Sunday, July 5, 2009

Let's Play Elite Force Parts 5 and 6

The Let's Play continues! In episode 5... The Wurmz! The Wurmz are everywhere!

In episode 6, Biessman speaks for an entire generation!


Alex Stritar said...

So, wait, they're in the mirror universe now? Man, this SUCKS! (lol, that line dose crack me up)

MFlorian said...

I like these Let's Play segments. Have you thought about doing the Interplay Star Trek titles? Those were pretty decent.

Anonymous said...

I see I'm not the only person who managed to "save" Tom Odell a.k.a. Tom Green (my friend and I gave him that moniker as well when we played the game). For some reason when my friend played through Tom always wound up dead, yet when I played through it he was found alive. Never could really figure out the rationale behind it since he doesn't appear again during the game anyway.

And yeah, the worm thingies in this level go down in infamy with other annoying crawling things such as poison headcrabs, and anything in the form of a spider (of which there seem to be many in FPS games)

Kamen Rider Gumo said...

I never knew you could save Odell - I thought he was just, y'know, doomed to die. I've successfully managed to rescue Foster, but it has zero impact on gameplay so I rarely bother with it. I'm gonna have to check a walkthrough for this now to see if there *is* a pattern as to whether or not Odell lives.

And those annoying bug things are my least favorite part of the game. Even the Harvesters are less irritating for some reason (though both species 'splode real good).

I'm really enjoying this Let's Play of yours; do you by chance have Elite Force II? I've never been able to find a copy (that someone *didn't* want a hundred bucks for, anyway) and would be very interested in seeing it played.

Sieg-sama said...

Why do they always have to put bugs or other weird things in crawlspaces.

When I was a little kid, the spiders in vents in Turok 2, scared me away from the game altogether. When replaying it later I slaughtered them with the best weapons I had...
So I totally understand your wurmz genocide.

Oh and, sorry to bring this up, but... How's Countdown Part 1?

reddebrek said...

Was that "we blame you hargrove" perchance a Mystery Science Theatre reference?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

Countdown Part 1 will be losted later today.

And it was indeed an MST3K reference. ^^

Lewis Lovhaug said...

Countdown Part 1 will be losted later today.

And it was indeed an MST3K reference. ^^

Lewis Lovhaug said...

Countdown Part 1 will be losted later today.

And it was indeed an MST3K reference. ^^

Truce Weston said...

Man, I am really digging these Let's Play segments from you, Mr. Linkara! I just binged (is that correct grammar?) on all six parts so far, back to back. They are such awesome treats to watch! Hilarious and awesome action at the same time! I look foward to more, as we all do!

So until the security footage of Monroe tagging the Mirror Universe ship spray painting "Earth Sucks!" is on Youtube, MAKE MINE LINKARA!

(I await seeing you ripping apart the fail that was Countdown!)

StacyHD said...

Lovin' the posts Linkara. I played Elite Force waaaaay back in the day in college on my Compaq computer. Seeing these old missions replayed in all their cheesy glory takes me back.

The composite-ship level is indeed a pain in the ass, and I'm with you one hundred percent on the 'wurmz'. Designers of first-person shooters seem to take a perverse glee in confining you to cramped quarters and then bombarding you with hordes of skittering, chittering things. Small wonder you wanted to kill them so definitively.

Any plans to take on Elite Force II?

Jared Goswell-Avery said...

I'm liking these Let's Play episodes from you Linkara and these last two had me stopping the tape just so I can gather myself. And yes I'm with everybody who commented already about hating small creepy things that are hard to shoot at in confined spaces. Can't wait for the next ones. ^^

Also I'm thinking of starting my own Let's Play campaign just from watching yours on a well loved FPS game from the Nintendo 64 era from a studio that was the sort of the only major saving grace for Nintendo before they did the boneheaded move of selling their share in said company along with the owners of that company and our modern day Borg known as Microsoft bought it all up and they are re-releasing said classic game on the 360 this winter just to drum up sales from said studio. I think you know what game I'm talking about.

All I just need is a good camcorder and then I'm ready to do my own Let's Play. :)

SpawnofHastur said... hate the wurmz!

Please please please please please please PLEASE let's play System Shock 2.

It'll drive you MAD.

Anonymous said...

Actually Jared, the Stamper Brothers who owned Rare sold their majority share in the company to Microsoft, so really, Nintendo as a minority shareholder would've been given the short end of the stick if they tried to hold onto the company. Also seeing as how Rare has yet to make a single great game since the N64 days it might not have been the worst idea to cut them loose. Granted at the time I thought it was bad for Nintendo to drop them but after Perfect Dark Zero...well...

Patrick said...

Why am I expecting Tuvok to start quoting Frank Miller's Batman next?

"Do you suffer some from of mental impairment, Ensign Munro? Were you held back multiple times in Starfleet Academy?

"I'm the g(bleep!)ed Tuvok."

Dave said...

These are great. They inspired me to drag out my old copy of Elite Force on PS2 that I hadn't played for 3 years and actually finish the game.

Before resuming play, I was in that sewer section that frustrated you so much. I suppose you can see why it would make someone quit the game for 3 years.

Dave said...

BTW, I totally call that you have to include an attempted rampage against the crew at some point in your videos.

IIRC, you're close to getting the Photon Launcher, and after you do, there is a golden opportunity to use it to shoot Tuvok in his ugly Tuvok-y face (while still on Voyager I mean).

He totally has it coming.

Cryptix said...

Pfffheehehee -- halfway through the first video, and I have to say, I'm horribly amused by the idea of a stealth mission going disastrously wrong on account of wurm-induced rage.

Now that I've finished both vids, there's one thing I've been curious about. What happens if you shoot your teammates? Can you shoot your teammates?

I don't plays the vidjagames any more than I reads the comics, but I quite enjoy Let's Plays, especially with such amusing commentary!

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Now that I've finished both vids, there's one thing I've been curious about. What happens if you shoot your teammates? Can you shoot your teammates?"

You can, but then if you shoot them too much they turn on you, beam in reinforcements, and eventually you get beamed into the brig.