Saturday, January 8, 2011

Odds and Ends and Digimon Cards

Hey, everybody! Well, we've got a lot of things to talk about, so let's get them all out there.

MAGFest Schedule

MAGFest has posted up its schedule! Here are the events I'll directly be involved in, but if you want to see the full schedule, just click HERE.

FRIDAY January 14th at 1:00 PM: Atop the Fourth Wall LIVE!
Lewis "Linkara" Lovhaug of Atop the Fourth Wall fame presents a live show where he tears apart a video game comic on stage for your amusement! See all of his bloopers in person and watch him mispronounce "room" and "roof" before your very eyes! Afterwards you can ask him embarrassing questions about him and his series as well as demand to know when the next "History of Power Rangers" is being released!

FRIDAY January 14th at 5:30 PM: That Guy With the Glasses Panel
Be there as the participating producers from come together to create mayhem...and answer some questions.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all there and yes I will tape the Live Show and put it up for those unable to attend.

Revised Schedule
Those of you who saw the last round of episodes scheduled will recall that I had an episode I had intended to get out by Christmas Day. Unfortunately, because of my workload and because I had to outsource the music for one section of it I couldn't get it out for the day I wanted.

Also, I had hoped to have it as a double feature for this Monday, but the amount of editing I need to do before MAGFest would be too much, so I've worked around the schedule a bit so it'll be a regular episode... buuuut I'm still not telling what it is. ^_~ Here's the revised schedule for the next three months!

1/10 – Justice League: Cry for Justice #3-4
1/17 – Episode Meant for Christmas Day
1/24 – Justice League: Cry for Justice #5-7
1/31 – Care Bears #13
2/7 – Superman: Distant Fire
2/21 – PSA Hell: Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four in… Brain Drain!
2/28 – A KISS comic (Exact one still hasn't been decided - this is for the winner of an auction I had participated in for charity)
3/7 – Superman and Wonder Woman: Tandy Computer Whiz Kids
3/14 – Spawn #1
3/21 – X-Force #1
3/28 – Arcomics Premiere #1
4/4 – Miller Time: All-Star Batman and Robin #3 and #4

You're Such a Card... Game: Digimon
And finally, Liz and Linkara play the heavily-requested Digimon Card Game!

Duel 1:

Duel 2:

Duel 3:


Mickey12 said...

The KISS comic should be good, I'm looking forward to that.

SonicRulez said...

I hate to be "that guy", but Digimon actually predates Pokemon in terms of creation. I believe Pokemon hit the states first though, leading to the knock off misconception.

Jesse said...

Thanks for giving us the new schedule Lnkara. There's only 1 thing I don't agree with it though.

I'm all for getting that Christmas episode, but do you think you can give us that after you're done with Cry For Justice? Please?

The interruption seems off to me. It's your call, but I thought I'd voice that. Other than that, have fun at MAGfest.

Dg said...

The jap theme to season 1 IS Butterfly, but you aren't singing that. You're singing the digivolution music

Gyre said...

Sorry to bother you if you've already answered this but have you considered trying Magic the Gathering?

Katie said...

Hooray! Christmas episode now on my birthday!

(Enjoy Mag Fest--I'm eagerly awaiting the footage)

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"The interruption seems off to me. It's your call, but I thought I'd voice that. Other than that, have fun at MAGfest."

Trust me, there's a reason why it can't wait.

Dragon FangX said...

lol I think I still own some cards... but I got rid of most of them I think. Digimon is a complicated game for younger players. Especially when you're going from Pokemon to Digimon.

That's why i prefer Yugioh. ^^

Amnesia said...

While watching this, I am examining my own seven Digimon cards. I have no idea how I got them, but here they are, Pluck, Kunemon, Dark Tyrannomon, Tuskmon, Kokatorimon, Mamemon, and Gryphonmon.

Maybe one day you two could visit a motor sports store and play *gasp* CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES! Or maybe that's just a silly idea.

By the way, I am signed up for Magfest, and plan to attend your Atop the Fourth Wall panel. If possible, I also have a hat for you to sign. Looking forward to the con!

Dg said...

OH and a follow up to my previous comment - would you like me to mail you a mix cd of digimon music or something? XDDD

Anonymous said...

A friend and I shared a Digimon starterdeck, sadly only have very few of my old cards left 1 champion, 3 ultimate, 1 mega and 2 power options
Good to finaly learning the rules, though I don't know how I'm supposed to evolve to fx Saberleomon, he requires (DNA) Triceramon+Piximon
The openning for Digimon Adventure is "Butterfly", but the song you were singing was "Brave Heart" the evolution theme.

taekarado said...

"Trust me, there's a reason why it can't wait."

is it a plot-relevant reason, if thats not a spoiler?

Wyokid said...

PPPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE tell me that the surprise is Ultimatum!

Also I think you should review Spider-Man: Back in Quack. I haven't read a comic this bad in a while.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"is it a plot-relevant reason, if thats not a spoiler?"

Yep, plot-relevant.

Tyr Germanic said...

You always forget to include the continuity alarm as a supporting character.and dont say its not sentient,because its argues with linkara alll the time.out of all his allies,its like the most outspoken and critical of Linkara,so basically they have the funniest dynamic.

Before you read a KISS comic,its almost mandatory you watch the movie Detroit Rock City,its so hilarious and quotable.

Im sorry to complain,but you said Thor lost coolness points for killing a guy in a review..see,Thors a warrior god.He really isnt a superhero if you think about it. He wasnt raised by the Kents,he was raised by odin-he's thor for fucks sake. Hed be like that pussy guy holding the ammo from saving private ryan if he wasnt willing to kill. You should judge him more like Aragorn,Braveheart or Conan only if they had godlike powers.

oh ya can u review a hulk comic?,one with a terribly written and unescessary other form of hulk?

Shadow Walker said...

Oh lord you're finally doing spawn; sad fact I used to be a fan of that, and the story is pretty interesting its just the execution is a little off.

I see this going one or two ways
1. it's a rant episode involving Todd McFarlene and his uber douchery
2. You say it's bad to you but you know alot of people like it(al a The MaXX)

either way, I look forward to all of these

Benjamin said...

How can you say the 3rd season was just okay it is miles better than the 1st season and the 2nd season is awful. You used to be cool man. I don't know if we can friends anymore

Green Ninja said...

Yay! More Crazy Steve reviews. I can't wait. ^_^

Josh said...

I hate to be THAT guy too, but Pokémon Red and Green predates the Digimon virtual pet by about a year or so (1996 vs 1997).

But does that mean it ripped off Pokémon? No...

YetAnotherGeek said...

Season 3 was OKAY!? Dude, that's like the best season since 1! I like it better than Season 2. It's REALLY freaking awesome.

Season 4 was pretty good, too, but a lot of people seem to hate that one.

But, okay, again, that's just opinion...whatever. Fun card games as usual. And why are you having the video meant for Christmas interrupt the Cry For Justice 3-parter? That just seems to get in the way...

Robert 'Staredcraft' WIlling said...

YEAH! YOu're finally getting to SUperman Distant FIre! Hey that damaged Copy I gave you at YOumacon last can destroy that copy if you want for the sake of the video. That was why I gave it to you in the first place. :D

Anonymous said...

yes digimon card game, only magic the gathering left i know of now. also lewis if you want more ppl to see the card games show you can put it up on lordkats site i think and get front page cover. hope to see more card shows in the futre

Drunken Lemur said...

Finally! Drain Drain! Behold the power of ... A RUBBER BAND BALL!

CMWaters said...

Am I the only one who finds it funny that so far, each card game Liz and Lewis play, Liz wins one, and Lewis wins the other two?

Though Sailor Moon Card Game doesn't count, since to describe how they were playing it:

Speaking of the Sailor Moon Card said the last time you played Yu Gi Oh you'd go back to that. Any update on that?

Also...this may be a silly question...but I've been inspired to make a card game (based on Super Mario) from watching these videos. If I made it, could I talk you and Liz into playtesting it?

As for the schedule...I see you're FINALLY getting to covering AC Comics. ...though that might not be a good thing considering what you cover on your show.

Also, more Tandy Kids and more Crazy Steve = Win!

seraphmaclay said... know you beat Liz in the second game before she took out Machinedramon, right? You forgot to add a hundred points following the first battle he was out. Still, it was a good episode.

Falcovsleon20 said...

Oh and here I was going to request the KISS comic and you already had it planned, Linkara.

BTW, is it true that that comic has some of KISS' actual blood mixed into the ink of that comic? Because that sounds like a good way to get a disease if you ask me.

Turtle Marked Stone said...

As far as the debate of who is ripping off who in terms of Digimon and Pokemon I kind of hope everyone nowadays is aware it was a much ado about nothing. The concept of ordering monsters around to battle isn't new in the slightest and the "mon" suffix is just short for the word "monster.So take THAT grade school me!

I would like to see a Linkara Pokemon RP one of these days. Can you imagine the massive amount of people who would join if it was a group play? That could either be pure chaos or really fun.

I'm glad you guys are playing these card games. It's nice to get a fix without having to buy a deck and plead one of my friends to play a round or two with me.

hentailv said...

Looks fun, But even if I had these cards, not only there is no one for me to play with, but I would have to murder half of the cards... I'm a purist and all this changed names and terms for me really annoying. And Linkara's singing of US ost was as distracting while watching the video, especially considering, how much rear original OST kicks... but that's my problems...

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"And Linkara's singing of US ost was as distracting while watching the video, especially considering, how much rear original OST kicks... but that's my problems..."

I find both scores to be good, just in different areas and different uses.

For example, the Japanese score has some beautiful pieces during emotional moments, especially in season 02. However, the movies (at least the early ones) had absolutely DREADFUL scores - with slow-moving jazz pieces that don't match up with Digimon or the action occurring, whereas the dubbed movie fits the action better and struck a chord with me more.

E. Wilson said...

I have no idea how to play the Digimon card game, but DemiDevimon was my favorite character in S1, and Myotismon killed him. Mummimon and Arukinimon were my favorite characters in S2, and Myotismon killed them.

Stop killing people, Myotismon. Just stop.

techgirl3 said...

Anyone else notice that the double feature special is the one year anniversary of the fight with Mechakara/ of the first text review. Hmm, I wonder if there's going something big happening.

Des Shinta said...

I can't help but love this. Digimon was pure, unadulterated awesome, even with the censoring.
Did you know there were Two versions of this card game, along with two later card games released after this one? The first game lasted Six sets, the first two in the card styling you guys used, then four with a 'revised' version. The Second Card game lasted about four sets, the same with the Third game.
Yeah...Bandai Card Games tend to suck, thus they kept trying different games and rules. The third one released was awesome, it's rules were somewhat closer to Yugioh, while following Digimon's classic evolution system. But the problem was always with release issues. Bandai didn't know how to market card games during their runs, so they kept getting the shaft at stores. This eventually turned out to be good for the Naruto Card game, but bad for every other card game they tried. (for examples: the Gundam CCG and Zatch bell... it's a long list).
Personally, I'm still trying to collect cards from the Third Digimon CCG, but one of the four sets released (known as "Generations") is exceedingly rare.

I can understand not being a fan of the third season, it's not for everyone. A lot of it was an Homage to Neon Genesis Evangelion ( the ADR's, facets of Guilmon's evolutions, and some character personalities), which in itself was a lot to take in.

Have fun at MAGfest.

Anonymous said...

More Crazy Steve? YES!!!!! I haven't read ASBAR through, so I don't know — are 3 & 4 issues where other superheroes (Green Lantern's in there I think?) act like out of character morons so that Miller can "show" us that Crazy Steve is Awesome and Perfect and Always Right? much as I adore Batman, some writers really tend to portray him as a textbook Jerk Sue.

Gus said...

Cool. Hope Ninja Storm will be out before March hits. Still with the set up you had last episode of ATFW I figured you were going to double feature tomorrow to finish off the Weiss stuff.

Still too bad it's a different Weiss but then again getting Liam O'Brien would be the only way that would work at all as a reference even.

Emp Gonzo said...

I saw a Distant Fires review a mile away.

Marc Reyes said...

"DOUBLE FEATURE SURPRISE!" just screams that something big is goin' down that day for our favorite comic critic.

Also, the KISS comic, whichever you choose, be it that Marvel Super Special, or the 90s' Psycho Circus series, it should be an enjoyable time for all.

Jonathan Eau Claire said...

Alright, MAGfest! I'll be in for most, maybe even all the days. It should be a blast.

It still confuses me as the MAGfest website still doesn't list the other people from TGWTG who will be attending. Linkara, maybe you can help me out and say who else from the site will be attending (I know at least Spoony, Todd and Sean Fausz will be)

Looking forward to a great event

underthepale said...

Aw man, you're really going to make us wait two weeks for the finale to Cry for Waffles? I hope the Christmas Day video is worth it. ... Well, okay, it probably will be worth it... I'm sorry, I just REALLY enjoyed the first CFJ video and I am eager for the next two. Consider me a fan of your work...

Kreaden said...

I would love to challenge you and liz to a game of Magic the Gathering. And I mean with the old school cards not the new ones that make the game to easy.

Andrew said...

Wait... doesn't Joe's Gomamon warp digivolve into Plesiomon?

Andrew said...

Wow! I also watched the first three seasons of Digimon (and loved them, through the second season is not really that great in hindsight) and bits of the fourth before I lost interest. It's just eerie how much we have in common, like warped mirrors of eachother... Well when it comes to our viewing habits anyway.

Anyway, I am a little disappointed Cry for Justice has been moved back because watching you flay it with awesomeness and snark would have been great. But it's just one more week, and watching you guys play the Digimon game was fun.

And I still write fanfiction, so don't feel any shame about it Linkara. I regard it as a fun hobby, and hey, if you ever feel the desire to try text-based RPGing again, I know some places that have a lot of good stuff of that nature.

Keep up the good work!

CMWaters said...

Andrew: I thought the only warp digivolves in 01 and 02 (not counting the movie which I never saw) was from Agumon and Gabumon to Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon respectively.

Jeremy A. Patterson said...

CMW: Lewis is not reviewing a book from the publisher of Femforce yet. He is pulishing a book from the obscure ArComics instead!


A Tribe Called Helloween said...

"4/4 – Miller Time: All-Star Batman and Robin #3 and #4"

It's about damn time!

CMWaters said...

Jeremy A. Patterson:'re right, my eyes were heavy when I first posted that.


Mad Mab said...

Iron Liz does some amazing voice impressions, maybe she should do her own abridged work.

oh and fyi, digimon battle card game for the psx...nothing like the actual card game as Linkara and Iron Liz just played.

Anonymous said... heres a placee u can buy some card cheap

Some Gamer Dude said...

... you didn't think Tamers was the Best.Mon.Series.Ever? Really?

Adventure is highly derivitive of the Digimon World game for PS1, and plays out like a Video Game til the disappointingly short end.

02 is just one big YMMV.

Tamers is a fun ride, with a greater overtone similar to Serial Experimants Lain and NGE. Likable team with a good story. Emotional, action packed and well written.

Frontier is a REALLY FING GOOD ANIMATED TOKU. It requires caps. It's got a good team, enjoyable and has far less fillers than it's peer in the animated Toku department, Sailor Moon. A lot of Digimon fans hate it though, mostly because they watch it as a Mon show, not a Toku.

dollmaker88 said...

....they made a care bear comic?

Be careful with that one- the care bear stare has been known to induce comas.

Zombiezach said...

To be honest,can't say I'm gonna look forward to your Spawn review. Personally, I like the character and Todd's art style,He did help create Venom in the Spiderman comics and was an inspiration for me when it came to drawing.

If it's not your cup of tea,it's cool,never the less It should be entertaining.

DetectiveZombie said...

I find it ironic how at 29:42 in Duel 1, Linkara discards Angemon in order to make Agumon evolve into Devimon. I guess you call him... a fallen angel! *badum tish*

Poor Numemon, always getting it's ass handed. It just loves poop, what's wrong with that? :(

Looking forward to your reviews!

LockeMuhe said...

@SonicRulez Actually, it's the other way around. Let me sort it out via timeline:

-Feb. 1996: First Pokemon games were released in Japan.
-Nov. 1996: Digimon's basis, Tamagotchi, was first released in Japan.
-Apr. 1997: Pokemon anime's first episode aired in Japan.
-Jun. 1997: First Digimon virtual pet was released in Japan.
-??? 1997: First Digimon virtual pet was released in U.S.
-Sep. 1998: Pokemon anime's first episode aired in U.S. along with the release of the first Pokemon games.
-Mar. 1999: Digimon anime's first episode aired in Japan.
-Aug. 1999: Digimon anime's first episode aired in U.S.

The big misconception with Digimon being a Pokemon knock off is that their popular animated series came out in the U.S. around the same time, with Digimon about a year after Pokemon did, but Digimon came out while the Pokemon fad was still very high. Having similar suffixes and their titles' full meaning being off by one word does not help at all. (Just be glad Yu-Gi-Oh's card game, Duel Monsters, didn't get shortened to Duelmon.) Many people, like I, barely even heard of Digimon before the anime came here, which fuels it more.


@Linkara I don't know if you have heard about the 5th and 6th seasons of Digimon, Digimon Savers (Digimon Data Squad in the U.S.) and Digimon Xros Wars, but I hope you don't mind if I tell my recommendations of them.

-Digimon Savers/Data Squad: AVOID IT. There is so much stupid it hurts. The protagonist is a street thug that can effectively punch giant and powerful Digimon with his bare hands, the rival is a little Mr. Perfect who is up there with Ulysses Solomon Archer in levels of Gary Stu-ness (He's a 14-year-old genius of aristocrat blood who graduated at a fictional "Royal University" at 13, an elite in the Digimon Men-in-Black organization he works for, and is an Olympic boxer.), and the third member of the team has a Digimon that is nothing but one of the many bad fanservice moments when it reaches Mega. These dislikable main characters, along with according to what JesuOtaku said, having no plot at all 20+ episodes in, makes it worse than Frontier, though some may disagree. P.S. None of the main characters wear goggles in this.

-Digimon Xros Wars: Now there is no news yet if and when this'll be dubbed, but from what I've seen so far from raws and subs, it's in my opinion up there with Adventure and Tamers. As you happen to be a Power Rangers fan, you might enjoy the concept of DigiXros as is it quite similar to forming the MegaZord and the like. The protagonist is far more admirable than any of the characters in Savers and has a great reason for his motive. Though there are no concept of digivolution and its levels in this, it doesn't detract from the fights and story. Definitely worth a look at least for its first episode as it my favorite compared to the other series's first episodes in this franchise.

Anonymous said...

i love your workman and look forward to the months ahead.
i am especially look forward to this year anniversary crossover. i look forward to the reveiw of warrior number 4 if that is what you are doing. i just have a question you hinted in you silent hill dead/alive alternate endings review that you have the manimal comic. does that mean we will get a crossover between you and brad reviewing the manimal comic. keep up the good work.

Terras said...

I feel like I'm on crazy pills. Avoid season 5? recommended season 6? How can this be?

Digimon Savers was an epic season that was thoroughly enjoyable. The early episodes were slow, but were introducing characters and concepts. It ended up being my favorite season. I'm willing to leave that up for debate though. Admittedly, I fangasmed at the appearance of the Royal Knights.

Digimon Xros Wars is the bane of my existence with everything I'd hope to never see in Digimon. Fanfiction could never be as bad as this series is. It's a tournament style fight show, that ends up being a real rip-off of Pokemon as the one and only main character goes around COLLECTING DIGIMON! A single main character. The blatant sales pushing in this season is unbelievable and it pushes away from everything Digimon was. No character development, no evolving, they show the greatest and most powerful Digimon from all lore; then have them blown up like nothing before the episode ends, and they design all the recurring digimon to be easier to reproduce as toys.
Beelzemon(Beelzebumon) was redesigned for this series because they wanted to bring back a fan favorite, but make him as easy as possible to turn into a transforming toy. The new digivice called the "Xros loader" was alright looking at first, in fact I that it was a radical and exciting design for a digivice, until they altered the DigiXros sequence. It takes a full 7 second animated sequence for him to whip it out and show off how cool it is, before he actually starts using it. Then we stop to zoom in on it to get a good a close-up of how he uses it.
Everything that made digimon enthralling, unique, and not a pokemon rip-off is lost in this blatant show of commercialism and ONLY commercialism. I know the show was made to sell toys. That's nothing rare. But this isn't the show anymore. This is a weekly, 20 minute commercial.

Think I could have a future ranting like you or spoony? I do admire how you can rant and rave about comics and such while keeping it "relatively" clean.