Monday, January 31, 2011

MAGFest Mega-Post #2

Well, more MAGFest shenanigans and videos and the like await! Click "Read More" to see it all!

First up is another interview with me, this time through Tainted Reality!

Next up is another interview, this time via Freya Mau and the Fan's POV:

For those following this for the other two parts of the TGWTG panel, here they are courtesy of The Game Heroes!



Look for a cameo from the most brilliant comic reviewer ever in this special crossover episode of Nash's show WTFIWWY!

And now some awesome photos!

Watch me playing a children's card game from a different angle!


Watch me morph in front of a sign that says I AM A MAN!


Behold Zeo Ranger 5 and the Linkaran Army!




Cubey said...

Cosplay Pollo! Great pics, man.

Mickey12 said...

Linkara, you are awesome

eframTrabbit said...

Hey that's me in the Linkaran Army, with my trusty liutenant Pollo! :D Awesome sauce!

Btw Linkara, did you get the pictures and video link I sent you from Magfest? I sent them through my revver account but don't know they got through or not. They're the same ones I posted on deviantart.

Also, to answer your question 'Why do you people like me?' Do you want the short list or the long? ;)

EinWolf said...

You're helping inspire me to get off my lazy ass and persue some of the older art stuff I gave up on. And to stop talking about doing let's plays and actually just do them... But What? That's some heavy stuff! And you just drop it out of no where!

I just don't even... How did your show help someone come out to their parents, or prevent suicides? That's like... I mean I'm not trying to make light of it, having been in both situations to varying degrees on and off through my life. But holy crap! What's the rational? 'My life is bad, but at least I'm not in Young Blood'?

Blows my mind. Absolutely blows my mind how those situations could come about through a comic book lampoon show.

Michael Heide said...

Okay, I've got to ask. What exactly makes Countdown a worse comic than Cry for Justice? Yes, it was longer. And yes, Cry for Justice has better artwork most of the time.

But whereas Countdown was just 52 weeks of mediocre blandness that suffered the most from being compared to the far superior series preceding it, Cry for Justice was offensively bad.

Countdown had a higher body count, but (with the exception of Joker's daughter and Trickster) that body count mostly consisted of Elseworlds-characters introduced two issues before. Cry for Justice, on the other hand, killed off several minority characters, the closest character DC has to an Anti-Batman AND an innocent little girl.

Yes, you said that you hated Cry for Justice more, but in that same sentence, you say that Countdown was worse overall. And I just don't get it.

PS.: LordKat's reaction in that WTFIWWY video? Priceless.

ShadowWing Tronix said...

How did that one on your left find a matching jacket?

Mask said...

Oh hey, the other parts to the panel. Excellent, only ever saw the first bit.

You do indeed have a strong effect. Nothing I have compares to those other stories, but seeing your work got me to start posting my thoughts on things I see also. Put up my first video yesterday, even.

Seen every blip video you've ever post'd. You're awesome.