Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blackest Night: Linkara and Spoony

Behold my tie-in to Blackest Night!

The Blackest Night, DC Comics' latest crossover event, has come to resurrect Spoony as a Black Lantern! Can Linkara survive his attack and the games the Black Lantern ring brings?!

And for those wondering what my opinion of the event is, we'll need to wait for the event to finish before I give my thoughts, but so far not bad. ‎


Alex Stritar said...

Noah Antwiler of Earth, RISE!

Great reviews, I didn't even know they were making a Youngblood game. It's probably good that it was never released.

I wonder what NC's Blackest Night tie-in woulda been like. Maybe him fighting the Black Lantern Mako. Though it probably won't happen, but it's still an awesome image.

You and Spoony do great together, almost like you have some kinda natural chemetry (in a totally heterosexual way, of corse). I would say I'd like to see your crossovers more oftem, but then they ouldn't be so special, would they.

Perry Renarldo Singletary Jr. said...

Heh, cool! Red Skull said it himself.

bojak90 said...

So there was actually a Youngblood game in the god.

Props for making a Blackest Night tie-in and showing a red skull "OF COURSE!"

As for Blackest Night, I agree we have to wait till it ends, though I'm pumped for the Booster Gold Tie-in. Mechkara now has a black lantern...and he's a machine, whereas you are a...hmmm seems to easy, must be a trap.

Rambling aside, this was a great collab. How was Comicon anyway?

Azerth said...

I loved the references to Final Fantasy 8 review and the clone of Spoony.

Queen Anthai said...




Excuse me. I have to go spaz out with fanglee.

Joshua the Anarchist said...

Allow me to make a suggestion for the inevitable final battle with Mechakara: Linkara uses the Green Ranger flute dagger to summon Neutro and pilot him zord-style! Nerdgasm!

Jared Goswell-Avery said...

There's a Black Lantern ring and who's finger it goes around turns them in to a mindless zombie that can't feel pain and has the logo of the Black Lantern Corps on them? Cool were do I sign up?! Or do I need to be dead first for that offer? XD

Anyways this is yet another video made of pure 100% epic awesome win and I can't wait for the final fight between you and Mechakara to get under way. Knowing Mechakara at this point he knows that he can't win against you one on one so he's got BL! Noah under his command to give him an unfair advantage in the final battle when it does happen. I can't wait! But why do I got this nagging feeling in the back of my mind that you may be teaming up with Dr. Insano to free Noah from the spell of the black ring and taking down Mechakara after?

Oh well it's just me thinking out loud. On a serious note were did you guys get those sweet shirts? Like 90's Kid's WYSIWYG (or however the shorthand works for that one) shirt and Noah's Black Lantern Corps shirt? Did you guys get them from a store or online like eBay or are they both custom jobbyes that you made yourselfs?

I would love to know because I ware my nerdness on my sleeve like a badge of honour and I don't care who knows it. :D So if you want to tell if you want to that would be great. :)

Hossrex said...

In 100% seriousness, you (Linkara), Spoony, and The Nostalgia Critic (and most of what Doug does) are all I watch on "". Seeing you guys all together gave me a disturbing sense of fanboy love (don't ask), and I thought this video was freaking awesome.

Keep up the hilarious work. I might not be paying you anything... but I sure as hell appreciate your work.

Thanks man. Thanks for all the laughs.

Mountain King said...

Okay, first of all I ad a suspicion after the Uwe Boll review you guys might take the opportunity to do another crossover. Failed marvel games was a good choice and they were crap.
What I never would have expected was Blake's Seven. That's obscure enough over here (England) these days.
Meanwhile the linka-nator is not only stalking our hapless hero but picking off his resurrected friends for his plans.
This cybernetic psychopath deserves his own goatee, not only are his machinations on par with The Master but Mirror universe Spock would be honoured that his face fuzz went to good use.

Philosophista said...

Fuck, i thought you were gonna to talk about BN!!! Give my money back!!!


But is a great Review... For a minute I thought you were also gonna talk about the Marvel Super Heroes for SNES (That with the infinity gems)...

Joel Hook said...

Blackest night is awsome, I am new to DC comics (blackest night actually drew me in, zombies rule!) but im loving every minute. I was horrified at first when I saw the title. "Blackest Night At4W?!?! But blackest night isn't a bad comic series!" thankfully when I watched it I realised it was actually bad games. FLESH! Boston Brand of Earth, RISE (again)!

Myst said...

I do enjoy the crossovers you and Spoony do. You play off each other very well.

I have enjoyed your reviews for a while, but have been too shy to post anything. So, thank you for the laughs and for re-introducing me to comics!

Nitz the Bloody said...

Ahhh, that Genesis game takes me back. Though the fact that all four characters played identically still irks me to this day. Iron Man wears a four billion dollar mechanical suit with class 100 strength, force fields, boot jets, radar, and a variety of energy weapons ( and this is even before he used Extremis ), and he's no more effective than a shmuck with arrows?

Of course, since this Hawkeye could shoot underwater arrows as you guys so deftly pointed out, perhaps he's just that awesome.

Cavalier said...

The Blake's 7 clip just made my week. Thanks for that.

Paul S. said...

Maybe next time the Black Lantern ring might bring back the Prime game based on the Malibu Ultraverse coming on the Sega CD.

You can't get much deader than that.

Truce Weston said...

I have both Genesis games, and they are awesome! I love the music!

Great reviews! you guys are awesome

So until someone says why Ultron says to The Avengers "ask the police", MAKE MINE LINKARA!

Truce Weston said...

but I do remember cap being a little easier to use. Maybe it was practice and the way I reset the button set up. His sheild did more harm, he jumped higher, and his jump kick was a force of destruction! but still awesome game!

Will Staples said...

That was awesome! My favorite part was the bit with 90s Kid, and I can't wait to see what Mechakara's got up his sleeve.

Anonymous said...

When did Spoony die?

Mothra said...

@Anon: Spoony died in the finale to his Final Fantasy 8 review somehow. I don't know, I didn't see it.

Anyway, one of my friends who happens to be a Critic junkie was pestering me about Alone in the Dark, and I finally saw it this morning. Needless to say, 50-60-something icons and much, much fangirling came into existence. XD

I was already prepared for some awesomeness when I found out this particular review was with Spoony. (Cause, you know, I'm a crazy fangirl, and all crazy fangirls ship. >=DDD) So when I saw the title screen for the Youngblood game, (directed towards the rest of the comments section: I submitted that, I'm a total unfinished game/prototype nerd) I was squealing unbelievably. So yeah, this was totally awesome.

...And now I'm convinced that you are made of sugar, spice and everything nice, with cherries and pink sugar on top. D'aaaawwwwwww.

Anonymous said...

for some reason Louis sounded like Noah when he said "go get that thing!" during the outtake

HippyTesla said...

Oh, is this in continuity with Spoony's FF8 review when Black Lantern Spoony appears? Cause I never got where and when did that happen when I was sure I watched his episodes in chronological order.

"It did what Nintendidn't" XD

And that's just a version of almost the same game that came out on a few consoles with different names and storylines, featuring the same gameplay with minimal changes