Monday, November 3, 2008

Doom's IV #2

In the future, stupid names will be all the rage.

Another video recap (I love doing these).


Anonymous said...

(I love doing these)

And we love watching them. I love MST3k. I love comics. I love you doing mst3k to comics!

Any way we can subscribe?

P.S. what were the results of

Lewis Lovhaug said...

I'm afraid I do't know how to set up an RSS Feed for the blog, but if you get an account at Revver you can subscribe. I'm also putting them up on youtube a week after they first debut (since I want to try to squeeze some money out of them first before just overall popularity), and you can subscribe there, as well. ^^

As for the results... barely any response at all, so no results so far. XD

And while I love MST3K, I'd like to think my style matches up more with internet shows like the Nostalgia Critic or the Angry Video Game Nerd... only with comic books.

Pookie said...

Thanks for the review, I really enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

I love these video reviews! Please keep doing them - they're even better than the text reviews. Like you said, it's like a comic book brother to the Angry Video Game Nerd (a favorite).

I actually know a tiny bit about what was going through Liefeld's mind when he created "Doom's IV" from the 2nd edition of "The Comic Book Heroes". It's a biased history of the industry (for example, the authors are largely dismissive of writers, even though they were comic book writers themselves), but it's still pretty good. In the book, the authors say that "Doom's IV" was sold on an outline & the logo to Amblin to be made into a movie, but once the comic saw print, Marvel came down on them for the Fantastic Four parallels, and the deal fell through. But that's about it. Not sure why your copy was barcode-less.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

...I know Hollywood is stupid, but seriously, selling a movie without actually seeing the look of it? Just an outline and that logo? Man, that's remarkably stupid.

I can see Fantastic Four parallels with Burn and brick, but come on - when did Mr. Fantastic have ridiculous armor on, and when did a member of their team get hair so ridiculous even Gail Simone couldn't fix it?

Anonymous said...

If you're taking ideas for future video savagings, may I humbly suggest the World of Warcraft comic. It's not quite manos (epic fail on every level) more like... Hobgoblins (it wants to be a movie and is movish but...).

Anonymous said...

Absolutely hilarious, keep it up! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

The number of similarities to FANTASTIC FOUR are... numerous.

Doom's IV - Doctor DOOM
Doom's IV - Fantastic FOUR
Grimm - Ben GRIMM
Burn - Human Torch
Brick - The Thing

Liefeld must've been reading an FF comic in the waiting room at Amblin! (What was Spielberg smoking that made him buy this?

Anonymous said...

Here's some added info that you didn't get since no sites really went enough on this.

First off the issue you got was a variant edition (this and two others combine to form one larger image). The regular cover was this:

Also, Comic shops didn't start needing barcodes until the mid-90's (you can see this with Marvel comics, some had barcodes, others had art where the barcode should be). Image comics only had barcodes when newsstand editions were printed; direct editions had none.

Jeremy A. Patterson said...

I have a notion that bugs me:

Can anybody identify the comic with the purple-clad demon lady and the skull-faced guy in the suit on the cover in the pile scene that was later used in the opening sequence for Year One? (The same cut that featured Objective Five #1)


DMaster said...

"I'm doing all I can to avoid flash point!"

It would seem Burn didn't quite do enough...

Felix Brunschede said...

I have to say, I agree with Jean Claude van Damme thing simply because I can't stand him. So yes, he's perfect for the role.