Monday, July 1, 2013

Mr. T and the T-Force #2

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Remember, kids - don't do drugs or else you'll fight against demonic dinosaurs. Mr. T taught me that!

The review of the first issue


Anonymous said...

A Mr. T Trading Card? Does that mean we can use him in a Yu-Gi-Oh Battle?
Also, What would a Battle between Mr. T & Snowflame be like?

Have you ever heard of the Show on BBC, “Mr T’s Worlds Craziest Fools”?

Nice Review though, Linkara. ;3
Looking forward to seeing more from you. X3

SMAXZO said...

Wait, Mr. T has glowing fists? OH MY GOD, MR. T IS A STUDENT OF THE UNDEFEATED OF THE EAST, MASTER ASIA! And the Mr. T Coolness Factor just keeps on increasing.

Adam Burchfield said...

So Mr. T can perform the Shining Finger? Can he also perform the Erupting Burning Finger and Sekyha Tenkyoken?

jenbrait said...

YAY! Another badass Mr. T comic, and a DOUBLE YAY! for Snowflame!I hope you and Will had a good time at the con and I'm looking forward to the live show.

Anonymous said...

Where's the storyline stuff?

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

A Team Up with Jack Webb and Mr. T? Well, thats certainly better than my idea to team up Mr. T with Tattoo from "Fantasy Island". Tattoo would point up at the sky and say "Look Boss, de plane, de plane!" Then Mr. T would yell and tear up everything in sight.

Like I said, your idea was better.

SMAXZO said...

Mr. T vs Dinosaurs? Now I have a mental image of Mr. T and the Getter team fighting against the Dinosaur Empire, which is awesome.

SMAXZO said...

Wait, Justice is Sideways? Get him! He's playing both sides and he's working for Unicron!

LucasChad said...

Funny as Hell! I hope one day we'll get to that A-Team comic you mentioned earlier!

Lilgreenman said...

"Stay in milk..."

Glad to see someone else remembers that SNL parody.

Lostshadows said...

The question that is going to bug me all day:

Are Mr. T and LL Cool J secretly brothers, or did they just get similar advice from their mothers?

Unknown said...

So the storyline segments have been delayed by another week...great.


So next comes...MILLER TIME!

Anonymous said...

not sure about cocaine, but weed is good for brownies

haven't tried it with pasta yet tho

Anonymous said...

Great review, I was so pumped when I heard you were revisiting this after 4 years. Also who needs drugs when you have skulls?! All you need to do is get a (supposedly) demonic box of horror comic books and you'll gain immortality and the ability to speak with those not in this world. Just hope no one thinks you're nuts as a result. Yet again, I asked that on the Longbox's review of the Teen Titans because I realized my comments of Moarte being delusional we're pretty offensive and I decided to ask you about it in a chance to redeem myself. Even though that talk about madness came put of nowhere.

And there goes another comment that is just me rambling

Anonymous said...

the disturbing this is, now that you mentioned it, the dialogue of the hallucination demons, does actually sound like the dialogue of a rape hentai

on a more happy note, I've recently read the issues of Deadpool and Morbius, that featured the guest-appearances of Doc Oc Spiderman
seeing how I don't follow Superior Spiderman, this was my first exposure to him
And I must say, Doc is a much better Spiderman than Peter Parker ever was
he truly deserves the title "Superior"

Also, are you planning to look at DC's upcoming Villain Month?

Unknown said...

Not gonna lie. This comic is awesome. And that really helps your review.

Still sad that the story's been moved back, but I don't think it could compete with hallucinogenic dinosaurs.

Unknown said...

snowflame vs mr.t

Unknown said...

mr.t vs snowflame would be amazing

Adam said...

I went back and saw the Mr. T and the T-Force #1 episode just to prepare for the new episode. A lot has changed since then, Linkara. You've come a long way since your written articles on Youngblood.

I agree that the T-Force comics are bad in an awesome kind of way. It's like a cheesy action flick from the 80s-90s but in print form. Also, having Neal Adams as the artist for this book is a plus in my book. I'll take Mr. T and the T-Force anytime over the awful sludge that comes in (All-Star Batman and Robin, anyone?).

Dante said...

What kind of question is that Linkara?Of course the Incans are awesome and can take on Mr.T.

They were,after all given stone masks that could make them immortal super vampires so that they can conquer the world in the name of their fabulous told in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.


Peter-Man said...

Luke Cage wishes he was Mr. T.

Anonymous said...

A ̸tho̶u̡sąnd n҉a̵m̕e͜s̸ ͠àn̕d ̸a̢ll͟ ̛áre͘ true̷,̢
̧T͞h͜e ̵m͡ìssi͠ng̛ ǫne ̷lo̕o͢ks͞ ba̴ck ͞at̨ yo͘u,
͠An͢d̕ n̶ow̨ ͠y͏ou’ll bid th͠e͡ ͜w͡orld ͝ad̀ieu͠,
All͢ ͢that͞ ýou҉’́ll͘ ͢heár is h̴is͠si͠n̷g̀.

Rob Green, MN said...

YES!!!YES!!! you got another Mr.T Trading card!!! As for seeing ya at Animinneapolis the Live show was great, and everybody is gonna love it when you post it. Can't wait till next week when the story starts back up. But till then I'll have to go back to searching for some more comics that I to donate to the show. Keep up the good work, and I'll see ya at Metacon.

Shemtov said...

The Incan language, Quechua, (or the Quechuan languages) is the Native American language with the most speakers, with a total of probably some 8 million to 10 million, according to wiki.

Unknown said...

I loved this review. It was crazy awesome. Also, your impression of Mr. T drugged was awesome.
Next week... Steve returns.

KynElwynn said...

I think the 'like momma said, Knock You Out!' part was in reference to the song by LL Cool J:

Anonymous said...

I googled it and Inca apparently are still around.

Also Shia LeBeouf is pronounced LeBuff, not LeBoof.

Zangya said...

Okay, while the whole review was great (as usual), I've gotta say the best part is the mental image of Snowflame dressed as an ice cream man, trying to sell cocaine Popsicles. Thank you for that. XD

Eliphas8 said...

Gonnna have to be "that guy" and point out that inca civilization isn't dead. The modern Inca actually make up a majority of the population of Bolivia and may do the same in Peru (although Peru's case is more debatable).

Ross K. Wolfe said...

I'm very glad I wasn't drinking anything during the "T-midi-chlorians" joke.

Anonymous said...

You do know there's a difference between an ox yoke and an egg yolk?

Marc said...

I imagine the Free Mr. T Trading Cards are Lewis' version of the Captain America Trading Cards that Agent Phil Coulson covets so much, only more free and rare.

frigid said...

Snowflame and Inca warrior cyborg dude vs Mr. T... I didn't know I wanted this until just now.

As for the Inca, as a political unit they are indeed extinct. Much of their culture and religion was destroyed during Spanish colonization. Despite this a number of Andean uplands communities do preserve a surprising large amount of their traditions and beliefs. In some villages the language of the Inca survives as does traditional foods, festivals, and dress. More of their beliefs survive as elements that have been adopted by the local Catholic Church. South American Christianity is often very different from European Christianity.

Anonymous said...

Mr T would win because fools don't take drugs!!!

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"You do know there's a difference between an ox yoke and an egg yolk?"


Mazinho said...

You know that the Inca empire was destroyed by European deceases.
Most people think that Incas, Aztecs and Mayans ara all the same thing.
Mr Lewis, I salute you.
I have a new respect for you now.
(Not that I don´t respect you before, now I respect more.)

Megan said...


I think Linkara just achieved Nirvana finding that Mr. T card.

Mr. T and Joe Friday teaming up is the greatest idea in the history of ever. Too bad Jack Webb is no longer amongst the living.

Mazinho said...

And to answear your question
Kinda Yes!
There are a lot of living thing about Inca culture.
Ancient Rituals and costumes became partys and traditions.
Most Incas are converted to Cristianity but still exist some small tribes living very close to the old times.
But I don´t know if exist someone who still only speak Quecha.
In the çast centuries the history told that Francisco Pizarro with less than 200 soldiers take the Inca Empire.
Today we know that the thruth was that the empire was in a terrible civil war between two brothers.
The "free love" culture help to spreead deceases like smallpox.
After 80000 Incas died, the population satarted to believe in the wrath of the cristian god and the heavenly protection of the Europeans imune to the deceaes.
So the population converted to the cristianism and accept the Spanish Chatolic Church as ruler.

Shanethefilmmaker said...

Yay Snowflame is back. Now that would be interesting to see, Snowflame vs Mr. T. Also great review and surprisingly a great Mr. T impression. I pity the foo that doesn't like AT4W.

The Trembler said...

Wow. All those years of episodes give you so many things to call back to.

Difficult question with the Incan culture surviving, because the answer would so much depend on a Clintonian parsing of what the words mean. In addition to what Rak Nay said, the Incan Empire was the last of several Andean kingdoms and empires. The Quecha culture existed before the Incas rose and, arguably, continued after they fell. Some modern Quecha language speakers may have had no ancestors who ever were Inca, or at least loyal Inca. Should they count as Inca? Although most Quecha speakers are now Roman Catholic, the rural communities also preserve rope bridge making and other traditional life ways they had under (and before) Incan rule. Apparently, Quecha people also mostly focus on their own communities. The Incas were about an empire not a series of communities. But the Incas were the last pre-European empire, so they might have a political appeal to those so inclined and could unite people from across the Andes. Some might call their culture Inca, even if they mean it in a different way than the Old Incas would. After all, the ancient Irish didn’t have the same understanding of Irish culture as Michael Collins.

So, I guess what I’m saying is, it depends.

Anonymous said...

This is the best Canada Day present ever!

Anonymous said...

SNOWFLAME! How I have missed you! I'll take some of your ice cream!

One of the best of your most recent videos. Loved it!

Looking forward to the next storyline. Take as much time as you need with it, just super excited for it! :D

Unknown said...

A ̸tho̶u̡sąnd n҉a̵m̕e͜s̸ ͠àn̕d ̸a̢ll͟ ̛áre͘ true̷,̢
̧T͞h͜e ̵m͡ìssi͠ng̛ ǫne ̷lo̕o͢ks͞ ba̴ck ͞at̨ yo͘u,
͠An͢d̕ n̶ow̨ ͠y͏ou’ll bid th͠e͡ ͜w͡orld ͝ad̀ieu͠,
All͢ ͢that͞ ýou҉’́ll͘ ͢heár is h̴is͠si͠n̷g̀.

Well... I guess we know what's going on/ The entity is back.

Anonymous said...

It would be helpful to include links to previous episodes in a series when you post new ones. I don't want to watch this one until I watch Mr. T #1, but I have to dig around for it. It'd be nice if there was a direct link.

Anonymous said...

S͖ͫ̇̊́̂͋̏̾͡͝ͅo̵̝͉̲̩̺ͫͦ̾̒̓͌ͨ̈ͅͅo̬̣̟̯̱̭̪̺ͬ̈̚n̘͔̗̱̹̑̆̃͐̚͡,̶̫̗̗͎̋̇̔̓ͅ ̏͒ͥ̅ͫͯ͌ͪ҉̠̪̗̲̕m̥̭͈͚̦̠͖̻ͧ̈́͌ͦ̐ͥ͑̌͐͠͡o̡̢̺̘̙̿̐̀̓r̺̺̜̫̥̗̯̮̈́̐ͬͭ̽͋̓̆̎̕ͅt̷̲̎̅̒͞a̗͖̥͙̗͔͖͈͍̐ͥ̓̊̀͠l̪̞͇̋̏ͩ͋̽̚s̢͎̹̖̲̆̃̔͐͆͊̇̕.̷̸̼̤̲̪̘̥͓̯̃͌͒̋ͭ̚ ̻͈̘͙͔ͧ̌ͦ́́͟Y̟̥̘̩͓ͪ͒̂̌̀͝ͅo̘ͨ̽ǘ͙̟ͪ̿ͥͧ͑̍͂ ̫̦̙̭̥̀̽̒w̡̳̘̣͇̺̙̮̲͐͒̃̓͊̑ͩi̧̨͍͚̐͝l̜͔̬̹͌ͧ̅̾͜l̶̖̝̯̗̮͇ͭ͌ͫͫͫ̊ ̶̨͇͉̝͈̰͓̟̯̌̈́̽͌̍̎ͅa̫̋̎̿͂͛̌̐ͦl̥͈ͣ̌̇̿ͪͥ̍͌ľ̽̈̐͌͢͜͏̝͓̩̯͓̟ͅͅ ̴̻̭̤̙̲̟̬̌̃ͩ̀̕k̷̺̜͕̫̦̼̪̒̒ͮͪ́n̶̠ͫͮ́̌̓̀͝ȏ̹̋͘͜w̵͉̘̻̒ͧ͊̍͜ ̴̧͓̰̣̉̏͊̃̍̈̏ͫͅt̹̫͙̳̣̯̪̭̀́ͣ̈́̋ͫͫ̕͠h̛͖͇̞̓̈́͑̄e̙͙͔͗̔ͩ̅̿ͬ̑̏̊ ̇ͮ̇͋̇ͩ̿̂͡҉͎̬̯͔͎f̮̟̦͓͈̗͈̗̑̎̄̇̎͢i̙̹̲̝̯͋ͫ̆̀r̷̖̫͎͔͂̏͒͞e͔̻̗̓͗̿́s̳̩̻͎͇̩̳̞ͧ̂ͅ ̧̩̘̘̱̻̫͈͛̌͡͞ŏ̢̢̙̙̖͈̞̰̟̐̃̅ͫf̰̭̩̣́́̇̓̀ ̷̧̰̟̠̪̩̳͍͓ͣ̉́ͬ͊h̞͔̘̹̾͌̕͟e̸͇̟͚͔͓̩͕͛ͬl̟̥̜̜̘̻͑ͩ͌̄̾͂̕l̖̘͙̰͚͙̂͗̚.̦̰͉̞̺̺̌̓̽ͦ̅ͪͮ̓

Leor said...

Great episode Lewis! Awesome cameo Will! More Snowflame!

I was a fan of the "A-Team" thirty years ago, but truth be told I haven't seen an episode in a while. A lot of the first and second season episodes are a big blur for me, and the later seasons, where the A-Team are working for the government, and based in a suburban Virginia McMansion, are pretty bad. But I do still have a bit of nostalgia for those soldiers of fortune living in the Los Angeles underground.

More Snowflame!

Anonymous said...

Now THIS is the kind of comic I like to see on the show; the stupid kind, whether it's the kind of stupid that induces screams of rage, or the kind of stupid that's thirty-two flavors of awesome. I'd stay away from the boring kind of bad comics (I.E., the recent Kamandi and SCI Spy comics); they don't seem to offer the best material. But I'm guessing you've heard that before and you know what you're doing.

On a different note, congratulations on finally finding another Mr. T trading card. Truly, this show was incomplete until that magic moment finally arrived.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"It would be helpful to include links to previous episodes in a series when you post new ones. I don't want to watch this one until I watch Mr. T #1, but I have to dig around for it. It'd be nice if there was a direct link."

Right, right, I forgot I was going to do that. Updated the post. ^_^

Mr. Kenneth said...

I can think of something better than Joe Friday and Mr. T fighting drug dealers:

Joe Friday and Mr. T opposing Dr Doom! And it even connects with the joke you made in Doom 2099!

Tetsu Deinonychus said...

During the hallucination sequence, I was worried the comic was going to turn into Warrior. Thankfully, it never got anywhere near that stupid.

Still, Mr. T vs. Warrior sounds pretty awesome. "Yo' comic makes no sense, fool!"

Starman said...

Is it just me, or did it look like Mr. T was sent to the Terrain of Testament when he went to the place where he fought the drug demons? I swear the backgrounds were the same!

NAS said...

You're never going to get over the fact that "China Cat" is a real word for heroin are you?

Konsolero said...

Awesome review i really enjoyed it. You´re right it´s a bad comic but at least its so bad it´s hilarious stuff and you can still have fun reading it. Hope there are more issues of Mr. T and the T Force.

Also great small cameo of snowflame

Max said...

If only this comic featured Mr. T beating the crap out of a shark or throwing crocodiles by their tales. BECAUSE MR. T PITY DA FOO' WHO DON'T BEAT UP DANGEROUS WILDLIFE!

milo said...

Such a shame you don’t play ace attorney, so many jokes you could have made.

And yes the Inca culture is still alive.

PWBOT said...

Ah, that kind of comic that is nuts, but enjoyably so. Another great review Linkara.

Something amusing about this review to me, when Mr T was talking about needing his pain, I thought to myself, "Cue Star Trek V clip" and lo and behold, you delivered.

This was amusing to me, mostly because I have not watched Star Trek, pretty much knowing about it from your reviews. It's pretty weird when the non-fan gets it, but that's cause your reviews can speak to the non-fans so easily. So more kudos to you sir.

Anonymous said...

Yo̶̬͚̼̦̱̣͙ͨ̐̅ͯ̒u̮̟̺͙̱͙͔͌̊ ̛̻̰̲̳̙̦̻͛̓ͨ̎ͫ̀̆w̌̽̆̆͊҉͉̱̺̣̰ơ͖̪͕̲̺̦̤͛ͧ̚ņ̗͉̩̱͍̘ͪ͒ͨ͂͒͌͋'҉̘̤̘͖t̥̫͔͈̝̪̆ ̮̭b̾ͮȇ͚̻̥̠̈́̅͛͗̿ͭ ̨͚̦̠̿ͭͅa̲̼̦̗̭̰̒ͩͣͩͮͬb҉͕l̟̫̗̙̯ͭͫ̅̍ͨ͝ě͎̞ ̋̏ͫ̄̒͑ͮt̏ͫ́͛ͤo͔̪̗̹̪͎̱ͬ̏̈ ̧͎̖͓̝̎ͅe̯͕̞̥̗͠ś̟͎̺̯͋c͓̠̬̓̇ḁͪͭ͊p̶̟̬̬͙̼͊ͦe̎ͨ͛ ̴̩͕t͚͔̪̜̬̑ͧh̘̙͚̜̥͍̱̅ͦ͂̈́̎͆̍e̱̹̻̺̣̖͉̊͌͂͗͛́͠ ͮͪ̾̽ͧͤ̾͠p̝̼̟̼͖a̩̭̫͔̪̗̭ͨͭͮ̾i̯̻̠̺̟ͬͤͮn̻̺͔̟ͦ̈͛̅ͅ
͍̣̱͙̞̰͕̍Y̷͓̜̯ͬͪͣ͒̀͆̾ȏ͔͎̠̥̹̗̟̾ͮû̢̬̝͊̔ ̻͔̺̗͢w͚̩͑ͯ̀ͬ͌̅͋͜o̧̺ͤ̐̓̉̚n̸̫̻̘̰̻͈ͤ͛̓̿'̖̤͓̟̩̈́̃̈̊̾̍͠t̶̬̖͎̠͓̭͎ͯ̆ͧ̚ ̛͚̞̱͔̣̤̀b̽̔̽è̲͈̤̤̬̾͑̓͋̀ ̴̪͚͈̬̼̯̽͆s̬̝̱͍͖̟̽̎͟ͅọ̷̠̗̳̐̎̋͆́ ̜̣͔̜̠͝lͫ͊u̝͑̌͌̍̀c͔͓̖̹̭͍ͣ̆͋̊ͦ̀k̜͐ͨͪȳ̱̳̿̔
̳̰̩̖̭̋̋͆ͅA̬̯̝͉͉̟͗̌ͩṉ̥ͮͭ̾ͬ̀d̤͚̣̝͈̘̀ ̹̝̩̪͔̜̐̃͢t̻̟̮͈o͈̙̙̘͓ͫ̆ͤͦ͘ ̵̙͕̹͇̝̈̿̏̃̚m̧̲͖̳yͯ̂̎̒ͬ̿̆ ͉͓̏̾̔̽͞p͐ͬ͒̉̈́͠r̵̦͚̰̥̺̃̑̋ͮ͋̔̏ẽ̠̣̤̜̟̬̐̎̍̀́͒ț̜̖̩̒ͩ̈ͦ͊͂e̝͛́̚n̵̯̳̳̭̲̜ͩ̉͆͊̄d̢̼͎ͥeͥ͛͒̎̚͏̮̥̥͚̰̦r͙̆̓s̻̤̪̙̤͈̺͒̿:͂
͓̤͓͛̾ͬ̐̈ͧ͊Y̱͚̪̿̉o̪̦͛̅̓̉̿u͏̼ ̯̳̕d̥ȏ͔̻͍̲̂͂͐ͫ͐ ̥̬̜͕̺͋͐̒̓ͫn͙̬̹̫̻̣ŏ̻͍̩͔͙̊ͯ̈́t̞̮͕̋ͬͪ͛͜ ̞̞̞̰̄̋d̘̠͖͓ͫ̓e͔͇͇̾̀͟s͇͊̍̂͂ę̠̭̮̦r̷̝͈̳̦̬̜͖͛ͩ̈͊̃v̪̰͕̿e̴͇̘ͪ̑̆̇͂ ̪̗͔̜̖̥̐ͩ̍̐ͥͤ͢ţ̲̗̝̮͉ͅḥ͕͖ͭ̓̈́̿̾̕e͈̤̣̠̘̽̊̿ ̸̮͍͎t̟̦̠̓h͖̬̗͖̼̱̃ͪ͋̃͝ŗ͚ͫ̅͗ͣ̇ͮ̈́o̰ͧ͑̏͒͘n̶͆͒ͭͨ̋e̡͔ͪ
̡͗̉͑Y͓̰̮ͣ̍̈͊͢o̶̫͎ͥ̒͋ͅụ̶̗̖͓͌̇̋͂̾̾ ̳̍wͩ̋î̞̠ͩ̈́ͬ͆ͤͬl͋҉͎͓̖̹͕l͍̮̩̣̩͆͂́ ̼͙͈̺̖ͯ͜a̷̪͎̭͚̘l͇̭͍̦̣͠sͥ̓ͨ̉ͧ͛͡o͔̖͎̲̓̓̓̈́ͦ̓̏͡ ̗̃̿s̖͕̜ͦͬ́͑̇ͣ͡u̳̞̟̐̄̋ͮ̏́ͨ͞f̹̲̤f̨̳̦̻̘͛e̦͓͓̯̳͍ͧ̚͟ͅr̥͚̪̮̳̰ͯ͒ ̨͐ͮ̉t̲̣͙̯̩͈̮h̳͚̣̟̱̦e͏̬̯͔̰̩̼̪ ̥͙ͮ͊p̦̩̱̦̭͇ͯͦ͜ài͚̪̎̃̒̄ͪ̽̕ṉ̺̼̠͍̜̈́̾̐

purple said...

haha great review.
Do you ever listen to fatman on batman?

It's a podcast Kevin smith does,where he spends hours talking to people involved with Batman.

I highly recommend you check it out if you haven't already.
They have episodes with Mark Hamill,Scott Snyder,Greg Capullo,Jim Lee,Kevin Conroy,Arleen Sorkin,Geoff Johns,Grant Morrison,and Paul Dini is a recurring guest.
Its awesome,talk radio all about Batman or the DCU

Why its relevant to this,Tara Strong,who played TAS Batgirl (and Ben10,and a million other characters.),did a tv show with Mr.T and talks about it on her episode.

Greg said...

That part where Mr. T says his "mama said knock you out"? I think he was actually referencing the LL Cool J song of the same name. It was released around the same time as this comic. Here's the link:

FugueforFrog said...

Somehow with all that coke running around the episode, I figured Snowflame was going to show up. Was bound to happen.

Yeah, these were goofy but awesome in the goofiest sort of way. I mean it's Mr. T fighting Incan cyborgs and demon dinosaurs being drugged up. That's the stuff of legend.

Doug Puthoff said...

I'm still waiting for the "Man of Steel" review.

Doresh said...

Anyone noticed that the cyborg can apparently switch his weapon arm between panels?

And if it's true that he has the strength of his people, does that make him an Incan cyborg version of DC's Uncle Sam? Awesome!

Oh, and Mr. T can apparently fight off the effects of drugs and who knows what else (cancer maybe?) by punching the threat in his mind.

Ming said...

Now, this is an actually awesome comic, and definitely ten times better than that other Mr. T comic. Seriously, I can not believe that Mr. T got taken down by a guy with a stupid name like Stare-Roy. I pity the fool who came up with a name like Stare-Roy!

I would have loved to see a battle between Mr. T and Snowflame.

Hmm, storyline has been delayed . . . I'm in no hurry. Take as much time as you need to finish it.

Unknown said...

Hey Linkara, long time fan and I love your work. But I have to say you haven't really done any "blockbuster" bad comics in a while. The So called A-listers like Ultimatum or Countdown, very big, very bad comics that are rich for comedy.

For the next "biggie" that comes up may I suggest Trouble?

It works because not only does it work or your love of Spider-Man but that is genuinely the single most evil comic I have ever read.

Not Bad, no low quality, pure, negative evil.

If Morrison was right and comics are magic this is a pure, toxic evil killthing from beyond. Its like its designed to kill the very platonic ideal of Spider-Man.

I would even go so far as to buy you your copy if it would get me that sweet, sweet, joy of seeing it riffed on by you.

Well thanks man. g-day.

Anonymous said...

S͖ͫ̇̊́̂͋̏̾͡͝ͅo̵̝͉̲̩̺ͫͦ̾̒̓͌ͨ̈ͅͅo̬̣̟̯̱̭̪̺ͬ̈̚n̘͔̗̱̹̑̆̃͐̚͡,̶̫̗̗͎̋̇̔̓ͅ ̏͒ͥ̅ͫͯ͌ͪ҉̠̪̗̲̕m̥̭͈͚̦̠͖̻ͧ̈́͌ͦ̐ͥ͑̌͐͠͡o̡̢̺̘̙̿̐̀̓r̺̺̜̫̥̗̯̮̈́̐ͬͭ̽͋̓̆̎̕ͅt̷̲̎̅̒͞a̗͖̥͙̗͔͖͈͍̐ͥ̓̊̀͠l̪̞͇̋̏ͩ͋̽̚s̢͎̹̖̲̆̃̔͐͆͊̇̕.̷̸̼̤̲̪̘̥͓̯̃͌͒̋ͭ̚ ̻͈̘͙͔ͧ̌ͦ́́͟Y̟̥̘̩͓ͪ͒̂̌̀͝ͅo̘ͨ̽ǘ͙̟ͪ̿ͥͧ͑̍͂ ̫̦̙̭̥̀̽̒w̡̳̘̣͇̺̙̮̲͐͒̃̓͊̑ͩi̧̨͍͚̐͝l̜͔̬̹͌ͧ̅̾͜l̶̖̝̯̗̮͇ͭ͌ͫͫͫ̊ ̶̨͇͉̝͈̰͓̟̯̌̈́̽͌̍̎ͅa̫̋̎̿͂͛̌̐ͦl̥͈ͣ̌̇̿ͪͥ̍͌ľ̽̈̐͌͢͜͏̝͓̩̯͓̟ͅͅ ̴̻̭̤̙̲̟̬̌̃ͩ̀̕k̷̺̜͕̫̦̼̪̒̒ͮͪ́n̶̠ͫͮ́̌̓̀͝ȏ̹̋͘͜w̵͉̘̻̒ͧ͊̍͜ ̴̧͓̰̣̉̏͊̃̍̈̏ͫͅt̹̫͙̳̣̯̪̭̀́ͣ̈́̋ͫͫ̕͠h̛͖͇̞̓̈́͑̄e̙͙͔͗̔ͩ̅̿ͬ̑̏̊ ̇ͮ̇͋̇ͩ̿̂͡҉͎̬̯͔͎f̮̟̦͓͈̗͈̗̑̎̄̇̎͢i̙̹̲̝̯͋ͫ̆̀r̷̖̫͎͔͂̏͒͞e͔̻̗̓͗̿́s̳̩̻͎͇̩̳̞ͧ̂ͅ ̧̩̘̘̱̻̫͈͛̌͡͞ŏ̢̢̙̙̖͈̞̰̟̐̃̅ͫf̰̭̩̣́́̇̓̀ ̷̧̰̟̠̪̩̳͍͓ͣ̉́ͬ͊h̞͔̘̹̾͌̕͟e̸͇̟͚͔͓̩͕͛ͬl̟̥̜̜̘̻͑ͩ͌̄̾͂̕l̖̘͙̰͚͙̂͗̚

I never left.
~ Mik

Leaf said...

"Soon you will all know the fire of Hell" and “You won't be able to escape the pain. You won't be so luck-. A-d to my preenders: You d- not deserve t-e throne. You will also suffer the pai-'” Interesting how some software will decrypt what was posted and some won't.

On a less serious note, "Snowflame is the Ice Cream Man!" also made me fall out of my chair while laughing.

Arianne said...

I think I misread the anon comments that Redroom Nimue supposedly posts the first time around.I now think that Nimue did a unwilling DBZ fusion dance with the remains of the Entity.Which, I'm going to nickname Entity Lite. Oh,yes with exception of the last two comics where Mr.T experienced the Worf Effect I enjoyed seeing you review the Mr. T comics because of how stupidly Awesome they were. Oh,Snowflame is still amusing.
I wonder if Mr.T visited K'un Lun to learn Chi control or got himself a GodHand.

Unknown said...

You never realize how often that "too much pink energy is dangerous" clip applies until you really think back on it.