Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Be Published Again!

Well, kinda-sorta. ^_~

Let me explain - a year or two ago, before I started the show, I was looking for indy publishers, in particular anthology stuff, in the hopes of building up some resume fodder to eventually make into the big leagues. Now from that have been two anthologies that STILL have yet to see publishing (one a Vampire story I need to send another e-mail about, the other I doubt will ever see the light of day), but another is a prose story I did for the Hamtramck Idea Men.

If-X Volume 2 #2 is now available for purchase, and it features a prose story I wrote a while back. Not my best work, but might be good for some chuckles for those interested. ^_~

You can find it here: IF-X #2! ‎


Joshua the Anarchist said...

A vampire story? OH GOD, NO!! We've lost Linkara to the Twihards!!

XD, Anywho, is this thing a bunch of different authors each writing a chapter in one story, or is each issue self contained?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

More like it featured a badass FIGHTING vampires. ^_~

And yeah, looks like each issue is self-contained, since each issue has its own theme to it.

Slade Dreizehn said...

nifty bro. reminds me that i gotta get my rear in gear and get my pages done for all my projects ^_^;

here's to future opportunities!

Animikean said...

Yaaay! You inspire me :)

Mountain King said...

Good to see you're making head way in what you want to do in life. Pretty much everyone I went to College / University with have given up and now work in a ten-pin bowling alley. It's kinda depressing to see.

I wish you best of luck, it looks interesting and I'd love to give it a read but at the moment my financial situation consists of a five pound note and handful of copper...

Anonymous said...

A vampire story you say? Interesting. I'm sure it's not going to be anything like twilight since you obviousely have a brain and did some reasearch on the vampires unlike Stephine Mayer who's brainless peice of shit has either made me not want to finish my own vampire story or forced me to finish it in the hopes that I can rescue the vampires from being forever seen as the most pussy of horror monsters.

I'd like to hear more about this story as I could use some more inspiration to actually kick my lazy procrastinating arse into action. In case you don't know who it is, it's the guy on DA who messaged you some time ago I believe. Similar name. Overfiend-87