Sunday, January 27, 2013

State of the Wall: 1-27-13

Well, time for another State of the Wall post!

As before, all updates are under the "Read More" link, including the schedule of upcoming episodes and general updates about Atop the Fourth Wall and Linkara-related matters.

Schedule of Upcoming Episodes
2/4 – Miller Time: All-Star Batman & Robin #5
2/18 – Marville #4 - Tentative
2/25 – Titans Retrospective: Team History
3/4 – Titans Retrospective: JLA/Titans: The Technis Imperative
3/11 – Titans Retrospective: The Titans #1-25
3/18 – Titans Retrospective: The Titans #26-50
3/25 – Power Pachyderms #1

You'll notice that there's some tentative scheduling around what is usually the anniversary of the blog itself and subsequently the usual storyline conclusion time. This is because this storyline's conclusion is, well, big. It's going to involve a loooot of editing. There's still plenty I need to film and am already in the process of getting all this done. However, you may have noticed in the past when these storyline conclusions are made, they end up being posted a little late... mainly because I'm still working on them well into the day they're supposed to be posted. They still end up being posted on the right day, but it's a few hours late.

I'm HOPING to avoid that this year with all the prep work I'm doing, but there's no guarantee it's going to work. Now, I don't usually have that much of a complication to getting the storyline conclusion up and running. However, THIS year there's a bit of a complication because of GatoCon, which I will be attending from February 15-17. Normally when I go to a convention, I get the episode done with in advance the week before. However, as you may have noticed, we have the storyline conclusion the week before, which means I'm ALREADY pulling double-duty on an episode AND it's a huge storyline conclusion to boot.

What does that mean? Well, we have two options before us and I would like to hear people's thoughts on it. I have three ideas in case I can't get everything done in advance:

-Instead of a double feature, one part episode up on Monday and the next goes up on Wednesday. No normal episode on February 18th, but I'll try to get the live show up on the 18th to compensate.
-Instead of a double feature, one episode goes up on the 11th and the second goes up on the 18th. The other videos get pushed back a week (with the exception of the April 1st episode, since it'll be the first time that April Fools day falls on a Monday and I already have plans for it).
-Double Feature goes ahead on the 11th, but no regular episode on the 18th. The videos get pushed back as described in the last option.

I want to hear what people would prefer would be the case assuming I can't get everything finished in time.

Lightbringer and Revolution of the Mask Updates
Well, time for updates on the things less people care about, but the ones who do still want to know about them.

When it comes to Lightbringer, it began as a way for me to sate my growing desire to write superhero comics in college. It's been through quite a bit as I've learned how to write and, well, to not bother trying to draw since I'm just not very good at it. However, the long hiatuses have made it clear to me that I'm just not up to the task of writing the comic any longer.

However, I don't want the story to end. Serge is still willing to draw the comic, but he has a workload of other webcomics he does, too, that prevents him from taking over writing duties for the thing. As such, I would prefer to pass Lightbringer onto someone who'd be willing to take over the series and explore the universe of the "World's First Superhero" to their heart's content. This isn't really a contest as much as it is "if you're interested, let me know and I'll consider you" (mostly because I don't have time to hold and run a contest at the moment). I would prefer someone with prior writing experience with webcomics and feel free to link to your previous (or even current) work.

Before you're so quick to volunteer, there are a few things to consider. One is that taking over the comic means a bit more than just writing it. You have to work with an artist, since Serge is carrying over and you have to work with him. Not that he's unpleasant to work with, but rather it'll be a collaborative enterprise. It's not just going to be "do it because I say so." Another thing is that, let's face it, Lightbringer's website is garbage right now. It might be prudent to actually work on fixing up the thing to actually attract readers.

Also, while I'm hoping for seasoned writers, that doesn't mean I'm against new writers, either. If you think you've got the drive and desire to do it, feel free to send in a sample script of an idea you have.

If you do take over the comic, I'll provide you with all the notes I have about the story and the future storyline ideas I had that never made it to fruition, along with passwords and login information for the comic and any other information you think you might need. With story stuff, feel free to abandon everything I had and go with what you'd like - heaven knows a lot of it was written several years ago by a much dumber person.

And this brings us to the other comic project I'm doing - Revolution of the Mask. I'm sure for the people who actually give a damn about it, you're afraid that we're going to see that prediction in the Superman and the Terminator #1 review come to pass - that in 50 years I still haven't finished Issue 3. Well, the good news is that there are only 3 pages left for the issue to be completed. The sad news is that SouZou, who had taken over art duties for the book, has decided that she's probably not the best person to work on it due to her own scheduling conflicts for working on it. She's going to finish the third issue and then pass on art duties to our new artist: Benjamin J Colón!

BJC was the intended cover artist for Revolution of the Mask (and you can see two such covers HERE) and as such is taking over main art duties. He's already started on issue 4 and is getting ahead of the game so we can hopefully get Revolution of the Mask actually released and completed within the next year. I'll be going independent with the series since... well, I have no idea what the hell is going on with Brain Scan right now, but I'll be offering the book digitally and actually produce print versions of it, since there seems to be a high demand for it. How can I do all this while Atop the Fourth Wall is going on and taking up so much of my time? Well, that brings me to my next point...

The Next Storyline in AT4W
A lot of people have said that the Gun and Sorcery storyline has been my longest storyline on the show. That's not exactly true. It only SEEMS to be the longest because for a period of about 3-4 months, EVERY episode had a storyline segment in it. Traditionally I try to avoid that due to problems with burnout and because it doesn't help build anticipation for the next time the storyline will occur. While a growing number of fans have said that they watch the show more for storyline segments, the fact is that the reviews are still the status quo and it makes the storylines less special when they're occurring ALL THE TIME.

I can't maintain that kind of workload and quite frankly I need to give myself some breathing room after this last one, which had me collecting footage from nearly every place I went to and involved other actors, which is not something I've never done to as significant a degree as this one. As such, this next storyline (which I will announce to you all is tentatively named "Ghost of the Machine") is probably going to be closer in structure to the Entity storyline - slow buildup over several months and coming to a head probably around Halloween, since it simultaneously allows me to do the Halloween storyline for this year as well as do a single-episode finale.

Will that mean there won't be a traditional storyline finale in a year with a double feature? Possibly. The Entity storyline fit perfectly for a Halloween finale, as will this one, but I already had an idea of what I wanted to do afterwards with the "His Blue Soul" mini-arc, since I knew that I couldn't justify stretching that arc out beyond what you'd seen. The same can be said with this storyline - there's not really much that can be done to stretch it out beyond what you'll see, though I have plenty of ideas for how it'll work.

However, that also means that it'll probably get a later start, like with the current storyline starting later than I had intended it to. The good news is that I won't be using that spare time to just screw around.

History of Power Rangers
I want to finish History of Power Rangers. I REALLY want to finish History of Power Rangers. And I WILL finish History of Power Rangers. With the storylines out of the way for a time following this one, the main video project that's NOT Atop the Fourth Wall I will be diving into will be History of Power Rangers. I want to get it DONE this year (as done as I can, anyway, since the show is still ongoing), but I want to at least get through Super Samurai. You guys are right - 8-12 months between postings is ridiculous for a series like this, but with how big this storyline has been it's held me back from doing more.

So screw it - I will get this damn series through Super Samurai completed this year and people can shut up about asking me when the next one will be and you can go bother Suede about the next Pokémon movie review (yeah, those are HIS videos - asking ME when they're coming out isn't going to achieve anything).

Atop the Fourth Wall DVD
Not much update here other than I still intend to make it happen. As I've discussed in a previous post, I can't put prior storylines on DVD for a number of copyright reasons. However, I do intend to produce a DVD-exclusive set of episodes, POSSIBLY with their own storyline. As I hope the above paragraphs have explained, storyline stuff takes more time to produce, and when it's something that needs to be tightly written and edited to be SOLD to people, I need inspiration for a storyline that can be done in 3-4 episodes and then film and edit it all.

However, I AM interested in hearing what people would like to see as extras - riffs? A Making-Of video? I will note, thoug, that the problem with a making-of for AT4W is that the process is a lot more boring than you'd think.

Atop the Fourth Wall Website
Another project I want to have accomplished during the storyline break will be a proper website for me and the show. And no, having my own website does not mean I'm breaking away from Channel Awesome or anything like that - it's just a proper website will mean it's easier for me to get new fans to check out my stuff if it's actually focused in a specific place and better organized than simply being a blog that's about 5 or 6 years old by now.

What I want to know from you guys are website design ideas - what are some examples of some of the most functional websites out there?

COROLLARY: I've been getting e-mails and tweets from a lot of people over the last few months that McAfee anti-virus has been having issues with the blog. As far as I can tell, there is nothing wrong with the blog. I tried contacting McAfee about it, but their customer service is garbage. Simply put, it's most likely a false flag because I use photobucket-embedded images and videos that contain advertisements. Otherwise I do not intend to have any ads on the blog or website that could spread viruses or spyware or the like.

Plushie Cybermats
The plushie cybermats that I brought to MAGFest were a big hit and I sold out of them. I want to make more and as you probably saw in Doug Walker's "The Review Must Go On" video, I've already gotten to work on some more. Free time is what prevents me from doing more, as is the norm around here, but I have several half-completed plushie cybermats and I intend to sell them on Etsy. I'm probably going to NEED to, anyway, since January revenue has been crap (hence why I've been putting out the riff videos as extra content) and that means my check I get in April will be crap, and I ESPECIALLY need money in April for taxes, so expect to see the cybermat plushies showing up on Etsy in a month or two as I figure out shipping prices and the like. I'll probably also bring them to conventions so I have something tangible for fans to purchase aside from comics I've reviewed.

I'll make a more official announcement about them when I have more time. In the meantime, keep buying the Harvey Finevoice Christmas Album even though we're about to hit February!


Anonymous said...

I guess I would do part on the 11th and conclude on the 18th so we don't have to miss a week, even though the suspense waiting a whole week may kill me!

David Riley said...

I say go with the first option, i fine with the live show on the 18th if u can release it

Sephiroth1204 said...

I kinda like the first option you gave of Monday and Wednesday, with a live show possibly on the 18th. Even if you think it'd be boring, a 'Making of' extra on the DVD would be cool. Keep up the awesome work! I can't wait for the Miller time video :)

Evan Z. said...

I kind of like the idea of putting part one up on Monday and Part 2 on Wednesday. As for the a new website. I think a design similar to some of the other reviewers around the web like the Cinema Snob or Cinemassacre would make for a good design. Aside from that I wish you luck on your future projects.

Anonymous said...

I agree, I'd much prefer the first option.

Wazaraku F. Wa said...

Option 1, waiting 2 days is nothing to a week and considering some breaks between double features (best example: the Mechakara arc)a week wait would kill us/me.

New Website Desing? not really many input except the recent site JO made is really good lookin.

And a DVD Extra idea: a look into your... how it was called? armory of freedom? to see all the neat stuff you have is an idea.

As always thanks for all your hard work, wish could be more help but suddenly Blip cut the adv. being shown here so I guess my clicks don't count much :/ (a fan from Chile btw :D)

Artman--yup2U said...

A DVD, a website, and a "completion" of HOPR PLUS all that's getting done on AT4W?? 2013 is gonna be AWESOME! And HOPR is never really gonna be done until the show is canceled...

megaL3 said...

11th and 18th would be fine.

Cferra said...

As I said before, I wish I could take over Lightbringer. The problem is that I have my own characters to deal with and I have a feeling he'd be shoved in the dark with other characters. I would LOVE to do it despite that and you know I would.

With that in mind, I'm looking forward to seeing what the new writer will do.

As far as the scheduling goes, I think this is solid. Just don't overwork yourself with HOPR. While it is fun to watch, don't let it become a chore. =)

I am personally looking forward to the Teen Titans retrospective. Should be fun. =) Good luck! I am looking forward to the storylines!

DannyBoy said...

Upcoming Episodes: I would like to see either Option 1 or Option 2. One of the things that always makes my Mondays go better is AT4W, so I'd like my fix. I need my bad comics man!

Ligtbringer: I would honestly love to, but I don't have very much experience writing and probably couldn't work well with someone I don't know.


Website- Well, for a simple web-based one, there's Webs, but for the most professional, I recommend There are tons of themes you can use and customize and they work and look very professional. Or, you can visit for the download version that you build yourself (it also comes with plugins such as a slideshow for posts and a forum), but if you're not very experienced with site-building, would be the better place to start. I'd be happy to offer any assistance I have.

Victor said...

Hey Lewis,

great idea regarding a new website. Personally, I can't recommend WordPress enough. It's open-source, easy to install and highly flexible. Also, there's a lot of pre-designed premium themes that would likely cater to your needs. If you're interested, definitely check out and They have some amazing options. Looking forward to all the good stuff that's coming up!



ShadowWing Tronix said...

I'm fine with either option, although one ep one week and the other the following week would probably be easier on you.

Lightbringer sounds like a fun project to work on and I'd love to see it continue. It's also the kind of superhero comic I might enjoy working on, so naturally there's a "but". Online, I'm not sure I have much of a resume, what with a weekly gag/commentary strip, an annual Christmas superhero story that I'm still behind on with issue 2 (so much for "annual"), and an occasional PSA parody piece. Plus everything else I do. Thanks for the quandary, Lewis.

Bazookidben said...

Personally, I think it would be best to go with the former, though I don't know what kind of time scale you work to really, you're a far busier person than I so I can't hope to understand your complex con-going life. However, I'm sure us "Wallers" (that's what we're called right?), just want you to release it without you collapsing into a heap of exhaustion.
Personally I would go with a third option and go with them when their ready. But that's just me, too patient for my own good! xD

This news about Lightbringer though, tis a shame it never continued, but hey, you got some awesome comic-bookesc story lines in AT4W. Though opening it up for others to tinker with, sounds like an interesting experiment to say the least. Perhaps if I begin reading up on the mythos I might shoot you a bit of writing. 8D

And I'm looking forwards to the conclusion of the ark, wacky hi-jinks and all. Good luck with AT4W Lewis! May the comic reviews continue for a long time to come!

Anonymous said...

Sorry man, but I've gotta go with option number 1. I'm fine with the live show on the 18th if you are.

Phantom Roxas said...

At last, the return of ASBAR!
No clue what would be an appropriate ending to his arc, but I'm looking forward to it.
Oh God, Marville. Not sure if I want another "Linkara wakes up drunk" opener.
The Team History of the Teen Titans? Oh wow, this is shaping up to be like the Amazons Attack and Countdown reviews. Except, you know, the material being discussed is actually GOOD.
I'm curious how many X-Men jokes will be made throughout the Power Pachyderms review. That or references to Brute Force.

My problem with Gun and Sorcery is that the finale came up rather suddenly. I understand that February is when you typically end your storylines, so no comment there, it's just that we've had a break from it for a while that coming back for it right at the finale seems rather sudden. I have no idea if there will be storyline segments in tomorrow's episode or the week after, so I could be wrong.

For the options, I would go with the first one. I want the videos, but I understand that demand doesn't overrule the chances of you being able to stick to your standard schedule.

I admit I haven't been following Lightbringer or Revolution of the Mask, but I'll give them a look. I wish you luck with finding a new writer for Lightbringer, and congratulations to Benjamin for moving onto the main artwork!

I'm fine waiting for Ghost of the Machine. While the plan is to structure it more like the Entity arc, if it's the intended followup to His Blue Soul, you've waited this long to follow up on it, so I'm fine with a later start.

Can't say I should bother you about HOPR since I haven't even gotten to the Ninja Storm review, which was the last season I watched regularly, aside from the first couple episodes of Dino Thunder. All I can say is that you should wrap up Mystic Force soon so people can leave you alone about that particular one.

A DVD-exclusive storyline sounds good. All I will say is that you should make it as self-contained as possible. Say I want to show the video to my friends. Only one of them will now who characters like Harvey Finevoice and Pollo are. For the making-of video, just try to liven it up. Further bonus features could be small skits starring some of the characters. One for Pollo, one for Harvey, one for 90's Kid, one of Linksano, whatever works.

I don't get any virus from using this site, at least not as far as I know, but again, I wish you good luck.

The same applies for the Cybermats.

Well, I have ten dollars to spare. It's going to be weird having to explain to my parents "Oh, Linkara made a Christmas album."

Digimon Digital Liveblog said...

I love it how you're going to be dedicated to HOPR again! To be honest, it annoyed me when on your Twitter feed you were doing other stuff with your free time, but due to me not being an idiot, I knew that you had inspiration and the like and I, like other people, cannot tell you what to do. But now that you're saying you're going to be doing HOPR again, I'm just so excited!

AussieDragoon said...

Out of curiosity for HOPR, will you be counting Samurai and Super Samurai as two different series?

Also, while it's probably a good thing that it doesn't show up often nowadays on AT4W, will you be featuring or reviewing more books from Marvel's main line. The Transformers and Marville withstanding it felt kind of uneven by the end of last year between DC and Marvel's representation on the show, though that could just be me.

Bazookoidben said...

(Not sure if my first comment made it, so sorry for the multi-post here Lewis)

I would be tempted to say the first choice, it's the best bet to avoid you having a massive burnout. While I love At4W, I'm pretty sure I'd prefer a week without an episode over the producer collapsing into a ball of exhaustion.

It is a shame to hear about Lightbringer, I confess to have never read it, but always meaning to get around to it. That said, I suppose some of it's comic book essence lives on in the stuff you do in your show, all the wacky hi-jinks are there, just 'on film' instead of in print. Though it does make me interested, if I got to grips with the mythos I might be interested in submitting a few crazed ramblings that could be considered scripts. It could be a challenge...*stokes chin*

Still, I wish you luck with all you plot line works, and that you don't over do it. I look forwards to seeing the end of the Gunslinger story arc and the start of this new mysterious one.

Caleb Rhodus said...

Very much excited the possiblity of you starting a website. And I do enjoy the riffs, I just wish you had someone to due them with so that ideas and jokes could bounce off each other and get rid of alot of that empty space they have. But, other that, keep up the good work and the Titans and Rangers are gonna make this year really interesting.

Hawkx1 said...

Go with the first option and I can't wait to finally get HoPR finally finished this year. Sorry about the lost revenue but I'm out of a job at the moment so I can't donate/buy anything like a plushie

Corw|n said...

Plushie cybermats : you have plans and know the materials. Why don't you Kickstart it to get them done by a workshop? Even better, KS the production of all toys you use that are not under other licenses.

DefectiveType40 said...

*Looks at the date in the title* Whoa, wait, it's still 2012? Did this year just loop around like a Mobius Strip?

That joke out of the way, I say go with the Part 1 on Monday, Part 2 on Wednesday, since science has proven that putting too much time between two parts of what is meant to be a double-feature causes the second part to develop separation anxiety. In blip videos, this causes lagging and spontaneous ad breaks in random places, so the Monday-Wednesday thing is better overall for the health and well-being of your show. Honest.

Definitely looking forward to these reviews--been itching for more ASBaR for a while now.

nightmoon said...

If it's just writing you need for Lightbringer, then I can do that. Writing isn't too much trouble for me. Here's my current webcomic.

However it's sad that you aren't going to write Lightbringer anymore. Your latest work has good and I'm afraid that I could screw it up by accident.

On another note, can't wait for HOPR and what you have to say on it.

Movie-Brat said...

Yeah, might as well put the live show on the 18th. No need to strees yourself out in getting it done.

Unless through some miracle you actually do get everything done on time but still.

Movie-Brat said...

Also, I'd be interested in taking over Lightbringer. I'm new to the entire thing but I think it'd be fun writing it and I've been wanting to write any kind of script for years.

Although comic scripts are new to me so I'd like to learn the process of that but otherwise, I could take over. But I'd like to have your approval first considering the style I've been complentating is very much either dark or fun maybe violent and with some pop culture references akin to what you'd see in Gilmore Girls or Bunheads or something I'm paying homage to.

Zetto said...

For the storyline wrapup, I'd be okay with Option 2 (first part one week, second the next). That way, you get a bit of a break in-between.

For the DVD, I think having one or two new episodes with a self-contained storyline would be pretty cool, so long as it didn't end up being too important to the overall AT4W myth-arc (it could be seen as a bit hypocritical :P). I've been enjoying your riffs as of late, so a few of those would be cool too. And if you really need extra content, maybe grab some public domain comics and do a Comics in 5 Panels with them.

And it's always good to hear that HOPR's still in progress. Seeing more episodes would be cool, but don't push yourself too much - yeah, some fans will whine, but I'd much rather see you take your time and not get burned out on them.

gotenks6 said...

I personally would like to see the episodes split between Monday and Wednesday, but all three options are good to me. I also like the idea of some dvd only episodes, and make the making-of featurette for a review you would enjoy doing, cutting down on any boredom. And as far as HOPR goes, while I do want to see it completed, TAKE YOUR TIME! Don't push yourself too hard just to appease the fans. Whatever you release at whatever speed you release it will be okay with me. If you only get one or two seasons done this year, I will not be upset.

The Composer said...

Quite excited to hear about the upcoming material, especially HOPR. But the main reason I'm commenting is to offer some advice on the website design.

First off, if you haven't done so already, make sure to secure the URL you want. You've probably already done that, but I feel like it's worth mentioning just in case.

As for the site itself, like one of the commentors above, I highly recommend Wordpress CMS. Not Wordpress as in the blog hosting service itself, but the free content management system they release. I use it for most of my web projects. The great thing is that once you've handled all the initial setup, posting the new content is extremely easy and it handles most everything automatically.

If you want/need any help, feel free to contact me at @SMMComposer on twitter. I've taken web design classes at college and would love to give back to the wall.

Shanethefilmmaker said...

I was thinking for DVD extras do trailers that parody the trailers on most DVDs. Kinda like Grindhouse. But rather than trailers of your storylines, do fake trailers that make fun of your favorite movie genres.

PopCultureOtaku said...

I think go with option one. Honestly I think you do whatever works best for you. I know you work hard on these and we all appericate it.

Gonzo said...

I, too, would like to cast my vote for option one. Also, yay for Miller Time! Best late birthday present ever!

Anonymous said...

For HOPR, I HIGHLY recommend taking your time with Operation Overdrive. Why? It's... it's... it's... indescribable. It's so bad it's hard to describe what's so bad about it.

Even the Once A Ranger two-parter is so bad that it's difficult to pinpoint every detail that's wrong about it.

Of course... I haven't finished watching it yet... as of this post I still have like six episodes left to trudge through. For the sake of the Morphing Grid, pace yourself through Operation Overdrive is you want your sanity intact, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

I too would prefer Option 1. I like the Live Shows so this won't be a problem, for me that is.

Tim said...

The only thing I would want for the new website would be better navigation and episode finders. I usually go to for older episodes because it's much easier to find new episodes. So something that makes that easier on your own site would be nice. Anyway, that's just my two cents. Best of luck with the storyline stuff!!!

Laura Case said...

I pick the 1st option but I don't really mind what you do ;)

I hope you have good luck with your comics :) *hug*

I'm looking foward to the new storyline :)

I am really excited for a dvd of the show. and when the dvd comes out, I hope my sister doesent mind watching it on a 24 hour loop. xD
I wouldnet mind having some Riffs, or a making of. I love watching that kind of stuff :3

I would love to see a website just for your show :)

I would love to get a plushie Cybermat :) but I dunno how i'm gonna ask my parents that I want a cybermat..

Me: hey, mom, can I get a plush Cybermat made by this reviewer I watch online who calls himself Linkara?

Mom: O.O ... umm..

Me: I will use my own money..

Mom: But I thought you were using your money for Disney World..

Me: But I can get a job

Mom: ...umm alright..

Me: YES!!

Mom: O.O

x3 any way.. Good luck to you with your palns. Any try not to over work yourself :3 *hugs*

The Id said...

I remember a tweet from you about doing the videos for cash and that you needed it. Have you considered bringing back "That's all I'm Saying" with whatever comics you pic up on Wednesdays/Thurdsays?

Anonymous said...

I was thinking that after you finish History of the Power Rangers,"Up to Super Samurai anyway," that you could do something like HOPR for VR Troopers and/or Big Bad Beetleborgs. I know Beetleborgs is incredibly silly but I think that's part of the appeal. I just think it would be a cool idea. PS, Unless you really want to, I would skip Masked Rider and TTAFFB unless you really want to"Though I can't imagine why you would," if you do Beetleborgs, I think it would be cool if you bring up how Reuben Langdon was in the Japanese version.

WoodBuzz said...

I'd go with the first option as for the website I think it would be cool to have the background be a collage of all Linkara's past battles with all at4w foes. And I'd love a cybermat plushie and I'm super sorry that the 3D printed one is so long But I don't have control of when I can get it it pretty much depends on when the owner of the 3d printer can send it to me. I'd also love it if there was a polo plushie because I love plushies. ^_^ I also can't wait for your titans retrospective.

Anonymous said...


Looks good, but if you need to split the finale for this arc between the 11th and the 18th. I don't need to see the end of this arc right !$##&#&&$@%$%$**%$%$%% NAO!!1!1!!!! or anything like that. ;)

Next Arc:

Take a break if you need it, I'm one of the ones that considers the storyline stuff a nice little bonus.


Patience is a virtue... that I have in abundance, but even I think this is pushing it. That said, I'll near bother you about it since without you I'd be just another one of those guys who says to himself "Why'd I ever like that show?"

Fiery Little One

Tia Wheeler said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tia Wheeler said...

The first and second options are fine for me, but it all comes down to what you're able to handle, Mr. Lovhaug. As much as we love and appreciate the time and effort you put into them, I doubt that any of your fans want you to burn yourself out.

I'm sorry that I can't be of much help with the other stuff, but I'll be cheering you on.

- MetaKnight

Fusionater said...

2 things,

1. I can set you up a decent looking website via much easier thing to use than wordpress, but would probably work well enough), this is the site I primarily work on from this builder(temporarily down for maintenance as I post this link but it might be up when you see it)

I can also set up a simple enough site to put the Lightbringer comic on(unless if you meant just making the one you have now look better) If you want me(or hell, it doesn't have to be me if you don't want it to be) It will be free, but with lesser features(and only 10 pages)
If you want me to do it(or just want some advice on using, you can email me here.

2. I know a seasoned writer(not comic writer) who might be interested in writing Lightbringer, I'll let him know about it, if he's interested, I'll let him get back to you, if not, just pretend you never read this. :P

P.S. Do you happen to know what website the forum for TGWTG is built from(I'm reasonably sure it's a template another website gives you, but unfortunately, I can't seem to find it)

As for how busy you are, we're all pulling for you Lewis, and if you can't pull something off, I don't think any of your fans would hold it against you.

Rhodoferax said...

I'm another person who favours posting part 1 on Monday and part 2 on Wednesday. Cliffhangers are always fun, plus you might get a bit of extra income from a bonus post :).

Regarding websites, is a very well-structured site; everything is simple, clear, and easy to find. would be even better, but it loses major points by not having a convenient way to view videos by date posted. For a study in what not to do, look at the way is arranged.

A couple of people above have suggested WordPress. WordPress is a popular CMS for many reasons, but it's also possible to use Blogger as a CMS; in the early stages at least, it might be easier for you to use the existing blog as the foundation of your site, and maybe transition to WordPress in the future.

By the way, do you intend to code the site yourself, or will you get someone else to do it? If you're looking for somebody else, I've been teaching myself web design recently, and I've even made a full (albeit small and simple) site for a friend at the place I used to work. (Unfortunately, we're currently battling with the IEDR to get a .ie domain name, so for the moment said site only exists on my PC). Anyway, if you're willing to take a risk on an unknown, I'd love to design your site. I'm willing to work for free; all I ask in return is that, if I ever set up my own web design business, you let me put a small, unobtrusive link to my own site at the bottom of your front page.

Fusionater said...

an add-on to my last post,

it will be free unless if you choose to upgrade, which will mean better features.

Grendel said...

My vote of action is which ever causes you the least amount of stress and burn out. Seriously man, as a fan I'll bet I can speak for all of us when I say, take care of yourself first. If we have to wait an extra week for an episode it isn't the end of the world. I mean look at Doug, he thought he was done with The Nostalgia Critic, but it looks like it was just burn out. Take your time, do what's best for you and your health and we'll all be happy in the end.

David Herbert said...

If the option to write Lightbringer is still available I'd be willing to have a go at it. I have two webcomics, though Domain Tnemrot is more story based so it'd probably work better if you read that to see if you like my writing style. I've linked it in my name so you can check it out.

But you didn't say what you wanted for submissions. Should I email you with demo scripts? Do you want me to pitch possible future story lines? How do you want me to audition, basically.

As for going independent with Revolution of the Mask, I'd suggest going with Ka-Blam. I use them for my comics and they are good quality. Plus they're Print of Demand so you can print off one or one hundred whenever you need comics. Only thing to watch out for is to make sure the pages are the right size, otherwise they get auto-corrected and squashed.

Mitchell Martinez said...

I think option 2 would be the way to go.

Jesse said...

I'm a little split between the first and second options for getting the end-of-arc stuff up. I'm sure getting it up ASAP is something we'd all like, but as my own work has indicated lately, I'm not really someone who can suggest rushing their work to another person.

It's going to be interesting to see what the next arc will be, and I'm sure it'll be worth the wait, however long it may be.

I know I may sound like I'm just being sarcastic when I say that part of the appeal to HOPR for me has been these big gaps between episodes, but I really do mean that. It's one of those things where the time really seems to help, at least to me, now that there's little beyond name and general concept connecting the seasons, as I understand it.

I really need to get on buying the Harvey Finevoice CD. I know a few people who might actually enjoy that kind of music for the holidays.

Reading the last little bit of this entry has left me wondering how Blip (or whichever video hosting service you're on now) pays its content providers. If I read correctly, you were saying that reduced ad revenue this month translated into a smaller check in April. I've only got a passing understanding of how things like this work, but a two-month lag seems a little significant.

Volvagia said...

Would you want to do Ed the Happy Clown? It's a massive aesthetic influence on a lot of indie comics creators (including Chris Ware), and is included on a few major people's "Best Comics Ever Made" lists but if you back away from the base aesthetic level, there's WAY too much wrong with it for that. The story is sloppily told and could have about 30 pages sliced off, the art fails on a sequential level at least twice and, generally, I think there's enough material for a two or three part review.

Collin said...

I would vote for the first part on that monday and the second part on Wednesday

Soft Kitty said...

For the finale, I'm all for Part One on Monday and Part Two on Wednesday. I like the filmed Live Shows so I'd definitely watch it the following week and be happy.

As for the DVD extras, definitely Riffs, I love those. If you want more ideas, I would love for your other characters to do a comic review. I love the reviews Harvey, 90's Kid, and Liz did when Vyce had captured Linkara. I know a lot of fans really hated them but I loved them. So maybe Harvey, 90's Kid, and Linksano could do a comic review on the DVD? I would love that. And I second another comment's idea to show off your Armory.

Also I'm sorry that a few fans too stupid to get it through their heads to stop asking you about it are making you eager to just be done with HOPR. Maybe when you get your new website made, you can create a whole FAQ page with the questions you get asked the most. Of course, there will always be someone out there on the Net who doesn't read it and feels the need to ask but at least it's something.

And I'm sorry your January revenue is down. I've been marathon-ing your videos lately to remind me of the Guns and Sorcery storyline so I hope that helps. I'll keep it up!

Good luck with everything!

John Ruggeri said...

As for which way to release the videos do what works best for you. I don't want you to burn out like the nostalgia critic. In regards to the website design I would like to suggest that it be easily navigable and have categories for your projects and that if you have a search function that it works better then the one at because that one is hard to find anything.

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

I know you're busy putting all these videos together, but I wondered if it would possible to include a brief shout out during an upcoming video for's Power Rangers T-Shirt contest.
A number of your viewers, including myself have submitted entries and are looking for as many people to see it and vote for their favorites.

Voting runs from February 18th-March 18th. Link here:

If you can help spread the word, Great. If not, I understand.

Thanks. Looking forward to what you've got coming.

JLH said...

I think the 11th and 18th is your best option. You've said before that the Live Shows don't get anywhere near as many hits as regular episodes do, after all.

Anonymous said...

By the way, for bonus revenue, I know some reviewers are adding the mid-way commercials to old videos. I've been watching the HOPR videos from start to finish. They're already split into twos or threes but there's still a lot of good places you could put the commercials if you wanted to. You actually allow yourself time to breathe so the commercials could slip in there very naturally. (Not to bad mouth another reviewer but Lupa's mid-commercials drive me crazy because they cut off her words, there's no natural sounding pause prior to the commercial.)

Just a thought for you...

Astorm said...

I'm on the fence with the options you've presented, but I think the first option might be best.

Nick Michalak said...

The one thing I would say about the two-parter is that, if pushing the second part back a few days or a week gives you a little more freedom to finish it properly with a tad less stress, I'd say do either of the later dates. I have no problem just getting the live show for that one week. You've been rigorously on-schedule for so many years it seems, I think we can all allow one week of trade-off. So, whatever works most comfortably with your workflow, run with it.

For the DVD? Maybe someone could make a music video for a track off of Harvey Finevoice's Christmas album? Aside from maybe an interview (done by whom, I do not know), nothing else really comes to mind.

Shadowflame said...

Oh, man - Riffs on the DVD would be awesome! I think all the ones you've been doing have been hilarious, so I'd definitely be interested in that.

Granted, I'm buying your DVD regardless so you don't have to do anything to influence -me-, but still XD

Benjamin J said...

Good god...I'll have to make it a point to print this update out and pin it RIGHT above my drawing table while I work on the Revolution of the Mask pages, in case I even begin to THINK about complaining about how heavy my workload is (not that I'm likely to - I'm having a great time so far).

Let's have a hand for Linkara, ladies and gentlemen (and others)...certainly one of the hardest working guys I know.

Anonymous said...

If you need some quick cash before April...
you should auction off a review on eBay. You could probably get over a $1000 easily. It worked out great for Brentalfloss after all.

The X-Pound said...

Hey Linkara,

I believe I know why McAfee is hitting your site with a problem, as it's happened to me. When I checked deeper into McAfee when the alert came up, it mentioned it noticed the blog putting 3rd Party Cookies onto the computer.

It identifies the cookies as being from "" which is correct. However, as your blog is old and still has a URL at "" I think stupid McAfee is detecting it as not matching and being 3rd Party when it isn't.

I'd say it's nothing to worry about.


- James Phoenix of the X-Pound aka GoldPhoenixRanger of RangerVision, Fellow Power Force Member

JerryScott said...

The Upcoming Episodes

I'm looking forward to All-Star Crazy Steve & Robin- Age 12, as well as Marville (AKA one of the most idiotic things ever put to print) Also, it seems like most of March is going to be Titans retrospective. Nothing to say there but looking forward to it. Oh yes and: "Power Pachyderms" Please tell me that's not a stupid Power Rangers parody.

Options For Storyline Conclusion

I would go with Option 1. Why? Well, it gives some time to build suspense, but not TOO much time. Also, you can fine tweak some things on Tuesday. Also, when you go to GatoCon, people will know the full conclusion and not be asking questions about how it will end, if you spread it out onto the 11th and 18th. Oh yeah and I hope Boffo will be included in the April Fools Day episode.

The Next Storyline of AT4W

Well, first I'll say that the "Ghost of the Machine" arc, is going to be the first AT4W storyline I'll witness firsthand in it's entirety. By that I mean that I started watching in the summer of 2012, and I spent most of it watching Doug Walker, then started watching some other stuff, such as your show. So, I never got to see a full storyline firsthand. But anyway, I'm looking forward to it.

Atop The Fourth Wall DVD

I do want a behind the scenes look at the making of AT4W, no matter how boring you make it sound. I am also for an in-DVD storyline, just not something too important to the AT4W plot. Maybe a little thing where something goes kooky on board ComicronOne and Linkara & his friends have to stop it. Just something that doesn't affect much in the overall plot, but is still good. For riffs, you could do some of the old Superman cartoons, as those are public domain.

AT4W Website

I'm all for that, but I do like the layout of the blog. I would go for a layout like this: The AT4W logo in the top-left corner, with the phrase, "Where Bad Comics Burn" next to or below it. Also, links to the AT4W Plot Guide, MastertheCreater on DeviantART, and you email would be nice on the side. For the main page, you could just have a list of the 10 most recent videos, and sections for each show (AT4W, HOPR, LBOTD, etc.) Also, I would like a characters list (Perhaps divided into two sections: Heroes & Villains) with descriptions, such as: 90s Kid- Loves comiocs from 1990s. Idolizes Rob Liefeld. Once hosted an episode of a Atop The Fourth Wall. At one point was possessed by the Entity. Something like that.

So that's all I got to comment on.

Anonymous said...

I have the best idea for an extra for your DVD! Get Doug Walker to do a Bum review of your storylines! He's always done them for the anniversary movie DVDs and they are hilarious! A Chester A Bum review would be amazing for an Atop the Fourth Wall DVD. I really hope you do this one!

And here's an idea for either a DVD extra or maybe an extra video you could do up after the Gunslinger finale for some extra revenue: how about an FAQ video? I'm sure there are questions you get all the time that you could answer in a video. Or, even better, make a Power Rangers specific FAQ. Your favorite/least favorite villain, filler episode, finale, first episode, team up, Zord, Mega Zord, mentor figure. What team you'd want to be on, your Ranger color, weigh in on fan theories, or do whatever. But hopefully it would tide people over until the next HOPR video.

Anonymous said...

I'd love a "behind-the-scenes/making of" feature for the DVD. As for the idea of it being boring, make up stuff. Talk about how the show has been around since the 70s, that time you met the President of space, etc. You're much smarter than me, so I'm sure anything you come up with will actually be funny.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to have commentaries for the episodes on the DVD. Also, you could give character files for all of your side characters like the Batman: The Animated Series DVDs.

Anonymous said...

1.The Monday and Wednesday option please as it will give you time to edit it and a very welcome bonus episode for the week.

2.Use the same design as the Spoony Expirement but keep the videos centralised on for now, (getting the You tube reposts removed would definitly help boost video watch numbers and thus money.either that or add more adverts).

3.I agree with my fellow annon above me about spicing up the behind the scenes video. If Have I Got News For You can do it for their .V.H.S. releases so can you.

Anonymous said...

Your next episode Miller Time is gonna air on my birthday. I don't know how I should react. Also I really look forward to the end of the storyline, the Titans retrospective, and HOPR.

Sume Gai said...

2-Parter: I'd say split it into two weeks and push everything back. One part on the 11th and one on the 18.

This may just be me but I find regularity better than speed so if it's too much for one week go ahead and treat it as two episodes.

HOPR: I'd been hoping for this, after finally finishing up Samurai and with Megaforce looming. I really wanted to hear your thoughts on the subject (though you might have given them and I just missed it)

Honestly I feel once Mystic Force and Operation Awful-drive are taken care of you should be in good shape. The rest of the series (as of this moment) are generally average at worst (Samurai) or face-meltingly awesome (RPM)

Gone Rampant said...

If it's not too much work, I say episodes on the 11th and 18th. If the workload gets too big, then I don't mind waiting (Yes I do- SHUT UP ACTUAL THOUGHTS!) a week.

HOPR: WOO! And here I was, about to post on the show's WMG TV Tropes page that you hadn't done it because Mystic Force sucked so bad.

Site: JO started up her own site, but I'm fine with the Blogspot and the TGWTG page (I really don't get the complaints about the layout there. What's the big deal?).

As I don't buy stuff online and live in a different continent, the news about an AT4W DVD doesn't really matter to me unless I emigrate.

Anyway, good luck with the conclusion to the Gunslinger Arc, and I'm gonna go pester Suede about the Pokemon Reviews.

coreymon77 said...

I say choose whatever option causes the least stress to you. If you have to rush something to get it done by a certain point or have to stress yourself out over it or make yourself sick, then don't. We can wait a little if we need to.

As for HOPR, it's great to hear that you will be focusing on it during your non-AT4W time as I really like watching them and am very interested in hearing your thoughts on the seasons you have yet to cover. I have, and will continue to be, completely patient in waiting for these videos and have not been one of those people who have pestered you with asking when the new videos will be up. However, it will be nice to start getting HOPR videos with at least a little more regularity.

Alexandre said...

I would really love to write Lightbringer! I'm an aspiring writer, of all medias but comic books are a particular passion, and I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to aquire some experience. Right now, I'm in between jobs and trying to get to college so I have a LOT of spare time to write something with regularity, combine that with my passion for writing, comic books and super-heroes I think I'm the ideal candidate for this assignment. Thanks for you time and consideration!

Jesse said...

Can't wait for Teen Titans Month in March:D

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to the new website. I think a very good example of a well organized website is due to the fact they make it very easy to find specific content.

James Picard said...

Just do what you think you can do. If you feel a need to delay, I'm perfectly fine with that. And as for HOPR, while I do enjoy it and it did get me to watch PR again (I've actually watched every episode of Mighty Morphin to Lost Galaxy), finishing this year seems like a LOT of work. And yeah, it's taking a while, but don't feel like you owe us anything. This is free after all. And as for a break from the storylines, I don't mind. While I do enjoy them, I'll watch either way. Bottom line: don't kill yourself for our sake. Most of us are understanding, and want it to be as much fun for you as it is for us.

Looking Down The Crionics said...

2/4 – Miller Time: All-Star Batman & Robin #5

About fucking time!

JerryScott said...

Oops... I forgot to put some things in my last comment. For the website, you should keep the comments section like it is here in that anyone can comment, but you approve each one. Also, you should have an archive section for your old text reviews. And you should keep the Twitter feed on the side, as well.

Jarkes said...

Regarding History of Power Rangers: I know Super Samurai is officially considered a separate season, but since Samurai and Super Samurai are pretty much a single story, you might want to cover both at once.

And just a bit of a warning: Clash of the Red Rangers aired before Super Samurai started, but chronologically, it takes place right between episodes five and six of Super Samurai (in fact, the beginning of episode six suggests that they're just getting back from that little adventure). Also, the "Origins" two-parter aired at the end of Samurai were actually the first two episodes produced, and thus, the first two episodes in the story. Watch those before any other episodes. Yeah, Nickelodeon has made some very questionable decisions with this show.

...I know you were TRYING to watch Samurai and Super Samurai while it was airing, but how much of it were you actually able to watch?

Anonymous said...

a) How about a storyline in the DVD that ties the longbox with AT4W? Maybe it was a big intention to keep them separate or something like that, but it seems like a funny and cool idea where Muerte haunts the apartment and tries to mess with linkara's videos because of..... something. You could give him some power like control of cobwebs.

b) schedule wise, the first seems the best for viewers and such, but if it would break you then do whatever you think would keep the quality up.

DuelMark said...

I had a question about HOPR.
I once sent you an e-mail asking you about errors you made in these videos. You said you'll one day do a video about the mistakes you made. I thought maybe you'd mention them in your screw ups video like Doug did with Disneycember. I don't suppose you still want to acknowledge mistakes you made in them? Just asking.
Also, what do you think of the name "Power Rangers Megaforce"? Personally, I think Megaforce is a dumb name, even for Power Rangers, and think the South Korean name for Goseiger, Power Rangers Miracle Force, was a better name choice. I also think it kind of dumb to name the "new Zordon" Gosei to justify not renaming the mechas... but at least they aren't calling it "Megaforce Megazord".

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"I once sent you an e-mail asking you about errors you made in these videos. You said you'll one day do a video about the mistakes you made. I thought maybe you'd mention them in your screw ups video like Doug did with Disneycember. I don't suppose you still want to acknowledge mistakes you made in them? Just asking."

The Screw-Ups video was for AT4W and AT4W only.

When I do a screw-ups for History of Power Rangers, it'll be its own video.

Cat C said...

I think skipping the double feature doing one on the 11th then the next on the 18th should be fine.

Completely understand your need to take a break from the storylines, I've seen the weird hours you've been keeping on twitter. I've loved the different stories and the added bits but everyone deserves a break. I tune in for both story and review so not going to be bugged by 'just' reviews since those are so damn funny and quotable anyway.

I will say in a non-pressure way am VERY much looking forward to your Titans retrospective. As I've mentioned before, my exposure to the Titans has been more from the various cartoons and would love to know more about the comics they started in, especially Raven and Beast Boy, two of my favorite characters from the Teen Titans animated series.

I am intrigued by the mention of a website. I do love hanging out on your blog but it can be strange to navigate through, especially looking for older episodes.

If you DO get a website, will you link to the AT4W Wiki and/or the plot line synopsis that's on Tumblr?

Would love if your new website had a fan section where we could submit art and what not. (Though also understand the potential problems having that would cause. I do hope you're going to get someone outside yourself to help be a mod on the site if you do have sections fans can post/participate/etc.)

I've really been enjoying the riffs on the PSA/learning shorts. Would very much enjoy seeing more of them. Will you still be able to do the 'off' month for Moarte and TLotD?

The bloopers were very enjoyable. Maybe give Pollo a short 'behind the scenes' episode where he shows us what it's like to be a producer for AT4W and all that entails.

Over all I'm a very happy fan and want YOU to be okay more than getting as much content as possible. Don't try and rush stuff before the con if you can, last thing you need is to risk ConFlu when going with an already stressed-out system.

Anonymous said...

I would personally prefer part one on Monday, part two on Wednesday and the live episode the next week. If that's not a feasible amount of time I would say part one on the 11th and part two on the 18th so you don't miss a week.

I'm excited to hear more from both Lightbringer and Revolution of the Mask :)

Feel free to relax Lewis: I adore the storylines, but take them slower if you have to o.o

Can't wait to see the plushies - I'm saving up already! :D

Anonymous said...

Today I watched 12 of your videos. Hope that helps your revenue a bit!

WoodBuzz said...

I personally can't wait for the titans retrospective since I've done some reading on them and its been good but I tend to avoid the animated series mostly cuz I was hoping bruce timm would tackle that and I thought the animation was gimmicky and watered down the story half the time So I cant wait to hear all about the real titans.

Anonymous said...

So once super samurai is done with, is HOPR done with for good, or are you just going to do it annually afterwards?

Tim P said...

I have also been marathoning your videos on Blip's site (their auto play feature makes it easy to just sit and let it go).

I wanna know (assuming you know) if you get ad revenue from mobile platforms. I know Blip finally found a way to get ads to play when in a mobile browser (but only one ad and its a preroll), but their newly released (and frankly awful) iPad app doesn't show ads at all (and sometimes doesn't show videos at all, but that's neither here nor there).

Basically, I'm just hoping that my decision to watch your videos on my handy mobile iPad, instead of lugging around my laptop, isn't affecting your bottom line. If it is, that's exceptionally rude and irritating of Blip, punishing you for their flaws. Maybe you should look into that and see if its true... and tell us so we can help you!


That, and, Bush tax cuts expired January 1st; everyone's taxes just went up because Congress did squat and everyone's paychecks are being affected. I know mine was... >:(

greenbean said...

- Episodes: I would prefer the first option, but if you feel you have to stress yourself out just to entertain us, please don't. I would prefer it infinitely more if you are in good health and post somewhat less regularly but good quality content, instead of having you drop off the radar due to burnout. We like you anyways :-)
- I am one of those people who like the storyline segments. I realise it is much more work than "just" a review, but you have some real passion and talent, mister.
- Oi, new website layout? Fascinating. Also, there is nothing wrong with maintaining your identity/internet lair despite being affiliated with Channel Awesome. I have bookmarked your site and TGWTG and visit both regularly. Sometimes your site is easier to go to, sometimes it is easier to look up the handful of reviewers I still watch at the same site.

Anonymous said...

If you need to get the fans off your back about HOPR for a while, why not do a short review on the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers movie? You briefly mentioned the Turbo movie in your HOPR video but I don't think the MMPP movie has been mentioned over comparing the CG Zords to Wild Force's CG Zords.

Also maybe you should do a Kickstarter for the DVD, since Oancitizen's is proving very successful.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, good luck surviving Marville (for the fourth time)

Cat C said...

A "Linkara Universe" question to ask, does Linkara know any Technomages (in the school of the ones from Babylon 5 more specifically).

I know in story there have been continued problems with Comicron 1 and Nimue's sensors, along with various other systems. Was wondering if a Technomage would be able to help correct some of the problems since the ship is powered partially by magic. Heck would be able to help ensure Vyce can't ever get back on the ship (or make it more difficult) because they could adjust the shields magically not just technically.

Also, and I know it'd be a pain because it would require getting art for it, but it'd be neat if outside of the Vigilant, Linkara got a hold of a Starfury (also from B5. I never did understand why it was very rare to have small attack craft in Star Trek).

Wonder if Ninja Style Dancer would enjoy one of those neat staffs Marcus from the Rangers had, the collapsible one. Though he is pretty bad-ass with his Cybermatt Technique

I also apologies for probably misspelling several names in this comment.

13th Doctor said...

I think the Monday/Wednesday option might be best. That way, the live show can be put out there.

In regard to DVD extras, maybe documentaries involving writing the storylines and characters

Austin Myers said...

Hey, Linkara, if you decide not to do HOPR after Super Samurai, can I do them instead, Megaforce onward?

Anonymous said...

I think it'd be best to release the finale episodes on Monday and Wednesday and the live show on the next monday.