Monday, May 17, 2010

Lunatik #1

The comic that boldly decided that sucking was better than being good!


Emi said...

1) I don’t think there can ever be enough abuse hurled at the crap that was the 90s EXTREEEEEEEEME period.

2) What are you talking about, Linkara? Gums are EXTREEEEEEEEEEEME! Didn’t you know that?

3) Spine-snapped pixies are extreme, too, apparently… *boggle*

4) What the hell’s up with the dude’s hair? It’s weird. D:

5) … *head scratch* Yeah, ‘cos when I think of the beauty of the night sky, I think… trenches and campground toilets…

6) SCIENCE DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY, and I don’t think creationism does, either! Though I’d be willing to bet that it would be interesting to attend a church workshop about “sensual massage creationism.”

7) That fish looks like it’s got far more than just one cell comprising it. And it’s awfully pink. Is it an evil salmon?

8) EXTREEEEEEEEEME teeth like that are clearly not designed for mashing and grinding plant matter! Come on, you can’t be EXTREEEEEEEEEEEEME and a vegetarian. (Though I came pretty close. XP)

9) RANDOM FACT TIME! When I was little, I attended a Lutheran church in Ohio. This church had a bunch of Ringling Bros clowns attending it as well. Of course they never showed up to Sunday school or the sermon in makeup, but it would’ve been fucking awesome if they did. (My mom caught back up with them recently. They clown in Reno now, and have converted to Catholicism. I find this absolutely hilarious.)

10) Where did he pick up the pixie? From Link, of course. HEY LISTEN HEY LISTEN HEY LISTEN HEY LISTEN HEY LISTEN

11) See, I was right. His teeth are so EXTREEEEEEEEEEEME they’ve got EXTREEEEEEEME sneery faces of their own!

12) Purple space cockroaches with their own pouch belts, no less!

13) Lobo’s appearance in 52 was my favorite of any of his appearances, closely followed by that one time he got pwned by Captain Marvel.

14) I think Lunat!k in his vacation clothes is the goddamn ugliest thing I’ve seen in my life. And this is the intarnetz. I’ve seen lots of ugly, horrifying things!

Great job, Linkara! X3 I look forward to next week!

(How many times did I use "EXTREEEEEEME" in this comment, anyway?)

Mountain King said...

At last a cure for insomnia! I thought when british politics became interesting I'd have to take up jigsaws.
There is nothing that puts me to sleep faster than a bland pointless "Action" comic book. No thought, wit or inteligence. Just EXtreME art and a ludicus amount of ink.
Still it wasn't the best review I've seen, then again I liked the plug for Cardas... Kick-Ass-ia, which I thought was fun (although
someone seemed to suck your acting tallent out with a compressor pump, hope you find it again).
All good fun and games, hope to see you next week with another review

AKA Mountain King

Strannik said...

Lunatic was co-created by Keith Giffen, the co-creator of Lobo. Which, of course, begs the question - is it a rip-off if you are ripping off yourself.

Alex Stritar said...

So, a failed atempt at a comedic character. Did this happen a lot after Lobo got popular?

Wait a minute, is that Deadpool I spy on the back? The ads for this are advertising a much beter parody character. You know what, that's fine. I'd much rather read Deadpool then this.

Talk about a Red Skies crossover. You were in Molossia for 3 months? What's there to do on an acre of land for 3 months?

Anyway, thx for another great review, Linkara.

David said...

Wait, wait, wait, wait. SKREET? That #$!@ing annoying pixie-thing that I wanted Thanos to throw into deep space for the entirety of Annihilation? THIS is where she came from?

Go to hell, Lunatik! And no, I don't care enough to use the exclamation point!

日本文化のマニアック said...

Maybe the "!" is meant to be a postalveolar click, like you'd get in Khoisan (bushman) languages? Have fun pronouncing that.

Anonymous said...

Nice tie-in there! (And I do feel like the biggest geek on the planet for catching the Nightcat reference, btw.)

Hilarious as always, Linkara!

Xander said...

what where you doing fo4r 3 months?

i think you should do new mutants 98. it has the birth of a great character and more Rob Liefeld, a bad cover. and some one dieing form youngblood disease and some bad coloring you need to review it.

Xander said...

What happins in thoughts 3 months i must know!!

You should review The New Mutants #98. there so much for you to rip on the first time we see deadpool befor he was a good character bad art thinks to you buddy rob. and a guy who dies form Young Blood's Disease!

Anonymous said...

I actually like Image Comics
Spawn, the Maxx and Savage Dragon are still amongst my favourites
So yes, they didn't do everything wrong, just took them some time to find themselves.

But yes, it can get pretty annoying when someone comes with something new and then everyone starts copying it until everyone becomes fed-up with it.
In my opinion brutal anti-heroes weren't the problem, the problem was that everyone wanted to be like them.
Seriously, it's like if Americans didn't understand the concept of individuality and originality.

SatansBestBuddy said...

Well, it's a good thing I don't get tired of you making fun of them, either.

And now that you've mentioned it, I'm gonna help start the endless requests for you to do the Avengers Crossings!

Alex said...

Ha! I remember getting this comic in some jumbo pack when I was a kid. I think I liked it, because Darker Image was in that same jumbo pack and I loved that one (still do, guilty pleasure). There was also Doom 2099 #42 in that jumbo pack and if possible, I'd nominate that for a contender on your show. The story itself wasn't bad but the art was just painful.

In any case, great episode as usual, I especially loved the ending.

Canadian Otaku Gamer said...

Poor Wasp. And I thought what happened to her in Ultimatum was enough of a slap to the face.

Speaking of faces, why does it look like his facial features have completely disappeared under the black... whatever that is?

Bryan Fail Carter said...

I don't know since my humor isn't all that great but I thought it would have been funny if you showed the Cool Story Bro picture right after Hercules since well no one cares about his pits. Other than that great episode!

Dylan said...

The mote of dust section is a blatant rip-off of Carl Sagan's reflection on the "Pale Blue Dot"

Nitz the Bloody said...

While expecting you to do the Crossing wouldn't be fair ( especially since you already suffered through the entire Countdown ), how about looking at some of the 19-year-old Iron Man comics that followed it, Lewis? Those are so sucky and blowful that Teen Tony should've renamed himself " BlowSuck " or " SuckBlow ", appropriate to the era.

Benjamin J said...

Yikes. Even at a glance, it looks obvious that this was around the time in the 90s that everyone and their mother in the comics industry was copying Todd McFarlane (who, even I, despite my being a HUGE fan of his back in the day, can now look back and admit that the guy's art was hit or miss at best, almost up till he stopped drawing regularly anyway).

That actually might not be a bad installment of the show: a look at 90s comic artists, be they good (Jim Lee, Marc Silvestri, Frank Miller), Bad (Rob Liefeld), or somewhere in between (McFarlane, Sam Keith), the legions of pathetic imitators they spawned, and the different ways these imitators so thoroughly missed the mark.

Zaki said...

Which issue of Captain Atom did you featured in your video, the one with the redhead?

The Vigilante said...

Nice plug for Kickassia at the end, Lewis. =)

Wow, even if I watched this review on mute, I would STILL be able to tell that this comic was deplorable. What possessed Marvel to make a "hero" character that was so incredibly unlikable? Everything about him is just irritating!

And I did like the "Because poor literacy is...COMPLETELY NONSENSICAL" bit a lot. I was wondering when the line was going to appear again, so good job for switching it up a bit.

Will your other crossover videos from the 2-year anniversary also be posted here, or will they only appear on TGWTG?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Which issue of Captain Atom did you featured in your video, the one with the redhead?"

Didn't. That's something from Extreme Justice.

Will said...

A 90's comic review without an appearance by 90's Kid? Duuuude, bogus! Besides that, good review. I enjoy the 90's/Liefeld mocking so keep it up.

LoneWolf said...

"Schadenfreude" is pronounced "shahd-n-froi-duh."

Appreciated the review, anyway.

Paul S. said...

I find it very telling Keith Giffen abruptly killed off Lunat!k in his Drax mini-series.

Wait a minute... Thanos is in this comic and Skreet became Thanos's familiar in the 2004 Thanos series. Good god, Giffen was foreshadowing that 9 years in the making. Wow!

Dan Shive said...

Dude! Spoilers! This review reveals that Linkara survives the Kickassia event! This is totally going to screw up the vegas odds on who's going to die (I predict at least half of Channel Awesome will fall in battle).

Speaking of which, don't bother putting money on Spoony dying. He'd died so many times that you'll actually wind up owing the casino money even if you do win the bet.

George said...

Linkara, why must you hype me every turn about 52????

It's torturous waiting for the last 2 volumes to come into my local comic book store, as I want to see where our Lopope goes with his journey!

Nice episode, though I wish you actually screamed LUNAT! K.

Tsumetai said...

Ahem. that's ˈʃɑːdənfrɔɪdə or (SHAW-den-froy-duh).

A. Conroy said...

Good review.

Also, congrads to being mentioned at Wrestlecrap in reference to a pro wrestling comic book involving Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

NGT said...

That was pretty short, man. Barely made 13 minutes. Kickassia ate you. :P

Angela said...

Well, if one possibly good thing came of the pain that was even just the recap of that comic, the cover picture of Skreet had me suddenly wonder where all my early Poison Elves trades went...

I really liked them at the time, not sure how well they'll hold up now, but hey, there's one where a pixie is slingshotted with her spear to take down a giant.

Yogurt said...

Man, Spiderman isn't the only one having a clone problem. Lobo seems to have had his own doppelganger dilemma.

Excellent work, Link!

Erin said...

The planetary formation porn, Lunatik-- sorry, Lunat!'s missing nose, and Hercules' armpits disturb me.

Did the fairy do anything other than get replaced with Wasp?

Anonymous said...

The interesting thing I remember hearing about Lunat!k was that conceptually he was actually thought of by Giffen first; Lobo just made it to comics before Lunat!k did.

Red Kintoba said...

Hey man, speaking of Lobo, I was just reading a copy of Deadpool #41, and he totally makes a cameo appearance! they dont call him Lobo though, they call him "Dirty Wolf" but its totally Lobo, they continue the appearance from #41 and 43. If you want you can check it out if you got copies, as mine are digital. so yeah, thought I'd let you know 'cause Lobo's the Main Man an all.

Anonymous said...

...With Thanos as the aptly named Sir-Not-Appearing-in-this-comic.

this review was pure win, and made me laugh until my chest hurt.

Thank you so much.

Information Geek said...

A very solid review of a boring crappy 90's comic. You were so right on with this cover being completely boring. There is nothing speculatular or even interesting about it at all.

I have very good news if you haven't heard it already. Lunatik was killed off for good back in Feburary of 2006. It may be a bit late, but let's open the champange!

Anonymous said...

Hey look on the bright side. Lunit!k dead now Drax the destroyer killed him

Jeremy A. Patterson said...

This version of Lunatik first appeared in Marvel Comics Presents #172, gracing the cover of that issue. He continued till #175, the last issue of that title!


Phantom Roxas said...

An omnibus of Avengers: The Crossing is coming out next month. However, it's going to be the typical $100, so it would likely be a deeper shame than paying for Cry for Justice, unless you can get the omnibus for a good deal.