Thursday, November 19, 2009

Odds and Ends

Okie dokie, I've got a couple of things for you all... First and foremost:

Superman 4 Commentary
Just how did this epic crossover occur? Find out!

Podcast Interview Number... Uhh... I've lost track.

Moonhawk Studios did a podcast interview with me a few weeks ago (yeah, I'm behind on a couple of things) and you can find it HERE!

Just scroll down to "Season 02, Episode 03" to hear us discuss Lightbringer, Revolution of the Mask, and of course the thing that actually made me popular. Though just FYI, the first ten minutes or so are them filling in stuff for their previous podcast, so just be patient!

New episodes
Alrighty, doing it a teensy bit early since I don't want to make another Odds and Ends post in just two more weeks, but I'm also going all the way through February!

12/7 – The Dark Knight Strikes Again Part 1
12/14 – Extreme Super Christmas Special #1
12/21 – James Bond, Jr. #3
12/28 – Top 15 Missed Opportunities of AT4W
1/4 – The Pitt #1
1/11 – Scarlett #1
1/18 – Future Five #1
1/25 – Ultimates 3 #1-2
2/1 – Ultimates 3 #3-4
2/8 – Ultimates 3 #5
2/22 – The Wanderers #5

As I've said on message boards, forums, and other places, the Mechakara subplot will be resolved in February. In the meantime, I think you guys should start working on who he is and what he wants!

Every appearance he's made gives a clue or a hint as to his identity, his motivations, or his goals, so here's the list of appearances/Hints:
-Superman vs. the Terminator #1
-Countdown Part 1
-Top 15 Worst Moments of Countdown
-Cable #1
-Zero Patrol #1
-Silent Hill Review Alternate Endings
-Doom #1
-EDIT: Blackest Night Special

Let's start the Wild Mass Guessing! ‎


Anonymous said...

Missed opportunities? That's great!

Hey, is it possible to donate? I can't use the email adress here...

Lewis Lovhaug said...

As in donate comics or donate money?

JiBé said...

Hasn't Mechakara also appeared in the video game review you did with Spoony ? The one with the Black Lantern Ring.

Jeremy A. Patterson said...

There is another Top 15 list, a Liefeld XMas comic, & a forgotten Legion spin-off!

Here are some stuff I would like to see later on in 2010:
A review of Vixen: Return of the Lion!
A look at Sabrina: The Animated Series!
A Global Guardians tribute.
A review of a bad Heroic Publishing comic!
A review of a bad issue of Ninja High School
Reviews of bad issues of Furrlough & Genus!


Anonymous said...

random guessing number 1!

Mechakara want to review a bad comic and impersonate you FOREVER! kinda very generic type of villian but i think that would explain why he is getting an army, try to kill you BY HIS OWN HAND... or plot, and last but not least try to take your magic gun (what in all honesty who doesnt want to?)

12/14 – Extreme Super Christmas Special #1... this sound more of a tittle of an episode of 90's Kid if he had a tv show :P

Anonymous said...

Oh! "Ultimates 3"! How ironic, I just finished reading that crap cracker last week and kept hearing your narration voices the deeper I got in.

I was going to suggest it and send in my copies to be rid of them, but it looks like you beat me to the *punch* (I AM A MAN!)


Fox Cutter said...

As always I'm looking forward to your reviews, and you have some interesting titles coming down the pike.

Also, thanks for the commentary. I always find it interesting to hear how these things come about.

Drunken Lemur said...

No, not Ultimates three! Please, I'd like to remember the ultimate universe with some fondness. And then this happened and it all went downhill from there. It used to be such a nice universe, where you didn't have things like "One More Day" and a clone saga that didn't confuse you.

The Helldragon said...

Mechakara wants to replace you, since he thinks he's the superior copy. In your first battle with him, he'll charge up with the Master Emerald, but a few good magic gun shots will take care of him. Next he'll constantly evolve his body until he becomes a gigantic dragon-like monster called Mechakara Overlord. That's when you become Super-Kara and take him down with dash attacks and your best move, the Magic Gun Eradicator. It'll cost you all your rings, but it's worth it.

Unknown said...

I'm really hoping that Mechakara's goals are more complex than just killing you and taking over the show, Linkara. ...Actually, I'm kind of hoping despite everything that he's not a flat-out 100% evil Complete Monster. And if he's not, I hope he doesn't die. But I hope things like that about just about everyone, so.

Was that one two-parter where Doctor Insano referred to a "he" coming after you, who was mean and made him cut his hair, another hint at Mechakara? Or was that just Insano being himself?

Kreachure said...

Ha! Nice try, Lewis... the appearances/hints are rather intriguing, but the biggest hint is obviously in the video commentary! Mekara (or Mechakara, I do prefer Mekara, but I'm just one fan) had been secretly trying to sabotage this video in order to keep Linkara from voicing his extreme political views to the world!

Oh, I'm on to you, Mekara... I mean Mechakara.

Queen Anthai said...

Well, clearly Mechakara wants to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

Anonymous said...

I like what I see with the new AT4W schedule. And now I'm going to be compiling lists about Mechakara. This week=best week ever!


bojak90 said...

wait...Scarlett had a comic book written about her?

Really liked the commentary, btw

D. William Pfifer said...

Wow, making that video sounds like quite the experience. For what it's worth, it turned out great. XD Especially the beginning.

Wild Mass Guessing, huh? All right then. I have three theories about Mechakara:

1. He was created by Insano and sent to destroy you.

2. He's a cyborg assassin who can take on any form, and who was commissioned by all of the comic writers/artists whose works you've reviewed.

3. He just wants your hat. His own is merely a very convincing imitation.

DaftRaider42 said...

Well... if the end of your Doom #1 review is anything to go by, he wants guns, be it yours, Cables (which you got first) or any others. He's BloodGun! Dude! Totally Radical!

Capochetta said...

When MechaKara picked up a piece of the continuity alarm (forgot the episode) that he was one of your failed experiments or machines, or at least he wasn't what you wanted him to be so you "threw him away" (I think that was the line, no?).

That and the fact that he tried to get your gun in the last appearance and killed the original Spoony (Spoony Prime?) to make a zombie slave doesn't exactly tell me he wants to bake you a cake. Close?

日本文化のマニアック said...


...for Valentine's Day?

"Wild Mass Guessing"... you're such a troper, aren't you?

Anonymous said...

the dark knight strikes again sounds like a ton of fun (for the viewers, not for you so much)

Quicksilver said...

My random guess is, as it has always been, that it is some kind of evil future version of Pollo. I'm not sure exactly when I began to suspect this, but it just seems logical to me. Whether wrong or right, I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Anonymous said...

Huh...what could Mechakara want from you...what could he want.....*self-destucts and respawns*

Oh! He wants to replace you and start burning good comics. Cause he's the evil Linkara.

Also...didn't he recruit Black Lanturn Spoony?

ShadowWing Tronix said...

You're still doing the Smokescreen anti-smoking PSA comic, right? I was planning to post that to my blog as well, as an easy out for the series of reviews of comics I own. (Making you do all the hard work. :) )

Marcel said...

"Ultimates 3"? Can an "Ultimatum" review be not far behind?
- "Extreme Super Christmas Special". I'm in.
- "Scarlett #1". I'm assuming that this won't be about the popular G.I. Joe heroine.
- "SPECIAL DOUBLE FEATURE!" Sounds intriguing, and could it be the long-awaited conclusion to the Mechakara storyline?

Looks to be a good series of reviews. Can't wait for 'em, Linkara.

Anonymous said...

Well then.
Mechakara came from the past. From 1337, to be exact. In the fight against a really terrifying bunny, he lost his hand. First he thought, it would be cool to replace it with a chainsaw. But then, he realised that this would be counterproductive. Because his ultimate goal is to impersonate Linkara, who is a robot from the future. Despite the fact that he doesn't know anything about sience, he made himself a mechanical hand. The last thing Mechakara needs, is a certain rubber hand which is curiously named after Leroy Jenkins. After obtaining it, he plan to take over Linkaras identity. Of course. The robot from the future, which is Linkara in this timeline, will then be transportet back in an altered Dodge to the past in disguise of Mechakara, to prevent a timeparadox.

Wasn't that obvious?

715 said...

I'm kinda amazed you never pointed out that disarming nukes was the main plot point in the Justice League ploit

of course that was done right were people pointed out the problems with that

Anonymous said...

In the Zero Patrol #1 Review, the screen flashes "I know who he is." "I know what he wants" just as the continuity alarm breaks. So I think Mechakara destroyed it because it was a threat it him. Also Mechakara saw cable as a threat. He also intercepted a transmission from Dr. Insano. So he's taking out all the other opponents of Linkara.

In the Silent hill alternate endings review 90's Kid said "for our plans for world domination, press 2" so I think 90's Kid is involved. Both Cable and 90's Kid are from different times so I do think time travel has something to do with it. The ideas about Mechakara being form the future seem to be right.

Anyway that's what I got. I'm going to bed.

Anonymous said...

My WMG: Mecha-Kara is a Time Lord. An evil Time Lord!

...It had to be said. I'm sorry.

Fidgetjen said...

I have a few ideas, but I want to think about this more first because some of the seem a little too... obvious.

This reminds me so much of 'Bad Wolf'. ^^;

Mountain King said...


He's already telegraphed his intentions to rescue inanimate machines from your cruel clutches. So is he a failed experiment, a crusading hero for machine might?

Probably not, but I do think in classic style Doctor Insaino is going to turn up with a "Only I shall destroy Linkara! Only I!" Ironically saving his arch-nemesis life. Then again it's only me that's that hackneyed...

As for the comics; I only really recognise Dark Knight, but top 15 missed opportunities sounds interesting. As does DOUBLE FEATURE.

So with all let's see.

Oh and great work to both of you for the Superman IV roasting. Apparently Reeve only did this to get his own project funded and both he and Gene Hackman didn't like their performances or the film in general.
That just goes to show they have taste.

Mountain King

Tyr Germanic said...

THIS is a request:

i dont know if youve heard but the original mirage TMNT are going O.B..
(because monetarily theyre not TCOB)
the regular tmnt and especially the tales issues dont get anywhere near the credit they deserve.
theyd make a great positive review.

and also image's VOL.3 is a perfect negative review,
because the action/story is VERY RANDOM,the shading is almost non-existant(u wonder what ur looking at alot),and the story is VERY disrepectful of the tmnt,gradually mutilating every turtle,except mikey,he gets a blowjob from a savage dragon character.

the background information is also strange,like how eric larsen borrowed the property and then kicked it down to his friends.

itd also be great for ratings to NC and other TGWTG fans

Clare C. Greenstreet said...

can't wait for the missed opportunities!

DerKork said...

So there will be a new AT4W on my birthday. No, I won't tell you which one. Just let your minds wander.

About Mechakara: I think he may be either a terminator (since he appeared in that review for the first time) or an alternate Linkara who crossed over into the timeline of AT4W due to Doctor Insano and his meddlings with Hypertime when Linkara-Prime told his younger self about it (hypertime modifications by Doctor Insano, not about Mechakara). But maybe I happen think too much into it. But don't ask me about his ultimate goal - that would be a really wild guess for me.

Lys said...

Hmmm....I think Mechakara just wants to be loved! He's like the Tinman, but with a better hat :D

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna be kind of nerdy here, and point out that, in press conferences, you only see a ton of microphones if it's hastily thrown together. If the press has time to plan, generally they can set it up so they can all pull the sound from one microphone. Why does Superman have three? He's Superman.

Anonymous said...

Ultimates 3 ties into Ultimatum, doesn't it? I kinda expected you to review both at the same time or something, kind of like a Countdown thing.

Paul S. said...

Wanderers #5?

Is that the infamous Dinosaur sex issue?

D. William Pfifer said...

Actually, scratch my Doctor Insano theory. Hiring Squall to go after Spoony was one thing, but you're his nemesis. I doubt he'd trust someone else to not screw it up. XD

threnody_grey said...

Yes! You're going to do Ultimates 3 (a lead-in to Ultimatum, maybe?)! With every issue, I imagined myself wrapping my hands around Jeph Loeb's throat and squeezing until I someone pulled me off his lifeless body.

Anonymous said...

Yes, shouldn't zere be a donate button on ze website?
(sorry about the accent)

Eggman said...

Lookin forward to Ultimates 3, the book I so badly wanted to like, but could not ignore the craptasticness.

Green Ninja said...

I stopped reading Ultimates after "ultimate Nightmare". Can somebody bring me up to speed or should I wait for Lewis' next "comic history you don't want to know but need in order to understand this"? ^^

And it can't be THAT bad if its from Loeb.

Anonymous said...

Dear Linkara:

Can you please do a special episode talking about Superman? Like suggesting which comics besides All-Star Superman are great?

Also: did you know that in The Incredible Hulk #418 Marlo sold her soul to Mephisto just before she got married to Rick Jones? And that it was handled relatively well?


Anonymous said...

I'd like to see you do a review about Aquaman similar to the Amazons attack prologue about the history of the character and why he doesn't suck and then review a good Aquaman comic and compare it to a bad one.

Dg said...

Mechakara wants a taco. He will use Black Lantern!Spoony, your gun, the continuity alarm, and all of his crazy evil powers to get this taco. And then he will eat it. And enjoy it. And then try to take your hat. Which is why he has a copy of it but the you in the future (the one played by I think it was your dad?) didn't. But you went back and changed time meaning Mechakara doesn't get it.

That is my story and I'm sticking to it.

Ooh yay, another top list <3 I love those. :D

Will Staples said...

Re: The Superman 4 commentary:

I've complained (more than is necessary, I reckon) about political asides in your reviews, but in this case I thought it was appropriate because the movie was trying to make its own political statement and failing miserably.

While I personally take a dim view of nuclear proliferation, you were absolutely right in pointing out that it's never a black-and-white issue and that the movie handled it in the most bone-headed manner possible. So, yeah, for my part, I was LOL'ing at that bit. ;)

Claire said...

Re: the non-Victorian dress - that's.. pretty great that you just "yeah, I'm sorry"d. No joke, no eyeroll at people who care? Nice!

happystickman said...

I think I have it! Mechakara was created my Linkara to do reviews instead of him, but he ended up not liking him, so he put the robot away. He got reactivated, and is now trying to get revenge! He wants to kill Linkara! Run! Get out of there!

Arthur Wilborn said...

As for the class thing, sometimes teachers will have students discuss current events as part of social studies. "What would you do" is a common theme to help work on decision making and critical thinking skills.

In other words, this is a mental exercise, not a serious inquiry.

Unknown said...

hmm guesses for mecha linkara. though I don't have a lot to go with this I think he was made by linkara to do some reviews for him. but some how it didn't work out, programming glitch, the machine couldn't' take the some of the horrible comics. so now it want's to kill linkara to take revenge for the abuse it's suffered

SMcCall64 said...

Deep down inside, I'm hoping Mechalinkara is revealed to be Bloodgun and that 90's kid is actually a younger version of Linkara (from a parallel universe, perhaps?) that was captured and brainwashed by him. The continuity alarm is aware because, well, it's the continuity alarm and it keeps track of stuff going on in alternate universes.

Mela said...

Ultimates 3?! You're doing Ultimates 3?! Are you insane?!

Dude, you need a Green Lantern ring. Anyone who would willingly submit to reading Ultimates 3 is truly without fear.

And am I right in thinking that the Wanderers issue you have upcoming is from that odd Legion of Super-Heroes spinoff from the 80s?

SynjoDeonecros said...

"Jeremy A. Patterson said...

Reviews of bad issues of Furrlough & Genus!"

Considering those are porno comics, I highly doubt Linkara will want to do a review of them. That, and you've never faced the wrath of several thousand furries rabidly defending their porn, have you? Here's a hint: It's not pretty. It's not pretty in the least.

As for who I think Mechakara is...who else? It's BEAR! There's no one else it could be! Bear's been a thorn in your side ever since he showed up! And his motivation is....*dramatic music chord* erm...uh...umm...because pumpkin wills it?

Oh, you better watch out for the pretty bunny, he's Bear's spy. Pretty bunny sees you when you're sleeping...pretty bunny sees you in your nightmares!

Lew Smith said...

Can't wait to see the new episodes.

One list I'm curious to see from you is the Top 15 Worst Costume Changes in Comics. I know there are other lists out there; I'd just like to know what your opinions are on that subject.

Mister Blank said...

My guess is that Mechakara is Jesus in Purgatory...but isn't everyone?

D. William Pfifer said...

SynjoDeonecros said...

"umm...because pumpkin wills it?"

No no, silly. It's because the Kool-Aid man is red. :)

Incidentally, best theory ever.

DaftRaider42 said...

90's kid created Mechakara whose real name is BloodGun as a tribute to the styles of Rob Liefeld. Their plan is to turn Linkara against all comics so he has no choice but to review and enjoy BloodGun #1!

Azerth said...

I'm pretty sure that Linkara is actually from krypton.

1. He has a deep respect for Superman

2. His mortal enemy is a cyborg (Metallo)

3. In Film Brain's Transmorphers Review we actually see Linkara being from another planet

The only theory that disproves this is Linkara's use of magic.

So I believe that Mechachakara is really a cyborg clone of Spoony also capable of magic!

SynjoDeonecros said...

" JeanJacket said...

No no, silly. It's because the Kool-Aid man is red. :)

Incidentally, best theory ever."

Thanks. I was actually going to say that it was because the plot said so, but I figured a TGWTG reference was more appropriate (and besides, a pumpkin has already broken one reviewer from that site, so why should it stop there?).

D. William Pfifer said...

Blogger SynjoDeonecros said...

"(and besides, a pumpkin has already broken one reviewer from that site, so why should it stop there?)"

...Wait. Wait.


IT'S PUMPKINHEAD! He's behind all of this! He's planning on bringing Spoony down as well!

DoubleGomez said...

Isn't it obvious, Mechakara was a failed clone of Linkara made by the Jackal. Know in order to keep his form he needs to kill Linkara to get his DNA so he can live and grow a hand. As for the collecting an army thing, he has realized that as Linkara has collected new weapons he has grown stronger than only he can handle. Now he collects an army that may be able to defeat you and destroying your machines slowly to lessen your chance to survive. He will not fight until he can make an army that will indefinitely defeat you. Linkara you must make an army of your own that is even stronger.

Yinzer said...

"The Pitt #1"?

For that review you better have "Hail to Pitt" playing in the credits!

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised no one made a 'Jeremy spoke in class today' joke during the classroom scene.

rdfox said...

SynjoDeonecros said...

""Jeremy A. Patterson said...

Reviews of bad issues of Furrlough & Genus!"

Considering those are porno comics, I highly doubt Linkara will want to do a review of them."

Actually, while Genus is a porno comic, Furrlough is PG-rated at most, though originally centered around military-themed stories.

However, there's the bigger issue that the books are anthologies of creator-owned stuff, and tend towards shorter stuff. There's not much that can be said about four five-page stories, for example.

(Additionally, for the most part, furries would gleefully support Linkara in trashing the more recent issues of Genus; it pretty much turned to crap even by porn standards after about issue #75.)

angel_of_rebirth said...

Ultimates 3 review...nice. *sniff* Although I see Linkara ripping JoeMad a new one in the future...poor, poor Joe.

Looking on the bright side, any comic that starts out with a boot legged porno DVD, needs to be put in it's place.

Crazy56U said... want me to make a comment about Mechakara and a wild guess? I'll do you one better:

magnut said...

in name of all sillyness i think.

Mechakara is created by dr.insanos otaku sister. mostly build with parts of the continuity machine to make it extra evil. the goal is to make `linkara` to review yaoi and realy bad shojo reviews.

Big Mean Flash Gamer said...

I'm looking forward to hearing what you have to say about The Dark Knight Strikes Again. I picked up that book, full of hope after thoroughly enjoying The Dark Knight Returns. It actually took a little time for the disappointment to sink in as I slowly realised Miller had turned Batman into that crazy old guy in the park who you usually try to avoid.

Truce Weston said...

another Miller time? this has me curious

and I thought the Ultimates from Marvel was supposed to be good. Is there something I missed?

this evil clone saga of yours is shaping up to be quite suspenseful! I wonder if he shall just be the head of a seperate series, and an outlet to talk about good comics (i.e - Irate Gamer vs Irate Gamer NEO). I guess we all shall see.

So until someone finds out where out there the truth is, MAKE MINE LINKARA!

Advice with attitude said...

Hmmm, I actually enjoyed Ultimates 3, so I'm surprised to see it up there. I thought it was an entertaining enough read.
Then again, even if I don't necessarily agree with you I'm sure the video'll still be entertaining. Besides you were the one that tipped me o Blue Beetle, so I'll giv you te benefit of the doubt for now, based on that.

Darbicus said...

I have a few theories on the whole Mechakara thing, but I'll try and gain more info before stating them aloud (for I am very insecure about looking like a fool).

Interested in that top 15 list....could be really good.

SynjoDeonecros said...

JeanJacket said...

...Wait. Wait.


IT'S PUMPKINHEAD! He's behind all of this! He's planning on bringing Spoony down as well!

Actually, I was referring to the Nostalgia Critic and the pumpkin that came out of Grounder's drill-hand from The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. However, Pumpkinhead works, too.

rdfox said:

Actually, while Genus is a porno comic, Furrlough is PG-rated at most, though originally centered around military-themed stories.

However, there's the bigger issue that the books are anthologies of creator-owned stuff, and tend towards shorter stuff. There's not much that can be said about four five-page stories, for example.

(Additionally, for the most part, furries would gleefully support Linkara in trashing the more recent issues of Genus; it pretty much turned to crap even by porn standards after about issue #75.)

Oh, thanks for clarifying on Furrlough. For some reason, I thought it was a porno comic same as Genus. Maybe I'm thinking of a different Furrlough.

Also, while I can't comment on the quality of the main Genus comics, I can concur that its gay spin-off Genus Male turned decidedly lackluster by issue #8.

Now, Heathen City, on the other hand, would be a damn good comic for Linkara to review...again, if it wasn't fur the porn comic part. I don't think I've ever heard a more derisive reaction to any independent furry comic in my life, failing to impress on ALL fronts, INCLUDING the sex.

Anonymous said...

I really don't like guessing because I don't think "My way is better than the creator's way." But I always want whatever happen to lead to a chase scene or an epic crazy stand off.

Or a chase scene. Maybe because I just loved this video too much: .
Can't wait for your next video!

Jeremy A. Patterson said...

Synjo: Genus Male #8 is the most recent issue!


SynjoDeonecros said...

Jeremy A. Patterson said...

Synjo: Genus Male #8 is the most recent issue!


Yes, I know. I've read it, and it sucks. The stories are much more lackluster and by-the-book in both plot and sex than the others, and except for one or two of the latter comics in it, and a few of the pinups, the art is rather lazy. I'm also bothered by their decision to use a cleaner version of a picture that, for months prior to its release, had its fully uncensored version floating around the internet. I can understand that the franchise wants more suggestive and less blatantly erotic artwork for their covers to titillate the reader, and I know the artist of that particular piece often makes two versions of the same art (one adult, one merely suggestive), but seeing as this is a porn anthology comic, what was stopping them from putting in the adult version of the cover art as one of their pinups, and getting another, specifically suggestive picture for the cover? Especially when the adult version is more well known?

Sean Dillon said...

Why don you review marvels response to countdown: ONE MORE DAY! and if you want to save it for the end at least take the critic and spoony down with you as you 3 are the equivalent to iron man (spoony) captain america (NC) and Thor (Linkara)

Fnork said...

I think Mecha-kara is Linkara from the future who got in some kind of accident (the metal hand) and wants to prevent it from happening by altering the timeline, or something like that.

Anonymous said...

Mechakara just wants to get revenge for his brother, who was killed by Superman...I AM A MAN!

Damienx247 said...

What the heck is the Sentry doing in a Superman movie? Its not enough to screw up the Marvel Universe, he has to wreck DC as well?