So, I'm guessing my thoughts on the Scooby-Doo review was correct Doug is retiring or taking a hiatus?
I liked all the stuff dealing with space and parodies and all ok but the Critic in the real world meeting himself thing was a bit much.
I still say it'd been cool if they gave Zod the superman powers hell it'd been really cool to seen him and MechaKara fighting in the background or inter cut with the space battle if you had them fighting like something out of a comicbook movie or something! You know both with laser eyes trying the burn each other's faces off or slamming each other around with super strength! Hell you could've made fun of the slow-mo effects in movie by having them fight at super speed!
I do think it's an unique way o setting it up now no one has to keep a strict canon anymore!
I HATE to say it but if you re-edited the ending bits you could've had a good and some what pleasing heroic out for Spoony, but no it's kind of bitter sweet ending that's made even more depressing!
I do like the Akira joke didn't try to bring in any of that Amoebas stuff! Speaking of Akira I love the callout to it's ending with the flashes of light in this case a new "plot hole" with a character calling his name! I wasn't sure if the critic seen Akira!
I am also kinda relieved like some that ya'll did fight the urge to do the "Luke I'm your Father" joke!
I was expecting some one else as the Gort looking guy!
So is there like an even longer cut of this!?

Konsolero said...

I don´t know what to say now. If this is really the end to the NC, then i think i can never enjoy rewatching the movie again like the other two or the brawl because i would know that this would be the end of the NC.

I hope there is going to be soon a message or video which shows if Doug continous the NC character or not.

Other than that. I thought the last part was a little bit anti climactic until the very end. I also thought that your part in part 8 was kind of disappointing because even though you come to safe the rest of the critics you barely do anything. Don´t get me wrong i loved the Mechakara parts throughout the movie but there should clearly be a little more of the Linkara character in there.

Also a few questions:

- Was James actually at Doug´s place or is this a bluescreen effect?

- Why is Rob also credited als Ma-Ti´s Voice? I mean i could here sometimes that it wasn´t Barghovs (sry if the name is misspelled) and i actually thought is would be Doug´s Voice

- Is Bradekan Brad´s real Name?

- So Mechakara is Dead again, i mean also in Linkara continuity?

- Why does Santa Christ live again?

I hope you can answer me these Linkara.

Oh also i loved how you pointed out the American Football "plothole" because as a european it always bugged me.

Alexander Magno said...

... If this be the end of the Nostalgia Critic there is no better place to put him. He always did enjoy being at the center of things.
The writing in this was absolutely incredible honestly. That scene with the Critic and Doug... powerful stuff. Fascinating stuff too.
Anyone else use the "When did Linkara get off of Comicron 1 and onto the USS Exit Strategy?" as their inconsistency?
I found that the Star Wars parts got to be a BIT much, but that's a personal problem. You, Lewis, were TERRIFYING as Mechakara! The character was so menacing that he makes me want to go watch your storyline stuff (which I sadly have never taken time to do) to see what else you come up with. And who did that makeup? It's incredible!
One final word: If this IS the end of the Critic, he can no longer remember it. Now we have to. It falls to us. A task we never wanted, but a task we must take. And we will remember the Nostalgia Critic. Not because we have to... but because we want to.
God bless the Nostalgia Critic.

libraryguy said...


I'm trying to find something more substantial to say, but... wow.

I could go with "OH MY GOD THIS IS THE GREATEST MOVIE I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!" but I think that's taken ;)

I am very surprised that it went so meta, but it worked perfectly. It looks like this is the end of one era for the site, and if that's so then I cannot imagine a better send-off.

Some of the Spoony/Insano stuff was uncomfortable (MUCH more so for the people at the site, I'm sure). It was extremely bittersweet.

Less bittersweet was the scene with everybody (minus Critic and Spoony) actually complimenting each other. I was afraid that the reset button would be pushed and all the character development would be undone, but it wasn't and I am extremely glad. The Dance Specials are some of my favourites from each year because they show you guys just having fun, and I was tickled to see a little of that spirit onscreen during the special proper.

I'm a little bummed that Terl and Zod bit it. I'd hoped for a Terl/Zod special at some point down the road (maybe *far* down the road, but still). I'm sure you can bring back Mechakara whenever you want, and even if you don't, this was a great sendoff.

Speaking of great sendoffs: the entire thing with Ma-Ti was a bit out of left field. There could have been some more buildup, a few more hints that he was the villain maybe. Still, his was a great sendoff.

That's all I can think of for now. I'm sure I'll have more comments later (and definitely a few questions) but the only thing I have left to say is: thank you. Thank you to everybody who contributed to the film. It was a labour of love, and I have no idea how you were able to get so much done in so little time.

(Yes, I know that a lot of the scenes were filmed "at home" but there was a lot done when you were all together)

De-Ji said...

Is the Nostalgia Critic dead then? Gone forever? O^O

Nice save with your ship though. :) They would have all died if it weren't for you, Mr. Linkara sir.

Chelsey Magnuson said...

/Wow/ - this whole thing's been amazing, and what a way to finish! Someone somewhere commented that this felt like a miniseries, and it really does - I'm actually pretty sad this isn't somehow a pilot for a regular show XD These videos have been the highlights of the past few weeks - amazing job, well worth the cost of the preorder =)

I am kinda disappointed there wasn't more of you in this, Linkara! I mean, I can see that Comicron would've been too big an advantage to have early in the movie and that the Mechakara plot would've been more difficult...but still. That said, your Mechakara acting was awesome. And kudos to whoever did the makeup on that, definitely one of the best "costume" jobs.

While I'm here, something I'm curious about - I've watched Kickassia and now this, and it's kind of odd to me that none of the movies acknowledge that you and Spoony have a lot of canon backstory together - I know the films aren't always going to reflect real relationships, but it's just a little odd when you two act so distant in the movies even though you two work together so dynamically in your crossovers. Any particular reason for that?

De-Ji said...

So, if the Nostalgia Critic is gone, does that mean you're the new "That Guy With the Glasses"?

Anonymous said...

I have loved this anniversary special, absolutely loved it. Everything from the critics playing their roles superbly, to the plot, the whole special for what it was was truly amazing. Sad its the last. Also, Linkara, you are great at playing Mechakara! He is a truly fearsome villain, and he is such a bad ass! Is this the last we'll see of him or do you have something else planned for him??

DaveWire said...

When I saw Luke's last name in the opening credits for episode 1, my first thought was Colin Mochrie and how funny it would be if he were Luke's uncle or something. I had no idea he was his actual father.

Linkara showing up in Comicron 1 to save the day for the climax was pretty obvious from the beginning.

Now the only question is whether or not the Nostalgia Critic will show up next week for a new review or if we'll be left with Scooby Doo. Since your universe is now one giant plot hole, conceivably, he can just show up again like nothing happened.

But what will happen to your own stories? Will they continue to have plot or will the plot hole envelope them? What new adventures wait our hero after the Crisis on an Infinitely Contrived Earth?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure, is that the Anti-Monitor in the description or is it Access from the DC vs Marvel stories?

AVGN, called for it!

Honestly, I would have never expected Doug to be a fan of Animal Man and Madoka Magica
Well, either that or he just consulted you and Jesu Otaku

Haha, I was wondering why Lupa's relationship with Phaelous was never brought up in the movie - that little nod at the end just made for an awesome punchline

hm, thought the ending was supposed to be an in-universe explanation for Spoony's departure (without, you know, invoking his regrettable actions and incidents in real life that would leave bad blood)

If only burning houses could fall on corporate executives (and politicians, and religious leaders) in real life as well - the world would be a so much happier place

SirMatt said...

I really enjoyed this whole anniversary. The story was really good this year and I liked the fact that there was focuses on a lot of different characters.

That being said I did enjoy that Mechakara took over the role of Linkara for most of the show, and the fact that nobody noticed the difference, though not sure who all would know there is an evil copy of Linkara, (well ok 2 counting Holokara now)

The fact that Linkara was the first to start ranting at the end over the plot hole I though was really good, because well comic plot holes are damn annoying. And umm I kinda squeed when Comicron One does her glory shot over the house spaceship. That was quite awesome and she looks so pretty. Kinda disappointing no Pollo though, but oh well.

keep on kicking ass, burning the sucky comics and fighting the awesome fight.

David 2 said...

Superb job all around. My only complaint... I was hoping a little more from Comicron 1 once it got brought into the battle. I mean, Linkara, you have a BAD@$$ MUTHASHUTYOMOUTH STARSHIP. You should've been able to rattle Terl and Zod a little bit more than you did. (I know, I know, Star Trek IV.)

Anonymous said...

Was the Cry for Justice reference in the script or was it your idea?

Ming said...

Wow. This was epic and the most awesome thing ever done by Team Channel Awesome. I don't think other crossover anniversaries will ever top To Boldly Flee (of course, it will be interesting to see Year Five . . . )

I especially loved your portrayal of Mechakara and regular Linkara. I also loved the actual meeting between the Nostalgia Critic and his real-life counterpart, reminiscent of Animal Man and Grant Morrison and Spider-Man and Stan Lee. I guess this, along with the TNG finale All Good Things spoof review on Scooby Doo, marks the end of an era.

Farewell, Nostalgia Critic. You will be missed.

Anonymous said...

This will say anonymous but I am the one who did that long comment on part 8 analyzing all the characters and such, and while I meant most of what I said I also ranted about how little linkara was not in this. I realize I came off like a spoiled fanboy who didn't get his way and I am sorry about that. You were brilliant in this, as Meckakara and Linkara and that should have been my comment. It was also great to see Comicron I in action. So sorry for the whining and congrats by the way, with Doug's announcement that makes AT4W one of the longest running shows on the site. That's awesome. The movie was really good, hopefully I can get some cash together and buy the dvd.

Anonymous said...

"Hate to be the voice of reason here guys, but do you really think Doug'd retire one of his biggest characters? Seriously?"

isnt hindsight a bitch?

Ian Ferguson said...

Wow. Longest running show. Not bad for a webvideo about reviewing lamps...

narya100 said...

I only have one question, did Comicron One survive the plot hole? Well two, where in continutiy does To boldly flee fall in the shows continuity?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"I only have one question, did Comicron One survive the plot hole? Well two, where in continutiy does To boldly flee fall in the shows continuity?"

Yes and before the current storyline.

Anonymous said...

I thought Spoony and Doug as the bad guys really stole the show.

Mechakara was actually really menacing. You did a great job bringing a level of seriousness to a comedy film, even if Mechakara is kind of an idiot sometimes.

I was kinda iffy on the film at first but I think it turned out great. Although I was a bit disappointed to see that Bennet's Councilor Troi bit only got a small portion, and that Panda (or Benzaie :( ) wasn't in as much as I'd like. But there were like 20 people so I understand why

I also never knew Luke was Colin Mochrie's son, I just thought the last name was a coincidence.

Master Control Cynic said...

Ok, I feel like a cock. I have my answer, and I'm sorry I was so childish.

For what it's worth, even though it's been over 200 episodes for you, I still think there are a lot of years left in Linkara.

Don't leave us anytime soon Lewis! -_^

Lizard-Man said...

I'm gonna be real quick with this, I like the movie, it was good, very fun and all, but there's something you should probably know.

Your old videos, as far back as Spawn and further prior to that, no longer seem to work on anymore. All I see of them is a strange almagamation of blocks and no video. Either you've made so many that they're starting to get buggy when you embed them or something else is a foot. You may want to go over this with Doug and the gang see if it has affected some of their videos too.

Think of it as something to consider when you redesign the site in the future. I know it's coming.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Your old videos, as far back as Spawn and further prior to that, no longer seem to work on anymore. All I see of them is a strange almagamation of blocks and no video. Either you've made so many that they're starting to get buggy when you embed them or something else is a foot. You may want to go over this with Doug and the gang see if it has affected some of their videos too.

Think of it as something to consider when you redesign the site in the future. I know it's coming."

See, I can't tell either way. At some point, the embed codes for older videos stopped working properly for me and just display a quicktime logo. Which is why I've replaced all the ones on my blog with newer embed codes.

JB said...

"Also, please tell me I wasn't the only one who thought of Superboy-Prime punching reality when the Critic reached into the Plot Hole."

I think Ma'Ti fits the Superboy Prime role better : he retroactively affected reality through the plot hole (the Insano/Spoony part from Kickassia)+ he's a good guy turned evil.

Also, in the Supergirl crossover, the Chick still seems to harass Todd before contacting Holo-Linkara, hence after To Boldly Flee. I guess it's one of the inconsistencies of the new TGWTG universe

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess this is the end of NC. I am kind of sad to see him go.

Anonymous said...

It gives me great satisfaction to see a man in AKIRA cosplay saving Spoony's ass
all the abuse and humiliation he went through in this series was pretty damn therapeutic to be honest

(yes, I strongly disliked him as a reviewer, and from what I've heard, his real-life personality wasn't far away - so good riddance; I DID however enjoy his acting)

Anonymous said...

"Your old videos, as far back as Spawn and further prior to that, no longer seem to work on anymore. All I see of them is a strange almagamation of blocks and no video. Either you've made so many that they're starting to get buggy when you embed them or something else is a foot. You may want to go over this with Doug and the gang see if it has affected some of their videos too."

I'm not having that problem on my computer; Spawn loaded just fine, and when I went way back and loaded the Star Trek #1 review, it worked fine too. I think the problem's on your end.

Jarkes said...

" "When did Linkara get off of Comicron 1 and onto the USS Exit Strategy?""

Um... he was beamed onboard the ship by CR. At the same time as Snob and Luke, hence the Bum's inconsistency.

How did you not notice that?

Anonymous said...

Got a question that's been driving me nuts. If LAG died in TBF, and you're storyline takes places after TBF, how is it LAG made those cameos earlier on in the story line (can't remember the exact episode) and in the OMD review?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Got a question that's been driving me nuts. If LAG died in TBF, and you're storyline takes places after TBF, how is it LAG made those cameos earlier on in the story line (can't remember the exact episode) and in the OMD review?"

Keep watching his show for more details there, though if that's unsatisfactory, the universe is now a plot hole. There will be some discontinuity.

Anonymous said...

Wait. If you can create a plot hole and then merge with it in order to become the universe, then why didn't Missingno ever try to do that?

Shanethefilmmaker said...

Gotta say great series. While Mecha's demise was pretty awesome way to go, I kinda felt bad for him. Sure he tried to kill Linkara as well as all humanity, but looking back to all his appearances as well as the interactions with Pollo on your series, he seemed hurt more than pissed off. I mean this is a guy whom partially the reason for his part of the revolution in his world was because he was sick of that universe's Linkara treating him Badly. Sure this universe Linkara tries to redeem himself by treating Pollo better, but well it's just, well sad. I get too empathetic with characters sometimes, it's kinda my thing. Though truth be told strictly in my opinion. It's your show regardless, but essentially if I were in Linkara's shoes and had to face him again sometime after. I would probably apologize for whatever it was that became the last straw for Mechakara. It probably won't work but still.