Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Q & A: I Want Your Questions!

So, I've got some free time on my hands and I thought now would be a good time to do a different sort of Vlog, wherein you guys asked me questions, both minor ones or common ones, and I'll answer the ones that I feel would work best. Go ahead and ask anything you want, even personal stuff, since I can freely discard those if I feel like it. ^_^

So go on, ask away!

EDIT: To clarify, I plan to answer the ones I want to in a video, not in the comments. ‎


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Scot said...

Have you read any wrestling comics, Warrior aside? Which ones, and have you read WWE Heroes?

Timothy said...

What video editing soft ware do you use?

Dodger Of Zion said...

You do a lot of cons in the Midwest; is there any chance of you coming to a convention on the East Coast, particularly the Northeast?

Minnesota is a ways from New Jersey.

divastarz63 said...

I've been wondering this for a while: How old ARE you dude?

And also, how long do you envision yourself doing AT4W?

captian ghost said...

When did you start reading comic books?

Dan Shive said...

Which super hero costumes are among your favorites? I'm particularly curious about your favorite female super hero costumes given that you've provided many examples already of female costumes you haven't liked.

MR. M aka Lotuz said...

How many books you read in a year and what is your favorite novel of all time? Pardon my english, it's not my first language

Matt said...

I've seen you go around with some of the TGWTG crew to anime cons and wondered if there were any anime series you particularly dug?

Anonymous said...

If you could go back to any review and change or add something to it which review would it be and what would you change/add?


Tren said...

Do you have any guilty pleasure comics? Or in other words, comcis that are just bad, yet you still enjoy to read anyways?

Gomer21XX said...

Are there any comics, movies, or games that you would outright refuse to review and for what reason(s)?

dontey_3911 said...

What manga do you read?

Silver Tomato Productions said...

What are your top five favorite non-supehero comics?

What is your overall favorite and overall least favorite season on Power Rangers that you've seen so far?

What are your thoughts on Marvel's "Girl Comics" one-shot?

What are your thoughts on DC's "Wednesday Comics" series?

Would you ever want to write for a main DC/Marvel book? If so, starring what character(s)?

What was your favorite comics series that lasted only five issues or less, but was meant to be a long series?

That's all I've got.


Patch O'Black said...

Well, I was going to ask what you thought of my own web-series, but that seems rather self-centered, and assumes that you even care. :)

So, instead, I'll ask a deeper, more important question...

How do you like your bacon?

Anonymous said...

I've been watching your History of Power Rangers since the beginning and I've enjoyed it. My question is that out of all the Power Rangers series you've yet to review which are you looking forward to the most?

Seijimei said...

We all know what comics REALLY grind your gears, but what are the books you can't recommend enough? Ongoing series, graphic novels, and so forth?

BeoXXVI said...

Hey Linkara,

Sorry if this question has been answered previously in perhaps some of your early videos, but...

What would you say is your all-time favorite issue of a comic book series? And if that's too specific, then just your favorite series?


Echo said...

Who would win in a fight, Spawn or Wolverine? They are fighting in a blank room of infinite size. They are both aware that they are to fight and neither can get the drop on the other. No outside object or allies; they can only use weapons that are naturally a result of their powers or personages. This is a quandary that has stumped a large group of critical thinkers since it's inception.

Cyros said...

Well, I might as well give your little experiment a shot:

Question: What is you opinion, in general, on webcomics?

SMX said...

What do you use for editing?

Canadian Otaku Gamer said...

You've talked a lot about the Clone Saga in AT4W. After reading Life of Reilly and the dozens of possible "endings" proposed, I wondered what would you have considered the ideal ending to that unending mess?

ezim93 said...

I couldn't help but notice that you have a generation 1 Blaster. Are you a transformers fan and if so what is your history with the franchise and will we be possibly seeing any Transformers comics on your show?

Mason said...

Hey Linkara. My friend and I love your show. We're currently reading 52 volume by volume after your endless plugging made us wonder "Can it really be that good?" And it is. My question is what else could we read after we're done with 52 that's equally awesome?

VincentVendetta said...

You've got an extra "i" in "Questions"

dontey_3911 said...

Who is your favorite Power Ranger?

Cin Wicked said...

Um you do a lot of crossovers with the other Channel Awesome reviewers, but do/have you ever done crossovers with people not on Channel Awesome? And (if I can sneak a second question in) are you open to the possibility of such in the future?

Lew Smith said...

What are some of your favorite writer/artist collaborations in comics?

50cr4t3s said...

Can we look forward to more cross overs between you and Spoony in the near future?

Funnyguts said...

How much were you involved with the writing for Kickassia? Did you do most of the writing for your own character, or did you let Doug and Rob do the writing and maybe tweaked a few lines here and there?

DaftRaider42 said...

We know that The Seventh Doctor is your favourite of the eleven, but what is your all time favourite Doctor Who story out of all the one you've seen?

(interestingly, my Word Verification word is thmardis?!)

S. James said...

Heya Linkara, if you produced your dream film adaptation of a comic, which comic would it be and who would star in it? :)

MrVorhias said...

Whoops. When I read that post there was no comments. <_<

Ignore that "I'll start this off" if you will.

Anonymous said...

Got a girlfriend? :P

...Someone had to ask it, stop looking at me.

Timid said...

what do you think about the newest dr who? me and my friend belive there is a lot more going on than mets the eye (like with contuinty errors etc), and be nice to hear from another dr fan :3

CMWaters said...

What is the air wing velocity of an unladen swallow?

Nah, seriously now.

What went into deciding on the official outfit you wear for your reviews (the hat, coat, flannel under the coat, etc.)?

Aaron said...

I know I already asked, but I was wondering what you think of the Spider-Girl Series? I personally enjoy them.

TheDVDGrouch said...

Hey sorry if you have answered this question before but whats your favorite non-comic book related movie.

Keeva said...

Have you been watching the new Doctor Who, and if so, what do you think of Matt Smith?

Jeffrey Morales said...

I'll go with the "shotgun approach" and try different things to see if anything sticks.

1. What is your relationship with Spoony? You guys have done numerous crossovers but the actual history of you two isn't clear.

2. What do you think of Brian Bendis? Is he a washed up has-been who should have stopped at Alias and Ultimate Spider-Man or a bad writer?

3. I might be wrong about this, but I cannot find it in the archives: why have you never done a One More Day video review? Is it a beaten horse?

4. Have you ever thought of doing a TV show or other large scale project?

5. Where's the hat from?

6. Having gone through the History of Power Rangers (thanks by the way, you made me get into it and buy the re-released toys and Megazord), do you think the show could be made into a mature movie, a la Transformers and GI: Joe? Mature being used in a very liberal fashion. Believe it or not I work in film and sometimes joke about writing a sentai-style movie.

7. Did you feel nervous about making Dr. Linksano, given how badly Spoony's Bum was recieved?

Scot said...

How many wrestling comics have you read? Also, have you picked up the recent WWE Heroes series?

Razorclaw said...

Dear Linkara,

As a huge fan of your comic book reviews and a Transformers fan, have you ever thought about reviewing a Transformers comic? If so, which comic would you review?

Andrenn said...

You review a lot of comics, most of them bad, but some really are up for opinion like the Frank Miller Batman books. Do you agree that sometimes not everything is so black and white good or bad and that opinion in some comics can be the real deciding factor? I mean sure Sultry Teenage Super Foxes is a godawful comic, nothing redeeming about it. But there's plenty to like in All Star Batman and Dark Knight Strikes Again, so to blatantly say they suck isn't really fair, wouldn't you agree? If it sucks to you that's fine, but not everything is that black and white in quality.

Do you read any current Image Comics and if so what are they?

What is your opinion on Marvel's harsher cancellation policy, canceling books just as the first arc ends if they don't sell well.

If you could bring back one canceled comic, what would it be?

DC seems to be having some trouble with the Bright part in Brightest Day, whats your opinion how much darker things have gotten?

Would you be willing to do a reader suggestion video more often? I really did enjoy the one you did for Christmas.

Do you collect comic statues of action figures?

Do you ever meet any comic creators outside of conventions?

What review are you most proud of ?

Will you be doing more commentaries in the near future?

Any plans for another video game review?

What are some recent comics that have really pissed you off?

Caleb The Time Traveler said...

Who are your Favorite writers and artists in Comics Today, and of Yesterday?

Fenrisilver said...

What is the best Mystery Science Theatre Episode EVAR!?

jurf-rokstar said...

How many volumes are there of 52 and Blackest Night? And why are people trying to turn themselves in Leifeld drawings?

joshua said...

Who is your favorate and most hated hero of all time ,one for marvel, one for DC, and another any other punblisher please?

Same question but for villians?

Favorite writer and favorite artist?

When did you start reading comics?

Which hero you think should have their own movie by now?

what's the oldest comic you read?

Favorite and most hated event comic you ever read,same thing one from each?

And have you ever read a crossover weirder than TMNT meets archie and x-men/star trek?

thank you for reading and I appreciate it if you answer at these some of the questions.

Thomas said...

What sort of comics do you like to receive from fans? Good ones, or really bad ones?

Anonymous said...

2 Questions...

1) Favourite DVD you Cherish?

2) In some reviews you have a certain way of saying the word "room". is it a heavy accent? or am I turning deaf?

Thanks again for all your videos

Kavalden said...

Out of all the comic brands(like Marvel or DC) which one threw out the years has finally reach their best in producing comics, and which one has hit rock bottom?

Kavinsky said...

can you show us the review room its entirety and show close ups of the models in the background?

ThatFellowWithTheHat said...

Serious Question - Have you ever noticed how you now have the ability to make and break people over the internet? For example, you could say "This guy is awesome!" and link to someone's YouTube channel and they'd probably become famous, and likewise you could say "This guy sucks!" , resulting in mass internet hating. I'm just intrigued if you've ever noticed how much power you, and Channel Awesome as a whole, have now.

Stupid Question - What is your favourite type of cheese?

Javelin said...

You and Marzgirl. What (if anything) is going on there? We at least know you like to cradle her in your manly arms. ;)

Kates said...

Going for the cliche: if you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

Dry said...

Will you review 'european' comics at one point? I bet Benzai can get you some of those french ones ^^

Anonymous said...

Is anything going on between you and MarzGurl?

seanfoster said...

What are some of your favorite Comic Book to Movie adaptations? :)

Emi said...

1) Do you think you'll ever do that book-collection video that was suggested on the TGWTG forum? :D

2) Where'd you get the Magic Gun and the sword from? Did you find 'em at an antique shop or something?

3) What's your favorite Doctor Who monster? XD

4) How did you get into Star Trek? Did your parents watch it? (And do you also like Star Wars, or are you only a Trekkie? XD) (P.S. I still envy how cool your family is.)

5) Do you have a day job?

6) Do you have any other non-comics/non-videos hobbies?

Tezzle said...

From someone who only recently got into comic books, they seem to be getting harder and harder for newcomers to break into. Continuity's one issue, you can't just pick up the latest issue of most comics without being lost whenever someone shows up or something is mentioned that wasn't first introduced in that issue, or maybe even that specific series.

Another issue is the sheer NUMBER of comics, especially when they're all dedicated to one hero. I mean, if I want to be completely on top of what's going on in Gotham City I need to get Batman, Detective Comics, Batman & Robin, Red Robin, and Batgirl. And sure, I do that and enjoy it, but I'm sort of stuck if I want to branch out very far into more comics. Even if I had a steady income, I don't want to blow it all on comic books.

So how do you recommend newcomers break into comic books and how do they manage their spending once they do?

Jacob V said...

What are your thoughts towards Dark Reign in Marvel?

What is your opinion on ABC Family re-releasing Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers?

What do you think is the best episode of Mystery Science Theater to start someone off on?

JeanJacket said...

Actual comic/review-related questions:

- Ever read Doctor McNinja? Any opinion on it?

- Will there ever be a crossover between mega-stars Bear and Beary?

- Is your fear that you will never be as great as the Bee Gees the reason that you don't sing as much in your reviews anymore? Or does Harvey just not want the competition? (In all seriousness, the singing was cool...)

- If you could write an issue of your favorite comic series, what would happen in it?

- Oh, and my sister wants to know what your favorite part of reviewing things is. :)

Completely random questions:

- Which of the Doctors/companions/Masters is your favorite? :D

- If you could meet any celebrity/writer/artist (and, for the purposes of the question, NOT have to interview them), who would you choose? Living or dead.

- Mac or PC?

- Can you dance? (Other than having mastered the art of Ninja Style Dancing?)

*looks at everyone else's less-creepily-long posts* I... er... have too much time on my hands, apparently.

devin7765 said...

are you a Creeper fan

Emi said...

P.S. Two more questions I just thought of:

-What's your favorite-ever band/singer?

-I know your brother's got those adorable cats that y'all showed off in the Humane Society pledge drive. Do you, yourself, have any pets?

EddieVercetti said...

What comic book movies do you like?

nighthawk said...

Didn't you start out doing this?

What with the "Ask That Guy" contest and all.

Gerar said...

Wich "Animated" cartoon based on comic books is your all time favorite? (e.g. batman, batman beyond, superman, spiderman, etc..)

Anonymous said...

So what is your favorite review out of all the one's you've done over the years? Why are you still single? And just how much fun did you have taping Kickassia?

NavvyShanekar said...

Do you still read your comics the old fashioned way i.e on paper, or have you started downloading & the scanned stuff off the computer screen?

Anonymous said...

Do you have any pets currently, or did you have any pets growing up?

(And if you ever had a cat, did he/she sometimes run around the room like a maniac like mine does?)

White said...

What do you like best in a fictional character?

christian said...

what's your opinion of captain america?

Anonymous said...

What kind of music do you like?

(Lame question, I know, but I'm curious).

Anonymous said...

what is your opinion of captain america as both a character and a symbol?

dragonslayerbmw said...

This is probally cheating but ill ask two feel free to pick:

1)After power rangers is there any other kid shows will get to see put through the Linkara machine?

2)Are you and Sage going to do the Dr. Strange movie?

Brian W.

calisotalatina said...

lets pretend you were in Chicago during the last charity drive, would you spoon with spoony or just help with the camera or something like that?
what was the best moment of kickassia in your opinion?

Anonymous said...

What is your least favorite comic book of all time?

Wayne said...

Is there anything you like to do in your free time? away from writing, filming and such?

Anonymous said...

Heck, I'll go for one.

We all know you tend to prefer DC over Marvel, but is there any Indie publisher you specifically enjoy? Image, Dark Horse, Top Shelf, IDW?

staredcraft said...

I got Three questions

1) WHat's your opinion on the ever increasing prices of comics? especially ones that are 3.99 without added value/pages?

2) Why do you think Marvel continues to outsell DC no matter what? Even if DC beats them in top 10 titles?

3)If YOU were in charge of Marvel, after Joe Q, how woudl YOU "Undo" One More Day?

Christiaan said...

How come you never actually curse in your videos.
Damn and hell do not count.

Emerald knight said...

What is your favorite comic book adaptation in the form of film and tv series

Cferra said...

Q and As, huh? Well, my friend Let's see if I can think of something. Do you have any interesting anecdotes about the Two Year event you want to share?

Also, what is your take on Siege?

Antagonist said...

If you could go back in time and prevent one comic/series from ever being made, which one would it be?

Anonymous said...

ok , if you had to choose a superpower from this list , which would you choose?

A: healing factor
B: run at super sonic speeds
C: Probability manipulation
D: space , time manipultion


Linkage said...

You mentioned some time ago that you used to play World of Warcraft. Are you playing any MMOs or are really into a specific video game currently, and if so, which one or ones?

P.S. This has been my internet handle since 1999 so I'm not actually copying you.

P.P.S. Will you be wearing a robe and ascot and smoking a pipe when answering these questions?

Ringadon said...

Have you read Atomic Robo? If you have what do you think of it?

The Great Mr. Chibi said...

Hey Lewis!

Okay, I've got a few:

1. Has doing AT4W changed how your read and enjoy comics, and if so, how?

2. What's your process going into each review?

3. Have you ever gotten any reaction from the professional sphere from these reviews?

4. What's your favorite quote from Dune?


Queen Anthai said...

Any fun behind-the-scenes memories from the filming of Kickassia you'd like to share?


TailsCorra said...

I've noticed you've been dropping a few Doctor Who references in your recent videos. I've only recently become a fan of the series although admittlingly I'm only familior with the 2005 series. I suppose my question is would there be a difficult generational transition as one would experience going to Star Trek from TNG, or is there a recommended point from which to start? (Would be helpful considering there's 20 years of television to cover).

Also, what is your thoughts on the new series and perhaps Matt Smith as the newest Doctor?

Some Gamer Dude said...

I have two:
You have stated you don't get the need for the Ultimate Universe, and that Comics are hard to get into for newbies(Which it is), what do you believe would be a good middle ground or alternative?

How do you feel about the Batman/Wonder Woman shipping in JLU?

Anonymous said...

Would you ever consider playing TF2 with your super awesome fan base?

Omenseer said...

Why was Wonder Woman chosen as a Deputy Star Sapphire? I might not be entirely with her current character depiction I admit, but it just seemed off to me. Can you explain?

Anonymous said...

I have a couple of question for you:

1. You're a Wonder Woman fan, so what do you think about JMS taking over?

2. When talking about Frank Millar, you skipped his Daredevil run, any views?

Keep up the good work, bye.

Anonymous said...

Two Fave/Least Fave questions for you. Fave/Least Fave Comic Books (single issue) of all time, and Fave/Least Fave Power Ranger of all time.

Green1 from Rangerboard

dukealoops said...

What comics that you were hyped up for and didn't reach your expectaions.

What comics that you aren't expecting other great from but ended up be great for you.

Give us your pit for a DC elseworld story.

What does 90s kid does on his down time?

004forever said...

Who is your favorite non-comic-book author and would you want to read a comic written by them?

Anonymous said...

You mention a lot about the differnet ages of comic in the past, but how would define this current age of comics?

Anonymous said...

Two questions, one of which have to do with comics.

If you were in control of both of the mainstream comic book companies, what would you undo or change? (Besides One More Day)

If you were the omnipotent being Christians call God, who would you smite down?

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Jotakush said...

Well I've got two questions, so take your pick! :D

First of all I was wondering if you ever read the Spiderman story's involving the character 'Ezekiel'. If you have I'd like to hear a quick few thoughts on it Haha.

And for my other question. If there is any manga you read at all what would you say is your favourite series or even most hated?

Linda said...

I'm sure this qualifies for most boring-slash-most nosey question, but I'll bite. How do you handle your workflow? Having a job then writing, filming, editing, and researching for new episodes has got to be difficult. Are you a to-do list apostle, or fly by the seat of your pants?

I ask because I used to be the former but as of late I've morphed into the latter. I'd love to get back into the swing of things.

takineko said...

How bad is the backlash of fangirls asking you if you're dating Marzgurl now? [haha]

Nerdking said...

If you had a chance to take one comic series and redo it for the better of the franchise, what would it be?

Cory said...

I had two questions, until I saw several people ask about the new series of Doctor Who, so I only have one now:

1) What episode(s) of AT4W are you the most proud of?

Evilpaul said...

Hey Linkara,
I love AT4W. It needs more Venom though!

I remember reading the Venom: Lethal Protector comic in the '90s and liking it. They did a bunch of mini-series after that that I'm pretty sure were pretty hilariously awful. Venom was a love interest protecting sewer people (or something) in one of them. I remember glossy paper and kind of bad art, I think.

So I'd like to hear what your thoughts on the darker, grittier, "extreme," anti-hero Spider-Man spin-off are?

Anonymous said...

If a Woodchuck couldn't chuck wood, why would anyone ask how much wood could they chuck? The tongue twister goes "How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?" That "if" basically turns the entire premise on its head! I submit to you that if a woodchuck couldn't chuck because it's a beaver. Your thoughts?

Drama_Librarian said...

Did your family ever move when you were younger, or are you a lifetime Minnesotan?

Also, in one of your Power Ranger videos you said you were in some musicals in high school. What shows were you in?
(Sorry but the Theater geek in me wants to know)

Anonymous said...

Do you watch any of the other guy's videos? And if so who is your favourite, eg spoony, doug, snob etc

Jay_Desu said...

What would you like to be doing 5 years from now?

Jack said...

What do you make of the current crop of video games based off of comic book licenses? Do you think games like "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2" and "Batman: Arkham Asylum" treat their source material with the respect it deserves?

Anonymous said...

What you think about Hank Pym

and What you think about David Tennant Time as the Tenth Doctor

Yamato Iouko said...

Are you ever going to do a video review of anything involving Deadpool?

Anonymous said...

If someone came to you to make an "Atop the Fourth Wall" major motion picture; three questions:

1)What comic would you pick to review?

2)Who would you want to direct?

3)Would you play as yourself?

(okay, four)

4)Who would be your villain? Linksano? Insano? Moving out?

Chris said...

Obviously you're a fan of Power Rangers, but have you tried any other Toku series, whether in the original Japanese or the American equivalents? If so, did any stand out as particularly good or bad?

Anonymous said...

What are your favorite comic book-based movies and tv shows of all time?

Eric D. said...

Hey Linkara, just wanted to say you have been doing an awesome job with the show. Also, I wanted to thank you, for Atop the Fourth Wall has restored my interest in comic books, and yes, I do realize the irony in that statement.

Anyway, here is my question. Considering how many times you have referenced it will we ever see a review of One More Day?

Anonymous said...

How did you go about becoming apart of the TGWTG family?

ShadowWing Tronix said...

Seconding Kevinsky's request and the Transformers and Power Ranger question.

What do you feel is the best and worst adaptation of a comic book into other mediums, and vice versa? (In other words, what's the best comic based on another licensed property?)

Anonymous said...

Is there any comic that is so terrible, so mind-numbingly awful that you won't review it under any circumstances?

Worcana said...

Well, this sounds like a stupid one but what advice do you have for people who want to write comics? You write yourself and i have been trying to write/draw for a while. Id just like to know. ^_^

reservoirdogs said...

when will you review final crisis?One More Day?

Will you review JLA Created Equal?

How Can we give suggestions to have you review?

BloodySharpie said...

How old are you? :P

Did you experience any jet lag when traveling to Molossia, and if so, how bad was it?

You've mentioned a few times that you work at a book store. Have you ran into anyone that recognized you while working in the store?

When can we expect a "Linkin' Up With Linkara" video? :p

What would you say is the strangest fan encounter you've had so far?

Do you still feel bad about the Kristana Lokken interview? XD

How bad was it to film in the desert for the Two Year Anniversary?

Since your last appearance on Transmission Awesome, has anyone other than Rollo T ever called you "Sexy Prodigy"?

What comic book-based movies do you feel are the most accurate to their source material?

... I'm a curious little person. :P

The Vigilante said...

Do you have or do you ever intend to buy a Green Ranger costume to go along with your Dragon Dagger, or will the prop be solitary?

Heart Of Sorrow said...

We know that you don't like to use curse words at the very least during your videos. Yet in the crossover video with Bennet you used him for the curse words. So I'm wondering if there has ever been a comic or movie that you have reviewed thus far that has pushed you to the edge of cursing?

Jer Alford said...

So, when are you going to review a manga? You mentioned when you first started doing this on TGWTG that you'd eventually get around to doing one. No pressure, just wondering.

Wolffeather713 said...

What do you think about the Scott Pilgrim series?

Do you like Spectacular Spider-man?

How old are you? (I tried to find this from wikipedia, TGWTG wikipedia, and TvTropes, and couldn't find it.)

Are you /sure/ you're not editing TvTropes?

You complain about comics that require you to read different sources to understand what's going on/get the full story, but you sort of do the same thing. At least, on TGWTG you do, since I'm not usually here. I only found your video with the Sage because of TvTropes. Can you list the videos you're in that aren't under Linkara on TGWTG?

Are Dr. Linksano's goggles from Spoony? I tried to find similar goggles and was told they don't make them anymore. Where did you get them?

Is it fun being an internet celebrity? What would you say to someone who likes to make videos and is just starting out? (Like me?)

Psychotic Ninja said...

What got you interested in reviewing horrible comic books?

Lazy White Wolf said...

Hey I was curious, when doing your text reviews: At what point did you decide to try video reviews?

PS: Since Ultimates 3 I wanted to know if you know of any GOOD Captain America or Thor comics?

Love the show! Hope to hear back from you!

SLatios said...

What comic series would you recommend to someone who wants to get into comics?

Hariman said...

Have you ever heard of "Defenders of Dynatron City"? And would you like a copy to review?

I've read it's first issue, but I'm wondering if you've ever heard of it.

Also: What is the structure of your normal work week for Atop the 4th Wall? And how do you decide what to review?


PS: The link attached to my name isn't my site, it's the site of one of my favorite web comic author/artists.

Drake V. said...

Which Captain America movie(s) would you rather be subjected to if ever captured by enemy spies; the two Reb Brown Captain Americas, or the 1990 Captain America?

Aaron Matney said...

What's your opinion on the fanfictions that sprout up concerning yourself and the rest of the TGWTG Crew?

Mike said...

If there's 1 review you could go back and do differently, which one would it be?

DarkVyse88 said...

I know that comments on the internet made about you that slander you are just some idiots with no life. However, has there ever been one comment that really upset you?

calisotalatina said...

cant belive i fogot this question
will you buy the new darkwing duck comics by Boom! Studios?
if ya havent heard of it,just look at this preview of the frist pages
im really happy that Boom!is expanding the Duck Knight comic from a 4-part miniseries into an ongoing monthly series ^_^

Anonymous said...

What ar eyour favorite current ongoing comics?

Carlos said...

I've noticed that your family helps you out now and again during your videos, especially during the Mechakara fight one. So its clear they support your show tremendously and I truly respect. So I was wondering how your family help out in your videos, whether its ideas for reviews, writing the script, a joke here and there. I also wondering. Is it fun working with them on the videos? Plus is anyone else in your family a comic book fan and if so, are there any times you get into fan arguments with them??

Mandi said...

I have two questions.

What is the funniest thing you've ever said in a video? One that made you laugh at yourself (and you still laugh about) because you thought it was so awesome/ridiculous/ingenious/ect.


What's your favorite candy?

Nex Vesica said...

I apologize if these questions have been asked already.

1. What are your top 5 favorite DC characters? Same question for marvel and any other comic group, and if you want to get really fancy do the opposite with your bottom 5.

2. Any thoughts on either the Buffy or Angel comics? Is there a possibility of them ever getting a review?

3. Ever consider doing reviews on the animated shows/movies based on comics?

4. Do you have a favorite/hated animated show based on a comic character?

5. If you could write an arc for a comic which one would you choose/what would the arc be? Additionally, have there been any arcs that you wanted to see expanded/focused on?

6. If you could redesign one of the existing superhero teams, which one and what characters would you take away/add?

7. What were your thoughts on the ultimate spider-man clone saga (if you read it)

knightsofthecircle said...

Would you be willing to review other mediums based on comics, such as Batman: The Animated Series or JLU?


Scourgexlviisin said...

what is your opinion of the DCAU, and offshoot animated movies. I know you spoke on the wonder woman movie in your watchmen review, but as a whole how do you feel about them?

Also, If you were given the chance to change one part of One more day/Civil war/Final crisis/Countdown/any other major stories that you disliked, without just stopping it altogether, or creating a different ending, what would you change (i.e alternate way to achieve OMD's result without being so brain-numbingly stupid as a deal with the devil.)

Vyers said...

What happened to Aussie?

BallsMonkey said...

Which Power Rangers teams do you feel had the best chemistry?

Sarah Worman said...

I love that you have such a good attitude about women and transgender people in all of your videos, were you raised this way, or did you develop these views on your own?

Will you make any more videos about All-Star Batman? I'd really like to know what Crazy Steve is up to :)

You've made Mystery Science Theatre references, what is your favorite episode? Joel or Mike? Comedy Central or Sci-Fi Channel?

MedGeek said...

In the 1BFA interview you said: "The magic flintlock pistol… well, I’ll save the story of that for another time." Is that other time now? And could you show us the The Arsenal of Freedom?

Luminairis said...

You claim to be a fan of the Silent Hill series, but you admitted you never touched a game.

Do you get a large amount of criticism for being a fan of the game despite you never really experiencing the content of the game besides internet and websites?

Also, what actually stops you from playing a game or two? Lack of time, experience, or too scary?

Aion of the Blades said...

I'm not sure if anyone asked this, but here's this.

I was wondering, how do you write your scripts for Lightbringer? I mean, is there a specific format you use and how much detail do you put into it?

- Aion

Anonymous said...

How long have you had Bear? He looks like he's in "well loved" condition.

Spithead said...

A few questions -
1) Do you have any comic series that you consider a guilty pleasure?
2) Do you ever intend to do a Top 20 favorites like Doug did, only for comics?
3) Do you think you'll ever do more comic movie reviews by yourself?

Hannah said...

What do you think are the best and worst trends in recent comics released by Marvel and DC? (Best and worst for each company)

~Venneh (on Twitter)

ItsJustMarty said...

Okay(new to the whole blogging scene so please excues me).

While there are countless ways I could think of to compliment you and your show, let's just say "you done good" and get to the questions. ^_^

1. You stated in a video that you were a Pokemon fan(to some extent) and it was kind of made apparent by all the Pokemon music I've seen you use and the Pyramid Head in a Poke Ball. My question is, have you ever come across a, or more accurately one of the numerous, Pokemon comics or manga? Particularily Pokemon Special(Pokemon Adventures in USA)? And if so could you give us your thoughts on said comic/manga.

2. Have you heard of or in anyway developed an opinion on Bleedman?

3. Of all the superheroes we've seen you talk about, do you have a favorite? And while I'm on that subject do you like superhero comics over non-superhero/independant comics or is it the other way around or does it even matter?

And in closing, not really a question so much as a comment, I remember you said something along the lines of Atop the Fourth Wall fans needing a name(like whovians, brown coats) and you chose "fourthers" for the post.

I don't know if someone else already chose a name that you approved of but I for one am in favor of refering to AT4W fans as "Fancy Hats". Or something in relevance to your hat. ~_^

Will Ackerman said...

If you had every single one to choose from, Who would be your dream 5-Member Power Rangers team?

R said...

1. What's your favorite Power Rangers series post "Countdown to Destruction"? My favorite is Time Force.

2. Do you collect toys at all? Besides the cool weapon replicas, I mean.

Ruesch said...

1. We know you hate Miller's DK series, but what do you think of his Batman Year One book?

2. Have you ever heard of or read the Lego Bionicle comics? If so, what did you think of them?

3. Which AT4W episode, if any, would you wish to redo?

4. And finally, who/what was your main inspiration for your reviews?

Kimarous said...

I've already asked you my question over e-mail, but maybe you want to address it in this video for general reference?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Ive been reading Booster Gold from the beginning, and I know its been one of your favorites. My question is if you think I should make the switch now that Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis are writing. I like Giffen, but but I absolutely despised their Team-Up for the Metal Men backup in Doom Patrol, so I'm tentative.

I was also wondering if you think its a good idea to get the Time Masters miniseries if we're not planning on reading Return of Bruce Wayne. I really like Rip Hunter and I don't think he got nearly enough play in Booster.

Thank You!

Noel said...

I asked you 2 questions in an email, so dont feel redundant if you did answer them. My emails arn't working and I don't get replies sometimes.

#1. Have you ever played the DC Hero's rp board game? Or would you ever be willing to play it and review it? I'd be willing to help

#2. Was there a Power Ranger season that involved the Ranger Powers coming from monsters in a haunted house? I can't find information on it, but I remember watching it on tv and I swear it was Power Rangers. Bulk and Scull were there fighting zombies!

Shield said...

I've noticed hints of Libertarian leanings, right or wrong?

A big complain against heroes in comics is their no-kill policy against mass murdering villains (compared to manga like Fist of the North Star), and that the governments of their world can't seem to create a reasonable justice system.

How do you balance comic book logic and the need for recurring characters (lazy writing?) with writers throwing countless nameless civilians under the bus just to establish that a villain is "evil"?

Anonymous Girl said...

Ever been asked out or flirted with by a fan? If so, how did you react?

Anonymous said...

Any chance we could hear "Combined Harvester" again, like in either a review or HoPR video?

Anonymous said...

Tell us more about yourself. Where you grew up how you got into comics ect... Also seeing that you are a comic fan, are you planning on attending San Diego Comic Con?


SenorPwnage said...

I decided to ask three sets of four questions. Hopefully at least one of them gets featured!

Anyway, I've heard plenty about you and your show through past reviews, so I'd like to know a little more about the technical side of things:

1. How do you write? Has your method of reviewing changed much through your run? If you ever did another written review, what would that be like?

2. Have you been influenced much by other critics? How has your over-all style evolved?

3. Has your recording/editing set-up changed much since when you started? If you could improve one thing, what would it be?

4. What sort of benefits do you get from working with a team like Channel Awesome, other than crossovers? Are there things you would have been unable to do without their support?

As for the personal questions:

1. Do you have any awesome comic-related stories about stuff that's happened to you? Hell, non-comic-related stories would be interesting too!

2. What are your politics? I'm sure this wouldn't be total flamebait or anything.

3. TELL US SOMETHING EMBARASSING! Do you wet the bed at night? Do you have some creepy fetish that we don't know about? Did you enjoy the Star Wars prequels?

4. If you could spend a day with one person in the comic-book industry, who would it be? Also, no picking someone just because of the quality (bad or good) of their book. Pick someone you would honestly like to meet.

And now for something completely different:

1. The "Fourth Wall" is actually nonexistent, so to be "Atop" it you would have to be able to fly. Are you a superhero?

2. What's with Evildead 2? Sequel, remake, or something else entirely?

3. If you could be the Batmobile, which model would you be? If the Batmobile doesn't appeal to you, explain which superhero vehicle you would pick, and why!

4. Have you ever tried to rip a price
tag off a comic book, torn the cover, and ended up trying to fix the price tag back on so that it at least looks like you didn't screw it up?

Trevor said...

What is your favorite "VERTIGO" title, ongoing or finished?

What is your personal choice for worst comic book movie, other than Superman IV?

Who is your favorite comic book artist?

Anonymous said...

If you could hang out with one superhero for a day, who would it be?

And because you are you are doing the history of power rangers, which ranger team would you join if given a choice?

VGR said...

What is your thought process when writing a comic? Are you looking for jokes or just generally critiquing it?

Will Mechakara ever return?

Anonymous said...

Who was the better Green Lantern and why:
Hal Jordan or Kyle Rayner?

And for the heck of it, who was the better Parallax? :p

Pokeprof said...

3 questions for you Linkara:

First, I believe you said in your intro video when you started way back when that you haven't reviewed a Manga yet because you didn't find any suitably bad enough for the show. Does this still hold true or was that a joke originally?

Second, As we've seen there are some comics that you've said have either gotten better or worse over the course of their life time. Has there been any comics from a series that was fantastic (Such as 52) that ended up being horrific, perhaps enough so to be featured on your show?

And finally, what would you suggest to those of us who might wish to do the same as you, the Nostalgia Critic, and the Angry Video Game Nerd and start their own review shows? Is humor always needed for that, or could it be played a bit more straight?

Thanks for your time and I look forward to see your answers!

Anonymous said...

Is Bear an old childhood toy?
Being cardboard, does Poyo break often?
Where did you get your Magic Gun?

Flik said...

I know you've said before that you're a fan of the Teen Titans and I've been reading through some of earlier stuff myself, recently. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the late '60s/early '70s era Titans (the team with Lilith and Mal) and what they did to Wonder Girl in particular being someone who's more familiar with Titans history.

Oh right, that probably has to be in the form of a question, huh? Well, as a self-described feminist and a fan of the Teen Titans, what do you think of that era of the Teen Titans' history? And specifically how the emotional, silly, motherly, "feminine" Lilith was pushed to the forefront while the powerhouse amazon warrior that didn't take guff from anyone was sidelined to the point that no one seemed to even remember she had powers and on the occasions when she did manage to get a conversation in she always ended it in tears?

The Lost Sorcerer said...

How was this year's Channel Awesome anniversary and is there anyone in the crew you have not done a crossover as of yet but would like to?

BIGMercenary said...

What's your secret guilty pleasure comic or the one you're ashamed to admit you like?

UltimateChimera said...

Are there any comics that you've reviewed that you believe could have been good, if done differently?

Brian said...

Superhero comics have changed a lot in the last ten years. The decompression of story telling, the discarding of thought balloons, the greater availability and variety of collections, ect. Which changes strike you as for the better, and which ones do you consider changes for the worst?

Razorgeist said...

Beyond the aforementioned Silent Hill comics what other good horror comics would you recommend Im already an avid walking Dead reader so no need to mention that and what would you say makes a good horror comic.

Anonymous said...

1. What is your opinion on comic book movies in general?

2. Did you think Daredevil sucked? Elektra? CatWoman? The Punisher (89)? etc

3. Considering the ammount of time you spend on doing your show, and research, how much free time do you have to enjoy other hobbies and work?

4. How did you ever talk your parents into doing characters in your videos?

5. Is Nostalgia Chick was bubbly in person when she is out of character?

6. Please explain your chosen costume.

James said...

You mentioned before that T.H. White's "Once and Future King" is your favorite novel. What novels/authors would you say you dislike most?

Do you have a Steam account?

Aya said...

You've mentioned you're a big fan of Joss Whedon's shows, so what do you think of Dollhouse? (as a feminist or just as a viewer)

Anonymous said...

How, precisely, do you do the hat-flippy thing in the opening? Is there magic involved, or do you just have a trick wrist?
(In related news, I often wear a fedora and wish to learn your ways. Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi -- you're my only hope.)

Melanie said...

What else do you read besides comic books?
Oh, and I have to agree with Dodger of Zion; please do a con in New Jersey.

Rudajie said...

If you really want to do Q&A why not sign up for:

It's way better than doin' it on your comments here.

Celey said...

Wow... There's already so many questions... I guess I could ask the usual what's your favorite color, favorite food, near-sighted or far-sighted, do you have pets (DO YOU LIKE PUGS?! :D), etc... But... hmmm...

What do you plan to do in case of a Zombie Apocalypse?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

" Was there a Power Ranger season that involved the Ranger Powers coming from monsters in a haunted house? I can't find information on it, but I remember watching it on tv and I swear it was Power Rangers. Bulk and Scull were there fighting zombies! "

I think you're thinking of "Big Bad Beetleborgs."

Penumbra said...

Is that your normal outfit that you wear to review things, or did you choose it specifically for the AT4W series? And if that's the case, did you choose that outfit?

Also, why is it that you and Spoony seem to have such a volume of crossovers? Or is it just that you live near one another or somesuch?

Cory said...

Dear Linkara,

In a previous question asked of you via email, you said that you had no intent on doing a review of a television series based on a comic. However, recently you have been doing reviews of movies based on super hero comics. My question is if you have reconsidered doing so as a sort of special, outlining the good and the bad transitions or adaptations of comics to television series, or television series to comics?

Another question, how large is your collective library of comics and what decades does your library cover? So far we have seen a lot from the 90's, but just how far back does your library go?

~ Cory "Core" Belote

Thelder said...

Hey Linkara,

I renember seeing on one of your earliest AT4W episodes that you would rant any comic, traditional and manga alike, but until now you didn't said your traditional catchfrase "this comic sucks!" on any manga... and, for what I see on the opening of your show it doesn't like that you read manga anyway. But, if you ever read one, what was your favorites? And wich ones could, someday, be on the AT4W?

And since you spoke about Elseworlds on JLA, what you think about this "What if?" comics? I like some of them, it's interesting to see some of the characters out of their tradicional settings. Wich ones are your favorites, for Marvel's "What if...?" and DC's "Elseworlds" like?

And, just for a bit of curiosity, recently I got Scott Pilgrim comics to read. I really apreciated, and I'm on all the hype about the movie. Have you already read it? If so, what you think about?

And since I asked that, another movie that maybe you could comment is Kick Ass. Since it's based on Mark Millar's comic... actually, I not that Mark Millar fan, but I'm curious about your impressions.

Thanks, and see you soon.

DesertEagle said...

1) Will you be making Vlogs on future Marvel, DC, or Star Trek movies like Spoony and Brad Jones?

2) After A History of the Power Rangers; what future shows can we expect from you?

3) Will you make a second appearance on Transmission Awesome?

4) Many of your reviews are on the first issue of a long running series. Will you ever take a second look at the rise or decline in quality from then and now?

5) Are there any plans to create a website exclusively for Lightbringer sometime in the future?

Anonymous said...

Alright, great! I apoligize in advance if anything I ask has already been answered, or has been asked to death:

1) After History of Power Rangers is all said and done, do you plan on doing a similar style project with a diffrent series?

2) How old are you? (Yeah, basic, I know, but that's been driving me insane ever since you brought it up in one of your reviews.)

3) What causes that shadow on the left side of the screen in your reviews?

4) Is there a comic out there that you will flat out refuse to review? (One More Day aside.)

5) How many people watch your show? (Seriously, is there a veiw count, or are you going by the comments?)

6)Do you have a job outside of doing these reviews?

7) What is your favorite episode that you have ever done? Least favorite?

8) How did you catch the obscure bible mistakes in "Uncanny X-Men"? Did you look it up on Wikipedia, or do you just know all this stuff being a Christian?

9) Are you planning on releasing any more commentaries?

10) Have you ever been in any sort of legal trouble with these reviews?

11) Seriously, dude, where did you get the awesome hat?

12) When you originally invisioned AT4W, did you ever imagine it would be something of this magnitude? Did you ever think that what started as a few text reviews would spiral into a video series that included a robot version of yourself, two mad scientists trying to kill you, and a 90's kid?

13) If there is one thing that you'd like to make perfectly clear to your fans, what would it be?

14) What age were you when you started watching Power Rangers?

15) Do you write the episodes by yourself, or do you have help? If so, who?

16) You've gotten a ton of mean-spirited comments over this show's run. You seem to ignore it most of the time, but has there ever been one comment that actually hurt you?

17) Has there ever been a point where you consitered canceling AT4W?

18) Has anybody ever reconized you off the street?

19) In one of your reviews (I can't remember which) you called yourself by your actual name, Lewis Lovhaug. I've never heard you call yourself that in your show, it's always been Linkara. That begs the question: Is Linkara a character or just your screen name?

20) How many takes did you have to do of the "I AM NOT A NAZI!" Thing from the first part of Kickassia?

21) I need an answer once and for all: are we or are we not getting issue three of Revelution of the Mask?

Whew. Here's wishing you luck answering everyone's questions, Lewis/Linkara. You're going to need it.

Anonymous said...

Two quick questions:

Do you use a teleprompter?

Will you be at ConVergence this year?

Paul S. said...

What was your favorite Power Ranger imitator (Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad, VR Troopers, etc.) from back in the day?

Anonymous said...

Can you do a review of the animated shows based on the comic characters (Batman TAS, Superman TAS, etc.)?

What do you think of Green Arrow?

What else do you like doing besides reading comics?

What do you think of Blackest Night and its tie-ins and Brightest Day?

What do you think of the New Krypton stories for Superman?

Spiral said...

You've probably answered these in some fashion, but I'll ask anyway:

Who is your favorite author?

Also, would you ever consider doing a HoPR style side-review on the evolution of classic comic characters?

I really enjoy HoPR, almost more than just looking at bad comics. Not meaning any offense, I definitely enjoy the latter. However, I find you to be wonderfully enjoyable when doing analysis.

I would love to see something like HoPR for Batman, Superman, and so on.

It might not be as feasible, though.


Hypercrisis. Do you believe in it?

Jesse said...

Where DID you purchase your magic gun? If your theme song doesn't know, then I bet you do:P

Anonymous said...


You focus a lot on American comics but what are your thoughts on foreign comics (including but not limited to Manga & Manhwa)?

What are your thoughts on all the various Star Trek series & movies?

Could you explain your religious/spiritual views in detail and how did you come to take that path?

What are your views on ethics?

If you were to take on a masked superhero identity what would your costume look like and what name would you take for your hero identity?

teh crazydude said...

here's what i think is a good one! has there been any thought for you to do an all new top 15?

advancedgamer14 said...

Where did you get your name from?

Anonymous said...

Who is your favorite person to do crossovers with, and why?


Cate said...

What comic can work best as a movie? And vice versa.


Jessica said...

Are you single?

And what do you look for in a woman?

I think you're adorable. :)

Anonymous said...

Are you going to talk about Penance (Speedball) at some point and what it would be like if he and Daredevil did a cross-over?

Frank R. said...

The question you are unlikely to answer (there are lighter ones after this one): You stray the line between making overtly political statements and keeping your own political beliefs somewhat hidden. By some of your comments I think you're more on the right then the left...but regardless I applaud you as an entertainment personality not taking a definitive stand one way or another. My question then is do you do this on purpose or is it a habit you've fallen into? If you do this on purpose (which I'm pretty sure you do) do you think other entertainment personalities should do the same?

On to lighter questions you might be more likely to possibly answer...

What's your writing process? Do you toss ideas back and forth with anyone or do you come up with most of the stuff on your own?

How much ahead do you plan the 'plot' threads you have in your videos? Do you constantly have a plot going like you did with Terminator Linkara plotted out well in advance or is it more spur of the moment?

Does your character actually know that Spoony is Dr. Insano? Is he only pretending that he doesn't realize the obvious? If he does know is it because he harbors a secret attraction for him and hiding this knowledge and the knowledge that he is his long lost fraternal twin brother in an attempt to engage him in a gay incestuous relationship? I hold it pretty likely that he does know and is waiting for the relationship. /nod

Still no review of a comic from Antarctic Press (the only comic publisher I like and I think they could use some exposure)? There are some really bad ones mixed in with the gems.

What exactly is your families ancestral history? Your name is pretty interesting.

Do your parents encourage you in your reviewing endeavors? You seem to rely on them for a lot in the reviews and I'm slightly surprised they are so supportive.

Did a rabid zombie ever kill a member of your family? Awareness must be raised in regards to this epidemic.

Devillo said...

Well apologies if this has already been asked mate (since my scrollbar nearly fell off due to the number of comments in 7 hours, you popular devil you)

When you first begun as any other fan online posting video's on the net, did you have any idea that things would get to the point you are at now? And considering that, just where does Lewis Lovhaug see himself in 5 years time?

Anonymous said...

Did you know any of your fellow critics before coming to TGWTG?

Was the Smiling Man YOUR creation, or was he a joint creation for Crossover Lord?

Have you ever been seriously injured during a sketch or review?

What is the scariest comic you have ever read?

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