Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another Podcast Interview!

Listen to the extraordinarily long podcast interview at Made of Fail, wherein I discuss One More Day (as well as some suggestions for how it could've been done better), other comics-related material, and shill out Revolution of the Mask!

And check out Made of Fail's other podcasts, because they're awesometastic! ‎


Anonymous said...

Where can I buy Revolution Of The Mask and can i get it in the UK?

Reply at

Anonymous said...

When was the last time I mentioned your awesomeosity? :)

By the way, Curtiss, if you go to that link to my podcast, we've linked EXACTLY where to buy REVOLUTION OF THE MASK. I spent my whole entire 72 cents on it and trust me, it's worth way more than that.

Anonymous said...

I hereby volunteer myself to be your first stalker. I pray you feed me on the cold winter nights.

But in all seriousness, keep the laughter coming. Can't wait for the Amazon attack reviews.