Thursday, January 27, 2011

Liz and Linkara Play Pokémon Again!

However, before we begin playing, take a look as we investigate some other trading cards we found at Target!

Now let's once more play Pokémon... and since it's been awhile, let's forget the rules even more and screw up some more! Yaaaaay!


Cubey said...

I only had time to watch the first video...

Well, that was... strange. You do realize you MUST show this to Spoony now, right? And you shouldn't have opened the Bieber booster pack. I am sure its value would skyrocket if you just left it sealed!

LaZodiac said...

Love to see the card games, woo!

Also, to Iron Liz. If that's what you look like after laying about all day I'd LOVE to see you after you pretty yourself up, because I can't possibly see a way you could look prettier.

As an aside, Liz always looks has this aura of deviousness around her, like she's looking for a good time to strike with a pun, or something like that.

Ok, fangirling over, time to continue watching card games on my birthday. Woo!

aaronbourque said...

The strange Canadian rules are because of laws against gambling in Canada, so they turn these things into "skill tests," using math because of the universal language, I guess? The void in Quebec think is, I think, because of some kind of draconian bilangual thing in Quebec. Quebec gets screwed out of a lot of things in Canada. And yes, I did learn all of this from tvtropes!

Gyre said...

"I have never seen a man of RVD's size do what he can do with his body. He is deceptively big and his flexibility is truly incredible"...did these people have an editor actually review that or did they just send it out to print?

Kelleth said...

Aaah! Not more Justin Bieber!! Did you not make me suffer enough yesterday? :P Quebec is lucky and so are we Europeans >_>

The Biebs refers to the justin Biebers version of a bij. *Vomits at hearing the descriptions of the cards*

I did enjoy you guy checking out the wrestling cards though.

I'll be out too, First I'll make dinner then I'll watch the Pokémon video's :)

Kelleth said...

Big whoohoo I got like 5 of those Arceus cards and that's not including the Jumbo card :)

I still got a key-chain Pokéball which had a Gengar in it. I now use it for my Pokémon coins so I won't lose them like you just did. :P

I do like the Hack's reviews, I watched them all before he got a place at TGWTG ^^

That was a real fun but long Pokémon duel :D

Also since I got it recently. Might I suggest you two trying to get the 10thn anniversary Yu-Gi-Oh Legendary set? And also the current Shonen Jump volume? I got 4 God cards because of those lol :)

BIGMercenary said...

Okay, I had to stop watching that Bieber video. I honestly wanted to inflict bodily harm on myself. I am not joking.
Just for the heck of it I found my Pokemon starter card deck and it sucks! Not enough energy card variations, making the Machamp useless.

Psychotime said...

Sorry, I haven't kept up with this series, so forgive me if I'm being redundant.

You probably won't be able to find anything, but to recommend a game, I gotta shout out VS System.

If you of all people have never heard of it, it could confirm some suspicions I've had about the marketing it had, despite it's life line and intended audience.

SeiferA said...

MORE COMMENTS TIME! (as you guys predicted, but hey, the more you learn :P

Also, this is "Chris" from the first videos' comments)

-Neither player cannot evolve their Pokemon on their first turn. Furthermore, you can't the same pokemon more than once during a turn. Rare candy allows you to bypass this, though I believe the new rulings on Rare Candy won't support this any longer.

-You actually flip a coin in between turns to determine if your asleep pokemon wakes up. So you can flip before and after your turn. Makes the sleep effect less annoying to the one being subjected to it :P

-Togekiss... isn't bigger? But... it... is. In fact, it's known as a tank in the game and... ah you get the point XD

-Don't worry, you got the ruling on retreating while 5 pokemon are on the bench right. As long as your actual bench isn't over 5 pokemon, you're good.

Not much else to comment on with this match. Looks like you guys are getting the rules down pretty well, and you also seem like you're getting better with playing in general.

I still recommend that League visit if you can find one. If not that, you can always go to if you're looking for deck strategies as well.

Anonymous said...

aaronbourque is pretty much right with what he says about what he learned on TVTropes. Mail aways, lotteries and so on require a 'skill testing question' in order for us to claim the prize. Half the time they're so darn stupid I've caught myself wondering why they bother.

As for Quebec, well, they're kinda funny with the whole, 'if it doesn't have French on it, we're not interested' thing.

Geoffrey said...

You guys should try Munchkin. It's not a trading card game, buuuuuut I think you'd enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

If you really want to be confused while learning/playing a CCG I'd suggest Legend of the Five Rings. Great game but ever so fiddly to start learning.

Razor6X said...

With out Linkara's power coin he is vulnerable to card games. Even acting as Yugioh didn't help and he's the King of games. You should hold of on the rematch until you find your power coin.

Jian said...

Wow, nice new coin o.o

The combee card has an Attack that doesntneed an energy, it isn't a missprint

Justin Bieber Cards?,I wish I could make it into a Battle TCG with only pourpouse of seeing multiple Justin Biebers die in battle LOL

Stephen Murphy said...

This was enjoyable as always Lewis and Liz can't wait for more and as for the cards you showed at the start the TNA cards I understand but the Bieber cards made me scratch my head and go "Why?". But anyways great episode can't wait for more. (I only joined today so this is my first post)

Star said...

The reason for the skill testing question for Canadians is just differences in how Canadian sweepstakes law defines a legal sweepstakes. The Quebec government adds additional strict stipulations that many sponsors just don't want to bother with.

As always love watching you two play cards games.

Teh Shovel said...

Could you please review batman Allstars? I want to hear some Goddamn Batman jokes.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Could you please review batman Allstars? I want to hear some Goddamn Batman jokes."

I've already reviewed the first two issues and done text reviews up until issue 6.

Mad Mab said...

Sounded more like if Sean Connery was yugi's grandpa

Somath Cegem said...

Teclis! I hate that guy, he keeps blowing all my dwarves! All the bloody time!

Anonymous said...

Oh Liz you look fabulous honey no matter what anyone said including yourself.

LOL we have sunk pretty low with Justin Beaber cards though

Kreaden said...

Jason Hervey played the older brother to Fred Savage in the Wonder Years.

Cory of PRIVATE Corp said...

... I'm so jealous of you two. I am looking for that EXACT Nerf gun myself! That's the last piece that I need to complete my look, and you have one sitting in the background! I want to get my hands on that gun!

Anonymous said...

u 2 are not playing it right

i can u 2 tips if u like

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Anonymous said...

This isn't aimed Linkara or Liz per se, since Linkara seems to care about as much about Bieber as I do (dunno about Liz) - but all the people who claim to hate flash-in-the-pan celebrities like Bieber (or Hilton or Timberlake or...) and put out parodies and mockeries and try to spread the hate and whoever made the title card I'm about to mention...

About two weeks ago, the '40-Year-Old Bieber' poster started showing up on Linkara's home page. I was still playing the catch-up game, so I didn't watch the ep until yesterday. (I'm now caught up! Yay!)

At the time, I honestly didn't know what a 'Bieber' was.
Is it a thing you can be? There's emos, teeny-boppers, then there's biebers.

Then, I got an email full of 'Dear John' letters, including these two:
"Dear America,
You gave us Mirey Cyrus. Justin Bieber is your punishment.
"Dear Justin Bieber,
Ariel wants her voice back.
King Triton"

From those two things, I figured out that a 'Bieber' is a guy, his first name is Justin, he's probably a teenager (now that I've watched the video, I know he's 16), he's Canadian, a singer, and a new celebrity fad.

If I hadn't seen both that image and those jokes, to this day I would not know who Justin Bieber was. Nor do I care.

My point? It's the people who parody him, and the people who think he shouldn't have a career, who are making him famous. It's people like that who make me know that Paris Hilton isn't just a hotel in France.

So please, next time you rush out to buy your tickets for the next 'we hate this celebrity' bandwagon - spare a thought for people like me. For us, you're the ones spreading the word, making them famous (for some of us). It's because of you, not their agents or managers or fans that I've heard of these people - they've got you working for them.

The target audience of those trading cards? The people who think they're above those trading cards.
If you buy it to make fun of it, your money's just as green as if you buy it as a fan. (Unless you're Canadian or something else, but the cardmakers don't care. Money is money. Wait, what's time again?)

- Mik

Oh, one other thing I learned about Bieber? At the age of 16, he's an international celebrity and owns a Ferrari that has a colour. That's more than I've ever done.

Jeffery said...

Free for everyone in North America except for the province of Quebec? I guess there are no "Beibs" in Quebec.

Beibs. My God.

Someguy said...

Hey there, just your friendly neighborhood Canadian here.

Yes we have that "draconian math" issue, it's a way to legally end run most contests bylaws up here, as any "lottery " is taxed and heavily regulated to keep them honest (and for the government to get their share of course).

The trick is that you are basically getting 'paid' in prizes for the 'service' of solving the question, rather then just writing in and getting your name plucked out of a hat. (on paper anyway)

As for my fellow Canadian 'the Bieber", all I can say is... at least he's a Stratford boy with a paycheck.