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VLOG: 11-09-13: Thor: The Dark World

Linkara and Viga from "Viga Loves Comics" discuss the Thor sequel! ‎


Joshua Ford said...

I'm sooo excited at the prospect of an Infinity Gauntlet adaptation. Problem is that Fox did not relinquish the Fantastic Four that means no Silver Surfer, and possibly no Adam Warlock. Then again they can probably replace Adam Warlock with Doctor Strange (especially since Strange was already major player in IG and he's confirmed for a movie as well)

Froborr said...

Sadly, they can't use the lineup of the Brian Clevinger Infinity Gauntlet remake either, since Doctor Doom and Spiderman are still held by Fox and Sony respectively. We will have to keep waiting to see US-1 on the big screen.

Oh, and congrats, you too! About time you made it public. =P

PRATN said...

Personally what I got from the scene of Loki directing the Super Dark Elf was just that, causing a ruckus. But he probably didn't take Frigga's death into account. Then again, this is Loki, the ultimate troll.

At any rate I saw the movie near the end of October as I live in one of those countries that got an early release, and I loved it. Amplified what was built on in Thor and the Avengers and gave the grand idea of Thor being larger than life and making the struggles of Earth seem insignificant in the grand scheme.

Frankly I can't see why Doug doesn't like it.

Felix Brunschede said...

Viga's hairstyle is awesome. o.o

Also I'm going to see the movie when the DVD comes around since I just don't have the money to watch it in the theater. :'D

LucasChad said...

Thor 2 is a near-perfect sequel at least that's how I see it. Better than the first and as good as The Avengers. I agree the main villain is the weakest part, but Loki is once again at his best. Funny thing, usually when I think of the name Loki, I always think of The Mask with Jim Carrey. Maybe there should be a Marvel/Dark Horse crossover that at least "somebody" should make. That would be my own squee moment.

As for the extra scene during the credits, doesn't the look of that scene reminds you of a 1960s Star Trek episode? Look at the pink alien girl, how do you not think Captain Kirk wanting to bone her? Plus, I didn't notice at first that it was Benecio Del Toro as The Collector. The blonde hair threw me off! I'll probably wait until the first trailer, but Guardians of the Galaxy might be the weirdest of the MCU movies.

Finally, there's only one reason to bring Ultron into Avengers 2. Because James Spader is freakin' cool! Watch his show The Blacklist and you'll see what I mean. Plus, they debunked that Jarvis Becoming Ultron rumor if memory serves me right.

Hans KjĂžlsen said...

The inconsistencies between the Marvel Thor and the actual mythology is a VERY very long list that I don't think anyone wants to sit down and compose because that would go into questioning the reliability of the icelandic monk Snorri Sturlason and whether we can actually believe any of the stories were told by the actual vikings at one point, I actually know people who refuse to watch the Thor movies because of the large creative freedoms that Kirby/Lieber/Lee took all those many years ago and I'm kinda sad because I actually feel this is one of the better Marvel in-house movies to date. I might be alone in this but I much prefer it to any of the Iron Man movies (which were all good in their own rights) and even kinda The Avengers. But that's just me. Also am I the only one that considers it strange that an American movie, based on an American property, premiers in Europe first? O.o

Julie Paulson said...

Okay, so I know nothing about the Thor movies and don't particularly care about them...

But may I just say that you and Viga are adorable together and extend my well wishes for your relationship.

Anonymous said...

It's ironic that you mention you've not seen Anchorman given how you ended that vlog by casually mentioning that you and Viga are dating, when there's a bit in that movie that sounded just like it, lol.

Evan Z. said...

I knew the Infinity Gauntlet was coming for a long long time after they showed a prop of it at comic con ( It was supposedly in Odins Trophy Room in the first movie)
Aside from that I liked the movie too. You did raise some valid criticisms and I agreed with them. I'm surprised you didn't get a trailer for the new X-Men film which looks interesting to say the least.

KingInYellowTatters said...

How Ultron gets in the Universe before being invented: TIME TRAVEL! :D ... Yeah. As a theory, it's kind of stupid, but regrettably, since it's Marvel we're talking about, it's not entirely out of the question either... :/

TimeTravelerJessica said...

Couldn't agree more with the "They're brothers!" cries of disgust (lol) and "I wish they had more of Jane being science lady." I liked Jane in the first one but I actually couldn't stand her int his one - they really downplayed her pursuit of SCIENCE!!! from the first one and that was a huge mistake, both from a writing and a feminist standpoint.

I cringed when I saw the stinger, because I had managed to forget for a while that Guardians of the Galaxy is coming out. I really wish I could be more excited for Guardians of the Galaxy, but no matter how good it turns out all I'm going to be able to think about is that the guy who directed it is a massive tool who writes misogynistic/homophobic blogs. And yes I know he apologized but sincere apologies for something like this are generally phrased to imply "That wasn't my intent and I'm sorry it came off this way" not "That wasn't my intent and I'm sorry you interpreted it this way." So yeah ... gonna just wiki that one in case there's any information in it I need for future movies.

Kaor said...

I really liked this movie as well. The one thing that I couldn't really get behind was Christopher Eccelston's accent. It was a little hard to take seriously.

Also, with the whole Selvig dude being crazy, he was under mind control for much longer than Hawkeye was (the end of Thor 1 implied that was when it started), plus they kind of implied that he wasn't too mentally stable to begin with.

Shada67 said...

Glad you liked it, I saw this Saturday with my mom and daughter. We thought it was a great movie.

Frigga is Odin's wife, Freya is basically the Norse version of Aphrodite.

I believe they have turned one of the Infinity Gems into the Aether. (Gem of Power maybe since it's red?)

Six Infinity gems are: Soul, Reality, Power, Space, Time and Mind.

I actually have the original comics of the Infinity Gauntlet, but I went to a bookstore after the movie with my daughter, so we bought the trade. :)

TimeTravelerJessica said...

So sorry for the double post but I had to say this.

Please, please Joss Whedon have Hawkeye be crazy like Selvig in Avengers 2. They could just cut to him on a building naked (with strategic camera angles keeping it PG-13) with no warning to break up tension at some point or they could have him be completely psycho like Ultimate Hawkeye. Speaking both as a Jeremy Renner/Hawkeye fangirl and someone who was amused by the utter psychosis in Ultimates, I would be down with either one. Or both, I could work with both.

ShadowWing Tronix said...

I still need to watch the first Thor movie because I wasn't really into Thor and I didn't know they were building a continuity. See also Captain America, although I did want to see that one.

I've met Viga because she runs the convention circuit, including one of the three I get to go to. She's pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

Why do you find it important to include your girlfriend of the moment in your videos? It seems to me to be a rather desperate means of declaring: "See I really am not just a Comic Book loser, I can get a date." It is very amateurish.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Why do you find it important to include your girlfriend of the moment in your videos? It seems to me to be a rather desperate means of declaring: "See I really am not just a Comic Book loser, I can get a date." It is very amateurish."

"Girlfriend of the moment?" I wasn't aware that I had 'girlfriends of the moment.' Feel free to point out when such things have been done before. Further, since Liz and other women have been in my videos when they were not involved romantically with me, I find it interesting that you seem to think that the only relationship a man and woman can have is one of boyfriend/girlfriend. Speaks volumes about your own character. And before you try to say "But that's not what I was saying at all!" Well it's what your words seem to infer, and if you can't say what you mean, perhaps you should say nothing.

Also: "Comic book loser?" What year do you think this is, exactly? I may make the occasional joke about comic books being seen as lame on the show, but in actuality comic books haven't been "only for losers" for decades. Live in the now.

And finally: it's amateurish to have other people in my videos? First of all, it's a VLOG. It's not supposed to be "professional." It's talking about a movie we just saw. Secondly: having more people means it's not just me rambling to a camera for half an hour. Congratulations: everything about your post is stupid, even the nam, since you were so cowardly that you didn't leave an actual one.

Welcome to my blog, by the way: I don't let you get away with posting stupid crap on my space. Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Face it Linky it is your desperate plea for attention.

You might as well jump up and down and say:

Look at me
Look at me
I have a girlfriend, see!

Think about it: None of us would have known you were dating this woman if it had not been "revealed" to us in this vlog. It is kind of like you are sticking it in our faces.

And the notion that you somehow feature other female friends in your videos is a bit of stretch.

How many women that have not dated have managed to make it into your "spontaneous" Vlogs?

As for posting anonymously, I choose to do so precisely BECAUSE I DO NOT want to draw attention to myself. And genius, if you did not want anonymous posts to your "space" you could easily prevent them or reject them. So it is pretty hypocritical calling me out because I did not bother to make up some phony name so I could look like I was bravely posting my criticism.

Megan said...

I saw it Friday with my seven year old nephew and we both thought it was very good. I didn't get to watch the credits sequence, though, because as soon as they started he was dragging me out of the theater. :P

What I liked most about it was that it was fun, yet it knew when to have quiet moments. I will admit to tearing up during Frigga's funeral.

Loki had the best lines, no question. "You just decapitated your grandfather."

I thought Sif and the Warriors Three, while not given as big a role as the last movie, were used to good extent in this one.

Maleketh(Evil Von Evilton) was a pretty stock villain, but Eccleston did a good job with what he had.

Best Scene:

*Gigantic Rock Monster comes stomping up*
Thor: I accept your surrender *Wields Mjolinir*

Monster: *Reduced to gravel*

Damienx247 said...

Well Linkara, since you are doing the Thor origin issue this month, I'd like to let you know, the Asgardians, along with the other races of the nine realms have magitek to a degree, minus the giant races. Its been there since the Jack and Stan days.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Face it Linky it is your desperate plea for attention.

You might as well jump up and down and say:

Look at me
Look at me
I have a girlfriend, see!"

Wouldn't I have done that as soon as we got together a few months ago, then?

"Think about it: None of us would have known you were dating this woman if it had not been "revealed" to us in this vlog. It is kind of like you are sticking it in our faces."

Yes... I stuck it in your faces... which is why it was put at the END of the Vlog. And why I introduced her by her name and what show she does instead of as "my girlfriend." And the reason I revealed it at all is because I knew people were going to ask about it if I didn't because I know my commenters.

Just like I know that you are the only one who seems to care about this in a desperate attempt to troll me ON MY OWN BLOG even though, as you said below, I have control over what goes through.

"And the notion that you somehow feature other female friends in your videos is a bit of stretch."

Liz was a recurring guest star AND has appeared in multiple movie Vlogs before this one, Amethyst voices Nimue, there's my friend Melissa whom you may have seen in the promo for the DVD that I'm hoping to have in more videos when her schedule allows for it, and of course the various women on TGWTG who have made guest appearances.

"How many women that have not dated have managed to make it into your "spontaneous" Vlogs?"

Quite a few. And the spontaneity of the vlogs is in that they're not scripted, not that we just suddenly decide to do vlogs. I'm not even sure what your complaint is here.

"As for posting anonymously, I choose to do so precisely BECAUSE I DO NOT want to draw attention to myself. And genius, if you did not want anonymous posts to your "space" you could easily prevent them or reject them. So it is pretty hypocritical calling me out because I did not bother to make up some phony name so I could look like I was bravely posting my criticism."

You don't want to draw attention to yourself even though the ONLY thing you had to say about the content of the vlog was "UGH YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND YOU ARE SUCH A NERD LOL." Everyone else has been posting about the movie, reactions to things we said, but you are the only one jumping up and down saying "STOP TRYING TO PRETEND YOU'RE NOT A LOSER, LOSER."

But since you brought up how I have control over my comments, I normally let every comment through unless it's spam because people are allowed to have whatever opinions they want, whether they agree with me or not. Yours wasn't even an opinion, it was just hurling insults at me probably because it's the only way you can get an erection. I only let them through so I can respond and laugh at how pathetic it is. Buuut since you apparently feel I shouldn't be playing this fun little game, that's okay. If you wish to stop letting people see that your head is planted so firmly up your ass, then I will stop letting your posts through on the subject and let you enjoy your bit of contortionism without my assistance.

So, again, have a nice day, ass face.

Keith Schwerin said...

Don't feed the trolls Lewis. I've watched all your videos and until this one I never knew you were dating any of the girls in your videos.

You went with a date to a movie, it makes sense for them to be the one that you do the blog with. I'm more socked that you bothered to respond to them, then I am that a "nerd" could get a date. Don't fall to their level.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Don't feed the trolls Lewis. I've watched all your videos and until this one I never knew you were dating any of the girls in your videos.

You went with a date to a movie, it makes sense for them to be the one that you do the blog with. I'm more socked that you bothered to respond to them, then I am that a "nerd" could get a date. Don't fall to their level."

Nah, don't you worry about it. Such things amuse me, is all. XD

Megan said...

Personally, I think Viga has a great presence(this is the first time I've ever seen her at all) and you both play off each other very well.I know that sounds weird considering this is an unscripted V-Log, but still...

You have very good chemistry with each other. She comes across as a very nice person. And I love the hair. *Thumbs Up*

One thing I forgot to put in my last post was that I agree with Linkara's statement that the women in this movie are basically there to propel Thor along. Even Sif, who does actually have some grand moments, is ultimately forgotten.

If you want to get technical, the movie kinda-sorta passes the Bechdel Test=yes, the science conversation is so they can find Thor, but the conversation *itself* isn't about Thor, *kinda* passes.

Anonymous said...

Lewis, have you lost weight?

Grendel said...

Three things.

1.) I liked the back and forth with the troll, it was funny.

2.)If you liked Infinity Gauntlet you need, if you have not done so, to check out Thanos Quest. It's the story of how Thanos assembled the Gauntlet and it is AMAZING.

3.) I loved Dark World, but I did have one MAJOR issue with it. Why didn't Malekith give the magic transformy rock to all his other soldiers? I mean yeah their called the 'Kursed' inferring that it's a sacrifice, but at no part do I recall that being shown or discussed. The guy still had his intellect and laid a royal beat down on Thor. So why not juice EVERYBODY?

Aaron Wiles said...

Hey Lewis, Loved the V-log, I'm waiting to see it since I haven't seen Iron Man 3, also I'm wondering if your going to do anything special for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary like a V-log for Day of the Doctor with your brother ?

MarioJPC said... - My review (spoiler free) on Spanish. And i liked too.

J. Cathryn said...

I was just waiting for one of you to bring up Heimdall and Sif during the sibling talk! Oh well. (It would still be delightful if the films ever brought up that they're brother and sister.)

Pity to hear about how the female characters are used here.

Amesang said...

In replying to Grendel, I was under the impression that the Kursed berserker rock thingy was the last one that the Big Bad had, hence trusting it to his chief lieutenant.

I enjoyed The Dark World thoroughly; true, it likely wouldn't be considered a smart or thought-provoking film, but it was FUN… that's all I was really looking for in this regard.

Looking back at it after a few days I s'pose I can agree with some opinions that it's really just a Thor/Loki buddy cop film, as I would have liked to have seen more depth given to Sif and the Three, Jane, and especially the Big Bad (who's name I will never remember or spell correctly) who just felt empty. "Oh, by the way, they exist; sorry for not bringing it up, like, ever."

Bleah, now I've gone and made myself depressed by thinking over it too much. "Just repeat to yourself, it's just a show; I should really just relax!"

Airrider1 said...

Can I just say that you two have really good chemistry as vloggers?

Also, Viga being a yaoi fangirl is its own level of funny.

I wish you two the best.

NelsonStJames said...

I think it's pretty obvious that Tony Stark will probably be the one to invent Ultron. Iron Man/Stark are the flagship character for the Marvel films, so much like Spider-Man was for the books at one time he's the guy that gets to be the catalyst for all major events. At least until they can come up with another fan favorite.

Grendel said...

"In replying to Grendel, I was under the impression that the Kursed berserker rock thingy was the last one that the Big Bad had, hence trusting it to his chief lieutenant."

That's very true and a valid assumption to make. My main issue with them doing that way is that we the audience have no way of KNOWING that. A simple "I give this to you, our last one." when he stabs the dude in the gut would have solved the obvious flub in my opinion. Though in that case, why can't they get/make more of these "power up rocks". My assumption for it was that it does something negative to them, like cuts their natural life span, or makes them maybe dumber which would explain why those that use the rock are called Kursed like Cursed. The problem with this is that, again there is no establishing dialog for it and I am, myself, making this assumption. My over all point is that there are some things that the movie makers don't need to spell out for us, like say Thor and Loki's relationship as it was before since we've had two other movies addressing it, we only need to know how it is in the now since the now is what we're dealing with. But something like a "well why don't they all do that?" question needs to be addressed. I'll give another example that actually got me upset, in the movie Alien vs Predator Requiem we get a Xenomorph Predator hybrid, that has the ability to self face huger pregnant women and produce a litter of chest bursters in their womb, the hybrid was actually a queen. I had to read about that after the fact in notes from an interview with the film makers since they felt it wasn't important enough to find a way to tell us this, like say a picture diagram using the Predators equipment or something. Sorry to ramble on, I just feel that when a movie doesn't take the time to fill some cracks, it can hurt it, even if it is only a very small amount like in Thor DW.

Djiinnrae said...

I'm not much of a comic character shipper, but I just have to say that nobody ships Thor and Loki as much as Tom Hiddleston. Whether it's joking or not, he seems to just love mentioning it when he can. I'm just saying.

I know this probably sounds at least slightly rude, but if a story isn't going to bother to make characters (most often female characters) interesting, why don't they just exclude them from the story? It's not like they're very defined characters or anything. I mean, so what if the story is going to end up looking like a tough man-bro sausage fest; maybe they should have thought about that before they decided to make all of the females props and plot devices.
Either way I'm still pleased with this movie! I so can't wait for Captain America now. *squeal*

Anonymous said...

Iron Man is gonna build Ultron. Joss said that Hank Pym ain't in Avengers 2.

Rumor is that BOTH Hank Pym and Scott Lang are in in the Ultron movie.

Gary Hall said...

Hey Lewis saw the film with my parents. We all enjoyed it. I disagree with you on Man of Steel as I think its fine for what they are trying to do. I understand that DC are trying for a more realistic world which I don't mind but they have to introduce magic and keep the same tone to have the flash and other superpowered heroes in it. Marvel can have that as its more comic book like I woul say. Anyway It was nice tos ee this and by the way don't listen to these people whoa re giving you shit. You have met someone you like and she seems pretty cool though wonder how you met. I think those people giving you shit are either jealous or are part asaleris bunch of cronies.

Goldenbane said...

Oh...I think I'm going to like Viga! She's sweet, funny, and has great chemistry with Lewis! Really glad you found somebody, dude!

Daluna13 said...

I think they could make it where Hank Pym in Ether Cap 2, In a really smart episode of Agents of Shield as an Shield Scientist, or in just pop him up if Avengers 2

Ozaline said...

Still haven't seen this one yet so I only watched the first few minutes of the vlog. I'm had pressed to pick between Captain America and Thor for my favorite of the solo-movies, I'm not a huge fan of the Iron Man movies (I liked them but they feel repetitive). And while Thor had a fairly predictable plot, the characterization was so great that it's still one of my favorite superhero movies, ever (I even wrote a little essay on the characterization of the female characters).

I'm really looking forward to seeing the next one, and if you guys liked it and were both less hot on the first movie than I was I'm sure it's going to be a blast.

Message For Viga: I checked out your video on Chick Tracts and it was hilarious I'll watch more of your stuff when I get a chance, great stuff.

Seth McMunn said...

I'm kinda sad that at the end of the vlog no one yelled "Wonder Twin Powers Activate."

red said...

reguarding ultron idea mentioned tony stark wiill replace hank pym as creating him and ultron is not jaravis cause jarvis is played by paul bettany and they anounced james spader will play ultron

BookwormOtaku said...

On your speculation if Loki planned for the dark elf super soldier to kill Frigga, there are a couple thins that kind of shoot down its plausibility.
1) How would Loki know this guy's dark elf not to mention what he's there for?
2) After apparently taking Loki's advice the dark elf's first stop is the shield generator which he proceeds to destroy. This could support the theory he just wanted to make things more difficult for Thor and co. who he knows would have to deal with it (not to mention with the shield up the prisoners aren't going anywhere). Plus he may have considered if the generator's destroyed his cell walls also might go away (though considering how he's lived in the palace his entire life its not likely he'd make hat mistake)

Adam said...

Went to see Thor: The Dark World on opening day. Theater was packed and everyone loved it. I even heard two women a couple rows ahead of me squeal with delight during the shirtless Thor scene. My first thought was "Looks like someone is gonna have to break out the wet-vac before the next show". ^^;

The end credits reveal of the Collector and the Infinity Gems/Stones was awesome, as was Thor: the Dark World. I am stoked as to what else comes down the Marvel pipe before we have Thanos gain the Infinity Gauntlet.

Starman said...

A thought occurred to me about Thor: The Dark World after watching this review. Like you, I thought a lot of the subplot with Erik and Darcy and Darcy's intern was kind of pointless except as comic relief. I did think of another purpose for their inclusion.

They are there to prevent any Man of Steel-style complaints about the property damage and loss of life directly caused by Thor focusing more on fighting dark elves than on saving people.

Think about it. They know PRECISELY where the Dark Elves are going to show up in Greenwich. They know EXACTLY when they have to be there. And they do nothing to try and get people out of the area first.

Do they make any effort to alert the college where Malketh has to set up the Aether? No.

Do they contact SHIELD, who you might guess given Dr. Erik's role in the battle with New York, SHIELD would probably be keeping an eye on anyway given that he had a close encounter of the creepy kind with Loki? Not as such.

Why not? Because the only evidence they have is the research of a guy who is best known in England for running naked around Stonehenge like a hippie on the third day of an open-air festival. And given how little the public seems to know about precisely what happened in New York and the fact that the British Police don't seem to recognize Thor, there's no chance of Thor being able to pull rank, do some "magic" and say "believe me when I say that bad things are coming and I must have a clear space to fight them."

Maybe there's a cut scene of them trying to call the police and being laughed at, but I doubt it. I think they just didn't care... which sucks because Thor DOES express concern about the people of Asgard being caught in the crossfire if the Dark Elves try to invade a second time but doesn't give two swift kicks in the rump about the humans who get between him and the Dark Elves on Earth.

And oh - bonus - some kind of interdimensional hellbeast is running around loose in London in the final post-credits stinger and this is treated as a joke!

Nero Angelo said...

Oh look at me, I'm Lewis. I can get awesome girlfriends that are into nerdy stuff

But seriously, I hope u two have a long, happy relationship :)

as for the whole Thoki pairing, even if they were blood brothers it doesn't actually stand much chance of stopping them. All of the greek gods are closely related & that doesn't stop them from going at it like rabbits. And even if Thor isn't into men, Loki DOES shapeshift into women a lot

as for that surprise ending, I'd like to quote Supernatural in terms of what you can expect from Loki's future antics

"you cant trick the trickster"

Julz Chan said...

Loved this movie !
I`m so lookign forward to the Infinity Gauntlet, which they should just do first instead for Avengers 2!
And dude, you seriously do not know how Yaoi works! They`re adopted !

Anonymous said...

about erik being the only one affected...well...Hawkeye IS a trained SHield agent, Erik is not.

De-Ji said...

I knew the Asgardian technology felt familiar! It's kind of like Goa'uld technology! Thanks for helping me make the connection between the two! =D That makes me so happy!

I also wish they would have bent Frigga's sword, though that was a funeral rite a little before Viking times in Norse history...

and btw your squee is basically my squee but lower pitched. Dude.
I hope you make each other happy.

Anonymous said...

22:10 - Mythpunk? -w-b

Anonymous said...

i loved this movie even more then the first.
for the first time Thor was actualy depicted as powerful as he should be

Jefferson Eng said...

I'm rather torn about this. I know Viga "in real life". I only know Linkara/Lewis through AT4W/TGWTG videos. It's only just becoming aware to me that this relationship exists. I guess as a true friend/acquaintance, I'd politely wish the parties involved good luck, but...

Yeah, I'll leave it right there...

Jefferson Eng said...

Hopefully, I'll see Viga at Magfest (yeah, I think I'm definitely making it) to personally give my congratulations on hooking up with Linkara. I'm one of those types that can easily let bygones be bygones...whatever my feelings are...

13th Doctor said...

Oh, boy, this movie did nothing for me. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. You know, I would have thought it would been overtaken by Loki's Wolverine publicity since I think his popularity has become a bit overblown these days. No, my big issue was that it was BORING. God, this has got to be the dullest Marvel movie EVER. Everything felt rushed, the comedy was not that funny, the action was just blah, the climax was so incomprehensible, Jane was wasted, Eccleston was wasted, A LOT was definitely cut out, and the twist at the end was less "OMG" and more "huh?" Oh, and I had no idea what the significance of the Collector scene was until you explained it. It's really not a good sign when you wish a movie came with an FAQ booklet. Or maybe I was just so bored by this movie that I didn't care. ARGH.

In regards to Loki's so-called plans, your theory sounds good and it belongs in a BETTER movie. And I barely got the sense that Loki was planning anything. It left me feeling less intrigued and more frustrated because Loki only got more to do because of his popularity. I wish they just went however they were originally planning to go with the character. But now we are going to have to put up with two more films against him being beaten. This is why I hate the "Joker Immunity" trope.

So yeah, this movie really left me wanting. And I know that we were not "supposed" to get something deep (so tired of that mentality towards superheroes) but make it entertaining and well-made that I don't notice. As such, I noticed exactly what it was:FILLER OF THE WORST KIND.

nikkij212010 said...

Congrats first off. Second I enjoyed the movie. I thought the first movie is slightly better. But this one was a fun movie. Captain America 2 interest me more though. Guardians of the Galaxy excites me too because it has a lot of actors I like and I have a major crush on Karen Gillan. I think Marvel has made the Cinematic Universe as close to perfect as they can get

WriteOrWrong said...

The voices in my head say that in Iron Man, Tony spent all his time working on "Armor that doesn't require a body inside of it". These armors were able to fight off several soldiers without anyone telling them commands. At the end, Iron Man gives up the suit.

Hank Pym will be sort of introduced in Captain America as a scientist. Shield will be heavily shown in it and so Shield, especially those people on the computers in Avengers who Fury answers too would want this technology.

A scientist/ Hank Pym is able to master this technology a bit too well and creates Ultron and SHIELD will summon the Avengers to clean up their mess before Ultron destroys everything.

nikkij212010 said...

From what I heard Tony Stark is the one who created Ultron in the movies. But that could be false info leaked to throw fans off

JollyJack1138 said...

Sometimes I think Linkara wants a society where men are literally kept on a leash by their dominatrix overlords.

MasterSeijin said...

Isn't Deadpool fucking Death right now?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Sometimes I think Linkara wants a society where men are literally kept on a leash by their dominatrix overlords."

...Based on what, exactly?

Joel Rodriguez said...

Maybe they can build up Ultron in Agents of Shield? I'm not much of a fan of that show but I would be more interested if it had some more ties to the movies, I figure one of the crew can go to Pym's lab and you see Ultron in the background maybe or notice slight changes in his behavior.

With the films being its own universe now I want a Doctor Strange movie and a Mrs Marvel movie and to see Spiderman accepted into the Avengers, Wolverine too since he because of his relationship with Fury... even though he wasn't in the Wolverine movies. I'd also want to see Black Panther worked in somehow... sorry I'm thinking about it to much huh?

cg3156 said...

I think the writers of the Culling should be forced to watch this movie on repeat until they learn how to write a villain who's actually one step ahead of everybody.

babaGAReeb said...
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