Friday, July 19, 2013

State of the Wall: 7-19-13

And it's time once again to update everyone on how things are progressing! Admittedly, there is not much NEW information than the last time due to no progress really moving forward on them while I've been busy with other matters.

Schedule of Upcoming Episodes
8/5 – Miller Time: Tales to Offend #1
8/12 – The Culling: Teen Titans Annual #1
8/19 – The Culling: Superboy #9
8/26 – The Culling: Legion Lost #9
9/2 – The Culling: Teen Titans #9
9/9 – Plan 9 From Outer Space: 30 Years Later #1
9/16 – Brute Force #4
9/23 – Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
9/30 – SCI-Spy #4

As always, the schedule is subject to change if it turns out the material gives me nothing to work with or because I feel like doing something else. And yep, I'm finally reviewing something from the New 52. And it suuuuuuucks.

Storyline Stuff
As you may have probably noticed, unlike last year, the storyline will NOT be occurring every week. The reason for this is two-fold: one, it's a short storyline ending in October and I can't justify stretching it without adding a subplot or the like, which I'm not really interested in doing with this one aside from what's already planned for it. Two, the reason the storyline was EVERY WEEK last summer was because I needed Linkara to be back at the apartment by October in order to do the Thing-centered Halloween story, since it wouldn't make sense to have the hologram there for that. As such, I needed to hit a lot of story beats along the way and the only way to do that was to have story EVERY week. While there was a lot of it that I recorded ahead of time (the convention visits, for example), it was pretty easy to get burned out by the extra workload. I don't want that to happen this year, especially with all the convention stuff this summer, so there will be a few storyline segments throughout the summer and then story pretty much every week in October for the Halloween storyline. What's going to happen after this storyline concludes? Well, let's not worry about that right now, needless to say I have plans.

Which ones will have story and which ones won't? Well, the only way to be certain is to watch every episode. ^_~

Well, I'm happy to report that the DVD has been a success among people. So far no one's complained about the DVD not being worth the purchase and that aside from one or two instances where the disc skipped, the DVD itself works and has even been arriving internationally without incident. If there DOES seem to be something wrong with it, confirm that it's the disc and not the player and try to clean the disc to the best of your ability. If it's still not working, shoot an e-mail my way and I'll try to get it replaced for you.

Because I'm going to conventions, I'm also bringing merchandise along with me! Along with the DVDs will be a limited amount of plushie cybermats (since they are the most time-consuming to create) at $10 each, badge art, and prints. I'm hoping to have the badges with me at ConBravo to see how well they sell to people, but I should definitely have them for MythiCon. I'll be selling them at $2 a pop and you can see the artwork for them here and here. I'll have 4 different photo prints for sale at $5 each, one as Moarte, one of 90s Kid, one of me in the Obelisk Blue uniform, and one of me in the photo you've probably seen on convention websites. I'll of course sign them, but if you bring any item of your own, including the convention badge or book, I'll sign them for free.

I'm also happy to report that I've set up a Paypal Here device with my smartphone, meaning that I can now accept credit card payments for stuff (assuming nothing goes wrong, since I'll be using it for the first time at ConBravo). Oh, and for ConBravo, the exchange rate is close enough that the prices will remain the same, so $1 USD will be the same as $1 Canadian.

Future DVDs?
Since the DVD has been a success, it's pretty much a guarantee that I'll do DVDs in the future. The purpose of the first one was to get the origin of Linkara's character out there (while leaving a few things up for questions or exploration in the future) and cover behind-the-scenes material like the Making Of the show that people have been asking about. Since that's all covered now, I'd like to hear what people would like to see on future DVDs. I'm thinking that the next time it'll be 2 episodes instead of 3 and leave the rest of the space open for stuff like riffs, Longbox of the Damned, or something else. I'd love to hear suggestions, so feel free to throw them out there.

Longbox of the Damned
Nothing new to report here other than I've begun writing scripts for Longbox of the Damned for this October. As with last year, there's no theme - just 31 comics dealing with monsters, the supernatural, horror, and all that fun stuff. There WILL be some more manga titles this time and of course a mixture of well-known stuff and stuff nobody has probably heard of but I've come across or been donated to me. And naturally there will be some sequel episodes to stuff done for last year since the nature of comic trades has different volumes and trades to cover.

Not much else to report on this front other than what you guys already know. Though since ConBravo is coming up next week, here is the schedule of things I'm doing:

Saturday: Most Annoying Game Show in the World at 12 PM
Channel Awesome Q&A 1 at 1 PM
D20 Live at 9 PM

Sunday: Atop the Fourth Wall Live at 10 AM

The Channel Awesome peeps are supposed to have their own table, so no regularly-scheduled autograph time as far as I know, though that might changhe, but I'm going to assume that that's where we'll be operating out of whenever there's downtime. I should note that I don't personally have any crossovers planned for myself since I'm focusing on getting scripts finished for both the live show and the regular episode, but that doesn't mean I won't be appearing in other crossovers. ^_~

And bear in mind that while I'm scheduled to arrive on Friday, there may be complications in that area since I'm flying United and their track record is not exactly great and I'm supposed to be make 2 or 3 stops on United flights AND have relatively short layover times between flights. I'll do everything in my power to get there ASAP, but I'm already anticipating that just getting there is going to be an adventure and a half.

Anything Else
Well, like I said, there's not much else to report. I have the pencils for the last pages of issue 4 of Revolution of the Mask sitting in my Inbox and I need to approve them, need the last page of issue 3 so I can finally release that, STILL haven't watched the first episode of Operation Overdrive (busy Linkara is busy), and I'll of course update people on things as they come. Beyond that, looking forward to seeing people at conventions and looking forward to having you all enjoy the upcoming videos!


jenbrait said...

Looking forward to the new episodes. Also I was wondering, what is the status on the commentary for the gun and sorcery finale?

Doug Puthoff said...

What I want to know is: when will you review "Man of Steel?"

BayBreeze said...

The last Brute Force!!! AWESOME!!!

Question that rose up from your Twitter. You mentioned how difficult scheduling comics can be since you alternate between companies. Why do you keep yourself to that schedule? I'm no comic expert so I barely notice which company the comics come from. Were there people complaining that you were favoring one publisher over another or something like that? Just curious...

Anonymous said...

My request for DVD #2 - if at all possible, putting all the storyline material on one DVD would be AWESOME. I realize you'd have to leave out the actual review parts because of copyright and all that, but for those of us who are fans of the storylines, it'd just be cool to have them all in one place.

Glad to hear you're keeping busy, and OMG for the Plan 9 from Outer Space... I am so making my husband watch that one. I can hear the groaning even from here.

Have a wonderful time at the cons (so wish I could go)!!

Will said...

On the subject of Moichandising, I think a "Atop the Fourth Wall Flamethrower" would sell very well and it would be thematically appropriate.

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

"The Culling"? Is that the New 52 stuff? It sounds more like a horror movie about killer barnyard animals.

I'm fine with sequel comics and everything, and Brute Force has been fun, but when are we getting back to US-1? It was the first review I saw and I'm eager to get back to trucking antics.

Looking forward to "Plan 9" the most. Thats some exception timing with that particular date.

Unknown said...

The sad thing is that almost very issue of Teen Titans New 52 run deserves to be on AT4W in some form or another.

That being said, what do you think of the new stuff going on with Raven in Teen Titans currently?
and did you give James Tynion's

attempt at salvaging Red Hood and the outlaws a chance?

Falcon Whitaker said...

I'm down with not having storyline in every single episode :) I know I'd rather wait a little while between story bits than have you burn yourself out! Really excited to see where it's going though because I have no clue :D

Unknown said...

Suggestion for the next DVD: Commentary on more of the characters, like you did with your characters this time. I'd love to know more about Vyce and Jaeris and whoever else comes along.

Also, while I understand why there wasn't more of a story this time around (since not everyone will buy the DVD) a more extensive story would be good, too.

KKDW said...

Looking forward to a lot of these. Also, is there a reason you're doing another Sci-Spy so soon after the last one? That might be the shortest gap before a sequel episode yet!

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Looking forward to a lot of these. Also, is there a reason you're doing another Sci-Spy so soon after the last one? That might be the shortest gap before a sequel episode yet!"

Yeah, I might change it after the last one was so boring, I just want to get done with SCI-Spy, though it seems it may be 6 issues and not 4 like I thought. XD

Anonymous said...

new 52 teen titans? sweet! and more miller time! is it from after or before miller went crazy?

btw, when is the next HOPR coming out? :P

NeoSilverThorn said...

Star Trek VI comic right after my birthday? Guess I can consider that a birthday present, then. ^_^

Unknown said...

I really liked samurai-ko's idea of putting all the storyline bits from the current story arc on the dvd. That would be great to have that all in one place!

Anonymous said...

Brute Force #4? :O

Anonymous said...

I have a substitution for your longbox of the damned reviews, Godzilla: Half century war, the art in that one is so amazing

Konsolero said...

Nice updates Linkara. I´m sad that i have to wait more for the next HOPR but you´ve been quit busy the last couple of weeks.

The plans for your future reviews look promising so i´m looking forward for them.

Also about cons, have you ever thought about coming to a con in europe? Doug was two times in Austria and Spoony was/is in Finland. I know you have to be invited, because of travel expenses but i would really like to meet you once (and traveling to the USA just for a cons isn´t really an option).

Alex Stritar said...

Miller Time: Tales to Offend #1

Has Frank Miller become self aware?

Volvagia said...

Choice by choice:

Tales to Offend #1 (Oh, the Lance Blastoff stories. They're really the first sign that Miller was about to go completely insane, as opposed to making Sin City and blandly hateful and self interested stuff like Spawn/Batman.)
The Culling: I was initially thinking you might postpone this to look at Gen 13, but okay. Maybe that'll be next year before The Ravagers #1.
Plan 9 From Outer Space: 30 Years Later: Why, exactly, would someone make this?
Brute Force #4: AWESOME!
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country: One step closer. Just two more comics and a That Sci-fi Guy crossover and you've done thorough reviews of all 10 original movies.
Sci-Spy #4: Surprised this isn't New Guardians or another T-Force comic. Still, I think you need this to be done at this point and the end of issue 3 indicated it might start getting insane enough to be interesting.

Recommendation: Action Comics #835. It's a complicated little doozy of a terrible comic and probably the only terrible thing that Gail Simone wrote. But it IS terrible.

ParadoxPersona said...

Not sure why you're doing Miller Time so soon after Batman and Robin #6, I'd postpone it till after The Culling, so all of August is devoted to it as opposed to trailing off into September, but hey, maybe it fits better with the storyline idea you have going for it. Either way, I'm pumped.

Do you think you'll be able to finish Marville before the year is out? I guess not since October is your horror month (so that is probably covering that Thing sequel you mentioned last year), November is Secret Origins and your annual look at the Clone Saga, and December may or may not have a Christmas theme the whole time, but maybe you'll find some place to squeeze it in if you just want to get it over with.

Xel Unknown said...

I don't think it's a bad thing you aren't going to do storyline stuff every week... Though would've been nice to see minor "slice of life" style happenings of Linkara's daily life when he's not in a major event. Or in the lull before the next big event happens in his crazy life. Cause that'd be kinda cool. And be a good breather for everyone even with the subplot of new event going to happen soon. Maybe some type of "slice of life" storyline thing should be put on the backburner of ideas for some later date thing if you'd want.

Other then that, I can't wait to see what next stuff you do. And I'd love for another DVD to come out. I enjoyed the first, and having the next one have some more non-Atop The Fourth Wall things would be good for it. Maybe even think of doing a possible Longbox of the Dammed DVD in the future if you somehow get the time for that.

DMaster said...

Mr. Lovhaug: Three comments regarding future DVD material:

1.) I know, I know, you've said several times you can't include full storylines on the DVD due to the music and whatnot, and you can't recut them anymore. But...there ARE plenty of clips that are fully original material (at worst is cosplay), so in the very least a video like that storyline catch-up video from just after Vyce's defeat could be included.

2.) You've said in the past you've pondered giving 90s Kid a video game review show, or that Harvey Finevoice was created in the first place to potentially showcase "classy" comics. Well...there's a thought.

3.) No more Silent Hill comic reviews? So no more foreseeable SH-based storylines, even IF the second captured Pyramid Head shows up. Soooo, no explanation for Alien Harvey Finevoice? Eh? Eh? Eh?

(And on the off-chance any of the above was on the DVD, haven't watched it yet, sorry!)

PopCultureOtaku said...

I got my dvd yesterday after it spent a week between california and nj. Mall been weird lately. I don't blame it on you or the dvd company. I had other dvds spend several days bouncing between three mail offices.
Brute Force #4 yeah! Sorry stupid concept but fun stupid.
Star Trek VI. The last of the original movie adaptations.
The Culling was pretty much around when I stopped reading Teen Titans and Superboy. Both books were insult to Teen Titans, Superboy, and Gen 13 fans. Was insult to all fans.

Anonymous said...

A recommendation for when you get a chance to watch Operation Overdrive: do NOT see a whole bunch of episodes in one day. Trust me. It will most likely burn you out. It's better to watch this particular series one episode at a time or two for the two-parters. Plan ahead when you're going to watch any of the episodes because it's THAT BAD. You have been warned by a fellow Power Rangers fan.

Lord Seth said...

I'm confused. If you haven't watched the first episode of Operation Overdrive, then how did you review SPD? I thought you wanted to always watch the subsequent season before releasing your review of a season? Or did you change that?

At any rate, hoping to see the next HOPR soon. I like that a lot more than most of the comic reviews...

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"I'm confused. If you haven't watched the first episode of Operation Overdrive, then how did you review SPD? I thought you wanted to always watch the subsequent season before releasing your review of a season? Or did you change that?"

I changed it because it was taking so long.

The Id said...

I remember the culling. I read that as it happened. Man, Red Beast Boy pissed me off something fierce, and the whole story was... a mess.

Anonymous said...

The schedule:

Interesting line up. I'm both curious and worried about Star Trek 6, though. One of my favs involving the original crew. So I'm hoping they didn't mess it up too badly, if at all.

Fiery Little One

weckar said...

Lewis, I get the idea you're putting off Operation Overdrive. I know you'd prefer to protect yourself from that unneeded silliness (even by Power Rangers standards) but give in. Give in to the madness. It'll be over all the sooner.

RICHB said...

I like an idea someone else had for the next dvd showing how you do those blue screen shots of yourself and put together the story line segments. Also I would do more (or at least the same) episodes on the next DVD not less. To be honest, three episodes just barely made it worth buying it as it was. Unless you have some cool extra stuff.

Fluffyproductions said...

Beasts of Burden for long box please?

Fluffyproductions said...

Also if I ever buy a trade of beasts of burden I could mail you an issue if you need it.

Unknown said...

YES!!! We're finally doing Star Trek VI!!!
I know that there's a good chance it'll be full of fail but that is my favorite Star Trek movie.

And right after finishing Brute force too. Yes I'm sad to see Brute Force ending but it is so fun to watch.

Yay to Longbox of the Damned!

I saw the preview of the badge images you linked to before, they are really awesome.

Thanks for the heads up on the storyline, I much rather have it interspersed than you as burnt out as you got last year.

Shanethefilmmaker said...

There was one suggestion I was thinking of should you do another DVD, but essentially what it is pretty much the storyline characters on their day off. Kinda like that segment where Harvey, Pollo and 90s Kid had Karaoke, only longer. Like what does each and everyone of the characters do when not saving the world. This would also apply to villains too.

Unknown said...

When you get through with History of Power Rangers, will there be other Power Ranger videos like Top 11 favorite episodes ?

Unknown said...

I have a suggestion for these. Feel free to ignore me but I think it would be nice to know roughly how many episodes into the current Power Rangers season you are. Even if it's only three or so, it could give us a bit of an idea how long until the next one if you have no notable updates.

PWBOT said...

So, Linkara, are you still looking for a way to allow us to digitally download the DVD? I will admit that it is a more attractive option for me than shipping it, but will buy the physical one if I have to.

Anonymous said...

When you do get around to watching Operation afraid, Linkara. Be VERY afraid.

David page said...

red beast boy introducing and killing the young justice version of artemis...DANNY THE STREET AS A TEENAGE BOY!!!

yeah I ended my association with the titans on that annual so it will be interesting to see how much of a train wreck this series is.

Max said...


Nahhhh, I'm just kidding! Can't wait to see what's next!

Anonymous said...

Woah, four weeks of the Culling? You must have really hated that crossover, especially since it was only a year ago. I guess I was expecting you to get to Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 first :P

Honestly though, the rebooted Teen Titans has been consistently lackluster. I hope DC can salvage this franchise. It was the 2003 Geoff Johns series that helped me get into comics.

Nero Angelo said...

damn lewis, got alot on your plate X3

Future DVD's: Really, I'd like to learn the NSD's origin & maybe a some videos that show alternate Pollo going insane & turning into Mechakara. I imagine NSD having a snake-eyes style origin where he takes a vow of silence

Doing another D20? AWESOME!!! Hope Noah goes there again & u guys have another epic adventure fighting a giant monster X3

Joshua Ford said...

Nice! Finally some New 52 action on AT4W! I didn't drop Teen Titans initially until a few issues after the Culling...right around the time Raven was re-introduced... and whaddaya know, she's under Trigon's control in the other million times this story has been told. And dear lord her costume is hideous! Maybe even worse than the black bands!

FugueforFrog said...

Oh brother, more Sci-Spy!? And the New 52? They must really suck.

Sort of hope to see some neat Longbox stuff this year...though if Hell Teacher Nube shows up this time, it could be inspiration to make me finish translating the damn series (I did the first 28 volumes...but with writing and other persuits I've never finished the last three volumes...even if most of the really freaky and scary stuff is in the first couple years)

Oh and one slight suggestion: with how messy the Pyms get, honestly it would be easier for Secret Origins this year to get to the Avengers...after Thor of course. (then again with Thor it gets messy cause you get the Donald Blake origin in '63, then later they negate it due to changing feelings for him)

Cory of PRIVATE Corp said...

First off for your latest schedule:

Tales to Offend #1: OK, now this I gotta see. There's something about it that's intriguing, but at the same time I really don't want to see it.
Plan 9: Is this a sequel to the movie? If so, then OK. I never saw the movie and I'm quite interested in where this might go.

I'm not quite sure about "moichandising," besides the obvious flamethrower, but there might be a chance to sell off a coloring book featuring Transformers. :) Nah I kid! Anyway for future DVDs... I was thinking something like a Harvey music video singing some public domain song. And riffs? I love your riffs! I'll buy the DVD just for that alone! Who needs reviews? (Again I kid)

Maybe also a full-length movie by chance? No review, just come up with a story either standalone or something tying things together. Granted something like that would be a lot of work, but it is a suggestion and you really don't have to take it up.

So Lewis, I said I am going to be attending Mythicon. That said I am planning on bringing a VHS copy of the X-Men animated series from the 90s. It's the first episode of it, so really it's not much. And really that's not why I'm bringing it. If you're planning on doing more Comic Book Quickies, there is a comic along with the episode and it's small... both in content and in size of the comic itself. I haven't opened it, but it's tiny. Also there's a trading card as well, so you can joke it's not a Mr. T card.

I'm just saying that because I am going to bring it with me and give it to you in case you want it. I know you don't do adaptations, but I figure the comic could be good for a Quickie and you can make fun of it (one of its sponsors is Pizza Hut, so maybe...?)

SchweitzerMan said...

I'm REALLY looking forward to some New 52 material.

Personally, I was hoping that you would have started off with Blue Beetle, the first New 52 title I picked up because I enjoyed your tribute video.

Three issues later I dropped the issue and since then have gotten the trade paperbacks.

Either way, I can't wait to see what went wrong with this "Culling"

DefectiveType40 said...

Oh, the Culling. I was following Teen Titans when that thing happened and I didn't even bother to read those issues. I just had no interest whatsoever. Looking forward to seeing how bad it really was!

Lee said...

I'd like to agree with previous commenters about what I'd like to see on additional DVDs. I would very much enjoy seeing little mini-plots involving your characters during their downtime. How does the team relax when they aren't fighting evil aliens? Who gets along surprisingly well and which members can't stand each other? A series of slice-of-life happenings would be perfect for showing off the characters who aren't featured as much in the main stories.

I'd also like to see more about how magic works in the AT4W-verse and see more of Linkara's journey to learn about and master spells. I enjoyed the segments on this volume involving the magic book and the creation of Pollo, so anything in that vein would be wonderful.

Skarakien said...

For the upcoming episodes: BRUTE FORCE YAY! And we will see the horrors of New 52!

BTW: Can i have a suggestion?
Would you review My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Comic from IDW next year, please? Pretty please? :)

As for storyline plans: I hope we will see Ninja and Boffo more often. Or the DUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE! ;)

Anonymous said...

.D.V.D. ideas
1.Linkara vs Insano battle origin.
2.SFdebris collab on the: Star Trek Countdown, Nero, and Countdown to darkness comics.
3.AT4W Unbound,alternate Linkaras:
a.Dad, (future Linkara again to do the Final Crisis review).
b.Spoonkara, (Seen briefly in Warrior reviews).
c.FemLinkara, (Nella from Nostalgia Chick).
d.Vicekara, (Alternate Lord Vice).
e.Poyokara, (Not Mechakara).
f.BritLinkara, (Reviews MarvelUK comics).
g.CBWreckage, (SFdebris homage).

Also when will you containue .U.S.1.? I know you said it was enjoyable bad but it's still very good joke material. It's become your Minority Report Everybody Runs equivalent.

John Pannozzi said...

Count me as someone else who wants you to get some exposure to Gen 13 before taking on the Culling. I know Gail Simone's run on Gen 13 is collected in two handy TPB's, so it might be best to start there.

And I may have said this before, but I really want you to review Liefeld's original Youngblood story, the one done in 1987 for Megaton Comics (a series and company run by Gary Carlson which went belly up before they could publish YB), and included in the Youngblood remastered and rescripted hardcover. Maybe in a future Comic Book Quickie?

DuelMark said...

Tales to Offend?
I can see the text.
FINALLY, a Post-Sin City Frank Miller book with a meaningful name.

Anonymous said...

Heh, I hope the Culling brings comparison on how much Teen heroes keep dying stupidly.

Ming said...

-- Wow, a Frank Miller comic that doesn't involve Batman. Now if only you could get to Holy Terror!

-- At long last, a multi-part review against a DC New 52 storyline, featuring the reboot Titans. I can only imagine what choice words you're going to have . . .

-- They have a comic called Plan 9 30 Years Later based on the first movie to be called worst movie ever? Huh. This should be interesting.

-- I hope I get to see American Vampire featured on Longbox of the Dead soon.

John Pannozzi said...

Just found out that Tales to Offend is actually comprised of reprints:

Anonymous said...

Oh dear I don't like where Tales to Offend is going

Anonymous said...

I think the DVDs can help expand the charcter development you said you were going for. Though Moarte could be a little tricky to do, though I do wonder how your version of that fan-made origin story would play out

Anonymous said...

You do realize that all of those review ideas are copyrighted, right? I mean, he reviewed Public Domain stuff for a reason

Anonymous said...

The kids would love that one :D
Presuming that those kids are at least fifteen

Anonymous said...

He already explained that he didn't have the original music (I.E without the copyrighted music) so it's unlikely he'll do that

Anonymous said...

Hope I'm not bothering you ,but when is the live Q and A from Gatocon coming out?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Hope I'm not bothering you ,but when is the live Q and A from Gatocon coming out?"

Sorry to say that I don't think I'll be putting it up. IIRC, the questions were fairly generic and didn't really necessitate its own new video, sorry to say. ^^;

Anonymous said...

That's fine, I understand ^_^

Anonymous said...

I'm planning on seeing Plan 9, just out if curiousity. Luckily it's in the Public Domain, so I think I should be able to find it on YouTube

Brad said...

Have you ever thought about doing the good silent hill comics on lbod seeing some people seem to want to know?

Anonymous said...

Where can we buy your DVD online? There's no link on the side of your blog like with the link to buy t-shirts so I'm not sure where to find it...

Dan said...

A DVD MENU request: I'd really like it if the top menu has a "PLAY ALL" button we can select. I enjoy listening to dvds in the background as I work and I'm focused enough (or lazy enough) that stopping to navigate to and play the next selection is a hiccup in the viewing. Depending what authoring software you use it may take some investigating how but should be doable.
Anyhow, LOVE the first DVD. Also really like your suggestions for next DVD goodies. Keep up the cool work.

Anonymous said...

As far as the Power Rangers bit, is there anything that we your audience can do that would legitimately help? (Y'know, as opposed to "help" by spoiling the plot or the experience for you.)

platinum said...

I think someone pointed this out already, but if you have time and to quell the 'OMG WHERES HISTORY OF PR' people, would a short episode be possible? Like which episode you liked best from each season, or a worst-to-best list of uniforms? Just an idea is all. (I'm simultaneously looking forward to and being annoyed by OO. > ___ >)

But otherwise can't wait for the next set of episodes!

As always, thanks for what you do Linkara and for always making my Monday a little happier. :)

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Where can we buy your DVD online? There's no link on the side of your blog like with the link to buy t-shirts so I'm not sure where to find it..."

The links were provided a while ago, but I get your point. ^_^ I shall add a link to the side shortly, otherwise check here:

Volvagia said...

Question: Do you have a minimum appearance amount for a character or team to make an appearance on Secret Origins Month, or are your decisions based solely on the age of the character? And what is your minimum age?

Me? If you had a minimum amount in regard to appearances, it'd be 5 and the minimum age would be a safe 45 years.

Final Secret Origin Month Guess:

11/04: More Fun Comics #55 (Doctor Fate) (Rise of Arsenal #1-2, 15 Things That Are Wrong with Identity Crisis, All-Star Comics #8, Titans Retrospective: Part 1, Flash Comics #1)
11/11: Journey Into Mystery #83 (Thor) (Ultimates 3, Top 15 Comics I'll Never Review, Ultimatum, Marvel Team-Up #74)
11/18: Superman #123 (Supergirl) (Titans #1, Amazons Attack, Countdown Prologue, JLA: Act of God, Tandy Computer Whiz Kids: Fit to Win, Cry for Justice, Superman: Distant Fires, Rise of Arsenal #1-2, Flash Comics #1)
11/25: Tales to Astonish #27 (Ant-Man) (Ultimates 3, Top 15 Screw-Ups of AT4W, Ultimatum, Top 15 Favourite Jokes of AT4W, 15 Things That Are Wrong With Identity Crisis, One More Day, Flash Comics #1)

Unknown said...

Love the DVD, it's nifty! Can't wait for Vol. 2, but I'd love to see all the storyline stuff together in one chunk! Pollo rules!