Saturday, November 30, 2013

State of the Wall: 11-30-13

As always, it's time to do some updates on what's going on with various projects and things from Linkara!

Check under the cut to see what's happening over the next two months!

Schedule of Upcoming Episodes
12/2 – The Punisher: Silent Night #1
12/9 – Solson Christmas Special featuring Samurai Santa #1
12/16 – Star Trek: The Next Generation #2
12/23 – Doctor Who Classic Comics #15
12/30 – The Next 15 Missed Opportunities of AT4W
1/6 – Marville #6-7
1/13 – Comic Book Quickies #2
1/20 – Miller Time: All-Star Batman and Robin #7
1/27 – Preparedness 101: A Zombie Pandemic

As always, the schedule is subject to change depending on the content of the comics or if I just change my mind. Storyline will most likely resume in February (there will NOT be a double-feature). If you've missed me announce it previously, the name of this next storyline will be "The Machinations of Worms."

Atop the Fourth Wall Holiday Shopping Guide
I WAS going to do this in video form, but that keeps getting pushed back as I try to get other stuff done with and frankly, with the need to get this out before the first December episode hits, I think it's fine if I just modify that video to being a commercial at the end of an episode, instead.

As such, here are some fine products that you, as an Atop the Fourth Wall fan, you should be buying for the holiday season!

The Atop the Fourth Wall vol. 1 DVD!
As a reminder, the DVD contains THREE new episodes, a 20-minute making-of featurette, and a 35-minute video where I ramble about my characters. And because of the holiday season, THE PRICE HAS DROPPED! From now until January 1st, 2014, the DVD is now only $15!
Click here to buy it with a credit card!
Click here to buy it with Paypal!

The Harvey Finevoice Christmas Album!
Part of the reason why this post has taken so long is because I intended to add two new songs to the album to encourage people to buy new songs and whatnot. Sadly, time has not permitted me to get that done yet, but if you haven't gotten the album yet, now is your chance! I will make another announcement on twitter and tumblr when the songs are available. They'll be "If You Should Want the Moon" (finally released after so many years) as well as "Thankful Heart" from last year's Christmas episode! Well, assuming the license to sell the cover actually goes through, but like I said - I will keep people updated on that.
You can buy the album here!

Atop the Fourth Wall T-Shirts!
As always, T-shirts are available for sale! Some of them are quotes, some of them are amusing little designs, and some of them are the logo. Express your adamantium rage, ask when the next History of Power Rangers is coming, or declare "Bees, My God" for all the world to see!
You can buy the shirts here!

MAGFest and HelioCon
Yep, not only am I going to MAGFest again this year, but also to a new convention: HelioCon! As per usual, I'll be doing live shows at both and I'll be selling con-exclusive stuff like badges and prints! With MAGFest, it's also the biggest gathering of TGWTG producers in the USA, so it's the best chance to see as many of us as you can!

Before you ask, no I do not know when the live shows will be. I will try to keep people updated as new information comes.

MAGFest: January 2-5th at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland! You can of course check it out HERE!
Helio-Con: A speculative fiction convention on January 26th at the MCL Grand Theater in Lewisville, Texas!

History of Power Rangers
No update! What a shocker. Still hoping to get Overdrive watched and over with by the end of the year. I have no opinions about MegaForce as of yet. I prefer to reserve judgment of any series when it actually completes, not when they arbitrarily split a season in half and add "super" to it due to Nickelodeon's bizarre practices.

Special Christmas video
Hoping to have something really special for you on Christmas Day. As with the special AT4W episode a few weeks ago that didn't come to pass due to time constraints, I make no promises, but the good news is that the Christmas video will hopefully be something a little easier to put together despite being a longer video. Subsequently, let me ask: would you prefer something that was an hour and 20 minutes long be split into multiple videos or one long video with a commercial break or two?

Youtube Syndication Page
In case you missed it the last time, the Atop the Fourth Wall syndicated youtube page is still happening! At the time of this post, all of 2012's Longbox of the Damned is up, History of Power Rangers through SPD have been uploaded, and I have begun posting the twice-weekly Atop the Fourth Wall old episodes, most recently Sultry Teenage Super-Foxes #1 and the Top 15 Worst Heroes Becoming Villains! Next up is Daredevil #305 and #306, the two-parter that introduced the utterly crappy villain known as the Surgeon General! It's also the second time the "Previously On..." segment was ever used, so check it out this Monday!

The Atop the Fourth Wall Youtube Page is HERE!


Evan Z. said...

Thankfully Super Megaforce is going to be the adaptation of Gokaiger and not just a padding out of the current series. Anyway I think I'd prefer a long video with multiple breaks.

Kurasu said...

If I had to choose for myself and only myself, I would choose a longer video with commercial breaks. However, for the sake of people with slower connections, I think I would *suggest* (though not prefer) splitting it up into parts.

Julie Paulson said...

Long video with multiple breaks. Having more than one video often crashes my Internet.

Can't wait to see you at MAGfest!

Anonymous said...

The Marville madness finally ends after two years! Huzzah!

Anonymous said...


As always, interesting line up. Even if you think you might sub something else in.


Having Overdrive by early in the new year would be nice but as usual, no rush.

Fiery Little One

ShadowThePika said...

Does this mean when you get to Samurai/Super Samurai and Megaforce/Super Megaforce, you will make S/SS and M/SM each into one video?(If not one vidoo, then atleast be posting them them both same day like you do with all multiparters)

FalconFlyer75 said...

Good luck with overdrive Linkara (don't worry waiting patiently I know HOPR is a side project with no schedule)

but if i may ask, strictly out of curiosity (apologies if you've already answered this question)

if you disagree with Nickelodeon's bizarre schedule (which i also think is stupid) why are you going along with it for samurai? we both know its really one season aired over 2 years with the word Super on the second half, not to say i don't respect your decision but imo themes and characters don't change all that much in between "seasons" really plot points established in the first half are concluded in the second, additionally is it going to start off with Origins (like the show should have) or team unites (which made no sense as it was clearly the 3rd episode)

overall though looking forward to whatever comes next and don't let the impatient fans get to u.

Cat C said...

So, is the start of the year like ripping off a band-aid? Let's just get it done with?

Am excited for the Classic Who comic again.

I'll admit though, I will be glad to put Marville behind us forever. Oy.

I would prefer one long video with a few commercial breaks (especially since for some reason Blip has stopped having exit ads on vids) but I won't be upset if the other is what happens.


Anonymous said...

I don't mind a long video with commerical breaks. Looking forward to the videos.

Zachary Krishef said...

Cool! Thank you for taking the time to update us on your activities. I have no strong opinions on the Christmas special, but I'm going to go with Evan Z. and say that I would prefer a long video with commercial breaks. Have an excellent day, Linkara!

Paul Whisnant said...

Wow you weren't kidding when you said that december was going to be a weird mouth for at4w samurai santa sounds like an interesting episode and i see your starting off 2014 with marville and more crazy steve

SnowWolf said...

And we look forward to it all!

I guess we absolutely needed another Power Ranger series with the word 'force' in the title for some reason. Not to mention isn't having 'super' and 'mega' in the title a bit redundant?

Aman Mann said...

You know is actually started liking megaforce around episode 14

It is like they suddenly learned to act

BTW if you do want to see super sentai (which i doubt) start with gokaiger

Also 1 long video

FNGLHR said...

So when does the big awesome super bad ass Power Rangers brawl happen exactly? I've been waiting for that, has it alreayd premiered?

Also, nice to see you squeezed in some of the Doctor for this year. To quote one of his incarnations... "Fantastic!"

A Punisher Christmas, huh? That's gonna be messed up. Also, nice to finally be done with Marville. Don't get me wrong, its be a fun ride with you, but even by proxy that series is maddening. I kinda just want it over with to be honest and pretend it was all just a drunken haze Linkara the character suffered every couple of months.

And Number 7 of Frankie Miller's ASBAR, that's the one with the... yeah, that. Quick question, which was worse in your opinion? The scene in Catwoman #1? Or what happens in ASBAR 7? You know what I mean, I'm only refraining from saying it outloud incase I spoil it for someone.

Looking forward to Christmas this year even more.

Shifter's Haven said...

Like the Christmas plans. Can't wait. Actually, I am very interested to see Dr Who episode - because, I do not know what was the story in very first issue.

Anyway, I already asked this, but I am definitely wanting to buy SOv1 DVD. Any alternative ways so I am (and possibly others) would be able buy it from Russia? Google can't help me here.

PopCultureOtaku said...

I had wondered a few times if you were ever going to do one of the punisher christmas comics. Yes that is plural. Marvel has a weird history with punisher and christmas specials. Cause nothing says christmas like a guy with guns and skull shirt killing bad guys. I think only weirdest main stream specials were Lobo Christmas and christmas issue of Man-Thing.
Samurai Santa? Oh boy. I don't know if to be afraid or what.
Star Trek and Doctor Who to end christmas stuff. :)
Looking forward to magfest next month. Hoping not to be sick like I was earlier this year. Bringing my Atop 4th Wall Volume 1 dvd to be autograph too. :)

Robert J. Hendriks said...

Just googled that Zombie Pandamic thing 'cause I had no idea what it was. I haven't actually read it, but the art looked even worse than the new X-Files ongoing.

Anonymous said...

I would say, a long video with some breaks would be better, since that would make it seem more like an actual Christmas Special on TV.

Anonymous said...

Also, could you please promise, that the Doctor Who Comic is going to be at least a little bit interesting this time?

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the new ASSBAR review

harmonicajay said...

A long video with Multiple breaks could work. Also, can't wait for the end of Marville.

Anonymous said...

For your Christmast video, I would rather have one long video.

Anonymous said...

ssDo you want us to give you ideas for missed opportunities? Because I have one:
In your Captain America Comics 1 review, you missed the Red Skull saying: "I'll be back... with more murder!" That's one of the most hilarously cheesy lines ever.

FugueforFrog said...

The Punisher and samurai Santa!? Hoo boy, you're right: this is going to be a weird Christmas.

And yes: the end of Marville is here! May we all have a better '14 once that horror is over with.

Tia Wheeler said...

To be honest, I wouldn't really mind having a long video with a few commercial breaks (God knows that actual television has more than that). But then again, it's still your call.

Here's looking forward to Harvey's Christmas Album!

Anonymous said...

The schedule looks awesome, especially the return of the Top 15 Missed Oppurtunities

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"if you disagree with Nickelodeon's bizarre schedule (which i also think is stupid) why are you going along with it for samurai?"

I won't be. There simply isn't enough story to justify splitting it into two segments.

Konsolero said...

I´ve only seen a few episodes of Megaforce and i didn´t like it.

Probably because i (for the first time ever) saw the Sentai before Power Rangers. Super Megaforce is probably to even suck harder for me because i thought Gokaiger was fantastic and from what leaked about the cameos there aren´t nearly as much as in Gokaiger.

But i will give Megaforce another chance if i have time to watch it. Maybe i can still find some enjoyment out of it.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Anyway, I already asked this, but I am definitely wanting to buy SOv1 DVD. Any alternative ways so I am (and possibly others) would be able buy it from Russia? Google can't help me here."

Unfortunately, it looks like your best bet is to have an international friend purchase it and then have them ship it off to you.

Joseph Doyle said...

Huh. You know, it's actually fitting that you're ending it with "Marville" at the exact same time of year two years after you started it. We all should know how much you want to get it over with, because we share the sentiment.

Grady Childs said...

So this January we're getting back to Marville and All Star Batman & Robin...

Well...every liquor store in Minnesota is going to be empty because you'll need a lot of booze for what's coming.

But I bet you're feeling somewhat good that you're FINALLY after two years putting this unintentional bad comedy to rest and I can guess what you're gonna do...BURN BABY BURN!

...And I can't wait to see what Frank Miller will pull out of his ass for issue seven of All Star Crazy Steve and Dick Age 12.

Eric said...

I understand that you have a lot to do other than History of Power Rangers. It just makes waiting for your review of Operation Overdrive all the better, because I really want to know what you think of what many consider to be the worst Power Rangers season since Turbo.

Adam said...

December looks promising but January looks to be very painful. -_- At least we're finally getting Marville over with. The only way its end could make me happy is if its writer was being burned along with his awful comic. As for All-Star Batman and Robin... Dear God, there is 3 more issues to go with this series. I'd suggest doing all three at once but having to deal with so much Frank Miller would prove to be fatal.

On the plus side, we are getting another Comic Book Quickies episode and that means more goofy Hostess ads. =D Plus knowing we're getting into the next storyline is great news.

As for HoPR, take your time, Lewis. Your reviews are well worth the wait. But I am more puzzled as to why a space pirate themed Ranger team is being referred to as Super Megaforce. Maybe they fired the original writers that came up with the PR show names, I dunno.

Merry Christmas and happy new year, Lewis. Hope to see you in 2014.

reservoirdogs said...

Will you ever cover Angel Punisher?

Shifter's Haven said...

"Unfortunately, it looks like your best bet is to have an international friend purchase it and then have them ship it off to you."

I see, sad news. Anyway, thank you for answer. I'll try to see what I can do in that case.

Steve said...

A Star Trek...Christmas special? When Gene Roddenbury was still alive? I just...WHAT? Tell me Chuck Sonnenburg has some insight on this piece. XDDDD

I always enjoyed how whiny and pathetic Marville #6 was; it's like Bill Jemas is stomping his feet out of frustration that nobody digs his SUPAH AWESOME BADASS OC WHO COULD TOTALLY BEAT UP SUPERMAN IN A FITE. Although I would rather enjoy a Marvel x DC crossover involving Marville, and dealing with the ideas presented by Al and "God" in a more serious light.

Anonymous said...

I vote for several short videos.

Google Now's response voice sounds awfully similar to Nimue.

KKDW said...

I've been hoping you'd review a Doctor Who comic story from the TV Comic era, and this is a good choice. Will you be covering all the stories reprinted in the issue or just the Christmas one?

And if you want to review other stories from the TV Comic era I'd recommend one called Flower Power, a Second Doctor story where the Cybermen are killed with flowers... yes, really. I've been wanting to do my own review series for a while and was planning on doing the story myself though I've rethought my plans a bit so I probably won't. The story is apparently reprinted in Doctor Who Magazine #307 from 2001.

Mr. Kenneth said...

Wait... SOLSON Christmas Special?!


Anonymous said...

So you're just going to leave Harvey unconscious for two months. How inconsiderate of you Linkara!

Volvagia said...

Choice by Choice:

12/2: The Punisher: Silent Night: I...I don't get the idea of Christmas specials for characters like Punisher, Pym or Venom.
12/9: Solson Christmas Special featuring Samurai Santa: It's been a long time since Solson appeared. Too long. This'll be GOOD.
12/16: Star Trek: The Next Generation #2 (Thought you might have been doing the Generations film adaptation, just to clear some more stuff off your plate, but this could be good too.)
12/23: Doctor Who Classic Comics #15
12/30: Top 15 Missed Opportunities (The last one was GREAT.)
01/06: Marville #6-7 (Hooray! Maybe you'll finally get back to US-1 soon.)
01/13: Comic Book Quickies #2 (I know Johnny Turbo, at least, but Wonder Woman villain origins could be another fun thing to have.)
01/20: ASBAR #7 (Oh, the Black Canary sex scene. Yeah.)
01/27: Preparedness 101: A Zombie Pandemic (If one choice is most at threat of being changed, it's this. The art is certainly a bit stylized, but it's not terrible and, though the concept is inherently goofy, I don't know if this really deserves it.)

DMaster said...

Ugh...feel like a need a drink myself, and I don't even drink! Just watched Marville #1 again for a weekly prep until the final installment. ...all those painful memories...

And...still no US-1. We're never actually going to finish that one off, are we.

Lastly, Dear Mr. Lovhaug: I do love Secret Origins Month and am always eager for more, though I can easily see why it's a one-month-a-year deal, with the research necessary and having to deal with the stylings of decades past. However, you've long since gotten me itching to learn more about the classics, but I always hate to be spoiled for the future, given there are some obvious possibilities for what you'll review in future. Given as how you'll never get to everyone, can you say any characters we definitely WON'T get Secret Origins for, so I can look into them independently? (and yes of course I can do so anyway, I just have strong belief in the sanctity of the spoiler tag, even for remote possibilities)

P.S. Possibly a "Marvel" theme month in future? (Shazam//Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell)//Mary Marvel//Ms.Marvel/Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers))

DuelMark said...

That stuff with Nickelodeon bugs me too. Apparently, they have this rule of only releasing 20 episodes per year.
Why? Beats me. My guess is that they want to make room for every other show they air. Because, you know, people REALLY want to see The Thundermans, Sam & Cat and Haunted Hathaways.
Power Rangers is the only live action show on that network I care about. People can say what they will about Disney's run with the show, they at least bothered airing the entire thing. One could argue it give the show a chance to look at fan comments and improve a bit more or come up with more ideas that aren't dependent on the sentai... I argue they take too long making us wait.

I actually kind of hoped you'd get Operation Overdrive done this year since that was the 15th anniversary and this is the 20th. But, what can you do when your spaceship gets taken over by the digitized version of its former owner?

So... why review both remaining issues of Marville together instead of separate like the past 5?

Jesse said...

It looks like you've got a fun schedule for us the next couple months, good sir. Thank you for that, coming from someone who will likely need something to look forward to in that time. Gotta say, though, you're a brave man, taking on two Marville comics at once. I can understand why, of course, if these are the last two issues of it. May as well have it over and done with.

As to the Christmas Special, I think I'd prefer multiple parts if I had to choose between that or one long video, simply because of the way my luck tends to run. It's not that I have any personal problem with an 80-minute video. It's more that I'm one of those unlucky SOBs that would get about halfway through something like that, only to find myself in a situation where I'd have to stop and come back at a significantly later time. The multiple parts would make it a little easier to remember where I'd left off.

Anonymous said...

Supe Megaforce is going to be an interesting cookie to crack. Half of Gokaiger's appeal to Japanese was that it was the Senate version of One Piece, which has zero market worth here. Zero. Zilch. So I can see the personalities put in line with pirates more popular in the West. Who's up for the Jack Sparrow clone as Red?

But hey, Marville is over. Maybe now we can see Holy Terror or at least more Robocop vs Terminator.

Volvagia said...

DuelMark: He's doing both remaining issues in one video because the last "issue" of Marville is actually just the submission guidelines to one of Marvel's imprints and, thus, doesn't deserve a video of it's own. That imprint, though, gave the world Trouble. (What is Trouble? In concept, it was using characters who were, implicitly, the Parkers to help kick-start the romance genre. In execution? The first cover is a terrible photo, those can't be the Parkers due to massive continuity gaffes and Mark Millar doesn't understand the slang of the 1970s.)

Kathryn said...

I see that finally Marville is coming to a close. I really hope that the next long series review is Neal Adam's 'Batman: Odyssey' staring our favorite hobo 'crazy steve'

Hope you have a wonderful time at Magfest. If you see anything strange or awesome (or both) please share it as well of course.

N. said...

Will AT4W pass Bechdel itself in its next story arc? In the next year?

Falcovsleon20 said...

"12/30 – The Next 15 Missed Opportunities of AT4W"

Please include any of the MadWorld Black Baron jokes you could've made in your Battle for Bludhaven review that you might've initially missed.

You can't keep denying the similarities Linkara!

Ming said...

Thoughts on upcoming episodes:

-- Wow, a Solson Christmas issue. I guess it's been too long since we saw the two issues from Solson's infamous Sultry Teenage Super Foxes. I wonder how awful will this be.

-- Ah, an actual Star Trek TNG comic.

-- The last two issues of Marville . . . Oh, boy, we've all dreaded the inevitable moment. I have a feeling that Linkara will end up having a temper tantrum similar to the one the Nostalgia Critic had over the climax of Battlefield Earth.

-- A review of an issue from Crazy Steve and Dick Grayson Age 12 that hasn't been covered in a text recap. Can't wait to see it!

Rowan LeFey said...

Personally I'd prefer it uploaded in multiple parts since longer movies tend to make my internets freeze.

Anonymous said...

Since you can read Zombie 101 for free on , since it's obviously gonna be PSA Hell, I immediately knew from the few pages I read that this gonna be a stupid one.

Basic premise: Two kids and a dog survive the friggin' zombie apocalypse by printing out CDC instructions.

Suddenly I can imagine Moarte flipping the finger at this comic the same way Linksano did to Marville already

Doresh said...

I would prefer splitting such a long video. Makes it a bit more managable, and though I rarely have trouble with Blip, I don't trust them entirely. When I watch very long video, it sometimes spontaneously stops being able to be paused o_O

"Supe Megaforce is going to be an interesting cookie to crack. Half of Gokaiger's appeal to Japanese was that it was the Senate version of One Piece, which has zero market worth here."

In what country is One Piece unpopular o_O ?

Though from what I've heard, they won't take advantage of the pirate motif anyways. The Gokaiger costumes are merely "Legendary" power-ups of the Megaforce Rangers, and the GokaiOh isn't even called "Pirate Megazord".
Nothing even adresses the pirate motif so far. This is so weird on so many levels o_O

@Aman Mann:
"BTW if you do want to see super sentai (which i doubt) start with gokaiger"

I don't think that's a good idea. All those cameo appearances from old characters played by their original actors would be a bit lost to newcomers.

I would rather recommend something like Dairanger (the "freshest" Sentai show adapted to Power Rangers in terms of footage used, and a neat show overall) or Dekaranger (which is just several shades of awesome).

Felix Brunschede said...

Whilest I personally prefer longer videos with commercial breaks, I think it would be better to split it up in several parts for those who don't have the time to watch more lengthy stuff. It's what I plan to do if I ever make videos myself.

tolchok said...

If I had to name a missed joke opportunity, I would like to suggest this gem for Spider-Man: Skating on Thin Ice...

Electro: Spider-Man, turn around!
Linkara: Every now and then I get a little bit lonely, and you're never coming round!

I look forward to the video!

Spithead said...

I'd say keep it as one long video, though if you do decide to split it, no more than two segments.

DefectiveType40 said...

Ahhh, the conclusion of Marville. I assume the cold open to that episode will be Linkara surrounded by empty liquor bottles and hooked up to a dialysis machine and heart monitor. An entire review in a hospital bed could be an entertaining change of setting...

KKDW said...

Hey, got a potential suggestion for future Christmas review. No idea if you've heard of it or not but there's a long running British anthology comic called the Beano (started in 1938 and still going, unlike it's big brother the Dandy which sadly ended last year). Anyway, while the series is an anthology there have been occasions (at least when I was getting it!) where they did a story spanning the whole issue. In 1999 they did a Christmas issue with my personal favourite set of characters in the comic, the Bash Street Kids, putting on a nativity play. I dunno if you'd think of this as bad (I certainly didn't but then I was only 9 when I first read it and I guess at that age the concept of story quality hasn't sunk in yet!) but even if it's not it could still be a fun one for Christmas (after all, you did do Batman Noel last year).

I'd donate you my own copy, but I've got a large box full of the things (it was weekly and I was getting the series for something like ten years along with the Dandy after a while, though not for as long) and it'd be almost impossible to get to it but I did find someone selling a copy on eBay, so here's a link for that if you're interested.