Saturday, May 22, 2010

History of Power Rangers: Power Rangers in Space

The History of Power Rangers heads into space to bring an end to the Zordon Era.

In Part 2, the conclusion to six years worth of storylines. ‎


Penguin General said...

Wooo more Power Rangers

Anonymous said...

I had almost forgotten about that TMNT series! Damn you Linkara!

Anonymous said...

As always, these are EXCELLENT. I can't wait for the rest of the seasons.

...also, I saw the Locutus of Borg thing coming from a mile away, but it still made me laugh. It was uncanny.

Garret said...


... as well as another adult who still watches the series or at least the good ones

PS. i love your work linkara your a funny man keep doing what you do

Tezzle said...

Power Ranger drinking game: Take a shot every time Linkara says "Psycho."

JS Partisan said...

Seriously Lewis, these reviews may be my favourite videos anyone associated with Channel Awesome have ever done. They are just tremendous and I love forward to each one with all sorts of excitement. They are just tremendous, sir. Absolutely tremendous.

Lew Smith said...

I won't lie, that montage towards the end was pretty darn emotional. I admit I lost interest in the show after Turbo, but I'm glad to see that the Zordon era ended so well.

James E. said...

Linkara you do not disappoint. Kickassia was an excellent series and your HOPR videos are thought provoking AND entertaining.

You put alot of effort and love into your work and it shows in it's quality.

You have earned yourself a new fan this day. May you earn many more.

Sherlock Poirot said...

I love Space, and I also love Galaxy a lot.

Galaxy had one of the most awesome finales ever, and I can't wait for that review.

But back to Space...I can't even remember how long it has been since I watched the finale for the first time, and I still feel like crying every time Zordon dies.

BallsMonkey said...

Well worth the wait. Best episode yet dude.

Penguin General said...

Have you ever considered that the TMNT and Power Rangers exist in different universes, where the other exists only in fiction, and Astromina brought the TMNT to the Power Ranger universe?

Taking South Park Seriously said...

So... the Silver ranger has a Gunblade... Don't let Spoony here that XD

Awesome as allways Linkara!

Darthsylar12 said...

I have waited along time for some one to give power rangers the needed analysis and credit it deserved. Though mocked for being cheesy, kidsy and everything wrong with ninties child proved beyond a doubt that it was story that drove the actions, not special effects. Characters not color coated monsters were battling epic evil not petty annoyances and In Space proved that point. Though I grew up with the post In Space, I have watch most of the Zordon Era and have missed the growing story line. You have given a new audience the chance to see what I still argue with my chums, a kids show that should be remembered by us as adults and shaped our minds for postiveness rather than the rampant stupidity of Pokemon...digimon is ok!

Pokeprof said...

Fantastic, Linkara, and a true nod to everything the Zordon Era stood for. Love to see Bulk and Skull at their finest, and fantastic to see the Rangers at their greatest.

May the Power protect you.

Derangel said...

Very good videos. In Space is my favorite PR series, at least of the ones I watched. I see on Twitter you are going through Lightspeed which is the series that almost killed PR for me. I tuned in and out of Turbo, but the end of it really made me want to see In Space. I was actually growing out of PR before In Space aired, but I watched it because it was on. Turbo probably would have been the last series I watched had it not been for how good In Space was. That season was what kept me watching through the end of Time Force, which was the end of the series for me.

Anyway, that thing with the magic tears. Yeah I always just chalked it up to Zordon's wave of goodness doing the curing, just it taking a bit longer due to Carone being slightly dead. And of course also for dramatic effect to keep the children sad after the death of Zordon. It was a good moment that let people know that even though Zordon was dead and gone everything would be alright.

Now I can't wait for your look at Lost Galaxy. I'm wondering if you'll have some of the same issues with it as I did, along with some of the same praises. Though I'm hoping you royally rip Lightspeed (specifically the Green Ranger) a new one.

Kate Holden said...

I always look forward to new instalments of this.
I love astronema's retro space opera look, it's like some kind of amazing 80s glam rock meets Flash Gordon meets oldskool anime thing. If I was evil and in space, I would totally dress like that, it's awesome!

The House of C.R.P said...

This was amazing. Sadly, I never got a chance to see In Space, and it wouldn't have helped when it was on since I really saw Power Rangers as a guilty pleasure.

And I guess Doctor Who is the absolute proof that you don't need good special effects to be great.

So next is Lost Galaxy, one of the only two series I saw of this show.

Oh. I recently red this article about Judd Lynn, one of the main writers of the show, and his experience. Apparently, if the Sentai footage was problematic here, it was even worse in Time Force, Buuuuttt....I think that's another story.....

John Wells said...

Bulk and Skull, heroes the likes of which mankind may never see again. Without weapons, or powers, these two stand up as two of the most bad ass men on the planet against an army. Bulk, Skull, I salute you!

dxInt said...

I love these videos, you do a terrific job. Thanks!

johnboy3434 said...

As awesome as Power Rangers in Space was, I don't know if I would consider it the end of the "continuous story" era of the show. Yes, Lost Galaxy had an all new team of rangers and main villains.

However, it also carried over Bulk, Professor Phenomenous, Karone, and Alpha 6 as recurring characters. In addition, we had a cameo from Skull in the first episode, as well as the soon-to-be-obligatory team-up episodes, which featured the brief return of both the Space Rangers and the Psycho Rangers.

It really wasn't until Lightspeed Rescue that the series started severing any and all ties with its history. From that point on, the team-ups became the only indication that the shows even occupied the same universe.

Jer Alford said...

I'm the Blue Ranger, and so is my wife!!!

animehater said...

You should' have played the theme song more it was my favorite. Next time you should also try advertising the next installment by playing the following seasons theme song or somethin.

johnboy3434 said...

"Have you ever considered that the TMNT and Power Rangers exist in different universes, where the other exists only in fiction, and Astromina brought the TMNT to the Power Ranger universe?"

While that certainly is possible, it's also noticeable that Ninja Storm had a character referencing the rangers as comic book characters, even though the Dino Thunder team-up showed unequivocally that they were part of the same dimension.

People trying to put out PR merchandise (like comics) in the wake of their fame is certainly plausible, as are head-in-the-sand conspiracy theorists who would think it's all a hoax (see: moon landing). That also happens to be the case with the much-maligned Masked Rider TV series.

While the A Friend in Need three-parter established the rangers' involvement as integral to Dregon's decision to attack Earth, the series itself retconned the circumstances to make no mention of the rangers' existence. Then, years later, an episode of PR has a character watching the MR series on TV. The simplest solution is that, like the unseen PR comics, the MR TV show was a secondhand account of Dex's struggle with Dregon, released for public entertainment in the wake of Dregon's defeat.

Meanwhile, the single issue of the Masked Rider comic featured a team-up with the rangers, so this was presumably the real fictional MR, as opposed to the fictional fictional MR. Got all that?

Campbell said...

And thus is the end of Power Rangers' Golden Age.

Golden Age: Zordon Era (Focus on Magic, everything starts, ends in a crisis)
Silver Age: Remainder of Saban's Run (Focus on Sci-Fi, crazy stuff happens, loved by fans)
Bronze Age: Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder (Intermediary Period)
Dark Age: Kalish Era (Everyone hates it)
Modern Age: RPM Onward

Interesting, huh?

James said...

Why does Professor Phenomenous sound like Stan Lee after a stroke?

Joel said...

Anyone else think the bridge is a total rip off of the the Defiant bridge from Star Trek: DS9?

DesertEagle said...

Um, Linkara, why didn't you point out that if Zordon could simply sacrifice himself to rid the universe of evil why did he wait six seasons to do so? That is just as dumb as the tears if not more so.

Matt said...

This was interesting, as we're now completely into territory well after I'd stopped watching the Power Rangers. Power Rangers in Space is the first series that makes me wish I hadn't. Can't wait for the rest of the series!

(And it's not just me - Astronema with the red bob cut is pretty cute, right?)

Shaded Spriter said...

This was an interesting review for me - I dropped out during turbo but never thought I had missed anything until I tried to pick it up again at lost Galaxy and realized things had changed. I have unfortunately never watched any of in space but wish greatly that I had. It will be interesting to see you go through more of the seasons I mostly missed until you get up to SPD.

Also Power Rangers is back on now. YAY! Saban

ShadowWing Tronix said...

Taking South Park Seriously said...
So... the Silver ranger has a Gunblade... Don't let Spoony here that XD

Sir or Ma'am (this being the internet), the Silver Ranger's weapon makes the Final Fantasy Gunblade look like a cheap cap gun. It was an awesome weapon, probably one of the best solo weapons in the series.

While I still claim Time Force as my favorite of the series, In Space was probably the best, and certainly the most developed. It saddens me when a show waits until the last season to pull this stuff off, as it makes you wonder how awesome it could have been. (See also reports I've heard of the final season of Enterprise, easily the bastard child of the Star Trek..I guess it's a multiverse now, thanks to Abrams.)

Yavetill said...

An awesome review. I remember being so excited about this series and a having a major crush on Astronoma, also I remember almost crying when the whole Zordon sacrifices himself for the good of the universe, that was something just epic, six years of seeing this whole journey and the finale was just epic, after this I don't remember seeing any more seasons I guess I kinda of just stopped, for me Zordon = MMPR

Xel Unknown said...

OH MY GOD, the Magaship! I loved that god dam spaceship so much. I wasn't the best of TV watchers in my youth, I mean, I didn't end up watching every eps, and I personally regret that.

Now on to Lost Galaxy... Another of my three personal PR sesons. In Space was where I got really into Power Rangers, the other's before it, were 'just there' for me I knew it existed, I just didn't get into watching much.

Michael said...

I think the one thing that bugged me about Power Rangers In Space was how they treated Ecliptor. Yes, he was evil, but he showed more "good" qualities like loyalty and self-sacrifice, with his loyalty being with Astronema over Dark Spector. It's a real shame that at the end, he gets reduced to dust while Rita and Zedd are redeemed. The only "good" qualities those two showed were... um... mind-controlling someone into marrying you?

CZ said...

God DAMN I LOVED Eliptor.

Especially liked that one episode where he and Darkonda fused into ... Darkliptor? Ekonda? I don't remember what, but, still, awesome.

Probably one of my favorite seasons (since it's the only one I can thoroughly remember.)

Andrew said...

An excellent review of an excellent series. I have to say though, I'm glad sfdebris let you use "Under Pressure", because I can think of no other song that would fit this ending better. In Space was a lot of fun to rewatch prior to this review, and you covered pretty much everything I wanted you to. Thanks for this again Linkara, and I'm looking forward to the next one! Until then, see ya!

Anonymous said...

It's true that while Space was originally thought to be the last season of Power Rangers, it did contribute a small bundle of ideas to future Power Rangers seasons: somewhat complex character development, the choice of good and evil or being born with either, the Red Ranger power armor booster, and some others I probably forgot to mention. The TMNT crossover, however, was definitely a Big Lipped Alligator Moment, so let us never speak of it again, shall we?

Zordon may be dead after this season, but evil forces still run amok, if they weren't a part of the United Alliance of Evil. At least that's my guess of why Power Rangers are needed to fight off future threats. That and the fact that Zordon's power still lives on in each new Ranger team. With the age of Zordon is now finished, the Power Rangers Renaissance, as I like to call it, begins next season once we explore the Lost Galaxy. Sorta.

R said...

While many often complain Zordon should have ordered the destruction of his energy tube as soon as the dumpster was opened in the first episode, I think it was the destruction of Dark Spectre that is key.

Before it might have been unlikely that Zordon's energy wave would have done anything to Dark Spectre and merely would have worked as a temporary measure by killing or purifying his forces. All it would do is push the final battle farther off. Since Astronema and Darkonda's actions led to Dark Spectre's death, only the foot soldiers remained a threat and the energy wave became much more viable. Was it a quick out for the writers? Sure. But it was also a a great moment and a worthy tribute to the phrase "may the power protect you".

Is it true you are only going through to Lightspeed Rescue, Lewis? Time Force is actually pretty good. It features the first Ranger working for a private enterprise as well as having Rangers that don't kill and villains that are mutated humans (a persecuted minority striking back at the sterile and perfection obsessed humanity of the future.) And if you liked Ecliptor, you'll love Frax. "Frax's Fury" is easily one of the best episodes of the series.

While Wild Force is admittedly lame has some pretty good team-ups, especially Forever Red. It's the last "Saban" season, I hope the series goes on that long, just as a new Saban era is about to begin.

Juan said...

In Space was one of the best seasons, i remember stop watchign turbo after just a few episodes, and when I was channel surfing I stumbled acros the first episode of in Space and I was hooked again.

But for me Time Force was the best season, it dealed with more adult themes for being a kids show, and actualy deads happened on screen, and the change of the pink ranger being the actual leader of the team.

KAW said...

I only have two things to say 1) No mention about why they do those movement before the morph. 2) I refuses to acknowledge that TMNT PR crossover it never happen.

Travis said...

Oh lord, this is far and away my favorite season, so it makes me happy to hear Linkara loved it too. Especially Countdown to Destruction, which is legendary in the fandom. There wasn't much this episode didn't do right, and I couch-bounced do much during CTD...
Bulk and Skull are the heart of PR. Which is kinda scary, yet cool, when you think about it.

Joshua the Anarchist said...

Ah, so this is why you were tweeting about "Under Pressure", I was wondering what you'd use it for. I doubt SFDebris would've been upset if you hadn't asked him, but then there are plenty of assholes who love to complain for no reason that probably would've never left you alone about it, so better safe than sorry. Besides, there really aren't many songs that can quite capture that feeling.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who had a crush on Rita as a kid?

Rhomega said...

I remember first seeing a PRiS promo while my brother was playing a demo for a game called Uprising. I knew at that moment that Space had the greatest theme song, and I still think that today.

Space is one of my favorite series. The uniform outfits were cool, the space theme was cool (it really felt like Power Rangers were going to the next level, as it were), the Psycho Rangers were awesome, though I feel Zhane was one of the weaker sixth rangers.

Overall, great stuff. Keep at it Linkara!

Drago said...

Ah, In Space. The first season I started watching semi-regularly, and at the same time the last of an era. Even though secondary features of it would carry over into Lost Galaxy, like the Megaship, DECA, Alpha 6, and Bulk and the Professor. And Karone, but that's a discussion for LG.

Watching your review, it seems there's several good episodes during Space's run that I missed either when it aired or during reruns. I'll have to go back and watch all of PR at some point to catch all the episodes I missed at various points for various reasons. And I've digressed again.

As with everybody, the things I loved about Space were the plot, quality of writing, and of course, the awesome villains. Astronema....of all the villains played by human actors, she stands at the top. She actually had a three-dimensional personality and a good backstory. And the fact that she kept changing her physical appearance made her more fun, IMO. Ecliptor, as you said, was a total badass. I love that about the honorable villains. Darkonda, of course, was a perfect foil to Ecliptor, and he was also fun to follow through the series. But the do-all, end-all villains for this show had to be the Psycho Rangers. Absolutely genius move on the part of....technically the writers of Megaranger, but they were well-implemented in Space as well. I like the fact that they even had identities behind the suits as well (which I'm surprised you didn't touch on), they were unique monsters in their own right. It's just a shame they didn't actually morph, per se.

I guess I really don't have any criticisms, good or bad, to make on your review this time around, because my thoughts on the season line up fairly well with your own. Keep up the good work, and here's looking forward to Lost Galaxy.

Infinitehope said...

Wow. Very touching ending. Great stuff!

Benjamin said...

In Space was my favorite season until RPM

ダン セミナラ said...

Wow, the basic concept of that Adam episode was almost ripped from an episode of the Sentai.

Except in Megaranger it was the Red Ranger who accidently attacked a child and nearly killed him. The kid spent almost the entire episode in the hospital on the verge of death. Strangely enough it wasn't the same episode that monster was taken from. It was atcually the first apprarance of Girail, Darconda's equivilant.

However, this thing being made by Linkara, I need to address one episode; Episode 21. It's the episode after the rangers get the second Megazord, and has the villains getting its specs and using a ray to be able to control it. The rangers use the first Megazord to fight it as its destroyig the city, but eventually it turns into Power Rangers: Neutro Force as the rangers get their own controlling beam and they basically have to fight it out for control of the giant robot. Fortunately it only takes minutes and not months.

And good call leaving iNet in the background of that one shot where they slide down the poles to get the third Megazord. iNet is the government organization that the rangers work for.

And kamakaze'ing the spaceship into Dark Specter's mouth is reminiscent f a moment in Carranger when the rangers have to do that with the "rubber band ball" ship into Exhaus who swallowed the car constillations that were the source of the rangers' power. Cool reference.

Anonymous said...

You know, when you orgininaly started this series (you know, a whole month and a half ago) I didn't expect it to be much. The only reason I tuned in to the first video was because... well, you were the one behind it.

I'll admit that I had maybe seen five episodes of MMPR as a little kid. It just wasn't my thing. But even with my lack of knowledge, the way you narrate it makes it easy for me to follow. And, actually, this ranks up there with AT4W for me. I look forward to every episode, and there hasn't been a bad one yet.

Good job, Linkara. Can't wait for Lost Galaxy!

Ryan said...

Great work with the History of Power Rangers so far. As someone who watched the first three seasons of Power Rangers as a kid and then sort of fell out of it during Zeo, this series has been a real treat.

Power Rangers is one of those shows from my childhood that I remember very fondly and I've always wondered how the season progressed beyond the Mighty Morphin' era. At one point I was going to try and watch the Power Rangers from start until at least Dino, but I made it to about season 2 before I lost focus and moved onto other things.

Watching the filler episodes was, for me, a bit of a painful task and really all I wanted was to get to the meat of the plot. This series serves that role perfectly and I appreciate all the work you've put into it.

PWBOT said...

Great video as alway Linkara. Now Power Rangers get relevant to me as we get to Lost Galaxy, the first Power Ranger series I started watching on a regular basis. (I might have seen snippets of In Space, but bad memory fails me.)

Lord Seth said...

Ecliptor's death annoyed me also (how the heck do Rita/Zedd/Divatox get "purified" but he didn't?), and I was also disappointed the Zane/Astronema thing went nowhere.

I do think the season is a bit overrated though. There's way too much filler early on and after how much DarkScepter was built up, it was a real disappointment for him to pretty much stay out of the way the whole time and then get destroyed rather anticlimactically. The Rangers don't even fight the guy. My favorite season is RPM, and I'm looking forward to seeing your comments on it. Keep up these videos, they're awesome! (and as I'm a major fan of sfdebris, I'm glad you plugged him) Which video did he use that song in, though? I can't remember.

It saddens me when a show waits until the last season to pull this stuff off, as it makes you wonder how awesome it could have been. (See also reports I've heard of the final season of Enterprise, easily the bastard child of the Star Trek..I guess it's a multiverse now, thanks to Abrams.)

The fourth season of Enterprise was a massive improvement, but I believe they didn't actually know it was the final season until they were working on the final episodes of it. The reason it improved wasn't because they knew it was the last season, it's because Rick Berman and Brannon Braga finally took a backseat and let Manny Coto take charge (notably, when Berman and Braga returned to write the finale, it sucked big time). Though the possibility of cancellation was what made the series improve (somewhat) in the third season.

The Vigilante said...

Perfect synopsis, Lewis! You hit every point that needed to be touched in this season. Great work! Especially covering Countdown to Destruction. Oh man, what an episode! I love Bulk and Skull at the end. It makes me laugh every time, but it's also awesome to see them put it all on the line for the sake of heroes they didn't totally know.

Besides the one you put the caption on, there were two other moments where I was screaming "KISS HER, YOU IDIOT!" at Andros in the episode, too. The first was on KO-35 when they were saying goodbye. The second was on the Megaship when they were about to leave the colony. Their romance was great and I was glad to see it included throughout the season.

I like your line about the Psycho Rangers never hurting anyone again. Oh noes, foreshadowing!

Can't wait to see you dig into Lost Galaxy! I did see your tweet about the clip show episode, and I agree, that one was disappointing, but I'm hoping that you liked the rest of the season. May the power protect you!

Animikean said...

I didn't think much of Power Rangers when it was on, there was Batman TAS and other shows with deeper story lines, slicker looks and the feel that you had to know more than a kid does to truly get the show.

But as I watch your summations I'm floored by how dedicated you are to pull themes and development from a series that's so easy to dismiss without thought. You're devoted, but honest and I'm truly inspired.

I want to make work that merits that kind of care and admiration. I've given lip service to the idea that budget does not quality make, but maybe I'm still holding onto a separation between a high and low brow and that kind of talk can only get in my way.

Mountain King said...

First of all it's good to see you give SFdebris his props. I stumbled upon his T
hreshhold review and have been hooked ever since.

Now on to Power Rangers. I have to admit I never really got over the first few episodes of Turbo and gave up the ghost. It wasn't until Time Force that I picked up the serise again. Looking back on that it was a mistake, PRIS was a fantastic example of how Power Rangers had a lot more to it than kids in costume.
It even had acting, honest to god acting!
Also you hit a point that I will always defend. You don't need flashy graphics or special effects as long as you've got a good plot and conversely fantastic effects are not a good replacement for plot. Classic Doctor Who is a fantastic example of the former while the Transformer movies are the letter.
Fantastic work

Anonymous said...

dude part one won't play man whats wrong with the video i want to see it

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"dude part one won't play man whats wrong with the video i want to see it"

It's playing just fine for me. If you're still having trouble, go to the site's link and download the flash file to watch.

Anonymous said...

I am really enjoying your Talking about each season and I so can not wait to hear what you think about Dino Thunder and SPD as I totally Love those Seasons

KKDW said...

I never watched Power Rangers as a kid (my parents wouldn't let me) so really all I ever saw of it was the title seqeunce, the TMNT Crossover (which I think I found just from channel hopping and continued watching just to see what the f*** was going on...incidentally I never watched the original TMNT cartoon or Next Mutation) and an episode of Ninja Storm which I decided to watch to see what the show was like. I hated it. Also after watching Marzgurl's Power Rangers video on TGWTG I thought to myself "man this show sucks I'm glad I never watched it", however you're videos have me thinking that actually this show has some really good things going for it and I really woudln't mind giving it a watch, espicially this season. Also, I really liked Ecliptor's design, that was really cool!

Anonymous said...

And this is the season after which I stopped watching Power Rangers
The storyline was concluded leaving no loose-ends, and the thought of continuing beyond this point just seemed like a cash-in to me

Now after seeing the Sentai series this season was based off, I'm surprised to see how many plot-points from Megaranger they kept
For example the episode where Carlos accidental injures Cassie in a fight and looses his confidence as a result is nearly identical to the episode where Kenta (Mega Red) during a fight ends up accidentally hitting a bystander (a child on top of that) and almost kills him, Kenta becoming traumatised as a result (the scene itself was actually pretty graphic for Sentai standards and the child had to be operated)
Also Astronema's scheme of using Psycho Rangers to weaken Dark Specter is identical to how Dr. Hinelar used the Nejirangers against King Javious the First

Also nice seeing how Yugande(Ecliptor) and Guirali(Darkonda) actually both retained their original Sentai personalities (unlike MANY of their predecessors)

The relationship between Ecliptor and Astronema is also similar to that of Dr. Hinelar and Shibolena

Also, em I the only one who thinks that Profesor Phenomenus has mannerism similar to that of Stan Lee?

And finally as an otherwise raving Sentai I must say that Power Rangers in Space was the first time the show has ever reached Sentai levels of quality
(haven't seen the later seasons, so can't tell if they ever came close again)

Lili said...

Well, there goes my "what was I doing, being up at 4AM to get to work" nap. I'm going to have to watch this entire season now. I had never been that big a TV watcher, and had only seen the original series because the daycare I went to turned it on to shut up the mass of screaming children. Once out of that hellhole, I stopped watching. And now I can see what I missed, and as an adult, I have the means of being able to see the series I missed.

... I am going to be so tired this week, trying to watch all this and still work at my jobs.

Telyra said...

Great video, as always ^^

Say, can you tell me, which episode was the one with the Rangers on the talkshow? I can't remember such a episode at all o_O"

But I must admit, I acutally liked Next Mutation only because of Venus and her out-of-nowhere magical powers.

Anonymous said...

Love it, almost got teary. Your reviews are awesome can't wait for more!

Kreachure said...

I will be eternally grateful to your tremendous efforts on making this series, Linkara.

I happened to find a collection of Power Rangers themes and songs that you may be interested in. (It's called "OST", but it's a mashup of songs from many places.) It seems it doesn't have the song you said you couldn't find, but I wanted to share it with you in case you were looking for any other of these songs or something. Here's the link:

You can find more info here:

Hope it helps... :)

The Question said...

Call me a romantic fool but I find the last scene's of Lord Z and Rita to be quite lovely.

Oh yes, and Bulk and Skulls charge was epic.

Vezon said...

Ecliptor looks an awful lot like a certain Devil May Cry enemy...
Aside from that, fantastic work as always. I've never been a fan of Power Rangers, but this series has allowed me to look beyond the dialogue and certain fight scenes.
Have an Internet, good sir.

Siko said...

i agree Linkara count down to destruction was the best power rangers episode that has ever created... besides MMPR this is my favourite season ever.. cant wait for Galaxy season, i aint gonna lie i hated that lost galaxy lol

Oufer Godsake said...

"dude part one won't play man whats wrong with the video i want to see it"
You don't have to hide it Anonymous, we know you're really 90sKid. :) <3

Anonymous said...

I remember having an action figure of the Phantom Ranger for Christmas around the time this was airing. I lost it the very same day and have never seen it since.

Yes,I am still bitter.

lourodd said...

This what I never understood: how can Zordon actually die? In this dimension, he is obviously an energy being. Energy can't be destroyed, only contained. So if anything, Zordon should just be dispersed throughout the galaxy. He's practically immortal. At least, that's what I think....

NGT said...

This is going to be a long one, because...well this is my first time talking about In Space.

I don't terribly like In Space. There, I said it. (I expect your torches and pitchforks shortly.) I think the guy playing our lead Ranger for this evening is a horrible actor. (Though the carried-over Turbo team performs well.) I think the writing was not in the slightest improved from Turbo. The concept work was much better resulting in a more even experience, but the actual writing wasn't really improved. But most of all, I don't think In Space is actually a series.

Most shows, even new seasons with new casts, take a little bit to find their place. In Space never really did, and I think it's for the same reason most people praise it. The franchise was about to die, so they pulled a Final Fantasty and pulled out all the stops. It left nothing to clean and polish the result, and stringing together continous awesome put tremendous stress on the overall storyline, stress that it couldn't handle. Thus in the final analysis a lot of the series plot (aren't you guys looking for Zordon!?) and many other things that establish a degree of continuity gets lost. In Space isn't really a series. It's a collection of one-shots, not really connected or flowing.

Now, it wasn't the first series of Power Rangers to do this. Mighty Morphin' could get this way at times, but they had Tommy to weld it all back together again when things began to get too unglued for the first two seasons. The third had Kat to do the same. Zeo had the Gold Ranger and the Aquatians. In Space's Silver Ranger doesn't do that. He could, but he's not written into the plot that way. He actually makes it worse. The hunt for Zordon could also have done this, but doesn't get used for it either.

Space saved the franchise by being undoubtedly awesome, but maturity came to the franchise with Lost Galaxy and Lightspeed Rescue, and for that reason I prefer them over In Space.

I wasn't really a fan of the In Space theme at first, but I must admit by the end of the series, hearing it every time they formed the Megazords made my day.

You didn't mention the morphing sequence, so let's bring it out!

Tighten up reality gangster
Stigma through idiot hearing
Keep frustration clear
Patience open ahead
Getting away with it lead
Some distant memory drove
Get the message
Discipline all remains
Wish double editorals cover

No, I haven't got a clue either. There's another line that's always covered in the sequence.

The combination of Delta Megazord and Astro Megazord really annoyed me in that it didn't ever FIRE those huge honking gatling guns on its shoulders. It wasn't until Lightspeed Rescue we got a Megazord that both clearly had enough firepower to level a city, and actually used it.

Adam coming was in the middle of a string of episodes I wasn't fond of. I was pathetically greatful for it. To some extent, I still am.

Locutus of KO-35. Well-played sir, well-played. Though as you note, it's possible to brainwash someone too well...

The problem with the Hummer episode? They called it a tank. THEY CALLED IT A TANK. THAT'S NOT A FUCKING TANK. IT'S NOT EVEN AN ARMORED VEHICLE.

I didn't even think they were magic tears. Z-wave. Didn't want to believe that was going to screw up like that. Still don't.

One of the things you didn't touch on about this season, but I think they were really trying to convey, is that evil cannot conquer on its own. It must corrupt the tools and the people that good uses to win. It's a surprisingly realistic take on the concept of evil for this sort of show. It's not quite cloaking the Second World War behind economic recovery for Germany, but it's the same general concept.

Anonymous said...

It's playing just fine for me. If you're still having trouble, go to the site's link and download the flash file to watch.

how? seriously i don't know use the site link and download it seriosliy
im new to this stuff can you help
me please.

Anonymous said...

part 1 don't play is there error
in blip cause there i saw son videos that don't play they just
end whats the problem with blip.
note im the same guy who cant watch
the first one

Andy said...

I'm surprised to did not mention that in the full version of the Space theme as the line "Long live the powers rangers" which is awesome. Also only three/four more videos until my favorite season of PR.

Jok said...

I stopped watching Power Rangers when Zeo started and looking back I pretty much gave up because I really hated the helmets. I didn't watch Turbo either, mostly bacause even for me as a kid Justin was pretty damn ridiculous. Because of a friend I started watching again during the In Space season and I have some fond memories of it. I freaking loved the space theme and how baddass Astronema was (sure, I was like 10, but I had the hots for her). The story was just awesome. The only thing that bothered me was when Atronema became good and lost that cool heavy metal she had and became just another boring blonde kimberly clone. Hell, she even became the pink ranger in the next season. Why couldn't she keep a baddass look after becoming good? But I guess this only shows that I already had headbanger tedencies as kid \m/

Frankie Addiego said...

Linkara, I'm surprised at you: I say the whole idea of, "yeah, you expect me to believe that there could be humans on other planets," is just something envisioned just to bash on Superman. Is it any less plausible that humans exist on other planets than, say, every planet being round whether they're gas or solid? Or other planets being blue? Or other planets having moons?

Anonymus said...

I cannot wait for Dino Thunder, that's the one I grew up on, and it kicked a hell of a lot of ass!

Truce Weston said...

awesome videos and reviews as always from the master himself, Linkara!

I forgot about the live action TMNT show! very surreal seeing the two franchises mix like this! Points for trying, but otherwise forgettable.

So until Krang comes up with an epic plan to try and take over the universe that doesn't suck, MAKE MINE LINKARA!

MFlorian said...

Did the Bumblebee monster appear in a previous season? I actually had the action figure for it and way before In Space had even started. I thought it was just in an episode I hadn't seen.

Derek Bown said...

I used to love the Power Rangers as a kid, but since we didn't really have a TV I was never able to watch them in any sort of order. Watching these reviews has been great, especially since I've been able to see how the different series connected. I have to say, Kudos for not being ashamed of liking the Power Rangers. Anytime someone used to bring up that I used to watch Power Rangers as a kid I'd just shrug and say something along the lines of, "We all watched weird stuff as kids." Now I'm just going to tell them, "Yeah, I loved Power Rangers as a kid. They were cheesy, but it was delicious cheese, not imitation Kraft cheese."

SchweitzerMan said...

I don't think I ever watched Power Rangers after Zeo. I had heard about Power Rangers Turbo but as you said previously, the Zords were cars and to be honest, it just looked stupid.

However, after watching this review of "In Space", I almost want to go on youtube and watch every episode if I can find it. You took something that I thought was kid's stuff and turned it into something epic. After the video ended I smacked myself and said, "Why didn't I watch this when it was on TV?"

Anyway, good stuff and I loved the use of Bowie and Queen.

PS: Sorry if you've been asked this a million times but do you have any plans to attend Power Morphicon this August?

bmb2jn said...

The Turtles thought the Rangers were pretend, even though they were on the news all the time (they use giant robots to fight giant monsters, how can you miss them?) yet the Rangers know who the Turtles were, even though they hide in the sewers and are almost never seen by others?

Yeah, the Power Rangers/TMNT crossover. Great Concept, Horrible Delivery.

bmb2jn said...

The Dark Rangers wasn't the first time there were evil Power Rangers. Twice in season one Rita cloned the Power Rangers to form her own "evil" Rangers.

A Bad Reflection on You


Mighty Morphin Mutants

SchweitzerMan said...

Something that I just though for a second. Alpha 5 and Zordon left together to go back to...wherever it was, I forget. And then we see that Zordon gets captured.

So what happened to Alpha 5?

Anonymous said...

Haha, so I wasn't the only one who thought of Spartacus during that scene

Anonymous said...

Ah, Next Mutation
the series that Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird themselves refuse to admit ever existed and did everything in their power to erase any trace of it

Also a pretty random crossover
Even Mystic Knights would make more sense

Anonymous said...

ahhh very good as usual I am always glad that there are other fans who took the show a little more seriously then what you would expect, although the writers did a fairly good job in tying up alot of the loose ends except 1, where the hell was NINJOR, maybe he was with the Aqution(sp) rangers and such but I can't remember what he was doig during In Space does anyone know? Anyway as always keep up the good work.

J. J. Ramsey said...

Frankie Addiego: "Is it any less plausible that humans exist on other planets than, say, every planet being round whether they're gas or solid?"

Yes, it is less plausible, hugely so. Planets being roughly spherical is a simple result of gravity, while the morphology of human beings is a by-product of assorted chance events in our evolutionary history.

Bear in mind than our own resemblance to other animals has a lot to do with common descent. For example, that most vertebrates (including us humans) share a body plan that has a head and four limbs likely has to do with vertebrates sharing a common ancestor that had a head and four limbs. There is no guarantee that on another planet there would be vertebrates as we know them, let alone that one species of them would happen to have a four-limbed body, or that the four-limbed species would have ape-like descendents.

Ing said...

"Is it any less plausible that humans exist on other planets than, say, every planet being round whether they're gas or solid? Or other planets being blue? Or other planets having moons? "


Ruesch said...

Linkara, out of curiosity does each video you upload have a maximum time limit of thirty minutes or something?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Linkara, out of curiosity does each video you upload have a maximum time limit of thirty minutes or something?"

Nope, but it's a lot to download already as you're watching, so for simplicity's sake if a video is going over forty minutes I split it into two parts.

Anonymous said...

Now Now Linkara, the Phantom Ranger could be easily be Zordon's Son. Zordon didn't exactly stay on Eltar. Though the Idea of Zordon having sex is just kinda...
*Giant Naked Blue Man! with a Giant Naked Blue Wang!*

Anyway, While I know your going full speed into Lost Galaxy. Maybe now would be a good time to go back a reflect on the Zordon era, And Discuss those things you didn't get time to talk about or the subjects you cut for time. Like "Doomsday", or some other episode, or Maybe The Characters themselves, Hell T.J being a red ranger that isn't characterized by the single fact he can kick your ass,*Glares at Tommy* but for his more friendly intelligent style, atleast deserves a mention. and Andros for clearly having flaws.

Also Andros and T.J both fill the leader Role, Andros is a more real version of Tommy, He has the drive and fierceness, but T.J provides the Brains and emotional support.

Also, Carlos is still the "Dud" of the In Space rangers, Kinda like Trini,Aisha or Rocky... The Character that's just kinda there.
Everybody else develops a good bit but Carlos just never seemed to interest me. Hell You Watch the Adam episode for Adam, not Carlos... and it's suppose to be about Carlos!!!

Chilly Willy said...

Anyone else feel a bit unsatisfied by Rita and Zedd's send off? They were the main antagonists for half of the series up until now and after season 3 they were mostly pushed aside. From the looks of things didn't even get any episodes focusing on them after Zeo.

Aside from that this season was definitely a step up from Turbo. Now it's time to watch today's AT4W.

Chup@Cabra said...

Holy crap!

I just saw the first few seconds of this review and learned something.

I had no idea that the TMNT and Power Rangers did a crossover show, cool! ^_^

Jeff said...

Fantastic review, just like the rest of the seasons so far. I actually didn't expect much from this one but found out through your video about a lot of things that happened that kinda made me wish I stuck around to watch Space.

I look forward to your review of Lost Galaxy. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

It took them THIS long to figure-out that they should retain the personalities of characters they imported from Super Sentai?

Seriously, it was sad at times to see how downgraded the Power Rangers villains were compared to their Sentai counterparts

Bandora - a sorceress driven insane by the grief of loosing her child, wishing to make everyone else in the world go trough the same pain as her.
Rita - a stereotypical witch that wants to destroy the world just for the sake of being evil

Grifforzer - a proud warrior, devoted to his queen and a loving husband (and later father)
Goldar - a brutish goon

Gasha Skull - a cold-hearted, scheming strategist
Rito - a bumbling idiot

Zelmoda - the sadistic field-commander of a gang of planet-wreckers
Elgar - you said it yourself

I know you said Power Rangers should be judged by it's own merits, but it's not like they couldn't take inspiration from well written characters they were already working wit anyway.

xeo said...

Likara, I felt the same way about "In space" when it ended. It really felt like Power Rangers was over. I pretty much stopped watching PR after this.
I have to admit, I did watch a little a lost galaxy but not a whole lot. All I can remember from that is the cross over between the lost galaxy and space rangers. I remember it being awesome, but that was years ago lol.

Anonymous said...

I think the reason Divatox and Rita got transformered had more to do with censorship than it did with any sort of story arch.

Those two are, visually at least, human beings. The higher ups might have thought the kids watching the show could have handled seeing monsters made of plastic and rubber being destroyed much better than a person getting disentirgrated.

Remember, death was not something touched upon much in American kid shows. (That might have changed since I stopped watching any years ago)G.I.Joe could shoot his gun and destroy coutless tanks, planes and robots-but the human operators would always jump to safety at the last minute.

So the two "humans" of the alliance get spared. It does raise the question of why Zed gets transformerd. Maybe the writers figured that since they had to tone him down because of parent groups-esentially making him a joke of his former self, they'd give him a happy ending.

Anonymous said...


Raymond Mustang said...

Long time fan and loved your Power Rangers reviews til now, but sadly can't seem to access any of the TGWTG vids since Kickassia Part 4.
Pity this looks epic too.
Anyone got any idea how to fix this (Already followed all the forum's recommended actions)

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Long time fan and loved your Power Rangers reviews til now, but sadly can't seem to access any of the TGWTG vids since Kickassia Part 4.
Pity this looks epic too.
Anyone got any idea how to fix this (Already followed all the forum's recommended actions)"

Well, sadly the only remaining option I can think of, then, is to download the flash files directly from blip. ^^;

Anonymous said...

Do Not try to apply logic to the Z-Wave, any logical conclusion will just piss you off!

Also, Where was General Havoc and Master Vile? I mean You've got the Three Major Villians from before
Zedd's Army
Divatox's Armada
and The Machine Empire. Which brings up the Question Linkara, Are you gonna try to explain Why logically any Evil Being survived after the Z-wave or just go...
"The Kool Aid man is red"

I always had a hard time believing Zordon had that type of power, a Universal cleansing attack? This is the guy that got worn out by just recharging the rangers powers. That and Zordon's ultimate rival kept changing. First it's implied his barely stronger then Rita, Then his Zedd's rival,etc

Anonymous said...

I have to tell myself, when applying logic, that the Z wave can only spread so much before it dilutes itself into virtually nothing.

Similar to a single drop of urine vanishes in the ocean.

That is the only explaination for how the villians after PRiS can exist. Especially since DinoThunder takes place in continuity(close enough) with the original MMPR-PRT.

Another argument is we have no idea if Tommy is aware of the Space series. Since he never mentions Zordon killing himself in battle. It may be possible that Dino Thunder follows an alternate timeline and that Space did not happen.

This does not take into account Forever Red... That epsiode single handledly ruins all theorys, unless taken as a non cannon idea.

Anonymous said...

Tracy Lynn Cruz is hot

Goldstar said...

Ive watched your shows for a long time now and even talked with you on a few short occasions, and i never dreamed that this could be so awesome.

Power Rangers was always my favorite show as a kid. I had to stop watching around the beginning of Zeo due to living conditions, but it remained a favorite. It was an awesome part of my life and it felt like an abomination when i resumed the series with the disney channel ones that felt like cheap immitations to suck money from the ignorant masses(something i feel has become the sworn duty od the disney channels)

I had thought it all went downhill after Zeo, becoming more and more marketable crap. i had no idea AT ALL that 'In Space' was THAT epic and THAT awesome. Ive decided (near the beginning of part one of the vid, actually) that i need to get ahold of some episodes to see for myself.

I look forward to seeing what you say about the less desirable of the series. Godspeed, Lewis, Godspeed.

Anonymous said...

I had almost forgotten about that TMNT series! Damn you Linkara!

maybe because you didn't see part1

iv read all the comments and no one
saw part 1 seriously i know you read all the comments why didnt you know part 1 doesn't play on
blip sorry if it bothers you.

ZAMK said...

@Anon May 25, 2010 11:16 PM

Trying to figure out the continuity of the post-space Power Rangers seasons is like trying to figure-out the continuity behind Super Sentai

Each season is created with the thought of being a self-contained story (Super Sentai was this way since the beginning, Power Rangers adapted this concept in order to better adapt to the changing stock footage)
Sometimes concepts and plot-points from previous seasons are brought up in the story. Sometimes continuity nods are added for the sake of fan-service.
And sometimes the previous seasons are completely ignored.
All for the sake of the story.

It's a bit like the Legend of Zelda

Anonymous said...

Not really... All of the villian's introduced after In space have a perfectly legitimate excuse for not getting dusted, Only two off the top of my head directly defy this though

Lost Galaxy's Scropius and the Immensely awesome villian that Linkara hasn't gotten too yet

LightSpeed Rescue'd Villians were sealed in box.

Matt said...

Is it just me or do the words "Space Ranger" immediately make you think "Buzz Lightyear"?

Benjamin J said...

Awesome review, Link. Clearly, as the previous Ranger incarnations would ultimately build up to In Space, so did the previous reviews build up to this one. You've clearly got a lot of love for this particular era of Power Rangers and it shows. Glad to see I wasn't the only one.

In many ways, I think a lot of us who grew up watching Power Rangers (I was about 10 when Mighty Morphin premiered) DO consider In Space to be a real series finale, of sorts. I certainly was never able to get into the later Ranger incarnations (not just due to getting older, because that hasn't stopped me from staying with a lot of other things from my childhood) and really would've been perfectly okay with the whole story ending where it did: The forces of good make the ultimate sacrifice to defeat evil, ordinary people overcome their fears and become heroes, love conquers all - it had everything an epic series finale should have.

However, I know there were some real bright spots as the series continued, even if it was in a less continuous universe. I'll be curious now to see the ranger series I didn't grow up with. At least the FX got better...most of the time.

Patch O'Black said...

Ah! Power Rangers [reverb] In Space! [/reverb] I wasn't exactly what you would call a Power Rangers fan to begin with, but I pretty much stopped watching any Power Rangers during Turbo, and probably wouldn't have bothered coming back if "In Space" hadn't done a darn good job. I admit I missed the episode with the TMNT. For that, I feel blessed. This particular series was still pretty cheesy, but it was a good cheesy. A nice sharp cheddar, you might say, compared to the generic-brand Cheez-Wiz that was Turbo.

And now...on to the self-contained series!

Amnesia said...

"If Zordon could simply sacrifice himself to rid the universe of evil why did he wait six seasons to do so?"

Um, maybe because Zordon preferred being, I dunno, alive? He might be a floating head in an tube, but he's still sentient, after all. Completely understandable that he wouldn't want to die if there were other options available.

Anonymous said...

i think the best series of power rangers was maybe ninja storm or wild force because of there new rangers praters curse of the wolf and the thunder rangers in my point of view

Ben said...

Farewell Zordon. You will be missed. :(

BTW, the yellow and pink rangers were really pretty. :D

Zachary said...

Man, watching this really makes me want go back and watch Power Rangers. Your observations on themes and character development makes me wish someone would make a Power Rangers show that was willing to be a bit more adult, more of a "show for the whole family" then a "kid's show", like Star Trek or Doctor Who. Going in this direction would also make sense since there are plenty of older fans like yourself who have been around since Mighty Morphin.

On another note, if Astromeda's hair always changes colors, would you consider her the Marz Gurl of Power Rangers?

Anonymous said...

"Man, watching this really makes me want go back and watch Power Rangers. Your observations on themes and character development makes me wish someone would make a Power Rangers show that was willing to be a bit more adult, more of a 'show for the whole family' then a 'kid's show', like Star Trek or Doctor Who."

It already exists, it's called Super Sentai
Especially JAKQ, Jetman, Dairanger, Timeranger and Gekiranger

Anonymous said...

Actually, while JAKQ may have handled mature topics, by today's standards it comes-off as rather childish

Liveman would be a better example with it's storyline about betrayal and redemption.

But otherwise I agree, especially with Jetman which is probably the best written Sentai series to date
Basically the "Batmnan TAS" of Sentai shows

Zachary said...

I figured the Super Sentai shows were more mature than Power Rangers, seeing as they weren't necessarily aimed at kids in the beginning. However, being a teenager with no job, my access to Super Sentai is basically limited to Youtube clips that hopefully have subtitles. I knew the kind of show I want already existed in Japan so what I'm asking for is a western equivalent, the only thing I can think of that came close was Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future. Hopefully this is what Power Rangers will become in the future thanks to the number of older fans.

Drago said...

@Zachary You can find fansubs of the more recent shows (starting with Dekaranger/SPD in 2004) at TV-Nihon, Our partner Skewed Studios is covering some of the older shows:

Fury Cutter said...

I loved the SFDebris like sequence you did , by the by I’d been wondering if you were a fan of Chucks since your review style and humour of these felt quite similar to his not that that’s a bad thing since I like his Star Trek stuff as well and was pissed when You Tube removed his Red Dwarf reviews.

If you do another montage sequence during the course of this series I suggest ‘Time of your Life’ by Greenday.

Anyway if someone were to say that In Space was the best PR series ever I'd have a hard time arguing it. It’s right up there with MMPR.

From this point on the following Ranger series are gonna be a mixed bag.

Lost Galaxy- Kind of a step down in story after In Space, although it did introduce us to adults as Rangers rather the teenagers which we’d be seeing quite a lot after this series.

Lightspeed Rescue- Meh, it wasn't bad per say but wasn't great either.

Time Force- A real step up from the last series. There are times where the show you can sympathise with the villains is a definite sign of good writing, also did anyone else pick up on the underline Nazi like genetic purity vibe the future presented in this show had?

Wild Force- Ah Wild Force whilst Power Rangers always had an environmental message running through it this show takes it and just beats you over the head with it. The only real stand out character was Merrick/Zan-Aku and even he just fell into line later on.

Now we move on to the Disney era, in my opinion it starts off well then just goes down hill.

Ninja Storm- Personally I like Ninja Storm, if nothing else it was a fun show that wasn't taking itself too seriously.

Dino Thunder- Not bad, it seems it was trying to be more serious then Ninja Storm had been but it still had some light hearted parts; the episode which is the show’s commentary on its Sentai counterpart is kinda funny.

SPD- Word to the wise this really is a show you need to watch more then once, sure the first half of the season is kinda slow, although it does have some good episodes thrown in here and there, but once we get to the second half it really steps us and its only when you get towards the end do you realise that there is an underline story running through the entire season.

Mystic Force- I’ll admit as much as I really didn’t think much of the Rangers in this show Mystic Force had a pretty decent story running through it.

Operation Overdirve- Can’t comment since I didn’t watch it, the whole treasure hunt thing just didn’t sound appealing although I could be wrong. I’ll just have to wait for your review of it to see if I should have given it a shot.

Jungle Fury- Oh god, I watched the first few episodes of this show and just checked out. God it sucked.

RPM- After the shit storm that was Jungle Fury I couldn’t even watch this and apparently no one else could either since afterwards Disney ceased making shows afterwards.

Please not that this is just my opinion and if anyone wants to disagree then feel free.

Ok that’s me done; I look forward to the next instalment of this series.

Anonymous said...

aren't you going to upload this to

Galactic Overlord-In-Chief said...

"I always had a hard time believing Zordon had that type of power, a Universal cleansing attack? This is the guy that got worn out by just recharging the rangers powers. That and Zordon's ultimate rival kept changing. First it's implied his barely stronger then Rita, Then his Zedd's rival,etc"

Well, Zordon was trapped in a time warp until the beginning episodes of Turbo, so it was likely he couldn't transmit that much energy across time and space. I suspect that's why he could unleash the Z-wave in Space. Although, the series never really explains what Zordon is. I always thought he was a humanoid, and the reason he looks like a head is because that's all the Command Center could project of him. The first movie certainly thought that way when they showed Zordon outside of his time warp (I know the movie is non-canon, but it must have been on the producers' minds all the same). But even after they free him in the series, they still show him as a floating head in a cylindrical tube. So...I guess the show's producers thought he was primarily an energy being. Makes me wonder what Eltarians are like.

Anonymous said...

@ Galactic Overlord

I recall they did show him, and it was in cannon. Season 1 Episode 10 or 11. Power Punks? I'll have to check my dvr.

He was having a flash back about whoppin some putty ass. He has blue hair and was dressed in white clothes.

I can describe the episode as A toad turns the Power Rangers into Seatle Grunge Punks. Alpha has to find a singing squash to save them.... WTF!

Galactic Overlord-In-Chief said...


Yeah, you're right. It comes from the ep "Power Ranger Punks." The guy from the footage is actually the old mentor of the Zyurangers from the original Japanese show. I guess he helped inspire the creation of Zordon.

If that's the case, I wonder if there should have been a body after Andros shattered the tube, but maybe his whole body dissolved into the Z-Wave.

R said...

Was it ever explained what happened to Alpha 5? Was he destroyed? They went to the trouble of resolving what happened to Alpha 6 in RPM and having her reunited with Adam. There was an Alpha 7 in "Forever Red" with Alpha 5's voice working on the Astro Megaship (the longest surviving megazord, though no one uses it when they're left zord-less.)

Shinexcelladon said...

I love it.

Hokata said...

I'm almost sad I stopped watching after the Turbo movie (and forgot all about it til watching your recap of it *Shudder*).
But I do have to disagree with one minor point. At the end you said that Ecliptor's 'good parts probably died when Astronima was killed'.
But even in the clips you showed, he was clearly crawling towards her body as Lega- er.. Red Ranger was talking to Zordon. And then when the Z-Wave struck him, he was actually protecting her from the blast wave with his own body.

Of course those are just clips and may be taken entirely out of context. I don't know. (also apologies if someone said it before me)

Otherwise, this is exactly what I wanted: a nice recap of a series SO massive I couldn't watch it all. Your analysis of the themes and character developments instead of just recapping each episode really makes this stand up as not just a review, but a tribute too.

Can't wait for more of HoPR and all other Inked Reality works!

Lundarigirl said...

Regaurding humans on other planets. It is possible that Zordon had allies from other worlds to help him fight Rita 10,000 plus years ago. When those alies went home, some of Earth's humans could have decided to go with them and then wound up on Ko-35 and Mirinoi

Fox Cutter said...

Okay, not only has this part of the history got me to watch 'In Space' (I think it's the same copy you used) but I've also been listening to Under Pressure quiet a bit. Never realized how great that song was.

So, double win for this review. :)

Abare Blue said...

Hey, was this Megaranger footage ever adapted into an episode of Power Rangers in Space? OIt reminded me a lot of that remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Inanna said...

I was never really into the Power Rangers as a kid (I admit I always regarded them as being really cheesy), but this series is starting to make me rethink that stance. Especially this latest review, because holy WOW, that is some intense storytelling right there.

Lundarigirl said...

Space came out just as my teenage hormones were at their peak so I was drooling every time Andros came on screen. He's so hot!
Here's my theroy over why Saban got a long-haired cutie to play their Red Ranger. They realized that Tommy had a lot of female fans who were losing interest in PR after he left. So they brought in a guy who looked almost exactly like him to draw them back in. And they say PR caters only to ten-year-old boys. Ha!

Leaping Samurai said...

Most epic theme song in the franchise. Power Rangers IN SPACE was the best in the series.
follow me @

MattV said...

By far my favorite season as per story and all that, but my favorite Ranger remains Mighty Morphing Green Ranger. Kinda wished he'd kept the evil green saber thingy (purifiy it with some holy water or something. seriously, how hard is it to un-evil something in this show?), after all, was it not awsome seeing him dual weild it with the dragon dagger?

Anonymous said...

I think Count Down to Destruction would have been cool if Justin and the cars were in it, as well as Ninjor and Auric. (maybe they could be old friends?)
Also, instead of magic tears, a translucent Zordon with a body could of come out of the Dark Fortress and changed Astronema back to Karone, before floating away in the wind (or something like that)

Jarkes said...

You know, something always bugged me about this, even more so now that I've watched most of this series again, courtesy of Netflix Instant. Okay, so Ecliptor was reprogrammed to be completely loyal to Dark Specter... yet he has no problems whatsoever going along with Astronema's plan to use the Psycho Rangers to destroy both the Rangers and Dark Specter. What are your thoughts on that?

Anonymous said...

Oh noes... Why is part one down. My life is incomplete

Anonymous said...

Huh surprised no one mentioned this but in Adams ep and all subsequent appearances why did he not use his still fully functional Zeo morpher?

Jason Maier said...

Nice review man . . . I actually watched all of In Space via Netflix, even though I and everyone else could have skipped the TMNT:NM crossover of "Shell Shock" (I had read that Eastman & Laird have disavowed that series).

As for Ecliptor's disintegration . . . well though he was noble/loyal to Astroneman, he was still evil (though I'd peg him as an anti-villain).

Shane Townsend said...

Proof that David Bowie and Queen can vanquish all evil.

CollectorX said...

no mention of Silver Titanus

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"no mention of Silver Titanus"

...Mostly because it was never in the show.