Tuesday, January 18, 2011

MAGFest Mega-Post!

There was soooooo much that happened at Magfest, so many videos and pictures, that I decided to make a huuuuge post for it so you can all enjoy them. This isn't the only Magfest stuff I'll post, but this is what we've got to start with!

So, without further ado, check behind the cut to see what sort of shenanigans I have for you all!

First up is Part 1 of the MASSIVE That Guy with the Glasses/Blistered Thumbs panel, with roughly thirty of us answering questions!

Special thanks to AndyTheMovieTheGame of The Game Heroes for editing and recording this video! Also, Liz was recording it from our camera, but sadly the battery died about halfway through it.

Next up is the Channel Awesome Rock Band event! I should say, though, that I had to leave on Sunday at Noon, so I'm not in this one.

Next up, here's the full Angry Video Game Nerd panel recorded by a fan, with a surprise cameo from a comic book reviewer!

You didn't get to see his response, but he did laugh and respond that it was bullcrap. Afterwards I bought AVGN Volumes 3 and 4 and thanked him for the punch, since the number one question I get about the theme song is what episode he punches me in (for newcomers, it's the Wolverine: Adamantium Rage review).

EDIT: James has started posting up his own video version of it, which is edited, but does feature his reaction to my question as well as the questions themselves.

I was interviewed several times at Magfest! Here's one done by Video Game Cover Bands while we were in line for Spoony's stand-up comedy show. Also, Lee from Still Gaming pointed me out to several awful Valiant Comics called "Game Boy," which I'll probably review somewhere down the line.

And Last but certainly not least, THE ATOP THE FOURTH WALL LIVE SHOW!

It's Atop the Fourth Wall LIVE! Watch Linkara make fun of a bad video game comic!


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to these!

Alex said...

I am sorry for calling you a hobo at the live show overflow, but two people walked up and didn't know who you were. One person thought you were James Rolfe. Weird, but I thought that saying you were just some random hobo would be a funny rebuttal to the question "Who is that?"

Also, have you ever heard of Thatrandomguy and the I'm a Marvel/DC videos?

Anonymous said...

Lightbringer gets a lot better as it progresses, but it is not THAT bad.

Kari said...

Hi. Speaking as your blind viewer, there's nothing wrong with your voice.

I had all those atari comics (I might still, actually), and because they were small enough to fit in an atari cartridge box, I had to read them with a jeweler's loop in addition to the rigamarole I usually have to go through to read stuff. But anyway, that's why there's all those single page panels. The damn thing was about 3X5.

Scott said...

This year more then ever I wish I could've attended MAGFest this year. Looks like you had a lot of fun!

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"I am sorry for calling you a hobo at the live show overflow, but two people walked up and didn't know who you were. One person thought you were James Rolfe. Weird, but I thought that saying you were just some random hobo would be a funny rebuttal to the question "Who is that?""

LOL! Wasn't referring to that, actually - it's my standard introduction at panels, actually. I did it at Youmacon in 2009, too.

Doink said...

I'm kicking myself for not going to MAGfest. I mean, I even live in Alexandria, and I missed this! So I have to ask, what is the next con you're going to, and are you going to the San Diego Comic-Con?

Chris said...

I really wish I could have gone to Magfest, but money's kind of tight right now. :|

The videos are awesome, but it's kind of hard to hear some of the questions in the live show's Q&A segment.

Anonymous said...

Cool videos Linkara! I always love seeing how the TGWTG team plays off of each other, as well as hear some of your thoughts on current comic book stuff.

Btw, if you really care to review them, I've got issues #1 and #3 of the Malibu Street Fighter series that I'd be more than happy to donate to you.

taekarado said...

just out of curiosity, will there be an at4w 2011 trailer like there have been for previous years?

TheTallOne said...

Omg, some people can be really rude at panels. Especially AVGN's. When that guy asked if he was being lazy. I didnt know people can be that....wow. Well anyway you are a great talent as always. However I do indeed have a question for you. Like what do you think about the gen 5 pokemon?

ZombieZach said...

I wish I could of attended MAGfest as well,but things happend,Glad you had fun though. :)

I have a couple questions I like to of asked you.

1.What are your thoughts on Horror comics like the EC Titles *Tales From The Crypt*,Hack/Slash?

2.What were your thoughts on that Rob Liefeld incident where someone "punked" him by dropping off a How To Draw book and demanding he apologize for Heroes Reborn?

^^Link to the story^^: http://www.bleedingcool.com/year2/?p=4339

Mikey Insanity said...

I had a lot of fun at MAGfest.
That was me who asked you about which X-Force you were reviewing and requested you to do the 90's kid voice.
Also, thanks for appearing in the video with me after the panel.

phreak_711 said...

Great video, man!

Jareddm said...

Oh man! I had been debating for months if I should send you my copies of the Game Boy comics! They certainly are bad, especially the one with the brick throwing incident...No other way to say which one without spoilers. Might've saved you some money..

"He who hesitates" I suppose...

dividebyxer0 said...

I actually purchased a copy of that Berserk game at MAGfest. It's on atari 2600.
It dosen't really have a story. You just kinda walk around and shoot people.

The new Power Rangers zeo video was amazing! The fight was pretty bad ass! I liked the "white zeo linkara" costume, that was pretty cool.

Ellie said...

You're welcome for the sign. :D

Anonymous said...

hey likara did you hear that bane is going to the main villan in the upcoming batman movie

-banjo tooie

Frankie Addiego said...

You gotta come out to the Bay for Comic-Con this April!

Frankie Addiego said...

*slaps forehead* I mean Wonder-Con. Not Comic-Con. San FRANCISCO, not San DIEGO! Comic-Con's bratty little sister.

m said...

Great meeting you there and thanks so much for stopping for a picture (my wife had the "bat credit card" t-shirt).

You have a really powerful voice in-person btw. Ever considered doing voice-over, radio or podcasts?

The live show was fantastic and went very well. I was expecting people to be a lot more annoying but they behaved themselves and your delivery was great.

Hope you'll come to the East Coast again soon!

Anonymous said...

I was the guy who asked the joke question "for Linkara and Spoony about how to get on the site." at the TGWTG panel :-P

I also chilled and generally didn't know the rules of Yugioh while you were playing in the hotel lobby.

It was fantastic seeing you at Magfest, and I hope to head back next year! I hope you had as much fun as I did!

Namrepus221 said...

I've got a copy of the Malibu Street Fighter II #1 somewhere... It's not in great condition however. If ya want it Linkara, you can have it.

Anonymous said...


Seriously, you are like, my favorite person on the internet. Period. And I'd love to hear what other people think of you.

In other words, if it's not too much trouble, do you think you could possibly post up the edited-out part of your panel wherein the Power Rangers Zeo review is shown so that we may imagine what it would have been like to be at that panel?

If not, for any reason from "WAAAAY TOO BUSY" to "against my personal beliefs" to "I just don't feel like it," that's cool. Whatever you want. Just one request: keep being a great guy and a great reviewer.

AProcrastinatingWriter :D

Anonymous said...

Hi linkara I see that you are selling t-shirts now but I dont see one with just the at4w logo so I hope sometime you'll be able to have more kind of shirts

FugueforFrog said...

Amazing I never saw this review until I realized you did a sequel. anyway...Atari taking over the science of the world...yeah who thought that was a good idea? And...um, did they even realize they were ripping Cyclops off with that woman? Or that...you know, the whole concept of being a doctor is not thinking "they're just going to die anyway?"