Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday Shopping Guide

A special video giving comic recommendations!

NOTE: The ranting is satirical. I love all my fans and being considered worthy of giving recommendations. ‎


Brian Pierson said...

There are some good choices you have, I agree with just about all of them. I also agree about Marvel not having much out now that is interesting. The only thing I have read recently is Captain America and Hulk.

Anonymous said...

awww we love you to. Here's to you ripping apart more bad comics so we can enjoy the good stuff!


Stacy said...

Sir, you have maligned me! Pistols! Pistols at dawn!

Seriously, great piece. Have you tried Atomic Robo? I think you'd really groove on it, as well as Femme Noir, which I just reviewed over at my little corner of the blog. In any case, happy holidays Link.


Laura said...

Somewhere out there, someone is going to take the ranting seriously Linkara ;D

However, due to a combination of google, wikipedia and some of the recs from your previous videos, I have a better idea of what to look for when I next go into a comic book store and a few series I should try out. Thanks for doing this and Merry Christmas/Winter holiday to you as well.

Malaloba said...

Wow, I was expecting a Revolutions of the Mask ad somewhere, if only brief zooming text. It is a recommendations video after all. And no One More Day references when talking about Marvel either.

While I can count the number of comics I've read on one hand (at least 52 is among them), I did recognize several names that my comic reading friend has been praising lately and I'd probably enjoy. So thanks for the ideas of how to spend my Christmas money this year instead of responsibly saving it like I usually do. Yay, comics!

spiderman1989 said...

trust me your not missing much on Wanted. The main Character you would hate him in an instant once he does his training.

Anonymous said...

Marvel Adventures is love.

No love for Incredible Hercules? It's great fun. Doesn't take itself seriously in the least.

Lewis M. Smith said...

One love, Lewis!

Pretty good recommendations. I'll have to check out the JLA/Titans Technis Imperative. If I may recommend some other stuff:

Tiny Titans; You talk about good, clean fun? This is fun a lot of levels. I love the juvenile art style of Art Balthazar. So fitting for the book! And with all the cameos of Teen Titans members as small children with Deathstroke as the school principal? How can you not love it? Bottom line: if you like fun comics, they don't get any funner than this.

Shazam! The Monster Society of Evil; another fun title, but also tells a compelling story. It's written and drawn by Jeff Smith, creator of the wonderful Bone series. It's basically a retelling of Captain Marvel's origin, but it's done in a style that is a fitting tribute to the original Fawcett Comics (I'm actually considering doing a video review of this book for

Superman For All Seasons; This story captures the heart and soul of who Superman really is. Wonderfully written by Jeph Loeb (yes, I know he's done a lot of crap lately, but I still think he's a good writer) and beautifully drawn by Tim Sale, the same guys who did Batman: The Long Halloween. It's rare you get a writer/artist combo who actually get both Batman and Superman (Morrison and Quitely, while excellent on All-Star Superman, Not so sure about the Batman and Robin issues, but then it is a different Batman and Robin altogether).

Anywho, that's all I can think of for the moment. And yes, they are mainly DC title. So I'm more of a DC person, what can I say?

Again, good recommendations, Lewis. I'll have to check these out. And I'll never stop watching you. NEVER!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I read 52 on your recommendation earlier and started reading Booster Gold because of 52. You are easily my favorite internet reviewer.

-Draco Dracul

burrows said...

Secret six is indeed one hell of a series, continuing to prove that Gail Simone and badassery go hand in hand.

BTW Linkara, how many times have you read Technis Imperative? I could see the crease lines from a distance (must be really good then).

Anonymous said...

A good gift for comics and duck fans is The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck by Don Rosa. Tells the story of Scrooge from his days as a kiddie in scotland to him being the richest duck in the world.

Anonymous said...

I actually read Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes' series), 52, the Sinestro Corps War, and Crisis on Infinite Earths, due to your recommendations.
I can actually say you're what got me interested in American comics in general. I used to only read manga.

Mistwraith said...

Its finaly time to wish you a merry christmas Lewis!

Oh, and I can understand why you did this satirical rant about your fans. I know how it is to get tons of private messages in your favorite game or at a certain forum whenever you log in to it.
You like that people, but they can really get annoying some times.

I am sure Green Ninja knows what I am talking about. ;)

Mistwraith(GU)aka ADD(Stigma)

Jeremy A. Patterson said...

Why didn't you recommend better books like Champions (Heroic Publishing), Femforce (AC Comics), Furrlough (Radio Comix), Ninja High School (Especially the Shidoshi saga; Antarctic Press), Gold Digger/Ninja High School: Maidens of Twilight (Antarctic Press), Death Defyin Devil (Dynamite Entertainment), The Next Issue Project (All two Issues! Image), & The Red Circle books (The ONLY good DC books IMHO)!

What about a worst comics of 2009 list with crap like Genus Male #8 (Radio Comix), Vixen: Return Of the Lion (When your 'six issue miniseries' get canned after only five, then YOUR BOOK SUCKS! DC), Cry For Justice (Let's kill off many of the Global Guardians, lop off Roy Harper's arms, & turn Captain Marvel evil! DC), Bruce Jones' Checkmate, The Adventures of Chrissie Claus #2 color edition (Heroic Publishing), President Evil (Antarctic Press), Sabrina the Teen-Age Witch, A Very Zombie Christmas (Antarctic Press), & A Christmas Carol (Antarctic Press)!

Anybody second the motion?

Jeremy Aron Patterson.

KingChiba said...

Nice little list.

Just to further confirm what you said at the end about Wanted.

It's trash. I've never seen a comic try so hard to shock you that it sacrifices pretty much all attempts at character development and proper storytelling.

Its sad when you can point to a comic and say the movie that was very loosely based off it (and is alright but not a great movie anyway) is actually better than that the comic itself.

Formula Fox said...

Wow. No comments yet? Your fans are real douchebags! (just kidding, everyone!) Anyhow, hope people actually listen to this advice and I hope you enjoy GD-ROM when you get the chance.

Derangel said...

Hi Linkara. If you haven't been reading it I'd suggest Mark Waid's excellent series Irredeemable. It focuses on the idea of what if the world's strongest super hero turned evil and its been really good so far. Despite that Waid created his own world for the comic the characters feel fleshed out and there is a lot of back story of them touched on in ways that work. Its not one of those "cheer for the bad guy" comics you dislike so much either. So if you haven't read it, I'd suggest grabbing the first trade which Boom! has put out for a pretty good price.

As for Marvel, yeah I kind of agree with you. Outside of some X-men stuff and Dark Avengers I'm not terribly interested in Marvel stuff right now. Siege sounds cool, but meh. I'll just read the parts of it that come with my usual monthly pile of comics (Damn you Necrosha and Blackest Night for interesting me enough to by tie-in books -and ring books for BN-).

Anonymous said...

Three of my predictions came true, though I should have been able to see that Deadpool was going to be on your recommendations.

-I don't think I'll be trying out Wonder Woman since I haven't heard that the comic has been beefing up Wondy's rogues galleries.

-Secret Six is one I'll have to check out if my library has a trade paper back.

-Deadpool isn't a parody character that's my cup of tea. I like Lobo more.

-I've read both Booster Gold trades and they're good, but I don't know if it's anything I would stay with monthly. Though, since Dan Jurgens took over, maybe that might change...

-Someday, I'll have to read the JLA/Teen Titans crossover and Avengers Forever, but I think I'll finish 52 (I only collected half of it when it was running) and read Trinity (since Kurt Busiek is good).

Since it seems like you fun comics, I've heard that Marvel comics like Incredible Hercules, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Nova are great fun. Though, if you want something more serious, you can read Ed Brubaker's great Captain America run, Iron Fist by Ed Brukaer and Matt Fraction, Daredevil by...Ed Brubaker and the current Daredevil run by Andy Diggle.

For me, with me trying to save some money, I've only been reading Adventure Comics, Superman: Serect Orgin, and Green Lantern.

I like fun comics, but I also like serious comics as well.

Thanks for the recommendations and Happy Holidays!

P.S. Nice bit at the end.

Corey said...

Linkara, my friend, I have heard your cries of woe on Wanted and just have this to say: You're not missing anything. I LOVE Mark Millar, I loved his Ultimates, Authority, Old Man Logan, even Civil War. I tell you this so that you'll see where I'm coming from when I say Wanted...unless you're ready to really try and empathize with a COMPLETE SOCIOPATH, then you are correct not to bother. I read it once and...yeah, I wish I'd been 13 when I read it, cause I would've loved it at that age.

Paul S. said...

A few more recommendations in handy trad format

Marvel Comics
Sentinel digest vols 1, 2, and 3
Runaways (every thing up until the currently run which is probably on Hiatus for a reason.)
Araña Volumes 1-3 (I can't be the only one who really likes her. Can I?)

DC Comics
Kyle Baker's Plasticman (Sadly only the first 2 arc are in trade.)
Batman Adventures (The Dan Slott/Ty Templeton Run)
Teen Titans Go!
The Batman Strikes.

Amazing Agent Luna (Seven Seas Publishing)
Atomic Robo (Red 5)

cjhitchcock said...

Good suggestions, I'll have to see if my local library has any of those. After saying that there's a plot line involving the moon being stolen, I'm in. Love weird plot points, like that.

As far as comics go, I suggest the insanely awesome Sandman series. Neil Gaiman is a master at Fantasy writing and Sandman is his best. Best story in my humble opinion, Season of Mist. If you haven't read it, I strongly suggest you do so.

Paul S. said...

Oops forgot to add Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane to my list. Which along with Sentinel cemented Sean McKeever's reputation as a man who couldn't do any wrong at Marvel and couldn't do any right at DC.

Anonymous said...

If you want "epic" comics, I suggest "Bone" by Jeff Smith. It was one of Time's Ten Best Graphic Novels of All Time and and is an epic dark fantasy in the vein of Lord of the Rings. It has plenty of humor and intriguing characters to keep anyone interested.

Akimi said...

Aw, we love you too. :) That "fan meter" is one of the cleverest things I've seen today, I think. BACKPEDAL FASTER, GEEK BOY. :D

Rapunzel's Revenge sounds like something I would read in a heartbeat. I love fairy tale adaptations and Old West-style stories. Win on all fronts! (Seriously, was she riding a giant boar?)

Anonymous said...

Wanted is so bad it will destroy a very happy part of your soul. I read it and I am still pissed about it.


lilmaibe said...

It's really some kind of pity that so many european comics aren't published over in America...(but I already said which european comics would be my personal recommendations, so no need to repeat myself XD )

A guy said...

Someone else mentioned Atomic Robo and I agree that you'd probably like it.

Anonymous said...

It's just my personal obsession, but the Stephen King comics from Marvel are pretty good--there are a few prequel comics for the Dark Tower series, and The Stand is being serialized as a comic, too. And it's awesome.

Just thought I'd throw that in. Yeah.

I'll go away now. X3

Anonymous said...

i can't believe you left out "one more day" where Spiderman makes a deal with the devil, its awesome cause its so against character and... hehe just kidding. but seriously why all the Marvel hate? Don't hate em just cause Frank Miller worked so much with them. Yeah I know they've ruined Spiderman (Satan? no) and Daredevil (I stopped reading after I found out they didn't kill Foggy), uh and Captain America (sorta!) and then the multiverse thingy is confusing as all heck for new readers. AHHH HULK SMASH. yeah i like hulk although the comics don't amount more than Hulk see bad mother trucker, Hulk smash him, and thats it. Then they kill chracters and bring them back to life more than a billion zombie movies. But that aside, there are a lot of strong female characters that aren't weakified to make them "identifiable" to young girls. They're just strong women kicking %#& and taking names. Susan Strom, Black Widow, Araña, Firebird, Gene Grey, Rogue, Storm, shehulk, spider girl, white tiger (the newest one), Electra (yeah I like her so what), X23 (come-on a female clone of The Wolverine how can that not be the coolest thing eva!), I could go on, but Marvel has a huge line up of female super heros were outside of the JLA, super girl, and Teen Titans, uh I honestly couldn't name that many strong female DC characters. Yeah often times Marvel just tacks on woman or girl to an existing male character but at least it leaves things open to kinda explorer what spiderman would be like if he were a girl. I wonder if there will ever be a she-thing or a female clone of reed richards.

anthony said...

The Ender's game comics are really good. Then there's A Criminal and Hedge Knight 1 and 2. I suggest tracking down Marada the She-wolf by Chris Clairmont and John Bolton.

CMWaters said...

Being relatively inept when it comes to comics, it's always good to see someone more informed than I am give suggestions. Especially most of what I know about comic lore comes from TV shows, movies, and reading it off Wikipedia (which that part mostly started to get further background on some of the characters that were used in JLU).

I may have to check out that JLA/Titans book, since 1)I'm more DC than Marvel and 2)I always wondered if they ever did a crossover, and since they did and it was good...well..

Slightly related to the video and mentioned in one comment in a way already...I've always wondered what your opinion was on the relatively indy (compared to some of the bigger companies) comic company AC Comics, specifically one that may or may not clash with your feminist views, FemForce.

Mags said...

I'm loving the sound of Secret Six. Think I'll go looking for that in the new year (I is poor now after buying alot of stuff for people). I think I agree on Marvel not having anything special out recently (Deadpool is awesome though), but hey, maybe things will pick up now that Disney has taken over... XD

*Dodges incoming bullets* AH! I didn't mean it, I DIDN'T MEAN IT!!!

Nice backpedling there, btw. Gave me a good giggle.

Kate Holden said...

Very good recommendations. I've been wanting to check out Simone's run on WW ever since you mentioned it in the prologue. As always, you have good taste in comics backed up by an understanding of what makes them good (or bad, haha).

To add a recommendation to the list from Marvel: 'Runaways' the original Brian K Vaughn/ Adrian Alphona run (so volumes 1-3). An unusual comic for Marvel in its relative stand-alone status (especially volume 1) this is the book that helped me transition into reading American comics from previously being something of a manga purist. It's fun, self-contained and has excellent character development and artwork.

Jeremy A. Patterson said...

CMWaters is right: Femforce is a great book!

The series had just celebrated its 150th issue AND its 25th year of publication! The book tends to treat women with respect! Each issue is thick in comparison to mainstream books, & there are some solid back-ups (especially in the Gargantarama: The Comic Book portion of the book!) like Rowena, Dinosaur Girl, Threeta, Inferna, Miss Masque, The Blue Bulleteer, & Kinetics!

They also publish Green Lama: Man of Strength!

The AC website is: !


Anonymous said...

I keep meaning to try Trinity and I think I'll finally break down and get the first volume soon.

As for Marvel recommendations:
-Incredible Hercules
-Planet Hulk (and World War Hulk to a lesser extent)
-Captain America (Brubaker's run)
-Immortal Iron Fist
-Annhilation (for that epic space opera)
-Runaways (only the stuff that Brian K. Vaughan wrote)
-The Sentry (the original mini-series, which is quite self-contained)
-Inhumans (by the same creative team as The Sentry)

Other ones:
-Criminal. Seriously, Criminal.
-Sleeper (seasons 1 & 2 are now collected into a single volume each)
-Atomic Robo, as someonse else suggested.
-Starman (fantastic in Omnibus form)
-Superman: Secret Identity

Anonymous said...

i have bought some classic Batman and Superman (gold and silver age) collections for my dad for christmas :)


Norris said...

Huh. Linkara recommended three monthlies that I buy regularly. I have good taste!

Now, since Linkara claims to read all the comments, I've got recommendations for him - Mighty Avengers (since Dan Slott took over), Incredible Hercules, and Agents of Atlas (though I think the latter two are combining w/ Atlas as a back-up feature). If you haven't given any of these a look, I think you should. They're all of a more fun vein, and slightly disconnected from the rest of Marvel Universe (in other words...less Norman Osborn, more Greek Gods, killer robots, flying saucers, etc). X-Factor is a good series, if a little weighed down by internal continuity at this point. Peter David manages to write hilarious comics without losing the sense of drama and danger needed to drive a super-hero story.

Also...Amazing Spider-Man and Web of Spider-Man are great. I know, I know, One More Day was the most boneheaded move in recent comics history and the inevitable retcon will be coming just as soon as Joe Q is no longer EIC...but I gotta say these books have gotten me hooked. They're well written, the art is great, and Amazing Spider-Girl continues on in the latter.

And if Linkara hasn't read Stars and STRIPE, he should.

Gamein said...

Funny enough, I knew about Secret Six before you mentioned it, because I played the Versus System card game and Secret Six was one of my favorite decks.

Anonymous said...

I recommend Ms.Marvel. With the exception of the Civil War issues, the book is self contained, so it's perfect for someone who isn't too into Marvel but wants a good old fashion super hero book.

Anonymous said...

Somehow I always figured you didn't like or read Wanted (the comic is meh).

So have you all but stopped reading marvel (short of deadpool)?

Azerth said...

I have to recommend Superman: Man Of Steel,

LördFarkwad said...

Runaways is awesome, haven't read any of the more recent stuff though (anything past vol 6 or 7 of the tradebacks) and probably not going to, although the art is hidious at times.

Wanted was not good (surprised at how many people have already commented saying they also did not like it), the main character was a a-hole, and a character whoms only definable traits is that she is black, kills people and has lots of sex is infinatly more intereasting then him, that is saying something.

mightysamurai said...

Pretty much anything from Grant Morrison's run on JLA is good, but especially Rock of Ages, DC One Million, Strength in Numbers, and World War III (no not the 52 tie-in, the JLA arc).

aaronbourque said...

For Marvel: the current Captain America run has been really good.

Incredible Hercules is another fun series.

And you almost can't go wrong with Cosmic Marvel, especially since Annihilation: Annihilation, Annihilation: Conquest, War of Kings, and the regular series that have spun out of them: Nova v4, Guardians of the Galaxy v2, and the Realm of Kings minis currently coming out.

The various X-Men First Class stuff has been a treat, not always great, but always worth at least a look.

Invincible, though it gets very gorey at times, still has the fundamental correct vision of superhero comics, which is that Heroes should fight Villains.

Atomic Robo's gotten plenty of rec's already.

The current Buffy Season 8 and Angel series are pretty good too, with Buffy having better art but more often weaker stories, while Angel's had better stories but much weaker art (all together, they could make a single great comic, or a single terrible comic!)

Fables has been pretty consistently good.

Hellboy can't get enough mentions.

If you don't mind going back a few years, Grendel is almost always excellent. It has a villain protagonist, but he's not an utter bastard, just very much ruthless.

Another oldie but goodie is the Meltdown two-shot from the 90s, by Image, I think. Hold back your manly tears as you learn what happens when a super isn't completely immune to his own powers.

Mouse Guard! Oh my god, it's slow, but the beauty of the art alone makes up for it.

In a similar vein, Lackadaisy Cats, which should finally be getting a dead-tree printing one of these days. I can't make it a "Christmas" recommendation, though, since I don't think its come out in that format yet. Besides, it's an online comic, so . . . yeah.

And rounding out the furry theme is Usagi Yojimbo. Anyone who's a fan of samurai stories, or interested in learning about feudal Japan in a fun way should definitely check it out.

Back to DC: All-Star Superman. Wednesday Comics. Super Friends (the new series, if you can get past the warped art aesthetics) and Tiny Titans. Also, Shazam: The Monster Society of Evil and Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam are more traditional (and fun!) superhero style tales as is Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade. And finally, anything DCAU related. They're are like 2 or 3 collections of this stuff, so you'd have to do individual issue hunting, but it's worth it, so so worth it. Fun? Let me tell you about fun. Honorable, intelligent escapism without any sensationalism so prevalent in so-called "mature" comics. The cartoons set the standards for intelligent story-telling in a cartoon, and the comic tie-ins did well to keep that standard high.

mightysamurai said...

And Wanted is actually okay if you approach it from the right angle.

You need to look at it more as a psychological study on hedonism and debauchery than an actual story. Sort of a "What if" story about what might happen if a normal person was (A) given fantastic superpowers, and (B) made immune to the consequences of his actions.

It's not "good" exactly, but it is morbidly fascinating.

JeanJacket said...

LOL. I think it's safe to say we all love you too. It's the hat :P

Thanks for making this video! I've been stuck for what to read for a while now and was thinking about checking out some comics. Booster Gold it is, then. And then Revolution of the Mask. :D And I could definitely get that Rapunzel one for my cousin.

(I actually bought volume one of 52 a couple days ago, and I pretty much didn't stop reading it until I was done. Without spoiling it for anyone else reading the comments, I'll just say that my favorite part so far involves Clark Kent being the best reporter ever.

mightysamurai said...

but seriously why all the Marvel hate?

I can't speak for Lewis but my dislike for Marvel is due to the fact that they still haven't really grown out of the "Dark Age" yet. Light-hearted and fun stories are few and far between, and they seem strangely unwilling to write their heroes in an actual heroic light.

You read Superman and you see lots of awe-inspiring, lift-your-spirits moments. One of my favorites is from Kurt Busiek's "Superman: Up, Up and Away!" story where Superman's powers gradually start to come back after he lost them in Infinite Crisis. The shot of the entire city of Metropolis chanting "SU-PER-MAN! SU-PER-MAN!" as he flies over the crowd is just awesome. On the other hand, you read Spider-Man and it's pretty much nothing but ANGSTANGSTANGST all day and all night. That's fine for a while, but there's only so much of that I can take.

That's why I really liked Ultimate Spider-Man and Ultimate Fantastic Four. They have their angsty moments but it's always counter-balanced by generous doses of comedy and genuine heroic moments.

Jeremy said...

Man I gotta say my local comic shop isn't helpful for people new to comics. whenever I ask if something good they never give a solid recommendation. Also have you read hardware and blue beetle?

JdRavnos said...

I'll back up the recommendations for Incredible Hercules. It's lighthearted but still epic, and features likeable-yet-flawed, heroic characters.

Also, while it only lasted 18 issues, Captain Britian & MI13! Seriously this was Marvel's tragically most overlooked series in a while. John Lennon's Skrull double, Dracula invading Britain from his moonbase, a young Muslim woman who wields Excalibur, and Blade working alongside Britain's best superheroes. There's a lot of really good stuff here.

Seriously both of these titles are some of the best books to hit the shelves from Marvel in recent memory.

Anonymous said...

What about Brubaker? Bendis? and WTF do you have against Mark Millar? He's a great writer (whether you like it or not Lewis.) Stop acting like your so much better than your fans seriously...


ShadowWing Tronix said...

Not a single person here, not even Linkara, mentioned Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade (the trade comes out this month). You all disappoint me.

And we all love you, Linkara. I don't think anyone really comes here (or should) to see good reviews alongside the bad. That's what my blog is for! :) (Yes, I snuck in a cheap self-promotion. I need readers. :( ) We'll never leave! Your subliminal messages are working too well. :D

Anonymous said...

i know you dont think that marvel is puttin out anything overly good but i feel they are.....from what i read the whole dark reain(cant spell) line in marvel is good espicaly the dark wolverine line....also there is wolverine weapon is friggin on issue 7 now...but thats just my opinion...if you can find em pick em up and give it a your vids...i watch some comic book reviewers but you are like the god of comic rock man

JeanJacket said...

"JdRavnos said...
...Dracula invading Britain from his moonbase..."

O.o I suddenly feel compelled to go re-read some Dr. McNinja.

JdRavnos said...

"JeanJacket said...

O.o I suddenly feel compelled to go re-read some Dr. McNinja."

I felt the similarity too, but it works. Dr. McNinja did the story for laughs, CB&MI13 uses a similar plot but takes it seriously. There's some humor there, but taking the utterly surreal but making it awesome is what makes superhero comics great in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

"And Wanted is actually okay if you approach it from the right angle."

Shutup. No it is not. Wanted has no value or enjoyment to it what so ever. It completely fails at all accounts and the whole purpose of the book is to piss the reader off. Seriously; if I wanted to examine douchebaggery and an asshole with superpowers I'll watch Crank or even Crank 2 again.

Amred said...

Thanks for the recommendations, Linkara! But forget my friends, they already read comics and know what's good or not. I, on the other hand, just got into comics (due to these reviews, actually!) and need all the recommendations I can get. So in the spirit of holiday Grichiness, I will only buy comics for myself! XD

Also, Wanted isn't that good. I like villain-focus fiction, but Wanted focused on the most boring of the villains, and amounted to just a guy being whiny and privileged while the more interesting characters got ignored. The art is pretty, though, but that's no reason to buy a comic.

aaronbourque said...

ShadowWing Tronix said...

Not a single person here, not even Linkara, mentioned Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade

Hey hey, don't be so hasty there!

aaronbourque said...

Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade.

I mentioned it. A lots more!

Green Ninja said...

Great. Just great. I thought I founf a good christmas gift for my brother with JLA/Titans and then Amazon Germany lists it at 45 bucks and the other site only has it used. -_-

Thanks for the recomendations anyway. I wasn't so sure about Trinity, but now I might give it a shot.

Jeff Groves said...

My recommendations:

Agents of Atlas (Marvel)
Incredible Hercules (Marvel)
Adventures of Scrooge McDuck (Disney)

And definitely agree with your pick of Marvel Adventures. I actually prefer it over the regular Marvel comics: each issue tells a complete story, the scenarios are creative, the artwork is gorgeous, and the writing is top-notch. It reminds me of Paul Dini's Detective Comics: masters of the comic version of the short story, the one-issue plot.

Anonymous said...

Okay, those sound good, but I'm just wondering, what about the Runaways from the Marvel Universe? It's about a group of teenagers who discover that their parents are a group of supervillians, and run away because not only do they discover that they just witness their parents kill an adolecent, but that they themselves have powers in one way or another, and are unsure of what to do. I'm not a good plot summerist, and only looked at the first 6 volumes, but it is at least worth a look.

Anonymous said...

mightysamurai: "And Wanted is actually okay if you approach it from the right angle."

Anonymous: "Shutup. No it is not. Wanted has no value or enjoyment to it what so ever. It completely fails at all accounts and the whole purpose of the book is to piss the reader off. Seriously; if I wanted to examine douchebaggery and an asshole with superpowers I'll watch Crank or even Crank 2 again."

Just because mightysamurai thinks Wanted is ok doesn't mean you have the right to jump on him and tell him to shut up. Respect other opinions, man. Plus, if you have a problem with the book, try backing it up with facts why Wanted sucks.

Personally, I can't say if Wanted is good or not.

Also, Linkara, I'd recommend Green Lantern and Adventure Comics for you as well.

Sabadaba said...

Excellent choices. I've been picking up a few back issues of Booster Gold lately, and loving it. Unfortunately I lost the latest issue I picked up in Toronto. D:

mightysamurai said...

Shutup. No it is not. Wanted has no value or enjoyment to it what so ever.

Oh, my apologies. I had no idea you had been appointed Supreme Pontiff of Human Enjoyment.

Sheesh pal, you need to grow up and realize that *gasp* some people's opinions differ from yours. Shocking, I know, but you're gonna have to learn to deal with it.

Anonymous said...

I thought you were being a prick About Marval but Your right. I just was unlucky enough to read "Thunderbolts:Burning down the house". I have a spliting headache now what the hell did I just read.

ShadowWing Tronix said...

Sorry, Aaron, but you post wasn't up on the site at the time I posted mine. But everyone else still disappoints me. :) Mostly DC for not greenlighting a full series and that Moon Supergirl special I keep asking for. It's like they don't want my money.

I could also recommend an indy that Diamond hasn't put out (thanks to it's current rule system I imagine). Sean Wang's Runners came to my attention when I attended ConnectiCon this year (where I also learned he's written for The Tick, and it was a great read. Sadly, he won't be releasing a "floppy" version of his next, full color arc (currently being posted online at, since the trades are more economical for him at this time. Runners is not only the best online comic (my apologies to Scott Christian Sava's The Dreamland Chronicles), but also gives the aforementioned 8th grader a challenge for "best comic in the history of ever". (Cosmic Supergirl still wins, though.) It's a fun filled, action packed sci-fi story that everyone should be reading, and you can order the first arc via the site.

Anonymous said...

For those saying 'well this is just MY OPINION' know that an opinion is an outlook and like all outlooks we can in fact make the wrong observations or come to the wrong conclusions. Some people legitimately are of the opinion that the Earth is flat or the Earth will end in 2012 but we know that is not the case. Popular entertainment (among other things) tends to be a grey area in this department since it is hard to put an objective value on it. However, if you take a comic as bad Wanted is which anyone can see has incredibly poor dialogue, writing, and an entire atmosphere akin to the dada movement and then you have a few non-intellects saying it is enjoyable 'under the right influence' then the only correct conclusion is they have bad taste and their precious opinions be weeded out before they corrupt others into thinking that Wanted can actually be enjoyable in a genuinely good way without a masochistic desire which does not pay attention to the actual content in question.


Or perhaps I need to lighten up.

mightysamurai said...

For those saying 'well this is just MY OPINION' know that an opinion is an outlook and like all outlooks we can in fact make the wrong observations or come to the wrong conclusions.

So now you're getting all bent out of shape because, in YOUR opinion, other people are forming the "wrong" opinions?

My God man, are you even hearing yourself?

mightysamurai said...

Apologies for that last comment, I missed the last line and assumed you were serious.

JiBé said...

How could we stop watching ? Even when you're ranting against your fans, you make it funny and appealing !

Thanks for those recommendations ; I was actually wondering what to get to my comic-loving friends this Christmas. I just might offer the Technis Imperative...

Other than that, as far as Marvel goes, I highly recommend Incredible Hercules (as others have before me) : it's Marvel's equivalent of Blue Beetle. Smart, fun, hilarious and full of genuine emotional moments.

Joss Whedon's run on Astonishing X-Men is also on my list : one of the best things I have ever read in comics.

And in DC, go read Superman : Secret Identity, by Kurt Busiek and Stuart Immonen. It's actually a good thing for people who don't know much about comics, as it's out of normal continuity and is actually a very simple, character-driven story.

The House of C.R.P said...

The main source I find comics from is a Borders in a shopping center. While I have seen a few other shops, this particular one has the biggest selection.

The notable things I have found there are:

* All four volumes of 52
* Countdown to Final Crisis 51-44 (Only get this if you enjoy pain)
* Crisis on Infinite Earths
* Infinite Crisis
* Many Ultimate Marvel paperbacks
* Green Lantern: To Be a Lantern
* Wonder Woman: Love and Murder
* All volumes of Sin City
* Ronin
* One of the Doctor Who Graphic Novels (Can't remember the name. It takes place during Series 3)
* Various Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, ect Silver and Golden Age paperback collections.
* Almost every single mainstreem Shonen Manga, and some others. (How I started reading Fullmetal Alchemist.)

Any recommendations from this lot?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

The only thing I can recommend is to avoid Wonder Woman: Love and Murder. It's lead-in stuff to Amazons Attack. >_<;

PWBOT said...

Well, if you can find it, World's Funniest is a great read. With all your recommendation being on the humorous side of life, World's Funniest might be your thing, Linkara. It parodies the entire DC multiverse! Batmite and Mxyzpttlk together, wrecking it! Oh, and Frank Miller is even in it, when he didn't suck!

Hound_bound said...

As someone who's just getting into comics and has a lot of comic-reading friends (including two who work at the local comic shop most of the time!), thanks for this - It's given me some great last-minute ideas. So very, immensely appreciated!

((And if a few sound pretty darn awesome to get for myself, well, more's the better))

Anonymous said...

I really wish JMS had come back this year to finish The Twelve.

Irandrura said...

Speaking of JMS, I would add a recommendation for his recent work on Thor. He rebooted the character in a compelling and accessible way for new readers, and removed a lot of the corniness that previously plagued him. I love the art, the plot is complex and interesting, so you definitely want to read more, and while it tends to avoid outright wackiness, certainly has its humorous moments.

So for those who know nothing about it, here's the premise. Ragnarok has already occurred. (I believe in previous titles, though I never read them.) Thor is the sole survivor and vows to rebuild Asgard, which he puts in Oklahoma, next to a small rural town. He then has to travel the world and restore the other Norse gods, who are trapped inside the bodies of mortals. Meanwhile Loki is reborn as a woman and continues his/her plots against the new Asgard.

It is awesome. As a student of mythology myself, I can say that the reinterpretation of traditional mythology, while often diverging a good deal, is fascinating and complex. Powerful themes are examined: like the relationship between gods and humans (especially between Asgard and the town it's next to; plenty of humour here too, and it's actually funny), or like the father-son relationship and reconciliation with the past. They're all well-executed and I, at least, found that I genuinely cared about all the characters.

So I highly recommend Thor. Here are the first two TPBs.

While I don't read that many other comics and can't comment on the rest of Marvel's stable, I think this title is certainly worth reading, and definitely the match of some of DC's equivalents; especially Wonder Woman, which is often good (though even Simone has a few awful WW stories under her belt), but not quite good enough to match Thor in my opinion.

Lastly, um, yes, this is just my opinion. So take it for what it is. :)

Anonymous said...

I emailed Linkara yesterday... asking for recomendations or where to find them. He linked me to this video. Kinda made me feel like an ass, but at least it DID have recomendations. Plus he suggested Booster Gold. I love me some Booster Gold. Best hero ever.

ShadowWing Tronix said...

"* One of the Doctor Who Graphic Novels (Can't remember the name. It takes place during Series 3)"

If you're talking about Doctor Who: The Forgotten, I can't recommend highly enough for any Whovian. (Not sure about non-Whovians, but it is continuity porn done right, and how often does that happen?) Tony Lee wrote that and also writes the current ongoing, and he's fantastic (to quote a certain regeneration). I hope Moffat gives him an episode to write.

Anonymous said...

I gotta join in and also recommend Wanted because there's so much god damn hate. I am perfectly capable of enjoying a character who is himself not intended to be that likeable but maybe that's just me. I find it hilarious myself.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the Marvel Adventures line of books is coming to an end in March, or at least that's what the solicitations tell us.

At least Jeph Loeb's Hulk is still around.

The House of C.R.P said...

(If you're talking about Doctor Who: The Forgotten, I can't recommend highly enough for any Whovian. (Not sure about non-Whovians, but it is continuity porn done right, and how often does that happen?) Tony Lee wrote that and also writes the current ongoing, and he's fantastic (to quote a certain regeneration). I hope Moffat gives him an episode to write.)

I remembered it! It was Agent Provactor!