Monday, December 26, 2011

Top 15 Personal Favorite Jokes of AT4W

Take a look back at Linkara's favorite gags from the last few years!

NOTE: I'm aware of the audio de-synching hiccup during one bit. Fortunately, it's only that one part. This last month has been rough on making episodes - I've had to save episodes in chunks in order to get them out and completed and this one was no different. This week is going to be tough because of all the prep I need to do for Magfest, sooo I'm not prioritizing fixing it. However, I did get a shiny new computer for Christmas DESIGNED for editing, so needless to say we shouldn't have any issues like this in the foreseeable future. ‎ Read more!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Channel Awesome 2011 Holiday Video

Over 20 producers for Channel Awesome send you their holiday greetings! ‎ Read more!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan #3

For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at this comic.

Cybermat Sound Effects courtesy of Sam Timmins!

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan #2

This comic has done far worse than kill us. It hurt us... and it wishes to go on hurting us.

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cybermats and Favorite Jokes

Just two things to get out of the way real quick. A fan made her own cybermat based on the tutorial I provided a bit ago back (Which you can see here if you haven't already) and I frankly thought that was so cool that I had to share it with all of you. In case you're wondering, this is also the fan who was present at the Live Show at Youmacon who had the ocarina and could play my theme song on it.

Quick anecdote about this woman (her name is Ashley, if I recall correctly) - during Little Kuriboh's panel (not the Roast, the panel the next day), I stepped out briefly to get some Burger King since I hadn't eaten all day. She was actually nearby in line and she started playing my theme song again. She then turned around, stunned as she realized I was standing there, to which I simply said, "You summoned me?"

And here's another quick thing. If you look at my schedule, you'll see that in a few weeks I'm going to be doing the "Top 15 Personal Favorite Jokes of Atop the Fourth Wall." It's always my thing at the end of the year just to do a list episode about stuff on the show and this one's no exception.

The reason I'm doing this instead of another mistakes or missed opportunities list is because the end of the year is going to be tough for me, partially because I'm going out of town in a few days (long story), plus special effects stuff for the episodes PLUS writing some scripts for MagFest, and on top of all of that: Christmas the day before the episode is supposed to go out. It's also been suggested that it's a bit lazy for an episode and I can see why that is. As such, I want to include some more people in the process, get your input on what you think are some of my funniest jokes.

As such, while the episode is not going to be just clips (I will explain WHY I like certain jokes or stories behind those jokes), I also unfortunately do not have enough time to look through all 160+ episodes to find all of my favorites. Some I knew already I wanted on this list and some I've rediscovered while rewatching a few. However, I also would like to hear your input on what are some of YOUR favorite jokes on the show.

However, to make this list less predictable, I'm also setting down some ground rules, the same ones I'm applying to myself for it, and I'm passing that on to you:

-No running gags. That means no "I am a Man," no "Bees, My God," no "There is logic in what he says," and no "You magnificent bastard, I read your book!" or similar things.
-For that matter, try not to use jokes that are clips from other shows. As much as I love using Dr. Cox's rants from Scrubs, it's not so much MY joke as someone else's joke that happens to fit perfectly in a given situation, especially when describing how moronic someone is.
-Only one joke per episode. You can suggest multiple from certain episodes, but only expect one to show up from any particular episode.
-I AM allowing anything from Kickassia or Suburban Knights or crossovers included, because I count them all as canon with Atop the Fourth Wall, but try to keep it as close to the main show as possible.

Hope that helps and let's see some suggestions from people! ‎ Read more!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan #1

 photo ST2-1-Thumbnail.jpg

Beyond the darkness, beyond the human evolution... is Khan. And a pointless adaptation of a great movie.

NOTE: Yes, I know I accidentally said the nephew's name is Pressman when it's Preston. My mistake.

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Friday, December 2, 2011

TAIS: 12-1-11 (Plus Bonus!)

In this short week, Linkara looks at Blackhawks #3, Angel and Faith #4, and Ghostbusters #1!

Plus, as a bonus, here's the Q&A from the end of the Live Show at Youmacon!

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Oddities and Endities

There's A LOT in this one, so check it out behind the cut!

Upcoming Episodes of AT4W

First up, here's the list of upcoming episodes of the show for the next two months!

12/5 – Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan #1
12/12 – Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan #2
12/19 – Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan #3
12/26 – Top 15 Personal Favorite Jokes of AT4W
1/02 – Marville #1
1/09 – Miller Time: Robocop vs. the Terminator #1
1/16 –New Guardians #1/#3 (haven't decided which of the two I'll look at)
1/23 – 15 Things That are Wrong With Identity Crisis
1/30 – Brute Force #3

And yes, before you ask, I know about Frank Miller's latest little epic "Holy Terror" and the idiotic garbage he's been spewing forth from his blog. Holy Terror will get an AT4W eventually, but bear in mind that my cutoff date is a year after release - so it'll be a while before we get to his racist nonsense starring not-Batman.

Also, for those wondering how the storyline ties in to certain things occurring for the fourth anniversary of That Guy With the Glasses or any extra scenes that may or may not exist on the Suburban Knights DVD, all I will say on the subject is that it will all make sense come February when the storyline concludes. That is all.

Lightbringer Returns!

Well, it's been a long time coming, but my webcomic is resuming! Yes, my webcomic that started with poor writing and poor art and now just has poor writing will be returning on December 7th! I have a buffer for a few months along with the new artist Sergio J. A. Ragno III (whose artwork you can find HERE! if you want to take a gander at his awesome work!

History of Power Rangers

Yep, it's that time again - time again to remind you the same thing I remind people every single time I do one of these, that History of Power Rangers has no set schedule and will be updated when I damn well feel like it and that I have a busy life and blah, blah, blah.

Look, I want to get these videos done with as much as the rest of you want to see them. Among the shows I do, History of Power Rangers is actually AS popular as Atop the Fourth Wall, but these things take time. People are trying to get around the "When's the Next History of Power Rangers?" question by asking what episode I'm on on a particular series. You want to know what episode I'm on? Follow my twitter. When I marathon some episodes, I talk all about it. Otherwise continue to be patient. They take time, they take effort. As of this post, I'm on episode 4 of Mystic Force. I have been on episode 4 of Mystic Force for a few months now because of all the other stuff I do. I do want to get these out of the way, if only to finally put History of Power Rangers behind me for a while. I honestly didn't think it would take as long as the project has, but that's life for you. Answers to common questions:

-No, I have not watched the Samurai/RPM team-up. I'm saving it for after I watch RPM.
-Yes I know about the Korean Power Rangers MMO. I don't care; I'm not a gamer. I play ONE MMO and that's Star Trek Online, and even then it's infrequent because I play it more for story then for playing with other people or the like or when I feel the need to unwind, same as when I play Team Fortress 2 and to answer your next question I don't have a favorite class. I play what I feel like playing.
-I currently do not have plans to go to Power Morphicon 2012. Then again, I didn't have plans to go to Power Morphicon in 2010, either, around this time, so we'll see if they invite me again.

And please don't feel I'm directing these remarks at EVERYBODY. People who are asking know who they are and people who aren't should feel smug that they're not bugging me about it.

MSTieCast Episode 5!

I recently appeared on MSTieCast, an MST3K-themed podcast!

You can check it out HERE! We discuss various geeky things, including of course Mystery Science Theater 3000 as well as my early days before I started reviewing comic books, like the fan-MST3K I made in 2005 that I originally built Pollo for!

Just a note, though - I hadn't listened to the theme song I had made for that in so many years that I forgot that I actually used a MIDI for that theme song as opposed to using the ending theme of MST3K like I say in the interview. My mistake. Still, enjoy!

Electric Tale of Pikachu #1 Revised!

Yes, with the help of the awesome Phelous, I have posted the updated Electric tale of Pikachu #1 episode with the effect, proper credits, and a new stinger! I do want to get a commentary for it out soon, but no guarantees about when that'll be. Life is difficult and all that fun stuff. Still, to make it easier on you so you don't have to hunt down the post again, here's the video! The updated effect is in the second story segment and the new stinger is, well, at the end.

I will try to get a split version made ASAP. It's just other stuff takes priority, including the Q&As recorded at Youmacon, which have taken me a bit longer to make because, well, all the other aforementioned busy stuff. Have I mentioned I'm busy? XD

Pollo Contest!

Yeah, that busy part of it ties into this, too. I received roughly 300 entries to the contest and I'm in the process of sifting through all of them and finding the ones that will make it to the next step in evaluation. There are a lot of good entries and it's difficult to choose for some of them.

However, when I have finally picked the winner, I will be posting a video announcing it, as well as it ending with images from every single entry (some easier to do than others due to some very creative ways people made their entries, like making it in comic form or detailed blueprints or multiple entries on the same image). Will it make the video about 10 minutes long? Most likely, but hey, people put work into this and it'll be one way I can thank you all for your hard work and patience.

On a related note, I have not been answering e-mails lately and again, sorry for that. 300 entries to the Pollo Contest and 280 unanswered e-mails from the last three months. Some e-mails may not get a response, partially because I have nothing to say in response (other than my deepfelt thanks for watching and enjoying) or because of previously-stated problems regarding AOL and Comcast e-mail addresses (or lesser-known companies that apparently also had me on their blacklists).

Which brings me to a new point I need to make:

Donation Info

I have a lot of comics. Far too many, in fact. All of my closets have plastic bins containing comics, a lot of which were donated by fans.

And they are, unfortunately, unusable. There's the occasional one where the comic is just in bad shape (I've never run into a single copy of the Power Rangers Movie Comic that was in good shape), but most of the time it's that people want to send me donations of comics that they THINK will be good for the show, but once I actually look over them for one reason or another they're no good.

Sometimes the books just require too much backstory explanation as to why they're bad. And occasionally that works, where character problems are just one of many issues related to why a comic is bad, but most of the time it's useless for a review. As I've said on the show before, the reason why I do so many comics that are the first issue is because it's easier to see why a first issue is bad just jumping into it than issue number 43 or 289. There are exceptions to this, of course. In 2012 we're going to be looking at Superman #701 - and believe me, it's bad without needing to know what happened all 700 issues before it.

Anyway, the point is that I'm getting far, FAR too many donations for me to deal with. I just don't have enough room for all of them and sometimes they end up in the trash if I need to make space (not often, but sometimes). As such, I'm going to finally lay down some ground rules before you e-mail me about donations:

-No more than three comics at a time. Of course there may be exceptions depending on what it is you want to send, but if it's unrelated comics please no more than three that you want to send. On that same note, do not send me an entire series. A miniseries MAYBE depending on what it is, but twenty issues of some random crappy comic is not going to do me any good if I decide I don't want to review it.

-Don't just list the comics. A lot of the time people have just sent me a list of twenty comics they want to donate and just give the names of them. I am not an encyclopedia of comic book knowledge and instantly know what the hell you're talking about if you want to send me X-Men #332 or something. Give me a description, give me an idea of why you think this would make a good episode. I might still turn you down, and for that I'm sorry, but it happens.

-If you want your name in the credits as the person who donated it, please include a post-it note attached the cover of the comic with what name you'd like to be credited as. I really have no qualms with giving credit for a donation, but when I get so many donations, I often won't actually get to reviewing a comic or even taking a look at if it'll make for a good review until half a year later and I've long forgotten who sent it to me. If you want the credit, include some way of identifying that it was you who sent it.

-No good comics. People, I have money. Reviewing comics is my job and I get paid for it. I can buy good comics without your assistance. I appreciate the thought, but a lot of the time they just take up space.

-For the love of God, stop sending me copies of Bloodstrike #1. I have like four or five copies of it now. I'll get to it eventually, I promise.

-If you want to donate something unrelated to comics, I'm not against it, but like everything else, I'd like to know what it is first. The reason I don't post my PO Box is so I don't become the internet's garbage bin.

Oh, and on that note: these rules aren't really applying for all the e-mails I still need to answer, since of course they had no way of knowing I'd be implementing these.

Just a reminder because apparently people don't know, but my e-mail is over on the right there, above the Twitter feed. You can tweet me or e-mail me a question, but please do not leave a question or the like on a video post that has nothing to do with that video. Yeah, I'll see the question, but it makes me a little grumbly when the comments go off on something unrelated to the video when there are easier options to get in touch with me.


Nothing much new to report - you already know I'm coming to MagFest and will be doing another Live Show. I'm in the process of MAYBE going to ConBravo come July, but there is nothing guaranteed just yet. I'll try to keep people up-to-date as things develop in that regard.

That's it for now! I will update with anything else I forgot if I can think of it!
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Monday, November 28, 2011

Captain America Comics #1

The star spangled man with a plan! That plan? Punch every nazi in the face. Twice.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Time Travel and Cybermats

Hey, people!

November 23rd marks the 48th anniversary of the science fiction series Doctor Who, a show I've loved since I was a little kid. As such, in honor of this occasion, I have two special videos for your enjoyment.

Why am I posting it on the 22nd, then? Well, because of Thanksgiving, I may not be able to get to "That's All I'm Saying" for this week, but I wanted to give you something. Plus I figured the videos are done, so I might as well release them, anyway. Besides, it's probably the 23rd on the other side of the planet. Or something. I don't know, just enjoy.

The first is something I've had on the backburner for a while - my theory of time travel and how I think it can work without paradox.

NOTE: This also is not the same as an alternate timeline, since the individual person's timeline itself is still continuing and happening as the individual remembers it, since that has become a part of the individual's causal past.

And next, people said they wanted to know how I built the cybermat featured in the All-Star Comics #16 review, so here's the tutorial!

In other news, in the next week or so, I'll be making an Odds and Ends post about the schedule of upcoming episodes, the Pollo Redesign Contest, and the return of Lightbringer. ^_^ ‎ Read more!

Monday, November 21, 2011

All-American Comics #16

A story of talking rocks, magic green train lanterns, and the man who could only be stopped by a stick!

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

VLOG: 11-19-11 - Cybermat Test

On twitter, I've been posting pictures of my progress in building a cybermat from Doctor Who since the toy version keeps getting pushed back. Here's the test of it! ‎ Read more!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

That's All I'm Saying: 11-17-11

This week, Linkara looks at Green Lantern Corps #3, Justice League #3, Batman #3, Nightwing #3, Blue Beetle #3, Deadpool #46, and Wonder Woman #3. ‎ Read more!

Monday, November 14, 2011


Atop the Fourth Wall returns with a double feature starting off Secret Origins Month!

Secret Origins Month 2011 begins with the origin story of Wonder Woman, wherein she wears ridiculous clothes, doesn't know her own history, and falls in love with the first guy she's ever met.

All-Star Comics #8

Secret Origins Month continues with the Fantastic Four! Marvel at how they use their powers to cause as much damage to people and property around them!

The Fantastic Four #1
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Thursday, November 10, 2011

That's All I'm Saying: 11-10-11

This week, Linkara looks at Green Lantern #3, Batgirl #3, Batwoman #3, Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 9 #3, Batman and Robin #3, Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE #3, Batman: The Brave and the Bold #13, Mister Terrific #3, Ducktales #6, and Darkwing Duck #18.

NOTE: My shop didn't get Demon Knights #3, so I hadn't realized that it came out. Will be reading it digitally when I have more time. ‎ Read more!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Return of Atop the Fourth Wall LIVE!

What did Linkara review for his second live show? ‎ Read more!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Pokémon: The Electric Tale of Pikachu #1

It's Linkara vs. the Entity! But what are the origins of this creature and what does it have to do with Pokémon?

NOTE: I've been working on this episode all day and it's STILL got bits that need to be redone, so check back in another day or two for an alteration here and there (including proper credits).

Blip also did the HD conversion for this episode, so let me know if it works for you!

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Spider-Man: Planet of the Symbiotes

A terrifying story of bodily possession, invasion, and alien menaces! It's a pity THAT story couldn't be the plot for this one.

NOTE: This episode, due to its length and because it's in HD, is also available in standard definition and a version split into two parts.

HD Version:




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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

That's All I'm Saying: 10-19-11

This week, Linkara takes a look at Justice League #2, Green Lantern Corps #2, Batman #2, Nightwing #2, Wonder Woman #2, Blue Beetle #2, Birds of Prey #2, Darkwing Duck #17, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 9 #2.

NOTE: Okay, I think it's well established by now that I read EVERY comment you guys post in order to approve them. I've also asked before to please at least glance over the comments to make sure no one else has commented on the same thing you have. However, this is starting to reach the Schroedinger's Cat Incident level of posting the same thing over and over and over. As such, any other comments on the actual myths about Hera and Greek society without responding directly to another person's comments on it will be deleted. The point has been made and the information is appreciated. Thanks to all who wished to inform me. ‎ Read more!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Silent Hill: The Grinning Man

A world of nightmarish delusions come to life... written by someone delusional.

NOTE: Because this is the longest episode of Atop the Fourth Wall to date, I have included the episode split into two parts for the comfort and convenience of those with slower connections.

NOTE 2: I have also added another version in SD, since many said that the HD version of the video was lagging for them.


Part 1

Part 2

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Warrior #4

Juice up with jetjack and let's asphault this asshole - it's the final Warrior comic!

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

VLOG: 10-15-11 - The Thing

Got back from The Thing Prequel and, well, here are my brief thoughts.

And here's Liz's longer take, with a lot more details on the film (most of which I agree with)! I overslept (and subsequently missed FallCon, too) so she went without me and I went a little while later on my own to see it.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Convention Appearances!

Check out Youmacon's website HERE!

Check out MAGFest's website HERE!Read more!

That's All I'm Saying: 10-12-11

This week, Linkara looks at Superboy #2, Green Lantern #2, The Shade #1, Mr. Terrific #2, Frakenstein: Agent of SHADE #2, Batwoman #2, Batman and Robin #2, Demon Knights #2, and Batgirl #2 ‎ Read more!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Silent Hill: Among the Damned

Have you seen a better comic? Just turned seven?

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Justice League of America TV Pilot Review Commentary

Behold the commentary about this horrible pilot!

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

That's All I'm Saying: 10-5-11

This week, Linkara looks at Action Comics #2, Deadpool #44, Batwing #2, Static Shock #2, Hawk and Dove #2, Animal Man #2, Detective Comics #2, Green Arrow #2, Stormwatch #2, and Justice League International #2.

NOTE: Because of the broken scanner, if people want me to add in panels and whatnot later, feel free to let me know and I'll try to release an improved version of this episode. I decided to not wait until tomorrow because I need extra time for Atop the Fourth Wall this month. ‎ Read more!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Silent Hill: Paint it Black

Silence will fall... but not today, since this is another Silent Hill comic where nobody shuts up.

And don't forget to check out the Pollo Redesign Contest!
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Podcast and Contest!

First up, it's LRWS' 50th episode and I come back to do an interview about Atop the Fourth Wall and Suburban Knights!

Next, it's CONTEST TIME! You can send in a fanart image redesigning Pollo!

Entries due October 16th and you can send them to

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

That's All I'm Saying: 9-28-11

This week, Linkara looks at Green Lantern: New Guardians #1, Teen Titans #1, Batman: The Dark Knight #1, Blackhawks #1, Aquaman #1, Angel & Faith #1, All-Star Western #1, The Flash #1, The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #1, Voodoo #1, Superman #1, Justice League Dark #1, The Savage Hawkman #1, Avengers Academy #1-6, and a brief first thoughts on New Teen Titans: Games.

Brief Review of I, Vampire #1

I completely overlooked this one in the shop, but since I promised reviews of every one of the relaunch titles, I bought this one up from DC's digital store (which was nice and easy to use, thankfully). This book seems to want to be both Angel and Twilight, with young-looking people talking about dramatic crap and being rather lovey-dovey about it, but at the same time reminding people of the Buffyverse in how vampires, once sired, are, well, EVIL. It's not particularly interesting, rather dreary, and I just don't get the point (other than attempting to catch the Twilight crowd). I will say I liked the various transformation aspects of the vampires, calling to mind the not-often-used powers of vampire folklore. Maybe the thing's just not for me, but I found it completely underwhelming. So, yeah, not recommended. And that's why I didn't end up recording it and adding it to the video later. ‎ Read more!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Street Fighter #1

Anyone who opposes Bison shall be destroyed! Quick, everybody oppose him so we don't have to read this junk.

NOTE: I have been informed about my mispronounciation of Ryu's name. As I said in the review, not a follower of the games and I've heard it pronounced both ways, so if I did it wrong, sorry.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

That's All I'm Saying: 9-22-11

Linkara finds some truly dreadful material this time, but the full list he reviews is Green Lantern Corps. #1, Captain Atom #1, Legion of Super-Heroes #1, Supergirl #1, Catwoman #1, Darkwing Duck #16, Blue Beetle #1, DC Universe Presents: Deadman #1, Birds of Prey #1, Batman #1, Nightwing #1, Wonder Woman #1, and Red Hood and the Outlaws #1. ‎ Read more!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

October 2011 Trailer (Plus Odds and Ends)

Because this week's "That's All I'm Saying" may be delayed due to stuff occurring in my personal life, I decided to give you all a treat and release this trailer early. Enjoy!

And look behind the cut for the full schedule!

Schedule of Upcoming Episodes
First up, of course, is the schedule, partly revealed in the trailer.

10/3 – Silent Hill: Paint it Black
10/10 – Silent Hill: Among the Damned
10/17 – Silent Hill: The Grinning Man
10/24 – Planet of the Symbiotes
10/31 – SECRET REVIEW (End of the Entity Arc)
Secret Origins Month
11/7 – All-Star Comics #8
11/14 – The Fantastic Four #1
11/21 – All-American Comics #16
11/28 – Captain America Comics #1

While I have nothing concrete as of yet due to some communication problems I'm having, I AM trying to be a guest at Youmacon this November in Michigan. Again, once I actually manage to work through the communication difficulties, I will announce, but otherwise nothing solid.

However, it's pretty clear that I WILL be going to MAGFest this January. Again, I haven't heard back from them yet, but I submitted my panel (Atop the Fourth Wall Live) and considering last year's Live Show was completely filled up, I'm thinking it'll probably go over well again. And even if I don't get to do the panel again, I'm still planning on going if only because it's a great chance to meet fans and hang out with my fellow TGWTG producers (and I'm planning a crossover here and there, so it's definitely going to be fun).

History of Power Rangers Update
Well, wouldn't you know it - once again we have people asking again about when the next History of Power Rangers will be. Don't worry, I have no intention of doing another six minute rant about it, but I will remind people YET AGAIN that there is no set schedule for it and October through February is indeed my biggest time for doing Atop the Fourth Wall due to storyline stuff and just because it's the holiday season and it's busy. Fortunately, I don't have to worry about moving this time, so that should help.

I have finished SPD and have started on Mystic Force. No, don't bother asking what my feelings are on them - that's what the videos are for, plus my snarky comments on twitter. SPD is probably going to end up being three videos because I have a lot to say and the answer of "When will it be released?" is and always has been: "When it's done." In addition, doing "That's All I'm Saying" on a weekly basis also takes a lot of time and effort, basically sacrificing the entirety of a Wednesday evening writing, recording, and editing it all together and that's not made any easier these days with the DC relaunch and me picking up around 13 comics per week during it.

As of this writing I'm four episodes into Mystic Force, and fortunately from here on the seasons get shorter, so that should help, but it really comes down to HAVING the time to watch the episodes. Still, I have not abandoned this project nor shall I abandon it - I still enjoy watching the episodes and I enjoy hearing your own thoughts about seasons.

Speaking of, ALL of Power Rangers is available on Netflix streaming, so for the bajillions of people who want to know where to find it, there you go.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Superman and the TRS-80 Whiz Kids: The Computers that Saved Metropolis

Once again watch as the Man of Steel wastes his time shilling outdated computers!

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

That's All I'm Saying 9-14-11

Today, Linkara looks at Green Lantern #1, Red Lanterns #1, Frankenstein - Agent of SHADE #1, Batwoman #1, Legion Lost #1, Batman and Robin #1, Deathstroke #1, Demon Knights #1, Mister Terrific #1, Suicide Squad #1, Superboy #1, Grifter #1, Resurrection Man #1, Deadpool #43, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 9 #1. ‎ Read more!

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Twilight Zone #9

A dimension not of sight or sound but of mind. A really stupid mind.

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

That's All I'm Saying 9-8-11

This week, Linkara looks at Action Comics #1, Detective Comics #1, Men at War #1, Hawk and Dove #1, Green Arrow #1, Batwing #1, Justice League International #1, Animal Man #1, Swamp Thing #1, Stormwatch #1, Static Shock #1, OMAC #1, and Batgirl #1. ‎ Read more!

Monday, September 5, 2011

US-1 #2

The continuation of a hard-hitting, realistic expose on the lives of truckers!

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Apollo 18, Mystery Date, and a Podcast

I just have a few things I'm going to put out here very quickly since they all came out at once! First up, Liz and I went to see Apollo 18 and here are our thoughts on the movie!

Next up, Liz and I play another board game - Mystery Date Game!

And her final verdict:

And then I reappear on Podcast Sentai Power Rangers, which you can listen to HERE!Read more!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Let's Interview Mike Nelson

Nash hosts a call with Lindsay Ellis, myself, and some guy from some puppet show that I hear was popular, Mystery Science something or other.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

That's All I'm Saying: 8-31-11

A new series! I take a quick look at my weekly pulls and give my immediate thoughts on them. Agree? Disagree? Suggestions on the format? Feel free to post below and discuss. This week I look at Flashpoint #5 and Justice League #1.

NOTE: This series, as I say in the video, is quick and dirty. I haven't read the books multiple times to spot any mistakes I make - it's just my IMMEDIATE reactions upon finishing them, so I'm bound to miss things or make errors.

ANOTHER NOTE: Please, please, please, please, PLEASE read the comments before you make one yourself. Someone has probably pointed out something to me before you could. ‎ Read more!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Kamandi at Earth's End #1

Behold the story that gave birth to Superman at Earth's End!

Read more!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Podcast Monkeys

Or, in this case, the Monkey Brodcast, where I was a guest on this podcast. Posted below!

Read more!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Mightily Murdered Power Ringers #1

Go Go Power Ringers! Go away and never come back.

Read more!

You're Such a Card Game: Happy Days Board Game

Liz and I recently took a look at the Happy Days board game! Watch us hang out at crack houses!

And Liz's final thoughts on it:

Read more!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

You Can Play This: Batman

J-Dub helps Linkara as he goes over this oft-overlooked gem from Sunsoft Japan: Batman for the PC-Engine! ‎ Read more!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kickassia Commentary

So Nash, Obscurus Lupa, Phelous, and I decided to do a new commentary of Kickassia!

Why these people? Well, it was 4 in the morning and you'll have to listen to the commentary for more information. Look behind the cut!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Read more!

Monday, August 15, 2011

NBComics #1

Learn about the shows you DIDN'T wake up early on Saturday mornings to watch!

Read more!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


More commentaries! First up is from Silent Hill: Dying Inside #5

Next, the 100th episode: Sonic Live #1!

Read more!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Captain America: Return of the Asthma Monster

Yes, a villain so good that people DEMANDED his return! After all, YOU remember the asthma monster, right?

Read more!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Airzone Solution Bloopers

And it seems not a moment too soon. ‎ Read more!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Star Trek #2

Behold this classic tale of the starship Enterprise... and how her crew is incredibly incompetent.

Read more!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Discussion of the DCU Reboot

A discussion between Linkara and Josh Hadley of Lost in the Static and Radiodrome about the upcoming DC reboot and digital comics. Recorded back in June of 2011. ‎ Read more!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Comic Book Advertisements

You will worship hostess fruit pies or they shall take their vengeance upon you!Read more!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Battle Commentaries!

Liz and I finally got around to recording commentaries on two Atop the Fourth Wall episodes featuring battles!

Power Rangers Zeo #1

Doctor Who Classics #7

NOTE: I say Marobot when I mean MasterTheCreater, my title card artist. I had Marobot on the mind since he did the interiors of Vyce's ship. ‎ Read more!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Oddless and the Endless

As always, here's a whole bunch of stuff that I'm cramming together in one post!

GCF Talk 1 Year Anniversary Podcast

This one is VERY belated, and my apologies to the people at GCF Talk for that, but a while ago I was on their show for their 1-year anniversary and I plum forgot to post it up! As such, enjoy!

Schedule for Upcoming Episodes

And, of course, what would an Odds and Ends be without the schedule of upcoming episodes?

7/25 – Comic Book Advertisements
8/1 – Star Trek #2 (Gold Key)
8/8 – PSA Hell: Captain America: Return of the Asthma Monster!
8/15 – NBComics #1
8/22 – 150th episode
8/29 – Kamandi at Earth’s End #1
9/5 – Marvel Super Hero Island Adventures #1
9/12 – Twilight Zone #9
9/19 – TRS-80 Whiz Kids: The Computers that Saved Metropolis!
9/26 – Street Fighter #1 (Yes, the Malibu Comics one)

As always, the schedule is subject to change, but here's what we've got going for the next two months.


A lot of people have been upset that I haven't answered their e-mails. I do apologize for this, but it's the nature of the beast - I'm busy A LOT and September through December is going to be especially difficult because of some of the stuff I have planned. Still, I'll try to get to your e-mails as soon as possible. As of this post, I have 66 unread e-mails sitting in my inbox. I may not respond to them at all - sometimes there's just nothing to respond TO - sure, I love getting thanks and praise and I do READ every e-mail sent my way, but it feels empty if I just respond with a "Thanks for the kind words!"

I'd also like to remind people that I sadly am completely unable to respond to e-mails from Comcast or AOL. Long story short, my parents' e-mail server (which I still utilize) was hijacked several years ago by spammers, the server was blacklisted, and despite it all having been dealt with, we're still blacklisted and thus AOL and Comcast reject e-mails from us. I've made some attempts on my own to try to correct this, but I haven't had any luck. It's not a priority for my family because they have alternate e-mail addresses that they more frequently use, anyway, so it isn't a problem for them.

As such, I do want to apologize if you have an e-mail that you think should have gotten a response but flat-out I was unable to respond to. I HAVE considered switching over to something like Hotmail, but it's just one of those things that I'm lazy about and never gotten around to.

Lightbringer and Revolution of the Mask

Both of my comics shall be returning! Sou-Zou has been hard at work cranking out pages weekly for me and is 50% done with issue 3. Lightbringer will also be making a return and I do have a new artist signed up, but I don't want to set an official day for its return until we have enough buffer to at least finish off the current storyline.

But yeah, neither project has been forgotten and they shall continue.

Thank you all for your continued support of the show and the rest of my work!

Warrior #4

Warrior #4 is being edited by Spoony. It's not the highest priority, unfortunately, because he wants to get his Final Fantasy X-2 review finished before ConBravo. Plus he was unsatisfied with how some of the shots turned out and is considering ways of doing reshoots for certain segments. However, it will be done, but we have no date for which it'll be released. ‎ Read more!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Rise of Arsenal #3 and 4

Got any China Cat? How about some A-Train? How about a better comic?

Read more!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Suburban Knights Commentary Parts 5-7

The commentary concludes! ‎ Read more!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Suburban Knights Commentary Parts 3 and 4

The commentary continues! ‎ Read more!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Suburban Knights Commentary Parts 1 and 2

Linkara and Iron Liz discuss the making of Suburban Knights! ‎ Read more!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

History of Power Rangers: Power Rangers Dino Thunder

The History of Power Rangers travels to Reefside, where the Rangers are powered by genocide to fight off scientists who don't know how to hold test tubes or who mistake their experiments for Mountain Dew.

In Part 2, we take a look at Tommy's psyche and see the Ninja Storm Rangers kick our heroes' asses.

NOTE: Yes, I am aware that all of Power Rangers is on Netflix.

ETA (4/9/12): I have closed comments on this post because the only new ones coming in are asking when the next History of Power Rangers will be coming, which by now people should know does not make it come any faster. ‎ Read more!

Facebook Fanpage Contest Winner

A few weeks ago, the Facebook Fan page held a contest for people in honor of the fanpage reaching a certain amount of followers. The contest was to do your own version of Atop the Fourth Wall. The winner was DGCakes and the prize was to have the video posted on the blog as well as win an AT4W T-shirt!

So here is is, with her review of Cyberfrog #0!

Read more!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Rise of Arsenal #1-2

More melodrama than you can swing a dead cat at!

NOTE: If you're experiencing some kind of glitch or the like with the video, right-click on it and go into your flash settings. Go to hardware acceleration and switch it on. If it's already switched on, switch it off and then switch it back on again and it SHOULD fix the problem. I'm uploading the videos directly to Blip now instead of converting them to flash in the hopes of getting better quality out of the video.
Read more!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Barbi Twins Adventures #1 (Plus Dancing!)

"Adventures" is too strong a word. "Stumbles into nonsense" would be more accurate.

And, of course, as a bonus since I have nothing to offer for the holiday, enjoy America's independence with our freedom to dance with the TGWTG Year 3 Dance Spectacular!

...and of course, don't forget to check out the commentaries in the next post below!
Read more!


I've got a triple-dose of commentaries for people to enjoy!

First up is a commentary for the classic Wolverine: Adamantium Rage review...

Next there's the commentary for the Manimal crossover I did with the Cinema Snob...

And finally a commentary for the Bimbos BC crossover I did with him!

And of course check back later for the new episode today! ‎ Read more!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Suburban Knights Part 7

Will the world of technology be destroyed? ‎ Read more!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Suburban Knights Part 6 (Plus Crossover!)

The final battle approaches! Who is Malachite? Where is his hand? Will Joe ever get his line right?!

ALSO! Nash and I did a crossover! In the wake of the Green Lantern movie, we take a look at the failed 1997 Justice League of America TV pilot!

And man does it suck.

Read more!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Suburban Knights Part 5

As Team 2 attempts to rescue their hypnotized comrade, Team 1 comes across a new enemy and an old ally! ‎ Read more!

Suburban Knights Part 4

Team 1 must discover which warrior to fight while Team 2 attempts to navigate without their map! ‎ Read more!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Suburban Knights Part 3 (Plus Podcasts!)

As Team 1 settles down to rest, Team 2 must do battle with the Cloaks!

Also, I've been on quite a few podcasts lately, so here they are!

First up, I had the honor of once again being on Made of Fail, but this time with DC Comics writer Sterling Gates! We got to talk about the DC relaunch and other issues relating to the comic world, including the Green Lantern movie!

You can listen to the podcast HERE!

Next, Those ComicBook Guys interviewed me!

Hopefully coming soon will also be a one-off podcast that I did talking about the DC relaunch in other areas, but I've been sidetracked so I haven't uploaded it yet, but it will indeed happen soon. Enjoy, everybody! ‎ Read more!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Suburban Knights Part 2

The two groups face their first obstacles on their quest for Malachite's Hand! ‎ Read more!

Eminem/The Punisher #1

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up... and throw this comic away?

NOTE: Just to put the kibosh on more comments on the subject, I have been informed of the meaning behind "Bluehairs" and "Coney dogs." I have never heard either term used before now.
Read more!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Suburban Knights Part 1

The Third Year Anniversary Begins! ‎ Read more!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Suburban Knights Trailer (and Podcast!)

First up - the trailer to Suburban Knights, the third year anniversary of Channel Awesome!

Next, a podcast I recently participated in - Data Stream!

Read more!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Game Boy #1

Now you're playing with... nothing, because this isn't a video game console.

EDITED TO ADD: People have been asking me about the tune I use for the Entity storyline. Here's the thing: I DON'T have any real info on it. I acquired it along with a lot of the other Ren and Stimpy public domain music second-hand and A LOT of tracks that are included either don't have correct information or don't have any information other than a name. In this case, the piano music is simply called "Evil." However, I also have a duplicate of the song that labels it as "Satanic" and that it was composed by Richard Harvey. I hope that's helpful, but that's all I've got.

Read more!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

VLOG 6-17-11: Green Lantern Movie

I give my quick thoughts on the Green Lantern movie. ‎ Read more!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cameo! The Sexual Awakening of the Human Nerd

Doctor Block and Doctor Tease perform a scientific study to try to determine where sexual awakening begins for this strange animal known as "The human Nerd." Behold the deep recesses of Linkara's psyche! ...or, perhaps not. ‎ Read more!

Monday, June 13, 2011


Watch as Frank Miller continues to denegrate other superheroes just to make Batman look- wait, this was made in 1994?

Read more!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bimbos BC

Linkara and the Cinema Snob review the movie that eventually spawned Bimbos in Time!

NOTE: This review takes place before the Ultimatum three-parter. ‎ Read more!

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Teaser

This summer, the Quest Begins. ‎ Read more!

SCI-Spy #2

He likes his war cold, his champagne colder, and his stories idiotic.

NOTE: The alpha-meson blaster I'm holding was a prop created by Allen Amis! You can tweet him @anarchysquared or e-mail him at
Read more!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Comic Book Crazy #10

Here's a podcast recorded a while ago that's finally gone up - episode 10 of Comic Book Crazy! Included in the link is where you can listen to it as well as an MP3 download.

Check it out HERE!Read more!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The DCU Reboot

No, I don't care if they're not calling it a reboot. You can call it what you want, but firing someone and laying them off still mean the same thing: that someone doesn't have a job anymore, and a reboot and a revitalizing just mean that history's getting swept under the rug in favor of something that nobody asked for.

Look, people are asking me about my thoughts on this and honestly it's too early to give any thoughts about this nonsense. I'm depressed about it, not only because ONLY LAST MONTH I wrote up a recommendations list for people and now half of it is completely worthless because those ongoing series I recommended will be ending. I hate that Birds of Prey is being relaunched (AGAIN) without Gail Simone. I'm upset that she's working on a character, Firestorm, who I have zero interest in. I'm upset that it's likely that Lois Lane and Clark Kent will probably no longer be together, since they keep hyping up that these are younger versions of these characters. I'm upset that Batgirl is very likely going to be Barbara Gordon again, undoing 20+ years of character development of her as Oracle. I'm upset that Dick Grayson probably won't be Batman anymore and that Batman, Inc. will probably be ending, too, since I loved the concept and the story itself was awesome to me. I'm upset because Jim Lee is designing new costumes for everybody and frankly Lee, while a great artist, is not exactly the guy I go to for new designs because they just frankly don't look all that good. I'm upset because they won't just give a damn straight answer about whether this is a full reboot from scratch, everybody new, etc., etc., or if this is a continuation of everything that has come before.

And I guess what I'm most ticked off about is that this whole thing is, yet again, being done to capture this elusive "new reader" that they always want to get, despite them pulling this crap at least twice before now and FAILING AT IT.

When I was 12 or 13 years old, I had read some Nightwing comics my brother had because he was a fan of Nightwing from the Batman animated series. In one issue, he had a flashback to when he was a member of a team called the Teen Titans. I had never heard of this team before, but it intrigued me and made me want to learn more. When I was at a comic book store, looking for material to read on a trip up to a camp up in the woods for a four-day retreat made by my school, I saw "JLA/Titans: The Technis Imperative." Since I wanted to know more about the Titans, I picked that up and that's how I started regularly reading comics. The book has tons and tons of heroes I had never heard of before and it was glorious because it made me want to learn more about them, to learn more about a history I had never thought existed.

THAT is the new reader you want to get, DC. You don't get new readers by pretending that nothing ever happened before. You get new readers by telling good stories and making them want to know more about the history. You EMBRACE your history, use it as the platform to tell good stories. You have it even easier these days with the internet and its bottomless pit of information about characters and storylines that anyone can look up and read more about.

I am banging my head against my desk that I have to keep reminding the industry about this: tell good stories and the readers will come. They will come through word of mouth, they will come because you have dedicated readers who invest their time and money into these characters. Does it work for every book? No, because opinions vary on it, but you know damn well that a good book is going to last a hell of a lot longer than a bad one.

So, people, you want my thoughts about the upcoming DC reboot? I'm upset about it. Maybe it'll all work out for the best - maybe I'm overreacting. It happens. But right now? I'm upset and I am going to continue to be upset about it because it feels like I've invested money and time in something for over ten years and it was for nothing.

And if you don't know what I'm talking about, just read HERE or google it.

Also, DC announced they would also release digital comics of those releases on the same day from now on. That's fantastic and I love it, howevere, there's a quote from the West Wing that I like to use at a time like this:

"Why is it for every good thing you do around here, we have to endure three screw-ups?"

Discuss, debate, argue, criticize me, support me, do what you like in the comments, but keep it civil. ‎ Read more!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Odds and/or Ends

Revised Schedule

Well, many fans were quick to point out that I was operating under a misconception - there actually ISN'T a second issue of Eminem and the Punisher, meaning that I had to revise the schedle a bit. It's not just a matter of filling it in, though, since I try to keep to my "Marvel-Indy-DC-Indy-Marvel-etc." alternating schedule (exceptions being the holiday season). And since the 150th episode is coming at the end of August, I didn't want to change what I had planned for that, so I just had to reshuffle some episodes, including a few that I had planned for September and moving them up.

Plus I was only doing Rise of Arsenal as four individual episodes because I didn't want to have two 2-part episodes next to each other, so that was revised, as well. Still, here's the updated schedule for the next two months.

6/6 – SCI-Spy #2
6/13 – Miller Time: Spawn/Batman
6/20 – Gameboy #1
6/27 – Eminem and the Punisher #1
7/4 – Barbi Twin Adventures #1
7/11 – Rise of Arsenal #1-2
7/18 – Rise of Arsenal #3-4
7/25 – Comic Book Advertisements
8/1 – Star Trek #2 (Gold Key)
8/8 – PSA Hell: Captain America: Return of the Asthma Monster!

You're Such a Card Game: E.T. The Card Game

Behold as Liz and I play the 1980s E.T. Card Game! Okay, it's not a trading card game, but hey, it uses cards!


First up we have the Lawrence Ross Waterhead Show!

I also just appeared on the BunnyCast, which you can listen to HERE!


Lately I've had a lot of people asking me if I'll be making any convention appearances. Unfortunately, as I've said before, because of my busy schedule I don't have a lot of time to go to conventions just for fun. However, the Prop Lady has convinced me to go to CONvergence this July... though I'll be an attendee and not a guest.

Otherwise, I have no convention plans. Because of the aforementioned schedule, I really can only go to a lot of conventions if I'm invited. I've been told I need to register with DragonCon in order to get in, though I don't know if it's too late for that or not. Otherwise, nope - no one's invited me anywhere so I have no plans to go anywhere. ^^;

Mini-Contest in the Facebook Page
Sakura Mahal is running a new mini-contest over on the Fan Facebook page! Go take a look for yourselves by clicking on the link in the sidebar! ‎ Read more!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Ultimatum #5

The event comic concludes with nothing having been achieved!

Read more!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Manimal #1

The lack of people changing into sharks in this comic upsets me.

Read more!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Ultimatum #3-4

The death count rises and the audience's patience falls.

Read more!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Airzone Solution

Linkara and Phelous look at a movie that has a bunch of The Doctors from Doctor Who fighting an evil pollution company. ‎ Read more!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Ultimatum #1-2

How come event comics never have accurate taglines? This one needs to be, "the one where everyone dies!"

Read more!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Odds, Ends, and Evens

AT4W Facebook Fan Page
No, I have not reversed my position on the utter pointlessness of Facebook.

However, a bunch of fans have banded together to create a fan page on Facebook, organized under Sakura Mahal! And since it'll get people off my back about it (hopefully), I'm pretty much making it official. I'm giving her authorization to represent me there, though just to be clear it is NOT me who posts there, but her - she relays questions to me via e-mail and she posts the answers I provide (though with my e-mail backlog it can sometimes take a while).

You can find it HERE or along the sidebar!

She's also holding a t-shirt contest in honor of the group recently getting 2000 members! The full details can be found HERE, and you can ignore the bit about providing a mailing address ahead of time (I'd rather people's addresses NOT be sent considering 99% of the entrants aren't going to be getting anything, thus we shouldn't ask for any addresses until someone wins).

Otherwise, the facebook page will be added to the sidebar, so take a gander, join up, do all that stuff that people use facebook for that exist in other places and therefore I have no use for it! ...Or just join up because, hey, you can talk with other AT4W fans and other announcements and stuff. ^_^

AT4W Upcoming Episodes List
Going a bit farther ahead because of the four-parter in July/August, but needless to say hope you look forward to everything that's coming up!

5/16 – Ultimatum #1-2
5/23 – Ultimatum #3-4
5/30 – Ultimatum #5
6/6 – SCI-Spy #2
6/13 – Miller Time: Batman and Spawn
6/20 – Gameboy #1
6/27 – Eminem and the Punisher #1
7/4 – Eminem and the Punisher #2
7/11 – Barbi Twin Adventures #1
7/18 – Rise of Arsenal #1
7/25 – Rise of Arsenal #2
8/1 – Rise of Arsenal #3
8/8 – Rise of Arsenal #4

Here's another podcast! I recorded it recently with the Electric Information Show and you can download it HERE.

The Making of Warrior #1
Watch a bunch of nerds try to figure out how to hang up a green screen for the aborted intro to the Superman 4 crossover review as well as us figuring out different ways of hanging goggles from our heads in this footage Coldguy originally recorded!

Doom's IV #2 Commentary
Also enjoy me trying to figure out why I started off saying "Now we've got it!" in my second episode!

IE9 Compatability
Some of you using Internet Explorer 9 (like myself) may have noticed that videos that are posted here from last January and back are now appearing strangely. Long story short, Blip's new video player has an issue with IE9 or IE9 has an issue with Blip's player, etc., etc. - the point is that older videos not containing a new tag they started adding are appearing as broken quicktime links or similar broken links. I CAN manually fix this, but it means going back and changing the embed codes for over 100 videos. I'm trying to find a way to fix them all automatically (the way suggested by Blip isn't working), but we'll see.

I may have to go back and do it anyway, since Blogspot now has a feature where you can create new permanent pages and since I still don't have an official website for AT4W (I will eventually - it'll just take a while), I'm thinking of creating a permanent archive page for videos, which means I'll have to go and get links to each video page, anyway.

Just another reminder, Comcast, AOL, and a few other e-mail providers still reject my e-mail responses (I really need to get around to trying to fix that), so sadly if you're sending me e-mails through them you probably won't get a response. As to people asking me about donations they've sent - I've honestly been really busy the last few weeks and I've been trying to catch up on e-mails, but I haven't had the time to sit down and answer as many as I'd like. I'll keep trying, but please just be patient. ‎ Read more!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Ultimate Warrior's Workout

Are you ready get foked on the Ultimate Warrior's training techniques?

Read more!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Superman Meets the Quik Bunny

The team-up you demanded! Well, someone demanded. ...maybe... probably not...

Read more!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

You're Such a Card Game: World of Warcraft TCG

Liz and I play the World of Warcraft card game... and it's actually pretty good!

Opening the packs!

Part One!

Part Two!

Read more!

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Godyssey #1


Less any sort of odyssey, more a trip to the local Denny's.

Read more!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Star Trek: The Motion Picture #1-3


The human adventure is just beginning... wake me up when it gets somewhere.

Read more!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Atop the Fourth Wall Story Recap

Don't want to sift through 130 episodes of the show to figure out the story bits? Well, you're in luck! Here's the entire story so far condensed into 4 very quick minutes.

Here is the full list of episodes that contain story elements featured in this video.
-Godzilla vs. Barkley
-Neutro #1
-Wolverine: Adamantium Rage
-Warrior #1
-Superman vs. the Terminator #1
-Countdown Prologue
-Countdown Part 1
-Countdown Part 2
-Top 15 Worst Moments of Countdown
-Cable #1
-Zero Patrol #1
-Blackest Night Special
-Silent Hill: Dying Inside #1-2
-Silent Hill: Dying Inside #3-4
-Silent Hill: Dying Inside #5
-Silent Hill: Dying Inside Alternate Endings
-Doom #1
-Ultimates 3 #1-2
-Ultimates 3 #3-4
-Ultimates 3 #5
-Youngblood #2 and Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers #1
-Strange Adventures #136
-Doom's IV #1/2
-The Dark Knight Strikes Again Part 2
-Sultry Teenage Super-Foxes #2
-Athena #1
-JLA: Act of God Part 1
-JLA: Act of God Part 2
-JLA: Act of God Part 3
-The Spirit
-Warrior #2-3
-Tandy Computer Whiz-Kids: Fit to Win
-Anita Blake: The Laughing Corpse #1-2
-Freak Force #1
-Chain Gang War #1
-Ewoks #9
-Cable #2
-Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force
-Silent Hill: Dead/Alive #1-2
-Silent Hill: Dead/Alive #3-4
-Silent Hill: Dead/Alive #5
-The X-Men #1 (For the beginning)
-Power Rangers Zeo #1
-Justice League: Cry for Justice #1-2
-Justice League: Cry for Justice #3-4
-Justice League: Cry for Justice #5-7
-Care Bears #13
-Superman: Distant Fires
-Youngblood #3 and Doctor Who Classics #7Read more!

Friday, April 15, 2011

More Podcasts!

Here are some more podcasts I did recently!

Oddcast #2!

And the premiere episode of Podcast Sentai where I discuss Power Rangers Samurai and some thoughts on upcoming Power Rangers series that I haven't watched yet!

Download the MP3 HERE! and check out their website HERE!Read more!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Lady Gaga #1

Let's play a love game instead of reading this. ...Please?

As a bonus, Liz disagreed with me on this comic and had an alternate take on it. Since I like to encourage you all to think for yourselves and not just take my word as gospel, check out her vlog and see what you think!

Read more!