Thursday, May 3, 2012

Warrior #2-3 Commentary

Learn how I annoyed Spoony with wanting to film this! ‎


Anonymous said...

I liked the auto-focus seen, it was cool how it focused just as the whole group came together

Alex Stritar said...

You know, I wonder the first conversation between Lewis and Liz about the vid is like.

"Hey, I have a video series on the internet, and I'd like you to cameo in it."

"Well, I'm flattered and all, but I don't think I'd want some creepy perv-"

"It's not that kind of series."

"It's not?"

"No, it's a review series."

"... When you say review-""I make jokes about comic books." *angry face*

"Oh. Sure, I'd love to."

And that's how Equestria was made. XD

James said...

Alex: Actually, they both worked at Barnes & Noble, so I think Liz new about it. I'd imagine it went more like this.

Lewis: Hey Liz, you know that web series I do?

Liz: The one that a dozen people come in to bug you about every day?

Lewis: Yeah, that's it. You wanna do a cameo in it?

Liz: Wouldn't that mean the nerds would be bothering me non-stop? Coming in every hour and saying "ZOMG you were in Atop the Fourth Wall!"

Lewis: Yup.

Liz: ... sounds cool.

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing this review and laughing very hard at the 1408 joke, its probably my favorite joke of the review.

MichaelJGleason said...

what was Mechakara's face made out of? I mean the fleshy meaty part, not the robot face part.

Robert 'Staredcraft' WIlling said...

Nice commentary. From the sounds of it you guys also did the Warrior #4 commentary after this, will we be seeing that soon too?

DMaster said...

Actually Spoony...if you check your Rants & Raves forum as well as your section of the forums on TGWTG, I've assembled a list of everything official of yours as well as tie-ins like this video and Blackest Night. I'm sure you'd know better than me, but I've at least supplied a blueprint.