Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Comic Book Issues: One Moment in Time

I may never review One More Day, but the Last Angry Geek and I will take a look at One Moment in Time, it's craptastic follow-up. ‎


Carlos said...

Great Crossover.

By the way ¿What was the comic that you where looking at the begining?

Nicer said...

I can't stand the Last Angry Geek but you made this crossover tolerable. I heard One Moment in Time sucked but that was all I heard. It was good to go deeper into it. I don't even like Mary Jane but she and the fans deserved better then this.

Mario said...

I'm a little shocked that neither of you mentioned that relationship between Peter & MJ was broken up in-story by a slightly husky Hispanic man... at the behest of a slightly husky Hispanic EiC.

(and Carlos, that was Madame Xanadu)

MagMarcy said...

Was this the surprise comic for Christmas Day that got pushed back? Either way, this was great. Maybe we'll stop bugging you to review OMD now ;)

E. Wilson said...

The post-OMD era of Spidey has kind of proven that getting out of the relationship was the best thing to possibly happen to MJ's character. Harry Osborn, Aunt May, Jonah Jameson...heck, even Norman Osborn has been going through a lot of character growth since OMD, and only Spidey himself is actually regressing in terms of development.

MJ was a perfect match for the Spidey I grew up with, who accomplished things and advanced through life. She's too good for the perpetual loser Marvel's become convinced Spidey has to be.

LaZodiac said...

All I knew going into this review was that one of the pages had Peter and Mary Jane laughing and crying as if they were married, and the art made it look like they were actually in unending pain and suffering because they knew they SHOULD be, but SATAN was insuring it was not the case.

This is still a horrible comic.

mpierce said...

I was digging this arc at first, I loved the art (especially the style switching) and even though the bird was dumb I thought it was just one of many subtle things Mephisto would have to do but as the story went on it became just absolutely dreadful.

What I hated the most though was how they erased memories of Peter's identity. It wasn't just - as you put it - Peter cried until his friends took care of it. It's that Peter cried until Dr. Strange, Reed Richards, and Tony Stark created a memory eating designer virus distributed by nanobots and powered by magic.

And that this all happened because the last time Peter cried to his friends about a basic gunshot wound they all threw up their hands and proclaimed that it was "just her time to go."

Paul said...

Did they ever explain how Harry Osborn came back to life? Was that something that I just missed or was it never explained?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Did they ever explain how Harry Osborn came back to life? Was that something that I just missed or was it never explained?"

Basically Harry would have ALWAYS come back to life, regardless of Mephisto's interference. He had nothing to do with it.

TheBear said...

The title acronym is "OMIT"? As in "omit this story from canon"?

Works for me.

Falcovsleon20 said...

"The post-OMD era of Spidey has kind of proven that getting out of the relationship was the best thing to possibly happen to MJ's character. Harry Osborn, Aunt May, Jonah Jameson...heck, even Norman Osborn has been going through a lot of character growth since OMD, and only Spidey himself is actually regressing in terms of development."

Thing is, they could've done all that without this stupid retcon if the proper writer was on board and they attempted to put enough thought into it. See that's another thing I hate about the modern age Spidey comics: Any ideas they do use that I happen to like, they screw up with half-handed execution. That's why most people I talk to don't like some of the new villains in Spidey's rogue's gallery or things like Eddie Brock becoming Anti-Venom.

Gyre said...

One thing I will never understand is WHY the Kingpin is so stupid. Seriously, he's decided to put a hit on a hero popular with both the public AND other heroes. He doesn't see this as likely to result in every single superhuman in the world dropping him off on the sun?

On another note, am I the only one disturbed that after they just fought a war over how free metahumans are to use their powers Marvel suddenly decides to erase the memories of six billion humans by a metahuman (alright, a sorcerer) using his powers on his own?

Anonymous said...

Nice review; it really gives me a feel for how bad this comic is. There was a moment where I was just stuck staring at the screen repeating the word "What?" with no end in site.

I really enjoyed the character based humor and I look forward to a more AT4W style crossover. It does make me wonder, though, if the crossover-Linkara (which I believe is the same Linkara we follow on a weekly basis) will ever go through a humility storyline.

Barachiel said...

Christ, OMIT ends almost note-for-note, the same way Morrisson's X-Men run did. Seriously, go find the last volume of New X-Men and read it. MJ's farewell speech hits all the same notes as Jean's postmortem farewell to Scott, begging him to move on with his life, with Emma Frost. The last panel is the two making out over Jean's grave. As Linkara would say, "Classy."

While Morrisson wrote that travesty, it was under the direction of Joe "I Hate Marriage" Quesada. Surprise, surprise.

Oh, and the Fantastic Four have a new add up, claiming one is about to die. Given that Sue Storm is the only high profile wife left in Marvel, who wants to bet she's the next to die?

Jesse said...

This was fun. You and the LAG work well together Lewis. You should let him come on AT4Wat least once.

Did you hear that Quesada is no longer the editor-in-cheif of Marvel anymore? Looks like we might be able to start liking Spider-Man comics again:)

ShadowWing Tronix said...

"Basically Harry would have ALWAYS come back to life, regardless of Mephisto's interference. He had nothing to do with it."

The more I hear the stupider this becomes. What point is there in bringing back Harry? Oh, yeah, the movies and cartoons want to use him for...some reason.

I wish I could celebrate the change of EIC, but Quesada running the extended media and no indication of where Axel Alonso stands on the Spider-Marriage means single Peter will probably never end, as will the MJ abuse.

Pete Wolf said...

@Barachiel: I was thinking just the same thing. This is what proves, you should not have a fanboy as the Editor in Chief, but a writer or editor who will do what suits the plot best, or is most entertaining, rather than what suits his own feelings about what the characters should be. I've been protesting Spider-man and Astonishing X-men, ever since they screwed over Scott/Jean and Peter/MJ. Thankfully, I still have Uncanny X-men, New X-men, and my old Spider-man comics, to fall back on.

Corey said...

if one more day was joephistos subtle way of insulting fans who are knowledgeable about the marvel universe then o.m.i.t is very well his way of making sure that they remember that he has the power to keep pissing us off with ways for spider man is never in a healthy relationship with mary jane, or wall banging statements of peter accepting the deal being "heroic" even though anybody with basic knowledge of the meaning of that word can realize it was selfish and irresponsible.

Paul S. said...

After The Gauntlet/Grim Hunt went really far in redeeming the Spider-Man Titles in my eyes, this book came along and threw salt in an old wound.

Anonymous said...

You'd think that the newspaper comic strip incident would convince Quesada that no one likes his retcon, but OMIT (I hope it lives up to the abbreviation someday) only shows that he intends to turn Spiderman into his personal fanfic. Good job ripping this thing, you two (and I hope Link's message to Joe Quesada becomes a TGWTG T shirt, I'd definitely buy it).

On a side note, I'm a bit surprised you didn't include this bit (0:09-0:37)in regards to Mary Jane outsmarting Mephisto:

Hawkx1 said...

Finally somebody said "and they can keep it" at the end of a comic book review (never really saw any of LAG's reviews though). Also love anytime I see the "I AM A MAN" as only Linkara can do it just wish I could remember in which AT4W reviews he does it in.

shikome kido mi said...

Well that was terrible.
TO give the comic a shred of credit, I suspect that the whole criminal coming back thing was meant to echo his origin story as a ploy to hurt him more by Mephisto... Except the whole thing is just too stupid to work.
I mean, not only is the accuracy of that concrete block insane if Spider-man was holding still, but this is a guy who routinely dodges bullets and ambushes and he's looking right at the thrower. He doesn't think to move?
Plus, all the other things you mentioned. It hurts the brain.

CMWaters said...


You said "no" to Last Angry Geek appearing on AT4W.

But...TECHNICALLY he already HAS! As part of the 100th episode!

Can you say MINDBLOW!?

Dave the 3rd said...

So, when will the "Joe Quesada, YOU! ARE! A! HAAAAAAAAAAACK!" shirts come out?

Also, are there "It's Miller Time!" shirts?

Monchhichi said...

Things like this are precisely why I stay away from Marvel these days. This is just insulting on so many levels. Thanks to both of you for ripping this piece of sequential garbage the proverbial new one. :)

CyberXIII said...

There's a reason Marvel's been declining in recent years. Civil War was one reason, and OMD and its crappy sequel that didn't need to be made is another big one.

BTW, comic gold in this review! Especially "One of us is successful, and the other is you."

Mike said...

I'm sorry, but has OMD/OMIT made the good Quesada has actualy done over the years obsolete? I understand the hate these stories get, but sometimes the hate towards the guy gets to be too much

Michael said...

Now I'll admit that I don't know anything about almost anything, especially comics.
With that said, this seems to make OMD make even less sense. Linkara once said that Mephisto shouldn't be powerful enough to enact large scale reality manipulation, and also said he wouldn't want their marriage. Maybe it shows how little I know, but I took the fact that Mephisto was able to do that as proof that their marriage was that powerful.

Tetsu Deinonychus said...

I laughed so hard at the "never find the body" line. Well done, guys!

And, if Joe Quesada wants us to "move on" I say we do just that. I say we move on to reading something other than Spider-man. If enough regular Spider-man readers boycott the comic until OMD is undone, it's bound to send a message to Marvel!

Who's with me?

Katherine said...

/MJ's farewell speech hits all the same notes as Jean's postmortem farewell to Scott, begging him to move on with his life, with Emma Frost. The last panel is the two making out over Jean's grave. As Linkara would say, "Classy."/

@Barachiel: Oh, dear Lord, that was just as much of a fiasco as the breakup of Mary Jane and Peter is. Yes, Mr. Morrison and Mr. Quesada, it was so nice of you to make the steadfast, honorable Scott leave his wife for Emma Frost, a.k.a. the walking, talking fan-service project who panders to male heterosexuality in every way and is a male idea of a woman in charge (who can only do so through seduction and manipulation). It was so tasteful of you to make him kiss his new girlfriend over Jean's grave. Truly heartwarming.

/While Morrisson wrote that travesty, it was under the direction of Joe "I Hate Marriage" Quesada. Surprise, surprise./

@Barachiel: Actually, I've heard a rumor that Quesada's ex was a redhead and that's why Jean and Mary-Jane were disposed of. Is that true?

Anonymous said...

"Scott leave his wife for Emma Frost, ... a male idea of a woman in charge (who can only do so through seduction and manipulation)"
Katherine, *please* don't be sexist.

I'm male, and Emma Frost is my idea of a walking, talking bitka with an abrasive personality who I think should never have been on the side of the X-Men. (See the (male-written) conversations between her and Kitty in Whedon's Astonishing X-Men.)

My male idea of a woman in charge is Heather Hudson (not as much during the Mantlo years), Cassie Sandsmark, Claremont's Ororo Munroe...

Stepping out of comics, your name is Katherine? How 'bout Janeway?...
Janeway? I can get you Ellen Ripley. We'll have a nightmare with Nancy Thompson, throw a Christening for Sarah Connor's baby - Diane Chambers can do the catering.

Tear me a new one for my sexism there, if you will, but don't accuse all males of agreeing with whatever idiot put Frost in charge - or with me, either. It's subjective.

- Mik

Will Staples said...

What I really hate about the retcon is how undignified it is. Peter missed his wedding because he was unconscious and stuck beneath a fat guy? That is just insulting.

Anonymous said...

The ciderblock, despite getting around the logical conundrums of a human's ability to throw one and the complete failure of Peter's spider-sense, actually could have ruined Meiphesto's plans! Had Pete been to groggy to save that guy from the fall the guy would be dead and be unavailable for later relationship ruining actions.

In any case, the whole bit that copies the whole "burglar who killed Uncle Ben" completely misses the point. The point of the original story is that Peter's failure to do the right thing had tragic consequences. In this story, Peter acts heroically by jumping off the roof to save that man, so the parallel is pointless. Just another reason for poor Steve Ditko to roll in his grave.

harmonicajay said...

I grew up reading the Spider-man comic strip in the washington post, so you can imagine that this comic really pisses me off. Peter and Mary Jane were meant for each other. They had gone through so much crap in there lives and endured so much. I hate this comic.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Just another reason for poor Steve Ditko to roll in his grave."

Well, actually Steve Ditko is still alive. XD

Anonymous said...

""Just another reason for poor Steve Ditko to roll in his grave."
Well, actually Steve Ditko is still alive. XD"

Yeah, but if he's read this, he might wish he wasn't. :P
(And what they did to Speedball...)

- Mik

Katherine said...

@Mik: You're right and I apologize. I guess that I was so caught up in my rant that I forgot to stop and think about what I was writing. Instead of "a male idea of a woman in charge," I should have written, "a male chauvinist's idea of a woman in charge," or a "misogynist's idea of a woman in charge." Instead, I unfairly and insultingly generalized half of the human race and for that, I apologize. In no way was I trying to say that all men were sexist (I certainly don't believe that) or even that all men like Emma Frost. I'm sorry that my post gave that impression and was offensive and insulting.

And yes, to answer your question, a day with Sarah Connor, Ellen Ripley, and Kathryn Janeway would be awesome. :)

Claire said...

I enjoyed this review! Solid analysis. And that art's great, I'm glad to see it semi-out of context.

@Katherine, though - Scott Summers? Skipped out on his wife and kid to go secretly superheroing with his not-so-ex-girlfriend and old crowd the first time, cheated with his therapist the second time. He's a lot of things, but a bang-up married guy he ain't.

Le Messor said...

@Katherine - thank you for your answer. Yes, 'male chauvenist' or 'misogynist' idea of leadership are much clearer.

@Claire - Katherine may correct me on this, but I believe her point was that they *derailed* Scott's character to become the 'not-so-bang-up married guy' you describe.

- Mik

Anonymous said...

One More Day and One Moment in Time aren't the kinds of crappy stories that just make you angry and frustrated. These are the kind of things that twist in your gut with their ugliness and venom. And I'm *not* being melodramatic. I'm a young female, new comic book fan, who's had plenty of casual, non-fan exposure to the Marvel and DC universes. I am *not* an overinvested nitpicky geek who takes her fandom too seriously. This is Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson, probably second only to Clark Kent and Lois Lane in the history of great comic book romances. And these storylines are ugly, ugly, ugly, pure and simple, and make me want to wipe them from my memory. You know what's a good way to kick yourself in the gut? Watch Linkara fume about OMD, then listen to this song:

That there is Peter Parker, my friends, and I'm going to just wander off and cry now.

albahan888 said...

Great video.

You know the thing I hate most about this whole OMD/BND/OMIT mess is that I've realized I just can't care about Spider-Man anymore. Even if Axel Alonso came out tomorrow and said 'That was stupid we're undoing everything we've done next month' I'd be happy for sure but I just can't invest in the character anymore because anybody after him can just come along and wipe it out again. There's no incentive for me to care beyond wanting OMD undone anymore.

Barachiel said...


I honestly don't know. I've heard rumors about his marriage ending badly which is why he's gone to great lengths to end nearly every couple in Marvel (Sue & Reed being the only exception because she's a *mother*, not just a wife).

But that's only a rumor. I have zero reason to believe it's true. Doesn't mean its not though.

@Peter Wolf

I honestly don't mind the concept of Scott/Emma. Joss Whedon and a handful of other writers tried to make a real, interesting relationship. Then there are others (Like the normally good Matt Fraction), who've made it a bloody travesty.

All in all, I'd like to see this garbage undone, not with a magic handwave, but with some actual character development. Let's see the guys *earn* their love lives back.

Kaiosama TLJ said...

Although i'm not a big fan of Spider-Man (and also didn't read OMD/OMIT) i heard about that fiasco and i can fell the pain of the fans.

This is the kind of plot that you only suppose to find in a bad fanfic where the "writer" dislikes an particular thing in canon that is not wrong at all, and try to "fix" it at all costs. And when i mean "all costs" i mean "cheating on the rules of that universe and making caracters carry the 'idiot ball'".

But there one thing that i can argue, and it's Joe Quesada famous sentence: "It's magic. I don't have to explain it."

As a fan of supernatural stories in general i fell insulted with that. Magic can be a good key to create things, caracters and plots that aren't possible because of scientific factors, but Quesada don't seen to realise that Magic works not only because it can ignore science, but also because it works on it's own rules AND limitations. Hence, IT NEEDED TO BE EXPLAINED!

An even if the explanation of the magic rules is not complex, it needs to be consistent. if a caracter that uses some form of magic is using a power/spell that he/she can't do in "normal" circunstances, we need to know why and how?

But what Joe Quesada made here in One moment in Time was what TV Tropes call "Voodoo Shark": he gives an explanation to major plot holes, but these explanations opoened more plot holes.

kais saidi said...

This Peole i tell you fans of the real spiderman that he decided to leave comics since house of M to settle down & raise his daughter mayday with MJ & gave his job to his stuntman spiderbiatch (sb).sb is indeed a shitty replacement,becoming der eisenfuhrer's bitch ( the real tony stark told millar to f""" off with civil war & went searching for layton & michelinie to write him properly),selling his marriage with fake mj to joephisto ( the real mephisto is suing for using his image to this moronic story,& reminds he's more into COSMIC souls to gain power).Peter is gonna be pissed at quesada when he'll learn of this trashing of his good name.
P.S.: Venom & scorpion want to rip Millar to shreds for replacing both of them by Jobbernom & for civil war (no wait, sorry, that's me...
2 P.S.: message from Carnage:" yo Bendis Sentry's head is in space now,Hope you liked Green Jelly cos i'll show why i rule you bloodbag hack"

Seriously 1st post for me keep the good work ,Mr Lovehaug you & the angry geek rule!!!
signed kais advocate of the 90's

Brian "Arkle" Webber said...

Somehow the subject of One More Day came up while recording my podcast Gilmore Girls Re-watch, and I was shocked to discover that my co-host Angela actually liked it. I was floored. You can hear me lose it and get the closest I've ever gotten to breaking my "No Explicit Tag" rule when episode 20 drops in the feed next month (we record in advance).

But yeah, I directed her to Linkara's Top 15 Comics I'll Never Review so she can see how horribly wrong she is.

kais saidi said...

you know joe quesadilla
instead of writing this half assed garbage that insults the wedding issue,which to me was one of the best moves marvel ever did to the character since his best stories came after that,why not act like the petulant a-hole you are & tell us that fans opinions don't count since we only,u know, buy your products.At least that would be honest..
The worst part is the clone saga could 've ended like the mini-series by nauck & defalco with peter married in the east & ben"i'm so underrated & unfairly hated it burns"reilly would go single to the west,& thus writers can have a married & single spider-man thus solving the dilemma. by the way spiderfans ,here's my take on this retcon :make your own continuity ,edit your stories on your own,a detail unnerves you? erase it with marker,a story is so bad it makes you ask what the writers & editors were smoking? it never happened!

personal example: mutants didn't lose their power because wanda said no more mutants (but she said she'll sue bendis's hide for that & disassembled), it was because:
1 cosmic plague
2 legacy virus that mutated into a X_gene negater
3 the potential arrival of hope summers who is actually the future innocent vessel of the anti-christ & will kill billions causing bishop's future to happen,hey she did it becos...well end of second coming plus the replacement of scott summers by douchelops the moralless bastard.
(if hope summers was a comics storyline i see bishop as the fan who no more BS & rips the book to ,shreds & cable as the guy who says wait we can rewrite it to make it better)

kais saidi said...

as for the scott/emma affair i say "character assassination" now see why
Cyclops: at his best though he may be a stiff neck, he 's still a responsible leader who cares for his teammates (the TAS & evolution cartoon strike as the definitive take on him,since he shows his badassery & is actually a good fella).
i think the loss of madelyne pryor was his worst mistake& will haunt him forever since,no matter how you look at it , the goblin queen for me will always be a victim of his depression & sinister's machinations.he redeemed himself in my eyes when he went to the future to raise his son Nathan with Jean showing that he does care fo his family.
Nowadays the only way this guy is readable is when i ignore this so-called love of emma & see his ruthlessness more as his coping with jean's loss

Emma Frost :the real one has developped from the callous white queen to the cold ,apathetic yet still caring for her students teacher of generation morrison'run she was fired & replaced by a slutty sex therapist(becos u know teacher=sex therapist like plumber=surfer) with a knack for being unlikable (srsly, none of the x-men are doubting her? i mean she was one of the responsibles of the dark phoenix tragedy since the hellfire club mindraped jean, gambit in all his awesome shadiness is more trustworthy)
being with scott just does not do it for me ,it doesn"t suit her character.the closest to her liking was banshee & ,even that did not surpass the professional relationship.but srsly scott is nothing to her.
as for morrison's run i hated it , great concepts but absurd stories & really unlikable characters ( xorneto anyone?),

By pure curiosity mr lovehaug
what 's your opinion on Planet x
or Marvel knights spiderman by millar? & keep the awesome job you're great

Blues said...

I disagree about Mary jane being married to peter making him a better character. For a long time she was barely written as anything. Writers didn't know what to do with her. she was becoming vestigial. Basically doing the same thing and only one thing, and it became to easy for peter to just get a pep talk from her and suddenly his problems are solved.

The character was being written badly and unrealistically strong. That's why people don't believe she could have left him, because of bad writing from a long time ago where she would put up with anything.

Daredevil, an older(in Universe) character has managed to lose his gfs without marrying them, and even his marriage failed(sort of). Peter was the original character that had that happend to, his marriage should have failed but bad writing kept mary jane and peter together. Plenty of divorces happen when a child dies, or when a husband goes evil and beats the shit out of his wife.

Their marriage should have ended a long time ago, and it could have been organic. But again, bad writing, and now fans thinking that their destined lovers made the editors have to do something drastic. Not to mention peter got married too young. He wasn't even in his later twenties but around 23 IN NEW YORK!! That's not that normal anymore, nor would it have been abnormal for them to have divorce.

I don't like them being treated as if mary jane was his destiny when she wasn't even one of the original girls he longed for despite being mentioned early. He choose Betty brant, and gwen stacy over her. They even broke up once, well they should have broken up again, and maybe divorced and maybe when spider-man was finally 30-40, they should have finally gotten married.

I'd have a bigger issue with spider-man's professional career having been at a standstill since he became a photographer.

Anonymous said...

Honestly Marvel has been screwing the fans for a while. I had been forced to put down most, if not all of my X-men issues after House of M, or more accurately Decimation (Because killing odd second and third stringers is a cool way to make people want to read your comic, and those not killed don't have powers, so until it's inevitably reversed, they're more or less out of the picture. But don't worry guys, the Emma-Scott relationship stays) I had to drop all of my Iron-man issues after Civil war, due to his idiocy near the end, and I had to drop Captain America, because of his quite obviously 'comic book death'-y death, and now they've done the same with Spider-man. Do they just not care if I pick up their books? because I've got a whole shelf of good trades from before they started treating their fans like crap... well not as much like crap.

Peteman said...

Hmmm... Red Vs Blue jokes aside (CPR for a bullet wound to the head), why does Peter being married doom Aunt May when him not being married not doom her? What, did Peter being not being married caused Aunt May to stand 4 inches to the side or something, causing the previously fatal shot in the initial reality be fixable?

Jesse Herndon said...

OMIT leaves me with only one thing to say...

Dave said...

Hm... I'm a frequent customer at Gem Comics and I knew Brian Heinz in high school. As I recall, I was a lower geek on the totem pole, and he was a bit of an ass. Now he's been recognized by AT4W and I'm still struggling to even get a return email.

Really makes you think.

Masamune said...

hahahaha great review. spidey has always been my favorite super hero. but i base all my opinions on the 1990's Animated Series cause i never really got into comic books

Ming said...

This a a great crossover review. You should do more crossovers with the Last Angry Geek.

That scene where you and Last Angry Geek team up to beat up the hapless guy with One More Day -- funny and epic win.

You know, I thought we had gotten over One More Day after Brand New Day and the Gauntlet/Grim Hunt, but then Quesada gave us OMIT, or as I like to call it, OMIT any chance of Spider-Man and Mary Jane getting back together for good.

If you ask me, I think the only reason Mephisto agreed to Mary Jane's request is that he knew he would get what he wants. No matter how Quesada puts it, Mephisto still had the last laugh. I wouldn't be surprised if Mephisto is the ONLY one in all creation who actually remembered the marriage.

And I still agree with you on One More Day, as well as One Moment in Time. As the Nostalgia Critic put it, "YOU'RE TOO FUCKING NICE!"