Monday, January 31, 2011

Care Bears #13

The crossover nobody asked for and nobody remembered when it was done!


Mountain King said...


What was that?

A Care bears COMIC, I thought that was the Ewoks thing. Then add the pointless madballs. This wounds my soul, seriously. Every bad joke, half arsed puns and lame villain. How was this allowed, I thought nightmares like this were banned by the Geneva convention, under the part about torture and inhuman treatment of children.

Care bears belongs to the same failed ideas as My Little Pony and Cabbage Patch Kids. Bizarrely popular but a source of pure, undiluted, shame today. As for the comic this is a very good example of bad writing for kids. Producers and some writers seem to be of the opinion that children will like any old crap as long as it's full of bright colours. Creating a divide between children's shows and adult programming, A divide made worse when adult programming has devolved into defining itself by the amour of sex and swearing that can be shoe horned in.

Anyway climbing down from my pulpit this comic was just bad. Not fun bad but humiliating and pathetic bad. A good filler, but let's get back to the meat. Fourteen days until the show down and you've pulled out the Wraith of Kahn soundtrack. Talk about all out war.

Bring on the war drums!


PS watching your twitter… and the news about PR: samurai. Oh yes, I actually care about this relaunch now! Best bit of stunt casting they could have pulled.

Trevor said...

Wow! After fighting Vyce you review Care Bears, and you didn't bring Doug "Nostalgia Critic" Walker?! At least you've got a plan, Linkara. Good luck to ya!

bob said...

Great Review Linkara. I don't know why but when i saw in the description that this was a crossover my first though was the care bears doing a crossover with Youngblood. Can you imagine Die Hard crotch attacking a care bear. Every time i see an enemy getting defeated by the power of love i can't help think of power of love by Huey Lewis and the News. keep up the good work and i look forward to seeing how the Lord Vyce saga ends.

MagMarcy said...

So nice to see you back to your cheerful self! Though I was kind of wondering if 90's Kid had attempted to cheer you up by offering to play Justice League Task Force or Nirvana or something, only to be forcibly removed.

Mikker said...

Wow - Notice that on the skull castle page, the "W" there looks exactly like Dr. Wily's logo....

Jesse said...

Just watched this one on Blip TV. The whole Care Bears/Madballs crossover thing really reminded me of every crossover fan fiction I ever wrote. If you'll forgive a little language here, I'll admit right now that my crossovers were in no way necessary, nor did they make an awful lot of sense, but god damn were they ever fun to write, and I can only hope that people had as much fun reading them as I did writing them.

Having said that, I whole-heartedly agree with the sentiment that just because something's for kids doesn't mean it has to be really dumbed down. If we'd spend more time treating our kids like they've actually got brains, maybe the world would be a better place.

As far as the Vyse plot, chances are there's something I don't get, but doesn't stopping Vyse mean letting the other dominating force take over the universe?

Luircin said...

Nice follow-up to the Vyse battle, I must say. I like how you're continuing to tie the plot into the episodes, rather than just attaching mini-scenes to the end. Your writing skills have improved quite a bit since I've started watching.

Was that a Forest of the Dead reference at the end? Or am I just watching too much Doctor Who lately?

areoborg said...

How do you kill someone who can kill gods? Transform into a giant, decapitated wolf's head and then eat him. It ALMOST worked in Princess Mononoke.

Anonymous said...

Is Iron Liz 6'5 or are you just short?

mouse said...

hmmm was the flashback inspired by the 11th doctor's 'recollection vision' they have been using in the 5th series of NuWho?

but as always a great review form you that made me laugh.

I have to say the one thing i hate in crossovers is when they pretend the characters have always shared the same universe. At leased the turtles/Archie crossover included that the're from diffident universes

Paul S. said...

Love the "Rear Window" reference.

Have you considered giving Star Comics their own semi-regular feature sort of like PSA Hell?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Is Iron Liz 6'5 or are you just short? "

She was sitting up, I was slouching down, and the camera was closer to her. We're actually roughly the same height.

Anonymous said...

Great review, Linkara! There were some really funny bits in there, I nearly cried laughing at the Care Bear Stare explosion. xD

And the Madball's puns were even worse than Liz's. That's quite an impressive feat.

As for the story arc, I really like how you specifically address recurrent tropes and plot holes caused by events like Lord Vyce's attack. The question of why you can't team up with him was one I was asking after the fight last week myself, and your epiphany at the end was pretty well set up too. Can't wait to see what happens next!

Anonymous said...

No Heart, you are no Xeharnot. And Of course clowns are not evil, just look at Obnoxio the Clown in 'Obnoxio the Clown vs the X-Men'.

Shada said...

My kids watched the Care Bears when they were really little (like 2-4 years old) and I don't remember the cartoons ever being as bad as this comic was. The Mad Balls are just icky and the puns were horribly written. As you said, a lot of them made no sense and had no context at all. I was impressed that they actually planned ahead with towing the cloud over (never mind the physics of Care Clouds...)

Great to see your confidence returned by the end of the video, maybe you could team up with the Entity to defeat Vyce. =)

eddievercetti said...

Thumbs up for the Dragnet sound drop.

Careballs? Eww...

But really, this crossover sounds like a fan fic, it does stuff out of thin air so it makes sense. I actually won't be surpised if there's a Transformers/ My Little Pony crossover.

You had a Care Bears bike? What did you do with it? I would've spray painted the whole thing black.

Alex said...

I am commenting as I watch your review.
The beginning was a bit slow, but I think you meant to show how disheartened that you were at Vyce's power.
The look on your face when you see the comic is... priceless. I don't think I will ever again see any reaction as funny as that look of silent horror.
The first Care Bear clip: THEY ALL FLOAT. Also, they appear to be painted with blood.
Maybe Steve Ditko knew that Care Bears would kill his career so he didn't involve himself.
If the Care Bears are part of the Marvel Universe do they qualify as mutants?
Why does a grumpy Care Bear exist?
THE TV KNOWS MY THOUGHTS!!! *aluminum hat*
Beastly looks like he does.... illicit substances.
In my opinion there are not enough M. Bison "OF COURSE" jokes in this review.
Sailor Venus as a child would have been much cooler.... an Japanese.
Puns. They hurt.
Why does anyone need to invade Care-a-lot? The Care Bears only work in America... and mostly in the Northern continental part. That means that the ENTIRE REST OF THE WORLD is ripe for the taking.
No offense, but your voice cannot do Europe. Hell, I can't do Europe. The reference is funny, but the voice hurts, just like when I am forced to watch American Idol.
That's the POWER OF LOVE.
When did 'fist face' have an eye beam?
Violence! *yaaaaaaaaaaay!*
"Courage to Care Medalion"??!?!
At the second story, you could have referenced the They Might Be Giants song "Upside Down Frown"
I'm pretty sure that a clown inventing anti gravity would become the richest man ever very very fast.
How exactly does a Care Bear Stare work anyway? It sounds an awful lot like mind control to me.
The exploding building (a church?) after their count of '1,2, STARE' was a nice touch.
As for your comment on how things should and shouldn't be written for children, I would like you to consider that C.S. Lewis wrote an essay entitled "On the Three Ways of Writing for Children" he comments on how writing things for children not as something that the author would have liked to read at such an age (or even afterwards), but because that is just how children's literature should go is a very bad way of going about it. And yes it is possible to write for children without talking down. It's the reason we loved Animaniacs and Gargoyles and the Superman, Batman, and Justice League animated series. They were marketed as children's shows but they never treat children as if they don't know anything.
The dramatic swelling of the music as you figure out something that I think we all noticed before (I'm not talking about how to beat him, but about how you managed to cause some damage to him) was very good.

SailorCardKnight said...

Care Bears and Madballs....really?

I did remember watching the TV show reruns and first 2 movies for Care Bears and going nuts over them, but Madballs was a little too early for my time.

This comic though was totally unnecessary. and WTF was up with No-heart?!? He looks all mutated and bizarre here compared to the TV series.

...Oh, and shame on you Linkara. The whole concept of "being foiled by the power of love" and the Sailor Venus mention and you didn't add the song The Power Of Love somewhere in the ep, one of the most epic songs from the English dub of Sailor Moon. For shame man, for shame.

Anonymous said...

Hay man! Were you making fun of the Care Bear War of 1998! I lost my brother in that war! Friendly fire as well, he took a care bear stare right to the throat! The caring overwhelmed him! and you think the Care Bear Land Government will ever have the guts to prosecute one of their own! I want JUSTICE!

Besides that funny review.

Mario said...

Am I the only one who wants to hear more of Europe's "Care Bear Countdown"?

Jesse said...

This review wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. After seeing the Nostalgia Critic's reviews of the Care Bears I guess I was expecting worse.

Kinda surprising and sad that the Care Bears and the Balls were smart enough to think ahead when the heroes in recent reviews weren't smart at all.

I don't think the comic was bad because it was for kids, but because of the time it was made. Like the original G1 Transformers and first season of Power Rangers. So many glaring errors (that actually give it a certain charm) or Billy being super duper smart, and random Macguffins in both. The 80s and early 90s were a strange time.

Glad you thought up a way to defeat Vyce. Hopefully after the epic fight you guys can work on defeating whatever it is that's trying to destroy the multiverse. For some odd reason I think it's going to be Mister Mind.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could stop with these stupid storylines and actually just review comics in timely manner which is what you do best. But since Spoony brain washed you I watch less and less.

Tcat said...

"I know how to beat him"
With a Care Bear stare? :P

I don't care what anyone says, Care Bears is my guilty pleasure. I was never big on the show, but I still have my stuffed bears, my little plastic bears, and the two movies on VHS. Even as a fan though that comic is PAINFUL.

Anonymous said...

An evil clown, who makes objects float in the air. Is this the guy from It?

They all float!

Anonymous said...

I've had a question that's been bugging me for a while Linkara, Are you and Iron Liz related? If not, when did you meet her?

Jer Alford said...

Obligatory Nostalgia Critic subreferences:

I get the feeling the Care Bears would've been great members of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Can't wait to see the Madballs take on Snowflame!

So, what is Havey Finevoice's dayjob? I can't see him working at a Arby's.

Anonymous said...

Nice Red Letter Media reference. :D

ShadowWing Tronix said...

Care Bear Countdown, was of course a line in the theme song. And I do remember the show being less silly than this comic. That was the way Star handled the non-serious properties (for example, Thundercats and Masters of the Universe aren't dumbed down like this, and Star Wars: Droids lost some in the translation but on this level).

See, all you needed was to stop thinking about it for a while and let your brain reboot. Now you figured out Vyce's weakness. Go You!

Anonymous said...

14 more days!!! :D I'm so excited!!!! The story is going great. Today's performances were top notch! >XD I'm looking forward to the final showdown. My mind is buzzing around all the possible ways you could take the story. :D

Yogurt said...

When it comes to comics like this, I remember the words of my bubby,

"Sometimes people try their hardest to make sense, but no one cna understand them. Sometimes people don't make sense, but others try their hardest to make sense for them. But sometimes, nothing makes sense and you just have scratch your head."

I think a comic about gravity warping clowns, emotionally manipulative bears, and grotesque crime fighting spheroids, fits into that third category.

Anonymous said...

Great Video. Can't wait for next week and the inevitable 2 parter!! :D

"And the Madball's puns were even worse than Liz's."
:O ... BLASPHEMY!! Don't you know that she's the Undisputed Queen of Pun-ishment!!!!!! You must now to penance by reading every Spider Robinson book ever written. Begin now -

Anonymous said...

This was a great review BTW what would you rate it on your WTF scale? Mine rates it as what were they smoking.

~Toa Coy~

Shada said...

I think that the mention of being in the same universe applies to the Star Comics, rather than mainline Marvel universe.

That does still give room for some reeeally weird crossovers though, just based on what was IN Star Comics.

For example, Chuck Norris and the Karate Kommadoes meet the Care Bears! (Take that Too Much!)

How about Strawberry Shortcake and the Masters of the Universe?

Or Muppet Babies meet the Inhumanoids?

The strangeness could go on forever. =D

Amnesia said...

Please, the only way to defeat Lord Vyce is to challenge him to a children's card game. Everybody knows that.

nebosuke said...

I think clowns have a bit more than just that particular clown giving them a bad guy image, between The Joker and It, I'd say they have no hope.

I actually remember a couple Care Bears episodes showing on Cartoon Network maybe 15 years ago...and even then I still thought it was stupid. Still, at least now I remember the villain's name now. No Heart...could it be?

Anonymous said...

Can we just have a video with just a review and not some tacked on storyline of your own that is unrelated to the comic you are reviewing at the time. Why can't you just put your own story in a seperate video that way people who are interested in your story that you wanna tell can watch it and the people who come here just for your comic reviews can see just that, a comic review. I'm tired of having to skip around through these videos trying to find what is the review and what isn't. I don't read a movie or book review and halfway through it they writer of that review goes off into some story that's part of their great novel they are writing so why should I have to see that when I come for a comic book review.

Robert Clark said...


Well, I'll start out with the classic "First time poster, long time watcher" comment. I just wanted to say. I really liked the opening to this episode.

Cant wait for next week!

Mona Tounie said...

I've been wondering this for a while now, the V-MINUS thing at the end of the last few episodes, is that meant to be counting down the episodes to the final battle (I've been doubting that sense the last was 21 and this one was 14), or is it meant to count down the days?

FugueforFrog said...

Marvel had the weirdest ideas for what to make into comics in the 80s. I just realized that when they randomly decide to throw the Care Bears and Madballs together and hope for the best. Though...for some reason when you did that "weather report" joke, I actually thought you were going to literally start playing something by Weather music but really relaxing.

And I wasn't really thinking Minako (sorry, I prefer the original japanese to Mina because...well, the dub voice for her sucked and the original Minako/Sailor Venus was epic) with that shirt. I just thought her mom was some old feminist from the 70s and this was a hand-me-down.

Tetsu Deinonychus said...

Fantastic episode Linkara! I'm actually impressed with the writing and performances at the beginning. The Lord Vyce saga is coming along nicely!

Also, the comic review was hilarious, though I'm not that surprised this comic exists, because you're not the first one to review it.

My pal Wes, reviewed this comic a few years back on his website :The Scary Crayon
Check it out if you ever want to read his take on it.

Marvel's STAR line is such a great place to find crazy comics to review. ^_-

Radar said...

"No Heart?" Isn't that Dick Cheney's birth name?

Vyse said...

"I know how to beat him"

Well, crap. I was hoping you didn't see that.

henmo24 said...

Love the review. Bad puns hurt my brain...Oh God. I know why there are so many bad puns in this comic.

The writer, Mike Gallagher, also wrote several bad Sonic comics in the early 90's...even though this one was 1986.

Anonymous said...

I... I... I'm just old even to remember both... (sigh) Somebody thought a cross over was a good idea? Really? (sigh)

When I saw the cover I think my eyes went wider than yours and I actually said 'oh no.' because I had a feeling this was going to suck. One of the few times I had wished I was wrong but knew I wouldn't be. When you asked if this was going to hurt, I ended up saying 'a lot' mostly because this seemed as bad an idea as it turned out to be.

Well, while this comic didn't exactly cheer you up, at least you figured out a possible way to beat Vyce. Looking forward the next week.

CoreDumpError said...

I loved this review, but the biggest thing I noticed was that you missed what could have been a really hilarious joke! The part where one bear says "Get the cloud mobile, birthday, I'll call for help!" and then blows that whistle... the sound effect is "TWEEEEET!" That would have made for an awesome Twitter joke!

Razor6X said...

Loved the episode Linkara, I didn't even know care bares had a comic, let alone cross overs with other characters I also didn't know had a comic. Makes me think of the Nostalgia Critic's joke with Captain Hook and bean bag chairs. Some people noticed this comic but it wasn't a big loss if you never saw it. lol

I think I figured out Vyces' weakness. If I'm correct when Vyce made the first appearance his ship was in a state of flux. Time was going by at a much different speed then Linkara's dimension. So I think the rules would still apply to his body still being in a sort of flux. It explains why Linkara could never lay a punch on him and what it appeared that he could withstand such strong forces from Linkara's weapons. The force would be slowed down probably to a dead stop in Vyce's case. The reason he fled was because when he was damaged being in a state of temporal flux his wounds must be sped up too. Even a little damage would become a big problem if seconds are like hours. Thus he needed to treat the wound on his ship where he was back in sync with his time stream.
At least that's my theory.

Xhog said...

Great comic review Lewis! Laughed pretty hard at the hall of mirrors exploding scene. Also I would think Marvel's meeting of the century would be either the Marvel VS Capcom series or DC Universe/Marvel crossover comics.

Oh and because you (or at least this comic) mentioned an evil clown that can make people float upside down, i'm gonna say this:

Oh yes...they float...THEY ALL FLOAT!
(AKA missed opportunity for an IT reference)

Speaking of floating, I don't think they ever explained how those madballs floated. Then again they never explain how the clouds can hold abandoned buildings teleported onto them or castles either. Though my guess is that they imported them from the Mushroom Kingdom or whatever.

Looking forward to seeing the conclusion to the Vice arc too which will be in 2 weeks right?

One more thing about Marvel VS Capcom. If you haven't been told already, the Limited Edition of Marvel VS Capcom 3 will have a comic come with it as a prologue to the game. I know you won't get this game but I hope you can somehow get a hold of this comic.
And no i'm not saying you should review it as i'm sure it will be a good comic. I'm saying this simply because I thought you might like to read it or have it as a collectable.

But anyway looking forward to next week's comic.

Anonymous said...

@Mountain King

I feel obliged to say that My Little Pony recently redeemed themselves by their currently ongoing cartoon.

Lauren Faust (who previously co-worked on the PowerPuff Girls and Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends) did a good job at re-vitalizing the franchise

quoting TV tropes
"The latest in the long-running My Little Pony series, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is an all-too-rare example of how to update a retro cartoon the right way. It brings clever self-aware humor, a more streamlined art style, and strong characterization.

The pilot proved an overnight sensation on the internet, leading to piles of fanart, countless threads worth of speculation and discussion, and lots of males having existential crises about enjoying a girl's cartoon so much"

Tyr Germanic said...

haha great review.and the ending was especially,james horner and the linkara storyline is so good it makes me almost wish there werent comic reviews.just story.

just some feedback..the begining seems to obviously be you letting us know there wont be a team up.but in the context of the show it comes off as you putting words in vyce's mouth. like does linkara even know vyce?while linkara was prisoner?

also as a lover of pokemon when i was a kid,you know what the joke of pyramidheads fate HAS TO BE,SERIOUSLY HAS TO BE.that he was just knocked out.
ya,knocked out.
its like pokemon's version of clark kent's glasses-no matter what,pokemon dont die,theyre just knocked out.if they were burned,electrouted,smashed under
a thousand pound boulder,bullet to the brain, doesnt matter.just KO'd.

(also PP is bullshit,how does even a fictional animal run out of tackle?)

Metal B said...

Great review as alwa... wait do you have framed pictures of Princess Peach on your wall at 18:49?

Octo7 said...

Jaysis. Those madball things are a blast from the past. I remember the weird rubbery texture of them. Think I had the eyeball one at some time in the 80's when I was a prepubescent hyper-child. the appeal was in how ugly and offensive they looked. they were a school-yard status symbol, a veritable testament to one's non-conformist/gross-out attitude. the very antithesis of carebears. god those were simpler times.

Hilarious review by the way! Nice little segment at the beginning, interesting to see you guys acting with a more sombre tone.

EinWolf said...

You know, I may have my complaints about the more recent focus on the story line. Which I've shared, not that you probably remember given how many comments from random people like me you get. But I know you must be doing something right.

I know this because a lot of the time I find myself monologuing along with the story. Lord Vyce just really ticks me off, because there's just so much to his logic I can't wrap my head around.

He conquers to protect, even though protecting is so much more difficult than to attack? He does away with champions, meaning they are a viable threat to him, otherwise why expend the resources? He just strikes me as cowardly and weak in his motives. Certainly he has power and technology, but those things are hardly absolute.

Uhm, so yeah. I'll just go now before I start writing some bizarre fan fiction or something. Too old for that sort of thing.

Dg said...

Somehow all I can think is that I hope you don't kill Vyce with a carebear stare......and I still don't get why it's called a stare other than rhyming. Shouldn't a carebear stare be eyebeams, really?

Poor Vyce, his weakness is hedge clippers. That or he's secretly a Vorlon or something.

oh Grumpy Bear, it's okay, we know you're just grumpy because you're a veteran of the caring war. You were a PoW to these silly little bears you now have to live with as part of the ceasefire agreements

Stephen Murphy said...

A great episode as always Linkara can't wait for the next one. Can't wait for the conclusion to the Vyce story arc.

Claire said...


I can appreciate totally loving the word "subsequently". But I do not think it means what you think it means. And you use it a lot. A lot.

Subsequently needs to be about a *chronological* following; it has to be about things happening. Like, "No Heart was given the name No Heart and subsequently destroyed all of his heart-graphic t-shirts". Incidentally is for when you just have a little more to add on a related but slightly different subject, like if you need to talk about No Heart's appearance (something about him) after remarking upon his name (also something about him, but with different specifics).

Thank you for listening, thank you for your videos.

Katherine said...


I've never watched the show, but I've seen the first two movies. Yes, they're undeniably cheesy and corny, but they're still a guilty pleasure.

Oh, and by the way, your questions about why No Heart couldn't just smash those stupid Madballs while he was huge? They can pretty much apply to any Care Bears villain. Dark Heart has the ability to turn into a sea dragon, a wolf, a snake, an alligator, and a bunch of other animals. He also has the ability to conjure up objects, move people and objects telekinetically, as well as bestow abilities with literally just a snap of his fingers.

And yet during one of his confrontations with the Care Bears, he just uses...a bag to try to catch them. And, contrary to what the Nostalgia Critic said in his review, he's not a bit of a klutz, he's a *big* klutz.

I think that it's just an unwritten rule that the villains in the Care Bears universe must be rendered incompetent in some way, no matter how powerful they are or what advantages they have. Otherwise, they would wipe the floor with the Care Bears and evil would triumph, which is blasphemy in the Care Bears universe.

TheGrumpyCelt said...

You know, if the CareBears were in the Marvel Universe, then there could be a cross over between them and the Runaways, which would actually be kind of awesome.

Shada said...

Since you're using the third Doctor's sonic screwdriver to try to fix your morpher I've gotta ask ...

Did you try reversing the polarity of the neutron flow?

wurst said...

Hm, Care Bears are part of the Marvel universe.... who else could totally see a Care Bears/Deadpool crossover= ;D

Dustin said...

I really liked this episode. This is the first time you have really been seen upset like that over losing a fight. It was a great character driven scene and I enjoyed it very much. I can't wait to see the how this story arc concludes itself.

Octo7 said...

@claire using "subsequently" is a way of describing one event which follows another previously stated event. simple as that.

Kriss1989 said...

OK, I watched Care Bears as a kid, and I can actually answer you 'why not imprison him/destroy the castle' question from the end.

No-Heart is an evil shape-shifting wizard, so you really can't imprison that. The best you can do is smash his magic laser shooting amulet, which causes him to explode. However, a new amulet forms in about a week and he comes back.

As for destroying the castle, it's been done, it rebuilds itself. See, Castle Sorrow is literaly made of the tears of children, so as long as there is one unhappy child left in the world, Now-Heart and his castle will return again and again.

As for why he didn't send an army of shadows to attack Care-a-lot, it's because Shadows are made of pure negative feelings, while Care-a-lot is made of good feelings, resulting in negation of both in equal amounts. Beastly, not being made of negative emotions, is his only operative that can go there.

The way to destroy Care-a-lot is simple. It's made of the happyness of children, so the more misserable children there are on Earth, the more it shrinks. If there was ever enough sadness on Earth, Care-a-lot would crumble and the Care Bears and their city would come crashing down.

Shaolin Dave said...

i actually owned this comic as a kid, but had completely forgotten it's existence until your review.
I don't remember when or why I got it, I think maybe my parents bought it to give me something to read on one of our many road trips.

Jyger85 said...

I'm actually kinda surprised you didn't compare the hall of mirrors bit to the scene from Star Trek where they fire phasers on low off the reflective surfaces until they stop on the Vidiian ship. Oh well, the explosion bit was kinda funny too.

Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for the next fight with Vyce.

Lizzie said...

This is probably why I didn't read many comics as a kid. Well... I'm sure it didn't help.
Hmm. I'd swear there's a way to make Chuck Norris meets the Care Bears work. How much worse could it be, anyway?
"This crossover's gonna be smooth as silk, isn't it?" Seamless integration! Seamless, I tell you! ;)

The degree to which I think of Harvey as his own person is terrifying. hehehe I'm gonna try not to speculate TOO much about your storyline. It's easy to get so carried away that no conclusion could possibly satisfy.

Keep up the excellent work, Gunslinger. It's a spot of sunshine in my week.

ConsoleCleric said...

I thought it was a good comic.

A perfect example of humanistic theory in action. A group of postive client-centered therapists merely reflecting positive attitudes toward the antagonist, helping him reach self-actualization.

Just like humanistic theory, it doesn't critically follow a catharsis; the aim is to only change the behavior of the antagonist.

I'm not a humanistic theorist. I have regards to a functional analysis approach. Whatever you NOT look it up on Wikipedia. It will make your head explode.

What? I thought you wanted something deep? Some implicit meaning? There you have it. Now, be happy.

Write of Way said...

You know, that's the second time Liz has presented you with a comic featuring cute, cuddly talking bears. That's not going to be a recurring thing, is it?

Tannhaeuser said...

Wasn’t the “Leaving so soon? I wouldn’t hear of it!” line from The Wizard of Oz? (I was half expecting a Margaret Hamilton impression.) I don’t know what The Wizard of Oz has to do with Madballs, or with Care Bears, either.

The only connection I can see between any two things in this comic was that both Care Bears and Madballs were owned by American Greetings—but in the name of all that’s moderately rational, why those two series? Why not “Care Bears/Get Along Gang” or “Madballs/My Pet Monster?”

Can anyone else hear Robert Goulet somewhere in the background singing, “Care-a-lot! Care-a-a lot! The home of touchy-feely bears! Care-a-lot! Care-a-lot! Brainwashing people with their stares…”?

greenbean said...

A grumpy Care bear? Isn't it a wrong franchise, or did we really just end up in Gummybears-series?
After seeing all the reviews for Care bears-movies I sure as hell am glad not having seen it as a child, they sound much creepier than some of the horror movies I've seen.

But, bwahahaha, Noheart doing an impersonation of Galadriel, looking into a fountain-thingy? How could you still stay serious after that? "All shall care for me and despair!" Just call the room Aragorn ballroom and be done with it.

But I seriously in love with the opening sequence, though granted, I have a little weakness for Harvey.

Night said...

I love that expression at the start, simply because it is so expressive, because it conveys your confusion so well.

I had a carebear when I was very young. Grumpy carebear. He was a good stuffed animal. I also recall the movie; the second movie, that is, not the one the Nostalgia Critic reviewed. Like you, however, I'm too old to remember it great detail.

Also, I'd pay good money for Carebears Civil War. (Actually I'd pay good money for any other Civil War, one that made some sense.)

Anonymous said...

Oh God. They made Popples comics too?

BigWafuu said...

so uh. First time watching one of your videos. I'm maybe 4 minutes in and I am greatly disturbed by the supporting character whose gender I cannot pin down. It looks like a man. But I see a puffy, breasty chest... I'm horribly confused.

also, what in the heck is going on! why does he have a morpher! Mecha godzilla??

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"so uh. First time watching one of your videos. I'm maybe 4 minutes in and I am greatly disturbed by the supporting character whose gender I cannot pin down. It looks like a man. But I see a puffy, breasty chest... I'm horribly confused.

also, what in the heck is going on! why does he have a morpher! Mecha godzilla??"

Yeah, you walked into a storyline episode for your first one, sorry about that. And that person happens to be a woman and her name is Liz.

Also, not Mecha Godzilla - Mechakara. He's an alternate robot version of- it's complicated. My show has a storyline for some episodes. XD

spartanx7 said...

Linkara,do you smoke, or is that just Harvey Finevoice?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Linkara,do you smoke, or is that just Harvey Finevoice?"

I don't smoke, and whether or not Harvey smokes is an interesting question, since Pollo even asked him back in the Ewoks #9 review, "Do you ever light that cigarette?"

Ricky said...

For some reason, I get a "Sorry, we're unable to play this episode." after the ad. The other episodes seem to be working just fine but this one won't play. I've tried going straight to it's page on blip but that doesn't work nor does playing it on other browsers. I wonder if it's just me or is it a problem with blip.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"For some reason, I get a "Sorry, we're unable to play this episode." after the ad. The other episodes seem to be working just fine but this one won't play. I've tried going straight to it's page on blip but that doesn't work nor does playing it on other browsers. I wonder if it's just me or is it a problem with blip."

It's not working for me, either. Reuploading now.

ShadesofNier said...

I have two things to say :

- If the Care Bears hear everything, does that mean... they are allies of the woodchucks ?! O_o WE ARE DOOMED !

- Seeing that No Heart only makes me think that the "No Heart" armor from Kingdom Hearts would've killed the Care Bears and the Mad balls in a second and sent Care-a-lot in to the Realm of Darkness. And if the care bears are really in the Marvel Universe, I don't think he would be able to do the same thing to Earth but he would still be a real problem (it depends if you put Xehanort inside of the armor and if you give him the Heartless, the(new)Organisation XIII (and if it's before or after Mysterious Figure/Young Xehanort can just go and get back in the past to get a new Xehanort every time one of the 13 others gets killed), etc...)